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File: 1504262273565.jpg (102.67 KB, 542x664, image-13.jpg)


Do you like experimenting with food?
What are your best creations?
What were your worst creations?
Ever got something totally unexpected?
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I love experimenting with food, but I also hate wasting it. Sadly that is usually the case. Especially when trying to come up with new baked goods.

Cheese and cheese based sauces work surprisingly well with chicken. Meat is pretty hard to make inedible though, for me at least.

Don't boil canned tuna, it's horrible. Cheap, flour based "sausages" also aren't good for frying on a pan.


Some time ago I made pancakes for the first time. I started off with a ratio from a recipe (1/3 glass of flour, 2/3 glass of milk, 1 egg), then adjusted as I were making the pancakes. Here is what I found out:
More liquid or less flour makes the batter less viscous (more runny) and so you can make thinner pancakes by tipping the pan. Less liquid or more flour makes batter the opposite - viscous, harder to spread, and therefore thicker, denser pancake.
Eggs contribute to "structural integrity" of pancakes. They keep the pancakes together, give them elasticity, and prevent them from crumbling or falling apart.

I tried doing an extreme "pancake" today by adding a little milk and flour to 3 eggs. Essentially scrambled eggs but with a bit of flour. After frying, it turned out very thick and resembled raw dough (even though it was cooked). I could pick up the whole "meal" with a spoon. I got myself scrambled eggs (with some fried onions and cheese) on a stick. It was very filling but a bit tiring after the first few bites.

If you have some tomatoes and dried-up bread lying around, cut up the tomatoes and toss them on a frying pan. Crush the bread into bite-size chunks and also toss them on the pan once the tomatoes release water. The bread will absorb tomato water and soften. Tastes surprisingly well, it has the chewy texture of bread and umami flavour of tomatoes. Works well with eggs too.

Eating food while making food is the best because you know exaclty when to stop and never make too much.


File: 1507064440711.jpg (61.35 KB, 640x640, unfine china.jpg)

>Do you like experimenting with food?
Yeah all the time. I actually run a cooking show b/c I do so much fun stuff in the kitchen.
>What are your best creations?
Multi-generational chicken sandwich. Stove-top cooked chicken breast, fried egg, some turkey meat, peanut butter, and kale on an uncooked bagel.
>What were your worst creations?
Fruit smoothie where I added tomatoes b/c they're a fruit.
>Ever got something totally unexpected?
Chopped up hotdogs mixed with honey mustard and jam. Actually turned out really good.


It's mostly improvisation when I cook for myself, and have a hard time following a recipe without diverging from it. I did some horrendous things at the beginning but it's very rare now I fuck up to the point I have to waste food. Maybe it's because of my lack of discipline and love for creativity but I also hate to waste food and to eat the same thing each meals.

For example, I had half a bottle of broccoli soup. I found it rather bland and didn't feel like trying anything with the oven (potaoes are baking right now anyway). So I poured the soup in a pan, took one of those unsweetened soy yogurt and used it as cream, put the remaining of a bag of grated cheese, and some spices to add taste and colors (paprika, cumin, pepper). At the end I had a pretty balanced meal taste-wise with enough texture (the soup wasn't perfectly mixed). That's pretty tame, but still I got something good out of three boring elements.


It has to do with pancake too. I don't remember the process, but it involved water, flour, chocolate and it ended in an awful mess of lumps, still liquid dough with burn parts, bubbles and no taste at all.

I'll be glad to hear about unexpected ways to cook leftover


The other day I improvised with some stuff I had around, and I called it a "nest". It was a bed of alfafa sprouts, with slices of jicama and sunflower seeds and also sesame seeds. And some vinagrette made with ginger root slices and tangerine juice. It was tasty.
Sorry if the names of the plants are in spanish, I couldn't find english words for them.

File: 1465358981157.jpg (2.58 MB, 3456x2304, IMG_3263.JPG)


Lets have a tea thread! What are you guys drinking, whats you're favorite kind of tea?
Here is a nice cup of green tea.
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I just tried some valerian root tea for the first time and it was pretty good
I bought in on a whim because I remembered hearing online once that it was good for anxiety. I looked it up and found that it has something in it that works in the same way as benzos do in your brain, which is interesting. of course this effect is very weak but I do feel generally relaxed right now. I also hear it's good for sleep.
Warning if you're thinking of getting this stuff, it stinks really bad, smells like feet (unless you're into that kind of stuff I guess) but it tastes much better than it smells. I put a little bit of honey in mine too and it was great.


