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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.


Would you punch Miku in the face? (in a consensual training match with proper protective equipment)


ehh idk she isnt the most punchable anime character. im just not huge into that kind of music


File: 1707526667313.jpg (1.44 MB, 2000x1522, __producer_koshimizu_sachi….jpg)

If only they'd make a Sachiko boxing game

File: 1687504315586.png (1.8 MB, 1707x964, Untitled.png)


Have you learned how to play Mahjong yet?
It is a fulfilling game that trains your mind and forces you to make good decisions or be punished. You can also gamble and win on bad decisions.
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File: 1705728071503-0.jpg (447.77 KB, 1920x1009, 20240118222935_1.jpg)

File: 1705728071503-1.jpg (406.33 KB, 1920x1009, 20240118222701_1.jpg)

They did a end-of-year-recap thing in riichi city, it was kind of cute. Apparently 4-sou is my most common winning tile.

They're taking some interesting directions with the minigames, last event had some idle game thing I looked at once and decided I had better things to do, but now they've got a Guitar Hero knockoff going.


I want to learn how to play Mahjong. Looks really cool, but I feel I'm not smart enough


No one is, it's ok.


Mahjong is not difficult to learn. Print out a score card for reference and I guarantee you can pick up the basic game within a few rounds.


Thank you friends. Will try to learn it bit by bit

File: 1535995776970.gif (375.61 KB, 540x400, lindroth.gif)


are any of you sushis into this game? i just finished it a couple of weeks ago and it was the most weird, charming thing i've ever played. i'm pumped for the sequel

also, i know there's not supposed to be any meaningful story but it's really fun to come up with your own theories
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If you're interested, but not interested enough to play it.
Also recommending this channel.


File: 1536521957096.jpg (267.91 KB, 600x600, 1476060213_Hylics Walkin d….jpg)

call me weird but i think this game's character design is the coolest shit ever. something about a tiny-faced moon man in a leather getup just gets to me


Looking forward for the sequel. It looks amazing.


in case you haven't seen the (new) preview


I have only played the first game and it was amazing. Can't wait to play the sequel. It will be soon

File: 1686894681126.jpg (254.76 KB, 1920x1080, FyNbTMFXgAAf6X-.jpg)


Launch party never ends :D
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1) the changes were made by the original creators by their own decision, not because of complaints.
2) The new characters are amazing and have massively boosted the games popularity
3) "genuine feedback" from people who bought the game in 2013, played for an hour and never touched it again
4) Mike Z was removed from the team a long time ago
5) play a fighting game


Not that sushi but whose decision it was and how many hours you have in the game doesn't change the fact that the changes are retarded.


>"genuine feedback" from people who bought the game in 2013, played for an hour and never touched it again
That's because the game was re-released like three times which reset the players' playtime.


File: 1694991089371.jpg (127.29 KB, 1200x2000, 1672167131338699.jpg)

So they just decided it was a good idea to introduce such a big change out of nowhere? Interesting behaviour.

They are boring as hell, and the only thing that got boosted were the negative reviews. I learned about SG way back while i was playing JoJo HFTF on Fightcade, i bought Skullgirls in June 2022 when it was on sale. Not everyone can afford 50€+ games that change every fucking week and also have half of the cast locked behind another paywall.

There's nothing and i mean nothing skillful or honourable in not letting your opponent play. Just because you fried your dopamine receptors and resort to practising sweat of death combos on regular basis, doesn't mean everyone else should fall a victim to your shenanigans. I remember when frame data wasn't that known, and i'd play fightans with my friends head-first.

"play a fighting game"
man, with friends like you…


I have been waiting for Marie for like 10 years. But after all the drama I don't really want to support them. Well, at least before the lawsuit resolution.
It doesn't feel right to me.

File: 1650396689668.png (2.53 MB, 1200x819, 593510-magic-gathering-mej….png)


Any sushis play MtG or other trading card games? What formats? Online or in paper?
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I got into Yugioh right when it came out. Noticed them next to the Pokemon cards and bought some plus I recognized the Konami logo from games that I loved. Fell in love with this franchise and played competitively all the way until 2018. I still have a bit of my collection but I have had to sell out of it over the years since.


File: 1671974472329.png (1.33 MB, 1010x900, 1547804368472.png)

Happy to see another Netrunner player here, I love that game! It's not just the best card game, I think it's one of the best board games I've ever played too. I even got into the tournament scene despite never being interested in that for other games and I made some great memories doing it, my local community is fantastic. My interest has waned a little thanks to the years of online play but now that meatspace events are starting to ramp up I'm hoping to get back into it.
I love how tightly the theme is woven into the gameplay, with even little details like the hand/deck/bin having specific names depending on which side you're playing. Feels great to play too with all the mind games, economy management and risk calculations you need to do to try and win. I used to be an avid MtG player but I can never see myself returning to it. Especially after what WotC did, they're never getting another penny from me.


File: 1676904094881-0.jpg (51.78 KB, 265x370, katildaandlier.jpg)

File: 1676904094881-1.jpg (53.08 KB, 265x370, slimefootandsquee.jpg)

File: 1676904094881-2.jpg (50.42 KB, 265x370, dranaandlinvala.jpg)

These new team-up cards are a pretty cute idea, I like them a lot


>but now my old friends are all gone and the LGS only really plays Commander
Story of my life sushi roll ;-; My one friend I used to play with and I drifted apart and I would go to matches at local cards shops but EVERYONE only plays Commander. As in, people seem weirded out if you casually play standard.


File: 1705993959129-0.jpg (114.48 KB, 672x936, 20240125.jpg)

File: 1705993959129-1.jpg (137.49 KB, 672x936, 20240128.jpg)

As a red MtG player, direct damage is always appreciated….

