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Lost Cities Minecraft server now on 1.15.2! See lostcities.seisat.su for details on the new configuration.



Post some solid gold oldies.
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File: 1562502533350.webm (932.77 KB, 250x250, omg secret nazi.webm)

This meme is from the 2000s but I don't know when this particular one was made. Probably before 2010.


This thread brings back nice memories



great sites for some internet nostalgia (flash required)




File: 1470757456564-0.jpg (74.76 KB, 1440x1080, delonghi-ec155.jpg)

File: 1470757456564-1.png (36.09 KB, 366x300, hario_slim.png)


Espresso is nice. Espresso thread anyone? What kinda kit do you have? What kinda drinks do you like?
Here's my pics for home espresso starter kit:
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Got the same grinder as your gif, can confirm it is worth it and not very expensive. Also the whole room will smell lovely


I ended up modifying that grinder so it has smaller espresso grinds. How do you find the size?
Yeah, not shown was emptying out portafilter. [spoiler]thanks it's a rk61[/spoiler]


I don't have a proper espresso machine like yours, but the sizes have been good for filter coffee and I think they're called "Moka Pots" (the stove ones). How did you modify it though?


I think aeropress faux espresso is ok too. Do normal, not inverted, with a fine grind and tamp it. I happen to have a glass jar that fits perfectly as a tamper, but otherwise maybe a shot glass is around the right size? I can pour water on top, and until I start applying pressure no liquid will come through the filter.

It should be hard to apply pressure, and the coffee should run out in about 15 seconds of pushing. If it's too fine or too much coffee (I do 17g of coffee and water short of the 2 marking on the side) it will take longer, and of course if the liquid just runs through without pressure it will be pretty bad.

Afterwards I have just a little golden foam on the coffee and much drier grounds than my normal inverted method aeropress coffee, so I take that as a sign I'm kinda approximating espresso. That and the taste.


maybe a bit more than 15 seconds, and make sure to hold on tightly to the mug or whatever


File: 1563513334351.png (13.66 KB, 159x179, 9 - G3B6y29.png)


Place looks comfier than other chans, anything I should know about the site?
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I just looked up "sushichan" on youtube and found it. I'm kinda curious as to what the context of this was - she's obviously following some sort of prompt at the top right, which makes me think this might've been an assignment for some sort of class. Probably a course on web design or something.


Thank you! couldn't find it for some reason


I think this is one of those things where people are paid to "review" websites for the purpose of collecting data on search engine results or targeted ads or something like that. The concept of relatively normal people stumbling onto strange corners of internet subculture this way is pretty funny to think about. I dunno why she was assigned Sushichan to "review" but I honestly don't know how these services work.


i've seen some of these done for other lesser known chans. I remember one for 4taba, but i don't know the video url. Here's one for lainchan.


File: 1585871326094.png (65.64 KB, 646x104, no.png)



File: 1495693282800.jpg (100.27 KB, 855x720, 1491188687243.jpg)

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What other sushi rollymous imageboard sites do you frequent?
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Damn, I really wish I'd gotten around to saving images from the 1 comfy file a day thread because that was a goldmine. I shouldn't have put it off. So where are you guys holed up? I found https://sushi roll.cafe/comfy/ which has a similar laid-back atmosphere to lizchan but it suffers from a lack of posters.


If you're really interested I can post the folder once I organize everything, it'd probably take a few months though, I'll post a link here or on anoon cafe. or you can make a throwaway email I can message it to in the future.


File: 1585751033052.png (45.15 KB, 846x237, welp.png)

I guess Ya missed that post too.
I'll post what I know.
The first death of lizchan was when the site went unpaid because
Owner of the site enrolled in military and had no way to pay for hosting,at least that's what he wrote some time later.
He told nobody about this.
The other admins/mods received the date of last hosting days from hosting service.
One of them made a copy of site on .xyz domain.
That reminded me that few lizzies including me wrote about being able to donate, admin said that there is no need atm
Some time later the owner/creator of lizchan(the soldierliz) wanted to regain ownership/admin.
^I'm not sure which one that was if someone could correct me that would be great.
If I remember correctly creator was still in in military so he couldn't pay on time(?).
So the burden of paying was on liz that resurrected site but he didn't expect to be the one paying for such a long time.

