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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1568512584317.jpg (259.8 KB, 800x600, ^^^^11.jpg)


EuroGunZ (GunZ The Duel)
One of the best TPS I've ever played, I've been playing this in the last 10 years and this game never gets old. It's amazing all the different things you can do and the different game modes you can play. This game really needs more recognition.

Website: https://universegunz.net
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uc3eGbyiyo

What's your favorite old game?


I wish i could play GunZ like i did in the old days, but my internet conection is extremely bad and unstable, so i can't go back.
Still, i would love to play it again some day, i wish there were more games like it.


File: 1568604370632.png (535.33 KB, 440x540, MAXIMUMinterrogationmark.png)

did you post this same thread on futaba
i was wondering why nips suddenly brought up GunZ of all things.


Seems like this tread has been posted on like almost every chan there is.
Dunno if it's just somebody really liking the game or devs trying to increase their audience.

File: 1476067336339.jpg (108.63 KB, 500x375, 1440248459502.jpg)


Let's talk coding and software, sushis, because I don't do enough of it and I really should. Let's hear about projects you're working on, stuff your coding, learning. Trade secrets, info, tips, whatever. Programming isn't something that should be done alone in a corner.

I guess if we need a thread starter, I want to brush up on my coding skills. I want to find something to play around with, something not as mainstream as the stuff like Java and C, but will still be useful in a professional setting, something I can make usable stuff out of.
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Not everybody works the same though, it takes a bit of a creative disposition to dream up that best language, or even just a good one. Constraints and small boxes to work within have often been cited as inspiration, no doubt you've heard it before.
Kind of a LEGOs vs clay type of situation.
I like lisps too, but you have to realize it isn't the holy grail for everybody. An infinite journey of new boxes isn't always best procedure.
>my ideal language of a scheme with full dependent type checker
If you'd be prepared to put in some work, you could have a go at a toy scheme (based on "Write yourself a Scheme in 48 hours" perhaps) in haskell, figure it would be pretty easy to integrate whatever you like from haskell into it then.


Web development is just… boring. That was my focus in school, but I frequently found out there was no passion in web development, and people basically just do it because it's a "get rich quick" scheme. I went into "real" programming i.e. systems programming and find my tasks much more enjoyable than copying the same boilerplate ad nauseam.


Well, there are people that are fond of front-end development, nice for them, I almost never finish a web-related project of my own because I know I will have to write html/js at some point. I's a marketable set of skills but I'll rather do something completely different than doing boring php dev or javascript bugfixs again.

System programming seems way tougher to get into though, are you working in a particulier subset of it (driver, desktop application, embedded, etc)?


I have worked on both drivers and embedded before. Right now I am working on "cloud native" architecture. I contribute to some open source projects (which are desktop applications) but they are rarely updated projects.


New /adv/ type personal issues board at https://clooven.com is what I've been working on.


Planned obsolescence – devices intentionally designed to break over time – has been getting really bad in recent years. Everything is disposable. Even when hardware works, you no longer get software updates, which can make a device useless because it'll no longer get security fixes or support for modern apps.

And haven't you noticed how, when a tech company comes out with a new product, they shit all over their old ones? Like "our new device is so awesome and fast, and our old one was so clunky and shitty by comparison!" But then a year later, they do the same process over again. And you're thinking… you bought it because people said it was good. But then the company that made it said it sucks. They do it to get you to buy the same thing over and over again.

When will this stop? Do you think everything will be disposable forever, or will there be enough backlash to planned obsolescence that will reverse this trend so that electronics in the future are made to last longer? People talk about "the invisible hand" of "the free market" but maybe government regulation is required to stop it.

An example of this is how my friend's phone battery wouldn't last very long, so he bought an entirely new phone, even though I told him I could replace the battery if he bought one on Amazon (and they were really cheap).
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>will there be enough backlash to planned obsolescence that will reverse this trend so that electronics in the future are made to last longer?
Never, not under Judeo-Capitalism. People these days go on twitter and faceberg and either repeat the thoughts of others or only post their most basic feelings and impulses. Pattern recognition is forbidden, ground out of them by (((social pressure.))) Nobody rose up en masse when batteries shrunk, when aesthetic became more important than durability, or when the software became bloated and unusable shit with flat-design bauhaus GUIs. Nobody will ever rise up en masse because most people don't and won't care about phone quality so long as it lets them interact with the blasted hellscape that is modern social media at all times.


> Nobody will ever rise up en masse
> Repeats the classic conspiracy theory designed to keep people from rising up en masse


Your whole post is a mess, but I'd like to focus on one particular point;
>flat-design bauhaus GUIs
This tells me that you only know what bauhaus is because of that 4chan screencap that /co/ loves to spam.

The whole philosiphy of the collage was "all substance, no style". The point was to strip away aesthetics in favor of functionality and durability. If you handed in any modern GUI, hell, any modern technology to a bauhaus professor they'd fail you on the spot.


Even if you treat it well, manufacturers will drop support so you don't get upgrades and eventually stop getting security patches to encourage buying a newer model. I'm grateful to the guys who develop custom ROMs so I can keep using my first smartphone like it's new.


I think this is somewhat related to planned obsolescence, but it feels rare that a software "becomes lighter" or somehow uses less ram and cpu after an update. It feels like software producers assume you're updating your computer with every update and don't they spbt code like someone with a 2 year old computer could use it.

File: 1521372150793.png (894.88 KB, 1000x652, wires.png)


What is the most treasured file on your computer?
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File: 1567788505230.png (328.47 KB, 913x207, babye.PNG)

Those are so fun.
I was actually served this one at one point, I had partook a bit of canna so I almost thought I imagined it until I found I had saved the image.


the only important file on my computer is my keepass key file, I share that file across multiple devices, if i ever lose it all my passwords will be gone


I assume it was an ad for a Don Rickles stand up or something.


