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Dicks > Bagina


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File: 1493477982964-1.jpg (611.41 KB, 1151x1000, 1487538646144.jpg)

File: 1493477982964-2.jpg (363.83 KB, 1936x2048, 1492130922908.jpg)


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>tfw not a ddos


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File: 1493478177122-1.png (43.18 KB, 420x420, 1488972405026.png)

File: 1493478177122-2.jpg (381.89 KB, 435x1200, 1451731801057.jpg)

cuteboy dicks > regular dicks


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File: 1493500537577-1.jpg (203.76 KB, 525x775, 1391853895001.jpg)

I hope traps are fine too.


File: 1493259196566.jpg (27.72 KB, 576x448, tmp_21541-IMG_20170427_035….jpg)


Tell me about the places you live in sushis. I live in a small city with a lot of public servants, it's an odd feeling to be in a very urban area but still always be running into people you know. Hoping to go innawoods nearby soon, the weather gets really cold this time of year.
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>are people shitting themselves over WW3?
Not really, probably cause we're somewhat used to all this nonsense. But I really do hope nothing will happen in the next few years, cause I'll probably be in the military by then.


File: 1493476053524.jpg (116.61 KB, 617x469, best.jpg)

Today I live in an ordinary apartment in a border city. Tomorrow I will live the nomad life in the forests of Canada.
There is no internet out there, so thanks for all the comfy till now sushis.


Be safe, rolly polly.


File: 1493488751977.jpg (171.46 KB, 706x941, front yard.jpg)

I still live with my parents in a fairly large town south of Denver. I don't really like it. The people here are pretty rich and stuck up. Just about every household is a well-off transplant family, mine included. I guess that could be a good thing if you're the outgoing entrepreneur type since rich white people are easy to market to and take advantage of.

It's quite dull here. There's no entertainment at all here. If you want some fun you have get to Denver. That wouldn't be a problem if this town had some proper public transportation. My town has no trains, no buses, and the roads aren't really made for bikes. It's still at that awkward stage where it's not big enough to be a full fledged city, so it tries its hardest to act like a small town when it's anything but. The fact that everyone here has enough cash to fill their garages doesn't help, either.

There are some good things about my town, but most of the upsides are just Colorado things. The hiking trails are plentiful and the scenery is nice. Weed is legal. Most of the people here are fairly fit and healthy. The weather is usually pleasant. It's snowing a lot right now, though, which is weird.

I plan on moving to Denver soon. We'll have to see if that pans out this time. I love Denver.


Hello fellow Sacramento Roll 'u'


File: 1493218891554.jpg (71.96 KB, 956x960, 1475011301776.jpg)


what is a one?


How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real


Technically no, they're mental abstractions that allow the human brain to comprehend complex logic and to calculate useful solutions to complicated problems. It's similar to words. The pixels making up the letters making up the words "There is a tree behind you" have nothing in common with the living thing made of wood and leaves, but the abstraction allows me to communicate a lot of information quickly.


File: 1493230730694.gif (1.22 MB, 250x200, nervous gerbils.gif)

>There is a tree behind you
don't scare me sushi roll


I was asked that question in a university interview to study philosophy.

I failed to get in so I'm probably not the one to tell you.


They can be said to exist, at least as abstractions or ideas like >>217 explained. We can then use these universal ideas for example when holding up five fingers to signify that we want to buy five apples for example. We can also attach symbols to these ideas to make them easier to use, so that the word five and the symbol 5, V, etc. can be used to refer to the idea.

Different philosophers have different views on the topic though: http://existentialcomics.com/comic/36.


File: 1492970494459.png (338.71 KB, 670x503, 1492827374257.png)


P-p-post your best music and books torrents senpai, FLAC means extra points n.n
Iĺl start
40GB of super eurobeat



File: 1493449859878.torrent (3.34 MB, eurobeat.torrent)

436.5GB LOSSLESS SEB Torrent with many active seeders
same stuff you posted except lossless


>436.5 GB
how long would that take to download
bloody hell


a week or two at 1 MBps (byte not bit)
I'm 88% complete
please seed!


File: 1490374582066.jpg (75.95 KB, 500x500, comf.jpg)


this is the comfiest community I have seen on the internet.

God bless this chan
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I don't why, but I think she is extremely cute.


File: 1492706135358-0.gif (314.5 KB, 1084x593, 1469834317144.gif)

File: 1492706135358-1.png (295.65 KB, 503x466, 1471052596133.png)

It's because she is


File: 1492888918840.jpg (602.58 KB, 1079x678, nice.jpg)

I saw this written on the ground and it reminded me of this thread


Use reverse image search.

