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File: 1655926705034.png (763.77 KB, 975x975, 9c15d9647b9643dfbc5e522299….png)


There's a lot anti crypto/anti NFT opinions being expressed by people on the left, they could be part of the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the rich to the poor, but instead, they choose to display a snide moral/intellectual superiority. they could make massive headway towards their goal but instead choose to turn up their noses at this lifeline they've been thrown, eventually an ideological swing will occur but by then they'll have already shot themselves in the foot and squandered a massive opportunity. I hold many viewpoints that coincide with what a lot of the left is aiming for, so watching them unintentionally fuck themselves over is pretty disappointing. a deus ex machine came, but their to stupid to see it.
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File: 1655991342823.png (245.18 KB, 3030x1142, upload_5d69a63da0d4ebb6cc7….png)

I would like a currency that makes it more possible to tax the rich, not even less possible. Also proof of work makes me squick.
I like experimental financial structures, but tbh I'm more worried about summoning demons then hopeful about saving angels.


and putting your retirement fund in stocks is communism because it means that the workers own the means of production right?


>There's a lot anti crypto/anti NFT opinions being expressed by people on the left
It's because if you're left-wing, it's likely the case that you think capitalism itself is a flawed system that needs to be replaced. From that perspective, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are just band aids to cover the problems capitalism has, like the tendency towards monopoly, at best.

At worse these things just represent false hope that the wealthy are open for a change to being on a level playing field with average joe workers and are letting them in to some incredible future market on the ground floor in a once in a lifetime opportunity. But that claim wasn't true when Jordan Belfort was selling penny stocks to people over the phone in the 90s, and it's not true now with teenage youtubers showing off the Lamborghini their dad bought them while they talk about their investments in crypto.


>hates centralized authority governing commerce
>invents new centralized authority governing commerce
smart ppl invest in energy from spiral knights


Moved to >>>/hell/3931.

File: 1650798458639.webm (560.97 KB, 1280x720, hermitcrab.webm)


Do you use any programs on your computer on a daily basis? What are they? Do you use anything so much that you instinctively launch it right after turning your PC on? Are you always connected to the Internet?

Personally I use IRC, email and webchats a lot so I have a corner of my room dedicated to an old recycled PC that only runs my clients and a web browser.
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>install keepassXC
>"oh boy i cant wait to increase muh securities"
>sudden horrible sense of doom
>better listen to my gut
>proceed to first use keep ass on all my old abandoned accounts, filled with mementos, nostalgia, simpler times
>feeling bretty gud again
>so secure
>tendies are ready
>shut laptop to put it to sleep
>come back
>ready to keep ass everything
>check my nostalgia pw file

FUCK keep ass


That's kinda on you for not keeping your backups safe.


File: 1651178599852.jpg (354.92 KB, 1920x1080, it's ok.jpg)

Thanks for the story, will make sure this doesn't happen to me.
And sorry for your loss


For work its:
MobaXterm – SSH, RDP, SFTP, Telnet and Serial Client
Outlook – email
MS Teams and Webex Teams – Internal and clients chatting and videocall platform
KeePassXC – Password mgmt

Personal stuff:
ripcord – Discord but usable
Tidal – Music



This sounds great sushi roll. I've been having an issue with passwords recently, so I could really use this.

I've been needing to start thinking of newer ones due to getting phished on some sites. Kind of my fault since I've always used the same one or two passwords for almost every site I've ever registered on, but now it's grating of these sites always making me always think of brand new ones that need letters, numbers, special characters etc. My piss poor memory won't be able to keep up.

File: 1640886527226-0.png (144.18 KB, 276x317, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1640886527226-1.png (171.8 KB, 309x334, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1640886527226-2.png (140.52 KB, 256x256, ClipboardImage.png)


I have been playing with this AI website that creates art from an inputted phrase by finding and mixing images. You can tell it to make anything, and the output usually kind of makes sense. I think it would be fun to see what we all can come up with!


(Also see if you can guess the input phrase of my third image.)
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File: 1643288351322-0.png (127.73 KB, 313x313, Screenshot_20220127_135543.png)

File: 1643288351322-1.png (165.98 KB, 565x343, Screenshot_20220127_133732….png)



File: 1643299784435.png (283.44 KB, 476x514, IMG_20220126_215048.png)

Mango mango man!
I wanna be - a mango maaan!


