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File: 1717933053263.png (315.21 KB, 1121x940, tumblr_da499d3a03d085d47eb….png)


straight up hardcore guro porn but not really
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File: 1719864266028.jpg (914.72 KB, 1653x2048, GLQdJp9bAAAL_f_.jpg)


File: 1719941401161-0.jpg (130.86 KB, 1024x1024, GQ1vwlybAAA64LKasasasas.jpg)

File: 1719941401161-1.jpg (444.34 KB, 2048x2048, GRdkcMdb0AEmcUn.jpg)


File: 1720216751938-0.jpg (345.35 KB, 1456x2048, GMp_Tk4XQAAfA9B.jpg)

File: 1720216751938-1.jpg (321.76 KB, 2048x1788, GMkTlpmbMAAp_MJ.jpg)

File: 1720216751938-2.jpg (431.14 KB, 1924x2048, GMVzjcGaEAAStlB.jpg)


File: 1720216786216-0.jpg (223.83 KB, 1760x2048, GKs-Gk2aAAA3JFU.jpg)

File: 1720216786216-1.jpg (153.68 KB, 1022x1485, GLHb1TKb0AEviP5.jpg)

File: 1720216786216-2.jpg (293.87 KB, 2093x2095, GP3U5o-aUAA6ddU.jpg)


File: 1720662541431-0.jpg (1.25 MB, 1630x2047, GSIKUfxaUAE6BJY.jpg)

File: 1720662541431-1.jpg (500.38 KB, 1800x1996, GGi4niYbQAAXWK7.jpg)

File: 1720662541431-2.jpg (499.55 KB, 1800x1800, GHvxi_8aMAAI0OZ.jpg)

File: 1720662541431-3.jpg (237.28 KB, 1800x1800, GOlNxgCa4AAx4M0.jpg)

File: 1720556327093.jpg (614.8 KB, 1600x1067, FrShivPXgAA9WgG.jpg)




File: 1720556381807-0.jpg (317.45 KB, 1920x1080, FpchEcOXwAID6Qj.jpg)

File: 1720556381807-1.jpg (377.66 KB, 1920x1080, FpchEcMXgAEnZ7t.jpg)


File: 1720556421105-0.jpg (607.6 KB, 2048x2048, F9x3rHIbAAA3H-8.jpg)

File: 1720556421105-1.jpg (311.58 KB, 1600x1519, F9d9rC5bkAQ9FDk.jpg)


File: 1720556774627-0.jpg (1.84 MB, 2002x1514, GLXioQDaAAAEzaR.jpg)

File: 1720556774627-1.jpg (428.46 KB, 2048x1366, F69KupJaIAA6b00.jpg)


File: 1720556827218-0.jpg (378.51 KB, 2048x1431, GRF8mE8bMAA8w1z.jpg)

File: 1720556827218-1.jpg (177.38 KB, 1024x684, F9dep6RbkAAxIQ7.jpg)

File: 1720217495435.jpg (270.98 KB, 1259x1259, F9ddisKaMAALYg1.jpg)


better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven


File: 1720259314446-0.jpg (171.03 KB, 1400x1736, GRvFkSjbMAA_K8I.jpg)

File: 1720259314446-1.jpg (153.24 KB, 1280x1280, GRtTXZWbMAETJH3.jpg)


File: 1720260796582-0.jpg (122.72 KB, 1468x990, GQIOTfKbIAAQD8i.jpg)

File: 1720260796582-1.jpg (320.57 KB, 2048x1414, GNn3ZuOaUAAMosU.jpg)

File: 1720260796582-2.jpg (138.66 KB, 1549x1288, GM-zpLwaIAAfSHE.jpg)


File: 1720357459697-0.jpg (123.29 KB, 1585x1442, FtNFdi1agAIw56B.jpg)

File: 1720357459697-1.jpg (120.05 KB, 1949x1725, GMJR-WfbAAAo3LP.jpg)

File: 1720357459697-2.jpg (155.25 KB, 1739x1306, GRkaGbba4AADFMI.jpg)


File: 1720504969647-0.jpg (138.44 KB, 2048x1152, GM0LagFaYAAXZ0k.jpg)

File: 1720504969647-1.jpg (94.98 KB, 2048x1152, GMJR-WhbsAAxakU.jpg)


