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File: 1521250046806.png (2.6 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180316-222349.png)


Post a screenshot of your current cool/cute wallpaper! Both desktop and phone caps are ok!

I'll start with some vaporwave vibes.
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File: 1530800754171.jpg (568.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180705-152447….jpg)

we doing KLWP?


File: 1530801588515.png (1013.98 KB, 3360x2100, Screenshot 2018-07-05 at 1….png)

semi colour matching laptop too yay


File: 1531066535011.png (64.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180708-171315.png)

I am genuinely autistic enough to use a terminal interface as my home screen. I got fed up with all the fancy stuff like klwp.



File: 1531361095946.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180711-205233.png)

You got bigger balls than me, that's for sure. I just wished that I could get Linux Mint icons for my phone.

File: 1522534216021.jpg (475 KB, 1753x2048, 1520045797634.jpg)


I was thinking it would be nice if we had a thread for sharing our own websites/homepages. Woah, here's one now! Show me your netspace sushi!

Here's mine. It's a complete mess, but I like it. It's kind of new well, technically it's existed for a little while, but I only started working on it recently, so it's missing a lot of things, and there are a few links that 404. Though it's hosted on neocities, it's only slighty Lain themed.
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My neocities. For a while I was updating it fairly frequently, I should get back to that at some point, but there's not much for me to write about atm. Design based on the 4.5 tatami room.

I'll echo what everyone else here says, website design is super easy to learn! The trick is to read a very basic html tutorial, learn about how to use css (or not if you like web 2.0) and then look at the page source of websites you think look cool. Copy what you need, modify and combine etc. All you need is mousepad It's honestly super fun and kind of relaxing.


Nice website, nice music too


File: 1530198667557.jpg (181.56 KB, 850x1100, 9suZ95F.jpg)

I love your site's design. Also, even if you should choose not to put it online, I hope that you continue to write in the same the way that you approach the blog section on your site. I love this format, short thoughts on a focused topic.
You could maybe even keep a diary-of-sorts, with thoughts on everyday things or maybe just talking about whatever happened that day. Writing in that style helps me; normally it starts off like a little vignette and then blossoms into some thoughts or feelings… I'm always glad that I wrote them down!
The design feels like a big step forward! I really enjoy the community we have gathered so far and I hope we can find ~even~ more friends to hang out with!
>Wired is not dead
If we all keep it up, we can create our own little space here!


File: 1530222450912.jpg (315.77 KB, 1889x2244, 1523048034082 (1).jpg)

I am pretty fine with the way the site is.
There are so many imageboards already. Maybe the world doesn't need my imageboard-software (although I like it).
A more or less well functioning oekaki site is pretty good too.
I don't know if I want users though.
It would be kind of nice I guess, but then I would have to share it on sites more people use.
If too many people use it I would also have to upgrade my server, which would kind of suck, since I have no money at all.


File: 1530416282838.jpg (39.3 KB, 384x388, Festina Lente.jpg)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I've never heard anyone compliment my writing like that; it makes me happy to know someone enjoyed it.

File: 1495783375586.jpg (75.93 KB, 640x480, 149476398074.jpg)


Does anyone have any horror stories of what's happened to them personally while exploring the "Deep Web" or just any type of trouble they got themselves in?
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For some reason I'm having difficulty believe we're anywhere near cracking how to make successful Basilisk hacks.


I find it pretty boring but I've never gone all-in and actually looked for scary shit.

The most fucked up thing was that i was on the (Uncensored) Hidden Wiki and there are all these articles about child pornstars. About their lives and their 'careers'. Creeps me out makes me sick. They also straight up linked to child porn onions, most of them were labeled 'inactive' but some were active.
[spoiler]I didn't click that shit of course.[spoiler]


I'll remind you that the CIA is the same organization that tried using gypsies to spy on the reds.
Spoiler alert: it didn't work


It's a copypasta.

The most interesting thing I've found on darknets is a guide to sucking dick.
Otherwise it seems to be indexes and dead links.


File: 1502316332330.png (75.5 KB, 800x800, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_tor….png)


Hello guys i need help im trying to make my own imageboard. but i am very new to this. i once installed vichan through gui years back but i get this issue when i try to install the program through putty.
[code]:~/vichan# php install.php
The program 'php' can be found in the following packages:
* php7.0-cli
* hhvm
Try: apt install <selected package>


never mind. i didn't have php supposedly.
but now that i run the program i get:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in /root/vichan/inc/functions.php:35


Good luck, keep us posted (:



>Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding()

You need to enable the mbstring PHP module in php.ini

File: 1475010269066.jpg (1.48 MB, 3264x1836, bst.jpg)


Battlestation thread!
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File: 1526598010447-0.jpg (1.09 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20180517_183024866.jpg)

File: 1526598010447-1.jpg (853.01 KB, 4160x3120, IMG_20180517_183220586.jpg)

File: 1526598010447-2.jpg (1.1 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20180517_183238718.jpg)

File: 1526598010447-3.jpg (2.14 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20180517_183602439.jpg)

Sorry for the bad pictures, I'm horrible with any kind of camera. My cheap computer, with how my room looks with my rift setup and how my station looks normally. Vr gaming is cool but the vr tax is getting to me and pirating makes me feel a bit bad for most devs. Now I just use it as a virtual workspace, so I can mess around with cad stuff in a more professional looking environment. I used to also use it for watching anime and emulating games, but I find it easier to do all that without the headset on.