File: 1643384458351.png (135.24 KB, 422x333, Screenshot_20220127_140842.png)


File: 1651285035012-0.png (1.22 MB, 1024x1024, 2b19b700-c7ea-11ec-bb6a-37….png)

File: 1651285035012-1.png (1 MB, 1024x1024, 0bcdcc19-c7eb-11ec-88e4-37….png)

File: 1651285035012-2.png (1.75 MB, 1024x1024, e388364e-c7ea-11ec-b881-d7….png)

Habibi Hitler

The second would make a great album cover for a punk rock band

File: 1466474235065.png (350.6 KB, 814x822, pyra trash mockup.png)


Has anyone seen/used the Pyra yet?

It looks comfy but it is pricy.
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That is certainly interesting, although I think I need to get a real laptop from this decade before I go about getting something like this.


Looks awesome but the price point isn't the greatest and realistically I know I wouldn't use it enough to justify buying it. Still interested to see how it is when it actually comes out though, the pandora was pretty good.
That would make a pretty fun project.


Why not hack together your own for much much less?


Pocket chip died :(
You can't officially buy it anymore


yeah but you can still unofficially buy it

File: 1487382404238.jpeg (139.37 KB, 860x902, image.jpeg)


What are the Comfiest apps you sushi rolls know of? iOS or android. Personally, I'm pretty fond of sudoku apps, a nice challenge but still relaxing.
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Clickpocalypse II: no cost, no ads*, no IAPs, the best idle RPG out there.

* actually there are temporary bonuses available if you watch, what I assume, are ad videos. never used it myself though.


OP sushi here. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of sudoku on my phone. I’ve gotten good enough at it it’s not really like challenging anymore most of the time and it’s just a mechanical action of filling out the boxes. But it’s still kind of chill even if it’s not as actually engaging.


In a similar vein to this years later, I'm currently smitten with obsidian.md and I've put it on most everything I use daily. It's wonderful to have an outlet for whatever thoughts and ideas strike rather than just letting them float away. It also helps me to keep a little bit more focused and having some sort of touchstone app to open up when bored rather than just opening up the web.


So it's like personal wiki software?


File: 1645204617622.png (148.21 KB, 1091x717, obsidian.PNG)

In essence yes, but for my personal use it feels like a much much more intuitive and powerful notetaking app. I've tried to use basic text editors like notepad++ for similar use cases (planning out projects, stories, daily todo log, etc) but the organization factor makes it nearly impossible past a certain threshold.
I find organizing everything into their little place, even if the notes are just tiny lists, very energizing. It pushed me to complete more than a few projects since I picked it up just by virtue of being able to keep track of my own thoughts so much more effectively. It's also nice to know its just a ton of my writings all in one place. On top of that you get neat little visualizations of your notes in a big graph if you set it up a certain way. Even if obsidian isn't your final choice, I'd really recommend trying out an app like it.

File: 1582871075582.png (10.15 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Does somebody using Haiku here?
Haiku appreciation thread.


Hmmm I learned that Fuchsia is related to Haiku.


No, I know one person who uses it as their main machine though. Do you use it OP? How's the software support? What about the license? Is it libre? Is it similar to gnu/linux? I dislike most operating systems nowadays, I can tolerate gnu/linux because it's not spying on me which I believe is a sad excuse to use some piece of software and I think that's telling a lot about modern OS development. I wouldn't mind switching to something completely different.



I used to use it on my main machine but stopped for various reasons that were mostly software support related and have now been fixed anyway. Also because it uses the mouse a lot.

Many command line tools work fine. Emacs doesn't work in gui iirc but QT programs work well. There are also a lot using its own toolkit which is much nicer to develop in than any alternative (except for the fact it's C++ which I don't like much). Couldn't really tell you about the license except I'm pretty sure it's free. It might come with driver blobs though. It implements quite a bit of POSIX and depending on what you use your Linux/BSD system for will feel familiar. It's single user though, can only boot into the graphical interface, and feels coherent, which sets it apart.

It's fast. Suspend didn't work, because it hadn't been implemented if I remember right, but that was okay because from an SSD it started in less than 10 seconds. Some people might want things faster than that - my needs were few and I appreciated the gain in battery life (some might argue I was infatuated to the extent of masochism).