Motivated enough to mirror a site but not enough to ask for donations, what the fuck.
I don't understand


Yeah post it on /comfy/, I can wait a couple of months. Look forward to it!


>I don't understand

I have a couple of theories (lizmin having to go on active duty because of the coronavirus) but like you I can't say for certain. It's too bad magicchan is dead, at least if it was up we'd have a decent alternative.



It's Friday night. What are you guys doing?
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Earlier I re-coded part of Uboachan's front page to add a new feature, and then installed Void Linux on a laptop I've been using that couldn't handle Linux Mint and was running awfully slow for months. Setup took a few hours since Void starts with nothing, but now I've got a nice fast configuration like my last better laptop that got stolen so I'm lazing around and enjoying using it for the evening.


Bruh, what are you talking about. It's Tuesday.


File: 1585692333524.png (44.37 KB, 200x200, tumblr_ow8qpzkm5k1w9nbdmo4….png)

Trying to motivate myself to finish my coursework, but instead I'm playing Stardew or browsing this place.


File: 1585716258401.gif (1.11 MB, 960x540, arbys.gif)

Learned some Javascript today and getting a website together for my art. It's been a pretty good day.


Good job! Please consider posting it in the personal website thread


File: 1580566705685.jpg (17.38 KB, 236x236, f578db082cf7f3dbc662b617a3….jpg)


hardee is a qt


File: 1581518721210.png (77.25 KB, 198x218, 1575229835527.png)

what the fuck. who are you


I know who this was now. Damn. They mean a lot to me, and I hope they know that. Gonna send them an email now actually.


File: 1465510096861.png (31.57 KB, 500x575, tumblr_o4s15gXF0m1qb9odio1….png)

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I just wanted to post some stuff I've been thinking about chans. There's no special point I'm arguing.

As far as I am concerned 8ch has been taken over and destroyed. I was just looking at some screenshots of some older 8ch stuff today: that whole story about the bank robber, people having fun with copypaste before racequeen, all the fan art about nomads travelling from 4chan and rebuilding. It was nice to remember back and think about what a good run we had. I feel like none of the new alt-alt chans have any hope of being close to what 8ch was and that's a shame.
More than that thought I'm starting to feel like the imageboard medium is a dead end. I asked myself what do you even get, today, out of an imageboard that you don't on reddit or something else. They're heavily censored these days, I find that the mods on these create-your-own-board sites really abuse their positions and remove far more than they should.
Maybe it's wrong to focus so much on the free speech aspect, the main purpose of chans is to free people by removing the assocation of their post from their identity. That is the key. What do we gain from that? Frustratingly a great deal of noise and incessant meme posts is one of the results. It's too easy to drag down the level of discussion.
The cultures are often based on paranoia and distrust to the point that spending too much time on a chan can leave you unable to interact and integrate with non-chan people. Not to ignore the enojable side of it: all kinds of chaos, fun. a place to learn about extremes thaht you would never normally see (gore, fetishes, horror stories, …). but I see the creation of OC drying up. Memes used to churn around pretty regularly, but now how long as pepe the frog been going? Also the weird meta-awareness and understanding of memes and propogation has created a weird new irony to everything. The innocent playfulness has been lost.
What would you like to see in the future? How can be change the medium itself to enable better more creative communities to form?

