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Happy Holidays!


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I've heard both good and bad things about this show, should i watch it? what is your opinion on it sushi roll?
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>Deus Ex (2000)
you have good taste sushi


I watched the show and I kind of liked it at first, all the h4ck3r vibes and shit. But in hindsight it was notma lot more than an ok show. It had it's strengths and it's flaws, plenty of them.
I think the best part was the final season, where they made some of the last episodes with some care. One of them was a single long-takr for the entire episode, there was one that was completely silent and a well-structured story of it's own, and then there was one presented in three (or was it four?) acts, which unfortunately was the bullshit episode of the show.
That's one of the fatal flaws at the end of the show, where they reveal that Elliot was molested as a kid, and that just didn't fit. They never built up into it, and I ended upnpt caring. They did build up for some revelation about his relationship with his father but in the end that came up out of nowhere, as if they pulled that off at the last minute.
Also the show dragged for the entire second season, just to deliver a forced twist at it's end that's not even worth mentioning.
The finale where they beat the bad guy was actually good, as they did build up to that moment. But the next episodes were anticlimactic and they made very little sense and, again, I didn't either believe it nor did they make much sense.
Then there's the problem where they introduce characters and invest them just to then put them on hold and then just throw them away (like Tyrell Wellick, and his wyf, and also blondie), it's like they found out you can just kill characters when you don't need them anymore, and it just makes the bad guy badder, win-win eh?
So, yeah, it's okay, it's entertaining, but the writing is kind of crappy at times.


I've watched Mr. Robot five times and thinking about rewatching again for the start of 2023.


First season was interesting. Shy, depressed hacker hacks stuff. Then it kind of gets a bit over the top where it's hackers vs bad guys. Then it just gets absurdly over-the-top and Hollywood. For that reason, I can't really recommend it unless you don't mind suspending belief and don't expect serious writing (because honestly…it gets bad. Real bad).


File: 1675455700076.jpg (84.9 KB, 728x410, mr-robot-fsociety-new-york….jpg)

in some ways it's good, in other ways it sucks

basically i will echo the consensus here, first season good very grounded in real hacker shit, it's like the hacker show you always wanted a hacker collective fighting the megacorps, only as it progresses the show gets less and less grounded and feels increasingly like a comic book.

when it comes to craft the show is top notch, the cinematography the pacing, the dialogue, the acting, all excellent, it's just they lost the plot and what the show is even supposed to be __about__. It stops being about hackers and becomes some weird avante guard bullshit at some point.

what i really dislike is the forced romance with this basic ass white girl, they make her character increasingly less sympathetic ( she becomes a corporate stooge who later looses touch with reality ) they kill off all the minor characters who make the show interesting ( like literally all of them ) and then keep the most absurd characters going.

there's other issues that are indicative of the times: cliff hangerism and an increasingly unlikely series of twists but by the time you've had enough you're really too invested in the show to stop watching.

I think people should watch it because it makes you imagine what a good hacker show could have been, maybe one day we'll get that.

It is very memeable also so can mine a lot of good screenshots out of it


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Group screaming thread

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Aaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaa AAAAAAAÀAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAÀAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Eeeeeesssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


File: 1669545179797.jpg (1.36 MB, 4032x3024, 12m6b0ef9fv91_randomcat.jpg)



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any kind, just post it
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I didn't sleep the whole night
I hope this shit goes away


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is there a "ask the opposite gender stuff" thread? i have a question :(
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>Does someone really love you if they can't get angry with you? The world is filled with "nice" people who will tell you what you want to hear, but if you ask any significant favor of them they disappear or are too busy or whatever. Noncommittal kindness can be suffocating in its own way.

Are you fucking serious?

I can't fucking believe it, the main reason why I stopped talking to someone who I really really REALLY liked is because I didn't want to get angry at them, I am an absolutely brutal man when I get angry, so I stopped talking to her and… Fuck…
You gotta be fucking kidding me. This has to be an absolute fucking prank.


sorry sushi…

I don't know what to say. People are ugly self-serving cowards. There's something to seeing someone at their worst to know if you can deal with them or not.


It's fine, I should just follow the title of that track


People are all different and cope with shit in different ways. I think the important thing in this situation is that you did what you felt like you needed to do to be a good person, and that’s what you did. Take it in stride. Life does go on.