File: 1720505111514-0.jpg (202.54 KB, 1944x1777, FMSt3F_VEAIuz7P.jpg)

File: 1720505111514-1.jpg (41.76 KB, 895x981, FT2Tg0oVIAAGu-p.jpg)

File: 1720505111514-2.jpg (599.29 KB, 2048x1800, FRmghz9VcAI7r2n.jpg)

File: 1720335431086.jpg (252.1 KB, 1920x1080, [Moe] Lucky☆Star - 01 [BD]….jpg)




File: 1720335512069.jpg (2.4 MB, 1659x1681, 9005ca72c983f496a492a7dc7d….jpg)



File: 1720335525545-0.png (3.79 MB, 2150x1210, b53da8d992cbecfa62a9e81db8….png)

File: 1720335525545-1.jpg (4.23 MB, 6531x4098, c620f3c32f0834d714f94a8d8f….jpg)

File: 1465680077106-0.jpg (413.07 KB, 650x817, 007_05d8a9cd128de271ec2216….jpg)

File: 1465680077106-1.jpg (1.12 MB, 853x1200, 0fe7521ec898a7f3eec9cc2afc….jpg)

File: 1465680077106-2.jpg (795.65 KB, 857x1200, 5bb8d0925054a9fed25ca8000f….jpg)

File: 1465680077106-3.jpg (853.64 KB, 857x1200, 5beb57144a60ece0d713facc9d….jpg)

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Post them!
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File: 1717795714459-0.jpg (681.42 KB, 2048x2048, FzxHRc7acAEdY3V.jpg)

File: 1717795714459-1.jpg (449.8 KB, 1583x2048, Fyk2W2HaYAEFV24.jpg)

File: 1717795714459-2.jpg (545.83 KB, 1967x1967, FyanNwyaAAQXhe5.jpg)

File: 1717795714459-3.jpg (894.68 KB, 2048x2048, F0zuPm5aAAAlLBg.jpg)


File: 1717795763978-0.jpg (914.65 KB, 2048x2048, GHOwcGyaAAA369u.jpg)

File: 1717795763978-1.jpg (1.35 MB, 2048x2048, GL5mwgwagAA-vDg.jpg)

File: 1717795763978-2.jpg (719.5 KB, 2048x2048, Fx1TuKwaQAERp0o.jpg)


File: 1717795797458-0.jpg (376.99 KB, 1761x1761, F2WK1E8aQAU9MbX.jpg)

File: 1717795797458-1.jpg (1.6 MB, 2048x2048, GLpUtt9bYAAz7fO.jpg)

File: 1717795797458-2.jpg (1.68 MB, 2048x2048, GNq4qf-bQAARvbr.jpg)


File: 1718561973777-0.jpg (1.28 MB, 1200x1600, f4a7f14a89257defc00bf16393….jpg)

File: 1718561973777-1.jpg (836.75 KB, 1200x1600, 90c2f9ebc36007cc520b899758….jpg)

File: 1718561973777-2.jpg (548.39 KB, 1200x1600, 7677aa60ad1e36cd69fb799d67….jpg)

File: 1718561973777-3.jpg (1.43 MB, 1200x1600, c92ba808ab6ea0f79d7537a132….jpg)


File: 1720033584474-0.jpg (2.23 MB, 2639x2105, 1720032460982-2.jpg)

File: 1720033584474-1.jpg (2.4 MB, 2554x2272, 1720032460918-0.jpg)

File: 1720033584474-2.jpg (4.47 MB, 2040x3316, 1720032460970-1.jpg)

File: 1720033584474-3.webm (206.19 KB, 710x1280, 1720032460994-4.webm)

File: 1719863242537.jpg (298.79 KB, 1496x2048, GQTCTbiasAARo4b.jpg)


friends are kisses blown to us by angels
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File: 1719863884748-0.jpg (333.91 KB, 1826x2048, Fn6EVb2akAIlxt5.jpg)

File: 1719863884748-1.jpg (440.28 KB, 2048x2048, Fm29XpMaMAEQPZq.jpg)


File: 1719863934281-0.jpg (141.5 KB, 1600x1600, F0yNAgbaAAE3vmX.jpg)

File: 1719863934281-1.jpg (165.05 KB, 2000x2000, F0FKV3FacAAxASH.jpg)

File: 1719863934281-2.jpg (90.62 KB, 2048x1229, FwYZXZgaIAA4HUR.jpg)


