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File: 1606375832364.jpg (81.38 KB, 791x604, akan1.jpg)


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Does whether or not it's dying truly matter? Kemono Friends' mobile game was gone by the time they put out the anime.

That said, I'm not sure how well GFL is doing, but it can't be doing too terribly with three different games in the production tube right now.


Well Kemono Friends was dead and that's why the budget was so tiny, but I sort of assume that the game was doing decently at the time of the anime being announced? Or maybe not. I sort of assume a game needs to be decently popular to be able to afford an anime ad.


I think it's pretty decently known around these parts, but as far as I can tell the last year hasn't exactly been stellar revenue-wise for MICA. Something about people not being happy with the last updates.

Though, with what paltry data exists I can say I think they should be able to afford an anime.


I honestly haven't played it for ages, I mean it's not like I play phone games in general these days but GFL's gameplay cycle melted my brain.


Me too. There's a limit to how many times I can feel gratified after inputting waypoints and resetting the map after the mobs are cleared.

I think the anime's more to help advertise the new games rather than GFL 1. I just hope the new ones keep the indie/doujin(?) charm GFL packs and other mobile games don't quite have.

File: 1589862138319.webm (7.8 MB, 640x360, Baccano! OP.webm)


As always, post some of your favorites.
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cute as heck
I should give Doremi a shot sometime


Doremi's fantastic, especially if you like mahou shoujo without violence.
The problem is that there's a lot of it (~200 eps) and it's either 95% or 0% filler depending on how you see it. It's not a very bingeable anime, but watch an ep or 2 every now and then over the course of a year or so.
The episodes are uniformly high quality and a lot of the charm comes from getting to know all the side characters over the course of the series. There are a few rather grim episodes that serve to punctuate the experience and finally Mamoru Hosada descends from the heavens to direct for us one of the greatest anime episodes ever made right near the end of the last season.


>especially if you like mahou shoujo without violence.
I can't say I've seen much, aside from Princess Tutu maybe? Either way I like cute things so I'll download some episodes to check out.



Man, that's a real classic.

File: 1601101009040.jpg (843.46 KB, 3456x4984, 憂ちゃん.jpg)


Have any of you met other "otaku" irl? A small part, but admittedly a part of the reason I got into anime is because it's a relatively small subculture in which it should theoretically be easy to connect with other people over a shared interest. I haven't invested that much time into it, but already I can probably find at least one anime or manga I've consumed in common with any given otaku. It's fun to hang out in forums like this, but has anyone had any experience connecting with people, coincidentally or on purpose, over this shared hobby?
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There was one time I had to clear up some confusion on Paypal about a DAL figure and the guy I was talking to said he watched it. That's about as far as it got for me.


File: 1612663270559.jpeg (452.89 KB, 712x1000, 5e44af2ba0b0bf23df5e994ec….jpeg)

a friends wife asked me if i watched anime and i said yes and she asked if i have seen "attack on titan" i answered no and said i only watch anime with cute girls and that to admit such things is embarrassing.
which is true


My dad used to be a otaku, he used to make a lot of anime references of evangelion, samurai x, macross, and other stuff.


I've met anime fans, normally people who just wwatch punch man, my hero academia, jojos that kind of thing; but I don't think I've ever met an actual otaku. Well actually there was one guy. I met an autistic guy in college, we somehow talked about anime, he said his favourite show was clanaad after story. Then he asked if I'd seen monogatari and I said yes, he then proceeded to, unprompted, recite embedrelated perfectly from memory.
Sadly, we never spoke again after that because I am too socially awkward to approach him again.


>i answered no and said i only watch anime with cute girls
Just say no you never had to admit to only watching cute girl shows

File: 1612347048317.webm (1006.46 KB, 853x480, fall.webm)



File: 1593767882858.jpg (309.55 KB, 1800x1200, IMG_8165.JPG)


Alright, here’s the IRL K-ON thread I promised. Sorry this is just going to be an image dump, but I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ve never shared it before.
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File: 1593903288975.jpg (145.77 KB, 2560x1600, s7AsfuwC-rKICanU6ozihPF45W….jpg)

There are certainly some elements of drama in Hibike but it wasn't too bad I think and I am usually averse to dramas as well as romances. I find that the other parts of the anime makes up for it, it might also help if you have some interest in music.

There were other places I'd like to go to as well, chiefly the elementary school that was the main reference for Asahigaoka in Non Non Biyori but it was a little too far out a trip to make although I did went to a couple of other places.

Personally I find that Japan is a naturally beautiful place and having been there it isn't surprising to see where they get all their inspirations from.