File: 1675417406455.jpg (467.55 KB, 740x1005, 5f4b39909e8a3a47377d942f72….jpg)

I am in the same boat as you, I am a nice guy but once I get pissed I switch to burn and destroy everyone and everything. So I don't want to be angry with people, because I know once I am I will be out for blood. The point of >>15068 does make sense though, you should confront your partner when they did something you didn't like. I prefer to talk about it as soon as possible though, exactly because I don't want to bottle up and blow up in their face once day. I think somebody should rather measure with the reliability of a person and not if they get angry at you. Being angry at somebody can show that they care about you, but they could also just be somebody aggressive. Therefore the mentioned significant favors are a better way to see if they mean well.


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Last thread hit bump limit so you know what that means! Talk about how your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently, what's on your or just to say hi!
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Is this some pasta?
It would make great pasta if it's not.


It is pasta.


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What if you swap genders with your gf(in magic world, not surgery)?

But you already have someone really close to you:
"In this life, I am guaranteed to have at least one friend.

So long as I am true to myself, then I can be true to everyone"

What do you love, sushi? What makes you happy?


File: 1675364266544.jpg (147.43 KB, 900x1200, 9bca34449fa30ed043b310a0ff….jpg)

It is hard as shit, I just know nobody really cares about me, so I dunno why I still bother with it.
The withdrawal is tuff


File: 1675406875750.jpg (61.68 KB, 500x537, 1641693004744.jpg)

>What if you swap genders with your gf
That implies I'd ever have a gf, which will never happen
>In this life, I am guaranteed to have at least one friend. So long as I am true to myself, then I can be true to everyone
Well, I was true to myself, and I just ruined it all. Who I thought was a friend was just a narcissist that disposed me as soon as I became useless to him. I screwed up with a girl, and because I was so rude to her I felt bad about it and told him why I felt like shit, so he decides to ask me for her contact.
Foolishly I do, this girl lived in the same country as me which was already an uncommon thing to happen. Was crazy nice too. Never had a relationship before either because she was raped and thus traumatized but because I was a complete lunatic back then I was a piece of shit to her.
Thanks to me these two are FUCKING like crazy and I almost threw myself to a train because of how much of a used condom I felt like. I gotta work on a website but these two pieces of shit intrude my mind whenever I gotta do something for it, like learning how to work with something or try to fix something.
Some fucker that has 5 years less than me has the guts to pull a complete façade on me, has the money to cross the atlantic, and the absolute balls to ask me if he can spend one night in my house so that he can bounce the bed with her later.
I deleted my discord accounts after this.
>What do you love, sushi? What makes you happy?
Nothing makes me happy. Just endless void and limbo, then rot and maggots 'til i decompose. When I was young I feared I may become like my dad, but you know what? After losing the only person I ever had last year, my mother dying, and then internationally cucking myself, maybe it's not so bad to live like a middle aged fat boomer who only has TV and alcohol as an escapism. Clearly this is my destiny
Maybe being a lazy fuck who only cooks every now and then isn't so bad


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Last one hit bump limit, so here we are
Talk about whatever non-airing anime you've been watching lately, ask for recommendations, whatever!
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File: 1672287286656.jpg (168.75 KB, 1152x1987, FiZ_tveWYAIdyBR.jpg)

Watch Princess Tutu


File: 1673807867440.jpg (1013.96 KB, 1763x2509, 275526.jpg)


I watched Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu (including the Taiwan special), also known as Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club. Here are my thoughts:

The title of this anime accurately describes the content. There's minimal 'filler' material in here – the screentime is nearly always focused on cycling in some way. I appreciate anime that consistently stick to their theme, unlike so many other highschool anime which devolve into formulaic episodes unrelated to the show's main selling point. Minami Kamakura Jitensha-bu could be described as formulaic as well, in the sense that the storyboard is what you'd expect for a show about novice cyclists, but at least you won't have to suffer through a culture-festival episode or a typical beach episode. I was apprehensive about the highschool setting but thankfully there's barely any classroom screentime in this. As you might expect, various landmarks in the Kamakura region are featured throughout the cycling activities. It does sometimes feel like a thinly veiled tourism advertisement, albeit not overly so and my enjoyment was never impeded by this.