I know it's Don Rickles, but I've never found any bits he did about pissing. And why on earth would you advertise it like this?


File: 1567878694439.png (34.54 KB, 752x202, gold.PNG)

For some dumb reason I find this reddit post to be the funniest thing on earth.
>The scene when Hit Girl shoots through 20 baddies only to find her dad engulfed in flames was heartwrenching. Im a 31 year old man and I teared up.
That line always cracks me up when I'm having a bad day

File: 1522534216021.jpg (475 KB, 1753x2048, 1520045797634.jpg)


I was thinking it would be nice if we had a thread for sharing our own websites/homepages. Woah, here's one now! Show me your netspace sushi!

Here's mine. It's a complete mess, but I like it. It's kind of new well, technically it's existed for a little while, but I only started working on it recently, so it's missing a lot of things, and there are a few links that 404. Though it's hosted on neocities, it's only slighty Lain themed.
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Then use javascript.



File: 1560726363347.jpeg (481.56 KB, 1500x994, grant.jpeg)

I thought that Rivendell link was for Rivendell Bicycle Works…


I mostly have this domain so I have a neutral space to run my cloud and stuff

File: 1559467715108.png (113.58 KB, 335x334, 1a557e4ec0ae676985a5229cb5….png)


What are sushis working on right now? Any cool topics in computer science I should know more about?
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File: 1562853819631.png (38.83 KB, 427x210, linear-models-baby.png)

I'm writing some linear motion models for a physics simulation.


working on a imageboard, i know jack heck about proggraming so im using lainchan's base, is sushigirl's base easy to install? i first tried NPFchan's but after installing and entering mod.php once it never let me in again so im just trying lainchan, also im somewhat limited in specs as im running a pentium 4 with 256 MB of ram, should i upgrade?


Sushichan and Uboachan run on Vichan, which is easy to install and use but also a dead project. A lot of newer imageboards run on Lynxchan, which is still under active development, but in my experience way more difficult to set up and use. If you don't care about having cutting-edge technology behind your imageboard, I'd still recommend Vichan. It looks like Lainchan is actually running a modified version of Vichan, so their fork is probably still being developed and might be better than base Vichan. tl;dr if you're using Lainchan's base you're basically using Sushichan's base already, but probably better.


Thanks for the response, installation for lainchan was easy, but other problems arose, especifically webms not working despite any configuration i do and the package mess that is libjpeg62 over libjpeg9


Limits of computation and limits of machine learning.

File: 1536366974595.png (129.74 KB, 2000x1080, php.png)


Do any of you know PHP? If so, do you have any recommendations for learning it? I'm not new to programming or web development in general, but I started learning Node instead of older shit like LAMP.
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I'm too old for keeping up with gen Z's memes so I'm reverting back to ancient ones.


yes, dont. use Ruby


With Sinatra.


nobody uses ruby anymore
rails is dead
press F to pay respects


That doesn't mean it isn't better than PHP.

File: 1553430660026.jpg (1.2 MB, 2268x1158, 1552968687904.jpg)


I'm currently in the process of trying to merge my active directories into my backup folders, but it's not going that well. Active folders have grown differently than the backup tree, without neither being more "correct".
E.g. sorting images based on why they were saved (aesthetically pleasing, lewd, funny, etc) or the contents.

How do you manage your folders of saved things? Any tips?
How do you deal with things that could belong in multiple places at once and no particular one is more correct?
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Write a program that extracts features from files, classifies them, and prompts for your approval to perform an action. It can start simple, but it allows for more complexity later. In a sense, this type of system allows files to "describe themselves."


I just ordered a 8TB ext-HDD, so I'm preparing myself to start doing the same in order to back everything up.

This seems like some solid advice. I need to start doing this as well.


Once in a year I delete everything i have and start over
People don't need to hoard so many things


I have a serious hoarding problem myself personally. Any advice on how to let things go?


File: 1567694244165-0.jpg (127.5 KB, 1280x720, Does it spark joy.jpg)

File: 1567694244165-1.png (167.53 KB, 600x322, whiz tree.png)

Oddly enough Mari Kondo. Her "does it spark joy" thing helped me out. Wiztree is also good because it helps you visualize all your files. Instead of seeing a thousand of 50 mb folders you see 1 giant 50gb file. What do you horde exactly?

File: 1564955367891.png (2.21 MB, 1684x1191, いちご.png)


One interesting thing about open source software is that you can fully replicate an existing solution, modify it, and use it almost immediately to solve your problem.

When we look at open source hardware, we see that, yes, the same principle appears to apply, but it is missing the manufacturing component. Whereas a shell script in the software world might produce a binary that you can use, the hardware world doesn't have the same type of tool.

>From where should I source the parts to build the product?

>How do I assemble the parts once I get my hands on them?

By answering these questions, we provide the _full_ open source hardware solution that many of these open source hardware projects seem to fail to specify.

However, once we specify this information, we enter the real world where political forces exist, and simple sourcing information can immediately disrupt a supply-demand equilibrium. A solution that was previously economically viable through specified channels immediately becomes nonviable, something with which the open source software world doesn't have to deal.

My question is

_What will have to occur to bring the flexibility of the open source software world to the open source hardware world?_


Until you can instantly duplicate and send parts for hardware over the internet, just as you do with software, it cannot be as flexible as software. All you can do is give the schematics freely and let people replicate it if they so choose.


Haven't you always wanted a computer friend to talk to?


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