I agree with you about romances and dramas, so I guess I'll have to give Hibike another try.

Non Non Biyori had a beautiful setting. I didn't know there was a real reference for the school.



This is absolutely incredible. The lenghts they went to make sure everything was the exact same, and the respect shown in the real-life building are both a sight to behold.

Thank you very much for sharing sushi!


File: 1612128872273.jpg (104.45 KB, 1200x1137, ballet.jpg)

File: 1593456694263.jpg (693.11 KB, 2115x2062, Ichigo.Mashimaro.full.2747….jpg)


Pick the most obscure anime in your top 10. If somebody else in the thread has seen it you lose.

>Ichigo Mashimaro

It's not super obscure, but it's the best I got.
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ugh, Onee-san


I know this one. Still laughing at the Vulgar Family gag.


Let me tell you a story about the "toki-udon" -
A scampy little tale of a time long gone.
"Wait for the cashier, money a-countin' -
Get on with the timin' for a little less payin'!"
Tried the same little trick, right down to the bait,
"one, two, three, four, five, six, seven'eight!"
"What's the time? Niner or a ten?"
"Sorry my dearie, cashless is the trend."

This rakugo is about a girl who went to an udon restaurant, she finished eating and before paying the check she remembers an old Edo rakugo of some guy who tricked the owner by asking the hour while counting his money (counting something like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… What time is it? Ah 8 o clock? Ok, 9, 10, here you go). She tries to do the same thing but the momemt she asks the time, the owner elegantly tells her they just recieve electronic payment.

This is a promotional anime for a manga called "Uchi No Shishou Wa Shippo Ga Nai." Basically its about a tanuki girl who wants to be a human.


File: 1611957701220.png (1.02 MB, 1125x1600, favoritefoods.png)

I read a couple chapters of the manga. I'm not japanese enough to understand the references but it is cute nonetheless.


Another rakugo.

File: 1589844686179.webm (9.66 MB, 1280x720, Arte ED.webm)


First goes to arte.
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What do you mean western values? I can't really see where the worry comes from, was it sponsored by funi or something?


File: 1592950021340.jpg (163.37 KB, 1280x720, self worth.jpg)

>I can't really see where the worry comes from
The giant UNIVERSAL PICTURES logo right at the very beginning.

>What do you mean western values?

Expected "I'm a woman hear me roar" to rear its ugly head and instead got a refreshing "I am a human being with dreams and aspirations and in order to clear the obstacles in front of me I'll ganbaruzou". The final episode is especially good bringing this point across, particularly Matei's talk with Arte.


Would you say that it was fine?


To be honest Arte seems pretty convinced that womeb unironically should stay in the kitchen, she just doesn't want to personally.


File: 1609679375564.jpg (328.2 KB, 1280x1838, 46.jpg)


Let's have a thread to discuss visual novels, light novels, and other non anime/manga related otaku media! I would preffer if we avoid v-tuber discussion in this thread, I personally consider it more youtube/streamer culture than otaku culture. However if you feel differently that is okay.

Recently I have been getting into visual novels and eroge. My favorite so far is subarashiki hibi.
Right now I am playing chaos;head and Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo. Chaos;head is pretty good, but it's a little frustrating, because it feels like characters often speak in a cryptic way to the main character for no reason other than to stretch out the plot. I find myself frustrated with the characters sometimes although in general i would say the vn does a good job with regards to making the reader unsure of what's real and what's delusion, putting them in the emotions of the main character.
I am not really far enough into sharin no kuni to make a judgement on it yet, but I thought it was interesting the the mc is a stoner. Not something you see often in japanese media.
What is your favourite vn? what have you been reading lately?
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nasu is still embarrassed about how bad the h-scenes are and doesn't want anyone to ask about them


Isn't the new version non-H anyway?


I've recently played Chaos;head, House in Fata Morgana and started Robotics;Notes. I strongly recommend Fata Morgana, it was one of the best stories I've read


yes this way he has an excuse instead of pissing everyone off with blue dragon shit like in realta nua
sad too because shiki is kind of a very sexual character and tsukihime as a whole has more underlying sexual tension than fsn


Any sound novel fans here? I thought this game called Terrors for the Wonderswan sounded quite neat:

File: 1590143747692-0.jpg (120.21 KB, 780x1097, x2.jpg)

File: 1590143747692-1.jpg (254.54 KB, 761x1100, x29.jpg)

File: 1590143747692-2.jpg (227.51 KB, 754x1100, x41.jpg)


Talk about what manga you've been reading!