Black, with milk and honey.
Chai, when I can get my hands on it.
Sometimes I'll steal my sister's Green. She's got this Jade Dragon stuff that's a little fruity and its supreme.


File: 1505029055517.jpg (159.24 KB, 1920x1080, Logo_S005_AD_1920X1080.jpg)

been drinking a fair bit recently. i've been blending my own. black teas mostly.
i have middle grade loose ceylons and assams. some ctc tanzanian. and some very high grade formosa black tea, close to yunnan type.

on their own the taste ok but i like the different flavours together. the formosa is quite floral, the ceylon spicy and the ctc provides a good base.

I've also blended some dajeeling with formosa gaba oolong.

I brew them pretty strong, there's like 3/4-1 cup of expanded leaf in the teapot, for making one mu of tea. but you know, loose leaf swells up a lot.
all drunk with milk.

i'm sure if a tea master saw this he'd cry hehe. but tea is to be quaffed and enjoyed imo


Also managed to snag some ceylon a while back. I was quite surprised by how much taste it had, considering how light-colored the tea came out. This tea has the biggest loose leaves I've encountered so far too. Will have to try it with some fried fruit or spices too…

At least where I'm from the usual markets carry seasonal teas with added bits of fruit etc. Those are usually a good starting point in figuring out your own blends. One of my favorites is a black tea with quince, elderberry and bits of dried pineapple and orange. It has such a rich taste!


Some really nice cups and tea pots in there. I didn't have the opportunity to properly use my little blue cups. I only drink chai tea on the evening, but drinking some Chinese tea when I go to my friend place make me want to get into more "refined" tea and refrain from drinking cheap coffee all day long at work. I forgot the name again, but it's a red tea packed into a circle-shaped ball.

File: 1504460957440.jpg (75.71 KB, 565x387, dog lard.jpg)


There is some weird stuff floating in this packet of "flavoring oil", which came with a pack of kimchi flavored instant noodles. I didn't open the oil packet, but the objects feel hard under my fingers and with some effort I can snap the longer bits. Anyone has any idea what it could be? I found some YT reviews of these exact noodles, and it seems like the "crispy bits" are in there intentionally, not by accident. I didn't add the oil into the noodles either way.


File: 1504461038036.jpg (88.19 KB, 533x283, components.jpg)

Here are the ingredients. My guess is those are fish bones, but why and how they got there, I have no idea.


it's just fried shallots or onion

pretty standard


ok I'll give it a try next time I eat noodles
but if those are bones, I swear I'll find you and sneak this in your food

File: 1465208625130-0.jpg (286.1 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_5348599-Asso….jpg)

File: 1465208625130-1.png (503.48 KB, 767x469, retouched-sushi-dip-767.png)

File: 1465208625130-2.jpg (320.12 KB, 2060x1236, Sushi-with-chopsticks-009.jpg)

File: 1465208625130-3.jpg (1.39 MB, 2000x1118, wpid-img_6245.jpg)


Obligatory sushi thread time.


File: 1466503450435-0.jpg (47.42 KB, 570x360, qtroll.jpg)

File: 1466503450435-1.jpg (72.87 KB, 648x864, qtroll2.jpg)


File: 1504390763976-0.jpg (72.41 KB, 1024x682, Dee-Dee-1024x682.jpg)

File: 1504390763976-1.jpg (89.05 KB, 1024x682, Oishi-Tempura-1024x682.jpg)

File: 1504390763976-2.jpg (28.58 KB, 550x413, sushi_in_a_cone_2.jpg)

The green one looks marvelous.

File: 1490695696442.png (225.69 KB, 1000x950, e215349032893cb30e53476411….png)


What do you guys eat for breakfast?

i usually eat fried eggs, coffee with milk and sometimes i buy something to eat at uni
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yeah, morning ends quickly for me for some reason.


File: 1504120878830.png (315.64 KB, 696x496, __original_drawn_by_meisa_….png)

As I've started my new job, I've been having to stop at places for breakfast. I'm getting real tired of it, though and wish I had time for home cooked sausage and eggs again. Being a NEET had it's perks, I guess.