Sailor Karasu for the artist


This is nice thread.


File: 1490215420784.gif (496.8 KB, 300x126, Knh0L.gif)


Tfw a friend induces bad feels

>getting drinks with friend

>starts talking about this grill I used to be friends with and had a huge crush on
>they're still friends
>been 2 years and I'm over it but avoid her like the plague
>"yeah she got back with her ex. I know you two will end up married though once you're both done being idiots."

My question is, is this the kind of opinion that normal people feel comfortable voicing? It seems completely over the line to me and really headfucked me.

Also pls delete thread if annoying social bullshit isn't allowed
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File: 1490270893288.png (756.87 KB, 874x739, new.png)

Similar story happened to me recently
>really bad at meeting new friends. All my friends are internet friends
>decide to go to board games meetup
>get invited to someone's house to play more boardgames the next day
>alcohol and conversation occurs during boardgames
>casually mention that taxes are literally theft
>"well yeah sushi roll but muh roads"
>"have you EVER been to a public school?"
>these things would still exist if they weren't funded by the government. If they're necessary for society, then society will fund them
>well I guess I can't argue with that
They also kept saying mean things about large groups of people like big bullies.


File: 1490290246144.png (580.38 KB, 892x692, Screenshot from 2017-02-08….png)

>I know you two will end up married though once you're both done being idiots.
Does your friend read/write cliché love stories when she has the time?


politics is classified as an un comfy topic for a reason sushi


File: 1493411643190.png (100.75 KB, 500x450, 1486968657177.png)

The most annoying thing about stating an unpopular opinion is that most people will get frustrated over it and then attempt to end the dialogue with a one liner in an annoyed tone instead of thinking about the subject and organizing their thoughts into a reply. They realize they don't have any arguments, but instead of trying to give a good response or saying "Huh, let me think this over later.", they decide to snap at whoever dared to make them reflect. Even hinting that things they took for granted are wrong is too much to bear for them.


It's because not being able to come up with a retort on the spot can make you feel stupid. Nobody wants to feel stupid.


File: 1493310521536.jpg (800.23 KB, 1920x1200, 1391851810001.jpg)


Let's share our love for algebra!

I like how the definitions of algebraic structures build onto simpler algebraic structures defined earlier. This is so efficient and beautiful, like a perfectly written piece of code.

My favorite structure is the span. It's a set of linear independent vectors "spanning up" a vector space, a great way to describe a vector space with little information.

What are your favorite constructs?

pic unrelated, it's a pixel space


I like how meaningful dot and cross products are.


I really liked algebra in HS, probably the most enjoyable form of math tbh but I've forgotten most of it at this point. I remember having lots of fun switching stuff around to solve equations like puzzles.


File: 1493412000415.jpg (40.97 KB, 300x280, 1435198423638.jpg)

I like how I can never get away from solving quadratic formulas. Three semesters of calculus and I'm back to them.

y'' + 3y' + 2y = 0

r^2 + 3r + 2 = 0

(r + 2) * (r + 1) = 0

r = -2, r = -1

y = A * r^(-2x) + B * r^(-x), where A, B are arbitrary constants


File: 1493412055678.png (209.31 KB, 453x435, 1473620059103.png)

I messed up the last line.
y = A * e^(-2x) + B * e^(-x), where A, B are arbitrary constants


File: 1488309931836.png (123.82 KB, 500x500, 97ccace6972baac14950ceb775….png)


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File: 1488388898748.png (256.38 KB, 487x578, Screenshot from 2017-02-07….png)



File: 1492704172905.gif (1.54 MB, 500x483, 0A2KHvz.gif)



File: 1493316823931.gif (445.58 KB, 369x251, 1458242947042.gif)



ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᵇᵉᶦᶰᵍ ᵗᵒᵒ ᶫᵒᵘᵈ


File: 1493400172859-0.png (121.96 KB, 675x477, shot_mrk-int.png)


File: 1493268513619.jpg (14.75 KB, 300x300, 1491353951043.jpg)


Life is kinda boring.


File: 1493398010017.webm (4.09 MB, 640x480, honking nazis.webm)

it's only as interesting as you make it sushi roll


File: 1486785218486.jpg (939.29 KB, 2100x1500, ffcf9c3fb9b11bd238bf24a98c….jpg)


Share and archive your dreams here sushis. I'll start.

