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Haven't you always wanted a computer friend to talk to?
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It would be neat to have your very own AI who can form true conversational depth and not just a meme like cleverbot if that counts as a computer friend.


Yeah the OP is a bit vague.
Might even mean just someone you talk to through the computer, not about it. Just an internet homie.
You guys could always put a post in https://sushigirl.us/lounge/res/9187.html and specify that you're looking for someone with tech inclinations (and what particular area, since I'd wager most peeps on here is into tech in some shape or form) if that's what you want


File: 1634095534001.jpg (791.91 KB, 750x1334, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

If she was real I'd buy her in a heartbeat.
2077 had a chip you could put into your head that would let you see projections of real people, would be kind of cool to have a consciousness hanging around and observing what's going on in my life.


I've always went to AIs when I was feeling in a really bad mood.
Too bad that Mitsuku was made in flash so it's no longer possible to talk to her.


File: 1634377765959.jpg (100.67 KB, 396x385, 1612253016191.jpg)

I would love to join a hackerspace but there are none around and I'm not in position where I can create one. I would love to join an online discord/irc hackerspace with people of similar skill level and interests.

File: 1476067336339.jpg (108.63 KB, 500x375, 1440248459502.jpg)

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Let's talk coding and software, sushis, because I don't do enough of it and I really should. Let's hear about projects you're working on, stuff your coding, learning. Trade secrets, info, tips, whatever. Programming isn't something that should be done alone in a corner.

I guess if we need a thread starter, I want to brush up on my coding skills. I want to find something to play around with, something not as mainstream as the stuff like Java and C, but will still be useful in a professional setting, something I can make usable stuff out of.
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What's a good resource for learning Python?


I remember using Tutorialspoint back when I wanted to learn Lua, they should probably have Python related stuff.


The Python documentation has a tutorial which guides you through the basics of the language with lots of examples to copy learn from:

That's how I taught myself a few years ago. Now I write Python at work and no-one suspects me of being an amateur :)


Learning Python by Mark Lutz or learn Ruby instead (read the pickaxe book)


Currently going through the SNOBOL Green Book, since most of the stuff I want to do with programming is text focused stuff and just for my own fun, why not try out a lang focused entirely on strings.
Find it quite comfy actually. A bit arcane in some ways, all control flow is essentially just gotos and labels, but I dont mind.

File: 1633607890382.jpg (66.07 KB, 696x392, Historian-jobs.jpg)


Does anyone have any recommendations for a safe browser to use while exploring all these chans and neocities sites? So I can keep pretending I'm some kind of old internet researcher while not getting my address on 10 thousand different blacklists.

Any other app or tip would be appreciated too!


File: 1633627579788.png (18.97 KB, 600x600, bromite.png)

I use Bromite, a chromium fork which also has a built-in adblock. I use it for the SystemWebView too. It's pretty fast compared to Fennec.

File: 1493915535994.jpg (1.96 MB, 1760x2332, creepy_chan_nosebleed_by_c….jpg)


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It was the cult thing, tsuki was the dude that ran it. The discord server was fuckin' weird and I remember there being some kind of personality quiz, but the rest escapes me. Some people claimed to genuinely believe in it which was a little concerning.


Would you join if your local schizo sushi (I hear voices telling me I'm pretty and I should have a good life and stuff, also I get the best fashion tips when getting dressed) made a cult all dedicated to the mastery of choosing the correct blanket for different temps / moisture levels, and having a cultist daily schedule dedicated to making way for good sleepsies? Like finding the optimal time to shut off screens/lights

also your local schizushi loves you
sage for OT


tbh sushi this sounds kinda awesome. as long as I don’t have do do anything crazy, I’ll join the cult of good sleep.


depends on what you find crazy, and as always, this is not a malign cult, you always have the option of opting out of anything you're not comfortable with, because ultimately, the cult of good sleep is a child of the great divinity comfy, that we all pleasant soul crowd up along towards and among

In less confusing, less poetic terms, you always do you, you never do the cult against your own wishes, and if any fellow "cultist" tries to force you into going against your inner beliefs and the important parts of you, that "fellow" is not your fellow, he is among those who may not yet tread among our silently rustling pathways of pleasant dreams and riding along the seams of all that is pleasurably to create forth within, such as, such as, such as

also please dont lewd sleep, sleep is the only time of day a human is allowed to be totally innocent and timid towards it all, and just wallow in the waves of possibilities. pls dont lewd sleep

your local schizushi adores your brave heart


If we have to believe in something, why not have it be something that promotes Internet freedom?

File: 1585138956678.png (938.13 KB, 1500x1118, 1584017888977.png)


I use a lot of obscure websites, mainly imageboards, and I play on a lot of small vidya servers. I need a vpn so I can stop letting random people know where I live. I'd like it to be relatively obscure, so it isn't included in vpn blacklists. Are there any good vpns that aren't too popular?


