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File: 1542246643729.jpg (31.4 KB, 550x474, pp,550x550.u7.jpg)


Lads can you recommend me some metal bands? I've been getting into it and liking it, but I don't really know of any bands besides the absolutely most popular ones.


File: 1542316160463-0.jpg (367.48 KB, 2558x1554, 72434.jpg)

In what subgenre are you interested? Give some context.
Popularity does not always equal "bad", by the way.


tengger cavalry
i'm in a coffin


Manilla Road


> I like metal
> pls give gud bands
This is like asking for recipes when you like milk.
Work yourself through the most popular bands of every sub-genre, that sounds appealing to you. If you found, what you were looking for, dig deeper and listen to whole albums. There is much good metal music for acquired taste, filling niches and exploring extremes. The most popular songs of bands often misrepresent their usual style, regardless if metal or not.


Uh, I didn't want to write that so harshly. With the large variety even within this genre however recommendations will inevitably go unheeded.

Anyways the albums that got me into metal where "Once" by Nightwish (melodic metal, a style of music I could even enthuse my parents for), "Iron"/"Ensiferum" by Ensiferum and the "Nordland" albums by Bathory (both folk/pagan/viking metal). (see >>552)


I also want to encourage you to give "original" metal bands from the 70s and 80s a shot. It took me over a decade to realize, that I never really explored the metal pioneers.



The best way to find out what you like best is to learn the history of metal. Listen to the original bands, then move on to the sub-genres that started to appear in the 80's and 80's. I'd highly recommend Black Sabbath as a place to start, seen as they created heavy metal.


Based on your image I'll give you this.


What bands do you already listen to?


I don't really like Metal but I like this one song


File: 1565798519854-0.jpg (265.93 KB, 850x1000, essentialblackmetal.jpg)

File: 1565798519854-1.jpg (388.13 KB, 1400x1300, EssentialDeath.jpg)

File: 1565798519854-2.png (2.64 MB, 1088x2245, 1458417826184.png)

There's a lot of variation between the various genres of metal, in the same way that The Beatles and Frank Zappa can both be considered 'rock', yet sound nothing alike.

My advice is to find charts like these, containing some of the classics within genres and subgenres of metal. Maybe you've heard some of these before and want to find similar bands? Or maybe you want to simply find some good albums to get you started somewhere.

In any case, I have considerably less of these than I thought I did so maybe other sushi rolls can post some, or have a lurk through /mu/ if you're interested


File: 1566346636774.png (458.26 KB, 642x469, 1538167779836-pol.png)



File: 1566367865391.jpg (135.16 KB, 1280x720, sylcity.jpg)

I like Strapping Young Lad. Try their album "City".


File: 1566438468967.jpg (26.42 KB, 500x500, 6df96125596e1582c34f7b7e7a….jpg)

I really like Strapping Young Lad, but I'd recommend waiting until you're really pissed off before listening to them for the first time. They're one of the most genuinely angry-sounding bands I've ever heard, so listening while angry makes the music feel more relatable, and helps you "get it" more.


Sonata Arctica


too bad they're so friggin' boring now

in fact i was watching an interview with tony and elias today(well just tony, elias never talks quiet guy), and they basically confirmed it's got one power metal song on it and the rest are tony kakko christmas rock snoore fests with too much acoustic guitar

i really like power metal though, it's some of the catchiest music on the planet along with punk rock. i always felt that skater punk guys would like power metal if it wasn't cheesy and had songs about doing kickflips instead of slaying dragons. actually i thought about making a skatepunk power metal band, does that even exist?? ok im rambling here's a good cain's offering song, one the 2 million bands jani(ex-SA guitarist) plays in now.


>in fact i was watching an interview with tony and elias today(well just tony, elias never talks quiet guy), and they basically confirmed it's got one power metal song on it and the rest are tony kakko christmas rock snoore fests with too much acoustic guitar

fuck forgot to mention it was an interview about their new album.

im tired


Didn't even realize they were still doing music.


File: 1567835329035.jpg (183.11 KB, 885x1044, skatewizzard.jpg)

> skatepunk power metal band
that would be rad as fuck


File: 1568162810737.gif (177.31 KB, 300x157, 1480603579945-1.gif)

Here, have some raelly slow metal OP.

>Evoken - A Caress of the Void


>Boris- At Last -Feedbacker


>Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version


>Conan - Blood Eagle


>Sun O))) & Boris - Altar


>Corrupted - Garten der Unbewusstheit



There are plenty of crossover hardcore bands, who were hardcore punk mixed with thrash metal. And they were pretty associated with skate culture iirc. If you haven't heard it before, the classic stuff is bands like Suicidal Tendencies and Cro-Mags, even Bad Brains got a little more metallic later in their discography. There's heaps of modern acts too, like Municipal Waste. Not sure about punk mixed with power metal though.


Yes, I love the last track of the Earth 2's album, it's a real good drone piece.

Tyranny - Tides Of Awakening

This album is good if you're into Lovecraftian stuff, it's something to drown into

I can't stand metal anymore to be fair, but I can give some suggestion for good black metal bands if you're into that


>I can't stand metal anymore to be fair
If I may ask, what led to this?

Eyehategod (southern rock + sludge)
3teeth (Industrial)
Cattle Decapitation (Death Metal, for the two newest releases)
Batuhska[Батюшка](Gregorian Chants + Black Metal, only first release)
Mgla(black metal)
Rings of Saturn(Deathcore)

These are a bit spread out genre wise. Hopefully someone can find something here they like


>If I may ask, what led to this?
Hard to explain without sounding like a prick but years ago, as I dug more and more into sub-genres of electronic music, I got so fed up with extreme metal that t this day I get irritated listening to gritty stuffs for a few minutes. I feel like from al the different ways to express savagery, darkness and brutality they chose the less efficient one. I don't know, maybe I went into the wrong genre for the wrong reasons to begin with, or I'm just older and don't need that much distortion AND 200BPM anymore.

Things like this caught my interest :
SNTS - Ancestral Reflection

But I'm still listening this from time to time :
Paysage d'Hiver - Moloch

(And Mgla's Presence EP is very good)


I don't care for most of Machine Head's output, but their debut album just destroys.


municipal waste was one of the first gigs i ever went to and the promoter almost shut it down cause they were telling people to jump off a balcony in the venue. i think they were trying too hard to be cool and extreme and everyone there was embarrassed for them.


Since I got my new job, I have to commute by car every day. When driving I somehow have a very different taste in music. Metal feels just right for that purpose.

Lately I have found back to Ensiferum, a band I really liked back in school, but didn't give much attention in the recent years. Their musical style has changed a bit since Jari (former lead singer, guitarist, songwriter) left for his own project Wintersun and at first I didn't have a high opinion on Ensiferums new music.

However the album From Afar really grew dear to me. It features a more orchestral and heavy style mixed with folk elements that remind me of Eluveitie. Overall a great and well-balanced album.


Did this happen to be at Alley Katz in RVA? I saw them there several times before the venue shut down, and people jumping from the balcony was a constant issue. Had quite a concussion from a guy landing on me there at one of their shows.


I've gotten back into black metal recently. Ascensions Consolamentum is a damn masterpiece.


Oranssi Pazuzu is finnish black metal but it has a bearable twist!


Ensiferum new albums are all shit tbqh, Victory Songs was their last good album


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqAtk5D1R1Y really nice black metal. thank you youtube recomendations


blind guardian
luca turilli
timo tolkki's avalon


I just found this track and I REALLY REALLY like it



Japanese black metal!


File: 1595796749733.jpg (261.78 KB, 900x900, amerijuanican.jpg)

weed metal is where it's at




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