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File: 1522534216021.jpg (475 KB, 1753x2048, 1520045797634.jpg)

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I was thinking it would be nice if we had a thread for sharing our own websites/homepages. Woah, here's one now! Show me your netspace sushi!

Here's mine. It's a complete mess, but I like it. It's kind of new well, technically it's existed for a little while, but I only started working on it recently, so it's missing a lot of things, and there are a few links that 404. Though it's hosted on neocities, it's only slighty Lain themed.
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theres alot of aspects i want to change, although i haven't had time b/c of college
plus ive grown attached with my shitty index thats its gonna be hard to get rid of
css styles are all over the place b/c i made them while i learned


This is my site I use to promote my art, it kind of loads a bit slow. Probably need to use tinyjpg or something.


File: 1558299971023.jpeg (463.59 KB, 1714x1059, 68A1A0C7-43F9-43FD-8198-D….jpeg)


I changed the purpose of the website. Now it is my own internet archive.

I plan to add some *features* to it ie. every html file gets an associated png fullheight screenshot


does anyone remember youtuber "allofthetrash" (also had a channel called FUCKCRYPT).
They had some interesting websites. I remember a page that had quotes from the game Darkseed 2 … "remember, anything seen in the mirror is not real, only the mirror itself is real." They had at least two different sites.

I just did some googling and found the names of the sites: seminal.us and cbren.blogspot.com


anyone have any resources for putting together an artist/musician website? thought about modifying artist sites i think are good but i can't into html


How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?
Anyway, they're both available on the internet archive.


Thanks! But it's not the same without all the sounds.

Can't believe how long ago that was…


real time home page for friends !


I see you completed the blender guru beginner tutorial



Then use javascript.



File: 1560726363347.jpeg (481.56 KB, 1500x994, grant.jpeg)

I thought that Rivendell link was for Rivendell Bicycle Works…


I mostly have this domain so I have a neutral space to run my cloud and stuff


File: 1576927939125.jpg (42.78 KB, 457x500, pic_unrelated.jpg)

Hello sushi rolls

I want to launch a passive page for promoting art and have no experience whatsoever with webhosting services. What would you recommend?

The site would be build from scratch by myself in PHP and CSS and should just include the most basic stuff like a gallery, links, information material, contact info and some news, web 1.0 tier. It seems wordpress is pretty popular nowadays, but personally I don't like it and would rather stick with w3.


100% neocities.org - lots of great examples of sites just like what you're describing in this thread that are hosted there.




Hi sushi. I'm going to give a more modern answer.

If you only want static hosting (html/css/js, no sign in or registration or comments), you can just use a service like https://keybase.io/docs/kbfs/keybase.pub (more lain) or https://pages.github.com/ (less lain). With each you can buy your own domain (I recommend namecheap.com) so you can have your own URL.

Now, if you want to really have more control over your site, you should get a VPS and run your own server. You can have server code, databases for a more interactive site. And if you like you can use the same server as a media host, ventrilo server, etc.
You can host static sites straight out of Nginx (generators like Jeykll or Hugo are popular. I use http://loup-vaillant.fr/projects/ussm/, which has very few features and is very simple, which is what I need).
Or if you need a dynamic app, however you usually deploy PHP. I'd recommend Python and Flask over PHP if you're new to programming, but in the end it doesn't matter too much.

Of course, you can always start with an externally hosted static site and then jump to running your own server later when you need to. Let me know if you have any questions.

Loaded ok for me. FYI I think you forgot to close the anchor tag on your deviantart link.

I really like the colors in the picture labeled "Image 1" at https://karindou.neocities.org/#image1. What medium is this?

Cheers. It makes me a bit sad that so many links are dead these days. Even on sites/posts that are only 2-3 years old.


It's still a work in progress and I use it mostly as my own personal homepage, but here ya go:



The searx instance is down and so is your blog.html page ;;

Good luck on it, I'll remind myself to check up on itin the near future. Can't wait to see how it'll turn out!


Yeah I migrated to a new SDF instance and in the process abandoned all my old blog posts (they were garbage and had my real name tied to them). The searx instance I'll be fixing tonight. Thanks for taking an interest sushi :)


I'm trying to create a website as we speak, and while I'm enjoying the process of designing/building it, I struggle when it comes to picking an overall theme and actually writing my own content. I fear that social media has kind of ruined my presenting skills.

Has anyone else here struggled with the same issue?