It comes with a browser, I believe it works on webkit. It did what I wanted from a web browser, which isn't much, but also loaded some more Javascripty web pages without much trouble which some people will appreciate.

It uses keybindings more similar to macos - that is, the alt key is used for copying and pasting. This is a good thing and means copying and pasting works everywhere, even in the terminal without any faff. In a similar no-faff vein, the filesystem is excellent (it's basically a database), easy to navigate and use, and the file selection dialogue and file manager are exactly the same thing; when navigating or manipulating or doing anything with files, you can do something intuitive and it will work.

When I used the system, I tried to fully embrace Haiku life by using the Haiku programs. I used the Haiku IRC client, browser, media player, and email client. The email client by the way grabs emails into files, but instead of being like a maildir file they use the file metadata to store headers, and can be sorted very man of tastely in different ways because of this. There is a focus on file-orientation, like with UNIX, but it seems better thought out here - different to plan 9, and not necessarily better oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


How's the hardware support beyond just thinkpads?

File: 1641685799638.png (294.16 KB, 986x1024, Firefox_logo,_2019.svg.png)


Hey there! I was wondering if any of you who use Firefox had also hardened it. If yes, what are some flags in about:config that I should toggle? I have already enabled resistFingerprinting, but what else is there? I heard somewhere that too much hardening makes your browser stand out even more. Is that true?


off the top of my head:

privacy.firstparty.isolate = true
beacon.enabled = false
geo.enabled = false
media.navigator.enabled = false
pdfjs.enableScripting = false
browser.urlbar.speculativeconnect.enabled = false
network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy = 0
network.http.referer.XOriginTrimmingPolicy = 0
network.dns.echconfig.enabled = true
security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation = true
dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.enabled = false

also type "telemetry" into about:config and set everything not security related to false


File: 1641788801365.png (170.19 KB, 2000x1522, bGe87tA.png)

If you disable tracking you will be tracked on the basis of having disabled tracking.


Guess I'll stop using the Internet then. Can't be tracked if you don't exist.


People have made user.js files that contain a lot of the options you'd be seeking.


Not recommended to just drop either of them in, but well worth scrolling through, seeing what does what, and either creating your own or just tweaking in browser.

Just running uBlock and enabling some of the extra lists will do wonders as well.

Oh and in case it wasn't clear, user.js files are basically user defined config files.


If you want to also harden against browser exploits, you can run Firefox in firejail.

File: 1538098743801.jpg (47.11 KB, 220x330, stallman.jpg)


People would take open source software more seriously if Stallman took better care of himself. He looks like a stereotypical neckbeard, which doesn't help the image of free software.
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File: 1641731016662.gif (1.88 MB, 640x628, jordanlaff.gif)

> literally proving the guy's point


I think the barrier to everyday people using Linux on the regular will always be software. This isn't to imply good open alternatives to regularly utilized software don't exist, but rather that for one reason or another the layperson can't or won't switch to them.

It's a huge topic on my college campus about whether or not students should jump ship to Linux, and the three major points of contention are always
- I play games/my software runs on Windows
- I don't want to take the time to learn a new system
- I don't want to be known as someone that doesn't touch grass

Most people using computers near-exclusively use Chrome, and nothing else. It's hard to understate how widespread that is. The "linux desktop" in its current state is completely ready to handle all of those users.

Once you break out of that circle, though, you run into a few more problems:
- Microsoft Office
- Adobe Suite, related creative work
- Gaming

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


if we can get social media influencers and egirls to start using linux and showing it off as status symbol and fashion statement i think that would help the cause of free/open source software alot. since influencers and egirls like aesthetics i think getting them into ricing the os and showing off the customability of linux and making easy to edit loadouts for beginners would be a great start for getting these people into linux.


Perfect plan! So, most e-girls probablydont wanna go screwing with config files and terminals (some do I'm sure) but people could offer "ricing as a service" that would help give it its expense that would make for a good status symbol.


Thanks for the post sushi. While I think that the Office suite and the Adobe suite may prevent potential users of free operating systems from switching from Windows, there isn't much anybody can do about that.

People have tried again and again to create free as in freedom alternatives to such softwares which outperform the originals but you just can't take their brand and slap it on. In that regard I am hopeful in the efforts of the Wine project as even if not on production level, they managed to make the Microsoft Office suite run quite well.