I liked the brief live-action segments that play at the end of each episode. They mostly consist of various cycling-related conversations in a bike shop. These live-action segments are both informative and cute and I enjoyed them, especially because they seemed endearingly loosely scripted. This anime is fairly educational for cycling – although I already knew much of what is explained regarding bicycles, it was still entertaining to see things rehashed. This show does a good job of teaching the viewer about cycling while still being entertaining. This could serve as a kids' show. There's minimal sexualization, and the character interaction is very simplistic and straightforward such that a child could understand it easily. This anime's characters are quite tropey and there's barely any character development.

Minami Kamakura Jitensha-bu comes up short in the production-value department – it could pass as being 15 years older than its actual production year. The character designs are retro, and CG is sometimes used to animate the cycling scenes. The landscape and setting do sometimes look nice though. I found the voice acting mediocre and was also disappointed by the crummy low-budget soundtrack. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1674414408435.jpg (2.39 MB, 1839x2592, Haikara-san_ga_Tooru_The_M….jpg)


I watched both the Haikara-san ga Tooru movies, also known as Here Comes Miss Modern. Here are my thoughts:

This anime is about a tomboy who is pressured into an arranged marriage with a half-jap soldier in the Japan army. The story takes place during the first couple decades of the 20th century and has a socio-historic flavour that some viewers may find appealing. It involves a lot of social issues in Taisho-era Japan, mainly involving female gender roles. It is somewhat interesting from a sociological perspective, although the plot velocity and runtime constraints limit the depth to which these themes could be explored. Even so, someone interested in historical Japanese society might appreciate this anime. These movies also incorporate the political nature of marriage in the writing – I found this to be refreshing, as the typically overly romanticized nature of marriage in fiction often doesn't reflect reality. I appreciated this lifelike treatment of marriage, and it meshed well with the other social themes. That said, romance is still a dominant motif in this anime, as is the relationship drama that comes along with it.

This feels like a shoujo-demographic anime, albeit not exclusively so. As you might assume from the title, the story focuses very much on the female MC. The primary male love interest lacks character depth – he's really underdeveloped. In fact the entire cast is tropey in characterization, but I don't think that could have been avoided given the runtime. The story actually reminded me of theatrical works like Shakespeare in the sense that it involved themes such as love and loss, love polygons, tragedy and reunification; it was all quite reminiscent of theatrical writing. Haikara-san ga Tooru feels like it could be a stage play instead of movie anime. Ironically however, I found the scriptwriting itself poor – many scenes in this could have been enhanced by a better script.

Similarly to theatrical writing, the story of Haikara-san ga Tooru demands a lot of suspension of disbelief. It is filled with convenient coincidences used to move the plot along and it felt crude and hamfisted as a result. The second movie in particular is quite bad in this regard and I enjoyed it less than the first. I also found the pacing of the first movie better calibrated than the second.

TherePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1674480346772.jpg (65.18 KB, 640x480, [DBNL]_Di_Gi_Charat_Nyo_-_….jpg)

ive been watching di gi charat lately and its super comfy nyo


File: 1675384840815.jpg (360.29 KB, 1131x1600, db881a48aafd487d883b5d22d0….jpg)


I somehow watched Eromanga Sensei to completion, including the OVA. Here are my thoughts:

Basically, this anime has a ton of sexualization and not much else. If you want ecchi cumbrain garbage, here's your jerk material. There's no other major selling point here.

Most of the main characters in this are writers or content creators in some form – I thought this might be an interesting dimension to explore. Unfortunately, this show does not deliver any kind of interesting story whatsoever. The supporting cast, despite being composed of artists, are mostly treated as sex objects, and the scriptwriting reflects this accordingly. I was initially hopeful for the content-creator perspective of this story, but they never really provided anything substantial in this regard. The male MC is a writer, but otherwise he is a spineless idiot with zero personality, as usual. In fact the entire cast is unlikeable for various reasons, as well as lacking character development in general.