Krita + GIMP + Audacity for glitch effects
I think I already fixed the links? I don't remember what I do anymore.


Hey sushi! Nice site


I'm working on a crappy neocities site which I may or may not ever launch. In case I do, I may or may not post it here. The things I'm writing in it border the uncomfy even though the topics themselves aren't.

I used to have a lot of fun with microsoft frontpage. At a time when internet was something we couldn't afford, I'd entertain myself making my own websites. I was saddened to learn it was discontinued. Now I have to use Atom and its preview feature to see the fruits of my coding labor.

This is what I used to get back to speed on html. Very complete. I didn't read any of the CSS or javascript tutorials and will defend the <center> tag to the last.

I already have your site on my bookmarks. I was trying to remember why until I saw your tranlations page. Nice.


> The things I'm writing in it border the uncomfy even though the topics themselves aren't.
What do you mean by this? I'm in a similar predicament, as I'm unable to figure out how to make my content pleasant yet true to myself


I want to talk about how much I love anime but I also want to denounce the awful western fanbase in all of its facets, for example.


My interest has been piqued. Good luck on creating your site!


My advice would be to forget about the negative aspects, most likely thing is you won't get anything interesting out of it. Reading about what makes an anime good or interesting for you is way more genuine than the same edgy comments about people ruining my hobby but not really because it's still my hobby anyway


Guys I'm not gonna publish my site, relax.


It ain't much but it's mine. Sorry


File: 1592072539784.jpg (3.64 MB, 4000x6000, 1537353753306.jpg)

subdomain of the https://0xfdb.xyz network
We operate an IRC server, 24/7 live-streaming radio, imgboard and occasionally broadcast media via RTMP.
All for fun!



Love this one. Lots of subtle details I noticed only after I clicked into each room


The creator, Caroline Bren, passed away.
Somehow someone uploaded a video of what the site used to look like.


File: 1596774723324.png (35.44 KB, 900x600, gone fishin33.png)

I've got two: https://bad-luck-enterprises.neocities.org/
this was an art experiment and what I used to teach myself HTML and CSS with, it's defunct now, but if you know the addresses, the pages are still there.

This is my current portfolio/webart site, it's under construction for now though, not done with it.


You are very talented. Cool stuff. Spooky too.


File: 1596774916309.png (318.11 KB, 990x665, Portrait of the Artist.png)

Thank you! I'm tryin real hard to get noticed and whatnot.


your site is so cute, i t really love it
I've saved its html and assets to my collection of nice sites, I hope you don't mind


File: 1603423009443.jpg (563.49 KB, 675x1200, 49890442_p0_master1200.jpg)

I went to your blog one time last year, and now im revisiting i didnt expect to find principia discordia there woa. I guess my world changed a lot after reading it and following throught(kinda)


File: 1608830062088.jpg (346.1 KB, 520x735, 40536191_p0.jpg)

I have decided to have a semi-permanent online identity representing my final exorcism of the internet. Whether or not this final attempt shall succeed is something we are to find out. My website is in the e-mail field.

I have never created a website, so excuse any layout issues. Expect me to use this identity in sushigirl, scarcely, responsibly and whenever fitting.


Very nice sushi roll, I like the window favicons. Looking forward to reading five sixths of it!


File: 1609164171073.jpg (38.17 KB, 657x240, layeredPreTagsExample.JPG)

The spookiness is very comfy. It feels as if it has a flavor simultaneously creepy and sweet, both something joyously macabre and an unsettling delicacy. I've been experimenting with something similar to cultdeadcow.com where the main art is done in pre tags. I quite like the look and flair ones site gets from this style of art. Pic related is my work. It's three pre tags positioned to layer on top of each other. The frame, the middle layer done in block characters and the topmost drawn in ASCII. Currently getting back into the swing of things by finishing my personal site. I'm quite enjoying the self-imposed challenge of drawing the site windows this way. Will post it once its hosted.


it's actually changed.
it's now: https://ngmi.work


File: 1627665731008.png (6.37 KB, 393x99, bubble.png)

I have a "concept" website. I like to call it an hover adventure :

While my person page is over at :

And the first website I made to learn html etc is :

The whole thing is on another level.


Thanks sushi roll got my degree from bubbble


Pretty cool website! Anilist link is ded, though.
Savoie Libre !


Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for letting me know, I changed my username some time ago and I forgot to update the link.





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