I do not mean to be mean yet I think that desktop Linux is going to be relatively niche as long as it assumes that the user of the system knows a thing about what they are doing. I apologise for sounding cynical but I think that the average Windows user doesn't know a thing about what they are clicking and doesn't expect to have to do so.

And I do not mean that in a bad way, I am not criticising or accusing anyone of being alliterate or "a sheep". I just think that the general attitude towards computing has changed. I personally believe that many people have stopped wanting to have to know the computer. I will attempt to not jump to early conclusions but I believe that many current users just want to do fairly analog work cheaply and effeciently with the least amount of thought possible. This makes the Windows ecosystem an excellent candidate a lot of the time.

Windows uses an extremely easy visual UI design style that unifies most programs and presents the user with an extremely simple control scheme. Almost everything is present as a button/a left-clickable object with at least some written description built-in, with the keyboard having to be used for only a very small subset of tasks. This allows an uninterested user to just pick up the computer, do what the PC tells the user to do and go on with their work. Of course, there are some options for the case you need to alter how the system behaves but everything is presented in such a sandbox of dialogs that the uninterested user is able to solve most of their problems by following the system's orders and tutorials, without ever having to touch the deeper layers of the system or understanding how it works.

I am sorry to end on such a downer but I believe that as long as the community will continue to expect the users to nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1640412676036.jpg (305.45 KB, 1000x749, jwst.jpg)


The JWST is launching on December 25 at 7:20am EST (in six hours). Is anyone else going to be watching the stream?

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File: 1640436872613.png (52.07 KB, 263x233, 1640436753247.png)

Successful launch


Is this thing really important? I saw threads about it somewhere else but never dived into it


It's going to be the most powerful space telescope in history. It'll be at least as significant as the Hubble space telescope if everything goes well. It observes in infrared rather than visible light so it'll be able to see older and farther objects than the Hubble and answer questions it couldn't.


I think it looks so cool. That golden honeycomb thing. wow! so cool!


File: 1640907681011-0.jpg (135.04 KB, 799x532, JWST-sunshield.jpg)

File: 1640907681011-1.gif (3.03 MB, 777x437, Webb-Boom-Sunshield-Deploy….gif)

The JWST is about to deploy its sunshield. In testing in 2018 it ended up ripping in several places, so here's hoping it goes well.

File: 1468989659852-0.png (174.87 KB, 1845x1609, 1456963623784.png)

File: 1468989659852-1.png (540.8 KB, 3451x4477, 1456964208893.png)

File: 1468989659852-2.jpg (318.16 KB, 1024x1400, 1456968135417.jpg)

File: 1468989659852-3.png (1.94 MB, 2560x1080, DeepinScreenshot2016072000….png)

 No.74[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>what is it?
An operating system that respects your freedom
>why would I use it?
If you are tired of having your OS use you and always wanted to use your computer instead
>What do you mean by freedom?
Write your own programs. use source code from the internet in seconds. update when you want to not when it tells you.
Want to run a website? cool! you can set one up in minutes.
Want to adjust your hardware to your liking? Awesome!
Want to stop or make a new feature to a program you use every day? Go for it!

Its your computer! use it how you want!
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File: 1638286317798.png (37.29 KB, 2560x1080, Screenshot_2021-11-26_02-5….png)

been using linux for about 9-10 years, despite this im still an ubuntoid.
luv me 'buntu.
void was okay, but i had no real use for it.
thinking of trying bedrock though.


Ubuntu is a great distro for many use cases as it 'just werks'.

Personally, I've been using Fedora at work for over a year now and quite like it. Soonish I'm going to switch to MacOS, I'm wondering how long it will take me to get used to it.


I branched out a bit with void and bunsenlabs, but ubuntu is just so reliable.
I hear fedora is basically the same in that regard.
I do recommend bunsenlabs for anyone running a really old/underpowered system, it's basically the new crunchbang (rip)


> I hear fedora is basically the same in that regard.
Reinstalling it as we speak. Gonna stick with it from now on, every other distro has its cons but Fedora always "just works" in my experience.


Finally managed a minimal install Debian, always feared setting up X11, because of how badly I messed it up few times. Running i3 with terminator, fish and not much else. Set up for SC61A, lots of fun.

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