Some interesting articles on chan culture (got any more to share?)
- http://kazerad.tumblr.com/post/96020280368/faceless-together
- http://thebaffler.com/salvos/new-man-4chan-nagle
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File: 1582896175652.gif (603.89 KB, 500x570, serveimage.gif)

This entire thread gives voice to my nebulous feelings. I feel loss, but then I wonder what exactly I lost. At the same time, I feel like a burden has been lifted from me. I browsed 4chan from 2010-2014, then 8chan until 2016. The change wasn't inspired by gamergate, but because 8chan had a furry board. I left when a user of that board created some system that bypassed the captcha to spam it with random posts from 4chan. The board had low enough traffic at that point that each thread was just a series of non-sequitur with a few actual posters who were surprised to still see each other there. It was an alienating experience. I could have used other boards, but I came to the realization posted in >>1381, that I wasn't having fun.

Looking back, I don't know how to feel about my brief six years. The negatives have already been enumerated in this thread: paranoia, self-loathing, political extremism, etc. One thing that sticks in my memory was how strange it was that a group of supposedly freethinking outcasts would place so much emphasis on conformity to their standards. It was simple peer pressure. There are so many examples I can think of. Perturbator did a Q&A on 8/mu/, and which went well until /pol/ asked if they could use one of his songs in an anti-immigration video, and spammed "cuck" for hundreds of posts when he said no. Then there was the buzz around the lunar eclipse on the 27th of September 2015 being the moment when the Jews launch their bid for world domination and/or the global economy shatters. It was ludicrous seeing people getting banned for even questioning it.

There were good moments, obviously. I met people I'm still friends with now. I used /fit/ to get fit, /loomis/ to take up art as a hobby. There was this one really funny chick who played through Otome games while typing in all caps to get everyone hyped up.

Ultimately it wasn't as big a part of my life as it was for most people, so it's tough to say whether I miss it or not. I don't use social media that much, and I think that's been good for me. I have a solid family and growing network of people I hang out with in real life, so I no longer have that deficiency of social interaction that imageboards once filled. Maybe it would be best to just remember the good and let things take their course, whether that be a return to the golden days, transforming into something newPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


oldfag here
you didnt miss much

/g/ was always devoid of meaningful discussion
vid related


Just a random rant…

I don't go back that far, I arrived in late 2009 / early 2010 and stuck to r9k the entire time. The culture on r9k at that time was fine, lots of nice people recommending me good movies and books to read, a lot of interesting threads from people around the world in different occupations and with unique interest. I heard about Wizards for the first time, not realising I would become one a few years later. It was really quite comfy back then for me, and I didn't mind the evolution of the board over time for the most part. If anything, my main problem was with tripfags who were always building cliques which would routinely disrupt normal threads by 2013 or so.

I've read a few threads from archives from earlier 4chan and it doesn't really appeal to me, though I guess I was never a weeaboo. I don't know, something about the way a lot of the threads were based around stories that were presented as if they were real, and plenty of people acted as if they were real, but were obviously fake - I can't stand that aspect, and that was present on r9k when I first got there. Things like 'The Tales of Fionn' just felt like a huge waste of time to me, though some people obviously got a lot out of it.

I just miss the sincere posting. Back in 2011-2013 I was struggling with a lot of depression, on my own without a job due to being bullied out of it, with social anxiety, etc - it was just really nice, it felt like some magical force had brought all these unique and genuine people together, and many of them were going through issues similar to my own, or even if they weren't similar - reading about other people's struggles helped give me perspective, and then there were still lots of fun, interesting threads and stories. It felt like I was getting to pry into all these hidden places, with sushi rolls claiming to work in interesting jobs or have lived through all sorts of unique experiences.

Then a lot of drama took place which I didn't mind at the time and made sense in the context, but by 2016 or so things felt very different, and things went rapidly downhill from there as far as i'm concerned, to the point that today its unrecognisable. It's just filled with irony soaked meme shit, it feels like a wasteland so I've managed to stop going there the past few years more or less. The worst thing is this feeling that all the genuine people have evaporated, I was probably already a little older than the averaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Reading this honestly made me feel happy. Im glad you found your own inner peace.