File: 1528566613352.jpg (3.08 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20180609_134736432.jpg)

I've been having people over so I havent cleaned up


I could be wrong but is that mastodon on the left monitor?



I believe it is discord, probably.


don't worry. it looks on a budget, but bretty comf.
could be comf, but yeah, terrible mess

File: 1479894822539.jpg (78.36 KB, 1280x959, photo_2016-11-23_09-52-18.jpg)


Have you ever messed with your school's wifi?
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Also not messing with the wifi. But when I was in primary school, one day I learned batch scripts and I used it to write a "virus", the only task of which was to hijack the google chrome shortcut, copy itself to all USB sticks and rename itself to "GAMES" so people would click on it. I don't think it was too successful though, it didn't even receive any attention from the administrators.


I never really did anything, but remember one time a teacher must have forgotten to log out of the admin account so this one kid had access to it, and of all the things he could have done all he did was install planetside 2. There were some wannabe skiddies in other classes which I heard rumor of but I don't think anything ever happened that was particularly entertaining.


Kinda. For some unknown reason, the admins had it set up so that the first user to login to a machine after boot was able to run programs as admin. You could not run them normally, same as when you where logged in when ever, only as admin, which was very odd.

That spread, friends telling friends I got called in to the Headmasters office about 4 months after the initial find. Got praised for being such a 1337 ][4x0r. Moved on with life.

Later on, about a year later, the whole BT network for the northeast schools and libraries, and other public funded things of that nature went down (TOTALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH ME I SWEAR ON ME MUM RITE FOR LEGAL REASONS) for 2 days. I was dragged in because they thought my stupid admin bug was to blame, it was not. Even after that, it was not fixed for another 6 months or so. Making it a grand total of 1.5 years to change one setting.

10/10 best admins Wel and Mar**. Weather it was replacing projector remote batteries, or unblocking sites for food, they where your niggas.


They only blocked account > account access attemts that came directly from the filesystem. Because every account that logged into a computer was downloaded onto said computers hard drive permanently (a really poor decision imo) the files were still avalible localy. However there was a bug by which I could proxy the local file/directory URL's through another program (internet explorer in my case) and bypass the admin prompt. That way I could copy to and from the users filesystem (but not delete or modify existing files) and it would update to the server on the next logout.


Wow. It takes some serious retardation to decide to block stuff only in the file explorer, not actually by user account.

File: 1521372150793.png (894.88 KB, 1000x652, wires.png)


What is the most treasured file on your computer?
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6840 threads, taking up around 10GB of space.


You seem keen on preserving them, ever considered uploading them to the IA?


That seems like a really cool thing to make public! You should make a torrent or something.

How far back do they go?


my pgp key.


No, I won't do that. They were saved from my browser, which means they have the (You) next to all my posts. My custom CSS, timezone, etc. is all saved as well, so it would be a compromise of my sushi rollymity.
In the future maybe I'll write a script which thoroughly removes all of that but for now I just encrypt them and back them up to jewgle drive.
The oldest file there is a thread from Oct 29, 2017.

File: 1468989659852-0.png (174.87 KB, 1845x1609, 1456963623784.png)

File: 1468989659852-1.png (540.8 KB, 3451x4477, 1456964208893.png)

File: 1468989659852-2.jpg (318.16 KB, 1024x1400, 1456968135417.jpg)

File: 1468989659852-3.png (1.94 MB, 2560x1080, DeepinScreenshot2016072000….png)

 No.74[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>what is it?
An operating system that respects your freedom
>why would I use it?
If you are tired of having your OS use you and always wanted to use your computer instead
>What do you mean by freedom?
Write your own programs. use source code from the internet in seconds. update when you want to not when it tells you.
Want to run a website? cool! you can set one up in minutes.
Want to adjust your hardware to your liking? Awesome!
Want to stop or make a new feature to a program you use every day? Go for it!

Its your computer! use it how you want!
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Thanks, guys, i'm gonna check these out. Btw, i'm at the basics level, using ubuntu on my second notebook.


File: 1521303686223.jpg (53.08 KB, 468x240, 1514899772767.jpg)

Mastering the terminal is achieved through trial, error, and persistence. Read as much as you can about every new word or acronym you come across. Don't be afraid to break things, either. Just keep on truckin'.


