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File: 1641685799638.png (294.16 KB, 986x1024, Firefox_logo,_2019.svg.png)


Hey there! I was wondering if any of you who use Firefox had also hardened it. If yes, what are some flags in about:config that I should toggle? I have already enabled resistFingerprinting, but what else is there? I heard somewhere that too much hardening makes your browser stand out even more. Is that true?


off the top of my head:

privacy.firstparty.isolate = true
beacon.enabled = false
geo.enabled = false
media.navigator.enabled = false
pdfjs.enableScripting = false
browser.urlbar.speculativeconnect.enabled = false
network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy = 0
network.http.referer.XOriginTrimmingPolicy = 0
network.dns.echconfig.enabled = true
security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation = true
dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.enabled = false

also type "telemetry" into about:config and set everything not security related to false


File: 1641788801365.png (170.19 KB, 2000x1522, bGe87tA.png)

If you disable tracking you will be tracked on the basis of having disabled tracking.


Guess I'll stop using the Internet then. Can't be tracked if you don't exist.


People have made user.js files that contain a lot of the options you'd be seeking.


Not recommended to just drop either of them in, but well worth scrolling through, seeing what does what, and either creating your own or just tweaking in browser.

Just running uBlock and enabling some of the extra lists will do wonders as well.

Oh and in case it wasn't clear, user.js files are basically user defined config files.


If you want to also harden against browser exploits, you can run Firefox in firejail.

File: 1538098743801.jpg (47.11 KB, 220x330, stallman.jpg)


People would take open source software more seriously if Stallman took better care of himself. He looks like a stereotypical neckbeard, which doesn't help the image of free software.
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File: 1641731016662.gif (1.88 MB, 640x628, jordanlaff.gif)

> literally proving the guy's point


I think the barrier to everyday people using Linux on the regular will always be software. This isn't to imply good open alternatives to regularly utilized software don't exist, but rather that for one reason or another the layperson can't or won't switch to them.

It's a huge topic on my college campus about whether or not students should jump ship to Linux, and the three major points of contention are always
- I play games/my software runs on Windows
- I don't want to take the time to learn a new system
- I don't want to be known as someone that doesn't touch grass

Most people using computers near-exclusively use Chrome, and nothing else. It's hard to understate how widespread that is. The "linux desktop" in its current state is completely ready to handle all of those users.

Once you break out of that circle, though, you run into a few more problems:
- Microsoft Office
- Adobe Suite, related creative work
- Gaming

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if we can get social media influencers and egirls to start using linux and showing it off as status symbol and fashion statement i think that would help the cause of free/open source software alot. since influencers and egirls like aesthetics i think getting them into ricing the os and showing off the customability of linux and making easy to edit loadouts for beginners would be a great start for getting these people into linux.


Perfect plan! So, most e-girls probablydont wanna go screwing with config files and terminals (some do I'm sure) but people could offer "ricing as a service" that would help give it its expense that would make for a good status symbol.


Thanks for the post sushi. While I think that the Office suite and the Adobe suite may prevent potential users of free operating systems from switching from Windows, there isn't much anybody can do about that.

People have tried again and again to create free as in freedom alternatives to such softwares which outperform the originals but you just can't take their brand and slap it on. In that regard I am hopeful in the efforts of the Wine project as even if not on production level, they managed to make the Microsoft Office suite run quite well.

I do not mean to be mean yet I think that desktop Linux is going to be relatively niche as long as it assumes that the user of the system knows a thing about what they are doing. I apologise for sounding cynical but I think that the average Windows user doesn't know a thing about what they are clicking and doesn't expect to have to do so.

And I do not mean that in a bad way, I am not criticising or accusing anyone of being alliterate or "a sheep". I just think that the general attitude towards computing has changed. I personally believe that many people have stopped wanting to have to know the computer. I will attempt to not jump to early conclusions but I believe that many current users just want to do fairly analog work cheaply and effeciently with the least amount of thought possible. This makes the Windows ecosystem an excellent candidate a lot of the time.

