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ゆっくりしていってね !


File: 1565307658171.jpg (109.25 KB, 900x800, cc020a3fd8b6b600c775d10fbc….jpg)


Any comfy Christians having a nice time? Whats has been happening in your life. How have you felt god in your life recently?

Non-Christians welcome. The bible is a great place for wisdom and comfort, even if you don't believe.
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File: 1565836195069.jpg (639.45 KB, 835x800, a gentle haibane.jpg)

I've been alright. My application to Catholic seminary just got revoked a week before classes start, but it was because I did not do well enough on a paper so I only have myself to blame. Still trying to figure out the Lord's plan for me, but I assume He knows what He's doing.


too many trolls in this thread


It's to be expected, really. Religion is too polarizing for people to have a good time discussing.


All religions are cults.


>>5848 Then what's a cult?


File: 1564258361313.png (263.32 KB, 400x400, waifu.png)


waifu generating technology has reached new heights
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Is that a penis


File: 1565590612189.jpg (74.14 KB, 1024x1024, example-105128.jpg)


File: 1565866522201.png (254.17 KB, 400x400, waifu.png)


File: 1565867586200.png (233.97 KB, 400x400, wfl.png)

Came out really cute


Needs head pats.


File: 1566286844541.jpg (32.26 KB, 302x300, 510ZA5M55VL.jpg)


are there any particular songs or tunes you listen to to feel comfy/or calm down? I find that the theme from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence to be uniquely comfy.


File: 1474633602527.png (10.87 KB, 240x240, drink.png)


What are you having to drink, fellow rolls?

I went out for dinner tonight and had a few different drinks: a cocktail called Chuck Norris which was bourbon, ginger and lemon; two different drinks in a jar; one spiced rum, pineapple, lime and ginger ale, and the other bourbon, orange, cinnamon and ginger ale. Finished off with some sake. Delicious times all round.
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I'm so drunk I'm afraid of closing my eyes for too long.


File: 1566155530528.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, 1503641275439.png)

Drinking some German pilsner right now, which is my go to for a light buzz at the end of the day.
Tomorrow's gonna be the first day of work after what's been a holiday of isolating myself from other people and questioning to my ability to actually function as an adult, so we might throw in a bit more than average


I'm trying to hold off booze for this week.


Some local lager that's actually not too bad, but it's all I had


I got to have some mead at a party last night. I liked it.


File: 1548298778465.png (114.08 KB, 600x600, red.png)


Found this and thought it was cute
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File: 1564805267641.png (160.39 KB, 600x600, 3595_raeOF6cr.png)


File: 1565145681645.png (131.66 KB, 600x600, tfw.png)


No bulli


File: 1565308442133.png (102.65 KB, 600x600, download20190804193901.png)



404 error.


File: 1561660038498.jpg (5.91 KB, 200x200, 154609478773s.jpg)


People aren't sweating or barely sweating and the causes are the soaps,creams,rubs,swimming pools,hot tubs,etc,etc.The nerve and skin damage.Feeling hot,burning,throbbing,puffy,dizzy and sick?The dry flaky skin.People aren't tanning.Monster scar faces.People are dying and suicides.The deaths of millions.Blinding headaches,Brain aneurysms and brain damage.People are being balded by the shampoo.Air bubbles and dissolved air in fluids in IV bags,tubes and syringes is being injected into people causing strokes and deaths.People are being euthanized at hospitals and hospices.Hospital devices radiation damage.Operating table and bed murders and people being numbed by the dentist.Loud music in the cars backseat,etc,etc and eardrops are causing deafness.People are being poisoned,burned,infected,plugged,numbed,brain tumors,aneurysms,impotence,blinded,damaged,aged,crippled and balded by the shampoo,pills,gravity,working,stress,soaps,creams,rubs,people,viruses,mouthwash,nasal cleaners,eyedrops,eardrops,loud sounds,beverages and food.Sniffing deaths.Pins,etc,etc in the food and beverages.




You're gonna die, someone will kill ya, someone will kill ya with a knife! None of this matters.


File: 1566245086384.jpg (405.57 KB, 1600x1200, 1347195533359.jpg)

I reached the same conclusion today, "nerve damage from daily dish soap dosing". I'd even started smoking to protect my nerves!

You're a saint, ghoul-friend.

Don't forget wifi, it messes up your water, energy level and direction, kills the sperms, increases inflammatory load.


File: 1533348037080.jpg (52.96 KB, 400x299, 1533347650181.jpg)

 No.3880[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Name one thing you're currently happy about

> moving to a cool city in two weeks
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thanks sushi!


Every once in a while I buy a new blanket to give away as a gift, but instead of giving them away, I try to figure out who would want a blanket. Everyone I know pretty much always say they don't want even more blanket when I try to drop hints. So now I'm rolled up up in my brand new wool blanket.