>>297 here
After a few days of having eggs for breakfast I grew sick of it, mostly because when I have to wash the pan it smells foul and makes me think that eggs are disgusting.
Back to cereal and coffee.


I don't eat anything for breakfast, just two cups of coffee. The first thing I eat is always a banana and about a cup of mixed nuts w/ dried cranberries, and that's about 4 hours after I wake up.


One of the first times I had a job and lived alone, I kept buying frozen pizzas on discount in various shops. Apart from fruit, pizza was all I ate for 2 weeks and life was good. I had to think strategically and be sneaky about buying and smuggling pizza into my room, or else workmates would notice, which was unavoidable anyway. Sharing a kitchen is all that keeps me from doing that again. I even asked the landlord if a room with a kitchen is available, but no luck :(

File: 1468450911400.jpg (41.67 KB, 480x351, soup.jpg)


Anyone else into soup? Recipe's, thoughts, or techniques?
I've been making lots of sweet potato soups recently. It's pretty cheap, and super tasty. Cutting up the veggies takes a while, but I can make enough at a time to last me a couple days in the fridge. My recipe varies, but usually includes about 2 tbsp olive oil, a couple cups water, a teaspoon salt, and 3 or 4 sweet potatos.
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File: 1501969228223.jpg (78.44 KB, 410x435, 1422482313989.jpg)

Ah, grandmothers' avgolemono is always best avgolemono…
It makes for such great winter dishes. Apart from soup, you can use it as a sauce for meatballs. You flavor the meat with dill and spring onions, so the heavy taste of the avgolemono is somewhat balanced out. If you want an extra funky dish, you can put the ground meat into hollowed-out zucchinis and cook it like that.
It also goes well over dolmadakia…


I've always wanted to try avgolemono properly. My mother made it for me a few times when I was younger but every time she did it would make me sick. And since then I've been told that the way she made it isn't the correct way, but I've been too scared to retry it. Any good recipes?

On another note, sweet potato soup seems really nice right now as it's rainy and cold now, I might make some today !!


Sushis, I have good words to share. Baby goose soup is the greatest food to exist without exception. Uncomparably tasty.

Also some recipe.
It might not be well known in this modern society but if you butcher an animal and put almost all of it in a pot to stew for an hour or so then it will be significantly more delicious than the most choice ingredients that you might think to use.
This might be easier with small animals so maybe find a local chicken farmer and buy a whole chicken to give it a test.
Add some salt, a dash of pepper, and maybe some filler like rice or noddles and you have a real hearty soup.


I haven't had meatballs in a while, i think i'll have to make some soon. Never had that zucchini dish though, sounds good!
I haven't looked at my recipe or made it in a while but the key to it is to add the broth to the eggs mix pretty slowly to get it up to temperature, she may have heated it up too fast, the goal is a more emulsified situation.


There is no other way to cook soup, tbh. Using just some part, like breasts only, makes your soup too bland.
I love my soup with bellpepper, laurel leaf and a dash of dill and I recommend it every sushiroll out there.

File: 1499539032896.jpg (71.14 KB, 1001x563, sushi.jpg)


lads, I just had sushi for the first time and it was disgusting

A-am I still allowed here?
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File: 1499908779304.jpg (1.72 MB, 1836x3264, chopsticks.jpg)


Went to get some kaitenzushi today, take a look at how I'm holding it. The top chopstick is held with three fingers, like you would hold a pen. This gives you the same amount of easy manual control that you would have with a pen or pencil. The bottom chopstick rests on my ring finger and the crook of my thumb.

Hold it this way and you will never struggle. You can even pick up melting ice cubes with this method.


that's a good looking hand °u°


Well as luck would have it I'm getting Japanese take out again tonight so I will give it a shot with the insight and tips. Thanks sushis.


File: 1500078076949.png (272.39 KB, 505x512, Cv0rdJcXYAA89j8_resz.png)

I love how this thread turned into a chopsticks masterclass.
u guise r qt


I still suck at chopsticks, but it was a bit easier this time. I think my main issue is I was having a rice dish so everything (bar the larger pieces of chicken) was pretty small and hard to pick up. I'll keep working on it though, and maybe invest in some non-lacquered sticks so they don't slip and slide everywhere.

