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File: 1465358981157.jpg (2.58 MB, 3456x2304, IMG_3263.JPG)

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Lets have a tea thread! What are you guys drinking, whats you're favorite kind of tea?
Here is a nice cup of green tea.
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Currently I'm drinking a cold brew green tea from Korea whose name I've already forgotten. It is quite tasty though, I like to add a drop of maple syrup to give it a light sweetness


In the early to late afternoons bancha tea, matcha in evenings or fruity teas i get at DM with dinner, i dont usually drink tea in the morning, thats reserved for coffee.


reading through this thread got me wanting some tea at 1am so i made some chamomile tea on this chilly september night


I just got a proper full tea cake of puerh. I hear this is a really good way to get it, especially cause it ages well. Though I haven't tried any yet. I think I may buy a better teapot beforehand.


I drink all kinds of herbals, but rarely any actual tea. I find it hard to do any kind of drugs at all, including caffeine. If I am drinking tea, it's black tea, 3 minutes. My favorites being Earl Grey and Lady Grey. I also have a "Darjeeling", that I bought, but I doubt it's truly that. It tastes like a regular black tea to me. I've also had Silver Needle white tea and Jasmine (green) tea, but I really just stick to black teas. I went black, and never went back. I also have three different kettles. One of which actually is able to keep the temperature down for green teas. Otherwise, I just use my dumber kettle that boils it to boiling point.

Some herbals I like are peppermint, mint (especially with black tea), sage (also good with black tea), and Rooibos. I have other herbals I want to try like Rose and stuff, but I haven't tried them yet. Of course, I add things to my black tea like mint, sage, cinnamon, etc. I'm more interested in Russian, Azerbaijani, and Armenian tea than Chinese and Japanese teas, but I mostly stick to herbals. I've also read two different books on teas as well. I might continue reading more one day. I probably won't drink these teas, but reading about them would be nice.

File: 1622858482762.jpg (2.76 MB, 6000x4000, hot-dogs.jpg)


hello sushis. hot dog conosiour here. what do u put on your hot dog? i usually go with ketchup, dijon, relish, and kraut.
cant go wrong with a hot dog :-)
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File: 1688809986017.jpg (208 KB, 719x383, Screenshot_2023-07-08-05-5….jpg)

Here in the beautiful country of Chile one of our most common dishes is the completo italiano! also known in some places as just a "completo".
It's a hot dog with chopped tomatoes, mashed avocado, and mayonnaise.
I usually eat mine without mayo (can't really stand the taste >_>) and instead add ketchup and mustard. I also like to make sure my avocado is properly mashed and I give it a bit of lemon for taste. It's pretty good! ^_^


Its gotta be sauerkraut, fried onions, and grainy mustard for me.


File: 1690069479572.jpg (1.11 MB, 4480x6720, Seattle-Dog-smaller.jpg)

Seattle dog. Cream cheese, onions, sometimes other stuff too.


Usually just mayo and mashed potatoes, maybe ketchup or pepper sauce if I feel like it. Not a big hot dog guy.


Corn, cheese and bacon. I prefer mustard over ketchup.

File: 1694678790140.jpg (188.13 KB, 1200x1607, Sweet-and-Sour-Chickpeas-o….jpg)


Anyone have any simple and tasty vegan/incidentally vegan recipes?

I have a friend who's vegan and I want to make something nice for him sometimes since he doesn't cook very often. I have a couple ideas (meatless chili, chickpea curry, red beans and rice) but I was wondering if anyone else had anything. It doesn't have to be strictly "vegan" either, even just some recipes that have a couple ingredients that can be substituted for vegan options would help!


I have not yet been able to get this one to work perfectly for me yet, but I find it very interesting.


I think it tends to be more critical to follow an exact recipe with things like this.


Lentil soup is pretty good. I've never made it myself though, only bought it premade in cans.


Almond milk can substitute regular milk, just make sure to use plain, unsweetened almond milk. Most almost milk is sold with vanilla and other flavors for drinking, but this is no good for cooking. You can make your own with a cheesecloth and a blender!


>incidentally vegan
Consider homebrewing/winemaking if he drinks.


File: 1694812712986.jpg (818.75 KB, 1024x1000, Woks-of-life-hot-dry-noodl….jpg)

Simple Hot Dry Noodles

- mie noodles
- peanuts / peanut butter
- soy sauce
- garlic
- spring onion
- msg
- chili crisp / chili oil

Cook mie noodles according to package instructions and discard water. Chop peanuts very finely until they almost have become a powder or use peanut butter. Chop garlic finely and mix with a splash of water. Chop spring onion. Stir everything together with soy sauce, chili crisp, msg and sugar to taste. Add any vegetables you fancy. Enjoy.

This recipe is inspired by street food I had in Sichuan. I think they add mustard greens there, but they are difficult to source here. Don't skip the msg!