Eromanga Sensei has very little entertainment value besides arousing your poor abused weary foul fap-blistered septic basement-dweller chode. When people say they hate anime, this kind of show is what they are thinking of. Frankly, it's the textbook definition of garbage. It has plenty of lewd content though, so it may be able to assist in draining your sweaty hairy sensitive delicious lustful intoxicating voluminous nutritious testicles, which perhaps is an advantage depending on your perspective. There's not much else of value here. Of course, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with that; boys will be boys ;)

Seriously though, there are some funny moments, but I wouldn't recommend watching this unless your primary motivation is sexual in nature. This anime really is shameless cumbrain material. Some of the (usually sexual) comedy did get some laughs out of me. Also, if you're one of those people obsessed with shipping and who wins the MC's affections, or someone who sees love triangles as a glorified horse race to place bets, then you might personally find this show entertaining. There are multiple female candidates vying for the male MC's attention. The OVAs in particular focus on this aspect of the story.

I can see why this show spawned so many memes. Unlike the characters themselves, the meme material is quite fePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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Gimme the smile
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File: 1673425416917-1.jpg (59.2 KB, 680x680, 20230120.jpg)



File: 1673429598597-0.png (293.82 KB, 474x405, Skärmbild (7446).png)

File: 1673429598597-1.png (1.34 MB, 1679x939, Skärmbild (7698).png)

File: 1673429598597-2.png (1.92 MB, 1401x1050, Skärmbild (2296).png)

My pleasure!


File: 1673634054558.gif (1.82 MB, 550x310, 1444120597682.gif)


File: 1675334135589-0.jpg (327.07 KB, 659x1000, h2o.jpg)

File: 1675334135589-1.jpg (333.33 KB, 659x1000, h20.jpg)



File: 1675367980360-0.jpg (139.55 KB, 768x1100, FdHtwvDakAANgTo.jpg)

File: 1675367980360-1.jpg (866.37 KB, 673x869, FhbdBj7aAAApOyy.jpg)

File: 1675367980360-2.jpg (361.05 KB, 700x1000, 53b58fc50ed5cac5846b062759….jpg)


File: 1647999480852.jpeg (9.45 KB, 474x197, cloudflare.jpeg)


I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps to block proxies as well. I think as an imageboard community we can stop this shit but we need to start taking measures to put an end to it. If you want to step away from your board for awhile don't leave posting open. It will get spammed. Just put it in read only until you come back.

And yes, I'm posting this on all the imageboards I find. No I'm not a bot.
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cloudflare might not necessarily be the correct solution (it's certainly not the death knell some are making it out to be), but suggesting that janitors should be made to look at genuinely disturbing content that is *somewhat predictable* and could be mitigated by software is dumb and misguided. there's obviously a level of thick skin that should be expected from a janitor on an ib, but I don't think becoming a janitor on an ib should = consenting to being exposed to child abuse??


You understand my point. Janitors should be treated with care especially because they're doing this for free. (Puts a bad taste in my mouth when I see entitled people degrade volunteered labor. No offense to the other sushi, but…)


This is what you get when you volunteer for being a janny on an imagebord. You even have to expect seeing that shit as an average poster/lurker. As it has been said, it is predictable that such disgusting stuff will show up one day.


Sigh. It doesn't have to be that way at all. That's the point of this discussion. And Cloudflare isn't the only solution out there, if that's what's rustling your jimmies.

I'm still here after all that's been posted. I DO expect to see it. I still do NOT want to see it. See my point?


no, nigga


File: 1674230380041.jpg (483.54 KB, 2048x2048, 1653516949434.jpg)


I thought of making this thread here so that I don't derail the place with things most people wouldn't like to indulge.
Sadness is something that can be a bit of a vicious cycle, indulge too much in it and you'll see it as your only refuge.
But, we do need to let it out sometimes. Come let out whatever is doing you wrong sushi
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File: 1675175985797.jpg (64.77 KB, 401x439, 1418118733824.jpg)

Dreamt that I had a love interest


File: 1675318425830.jpg (79.02 KB, 1024x726, 1629799078765.jpg)

I want to hire a hitman on myself


File: 1675320319838.jpg (98.71 KB, 885x885, 1635988878004.jpg)