File: 1585711961712.jpg (371.31 KB, 927x927, 1439243886811.jpg)

I started browsing back in 2010. I sometimes miss the culture but when I look back in the archives and stuff I don't really know what I'm actually missing. Maybe it's the nostalgia of the dumb edgy humor and being a teenager. But anyway, post GG/2016 chan culture is mostly just pol stuff, and I'm glad I grew out of being a racist teenager and liking that stuff. It feels a lot more freeing now to not just constantly look at negativity on 4chan/8chan anymore and instead to come to places like this.


File: 1524956522386.png (1.01 MB, 1916x1041, 2018-04-28_15.52.20.png)


I set up a Minecraft Lost Cities modded server to play around with. Take a look. It's a mapgen mod, so the world is an auto-generated abandoned city in all directions. If there is enough interest for me to find donors, I will add some more features and plugin support. Currently it is otherwise vanilla, with 12 player slots.

There are skyscrapers, highways, bridges, tunnels, subways, and other structures. Forever. Treasure boxes and mob spawners are scattered randomly about, making it a very hostile world with infinite exploration value.

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Looks like it is online. Runs on 1.12.2 (limited by the mods the server runs with), so not the latest version.


Thank you friend
I will be playing soon :)


The server works with legal copies only? :(


Currently there are not many plugins for Minecraft Forge 1.15, and there is no way to authenticate logins from cracked Minecraft clients. So, if I allowed them, anyone could just connect as me and have op powers. Allowing cracked clients will depend on a server-side auth mod being developed for Forge.


Fun server. Played a few weeks back but have been busy.


File: 1584426430783-0.jpg (228.82 KB, 1575x2048, shii595 ES42H8cVAAA57RC.jpg)

File: 1584426430783-1.jpg (326.92 KB, 1536x2048, nowoka_ ER4EXkbU0AAZgRJ.jpg)


Corona-chan seems to have affected us all at this point. For the first time in a century or more, life is just grinding to a halt; but of course, the modern era is unlike any other, and the shift that occurred in our usually hyperactive (sub)urban lives is quite possibly unique in the history of humanity.
Confinement is a very peculiar experience. Some dread the loss of social contact, while others might even go as far and call the situation comfy. We should not forget those that are currently in a very stressful situation due to this crisis, but it may be worthwhile to think about it for a bit.

How has this affected your daily life? How are you adapting (or coping, depending on how you feel about it)?
Are you picking up any new hobbies, or doubling down on existing ones?
What are you thinking about?
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File: 1584747879131.jpeg (7.17 KB, 237x213, #.jpeg)

Funny thing is that almost every first world country has the ability to get through this, along with a vast majority of its denizens but it seems like everyone just wants an apocalypse to happen.


File: 1585533923730.jpg (26.93 KB, 564x377, 1ea4297a8f96a63a2ba3ba84cb….jpg)

>How has this affected your daily life? How are you adapting (or coping, depending on how you feel about it)?
Some what affected. Half my classes were online so I don't notice to big a change. Main change is how all my irl teachers made the online work easier. I've adopted easily because my life was just being on the computer though the lack of class structure means I do work erratically, which has been stressing me out.
>Are you picking up any new hobbies, or doubling down on existing ones?
Doubling down. I'm practicing art a lot now that I can draw while listening to professors. Since my classes are easier I can rush through them in grind. Sometimes I do my work ahead of time so I can have a full day for art. If I keep improving I might be able to make my webcomic by summer.
I was going to try to study some mechanical engineering pdfs I pirated, Currently in CC and want a BA in M.E, but I'm paranoid I wont get in a M.E college and all my studying will be a waste.
>What are you thinking about?
How corona has really started messing with my professors. One didn't live stream cause they had a headache another snapped and set up 50 rules for the livestream so her students don't go crazy. I'm lucky I didn't get stuck with the teacher on their last nerve and the one so old they asked how to take a "computer picture"


n. the desire to be struck by disaster—to survive a plane crash, to lose everything in a fire, to plunge over a waterfall—which would put a kink in the smooth arc of your life, and forge it into something hardened and flexible and sharp, not just a stiff prefabricated beam that barely covers the gap between one end of your life and the other.