Blanket? That's a wonderful idea for a gift, I'd love to have one. Who could have too many blankets?


I don't know what they're thinking. I thought they had that many, but I guess they think it is enough with their favourite blanket.

Either way, I have another blanket now. Nice to have in case of guests, and for different locations around the house.


Sounds like you're a good person sushi roll. I agree with the other sushi, who wouldn't want a nice, comfy blanket from a friend!


File: 1540258952705.png (156.32 KB, 500x375, 1501830936656.png)


I'm starting to understand why I drink so much. It's not just for fun or for the hell of it. I'm self-medicating for anxiety and depression. I know this isn't a permanent solution, but I don't know what else to do to cope.
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You might know this but kratom isn't actually an opoid at all, it simply provides an opiate-like effect. that's all I can say about it though, I have never taken it myself. I've heard prolonged use will give you bad withdrawl when/if you stop.


OP here, I stopped drinking. YEET!


Good on you sushi! How's life been treating you?


Where do you even get Memantine? I've heard about it, but I never see it in any of my usual sources. Is it only acquirable through prescription? I self medicate with various dissociatives, recently back to doing ketamine after doing legal pcp analogues for a few hours, but I'm done with that. Last time I did 3-ho-pcp and banged my head something fierce, that was a wake up call, I looked like a warzone victim, thank god for my thick skull. I swear nothing else besides NMDA antagonists can even me out, and no jerk ass doctor prescribes that stuff around here, so I'm forced to acquire shit paralegally and have to straddle the line between healthy self medication and abuse. With K I got a good system though, only ever order how much I'm gonna need, can't fail, shit is too weak to abuse easily without deep pockets or willingness to do needles


*for a few years


File: 1551047223024.jpg (33.84 KB, 960x498, 1512073583903.jpg)


Group screaming thread

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File: 1566168355599.jpg (59.16 KB, 750x750, 1510079099279.jpg)





File: 1556397213810.jpg (1.95 MB, 2560x1794, 1555993574475.jpg)


Where would you like to live sushi?

I would like to live in a cozy wooded area around 30 minutes away from town. I'd like a greenhouse to grow vegetables and herbs somewhere on the place too.

the inside would have to be hella comfy. Maybe a small A-frame style cabin? I'd like to have a firewood stove as well. As well as plenty of space to store my books!

What's your idea of cozy livin'?
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I'd like a 1BR and livingroom/kitchenette apartment at a 30 minute subway ride from a big city. With 3 restaurants and a grocery I like within walking distance.


4 is awkward.
Too little space.
4.5 is alright if you enjoy small spaces
6 is good.


>4 is awkward.
>Too little space.
I live in the equivalent of 4 or 5 right now. It is horribly cramped, and i have barely any room for anything. Just getting into my desk chair is a bit of a challenge since there is hardly any floor space next to my desk, and getting into my closets is a bit fiddly too.



File: 1566170977393-0.jpg (181.76 KB, 1024x768, lindasanden.jpg)

File: 1566170977393-1.jpg (429.75 KB, 1440x960, IMG_3993.jpg)

File: 1566170977393-2.jpg (313.17 KB, 1024x512, 5394567888_6d901db313_b.jpg)

File: 1566170977393-3.jpg (75.34 KB, 550x412, fields-of-wild-flowers.jpg)

I'd like to live somewhere where the air is dry. I live near the equator so it gets pretty bad to even step outside during the summers since I am asthmatic.
I'd like to experience somewhere where it gets really cold too, with snow and ice and all the terror of it. I believe it was Melville that once said to be comfortable one must be uncomfortable as well.
I would live in a little house and be part of a little village too. Maybe a couple of friends would be there I could chat. Sure, I would lack some modern amenities but at least I could talk with someone who also needs company.
Maybe I could invite them over. I'd make a nice stew or roast and we could eat it together.

And when it did freeze over, I could enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate and a fire running in the fireplace.
And when it turned to spring or fall, I could take a walk, watching over time as flowers blossom or orange-brown leaves fall.
I would spend the rest of my days painting and tending to plants without a dollar to worry about.

I'm always brought back to reality though. Maybe it's hopeless romanticism. But hey, a soul can still dream. :)


File: 1561469066731-0.jpg (198.32 KB, 1200x1600, cassette-player.jpg)

File: 1561469066731-1.jpg (87.35 KB, 1600x1200, cassettes-rotated.jpg)


Anyone still jamming to cassettes?

I recently bought a compilation tape from a Slovakian cassette label. Pic related. Some really good stuff on there, and it's all new music. (It's 'Spring 2019' from Z Tapes, by the way.)
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Surprisingly, in certain music circles cassette trading is very common. I traded a few, got bored one day and decided to see how long the tape was and regretted the mess.


What kind of music circles? IRL or online?