File: 1626125971363.jpg (1.58 MB, 4032x3024, dinner.jpg)


Last night I made Tuna steaks, broccoli and yellow peppers sauteed in soy sauce, fried brussel sprouts topped with kewpie, some kimchi, and a fried tortilla.
All washed down with a golden sip.
What did you have for dinner?
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It's been 4 days, but cheese crackers or cheese soup are easy ways to use up a lot of cheese. You can also make a cheese sauce and just eat that with bread like you would eat oven baked camembert. Fills you really quickly. Just be wary of all that sodium intake and drink enough water.
Good job on making the Mac n cheese, the first time making a roux was a little intimidating when I made it.


File: 1694053941830.jpg (846.82 KB, 2000x1501, Cupcake.jpg)

Not really dinner but I made some cupcakes.


Despite my deep conviction that food isn't supposed to be bright blue, unless it's blueberries, these look nice. Well done sushi, I'd love to try those.


Thanks! We were had a beach themed retirement party so that's why I went with the blue icing with fish.


Blue is okay for dessert!!!

File: 1560029497853.jpeg (1.79 MB, 4000x3000, Bittersweet.jpeg)


How do you like your Coco? Milky? White? Dark? 100% pure and bitter?
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Not cookies as sugary, those cookies that have no taste whatsoever, and rice cookies


I find some info, but you indicated sugar will make you feel better
It seens to be another reason or multiple causes


File: 1681078173839.png (843.27 KB, 722x860, 1636507722199.png)

>Someone who is lactose intolerant will have trouble digesting lactose, which is the sugar found in milk. This intolerance causes one or more of the digestive issues noted.
That is interesting, I am lactose intolerant after all, so this may play something.
But also the sugar that I used is a "light" one, so this is also another thing to take into account


I like dark chocolate a lot. I prefer it over other forms of chocolate, like milk. The taste of dark chocolate is the first thought that comes into my head when discussing it.


Try making honey candies. They're real easy to make and very healthy! It's basically just honey that has been either frozen or baked into hard candy. You can add cinnamon to make it spicy if you like.

File: 1684702432121.png (887.52 KB, 760x580, ClipboardImage.png)


Do any of you sushis eat gluten-free flours?
I'm gonna get checked tomorrow because there is a chance that I might have high blood sugar, and decided to cook some Gluten-free bread so that I don't feel like ass with regular bread. It was surprisingly tasty, I really really liked it. It's also a huge plus that it doesn't make me feel like utter trash.
The high price is a big downer though :(
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That sounds cool, what kind of gluten-free cookies do they have? The only ones I can usually find that aren't super expensive are the gluten-free Oreos.


File: 1685045369089.png (590.6 KB, 2452x1816, 1636817885835.png)

Well I went to the store yesterday and the light isn't as bright as you'd imagine
Only a very select kind of cookies are less expensive, the rest range from slightly more expensive to three times more expensive.
The cheap ones were some biscuits that come in many flavours, the more expensive ones are the ones with filler in them, but they come in many different shapes and forms. Some with chips, some are pretzels, some are salty. It's quite varied all things considered.
Surprisingly so, when I asked the owner of the store about things without gluten, she went fairly in detail about it. Apparently Celiac's disease is real brutal, but thankfully right now it's all an intolerance. Not as bad as shampoo giving me skin rashes, but only time will tell.
On another note, I think I developed an intolerance for bananas now? I am not too sure who should I go to so that I can check my intolerances, but all of this just comes out of nowhere and it's kinda blindsiding me.


I can eat gluten just fine, but my sister has celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Having it sucks, but it's not the hardest intolerance to work around.
>I might have high blood sugar
Gluten is the protein I thought. Shouldn't impact your blood sugar more or less than gluten free breads.

Assuming you want to avoid gluten rather than sugars or carbs, there's hope: Not eating gluten became super popular with the "alternative nutrition" crowd a few years back, and hipsters and hippies alike decided to buy it, which is amazing - because as a result there's a large variety of gluten free products.
For normal nutrition, avoiding carbs that have wheat or gluten and instead using carbs that naturally don't have any (rice and potatoes) are great. Some gluten free pasta is fine as well, though that will depend on brands. I'd recommend you buy the ones your local store has and try those first, especially the cheap ones.
Sadly, the way my sister describes it is gluten free baked goods are usually where the quality suffers (or they are super expensive). She got herself a bread machine and a pasta machine and makes both herself. Her breads don't taste as good as a homemade sourdough, but better than the usual supermarket bread, and it's economical as well. So I'd recommend getting those. Bread machines second hand are super cheap, they seem to be in the category of "a lot of people buy them, don't use them, and they take up too much space to just stand around", which drives second hand prices down. Just remember to give them a good wash, both because of gluten and because of general nasty surprises you may find. Also be aware that there's a lot of "hidden" gluten especially in sauces like cheaper (and worse) soy sauces. Your mileage may vary and it depends on your health situation, but for her she says anything that states "contains traces of gluten", she doesn't eat and anything that says "may contain traces of gluten" she does.
Good luck sushi.
>Apparently Celiac's disease is real brutal,
It really depends on the person, but if you have celiac's disease and keep eating gluten, it tends to get worse and worse until it can get really bad. So if you just have a intolerance, probably Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hmmm I've never looked much at biscuit cookies. Good luck on getting something like intolerances checked; I was seeing a doctor for something like a year for chronic abdominal pain before they finally suggested maybe my issues could be a food intolerance, and even then it was more of a "try cutting out foods and see if you feel better" than any kind of formal test.