File: 1719863965948-0.jpg (88.69 KB, 750x1016, F7IQtV6bAAEnL-g.jpg)

File: 1719863965948-1.jpg (50.04 KB, 715x715, FoXpLvjacAEJ_9U.jpg)

File: 1719863965948-2.jpg (425.87 KB, 2048x1542, GNRJxh-bYAA0dV7.jpg)


File: 1719864023464-0.jpg (266.13 KB, 2048x2003, F5nBQxlbsAAQbFp.jpg)

File: 1719864023464-1.jpg (78.42 KB, 1250x1250, GAwmztJaIAA2hz0.jpg)

File: 1719864023464-2.jpg (195.62 KB, 2048x2048, GBZ0RWBbYAAdKG-.jpg)


File: 1719864469658.jpg (157.67 KB, 2048x2048, Fj5HLNCaEAEFpVr.jpg)

File: 1548298778465.png (114.08 KB, 600x600, red.png)

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Found this and thought it was cute
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File: 1719249331306.png (168.68 KB, 600x600, download20240601181439.png)


File: 1719480946321-0.png (166.75 KB, 600x600, download20240604044033.png)

File: 1719480946321-1.png (147.01 KB, 600x600, download20240604051933.png)

i haven't visited the site in a while and saw this thread pop up in fresh posts bento…
i made these three in 2019 and just had to drop by for a fourth. i'll definitely make a fifth girl in the future
i don't have a time machine with me, so i guess i'll see you sushis again whenever that time comes!
it might be in week, or maybe a year, or maybe a bit more. either way, it will be just as special <3


File: 1719484151425.png (163.75 KB, 600x600, download20240604202816.png)

welcome back sushi. i hope life is treating you well.


File: 1719526265901.png (158.28 KB, 600x600, download20240604171047.png)


File: 1719784659685.png (150.9 KB, 600x600, download20240600225637.png)

This is what I need in my life.

File: 1562581159361.png (97.63 KB, 255x178, 1562165982195.png)


As the title says, post cute and comfy images.
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What a comfy first picture. Best of both.


File: 1711365877740-0.jpg (300.66 KB, 1394x2370, img_6_1711365804325.jpg)

File: 1711365877740-1.jpg (295.02 KB, 1394x2370, img_5_1711365793433.jpg)

File: 1711365877740-2.jpg (328.41 KB, 1750x1995, img_3_1711365771722.jpg)


File: 1718856428895-0.png (3.36 MB, 2590x3624, 419216558bbdfa6cf77fa19780….png)

File: 1718856428895-1.jpg (1.2 MB, 848x1200, __dawn_original_drawn_by_p….jpg)

File: 1718856428895-2.jpg (27.93 KB, 640x640, __8405__0fd37ebd5cd7371566….jpg)


Haha made me giggles.
Perhaps invest in one of those monitor arms. This looks dangerous when earthquake hits.


File: 1719259040588-0.jpg (428.54 KB, 1592x2048, __arisugawa_otome_aikatsu_….jpg)

File: 1719259040588-1.png (1.76 MB, 1399x1050, Skärmbild (3706).png)

File: 1719259040588-2.png (476.64 KB, 863x513, Skärmbild (8674).png)

File: 1715378075539-0.jpeg (315.35 KB, 1429x2048, GNN8_GNaIAAfMWK.jpeg)

File: 1715378075539-1.jpg (3.28 MB, 1000x1300, f8f4b27c5ebe817abb2ac4201e….jpg)


because someone has to keep the house clean


File: 1715378212794-0.jpg (255.34 KB, 672x650, 60d7ebcd1e8fddfe83c89c9e70….jpg)

File: 1715378212794-1.jpg (96.52 KB, 600x849, 4708c28d0af298f2f4ce9b086d….jpg)


File: 1715378322159-0.png (487.9 KB, 740x1478, 0c4863acaf41a5c7c8c11f7b81….png)

File: 1715378322159-1.jpg (619.67 KB, 748x1188, 30ae9614957a9b7e3b6278fc24….jpg)


File: 1718909261521.jpg (904.99 KB, 2048x2048, GQgVUz-aEAApSk-.jpg)

File: 1718827947356.jpg (287.93 KB, 1428x1427, tumblr_0c449910bd46745f1d2….jpg)


you brighten my day


Me or the cute pantsu?


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