I was meant to have exams. Now that the teachers and boards have to work together to come out with grades I don't know whether to be relieved or not as I have been making significant improvements lately which aren't reflected in mock exams.

I've been taking the opportunity to catch up on stuff that I haven't done because I've been so stressed about the exams that are no longer happening: reading books, learning new skills, writing an album…


File: 1585615978423.jpg (280.27 KB, 1280x1810, ufoshock EUUPhI9XgAAdWCo.jpg)

I usually get a wake-up call around every 3 months – about the direction my life is taking, my lack of passion in what I'm studying, and all those promises of hard work and effort I'd made to myself when I was younger. For some reasons, those thoughts came back today, and I felt myself envying those whose lives were affected by trauma so strongly they had no other way out but to bounce back, because mine is hopelessly mundane and uneventful. Seeing this post resonated with me very strongly at the most opportune time. I wonder if this is fate.


File: 1570972188631.jpg (149.1 KB, 1080x1080, 71492193_2555115167882542_….jpg)


What are physical features you pay the most attention to?
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Face and abdomen


ANKLES I love ankles they are so bony and nice to look at, better with not much fat attached to them.


The tummy


the tummy tum tum


Face and hair. Both are work as a combo.


File: 1558647209127.png (11.17 KB, 260x260, ClipboardImage.png)


Does anyone here practice Taoism?

Recently I've read up a few things about it and found it very appealing. In addition to that I've watched a few youtube videos from the dude who lived in the mountains with a Dao master and how it affected his personality.

I find the philosophical concepts very good. The "mindfulness" thing helped me to overcome social anxiety partially. Also the entire talk about nature made me want to go outside more, which was a completely foreign concept to me a year ago.

Here's some of the teachings (paraphrased by me) which I found cool and really useful:
>eat until you're 80% full
I thought that it sounded like some dumb diet for single moms, but it really makes you feel better in the long run. I didn't notice much change a few weeks in, but after a few months I found out that I no longer feel heavy in the stomach after eating, don't feel sleepy and have my sugar levels much more stable.
>focus on being "right now"
This is the "mindfulness" thing. When you feel anxious or something like that, switch all of your attention to the "current" moment. Focus on the fact that you live right here and right now, not in the past or in the future. You're a human being who functions and interacts with the environment right here and now.
>appreciate being a part of the nature's natural way
Everything around you naturally flows and lives on its own - the insects, the animals, the plants, other people, etc. You're part of this flow. Act in the most natural way in order to preserve the flow. Appreciate the ecosystem you're a part of.
>for every "yin" there will always be "yang"
The famous "yin yang" thing is part of the daoism philosophy. Put short, there's no yang ("light") without yin ("darkness"). Without bad, there's no good. If you only want good, you'll eventually have to pay the price for it. If something bad happens to you, it means that good will follow.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I've been suffering from depression and possibly many other mental illnesses that I need to get properly diagnosed for a long time now. I have to say I'm interested in the properties of Taoism for those very reasons. I'm trying to enter a new chapter in my life to say the least and perhaps the teachings can help my chaotic mental state to ease and be calm. But I have had a lot of bad with what feels like nothing good and if my "yin" is overloaded maybe just maybe I'm in store for a lot of "yang" for my future.


I quite like daoism, but have turned away from it as a higher guiding principle for reasons pointed to by these quotes and much of the writing by Eliezer Yudkowsky.

"Many great and wise Air Nomads have detached themselves and achieved spiritual enlightenment. But the Avatar can *never* do it. Because your sole duty is to the world. Here is my wisdom to you: selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your spiritual needs and do whatever it takes to protect the world."