Windows uses an extremely easy visual UI design style that unifies most programs and presents the user with an extremely simple control scheme. Almost everything is present as a button/a left-clickable object with at least some written description built-in, with the keyboard having to be used for only a very small subset of tasks. This allows an uninterested user to just pick up the computer, do what the PC tells the user to do and go on with their work. Of course, there are some options for the case you need to alter how the system behaves but everything is presented in such a sandbox of dialogs that the uninterested user is able to solve most of their problems by following the system's orders and tutorials, without ever having to touch the deeper layers of the system or understanding how it works.

I am sorry to end on such a downer but I believe that as long as the community will continue to expect the users to nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1640412676036.jpg (305.45 KB, 1000x749, jwst.jpg)


The JWST is launching on December 25 at 7:20am EST (in six hours). Is anyone else going to be watching the stream?

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File: 1640436872613.png (52.07 KB, 263x233, 1640436753247.png)

Successful launch


Is this thing really important? I saw threads about it somewhere else but never dived into it


It's going to be the most powerful space telescope in history. It'll be at least as significant as the Hubble space telescope if everything goes well. It observes in infrared rather than visible light so it'll be able to see older and farther objects than the Hubble and answer questions it couldn't.


I think it looks so cool. That golden honeycomb thing. wow! so cool!


File: 1640907681011-0.jpg (135.04 KB, 799x532, JWST-sunshield.jpg)

File: 1640907681011-1.gif (3.03 MB, 777x437, Webb-Boom-Sunshield-Deploy….gif)

The JWST is about to deploy its sunshield. In testing in 2018 it ended up ripping in several places, so here's hoping it goes well.

File: 1468989659852-0.png (174.87 KB, 1845x1609, 1456963623784.png)

File: 1468989659852-1.png (540.8 KB, 3451x4477, 1456964208893.png)

File: 1468989659852-2.jpg (318.16 KB, 1024x1400, 1456968135417.jpg)

File: 1468989659852-3.png (1.94 MB, 2560x1080, DeepinScreenshot2016072000….png)

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>what is it?
An operating system that respects your freedom
>why would I use it?
If you are tired of having your OS use you and always wanted to use your computer instead
>What do you mean by freedom?
Write your own programs. use source code from the internet in seconds. update when you want to not when it tells you.
Want to run a website? cool! you can set one up in minutes.
Want to adjust your hardware to your liking? Awesome!
Want to stop or make a new feature to a program you use every day? Go for it!

Its your computer! use it how you want!
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File: 1638286317798.png (37.29 KB, 2560x1080, Screenshot_2021-11-26_02-5….png)

been using linux for about 9-10 years, despite this im still an ubuntoid.
luv me 'buntu.
void was okay, but i had no real use for it.
thinking of trying bedrock though.


Ubuntu is a great distro for many use cases as it 'just werks'.

Personally, I've been using Fedora at work for over a year now and quite like it. Soonish I'm going to switch to MacOS, I'm wondering how long it will take me to get used to it.


I branched out a bit with void and bunsenlabs, but ubuntu is just so reliable.
I hear fedora is basically the same in that regard.
I do recommend bunsenlabs for anyone running a really old/underpowered system, it's basically the new crunchbang (rip)


> I hear fedora is basically the same in that regard.
Reinstalling it as we speak. Gonna stick with it from now on, every other distro has its cons but Fedora always "just works" in my experience.


Finally managed a minimal install Debian, always feared setting up X11, because of how badly I messed it up few times. Running i3 with terminator, fish and not much else. Set up for SC61A, lots of fun.

File: 1579264280730.jpg (131.32 KB, 593x594, CaponithMornin131706033251….jpg)


Ever programmed a malware sushi roll?
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> but I still smile
That's all that matters.

I remember a lot of small "fun" software that would be mildly annoying/I considered funny, that I used on my own pc to look what would happen.

One was a cmd script that would just open itself and calculators until the pc crashed. Most people didn't know about ctrl+c at that time. I used it on an exhibit pc during a convention, a security dude (who had no understanding of computers) saw it and proceeded to beat me up for it. He never pressed charges or anything, once he thought I was sufficiently dealt with he just told me to fuck off. In retrospect I did deserve it if I'm honest.