I dreamed I was an eldritch monster who took peoples eyes. A tar-like tentecle shot out from my palms and took the eyes straight out of their sockets. For some reason it would only take one at a time, so you had to do it twice to completely remove both of them.

I took the eyes of some middle aged man who was being horrible to his daughter.
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File: 1492198820010.jpg (349.3 KB, 1384x2152, IolDHfj.jpg)

The reconstructed image from that video is fuzzy because it is made from 100 different youtube videos layered together. It's not a good representation of what we see in our memories.


File: 1492202839596-0.jpg (45.72 KB, 600x900, u are one cheeky cunt m8 i….jpg)

Why would it be made from 100 different youtube videos layered together ? I don't understand the purpose


To prove the effectiveness of fMRI and a new encoding model.

The 100 videos are provided by a Bayesian decoder to give an approximation of the brain activity while watching that one clip, using the brain activity while watching a larger pool of clips. More videos should mean a smoother approximation. If they had a larger sample size, they potentially could have used just 1 video instead which would be the closest match.



File: 1492204580616-0.jpg (62.75 KB, 600x600, slav girl hng.jpg)

I see, thanks for the explanation.


Last night I had a bit of a scary dream.
I'd visited the city and after wandering for a while and almost losing all my stuff (a backpack and money), the scene changed where I was lighting some incense sticks for some kind of divination practice. I headed to a small store tended by a chinese old man. I handed him the sticks and asked him to interpret them for me. I headed out to let him do this, and went a couple doors away, I opened the door and it was a closet, I walked into the closet making my way among the hanged coats and there was a buddhist shrine, and a few monks tending the buddhas. I went back to the old man who gave me some very cryptic message, like some I Ching passage yet heavily distorted. I didn't understand and asked that he elaborate. He seemed irritated so I headed out with the incense sticks. I went back through the closet and to the shrine, where people were offering the buddha some incense. I handed mine and when they tried to hand the last stick the smoke started suffocating the place. The monk that was offering the stick asked the buddhas not to reject the offering. I took the sticks in my hand and by some impulse I threw them to the ground, while a growling sound started filling the place. I picked up the incense, bowed, and headed out, back to the store, where the old man somehow already knew what had happened and immediately told me something like: "it is strange, isn't it? That the Buddha didn't accept the incense, the Buddha doesn't close himself to any offering, someone has closed the Buddha" (the exact word in my native language was something like closed/clogged, the image was something like that of a little hole in the statue that was deliberately plugged so the offering wouldn't pass).
Then I woke up.


File: 1492899108819.jpg (106.09 KB, 640x480, promotions.jpg)


So since the whole lainchan drama happened are we still going to be affiliated with lainchan dot ORG instead of the new .jp one? IMHO we should stick to our roots and stick with .org
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How about this:
When you click on the lainchan link, you get a popup window that asks: "Yes, but WHICH lainchan?" And then uses the random generator to send you to lainchan.{org|jp|com|net|tokyo|gov|edu|us|guru|ninja|me}


Far out. Lainchan has never been good. Sometimes in the past there were some redeemable posts made by sushi rolls trying to make the best of the situation, but, imagine my surprise when last i checked in; to see that the post quality had gotten even worse. This new drama is classic lainchan moderation and it's disappointing to know that the sell never had a chance for the site to change for the better and is now just another footnote to kalyx's epeen adventures.
This is the appropriate solution if ties with lainchan are kept.


Hey, that's not nice! It was good enough it's all I used for about two years. The programming and project boards are still good. Most of what makes lainchan bad is the same people arguing about the same things in their own little corners.
>anarchists complaining about others invading (Lainchan was never anarchy central.)
>others complaining about anarchists invading (Lainchan always had anarchists.)
>IRC drama (Most posters aren't on the IRC.)
>admin drama (Most posters can't even name all the admins.)

The only threat to the programming, security, and project boards are the people who keep talking about things they don't understand.


I'm with you on this one Bruder.
I've been a lainchan user almost since the beginning, but for a while now I've been wishing for it to die… out of mercy.
Right now if you look at the posts… it's beyond any hope of redemption.


Kind of a weird situation, since Lainchan certainly had an influence on this site. At least a few months after creation (early 2015), the FAQ page explicitly mentions it as an inspiration. That said, how much the userbase cared for Lainchan then and now, I couldn't say.

>>406 seems like a good approach for now. I would say that based on the actions of some staff on .jp, we might want to be more cautious about affiliating with them, but they can still eventually earn back trust.