"Dolphins can live in balance with nature, but in doing so they can never reach the stars and survive the death of our sun"

One think I think helped me with my emotional state more than thinking of yin and yang was a philosophy I gained from learning about weightlifting and growing plants. The focus on gains.

In each day you check on the plants. If they are too dry you water them, and otherwise you do nothing. You can't water them extra to make them grow faster, that kills them. You need to maintain conditions that cause growth, and then you keep growing. Not a focus on refining a balance, just keeping things balanced enough, enough of the time that growth continues.

I find this way of thinking both adds responsibility to, and relaxes the focus on the current moment. What's good in the moment was built in the past, and your responsibility in the moment is to maintain growth into the future.

I do need to lampshade how much this crosses with the capitalist ideas of growth through consumption. Ideas found in economics can be reasonable, but a lot of the time seem to sacrifice long term growth (or survival) for short term growth.


I was told that I need to start exercising to help my depression. Growing plants is a new one though. I might have to just give that a try whenever I can.


I remember reading about it when I was in a bad place in early 2017. Chapter 80 of the toa te ching really resonates with me. The idea that there are things that can be done, places to be, adventures to have but to simply be content with what is directly around oneself. It's really shaped my worldview.


File: 1585533424013.jpeg (181.79 KB, 780x1040, received_577663393000940.jpeg)

I like how simple this philosophy is, the text is absolutely sublime. It is also universal and multi-faceted, and also complex in its own way. Anyone can truly have access to the bountiful truth of the Tao, and this book makes it available to us.

Tao Te Ching is a masterpiece of human literature and history. A beautiful gem from the eastern religions.


File: 1583295301649.jpg (361.25 KB, 1106x622, tumblr_pmejx1E3Wh1ul8oimo2….jpg)


I know this is probably a super common question but I have no clue how. I work full time and everyday my schedule is wake up, go to work, go home, sleep. I don't really have any interest outside of my house and anyways I'm a shy and anxious person. I've tried discord servers as well but its difficult to join an already existing social group.

The saddest (and most hopeful) part is that I know there are tons of people in the same situation as me. The problem is getting these people together. More than anything I wish to be around people that make me feel safe and not always on guard.
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Kind of. 32, moved across the US with the gf, knew absolutely nobody coming into it and I'm not the type to hang out with coworkers after work. Joined a tiny gym and after a few months there I met a couple of people with some crossover interests (photography) just because I overheard them talking about it once. We're probably not going to be best friends or anything, but it's something.

I'm pretty damn introverted and not great at blind conversation starters, but if I overhear a keyword I can relate to I at least have something to work with.


My problem nowadays is turning acquaintances into friends. I know a lot of cool people through work, meetups and the like but they are much younger and in the case of work, they are my subordinates. I don't want to break the ice in case things get awkward, which is definitely a no-no at work. le sigh.


Watching a feeling or emotion closely will negate much of the effect it has on your actions. Pain is the best example of this: it is designed to drag your attention to the site, but once it has achieved this it loses its bite, only to reemerge as your attention wanders.
For other emotions if you watch for too long they melt into their noisy components, or unravel upon finding their cause.
You do not need to empathise with the sensation of another's feelings to relate. Treat them like the biological machines they are, with feelings as a sparse representation of an information processing subroutine.


I met all of my current IRL friends on the Internet, or through those friends. I joined online chat groups or hobby groups with lots of users who shared my interests, and then sought out people in those groups who lived nearby, and did offline meets. I met a lot of interesting people and made lots of lasting friendships that way. All of my roommates currently are people I met online or through online friends. I find it way easier to get comfortable with someone by talking to them online first, than trying to get to know someone in person. Then when you meet up you already know each other a bit instead of feeling put on the spot and like you have to come up with talking points super fast to break the ice.


posting an invite link to my discord server in hopes of branching out
we are an art and internet culture oriented community that is small atm

join and make some new friends


File: 1476067336339.jpg (108.63 KB, 500x375, 1440248459502.jpg)


Let's talk coding and software, sushis, because I don't do enough of it and I really should. Let's hear about projects you're working on, stuff your coding, learning. Trade secrets, info, tips, whatever. Programming isn't something that should be done alone in a corner.