To get around VPN blacklists, it might just be better to host your own on a VPS (ramnode, linode, digital ocean, hetzner). This requires a bit of effort to configure everything. The popular VPS providers might still be blacklisted tho.

Those that really care, can still find out where you live since browsers can leak your location in other ways, or they just recognize you.

I think a VPN is better used to access resources at home, or to prevent other people on the same WiFi as you from snooping on your activities.

The only VPN provider that I know of is Mullvad. They're more privacy oriented, but I don't know if the latency for you is good enough for video games. I don't know if they're good for regular browsing either.


>To get around VPN blacklists, it might just be better to host your own on a VPS (ramnode, linode, digital ocean, hetzner).
Most VPN blacklists are actually datacenter blacklists, so your VPS is likely to be blocked too. Instead of worrying about this, you should just boycott sites that use VPN blacklists. You're not missing anything.

>Those that really care, can still find out where you live since browsers can leak your location in other ways, or they just recognize you.

That's trivial to block. Websites shouldn't be able to see more than your timezone.


if you just want to try one out and see if it works for you getting around blacklists on those obscure websites, Express VPN and Private Internet Access are both VPNs with a 30 day money back guarantee. I've tried them both, Express VPN for several months and PIA I'm nearing the end of the first month. I like PIA a little better simply due to the fact its desktop vpn has a true kill switch that can enable even when you voluntarily disconnect.

Request your guaranteed refund whenever before the expiry date and its free.


Mullvad is pretty good from my experience. It has consistent payment, as in it doesn't change the price for longer or shorter periods, and you can even pay in cash if you want to be super private.


Mullvad seems trustworthy. I see them mentioned several times, and for well over a decade by privacy conscious people I think they're one of the more trustworthy providers. Way more trustworthy than PIA and their ilk (anyone else mentioned regularly through youtube sponsorships.).

File: 1522534216021.jpg (475 KB, 1753x2048, 1520045797634.jpg)

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I was thinking it would be nice if we had a thread for sharing our own websites/homepages. Woah, here's one now! Show me your netspace sushi!

Here's mine. It's a complete mess, but I like it. It's kind of new well, technically it's existed for a little while, but I only started working on it recently, so it's missing a lot of things, and there are a few links that 404. Though it's hosted on neocities, it's only slighty Lain themed.
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it's actually changed.
it's now: https://ngmi.work


File: 1627665731008.png (6.37 KB, 393x99, bubble.png)

I have a "concept" website. I like to call it an hover adventure :

While my person page is over at :

And the first website I made to learn html etc is :

The whole thing is on another level.


Thanks sushi roll got my degree from bubbble


Pretty cool website! Anilist link is ded, though.
Savoie Libre !


Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for letting me know, I changed my username some time ago and I forgot to update the link.

File: 1472677608329.png (464.02 KB, 750x625, 1458542465088.png)


How much does the average sushi roll's computer cost?
How many of you own fancy GPUs/processors, and how many of you prefer simpler/cheaper hardware?
Does anyone own more than 2 or 3 computers? If so, why?
As always, keep it comfy~
Thanks for your input!
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I've seen one or two, but there's a few options involved. I want to get a double so I can get to know someone better, but I should still have room. The thing is, do I bring my TV and games, or my PC? Decisions. I have a Thinkpad x220 so honestly that will probably work better for my computing needs. I don't really play PC games so.


Since you have a decent laptop and seem to prefer console games I'd say you should be safe leaving the desktop.

If possible I still suggest you bring a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and/or whatever other peripherals make you comfy while working. The semester can get stressful.


>X230 thinkpad


File: 1627233758518.png (1.36 MB, 3360x2100, Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 2….png)

2015 Macbook, cost around $2k when I got it new, the GBP to USD exchange rate helped. I also keep a couple of little low power embedded linux boards around for home-server-y stuff.

I wouldn't buy a new laptop now, since I now know I can happily use an older lower powered system for my usualy Emacs and browsing. But as long as its a perfectly repairable laptop, there's no reason to replace my macbook. I really wish I could switch to Linux full time on it, but Apple Music and Ableton keep my tied down…

>macOS is comfy


File: 1627583344097.png (619.95 KB, 700x700, 4353682c37f3bbc350740eb5ec….png)

2021, still with my trusty x200s. The system haven't been updated since early 2019 at least. It's getting harder and harder to get by in the modern internet with my little turtle.
A couple years ago I've fallen for the apple trap. Now my iphone 8 is stupidly faster than my laptop.
I'm thinking about getiing an a1466 macbook. It's cute.

