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so good it hertz
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This thread is for cracktros and cracktro-like themes.
If you see or hear a good cracktro, post it here.

Demoscene is also good

File: 1716152594091-0.jpg (968.27 KB, 1719x2314, GFpmMUaakAAwADX.jpg)

File: 1716152594091-1.jpg (250.79 KB, 1419x1873, GJg6xOMbYAA6zNb.jpg)

File: 1716152594091-2.jpg (131.65 KB, 683x1050, FRl4c8WaIAAaC07.jpg)


Can we have a thread for vocalsynth music a la vocaloid, utau, voicevox, vsynth, etc? There is a huge blossoming community for these on Japanese internet and imageboards and I think it's very beautiful and worth looking into. Some questions to start the thread off
>What is your favorite vocalsynth?
>Is there any particular song you absolutely love? >Do you play any vocalsynth rhythm games like Project Diva?

Here's a song I really like:
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this song feels me with immeasurable longing for my partner, i really can't wait to see him again. i really just want him by my side right now.

thank you so much, really appreciate discovering new artists. i am also glad the video is up on youtube at least in some way



this song really got me into chinese music back in the day




File: 1539795929511.jpg (94.91 KB, 913x913, chart.jpg)


Nice and comfy chart thread, share albums that had biggest impact on you. Here are mine.

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File: 1710957232540.png (4.48 MB, 2614x1660, 5by5.png)

really comfy chart. moenie and kitchi is lovely. i have listened to the track 'ghost' on that album over and over.


this is a really sad and quiet sushigirl.


File: 1719548322380.png (3.15 MB, 1852x1085, çart.png)

stuff that ive listened to a lot lately
i could fill the chart with a lot more black metal but wanted a little diversity soooo idk i might do another one later


File: 1720511870740.png (2.41 MB, 2060x1140, chart.png)

your chart reminds me a lot of someone who used to send me theirs but i lost contact with them like ~1-2 years ago .. even with the alcest and everything lol

i found that bunny boy album very recently . its very underappreciated imo


File: 1721223956589.png (2.74 MB, 1771x1095, çart 17tem.png)

yeah so i couldnt really fill the chart with black metal, i just put what ive been listening to lately and its all over the place but theyre all music i like

what else did they like?

File: 1510992417271.jpg (19.87 KB, 540x359, s8elrW8E.jpg)


Hello everyone! Let's have a shoegaze thread!!!

Please enjoy the artist I just linked right here, I think you'll find he's ever so pleasant
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I love this song so much I made a video (unofficial) for it. Fantastic band everyone should check out.


I will definitely listen to their new album


This was amazing! I feel different in a good way after listening to it.


Shoegaze was a genre that i kinda listened to but didn't know any songs/artists in. Now, after listening to black metal for some time and discovering blackgaze i think i've come full circle, back to shoegaze. The thing is i don't really know any shoegaze albums to listen to so i'd greatly appreciate any recommendations( no matter how mainstream it is, mainstream might be better tbh for me to get a hold of the genre)


oh boy, my favorite shoegaze album is mikgazer vol 1, you have to check it out! second pick would loveless by mbv

i also recommend playlist in the embed - it has a tracklist and each song leads to a wonderful album, i know because i listened to them all!

File: 1495970490704.jpg (193.49 KB, 600x600, cover.jpg)


konnichiwa sushi's post some good ambient music. I am listening to pic related right now.
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No idea if flap+frog qualifies for what this thread is aiming for but ignorance never stopped me from ruining a thread before.



and funny that you bumped ambient music thread, because I wanted share >embed


I see this video got removed so here's a re-upload


I really wonder if I posted it… love that album.

Embedded is a song that got me through all of my uni study sessions.



Post your favorite MADs ITT.
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so sad that many otomads itt have been deleted but have a very good otomad that i found recently


a classic


File: 1718313968424.gif (3.69 MB, 450x337, dualin.gif)


Does sushi play any instruments or sing? Post what you're working on! Tell us about your instrument!

I've started to learn the banjo for a few months, and play clawhammer style. Currently play a cheap one with some nylon strings. The only song I got down okay-ish is long journey home.

I've really struggled with timing and rythem, playing to a click is really hard :(

pls no bulli, am beginner and left mistakes in bc lazy
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File: 1719631602926-0.jpg (268.78 KB, 1920x1038, Howl.jpg)

File: 1719631602926-1.jpg (80.34 KB, 900x900, SeijiIgusa.jpg)

Thank you for your kind words!

>this webzone is full of talented sushisicians of which much to my chagrin I'm not part of

You'd be surprised how quickly you can learn an instrument if you invest 20-30min into practice each day. It's never too late to start if you feel like missing out :)
I can't speak for the creation-part of music though, other sushis' need to share their experience for that.
Really cool to see the varietly of instruments & styles in this thread already.