I guess if we need a thread starter, I want to brush up on my coding skills. I want to find something to play around with, something not as mainstream as the stuff like Java and C, but will still be useful in a professional setting, something I can make usable stuff out of.
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I've been working on learning NodeJS web development. I'm currently learning about sessions and how to do logins and stuff. It's a lot of fun!(^-^)


I've been thinking of learning Java or C++, I don't know any programming languages and wouldn't really consider myself smart though. Are either one good languages to learn just for the fun of it and could someone lead me to good books for beginners in either language or other ones that might be better suited to me? Thanks in advance.


I wouldn't recommend either to begin with tbh.
Better with something small, so you can concentrate on programming concepts rather than language quirks.
What would be better suited kinda depends, do you have some kind of goal? Just for fun keeping your brain in shape or like, games? Make a career? Web-stuff?
Is it more important that it's comfy or that it would have a larger backlog of already asked beginner questions and such?


Just for fun honestly, beyond that I don't really have a clear goal in mind for why I want to learn a programming language and what I want to do with it. Basically just for shits and giggles.


File: 1585516925404.pdf (1.08 MB, gentleLisp.pdf)

Neat, then you're free to get into that weird shit if you want.
I'm also kinda in it for that, the best puzzle game there is and it's for free.
Lisp was the first lang I really liked, so I gotta put in a recc. for that. PDF related is the most approachable introductory programming book I've read, wish that had been my first take on programming rather than all those failed attempts to into C++ "cause that's what the big boys use" spanning over several years.
Python is kinda a goto recommendation for beginners cause there's so much entry level resources and loads of libraries etc.
Other than that I don't really know, there's so many.
Nothing that says you couldn't start out with Fortran, Forth or J, something that way.
I guess I'd recommend trying out a couple of ones to see what's your style, go on some dates, then get really down and dirty with the one you liked the most, since that is when you get to the actual programming parts rather than just learning how to speak.


File: 1548089375920.jpg (46.84 KB, 500x350, tumblr_nveay6SAmT1qfjevro1….jpg)


Let's have some cute and comfy manga caps.
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File: 1574221583668.jpg (421.19 KB, 800x600, tg ykk city lights water a….jpg)

YKK is a piece of Art.


i have a whole bunch of great stuff, itll take me a while to get it all though


That first one strikes me as very Calvin and Hobbes-esque.


that second image is so cute


File: 1585489171542.png (212.23 KB, 1031x351, koten.png)


File: 1564258361313.png (263.32 KB, 400x400, waifu.png)


waifu generating technology has reached new heights
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File: 1584566711611.jpg (90.04 KB, 299x882, ss (2020-03-18 at 05.23.55….jpg)

never thought i had a "type" but I think I'm noticing a pattern here


File: 1584567717083-0.png (239.96 KB, 400x400, waifu1.png)

File: 1584567717083-1.png (281.01 KB, 400x400, waifu2.png)

File: 1584567717083-2.png (233.99 KB, 400x400, waifu3.png)

File: 1584567717083-3.png (239.98 KB, 400x400, waifu4.png)


File: 1584572073561.png (239.6 KB, 400x400, wl1.png)


File: 1584675011854-0.png (244.73 KB, 400x400, procedural anime 2.png)

File: 1584675011854-1.png (287.26 KB, 400x400, procedural anime 4.png)

File: 1584675011854-2.png (279.6 KB, 400x400, procedural anime 6.png)

big fan of number 3 with her deformed arm


3rd one is fl chan!

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