I've been reading an older manga called Yume Tsukai by Ueshiba Riichi. It's about magical shrine maidens with weird powers solving paranormal mysteries and stuff. Fairly standard concept but what makes it good in my opinion is just how crazy and bizarre the stories get, as well as some really fantastic art and a nostalgic sort of comedy. It's sometimes goofy, sometimes quite emotional, and other times borders on Junji Ito-esque horror scenarios. I really like the creepy body horror stuff, and the comedy between the weirdo cast is fun. I especially like the over the top lolicon character.
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File: 1605499939951.png (1.38 MB, 1100x825, ClipboardImage.png)

The single highest rated manga on mangadex and it's actually pretty good

Thank you for your enthusiasm comrade
Down with the global bourgeoisie


File: 1605533060505.jpeg (29.09 KB, 341x512, images (1).jpeg)

Varys was cool


Varys was a loser, dunno what you're on about. His entire plan revolved around bringing some crazy dragon slut back just so she could burn everything down apparently


File: 1607107028759-0.jpg (135.75 KB, 800x1202, c1.jpg)

File: 1607107028759-1.jpg (234.37 KB, 800x1211, h1.jpg)

File: 1607107028759-2.jpg (262.1 KB, 800x1189, C12.jpg)

Reading shortcuts. It's 1-2 page long unrelated gag comics, with 1-2 running characters every so often. Most of the jokes are low brow, but pretty funny. It can get somewhat confusing at points because some of the jokes depend on you knowing whats it's parodying, mostly you need to know about kogals and the culture that lead to them.


File: 1610385936671.jpg (270.79 KB, 1055x1500, 21633.jpg)

Reading cutie mutie. The main gist of it is that its one of those "Oh it looks cute, but is actually really dark" manga, does that have a name?, and the actual plot is people getting powers from sexual trauma. The whole shtick is so/so. The story has no grey areas so the overwhelming cuteness and edginess just whiplash back and forth creating an almost comedic tone.I think this might be the books first few chapters growing pains. The implied theme, 'Why do I have to suffer for the sake of others?', seems like it could be explored interesting in the kids backstories, child abused to have powers, exploited idol, honors student. If you don't like how this sounds just drop the manga because the scanlators didn't even finish it.

File: 1590027943480.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, Reaction face 600.png)


Has japanese media ever made you cry? Be it manga, anime, LNs, VNs, etc.
While crying might not be the epitome of what we call comfy not all tears necessarily come out from sadness as I've heard of people crying on powerup scenes as silly as that sounds.
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File: 1609390681028.jpg (68.05 KB, 800x450, wolf.jpg)

I'm on the verge of bawling my eyes out whenever I see the scene in wolf children where the mom and dad are living together. The two of them peacefully living together combined with the music is just too much for me.


File: 1609472831356.bmp (5.93 MB, 1920x1080, 200.bmp)

I know there are way too many K-ON fans here, but the second time I watched K-ON I shed tears literally every episode. I have a theory that K-ON isn't truly meant to be experienced until the second watch-through. It’s a long show, and during the first watch-through you’re experiencing everything for the first time just like the girls themselves. It’s nice and all, but just like real life you’re always focused on the future, wondering what’s next; it's hard to properly appreciate at the time. The second time you watch K-ON, however, you’re with the girls again, only this time you’re older, looking back through nostalgia goggles at your collective past. You’re remembering all these events which took place over the years, this time not looking towards the future, but at the past, and with the knowledge that it will all eventually come to an end. There’s a tremendous amount of melancholy looking back and knowing that this time together was finite; everything is tinged in that melancholic euphoria. I shed a tear at least once during every single one of the forty one episodes the second time around, and during most episodes I cried quite a lot. I really think you experience it as one of the characters, looking back and knowing that those wonderful time with those wonderful friends is over and exists now only in your memories.


>It’s a long show, and during the first watch-through you’re experiencing everything for the first time just like the girls themselves. It’s nice and all, but just like real life you’re always focused on the future, wondering what’s next; it's hard to properly appreciate at the time.
I think this is a symptom of not watching shows weekly as they air. The whole series came out over three years and the first season was just a single cour and has a noticeably cheaper and more rushed production. The manga was popular of course and they might have expected an adaptation to do well (though probably not "outsold Haruhi" well), but it's very rare that several seasons are planned from the start.

But yes, that sort of voyeuristic but sentimental vicarious youth experience is Kyoani's bread and butter. That and cinema-quality animation in TV anime. Only they could turn a mediocre Kirara 4koma into an animated masterpiece.


The latest chapter of Kusuriya.


STDs are pretty bad

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