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File: 1566286844541.jpg (32.26 KB, 302x300, 510ZA5M55VL.jpg)


are there any particular songs or tunes you listen to to feel comfy/or calm down? I find that the theme from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence to be uniquely comfy.
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This instantly changes my mood each time I've ever heard it. Such power in a score that brings forth determination and strength.


For me it’s „a letter from slowboat“ by Ryo Fukui. I don’t really know exactly that one. Jazz in general can be really relaxing but this one always is the first one I think about when I need to calm down and do nothing except for daydreaming and listening for a few minutes.


that's a very depressing thing to be calmed to です


This was amazing, thank you!


I need new DnB for my coding sessions, it helps me stay focused.
Drop some recs if you got 'em
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Maybe not quite what OP was after, but I've been loving this for the last few days


File: 1705710092380.jpg (1.87 MB, 867x1227, 138c6.jpg)

Here's a truckload of tracks, depending on where you want to draw genre boundaries with "DnB". Various kinds here, so hopefully some of these might catch your interest! Cherry-picked from my various playlists across multiple devices (seems linking to every track I listed was too many links).

-It's Not My Fault and Never Will Be

[Foxxy Dekay]
-37564 feat. 4649nadeshiko

-Astral Split
-T O K Y O F R U I T !
-Virtual Tears
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Whoops, meant to reply to OP. Oh well, more for everyone


found this yesterday
is this dnb?


File: 1679404033027.gif (3.74 KB, 95x50, w04.gif)


Since there was an album creation thread a while ago, I thought it might be fun to have a general music creation thread for sushis to share their own music.
What types of music do sushi rolls make?
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File: 1696859688835-0.jpg (50.88 KB, 550x550, 1695401754098190.jpg)

File: 1696859688835-1.png (820.54 KB, 612x617, __original_drawn_by_coco_g….png)

I am currently in the process of making an album
I am writing a story to accompany the album and commissioning an artist whos helping me with the storybook/album cover (not sure if they want me to namedrop them on here though).


(the cover i used on the soundcloud is just a placeholder btw)


I've been trying out schismtracker and having fun with it


I guess we wanted something more electronic and grimy and punchy which I'm just no good at on my own.
This is one that was used on an earlier trailer for prototype, looking in the same space for it, but it was meant more as placeholder at the time:

Here's another one we like, but i don't think we could use it for a trailer:


i like to make ambient music stuffs . its alot of fun getting a bunch of shit in ableton to generate stuff for you

i want to learn to use a tracker so bad, looks like alot of fun


It is not hard! At all! Especially when we have Renoise, or Polyend Tracker.


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And another couple songs


From Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi.
Good taste


File: 1658392099047.jpg (4.95 MB, 6406x4276, yande.re 143871 kannagi_no….jpg)

One of my all time favorite anime
It's so so good


I think i liked the first season the most, but the movie is really really good. And i wish i had skipped endless 8 lol.
I really wasnt expecting any of the sci fi or that i would like haruhi so much, thinking of checking the novels too


Love this one so much.

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any kind, just post it
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File: 1712869049319.ogg (11.66 MB, ykyk009-01_choenyi_-_doma_….ogg)


File: 1495283888211.png (47.83 KB, 369x369, 1312559259218.png)


Favorite song while taking a dump?
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the sittin on a toilet lady idk if that counts but thats whats in my head when im doing a poo


what a throwback hahaha


Roach - I gotta take a shit


I'm a city dweller who's a big fan of hip hop. While I enjoy the harder stuff too, this place seems like the perfect spot to share the smoother, comfier parts of the genre that I love. Whenever I come by, I plan to share a track or two that I find comfy, and the situations I often find myself listening to them in. Hopefully you enjoy some of what I post!

Noname is almost exclusively for the summer. When the weather is warm and the flowers have bloomed, I'll put on her album Telefone and go for a walk.
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comfy and summertime


My man Will is so underrated it's criminal.

A stroke from a hoe won't console me, she's fucking with my soul, the kind of love I love solely


File: 1668012666244.jpg (228.61 KB, 1200x1200, Snowglobe Theory Album Cov….jpg)

Its nice to see some kill bill fans.
What do you guys think of his new album?


Telephone was probably the first album where I didn't have tracks I disliked to delete off


future funk: it's vaporwave's happy and bubbly sister


It sure is. What a thoroughly enjoyable genre… Even at its worst it's still loads of fun.


I've just been getting into future funk in the last few days actually, and like you said >>1651 , it really does seem to be pretty much all good


Here's one of my favorites. I love the dancey stuff. It floods my brain with dopamine.


Would things such as Yuc'e, Snail's House, Neko Hacker, Yunomi, and Honeycomebear fall into this genre?

I enjoy music like this it's fun to drive to

File: 1682782635269.jpg (70.94 KB, 640x480, shoponline_click on Instag….jpg)


i've been listening to the same oingo boingo songs on loop for weeeeeeeeeeekss. i would appreciate any songs really!! except country lololol (image not relatedd)



Classic rock, metal, and vocaloid music (all genres) comprises 100% of my intake.

This producer has some experimental stuff but they're extremely popular recently, which is cool.

The song references the Tower of Babel, but I think it's also a personification of the character, Kasane Teto, that was originally conceptualized on 2channel as an april fools' fake vocaloid release that dreamed of becoming a real vocaloid.


Any roll here into this genre? Recently got into it and I'm looking for suggestions
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I came across this channel recently that has a tonne of live recordings of Tatsuro Yamashita:
Enjoy it before it gets taken down.

Here are two longer live recordings.

As a bonus, here is some actual live footage of him:




Thanks for letting me discover this song. What a gem.


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