File: 1468989659852-0.png (174.87 KB, 1845x1609, 1456963623784.png)

File: 1468989659852-1.png (540.8 KB, 3451x4477, 1456964208893.png)

File: 1468989659852-2.jpg (318.16 KB, 1024x1400, 1456968135417.jpg)

File: 1468989659852-3.png (1.94 MB, 2560x1080, DeepinScreenshot2016072000….png)

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>what is it?
An operating system that respects your freedom
>why would I use it?
If you are tired of having your OS use you and always wanted to use your computer instead
>What do you mean by freedom?
Write your own programs. use source code from the internet in seconds. update when you want to not when it tells you.
Want to run a website? cool! you can set one up in minutes.
Want to adjust your hardware to your liking? Awesome!
Want to stop or make a new feature to a program you use every day? Go for it!

Its your computer! use it how you want!
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Well, I finally managed to do it. All I had to do was actually do a bruteforce search, I tried to ssh into every address in the LAN (using a simple script, obvs), and just like that, I found it. Now for the next step, which is to find the proper driver for the wireless adapter, which should already be somewhere in /lib/modules, load it and make an interface for it (and get it to happen automatically on boot). Then setup hostapd and ip routing, however that last part is done.

Had this been needed a few years ago, I'd be thrilled. Today I have other learning priorities. However, I did likethe idea of building an embedded system, and I just might in the future, but right now I need to get this working.
Which also comes to show how extrinsic motivators could be much stronger than intrinsic ones at times. I wanted to do this in the past but I had no pressing reason to actually go through the process.

I try and make do with what I have, plus, it should be doable.


I've been using Linux for around 4 1/2 years now and I'd like to move up to something a bit more advanced and customizable. I've been getting by with Devuan + XFCE but it has become tiring. From random, esoteric bugs to missing functionality to a lack of a strong, central community, its just not cutting it anymore.

I've been looking at:
(And I might try out Gentoo as well as Slackware just for fun)
As security is one of my main focuses, Systemd is a no-go for me.

What resources do you recommend to learn the entire Linux ecosystem from the ground-up? Are there any quirks/tips I should know about related to the distros I've listed?


Have you heard of Linux From Scratch? It guides you through the process of building your own distro. It's not really suitable or intended to be used as a daily distro but as a learning experience instead.



Slackware is the ultimate comfy linux experience, everything is quite simple to achieve and you really can just slack off once you understand the main things (which isn't much, and what there is is never overcomplicated). The lightweightness and simplicity of customizing FluxBox goes really well with it, can recommend. And also if you like Slackware more than any other distros, chances are that you would feel right at home in OpenBSD too (which would also zoom right in on your security focus).

I've tried a handful of systems, only ever felt comfortable in Slackware, then years later tried OpenBSD, realized that was the problem all along, I'm not really the linux type at all, I'm a BSD person. The core should not be a hodge-podge of random bits, but something put together well, to the same standard of quality.
Funny tidbit, Slackware actually did grow out of a LinuxFromScratch setup originally, that the guy maintained for a couple of people that used his scripts rather than make their own.

File: 1588728011004.jpg (103.04 KB, 456x475, som_scan_p04.jpg)


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Isn't that a Pokemon?





huh, I remember visiting this website some years ago

File: 1553430660026.jpg (1.2 MB, 2268x1158, 1552968687904.jpg)


I'm currently in the process of trying to merge my active directories into my backup folders, but it's not going that well. Active folders have grown differently than the backup tree, without neither being more "correct".
E.g. sorting images based on why they were saved (aesthetically pleasing, lewd, funny, etc) or the contents.

How do you manage your folders of saved things? Any tips?
How do you deal with things that could belong in multiple places at once and no particular one is more correct?
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Once in a year I delete everything i have and start over
People don't need to hoard so many things


I have a serious hoarding problem myself personally. Any advice on how to let things go?


File: 1567694244165-0.jpg (127.5 KB, 1280x720, Does it spark joy.jpg)

File: 1567694244165-1.png (167.53 KB, 600x322, whiz tree.png)

Oddly enough Mari Kondo. Her "does it spark joy" thing helped me out. Wiztree is also good because it helps you visualize all your files. Instead of seeing a thousand of 50 mb folders you see 1 giant 50gb file. What do you horde exactly?


there's this thing called Hydrus, it's basically a booru but as a desktop application
alternatively, if you don't want to sort just videos and images there's fenrirfs but I haven't used that much (it is available in english too)


File: 1624644143959.jpg (1.68 MB, 3096x3096, Uhhh.jpg)

Sorry about the spam in here some week ago fellow sushis and sushimod. Had a bit of a manic episode, usually catch them early and unplug any devices, just write the bullshit into paper journals instead. Kinda got caught off guard by being right on the cusp of one and then pic related happens (got dropped into a screen with the 3 top lines, then the Question Signs are just anything I tried to input at all) after I fuck a bit too deep with a lisp REPL and yeah.

Sorry. Combining programming and ritual work is scary, I went off the deep end. Sorry for OT, but I feel a need to apologize.

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