I wish I was never shown what kindness, tenderness, and care were.
After getting this, I have been constantly searching for it and in return I only got betrayals, backstabbing and deceit.
No, I was not happy being a bitter man, resentful against society for things he'd never have like an SO or friends to rely on, but I was blissful in this belief that I'd only have myself.
If I was never shown that facet of life, I could have kept going.
Now after that I just got into a deeper pit that the one i was before. Imageboards are unbearable to me now, but the people I talk to on the internet just fade away at best, take advantage of me at worst.
In the constant search of people to be with, I got burned.
I just don't know what to do anymore. No friends because the ones i had before broke my trust, no SO because I'm repulsive as hell, and with my mother dying last year I just got trapped into this house forever.
I'll never reach my happy ending. I used to believe I would, but I think i just don't wanna fight back anymore. No more reason to.
I'll just become the same as my dad. Abandoned, forfeited, despised and ignored forever


File: 1675322039598.jpg (1.47 MB, 1900x1376, 1660793957136122.jpg)

Maybe if I dox myself, I'll get killed quicker


> Imageboards are unbearable to me now
Same. That shit that is being posted on imageboards nowadays… I don't want misogyny, misandry, racism, politics, porn and memes. All while some actual discussions are going on, but without having to read stuff about my wife/children/girlfriend and also how to get girlfriend, virgin, blah blah blah. Shit is fucked. Aplying all of that I conclude I should just fuck off already. Thank you for reading, fgt.


File: 1612214122578.jpg (77.9 KB, 720x653, 1612040466312.jpg)


When was the last time you was in love?
I mean butterflies in your stomach and all that weird stuff.
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Thank you! I had already given up on finding a someone when I met her, I'm happy I just had such a pure coincidence


>I feel like I am still the same as back then, playing video games, hanging around the Internet, watching anime, fighting my health issues while news like x is pregnant, y married, z owns a company, z and y bought a house together, x got a degree and so on reach me.

I'm in a kinda similar situation, except I don't have to deal with any of that life milestone noise because I stay far away from any and all social media.


My condolences. I wish I had a mate like you in real life. I guess the reason why I still didn't quit the Internet is because it is the place where I can relate to others and others to me as well.
I don't use social media as well, those news reach me through my mother, she often meets other mothers during errands and stuff.


Exactly a year ago. First time it happened in nearly a decade. Too bad it didn't end well.


File: 1675321155590.png (18.35 KB, 925x774, 623.png)

Love is the worst thing to have been brought to the planet.
The path towards it is filled with lies, fakers, and narcissism.
My condolences go for those that never had anything with anyone through their whole lives, got something that lasted the lifespan of a fly because the planets aligned, and now suffer because they'll never have something like it ever again.
Truthfully love is a disgusting b!tch.


File: 1671204102230.jpg (393.55 KB, 1890x1890, __illyasviel_von_einzbern_….jpg)


glasses increase intelligence by 20%
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File: 1672875326264.jpg (311.48 KB, 1466x2048, __power_and_denji_chainsaw….jpg)


File: 1675183133486.jpg (1.03 MB, 1360x1920, 47b0bcc1155b7e8aab37ce0381….jpg)


File: 1675212762155-0.png (2.86 MB, 2040x2040, 1566151569589.png)

File: 1675212762155-1.jpg (845.59 KB, 2283x3167, 1589682103988.jpg)

File: 1675212762155-2.jpg (71.26 KB, 398x600, Kisaragi.Mio.600.280452.jpg)

File: 1675212762155-3.jpg (467.64 KB, 1242x706, 12 - There Are No Classes ….jpg)

Glasses are cute, in every style.


File: 1675297756680.jpg (1.05 MB, 1020x1479, 103574065_p0.jpg)


hello, worker! 🏢


File: 1672894894263.jpg (553.44 KB, 1536x2048, ec7937b957432f12c21545bf72….jpg)


thanks for being here
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ずんずん HO!!!!!!!


File: 1675197925645.jpg (334.78 KB, 2300x1300, __cobalt_technoroid_drawn_….jpg)


I love this game and its mixed-gender groups. LAM-san's character designs are always so cute and cool, too.


I've never played it, just liked that picture. The characters look very cute for sure.


I heard the anime was awful, but the concept is full of a lot of heart! And it has a great diversity of male characters in a way I don't think similar games like Side-M quite scratches.


File: 1523665493705.jpg (229.6 KB, 1000x1180, 093564e24b43782b6a2245be1b….jpg)

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This thread isn't meant to be all about me, even if my writing makes it seem like it, it can be anything to do with friends.