EE shop. I built a tiny USB that acts as a mouse and jerks the cursor in a random direction at random times. Plugged it into my bosses computer five years ago. He still struggles with it. It has gone on so long, I'm afraid to tell him now.


Accidentally, yes


Wouldn't that be mean?


File: 1472677608329.png (464.02 KB, 750x625, 1458542465088.png)


How much does the average sushi roll's computer cost?
How many of you own fancy GPUs/processors, and how many of you prefer simpler/cheaper hardware?
Does anyone own more than 2 or 3 computers? If so, why?
As always, keep it comfy~
Thanks for your input!
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File: 1627583344097.png (619.95 KB, 700x700, 4353682c37f3bbc350740eb5ec….png)

2021, still with my trusty x200s. The system haven't been updated since early 2019 at least. It's getting harder and harder to get by in the modern internet with my little turtle.
A couple years ago I've fallen for the apple trap. Now my iphone 8 is stupidly faster than my laptop.
I'm thinking about getiing an a1466 macbook. It's cute.


File: 1638732561133.jpg (424.83 KB, 2048x1365, 1633413272456.jpg)

I own a CyberpowerPC that I bought from Amazon, claimed it was stolen, and got my $1,100 back.

In addition, I have an X60, an X220, a t420, and an Asus Chromebook.


File: 1638732828100.png (36.36 KB, 641x422, asdf.PNG)


I have a little acer netbook I got at a pawn shop. I barely use it, but it's comfy. When I first got it I liked to think of it as my little hacker box. I did some programming in it, a lot of distro hopping, and so on. Sometimes I hold on to that old feeling, but I don't really have much to do with a computer, y main device is a tablet as some 80% of my screentime is reading books and I do it in bed, on a comfy chair, or sometimes at a table with a notebook, which could be anywhere.
I also get very anxious about what I am running and what my workflow should be like. It's very stupid, but I can't seem to help it. I like a minimal linux box but I constantly feel I should be using this or that environment or programming language. Ultimately, though, I have nothing really worth doing on a computer. So I spare myself the trouble.


File: 1638763378239.jpg (616.62 KB, 1468x2308, came-prince-rawscan.jpg)

I built a PC for myself in 2019…
Athlon x4 845
Radeon Pro WX4100
32gb RAM

Adding up the parts, it comes up to about $640, but I spent more due to it being my first box, and making a few missteps during the process. It's a low end box, but it does most of the tasks I ask of it, so I'm happy with it. I'm happy I built mine just before the prices of GPUs ballooned in to insanity.
I mainly run Linux on it, though I have a Windows partition available just in case I need it.

File: 1633607890382.jpg (66.07 KB, 696x392, Historian-jobs.jpg)


Does anyone have any recommendations for a safe browser to use while exploring all these chans and neocities sites? So I can keep pretending I'm some kind of old internet researcher while not getting my address on 10 thousand different blacklists.

Any other app or tip would be appreciated too!


File: 1633627579788.png (18.97 KB, 600x600, bromite.png)

I use Bromite, a chromium fork which also has a built-in adblock. I use it for the SystemWebView too. It's pretty fast compared to Fennec.


File: 1634902965833.jpg (348.89 KB, 3840x2160, TrollFace.jpg)

Use ur neighbour's wifi


Seconded, Bromite is pretty damn good. Fennec/Firefox on Android is awful in comparison.


I fail to see your point OP. If you're concerned, wouldn't using a VPN + whatever browser with Adblock be more than enough if all you do is browse websites?

File: 1492302151088.jpg (1.09 MB, 3264x2448, 1491996917509.jpg)


Anyone still using a basic keypad phone? Pic related but not mine(some guy on /g/).

I've been thinking about picking up Cat B100 or one of those Chinese Lenovo flip phones.
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File: 1579342355276.jpg (2.04 MB, 3024x4032, 3310.JPG)

picked up a 3310 yesterday

it's a little expensive for a dumbphone($60), and still runs a really basic OS. Most new dumbphones out there are running KaiOS now, which I'm curious about since they sit in a nice middle ground of functionality.


