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File: 1717870068610.png (9.18 MB, 3200x2133, 1689449465447.png)


Another thread at bump limit!

Stream starts every Saturday at 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST/13:00 PST) @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream

We usually watch one older show as a "main feature" as well as keep up with several currently airing shows as voted on by the community. We'd love for you to drop by!

Things we've watched before: https://pastebin.com/pgK1NFDJ


File: 1717870232254.png (10.32 MB, 2820x2200, ClipboardImage.png)

Stream today! 20:00 UTC @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream (That's in about 2 hours!)

We're gonna start a new show today: Outlaw Star! I'm going in pretty blind but expect spaceships, lasers, and sexy brown alien girls. Hope to see you there!
We will of course also watch this week's Girls Band Cry and etc :>


File: 1717871597151.png (140.65 KB, 691x159, ClipboardImage.png)

now with new emotes


File: 1717876544155.png (4.74 MB, 1385x1945, ClipboardImage.png)

we're live!!!


File: 1717882557832.png (124.06 KB, 353x319, highYOUSKC.png)

required emote


File: 1718473310594.jpg (108.8 KB, 960x720, outlaw-star-041.jpg)

Stream today! 20:00 UTC @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream (That's in about 2 hours and 20 minutes from this post!)

We'll continue Outlaw Star with episodes 05-08, then catch up on this week's seasonals with Shuumatsu Train, Girls Band Cry, Totokami, Yoru no Kurage, and that one sentai show

hope to see you there!


HEY where'd those emotes go they were nice…


live in 15 minutes!


apologies for the slight delay but we're live now!


File: 1719072097837.png (294.98 KB, 1382x1714, GQlqAABXUAALAfv.png)

Stream today! 20:00 UTC @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream (That's in about 4 hours from this post!)

We'll continue Outlaw Star with episodes 09-12, then catch up on this week's seasonals.

hope to see you there!


File: 1719072189883.png (167.8 KB, 300x250, ClipboardImage.png)

some sushis will also be watching alien 9 before the stream if anyone wants to join that for some saturday morning suffering


live in 30 minutes with some Sketchbook in the meantime to heal from Alien 9


live now!


File: 1719685440741-0.jpg (56.63 KB, 497x689, d2b5ede69609d4fcb4e0147ece….jpg)

File: 1719685440741-1.jpg (583.86 KB, 2126x2008, GQk2L-OakAE_m3Z.jpg)

Stream today! 20:00 UTC @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream (That's in about 2 and a half hours from this post!)

We'll continue Outlaw Star with episodes 13-16, then catch up on this week's seasonals including some finales!

hope to see you there!


we're live get in here!!!


File: 1720290756810.png (1.17 MB, 1000x697, ClipboardImage.png)

Stream today! In one and a half hours from this post, that's 20:00 UTC @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream

It's the start of a new season so we'll be putting Outlaw Star on hold for a week and checking out the new season's offerings (to be voted on next week), as well as finishing off last seasons shows. Hope to see you there!


oh and if there's anything in particular from this season you want me to encode, now's your chance!


senpai wa otokonoko pls?


File: 1720293185416.png (97.36 KB, 261x261, ClipboardImage.png)


Tokidoki Bosotto Roshiago de Dereru Tonari no Ārya-san please


got it!
this as well


File: 1720296026236.jpg (1.46 MB, 1800x2400, GPz3mQ4aIAAIKda.jpg)

we're live!!!!


File: 1720377185772.gif (1.08 MB, 232x392, 8e49639e788db43bc4d65fccec….gif)

it has been half a year since Sora no Woto streams… they were special for me and I will cherish the memory forever - thanks to everyone that participated :)


File: 1720377793196.png (524.82 KB, 1718x490, lseAUH2.png)


We're still checking out seasonals this saturday, right? I suggest Tsue to Tsurugi no Wistoria. I think it would be a good fit for our stream. It tells a relatively fresh story from a novel perspective.


yea not everything had aired its first episode last week so we'll watch more this time


i made that screenshot :)


File: 1720894360596.jpg (334.59 KB, 1625x2048, GNPFzaxbsAEg1mi.jpg)

Stream today! 20:00 UTC @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream as always

In the interest of time we're just gonna do seasonals again today, as there's too many shows that didn't air last week, but Outlaw Star will resume next week! Promise!


we're live!!!