File: 1565797596604.jpg (3.1 MB, 4208x2368, Cassettes.jpg)

Sure am sushi! Very comfy label by the way. I'm checking out random releases right now, is there anything specific you'd recommend?

I used to be big into black metal which, combined with a collecting spirit, led me to collect lots of demo tapes from the early 90s (thrill of the hunt, completing a discography or finally finding a tape which has never been uploaded online is pretty fun). Don't have a walkman anymore but I do have a tapedeck setup in the living room which is nice.

Used to trade with some guys from discogs, thought it was very fun to send out stuff you like and be surprised by what you received. Wish it was around more though and I've been thinking about hanging up flyers at my local college to see if people are interested in setting up a small circle.


File: 1566143025093.jpg (2.08 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20190818_163607.jpg)

My walkman broke I think, need to get a new one.

Got a KX-580 that I sometimes use to record things on.

I have a fuckload of tapes I got from some old people (mostly just trash from the 80s) who wanted to chuck them away, although you do get a few decent ones.

Listened to this Psychic TV album on repeat for quite a while, and when it goes into Paul & Linda it's also pretty pleasant.

I occasionally buy dance music on cassette but mostly just record my own mixes, which I find enjoyable.

Problem is I have a load of unlabeled tapes because the labels are only on the cases, and they all got mixed up at one point so if I want to listen to something it's basically pot luck what I get.


Nice collection sushi! I've listened to a bit of black metal but don't recognise the bands you've collected. You must have some rare stuff.

As for Z Tapes, the compilations (there's one for each season of the year) are great because you get loads of music. Apart from that, if there are still copies of orchid mantis' albums, those are well worth a listen.


File: 1504262273565.jpg (102.67 KB, 542x664, image-13.jpg)


Do you like experimenting with food?
What are your best creations?
What were your worst creations?
Ever got something totally unexpected?
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>What were your worst creations?
I have too many to count. My style of cooking is throwing any scraps I have into a pot.
Recently I tried to spice up my instant ramen. I had baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, salami and milk.
I really like peanuts in ramen and baby spinach or tomatoes by themselves in instant ramen are quite good, but together with milk it makes disgusting dirt-wash water.
I also put a bit of milk into the kettle with water, because I thought that so little wouldn't be as bad as brewing milk in a kettle. It shot out all over my laptop.


I had an idea after getting some bulk popcorn kernels. The heart (or kernel) of it is in the buttery flavor of uni, or sea urchin. Add some shredded dulse flakes since they're quite soft and serve as the salt. I have yet to try it but there was something to it…


File: 1565295886094.jpg (487.15 KB, 1771x1189, 1543952195865.jpg)

Sometimes I want to gamble for a bit, so this evening I made the following:

- slightly moldy rice I cooked on sunday
- mussels
- onions
- carrots
- ready made pasta verde
- 4 whole eggs
- oil
- soy sauce
- few glowes of garlic preserved in chili oil

Everything fried in a pan. This will be my lunch for tomorrow and I haven't even tasted it. Wish me luck.


It was great. I will make that again (maybe without moldy rice).


File: 1566119793841.jpg (257.59 KB, 1129x1600, けものフレンズ ‐ようこそジャパリパークへ!_1_0….jpg)

i don't experiment with food all that much due to time and money constraints, but if i see something that looks good ill try to find a recipe online and make it.

So far my favorite thing that I have made would be nikuman! It takes some preparation and waiting though, and the recipe i followed called for quite a few ingredients to get the specific taste. I also ran into some problems with the dough to meat ratio, and found that it was off and i was often left with more meat than i wanted. this could have been due to me just being bad with portions and making the dough the right way. but the end result really paid off it was delicious! as soon as i finished off that batch i went back to make more


File: 1566072202773.png (2.42 MB, 1920x1080, hmm.png)


This place seems comfy


File: 1566077385129.png (1.18 MB, 850x850, 75887076_p0.png)

It is.


I like comfy places


comfy places are nice


Go back to samefagging, Sen.


File: 1565671836283.jpg (115.04 KB, 1920x1080, 1563162160238.jpg)


so I just found this board and it seems very comfy, I'm moving to another city in about a month and have been very confused whether or not it'll make me happier or not.
I'm gonna ask the people I'm living with if they mind if I get a cat because it'll be the first time for me without a pet
hope I can make my living space /comfy/
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wherever you go, there you are


A shame really, that's usually the part one tries to get away from!




yeah, I'm starting prenursing but honestly I'm probably going to change my major first semester. I plan on getting my bachelors and then doing the JET program, I'm taking japanese classes starting this fall


i'm >>5818 and yea, i just got accepted into a university a few days ago. i'm pretty happy about it but there's a lot of shit i have to figure out(especially housing) and classes start real soon. it's sure gonna be interesting


File: 1566089337620.png (381.14 KB, 544x408, 1555448806-pognonreup.png)


Discord: U6WMBzt

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