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We need more mods, now that I have a job again. New mods will be announced soon. Sorry about earlier. - Seisatsu


File: 1571083362734.jpeg (70.01 KB, 1280x682, 998abb40-867f-40ef-9a28-2….jpeg)


check out my epic site I made



File: 1468425642313.jpg (42.68 KB, 540x559, CWlwdCR.jpg)

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Resurrecting the desktop thread. Post desktops, you get bonus points for a more comfy and homelike desktop, and whoever has the most points wins (1)snug smug hugbug(pictured)
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File: 1570657874256.png (2.42 MB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_2019-10-09_17-5….png)

I distro hop frequently so I don't find a lot of pleasure in ricing.


File: 1570987696965.png (937.44 KB, 1366x768, desktop-13-10-2019.png)

lol sushi we have the same background!

this desktop thread ain't big enough fer the two of us


File: 1571008050681.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20191013_190058.png)

Number 3, chiming in.
I actually have mine set to slideshow, changing randomly every hour, but this one is certainly one of my favorites.
Also yes, it's default manjaro cinnamon, pls no bulli


lol, is this the official sushichan pape?
I also use it regularly. So its already 4 sushis using it.


Another one chiming in, it's in my list of rotating wallpapers.
That makes five of us!


File: 1485278748486.jpg (122.25 KB, 1300x1300, 1467565037281.jpg)

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Do you have a neat web community or chat group you'd like to invite people to? Maybe want to drop your messaging handle and strike up some conversations? Do it here.

Chat/community/personal ads are no longer allowed on the rest of the site, except maybe on /hell/.

Important Note: This doesn't mean that you can't talk about communities or chat groups. You could, for example, have a thread where you ask people about web communities they visit. You just can't open your thread with an advertisement.

One post per service please! Duplicate ads may be deleted. This especially includes discord links. To make a permanent discord link, click on instant invite, go to advanced settings, and change the expire time to never. Dead links suck. If your discord link expires, your post will be deleted and you may receive a short warning ban.
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You need a chill pill, my guy.


File: 1570566867159.jpg (335.06 KB, 539x746, 9db27eefe8a3e5d4efe8f44085….jpg)


Post whatever you want to share on mental health and use of meds or knowledge on subject with us here sushi.

Most of what i have learned on it is that there is no right answer and that your life is exactly how you take it, the entire world is only what you are capable of perceiving and acknowledging, so the meaning of your life is up for you to paint. That is just one of the interpretations of it i guess. Other than that, its been fun studying about the pharmacology of those meds in general.


People have to understand, that Justin Bieber will continue smoking the weed, even if his fangirls are cutting up their arms.


File: 1570897855446.jpg (38.97 KB, 680x510, 3457457834654.jpg)

Habits are really important for mental health.
Also, you should watch the language you talk to yourself and try to have a tidy environment.
Its hard when you start trying but it gets easier


Since I started working life, I was never sober, not a single damn day. From what I've heard, drug abuse, especially alcohol of course, is fairly common as a treatment of stress among the labor force, no matter the position or social background.

Everyone is fucked up.


File: 1571046640441.jpg (648.38 KB, 1920x1080, [Zurako] Sora no Woto - 07….jpg)

When I was an addict, I've never experienced any intense effects, like hallucinations, even though I've upped the dosage considerably over time. Watching shows like NHK and Sora no Woto while on comedown helped me get my life back on track but that fact still has me returning every now and again. I want to see what other people see even though I know it's not good for me.


File: 1570972188631.jpg (149.1 KB, 1080x1080, 71492193_2555115167882542_….jpg)


What are physical features you pay the most attention to?


File: 1570975628377.webm (1.66 MB, 460x258, selfcontrol.webm)


File: 1570977414519.png (239.09 KB, 540x547, 31483158315315831.png)

Hands! I have hand-holding fetish… It is better than kissing.
Also brows, lips and chin. Weak chin is dealbreaker.


gotta have good hair


For a potential partner?
Def. butt, then face. The rest is more of a how it influences the sum of it all rather than any preference.
If there isn't enough juice in the tush it just won't work.


