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Food and Cute

cooking, eating, sharing, herring
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thanks for being here
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cute maids and classy butlers

because someone has to keep the house clean
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Comic LO covers

I'd heard that Comic LO covers were good, but I didn't know they were this good, so I'm going to post some on /kawaii/.

I also found this blogpost analysing Takamichi's art:
>All of these elements–the posing, the expressions, the environments–come together to create a very distinctive atmosphere that permeates throughout Takamichi Love Works. It’s an atmosphere that puts you right back in the midst of youth; a celebration of the lives of young, active, and attractive girls.
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glasses increase intelligence by 20%
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Not sure what beard to post this on, but I'm thinking of putting an itasha wrap on my car. Someone I live with keeps borrowing my car keys and forgetting to return them and it's annoying me. Since she is conservative and freaked out by lesbians if I were to put a yuri wrap around the car of two anime girls in a passionate embrace I think she would be too embarrassed and would just drive her own damn car. I could handle getting weird looks until the sun fries the wrap and makes the colors faded and I have to remove it in a few years. I'm only worried because I'd have to park the car on a busy street and the novelty might make it a target for theives who want a joyride.

I'm trying to think of a good series. Since I'm out of touch with the new anime brainstorming for Yuri only brought to mind: Lucky Star, Flip-Flappers, the Acceleration of Suguri, Ghost in the Shell, Serial Experiments in Lain, Lucky Star, and Simoun…

Any ideas?
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Got a cup of tea.
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Cute buns thread!
Bunny girls also allowed just like last time
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Liru the Werewolf

Liru is a miracle of the universe! ✨️ 🙏
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/comfycute/ thread

As the title says, post cute and comfy images.
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Cute little girls

Post them!
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Create your waifu

Found this and thought it was cute
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Happy Valentine's Day, Sushis

O-of course this is for you, I was just testing it to make sure it wasn't poisoned.
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Yuri thread?

Is this the board to post cute anime girls? If so, let us have a yuri thread! What are your favourite couples?
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Post cuteboys : )

Dicks > Bagina
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I found a vocaloid manga at my school!

Its Hachune miku: Everyday Vocaloid Paradise volume. 2!! the art is really cute. it even has Luka!!
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Stumbled across this image of a cute girl on the internet, she sure is cute, I wonder what her name could be?
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Miku Day!

Happy Miku Day sushis!
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mofu mofu
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Picrew General Thread

There's been a few different threads for individual picrews through the years but I thought we could use a general thread to share them! Share cool ones you've found or some avatars you've made with them!

What is Picrew?
Picrew is a layered paper doll-style avatar maker website developed by the Japanese company TetraChroma Inc. The concept and interface is similar to earlier avatar editors, like the Nintendo Mii or the Kisekae Set System (KiSS).

Picrew has become popular with audiences outside of Japan, with the simplicity of the image maker and the potential for users to contribute their own avatar maker illustrations through a picrew creator.
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Cute Girls Dancing

Bust a move!
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Got figures?

I recently found this and thought it might be worth a thread. Sauce is in the pic I guess.
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school swimsuit

i think school swimsuit really is the best. Please post girls wearing them.
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I think girls in suits are pretty cute
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Kemono Friends

Posting Friends because I like Friends.
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vTuber and avatar streamer

Do you watch virtual streamers?
What are your favourite characters/designs?
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Dumping some miku
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Surreal / Psychedelic thread

I'll dump for a bit, don't mind me.
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Comfy male thread

I couldn't find a thread about comfy/cute guys so I decided to make one. Bonus points for gay couples.
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Cute and comfy manga caps

Let's have some cute and comfy manga caps.
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Name anything more cute
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give me some wallpapers plz~
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is this nice board?
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do you guys love lain?
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burger + butt
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waifu generating technology has reached new heights
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Magical Girl *Various* thread, because why not.
Always dug this aesthetic, even if it's a bit embarrassing at times.
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Kawaii Figures/Toys/Stuff?

I got this cute Peni Parker Plastic thing, anybody else have any Kawaii F.T.S?
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Fashionable Girls
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Post some of your favourite frames from anime.

gifs and webms are okay if an image can't properly portray it's brilliance.

I hope this board is the acceptable choice for this
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pretty art
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retro anime thread

post some retro anime screencaps!
R: 9 / I: 4
if it's a pack of wolves
and a pride of lions
a school of fish
and a murder of crows
what do you call a large gathering of lolis?
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Floofy hair!
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cozy boats

post kancolle girls in cozy/chill/generally comfy situations
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lily collins gallery
R: 4 / I: 8
I want Ksushi roll to shoot me with her Love Ksushi roll!
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This is Lina. She sometimes is a pain in the ass, burning me and using me as a distraction for naughty orcs, but I still stick with her. We are partners in crime and we will get your treasures as well.

t. Naga the Serpent
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Cute and comfy gif thread

I'll dump couple
R: 34 / I: 69
Cute animals thread. Gonna start off with some dogs.
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lola hartley thread

ynfg avtug jnf jrveq, vg jnf orpnhfr zl qernz jnf gur fnzr cerzvfr nf gur avtug orsber. v jnf jbexvat ng fbzr trareny pbaprffvbaf fgnaq ng n znwbe yrnthr onfronyy tnzr jvgu zl sevraq. jr jrer gur bayl gjb crbcyr jbexvat. zl sevraq unq gb freir gur sbbq naq v unq gb jneq bss rarzl snaf jub jrer gelvat gb qrfgebl gur fgnaq. gur srznyrf bs gur ohapu xrcg gelvat gb evc zl onyyf bss. gur ragver fgnqvhz jnf qrpbengrq va nccyrorr'f fcbafbefuvc. v qba'g xabj jung vg zrnaf, v qba'g sbyybj onfronyy ng nyy.
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Cute images showing several variants of a common theme.
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Hey guys
Maybe give my imageboard a chance?
It's small but I'd new visitors
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Stranger Kawaii Things

Hello Kawaii,
casually I found this board looking for a solution with the music player on my website that works only in HTTP (but not in HTTPS). The website is my personal homepage about "Stranger Kawaii Things", if you like this is the link (if you try HTTPS the player disappears :O) http://strangerkawaiithings.neocities.org/
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fuwa fuwa

fuwa fuwaaa