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File: 1607540344471.jpg (59.63 KB, 600x515, r_380577_T6DRH.jpg)


I wanna create an imageboard but I don't know how to use vichan and Tinyboard please help, I don't know anything about PHP nor java I'm lost and all I wanted is to create a parody imageboard that I and another guy found funny, plz help need a tool for idiots and normies like me.


i think thre is a manual


If you have to ask you shouldn't host an imageboard. You'll end up just getting spammed with CP and helping pedos.

If you really want to learn rent a VPS and host a basic static web page first. You'll want to be comfortable in a Linux environment and have basic sysadmin skills before attempting to host anything with user generated content.


Make a plan.
1) Investigate what you need to investigate
2) Learn what you need to learn.
Still, if you don't know how to code there is still tools lile chatgpt that at least will help you getting started


You could start by getting a local webserver to test out some image board software. In the end an image board is just a website, that you can run like any other. I would recommend XAMPP for a start, since it comes with everything you need to get going and there are many tutorials to configure it, if it should not run out of the box.


as if there aren't enough dead image boards spammed with CP already lmao


File: 1707557009209.png (21.68 KB, 1600x1036, stop pressuring me to do m….png)

speaking of which, it might be a good idea to start re-assembling the lewd board

i like this place


I think we are better without a lewd board


/lewd/ is still around, it's just hidden


If you're gonna make an imageboard, make sure you don't have ads and make sure you have a strong CSAM filter as well as racebait filter. For any soyjak party spammers or spammers in general, make a filter for that too.
Remembered that a Kiwi user told us a small powerlevel about how he used to run an obscure imageboard and despite it being so obscure and that he didn't shill it anywhere but his own site, CSAM ads/websites kept popping up (they dont have explicit images, just some simple drawings like silhouettes)
Imageboards especially dead ones have a very serious CSAM spam problem. I don't know who or what is doing this but I'll assume: Some form of web crawler/bot that detects imageboards and spams it, elaborate trolling groups on Discord or Telegram, or third worlders since in some of 3rd world countries don't decriminalize possession and distribution of it (including real and fictional)
Just some advice and theories about the whole problem with imageboards


If you don't want CP spam just host a 2ch style textboard instead. Make it private and recruit a bunch of friends or people you trust to test it out.


Honestly not needed, just do not host vichan or anything too close to the default interface. The spammers get easily confused and deterred.

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