Poll where


File: 1721173913876.jpg (89.64 KB, 848x1199, FV7jcGkUEAA3xey.jpg)

Poll here!!!
Vote for which airing anime we'll follow along with this season



File: 1721336425849.jpg (700.07 KB, 3237x4096, F8c4jW5XwAA70Ti.jpg)

I will break my non-voting streak because something must be done against this lingering evil.

I voted for:
>Bye Bye earth
Because it appeases a certain demographic. Totally political vote although the main chick is hot and that's good enough a reason I can be at peace with my conscience.

>Mayonaka Punch

If we're watching any FOTS that's about modern trends, it might as well be this. The chicks are pretty hot and lesbians also so the bad balances out the good.

>Giji Harem

Actually a novel concept and the chemistry between the characters is a joy to watch. Very interested in figuring out how (or if) they're gonna keep it fresh for 12 episodes.


Everything about it felt unique and there was a very summery feel to it

>Grendizer U

It's mecha, we gotta have mecha, specially if it involves mazinger somehow (strong traditional values vote)

Wish I could have also voted for Russiadere (KAWAII KAWAII KAWAII), Boku no tsuma wa kanjou ga nai (healing), Shikanoko (pleasantly surprised), Dungeon no naka no hito (so soothing) and Shinmai Ossan Boukensha (uplifting story of the decade) but there is an enemy at the gate that must be defeated no matter what. Yes. I speak of Make Heroine ga Oosugiru!. This is the self-aware herbivore anime of the season and its very presence will make the sushi rolls insipid. It's an INSULT that this anime is airing in the same season as Russiadere and Giji Harem, two actually compelling romance anime with unique concepts behind them. It CANNOT be part of the sushistream's rotation and NO PRICE IS TOO HIGH to prevent it.

I ask for EVERY sushi to JOIN ME in this CRUSADE against bad taste.

Also very weird that comments have been disabled in the polls recently. There used to be some rather interesting exchanges happening there that really helped paint a better picture of the sushistream demographic.


File: 1721336707693.jpg (208.75 KB, 1280x720, chisebow.jpg)

Just saw the results and I want to extend a heartfelt handshake to the HEROES who voted for Tsui to Tsurugi no Wistoria (unique anime focusing on the perspective of the antagonist) and Shinmai Ossan Bouken-sha.

Also that I forgot about Tensui no Sakuna-hime and Na-Nare Hana-Nare, the cheerleader anime by the good people over at PA Works…


The AOTS has zero votes, again.


File: 1721379702110.png (54.42 KB, 400x400, GSc-M4PXIAAdnsO.png)

no love for the quirky fotm


NOOOOOOOOO not fucking Wistoria oh well


kinda surprised no votes for Shoushimin Series
>Because it appeases a certain demographic
fans of somewhat generic fantasy with oversized weapons?


Bye Bye Earth is apparently based on a Novel from 2000, I'm kinda surprised the source is so old


Shoushimin seems like a show I'd enjoy on my own rather on stream. I'll definitely be following it.


>fans of somewhat generic fantasy with oversized weapons?



Just voted for Make Heroine thanks to this post


File: 1721429847791.jpg (44.37 KB, 736x735, 521524415.jpg)

I'm not sure which demographic you mean…


File: 1721479618459.jpg (1.6 MB, 2390x2854, FwEAHejaIAImfPE.jpg)

Please understand you don't know what kind of dark forces you are trifling with PLEASE understand there is no going back also streamer-san absolutely hated that anime (said out loud) so there's no way it's gonna be on rotation so it's like a wasted vote if you think about it.


File: 1721501318915.png (5.52 MB, 4093x2894, 85279395_p0.png)

Stream today! 20:00 UTC @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream

We're going to continue where we left off with Outlaw Star and watch the summer seasonals. Hope to see you there!

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