File: 1469853648858.png (2.92 MB, 1400x6521, ad78b46b161c9ad83c783b0766….png)

 No.379[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Any drawrolls laying around?
Watcha working on.
>tfw working on drawing straight lines
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File: 1491376674472-0.png (22.65 KB, 561x383, dasd.png)

File: 1491376674472-1.png (18.73 KB, 358x642, dsac.png)

got some doodles i thought id share with you sushi,s.
don't have anywhere to post so i thought id do it here. :}


File: 1492393303893.png (1.2 MB, 1500x2000, S1.png)

Keep up the hard work sushi roll!
I've been trying to do more quick drawings too but every time I draw something kinda nice in the book I become scared to continue on the page in case I draw shit and ruin it.
I really need to mentally detach from my own ego or something, I'm too scared of drawing bad things.
Probably why I naturally gravitate to digital.

Those intricate mechanics are really cool man, I love stuff like that.


File: 1492856689335-0.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x2560, 1.jpg)

File: 1492856689335-1.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920, 2.jpg)

File: 1492856689335-2.jpg (1.48 MB, 2560x1920, 3.jpg)

File: 1492856689335-3.jpg (1.5 MB, 2560x1920, 4.jpg)

Started last week with drawing seriously. I was always doodling around when watching something.


File: 1492951177009-0.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x2560, 5.jpg)

File: 1492951177009-1.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x2560, 6.jpg)

File: 1492951177009-2.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1920, 7.jpg)

I drew some more.


File: 1493346095120-0.jpg (682.82 KB, 2462x3045, boxes_organic_perspective_….jpg)

File: 1493346095120-1.jpg (1.89 MB, 3219x2479, textures.jpg)

File: 1493346095120-2.jpg (1.21 MB, 2502x3184, gesture0001.jpg)

File: 1493346095120-3.jpg (1.14 MB, 2420x3103, gesture0002.jpg)

>>1855 here. I've been hard at work both with the Draw A Box exercises and with the lessons from Proko. I feel like I'm slowly but surely improving, which is very exciting~

I really like your style, sushi roll! The detail on those goggles is impressive~

>every time I draw something kinda nice in the book I become scared to continue on the page in case I draw shit and ruin it
I actually stopped using my sketchbook for practice stuff and have switched over to loose-leaf printer paper for this exact reason. Or, well, it also sucked to have to tear good drawings out of my sketchbook to scan them, but yeah. Since loose-leaf paper feels like scratch paper to me, I don't really hesitate to go all out with it.

Either way, your shading is very good! I'm also fond of figures in both dated and modern armor, so I approve of the subject of your sketches as well. ^u^

>Keep up the hard work sushi roll!

Thank you! I'll do my best!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1479848875205.png (2.45 MB, 800x800, 1457723690464.png)


What ever happened to the sushichan stickers thing?
From the archive: https://archive.sushigirl.us/lounge/res/964.html

Is someone going to put this back into action? Sushichan stickers seemed like a neat idea.
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Holy shit it's real! I did the computer pixel art thing, but I have no way to prove that I do so and I dont expect any credit or anything. Fuck its been a long time since ive been here, I miss this place a lot.


Welcome back, rollie <3
Will you keep contributing?


File: 1490522023037.jpg (68.98 KB, 534x954, IMAG0182.jpg)

well, thanks! they made my journal look a bit nicer.


File: 1490555802408.jpg (284.52 KB, 1170x2080, ups.jpg)

your sticker is great! thank you!


File: 1493343427366.jpg (146.03 KB, 1000x1000, 1445649396608.jpg)

Just got 2 of each, I'm excited!


File: 1489098471359.jpg (19.58 KB, 250x237, image.jpg)


I'll start:

If it 'might be true' or 'could have happened', then there's a very good chance that it isn't true, or it didn't happen
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We are all creatures of habit.

I love these.


Just do it!


Stop working at job you hate to buy more things you don't need to impress people you don't care about.


File: 1493328071522.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 304.95 KB, 770x542, I didnt fly so good.jpeg)

No, this can't be happening!!! I'm in charge here!!!


File: 1493329961258.jpg (574.47 KB, 1800x1322, REAL NIGGA DIOGENES.jpg)

Stay out of my sunlight.


File: 1493327263204-0.jpg (20.76 KB, 307x387, haha sushi you funny.jpg)

File: 1493327263204-1.jpeg (141.34 KB, 761x959, laughing together.jpeg)


This is a funny image.


File: 1493327751115.jpg (92.4 KB, 307x387, bigmouth.jpg)

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