Do you have any online friends sushi? How did you get them? What do you like to do with them?

I have a problem making online friends, because all the sites I go on are sushi rollymous. I have tried a few forums, but I can never commit to them, and they're usually pretty bad anyway. I dont have time for IRC, and I always make a big old booby of myself in live conversation. Do you think it's possible for me to make online friends, or should I stick to being by myself for the moment?
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It’s not inevitable. I’ve lost touch with some online friends, but I’ve also kept up with the same online friends for the last… 10 years now. I have another completely unrelated group that I’ve been friends with for the last 7ish years.

Some of the old dudes that were BBS sysops and transitioned to the internet have kept the same online friends for four decades now.

Not everyone online *wants* to keep in touch for a decade. But some do.


Had a lot of online friends back in 2018 but now only 3 are left. We don't talk much now but still pretty cool people.


File: 1675170274870.jpg (81.05 KB, 640x480, __suigintou_and_shinku_roz….jpg)

A have a few online friends, but sometimes it can be a few weeks a month without talking to them. But I've found that just being honest about not being the mood for talking sometimes can be helpful in clearing up any potential misunderstandings. Though the people I've met are all pretty introverted like me, so that's probably part of why they understand. I also only really talk to people online individually, and you tend to be able to better form a friendship that way I feel, rather than in groups. Trying to understand how the people you meet feel, and being curious and open to hearing the things they have to say can be helpful I think.

I did meet a friend around half a year ago on a forum, we starting chatting about interests and stuff, but we related to each other a lot and started writing tons to each other. It's gotten to the point where we sending essay length replies to each other. I don't know if that's weird, but I'm having fun so I think it's probably okay.

I think you just have to find the right people. Some people are really down for reading long posts and replying in kind. It's very difficult to find though, I pretty much just lucked out and happened to be in the right place at the right time. If you're persistent enough I think you could find someone who you'd really click with.


File: 1675265379271.png (956.47 KB, 3600x2800, 7ce.png)

Feeling lonely and yet too lazy to reach out. Every few years I do it anyway and it always leaves me very alienated. There are so many things, I don't even know where to start. Many instances where people don't even talk to each other and only spam stuff. Other cases where many places have the same content. Now and then stumbling upon something unique, but then feeling intimidated how people are actually passionate and serious about something, while I just go like "Yeah, that's nice". Also so tired of countless posts, like mental health, girlfriend, kids, wife, memes, politics. The worst was when I discovered some places where people from the little shitty country I come from are looking to meet others. Nothing of those getting to known each other activities sounded pleasant, it rather had the sound of torture like business meeting and company lunch do. Even worse was to see what people are interested in, but what did I expect? Jaded and introverted internet addict looks for similar fuck up to be tired together?


File: 1675270688466.png (185.56 KB, 314x630, 855EFF2241A485081F2C53E795….png)

Fuck, I don't even know why I made that post. It's just some mindless drivel from a tard. I am simply tired from Internet and real life. Feeling like my grandfather when he said he doesn't mind dying because the world he knew and loved doesn't exist anymore. Irl went to shit in my early teens, fucked off into the Internet and that went to shit too. All the inner voice does is screaming for silence and to be left alone, even though loneliness has sometimes a weak presence, sometimes a strong presence and whatever. Missing simple times. Can't even say if those when the Internet was new and exiting or those when I didn't care about it.


File: 1672180981344.jpg (64.86 KB, 1125x967, Least Fr_nch Contraceptive.jpg)


we need more greentext
>be me
>shit myself
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File: 1675028407018.gif (74.47 KB, 600x600, adasdasd.gif)

>be me
>be extremely horny because of physical activities I've been getting into, sometimes jerking 4 times a day
>crank it to some real hardcore incest lolicon
>my dick ends up bleeding out because I broke the frenulum
>end up painting the whole bathroom red
>feel happy just because I like pain, laugh through the whole thing
>still worried about it, end up talking to my friends about me cutting my string doing "funny things"
>my sister said i'm too stupid to even be a coomer
>arrive to the hospital
>have to wait 5 hours just to get checked
>they just put some gauze inside my foreskin and use a bit of anaesthetics
>by the time I arrive home the gauze leaks out and I just drop blood from my cock
>can't do physical activities that were helping me to feel good mentally and now just rot in bed until it goes away


what the FRICK


>wake up
>extremely horny
>want to fap
>touch dick
>its sore
i seriously need to stop masturbating so much