File: 1566483221695-0.gif (46.12 KB, 497x331, 4644.gif)

File: 1566483221696-1.gif (9.49 KB, 288x336, 1558057909508.gif)

File: 1566483221696-2.png (37 KB, 512x320, 327984723ksj.png)

File: 1566483221696-3.png (30.46 KB, 640x400, 99.png)


Post retro hentai art.


File: 1570976355733-0.png (276.18 KB, 640x400, Knights_of_Xentar 12.png)

File: 1570976355733-1.jpg (54.37 KB, 560x300, knights_of_xentar_1.jpg)

File: 1570976355733-2.png (27.14 KB, 640x480, mad-paradox_10.png)

File: 1570976355733-3.png (29.94 KB, 640x480, mad-paradox_19.png)


File: 1549566962178.jpg (2.94 MB, 3036x4048, baguette.jpg)


Any of y'all make bread? I got some sourdough starter recently and I've really been enjoying keeping it alive and experimenting.
Other than bread, do you have any things you like to bake on a regular basis?
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File: 1569795823123.png (943.63 KB, 780x1040, melon bread.png)

I made melon bread today, it was good.

I will try to make some sourdough bread, I have eaten it before but have never made it myself.


this is adorable in its own way.. appreciate home baking
im hungry


any filling?
custard is so much easier to make than kneading all that dough unless you have a dough hook of course.


Bread is the very important for many europeans and a good, tasty meal. The problem is that the common wheat, Triticum aestivum, has been bred to shit in the 60s so the amount of wheat gets higher per plant. On paper, that isn't a problem, however, they also bred it in a way that makes it more difficult for us humans to digest. I reccomend using rye or other alternative types of flower if you value your health and avoid wheat as much as you can.


File: 1570972072566.jpg (118.8 KB, 1040x780, bananabread.jpg)

I never really considered it before, the biscuit dough does not actually cover the entire bread dough. For this reason, I am worried that the custard would flee and form an ocean on the tray.

Now, I haven't made any sourdough bread yet but I did make some banana bread today and it was absolutely delicious. I hope it counts.


File: 1548089375920.jpg (46.84 KB, 500x350, tumblr_nveay6SAmT1qfjevro1….jpg)


Let's have some cute and comfy manga caps.
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File: 1570726513991.png (732.47 KB, 1280x834, baden.png)


File: 1570730187305.jpg (428.78 KB, 850x1200, 11.jpg)


File: 1570780675875.jpg (23.48 KB, 1280x468, 71946993_2567453409982051_….jpg)


File: 1570871227495.jpg (305.07 KB, 900x1350, Teasing Master Takagi-san ….jpg)


File: 1570971121402-0.jpg (21.06 KB, 255x148, load your gun.jpg)

File: 1570971121402-1.png (96.04 KB, 327x264, Skärmbild (2648).png)


File: 1520276795743.jpg (630.38 KB, 800x1141, __viktor_nikiforov_yuri_on….jpg)

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I wish I had a kind and calm BF who likes books and history, and then we can watch calm anime like yuri on ice. Preferably around the same height and age as me.

I wish…
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>I worked hard studying with the mindset it would pay off and i would have a quiet lifestyle later.
I wouldn't count on it. Although it might depend on what you study.
NEETing is only boring if you let it be. When you can force yourself to be productive it is great.

Thats the goal.


File: 1569789198302.jpg (20.71 KB, 569x541, face down maromi.JPG)

I wish I could speak


neeting is just pathetic if you are grown up


Thinking that "living and enjoying your live freely" is somehow pathetic, is actually pretty pathetic.


mute sushi roll, or just socially awkward?


