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so good it hertz
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Remember to keep it cozy!

Sushichan's front page now autoplays lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to.

File: 1479257269243.webm (2.06 MB, 480x480, tekkaman - aquqtic.webm)


Post in this thread music, you found recently and enjoyed.
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Lmao, this thread's been around since I first discovered sushi, and now I realize a lot of genres I listen today kinda came from here. Thanks, sushi rolls.


Found this last week, the vocal textures they use are really interesting!


Here’s something I found recently. It’s Johnny Costa, the music director for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, performing his own interpretations of the most popular songs from the show. I wish I had looked into him earlier, because he is quickly becoming one of my favourite jazz pianists.

File: 1532288607435.png (2.71 MB, 2560x1600, karen in space.png)


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I was thinking about posting this as well! I think that "Triumph Der Metall Menschen" (starts at 21:21) gives off the most spacey vibes, it reminds me of a spaceship launch. The quiet part at the beginning sounds like the tense moments before takeoff, then it builds into a loud breakdown (liftoff!), and then the song fades out as gravity releases its hold on the spaceship. The song that follows immediately after, "Frequenzumsetzer" makes me picture the spaceship floating completely weightless in space, it's so tranquil!

This other duster song sounds like a space ship re-entering the atmosphere.



Aw yeah, love Duster.

The first track on "Schwartze Mond" kinda gives me a Kubrick, Valve/Portal/Aperture Science, orange-tinted 70's kinda space vibe.

Not space-related, maybe, but have you heard "Birds In The Ground" by Eiafuawn(of Clay Parton of Duster)?


I've heard of it, it didn't really strike my fancy when I last listened to it, but I'm giving it a second listen now and it's more interesting than I remember! Have you heard about duster getting back together for some live shows and possibly doing reissues of stratosphere/contemporary movement/1975?

(scrambling to find spacey stuff so I can act like I'm not posting offtopic)


I'd caught wind that they were doing some stuff together, yeah. I need a Stratosphere reissue, definitely.

I really do enjoy BITG,I really dig Clay's lyrics and delivery and some faves off Stratosphere are Gold Dust, Heading for the door(might not be clay on vocals), and Reed to Hillsborough.

I reckon I dig Dustery guitar with vocals, I think I probably prefer BITG to stratty but uh…

Space music… I seem to recall watching this video sometime in 2010 or 11, geesh.

I'm also really curious about BoC's early releases, like acid memories or numerator if you or anybody else here knows or wants to talk about that stuff at the moment… I'd love to hear em someday, maybe we oughta make a dedicated effort to hunt them down heh heh

File: 1536004236154.jpg (680.64 KB, 850x1234, sample_e3cf5d4b74ebf92a464….jpg)


i love this kinda music, even if it makes me feel like an emo teenager (again)

post your favorite slacker tunes here



>makes me feel like an emo teenager
this might not be exactly what you're looking for, but this is the kind of stuff I listened to during my emo/scene phase from back in the day:

Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive

Soccer Mommy - Memories

Sweet Trip - Milk

Cap'n Jazz - Oh Messy Life
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oh, and another one

Lomelda - "Interstate Vision"


I'm a city dweller who's a big fan of hip hop. While I enjoy the harder stuff too, this place seems like the perfect spot to share the smoother, comfier parts of the genre that I love. Whenever I come by, I plan to share a track or two that I find comfy, and the situations I often find myself listening to them in. Hopefully you enjoy some of what I post!

Noname is almost exclusively for the summer. When the weather is warm and the flowers have bloomed, I'll put on her album Telefone and go for a walk.
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This past year has been huge for me, so much to do. Coming back and seeing this thread's still around is a good feel.

Through Noname I finally got into some other names in her scene, most notably Chance and Donnie Trumpet. Sitting on a park bench with Pass The Vibes playing is highly recommended.


The intro to this album always seemed cozy to me. I'm glad they made an instrumental version of it.


Have an emotional track produced by an online acquaintance.


Face Candy's album.
It is all improvisation as far as i know, really fun.


Excellent taste my brother.

Stumbled upon this one like 4 years ago.

File: 1510992417271.jpg (19.87 KB, 540x359, s8elrW8E.jpg)


Hello everyone! Let's have a shoegaze thread!!!

Please enjoy the artist I just linked right here, I think you'll find he's ever so pleasant


File: 1511356741227.jpg (5 KB, 294x211, something.jpg)

Sun Devoured Earth introduced me to the genre. This stuff can be heavy on the mood, so proceed with caution. Anyways the mere amount of material he put out guarantees the possibility to grow into the heart of any dedicated listener. Here are some of my favorite tracks.



This whole EP is pretty damn good.
(Kinoko Teikoku - Long Goodbye)



Don't have link handy but Tanukichan's Sundays and Nothing's Dance on the Blacktop are two recent releases i like a lot.

File: 1534191682827-0.flv (1.63 MB, Rain Goes Up.flv)

File: 1534191682827-1.flv (2.16 MB, Rainymood.flv)


A while ago, a nice person compiled some songs that went along with the sound of rain. What songs do you listen to when it rains?





Today snowed, everything is white outside my window.
Let's share some music perfect for this kind of day, when the world seems untained.
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People always say Satie is best with rain, but I quite like it with snow. Well, either way his music is never a bad choice.


Thank you for reminding me that this song exists!



File: 1532124672270.jpg (99.02 KB, 753x420, python trumpeter.jpg)


Lets share some classical music.

>Chopin: Fantasie Impromptu


>J.S. Bach: Cello Suites


>John Dowland: Lute pieces


>Franz Liszt: Liebestraum


>Kimio Eto: Koto Music

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I still think this is the best version of Debussy's Arabesque no.1 I've heard so far. All the other versions rush it I feel. I wish more people would just play it slower. Even this recording rushes it a bit in places.


I agree with this sentiment. Pianists often sound too keen to show off how good a virtuoso they are, and neglect to actually listen to the music - you just get a wall of sound. A very impressive wall of sound, granted, but a wall of sound nonetheless.


Hélène Grimaud plays Bach-Busoni


I think it's more a matter of rubato. Listening to other versions I can definately see certain places that feel rushed, but I feel that this loses an important element of the piece by playing parts too slowly.

Look at these two recordings:
They play at a similar averave speed, but Yo-Yo Ma gets much more out of it by slowing parts down selectively.

File: 1475901067066.swf (3.83 MB, 69915_MMSL.swf)


Post your flashes with good music in them!
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File: 1479255697463.swf (5.58 MB, get_home.swf)


File: 1485458920989.swf (224.92 KB, eeeeh.swf)


File: 1488678348279.swf (7.59 MB, fffffforever.swf)


File: 1521480269479.swf (1.05 MB, achtung christmas.swf)


File: 1532161479484-0.swf (908.84 KB, Chuunibeats_fix.swf)

File: 1532161479484-1.swf (5.52 MB, gami.swf)

File: 1532161479484-2.swf (787.14 KB, genki.swf)

olde thred desu ne


Lets have a thread to share songs and bands we like! I'll start
Any sushis like punk rock/emo stuff?
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I'll always love panda bear



this band has a nice assortment of pretty ballads and bops. if you'd like to listen to more, the rest of the album is here:


Let's do a bit of ska and some ska punk.

Johnny quest thinks we're sell outs - Less Than Jake

Silver box - The Last Slice


Keen on some ska

big d for good measure

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