File: 1675100592629.jpg (394.16 KB, 1000x936, __original_drawn_by_chutoh….jpg)

>take car in for oil change
>hey your starter sounds pretty bad, you might want to get that replaced
>…but we don't have the part here so we'll have to order it, we'll call you in 3-4 days when it's in
>2 days later
>car won't start
>shit, really don't want to have to get it towed
>let's ask the google
>people suggest hitting the starter with a hammer
>can't reach it because it's behind other parts
>open and close the hood a few times instead
>try starting again
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>go on sushichan
>read silly billy greentext–
>never touch penis again


File: 1602860584094.png (997.1 KB, 1000x1234, __kagamihara_nadeshiko_inu….png)

 No.9187[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I think the imageboards are full of people who'd want to talk to each other based on similar interests, but can't make contact due to sushi rollymous nature of these places. So, how about a contact thread here? I don't think it's against the rules.

>Age and location

>Favourite media (anime, games, music etc.)
>Other hobbies/interests
>How long have you been on Sushi? How did you find this place?
This information might be helpful for the refugees of other (possibly dead) boards to make contact with each other.
>What are you looking for?
>What topics do you wish to avoid?
Sushi is slow, you should probably expect your post to stay here for years. If you're cautious, you should probably use throwaway accounts.
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File: 1673325985311.jpg (1007.94 KB, 2508x3541, 8fa51d83e6c902bded8d2f0466….jpg)

I've cleaned up the thread a little. This is not the place to discuss the merits of this or that IM service, especially with such a tone. Take it to other imageboards.


File: 1673424585919-0.gif (589.94 KB, 480x270, 1367528251507.gif)

File: 1673424585920-1.gif (800.64 KB, 444x250, MajorRemorsefulIchneumonfl….gif)

File: 1673424585920-2.jpg (151.55 KB, 550x790, __haru_tsuritama_drawn_by_….jpg)

>Age and location
24, United States

>Favourite media (anime, games, music etc.)

diebuster, hidamari sketch, tsuritama, aria, kino no tabi, haruhi, utawarerumono, madoka, girls last tour and girls und panzer


kirby and the amazing mirror, rabi-ribi, touhou, doujin games (think stuff like easygamestation games), 100% orange juice (haven't played in a while, though), jet set radio future, kirby air ride, pikmin, pokemon romhacks/fangames
Johnny Foreigner, Bomb the Music Industry, Archers of Loaf, Ape Up, Brave Little Abacus, TTNG, snowing, recently been getting into a lot of vocaloid stuff like iyowa, koronba, yuyoyuppe and siinamota

>Other hobbies/interests

I really enjoy playing guitar and writing my own music but been struggling as of late to find my feet with creative output. I also enjoy making videos every once and a while, mostly "video collages" i make for fun and occasionally upload to youtube for me and my friends. I also enjoy photography sometimes and I enjoy working with animals.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


a nenfren has come to visit :>


File: 1675180378224-0.jpg (767.46 KB, 826x800, __himekaidou_hatate_touhou….jpg)

File: 1675180378224-1.png (364.95 KB, 800x1040, __himekaidou_hatate_touhou….png)

File: 1675180378224-2.png (3.31 MB, 826x800, __himekaidou_hatate_and_ha….png)

nen is a really great site, i like how its atmosphere and general vibe are similar to here

also came back to the thread, my discord is still 2sayakas#3355 but i recently got nitro (bad decision I know) so I don't know if that complicates things or not. My fiancée told me sometimes discord resets the tag because of nitro


Sorry for offtopic.
I used to be part of your Discord server before I ended up deleting my account. I deleted it because Discord felt shit to use for a while and I was starting to get more and more extremely negative associations with it. I apologize if it ever came across like I had just committed suicide since I had a few people actually ask about that at one point.
Thanks for adding me just because you thought my avatar was cute and for adding me to the server. You were a nice guy and if I ever do end up using Discord again I'll remember to add you.

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