File: 1567294218794.png (234.93 KB, 3840x2160, m68x0gpx7fhz.png)


I'm moving off to college in 7 days, I'm really excited to move out but I'm going to be busy 24/7 it seems like with working to pay rent, I have my tuition all figured out through scholarships and ~$3000 in loans, I think I'm gonna do alright.
Any tips for a wagie/student to get by in college?
>pic related is my laptop, totally unrelated to post
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Yea, I have 5 years of experience in the “real world.” The “real world” is full of pandering to your coworkers so that they think you are a smart, likeable guy who doesn’t cause any trouble. Every once in a while you get that opportunity to surprise everyone by improving request latency by 10x and acting like anyone could have done it. Your coworkers ignore it, but your boss recognizes that it makes a difference. You get promoted, your coworkers become envious, and you end up quitting because you find a better job anyways.

All I’m saying is that the bar in the “real world” is very low when it comes to technical skills. If you know what the fuck you are doing, you can pull out those unique moments that make people notice without ruining your reputation. So, in a sense, you’re right. The status quo tends toward reusable libraries. If you can recognize the special circumstances for that graph algorithm you remembered, maybe you can demonstrate that you are the 10x engineer that your boss has been reading about for so long.


for certain tasks, especially when you have tight deadlines, it simply isn't feasible to write stuff yourself
maybe if you're at a waterfall company, they don't mind you taking a long time to reinvent the wheel
but with agile/devops they emphasize pushing to production as quickly as possible, even with unit tests and whatnot


> a lot of the things that you learn in school directly affect how well you can go "above and beyond" at your job.
Its just basic stuff. Low hanging fruit which is just ignored by your average programmer. Its not "above and beyond", but rather "you dont suck".
The real gold stuff isn't found in academia mostly, but rather the "top" of the real world, hidden and obscure.


just had to reply because this is such a fucking stupid post, 3rd and 4th year comp sci is immensely important, you can get by without knowing data structures, graph theory, boolean algebra, asymptotic notation, the underlying logic of common algorithms etc but you're forever going to be working in the dark seeing everything as nail that fits the very, very limited hammer you've given yourself – I guarantee there are patterns and approaches applicable to things you work on every day that you've never even considered because you lack the vocabulary to even think about these problems in a different way

furthermore you're completely wrong, SOTA algorithms are exclusively generated by research institutions. read SIGGRAPH proceedings sometime and tell me how many of the papers didn't come from "academia"


Dude, I'm a master of those things you mentioned.
Learning about all of that doesnt require a school to teach you.
Just grab a book and read it / work through it.

Also I dont think you understood my post.
What I meant was, understanding these things should be the normal.
Knowing about basic CS, doesn't make you awesome, it means you just dont suck (like 95% of programmers)

Computer Graphics is one of the only fields were academia still produces good papers,
but only because there is interesting stuff in Graphics left to be found.
For many other fields in CS, academia remains a circlejerk.
But even when it comes to SIGGRAPH a lot of the shit is really impressive, but if you'd program something like a video-game engine, you can pretty much ignore those papers.
For most of the applications, that you as a programmer, would create that use computer graphics, reading some obscure blog-post about the graphics-pipeline can be a lot more helpful, than reading papers published in SIGGRAPH.


File: 1570927043826.png (1.86 MB, 1660x1000, 1510329756423.png)


This chan is very nice

Not all content is nice, but the chan is nice


File: 1467317331168.webm (7.27 MB, 640x480, san-francisco-roygbiv.webm)


This was one of my favourite threads on the old sushichan. Post comfortable audiovisual experiences utilising the WebMatroska container format.