Went looking for one of these sites and the first one immediately started trying to download a 10gb .bin file called "10GB.BIN" lole


The best phone I've ever had.
f-droid works like a charm too.


I've been meaning to pick up a Nokia KaiOS flip-phone, but I've seen some hearsay about how it's kinda buggy, but it also kinda seems to vary from device to device, which seems weird.

But the app-system seems really cool, like something I could write apps for myself since it isn't locked in to the most bloated corp-lang in existance (looking at you android). Instead just web-type stuff.


File: 1637321790163.png (114.71 KB, 680x521, hmmm.png)

Does anyone here use a KaiOS phone? I'm tempted to cop one for tinkering's sake but I've heard it's buggy as shit.


Haven't you always wanted a computer friend to talk to?
9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Yeah the OP is a bit vague.
Might even mean just someone you talk to through the computer, not about it. Just an internet homie.
You guys could always put a post in https://sushigirl.us/lounge/res/9187.html and specify that you're looking for someone with tech inclinations (and what particular area, since I'd wager most peeps on here is into tech in some shape or form) if that's what you want


File: 1634095534001.jpg (791.91 KB, 750x1334, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

If she was real I'd buy her in a heartbeat.
2077 had a chip you could put into your head that would let you see projections of real people, would be kind of cool to have a consciousness hanging around and observing what's going on in my life.


I've always went to AIs when I was feeling in a really bad mood.
Too bad that Mitsuku was made in flash so it's no longer possible to talk to her.


File: 1634377765959.jpg (100.67 KB, 396x385, 1612253016191.jpg)

I would love to join a hackerspace but there are none around and I'm not in position where I can create one. I would love to join an online discord/irc hackerspace with people of similar skill level and interests.



What topics are you interested in ? What skill level are you at?

File: 1585138956678.png (938.13 KB, 1500x1118, 1584017888977.png)


I use a lot of obscure websites, mainly imageboards, and I play on a lot of small vidya servers. I need a vpn so I can stop letting random people know where I live. I'd like it to be relatively obscure, so it isn't included in vpn blacklists. Are there any good vpns that aren't too popular?


To get around VPN blacklists, it might just be better to host your own on a VPS (ramnode, linode, digital ocean, hetzner). This requires a bit of effort to configure everything. The popular VPS providers might still be blacklisted tho.

Those that really care, can still find out where you live since browsers can leak your location in other ways, or they just recognize you.

I think a VPN is better used to access resources at home, or to prevent other people on the same WiFi as you from snooping on your activities.

The only VPN provider that I know of is Mullvad. They're more privacy oriented, but I don't know if the latency for you is good enough for video games. I don't know if they're good for regular browsing either.


>To get around VPN blacklists, it might just be better to host your own on a VPS (ramnode, linode, digital ocean, hetzner).
Most VPN blacklists are actually datacenter blacklists, so your VPS is likely to be blocked too. Instead of worrying about this, you should just boycott sites that use VPN blacklists. You're not missing anything.

>Those that really care, can still find out where you live since browsers can leak your location in other ways, or they just recognize you.

That's trivial to block. Websites shouldn't be able to see more than your timezone.


if you just want to try one out and see if it works for you getting around blacklists on those obscure websites, Express VPN and Private Internet Access are both VPNs with a 30 day money back guarantee. I've tried them both, Express VPN for several months and PIA I'm nearing the end of the first month. I like PIA a little better simply due to the fact its desktop vpn has a true kill switch that can enable even when you voluntarily disconnect.

Request your guaranteed refund whenever before the expiry date and its free.


Mullvad is pretty good from my experience. It has consistent payment, as in it doesn't change the price for longer or shorter periods, and you can even pay in cash if you want to be super private.


Mullvad seems trustworthy. I see them mentioned several times, and for well over a decade by privacy conscious people I think they're one of the more trustworthy providers. Way more trustworthy than PIA and their ilk (anyone else mentioned regularly through youtube sponsorships.).

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