File: 1705394449721.png (289.91 KB, 545x474, DE494DCA-DEE7-438B-9BD0-79….png)


This is a niche title to be sure but among those who know, all agree it’s the best “Master of Magic-like” fantasy holy war simulator. Now in its 6th iteration!
As a primarily multiplayer game, it is best with 4-8 players; it is my hope we can organize a sushi community for batting bloodthirsty elves against the forces of Central American frog warriors, Monkey people from Hindi legends and surprisingly mundane Germans in heavy plate.


File: 1705444180643.jpg (1.13 MB, 2865x1845, F_7P-OsagAAxpLb.jpg)

I tried to get into Dominions 5 years ago but got filtered
Recently though I put 100-ish hours into Age of Wonder and it reminded me quite a bit of when I played Dominions ages ago, so maybe I'd be more into it this time around.

File: 1614587554541.jpg (1.56 MB, 2150x3035, 3ds.jpg)


I got myself a 3ds a while ago, mostly to emulate stuff but also to play games exclusive to the DS and the 3DS. I couldn't fathom emulating them so I bought one.
Trouble is I can't imagine any game on the DS or 3DS that I'd like to play.
Does sushi know any cool games on it? I'm a fan of the platformers the most, but if it's from another genre don't be afraid of posting it.
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Flipnote is really fun if you like drawing. I still make things in it. As for real games you should try Henry Hatsworth if you like platformers.

I have the exact same feeling. I think it's a combination of the game design being for pick up and play, the design of the console being for kids so its made to just be thrown in a backpack vs the switch or steamdeck that require a case, and the lower technical barrier meaning there was room for small and interesting games from developers since it was relatively cheaper and you could do it with small teams and a quick turnaround.


imagine them taking turns on your dick


File: 1691823307141.png (223.16 KB, 400x480, 3DS_KidIcarusUprising_enGB….png)

I'd suggest Kid Icarus:Uprising. It's a shooter/action game and is super fun. I heard the online mode still has enough players too. Shame it never got a sequel :/


This is my favorite 3ds game!


set up custom firmware so you can use hShop to download all teh games for free

File: 1565540901568.jpg (100.79 KB, 1280x716, scheda-wii-u-v4-18123-1280.jpg)


Even if Nintendo got almost everything wrong with this console starting from horrible loading times to censoring content, I still find it extremely comfy - the menu music, the forgotten games, the whole experience still has something other consoles do not have.

What are you playing right now? I'm going through Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. I was mad when they showed that it wasn't gonna be a true SMT x FE back in 2015, but a colourful, cool and comfy adventure in modern Tokyo with an idol show business setting is good too.
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its so soulful. i really like the controller screen gimmick too tbh…

i wish with the switch that miis were more prevalent, miiverse still existed, everything had nice cozy music and the background wasn't just 1 solid color for minimalism. just like the good old wii u. but i don't think they'll ever go back to that style because making the software for the switch 'soulless' kinda contributes to its success because it's less childish in a way…


>censoring content
when did this happen? i dont remember this at all lmao


It's also been a favorite of mine, I've been doing some theory crafting on it lately, mind if I share?


As a playstation owner i give my honor to the wii menu and opening screen. There is something so unique about the square grid like composition that gives it that console feel unlike any other and i have played a handful myself. I would go as far as even saying i dont think any upcoming consoles can match.


So I'm missing half of my Wii U because my brother accidentally took it with him when he moved away, but I would play it if I still could. The thing I miss the most about it is it's probably one of the last gimmick consoles there will probably ever be (maybe I'm being pessimistic).

File: 1694471421108.png (1.93 MB, 1357x732, delete me!!!!!.png)


does anypuppy here play guild wars 2?
ever since i learned it runs on my work computer its become my biggest comfort game.


File: 1694495673786.gif (974.44 KB, 300x229, 1690503692959640.gif)

I did sink into this game, 100 hours in a month earlier this year. Got few characters to max level, bought two expansions.

Problem was lack of a clear goal in the end game. I tried to do the story, but the writing was awful, missions hard and tedious.

Well, glad I lost my interest. I really can't justify this many hours put into gaming.


why is that girl sitting in that milk
isnt she gonna smell bad when she gets out


I will be a good friend, and help clean her up.


she is an adult, sushi roll, I don't think she needs any help. Just tell her where your towels are and let her be.


I don't want my towels soaked with milk.

File: 1590163618464.png (1.04 MB, 1200x720, bf8d6dc1-d2a2-46f9-96ec-94….png)


I don't know how many of you play this, but I'll set up here for now.

picrel: I thought the limited drops would end with the last update, so I panicked and spammed 3-1 pretty much a couple hours before maintenance. ~10 runs in, I finally got my first non-Chitose AV and my first foreign ship! hoping to get Fletcher or Isokaze next as I'm lacking in anti-air DDs, but that drop probably sucked up my luck for the month.

how's your base going, sushi?
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File: 1591511046360.png (340.94 KB, 609x1000, 1585094841914.png)

I personally liked it because of it, you don't need to pay attention and invest a lot on it (except money, that is a literal investment). I can browse imageboards or play something else while the skirmishes happen or the timers fill out.
The only thing that pisses me off is that, you have to put something akin of 50 dollars to have enough space to collect all the ships


File: 1592167887956.jpg (261.38 KB, 1803x2691, 3ko_michi 1137598132945006….jpg)

>Well pants isn't something you can wear unless you're a woman
That is very close-minded.


File: 1592189378829.png (555.66 KB, 600x862, ClipboardImage.png)

>That is very close-minded.
It's better that way


I prefer its competition, AZURE LANE.


File: 1694602979720.jpg (112.12 KB, 669x960, 20230912.jpg)

The History Behind Kantai Collection

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