>What's that piano piece from?

It's a piano arrangement by Makiko Hirohashi of "Promise of the World", which plays at the end of the movie "Howl's Moving Castle".

>Is the guitar vocaroo an improvisation

Nope, it's just a very chill version of Seiji Igusa's "Keey the Groovy".


File: 1719945352025.jpg (88.43 KB, 768x513, KermitLeft-768x513.jpg)

Been working on cluck 'ol hen. It's in some weird key so I'm having a really hard time improvising with it. Got the base tune down alright, but I can build on it, which is a bit frustrating. My sense of rythem and timing isn't getting much better. I've been getting sick of metronome training, so I've stopped that for now. Really do need to start doing it again if I want to improve further though.


> get you haven't looked too into music theory but seeing as you've got so much guitar experience, maybe it comes naturally at some point?
As someone who is just getting started with music, but has a few friends that are very into it and have read lots of theory let me give ya take you should have with some salt

When you play for a while time you tend to notice patterns that sound nice. You can then groove and improvise using these. As you learn more songs and watch other musicians you'll notice and learn to groove with more of these patterns. Theory will give these names, explain the relationships, describe the vibes, and show you more patterns. It's kind of how an artisan may understand intuitively how their material of choice works, but and engineer can describe it's properties and make predictions using formulas.

>As expected, this webzone is full of talented sushisicians of which much to my chagrin I'm not part of.

I've only been playing for a few months and can play some stuff pretty okay. The other sushi roll is right, it's just consistent daily practice for a few months. If you have the time for another hobby it's a wonderful one.

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I sometimes yell into a microphone. I wouldn't call it singing. I'm not sure if this counts as an instrument.



let us be the judge


File: 1720821491598.jpg (319.85 KB, 658x887, 15259699_p0.jpg)

I've listened to this a couple of times (you're welcome for the 40+ views) trying to figure out what to say, but everything that I consider mentioning might just be a quirk/feature of the genre. As I'm not familiar enough with it and would rather not pollute the mind of a composer with outsider noise, I'll say instead that "Submerged" was the tune I enjoyed the most.

>my microphone is actually pretty good, its just that i sometimes even degrade the vocals

I see, then maybe it's just the way you go about degrading them. If the vocals were ripped jeans, yours would be the overused worn rather than the ripped in production type. People can find charm in the former but they'll believe it's bad wardrobe day rather than a statement more often than not (you can argue that's a statement in and of itself).

>all of those tracks (expect second part of eternal) were improvised and just me wallowing in sadness, so i try to keep the intimacy to match what it felt to me, in a way

That comes across nicely, in an "intriguing, let's listen" way and not in a "oh MAN this guy's whining AGAIN?" way. That takes some level of ability.

>Nope, it's just a very chill version of Seiji Igusa's "Keey the Groovy".

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can we have a comfy indie rock thread? i've been in the mood for it recently, specifically punk rock-ish stuff.

emo/punk/math rock songs welcomed too
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Perfect cozy winter album


i love this song and the soul eater imagery


this album is really interesting, sounds like a mix of TTNG and mellowed out the cabs but came out before a lot of them developed into that sound (2006 holy shit). Highly recommend if you like this sort of stuff. Might be one of the progenitors of staccato indie emo.


File: 1543054130307.jpg (78.28 KB, 1280x720, sharebread.jpg)


Share Music! Have fun!
Please try to be detailed about what your sharing. Include the artist, title of release, cover art, and file type.

Tell us why you love it! Include a link to where we can buy a copy, because piracy is only fun if the artists keep making music!
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Go-qualia - Requiem
electronic music


Jane Remover [hyperpop, shoegaze, emo]

(formerly Maryknoll) [twee punk]

julie [grungegaze]

SHEFU [pop-rock]

Wormrot [grindcore]

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


cute and clear voice


Brise​-​lames by BÂTARD
I really like this album. Its black metal but unlike most other black metal, the songs feel more alive and jumpy (sorry idrk how else to describe it). The bandcamp page says blackened punk so its probably the punk element thats causing that feeling. anyways my favourite song there is the third one, Mille Feux


File: 1719460601370.jpg (997.55 KB, 1417x1417, cover.jpg)

forgot to post the album cover soo
i like the album cover too its a part of why i was drawn to the album + it has an old painting. the paintings name is Christ in Limbo if anyone is interested in it

File: 1714089436436.png (496.75 KB, 600x589, 空夜-coo_ya-静焔-Cover-Art.png)


空夜 coo:ya - 静焔


Hey this was pretty good. Any more recs?



i swear to god this is the only altchan with a decent music board
10/10 rec op, thank you

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