File: 1488791531914.jpg (74.16 KB, 562x446, _20170305_194052.JPG)


A thread for all things vegetable!

What's your favourite vegetable?
What are your favourite veg recipes?
Any vegetarian rolls in the house? Share the things that make veg life comfy!
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I make rice and put soy sauce on it when im hungry (´・ω・`)


File: 1499426446003.jpg (387.42 KB, 600x900, output.jpg)

when you say baked potatoes do you mean things that look like this


File: 1499426467009.jpg (87.96 KB, 768x512, output2.jpg)

or like this?


This second pic looks almost exactly how it turns out. I also turn on the fan in the oven during the last 10-15 minutes to get that delicious golden crust.


for future reference those are usually known as roast potatoes
I agree though, parboiling them helps keep the insides soft and the outsides crispy

File: 1468876295441.gif (1.66 MB, 540x603, vapor_cat.gif)


Can we talk about dishes that don't require a lot of effort to cook?
Do you have some tips to make a relatively simple dish taste great, or maybe enhance something that doesn't even need to cooked?
For example, for the most delicious cheese toast ever, try to spread a layer thin or thick, don't be afraid to experiment!
of mayo on a slice of bread should be a really soft type of bread, white farmhouse is perfect. Avoid thin slices then cook on a frying pan with the mayo facing down. While the breads cooks, put the cheese on it so it can melt. Fry until the mayo side is of a golden color. Do the same for the other slice of bread.

I dunno if anyone else knew about this, most people just build the sandwich and pop it in the oven.
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File: 1488397912507.jpg (214.09 KB, 1920x900, rosti.jpg)

Probably the simplest and cheapest thing you'll ever make: Swiss-style Rosti.

take 1-2 potatoes, and grate them into a bowl. Squeeze as much of the liquid out of your grated potato as you can by wrapping it in a piece of cloth/a tea towel/whatever, and twisting it up to wring the water out. season with salt/pepper, then put your slightly less soggy potato gratings into an oiled pan and fry on one side for 10 minutes, then flip and cook on the other for another 5. The starch from the potato sticks it all into this pancake, and you can eat it on its own or with whatever you want on top (eggs, ham, tofu, whatever). Optional extras include grating some onion or garlic in with the potato, but I personally prefer the taste it has on its own.


You just made a hashbrown


sorry if this is a silly question, but ow do the eggs turn out in this? do they look like scrambled eggs?


* Tuna Sandwich

** Ingredients
-Canned Tuna

** Directions
1) Open can of tuna, but leave lid in.
2) Use lid to strain oil or water out into sink.
3) Place tuna on sandwich. With regular bread, there's often enough tuna for two sandwiches.
4) Add condiments to taste.

** Notes
-Mayonnaise is good.
-You can toast the bread.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1493195046092.jpg (96.85 KB, 640x638, cheese1.jpg)

File: 1491725389988.png (113.94 KB, 342x336, I know this mango is bad, ….png)


Up to this day, I've never understood why people like sweets with their coffee. Whenever I took a bite of a sweet roll and mixed it with a sip of coffee, the coffee just killed the sweet taste of the roll. But now I've found the real purpose of coffee and sweets:

Drinking coffee AFTER eating a bite of something sweet clears your palate with its bitterness and prepares it for the next bite. That way, every bite of the sweet stuff is almost like as if it was the first. While normally sweets would lose their taste after a few bites, coffee "resets" your taste buds.

What combinations do sushi rolls like?
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Not a British roll here.

People here give the strangest looks when mentioning beans a toast.


Add a little garlic and chilli to the beans and fry the bread instead of toasting it.


Whenever I have some cooked leftover potatoes, I like to spread some butter or mayonaise on bread, then put the sliced potatoes on the bread and sprinkle with salt. Depending on the species of potato, it can be a bit bad though.


>potato sandwich
carb overload

I toast my hamburger buns in mayo, though, I will admit. It works alright as a butter substitute. I always put mayo in my sandwiches anyway, so I might as well put it on when I toast the buns. It works well.


File: 1491912669071.jpg (82.62 KB, 800x800, serveimage.jpg)

>carb overload
Tastes damn good though. You ever have a chip butty? You put chips in a breadcake and smother it in ketchup/butter, maybe even throw a fried egg on top. It's piff.

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