Also be aware that there's a lot of "hidden" gluten especially in sauces like cheaper (and worse) soy sauces.
Even the regular Kikkoman is brewed with wheat. Oddly enough the cheaper La Choy is not.


I feel everyone's pain. I am really intolerant of milk and it is incredible how much milk is in our foods, as a sweetener especially.

File: 1671747016109-0.jpg (1.76 MB, 5456x3632, gingerbread-men-6.jpg)

File: 1671747016109-1.jpg (122.97 KB, 900x675, 29887a4acacedb7b5bf29ee1d1….jpg)


Happy Christmas!
It's that time of year again! What sweet treats will you eat this Christmas? Do you follow the traditions or are you preparing something unconventional and fancy?


File: 1671760641168.jpeg (27.96 KB, 468x655, roll.jpeg)

My wife is preparing a Swiss roll this year. I've been asking her to make Stollen for the past few years, welp, maybe next year. She did look up the recipy this year, though, we're getting close.
I love her baking anyway, no matter what she prepares.


My mom and I always bake lots of cookies
My favorites are cinnamon stars and marzipan hearts!


Mmmmmmm marzipan. So underrated

File: 1674744373469.jpg (175.2 KB, 660x1000, Chilli-Paneer-Restaurant-S….jpg)


Cottage cheese is yumyum

File: 1606783066720.jpg (171.5 KB, 1280x720, pokemon-sword-and-shield-a….jpg)


Hello there dear sushis!!
have you ever try making curry? do you have a favorite recipe? spicy or sweet? any good advice for curry?

>lately i'm very into making the le blanc curry but i want to use a good coffee and chocolate.
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I used to make rajma masala but now I mostly order food (living situation makes cooking hard for me). My favourites are samosa chaat, dal makhani, and chicken vindaloo.

I've never had Japanese-style curry but I would love to try it. There is about one Indian restaurant every block downtown here, but only like one or two Japanese places.


File: 1660562875582-0.jpg (1.57 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20220814_171412807.jpg)

File: 1660562875582-1.jpg (35.27 KB, 500x263, roux.jpg)

I made kare raisu for the first time yesterday and it turned out very poggers!! ^__^

I used this recipe.


File: 1660569694510-0.png (153.96 KB, 500x500, tasty.png)

File: 1660569694511-1.jpg (35.12 KB, 425x425, vermont apple.jpg)

What kind should I make next, sushis? I am going to use chicken this time.


File: 1660593918782.epub (6.89 MB, Iyer - 2008 - 660 curries….epub)

curry+rice is peak everyday-food; easy to make, utilitarian, and infinite flavor variation. Here is a great compendium on indian curry.


I make Rajma Marsala as well as curries with tofu, chickpeas, and lentils. I've also made Japanese curry two times now. The first time was with a beef substitute, which was okay. I didn't particularly like it. The second time was with fried tofu. That was also okay, but it took way too much effort. I also changed up the recipe from the standard box curry to one that included ginger, garlic, and a very ripe banana, smashed in there. Next one's gonna be tofu again, but I'm going to crush all the water and crumble it in. I really like the potatoes, but not much crowding the curry. From what I see in other people's images, that's the right way to do it. I still think I'd like it a lot more with the crumbled tofu. Then, I'll probably add a grated apple, chocolate, or something else. Probably not at once, of course. I'm also seeing how well it freezes. I'm going to unfreeze my Japanese curry and see how it lasted.

I still prefer regular, Indian curry more. Japanese curry seems to be a pale comparison of Indian curry. Like, you can tell it's curry, but there's something off about it. I usually do potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms to my curry, by the way. It'll be fun to experiment more with different vegetables, too. Japanese curry might not be like Indian curry, but it's charming with its variety.

File: 1533708825874.jpg (88.54 KB, 678x904, 20180807_231212.jpg)


I made noodles :)
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Thanks sushis


File: 1660662617845-0.jpg (61.26 KB, 600x600, waiwai_tom_yum.jpg)

File: 1660662617845-1.jpg (37.89 KB, 477x600, nissin_soba_teriyaki.jpg)

File: 1660662617845-2.jpg (514.42 KB, 1080x1080, WEBP_nissin_yakisoba.jpg)

File: 1660662617845-3.jpg (1.43 MB, 1512x1800, Mac_n_Cheese.jpg)

I like noodle. What is your favourite noodle?
Have you ever made noodle yourself from flour?

These are my picks for the Top 4 noodles I can acquire where I live and devour with glee.


File: 1660687550552.jpg (350.06 KB, 1500x1338, 91x1XJaImWL._SL1500_.jpg)

I used to eat the Ippei-chan "night shop yakisoba" noodle bowls a lot. Comes with mayonnaise to put on top of it after cooking.



File: 1664557229529.jpg (408.59 KB, 900x1600, 1664557233522.jpg)

Me too

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