You can set it as your login shell, but keep /bin/sh as bash or dash. The `chsh' command is what you want to use, but in my experience editing /etc/passwd manually is more reliable. GUI terminal emulators may require additional configuration.
Just check a list of all your installed packages, and delete the ones you don't want. If you use gentoo you can edit your /var/lib/portage/world to remove old crap you don't need, and then run emerge –depclean.
Alpine has a similar simplicity to it. I've just switched to it from Gentoo, because I was a retard and I deleted some important libraries. I was unable to fix the problem manually within a reasonable timeframe and I didn't feel like compiling everything from scratch, so I backed up /home and switched to Alpine.


File: 1526229147844.png (145.54 KB, 1366x768, bluh.png)

So I'm using Linux Mint Cinnamon, is there a way to show thumbnails in the filepicker? If not, what distribution should I use that does? My PC is very old, like, it is an HP pavilion g6. With about 4 gigs of RAM.


Thumbnails like that is something people have been asking about for a long time now. There are patches floating around I think, but nobody with power within the GTK project seems too interested in adding such a feature themselves. I get around that issue by using my regular file manager and drag the file I want over to the application I want it open in (that's also something that can be inconsistent, not everything supports drag and drop).

QT applications (that would be anything KDE and related applications) has a file picker that supports thumbnails. So it might be worth trying QT and KDE alternatives to the applications you use. Kubuntu comes bundled with KDE, and I'm sure you can use KDE with Mint as well.

I want to enjoy free software on my desktop systems, but I think these kinds of things makes free software a little annoying outside of CLI tools. I wish desktop environments were a lot more consistent and supported these kinds of features.

File: 1507829538854-0.png (57.7 KB, 1233x425, bitbay.png)

File: 1507829538854-1.png (42.15 KB, 1797x188, bitbay2.png)

File: 1507829538854-2.png (168.46 KB, 640x480, PepeCurrency.png)


Crypto thread? Personally I think crypto is the future. No more centralization, no more states fucking you in the ass.
I also don't want to become a wage slave so I hope to make it thanks to crypto. Life is too short to not do what you like.
What cryptocurrencies have you invested in sushinons? What are you bullish on?
It would be cool that we all make it.

Personally I am extremely bullish on Bitbay. I missed the Ethereum train but I think Bitbay will be the next moon mission in 2018. It is the sole working decentralized marketplace and trustless contracting platform while fixing many BTC flaws and planning to have a decentralized peg that brings price stability by preventing volatility, especially from whales shady manipulation. The price is still fucking low (23m market cap) so there is a lot of growth potential. For instance, to have a x2 ROIs with ETH, it would need 30 fucking billions of dollars, while with bitbay it would only need 23m. It is far more likely in the latter for this very reason.
Pics related why I am bullish on it. It has both mainstream and darknet potential.
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Let's try it again. Only comfy posts below this post.


Oops, I forgot to unlock it.


I wish I'd had bitcoins before the recent forks – I could have doubled my money, twice. Extra money for investing is hard to keep on hand.

The other currencies that interest me currently are Ethereum and Monero. Monero seems like it is starting to pick up use within the Darknet, and if this illicit popularity takes off then I think its value could balloon suddenly like Bitcoin did years ago.


Let me warm you too that Ethereum is a ticking bomb. It uses PoW like Bitcoin so it has the same problems than it (extremely slow tx processing, centralized by mining mafias and enormous waste of energy/ressources = is not viable). The worst of the worst is that it is fucking bloated to death.
Look: https://etherscan.io/chart/chaindatasizefull
Right now a full node is fucking 350gb and its growth rate keeps getting faster.
This will lead to two options: either it will crash at some point, or either it will get centralized. Also most of its token is vaporware that is not used.

Also Monero is PoW so it has the same problems of it too. Most importantly, privacy tech only interest a few. Normies do not care about it.


>PoW is a waste of electricity
I disagree. The amount of energy used by traditional banking infrastructure is far greater. If PoW-based currencies become more popular, its energy use will probably be the same as the traditional banking system. Lower for Monero's PoW because it is memory/cache bound.

File: 1493915535994.jpg (1.96 MB, 1760x2332, creepy_chan_nosebleed_by_c….jpg)


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File: 1495743385880.jpg (1010.42 KB, 2708x1805, rats-humans-orig.jpg)

"Anything that can be done to a rat can be done to a human being."
As technology progresses that quote only becomes more and more horrifying. I am not looking forward to the future.


people on lainchan.org (ante-schisma) have literally argued with me in the past that "it's totally valid to interpret cyberpunk as actually validating my ideal totalitarian society" Always nice to be reminded that not everyone is an idiot like this.


File: 1498330434770.jpg (2.11 MB, 3000x2000, dont be evil.jpg)

It would be nice if you were to elaborate more on your post and not just post random links that some people might not want to click on. It might come of as spammy :^)


Nice site.
Why haven't you linked lainchan.org?
inter-chan drama aside it's a very good resource and i would certainty classify it as a 'Cyberpunk Community'.


Disregard this post.
My bad, didn't read the posts above

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