The audio is: Boards of Canada - roygbiv
The video is of San Francisco in 1905.
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File: 1566404725755.webm (3.93 MB, 600x336, 1565545599952.webm)


File: 1566600443921.webm (3.32 MB, 640x284, kisuya.webm)


File: 1567453809156.webm (3.65 MB, 1280x720, Judo.webm)


File: 1567893498663.webm (9.75 MB, 854x480, 東京駅3.webm)


File: 1570884896862.webm (1.89 MB, 720x405, 1565690611687.webm)


File: 1551047223024.jpg (33.84 KB, 960x498, 1512073583903.jpg)


Group screaming thread

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File: 1568727763949.gif (645.6 KB, 512x481, 1565750191356.gif)



File: 1569379919020.gif (11.08 KB, 512x640, wa.gif)



my soul is screaming but I lack the energy


File: 1570685724146.gif (717.49 KB, 500x299, AAaaaaa A Aa a a aA a a a ….gif)

AAaaaaa A Aa a a aA a a a A a A a a A a A a aaaaAaAaaahuah uhhah huhhuhh


File: 1570846879170.jpg (544.31 KB, 849x1200, 1dvuo.jpg)



File: 1490695696442.png (225.69 KB, 1000x950, e215349032893cb30e53476411….png)


What do you guys eat for breakfast?

i usually eat fried eggs, coffee with milk and sometimes i buy something to eat at uni
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half scrambled eggs usually. For those who don't know, instead of whisking in a bowl and cooking that, you crack the eggs directly into the pan, and let the whites cook for a bit before you stir things around. Produces this really fluffy kind of scrambled egg that only takes 2-3 minutes to make.


First thing I do when I wake up is drink a cup of black coffee, I always do this on an empty stomach. After the coffee I usually either won't eat until about lunchtime or so.


File: 1569142549149.gif (1.5 MB, 700x393, 1456432979588.gif)

Am i allowed to tell in more detail how my diet got so weird?
Anyway my whole food for today including breakfast was 1L of milk and a vitamin pill. I feel really really fine and have gotten in shape finally, just need to start exercising properly. Tomorrow is my junk day and gonna eat normal meals the whole day.


I don't because I can't get out of bed until the last second before I need to go to my daily endavor. It's actually kinda sad because I used to love breakfast when I was younger but I can't leave my bed any earlier.


File: 1570798286421.jpg (38.2 KB, 864x640, 66633208_486992062056716_6….jpg)

I usually just have two meals a day and I skip breakfast.
I just ate my first meal: grainy, cocoa pancakes with paste made of peanut butter and cottage cheese.
I will have same later, and for tomorrow I will fry some sausage with tomato sauce, beans and garlic.

This may look heavy, but I usually do not eat much these times. I am losing weight, because being skinnyfat is awful.


File: 1569838448105.gif (480.9 KB, 540x810, 1506457971809.gif)


Do you have any plans for today sushis?
Or if you're reading this later: Did you have a good day?

I'm pretty excited for today. Going to finish work on a project and add some new plants to my greenhouse while I still can.
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Why don't you want to meet him sushi roll?


I don't really enjoy meeting new people so I avoid doing it unnecessarily. If I think about it, I'd have no reason to speak to him if he weren't dating my sister and that's a pretty flimsy excuse to have to do so now. But really, they've been in and out for several days and the longer I wait the harder it is to just casually greet the guy.


File: 1570465926730.jpg (691.34 KB, 1738x904, Greenhouse Frog.jpg)

More greenhouse fun, while I was moving honeysuckle in and watering things I found a friend hiding in the pumpkins. Thought you sushis might like him too


File: 1570684765826.jpg (175.9 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20191009_22_18_01_Pro.jpg)

got an avocado and dragon fruit plant growing in my room


File: 1570744930820.jpg (37.88 KB, 540x405, 72335640_2559796597414399_….jpg)

Today was a very bad day for me.
I was too lazy to go to the lecture, then I got lost trying to find uni's library. Failed quite a few small social interactions. I did not give my best at computer science labs and later this day I touched myself to naked ladies…

Now that I think about it this day was especially awful, let's hope next one will be better.

It wasn't all negative, at least I made progress at staying off mobile phone and in reading book. I cooked nice meal. I also kept smile on my face most of the time.

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