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File: 1468876295441.gif (1.66 MB, 540x603, vapor_cat.gif)


Can we talk about dishes that don't require a lot of effort to cook?
Do you have some tips to make a relatively simple dish taste great, or maybe enhance something that doesn't even need to cooked?
For example, for the most delicious cheese toast ever, try to spread a layer thin or thick, don't be afraid to experiment!
of mayo on a slice of bread should be a really soft type of bread, white farmhouse is perfect. Avoid thin slices then cook on a frying pan with the mayo facing down. While the breads cooks, put the cheese on it so it can melt. Fry until the mayo side is of a golden color. Do the same for the other slice of bread.

I dunno if anyone else knew about this, most people just build the sandwich and pop it in the oven.
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pizza roll and I'm pretty sure we don't put vinegar on our bruschetta
Here's what we do usually:
>toast bread
>rub fresh garlic on it
>add salt and olive oil
You should try this and let me know


I heard from a pizza roll who makes youtube videos that its still done, and that his family does it, so its clearly still a thing sometimes at least. Maybe its regional, or they're in the minority for having it like that,t hough.
That sounds lovely, though. However im not sure any of the bread I have right now or know how to make would be the best for it.


Acquired bread, tried
Its fantastic, sushi, thank you.


A pile of rice and beans is honestly my standby easy dish.
Fry up some onions and peppers, maybe a little chorizo, add canned beans, fry off tomato paste and spices, add stock and simmer. Crush a few beans for the starch to thicken. Serve over rice.
Takes no thought to do, I make three day's worth at a time, and it's reasonably nutritious.


I prepared this a week ago for my friends and they all loved it. Cheap and quick to make.


File: 1465358981157.jpg (2.58 MB, 3456x2304, IMG_3263.JPG)


Lets have a tea thread! What are you guys drinking, whats you're favorite kind of tea?
Here is a nice cup of green tea.
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Which online shops do you like to order from?

Are there any books related to tea that you would recommend?


I order from yuuki-cha for really really nice green tea, also cool japanese teapots. I'm not sure what I'd do for black.



i order from a local guy (in my country) that is a tea enthusiast and travels to the gardens, meets the growers and also attends the trade fairs to secure orders. he guarantees pretty good stuff.

if you can find someone doing that then that's what i'd use.

for lower grades teas i'm not too fussed, i'll just buy what looks to be the best value. no chain stores or anything though.


I meant to post this a while ago but assuming most sushi rolls are in North America there is an abundance of "tea" growing everywhere around you.

In particular evergreen tree leaves. Unlike most tea which is dried and handled several times you can find one of these trees and pick some fresh tea leaves (needles) any time you want.

Cedar tea is a real treat.

Also picked up some mint green tea from the dollar store which is surprisingly good. I bought it because the container was cool. The tea inside is a nice bonus.


File: 1485684278704.jpg (261.56 KB, 674x720, 5ab2903a0ed99cf1cd53b5f03f….jpg)

there's a native tree where i live (new zealand) called Manuka. it's famous for the honey produced from it's flowers. it is also used to flavour some beers instead of hops.

but it can also be used to make tea. now i'm gonna be honest with you, it's pretty vile by itself. it contains terpenes like pinene so has quite a bitter taste kind of like gin if you have ever tried it. but there's also a floral and herbal component. i always pick fresh growth including the stalk and bash it up (it has a purple colour inside) so that's probably why it's such a strong taste.

apparently it has antiviral properties so i drink it if i feel something coming on, but i very rarely get sick.

File: 1485136294218-0.jpg (98.51 KB, 650x507, 3.jpg)

File: 1485136294218-1.jpg (90.29 KB, 650x551, 5.jpg)

File: 1485136294218-2.jpg (78.63 KB, 650x466, 6.jpg)

File: 1485136294218-3.jpg (56.09 KB, 350x677, main1.jpg)


So I'm going to a Japanese restaurant tonight, and was wondering what I should indulge in. Unfortunately I'm allergic to seafood, so sushi/sashimi/rolls are out of the question. Pics related is the menu; I'm angling towards ramen or udon, but am open to ideas.


ramen looks like the one. miso eggplant sounds good, edamame too.

also okonomiyaki on a pizza base? eh?


So I just had the Pork Ramen and just ordered a Beef Ramen. God damn this is delicious. I'm also drinking some really nice sake. I'll take a photo of the beef ramen when it arrives. I wish I could come here every night.


File: 1485161812836.jpeg (929.52 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpeg)

Beef ramen. Going again tomorrow night; open to suggestions.


its a shame you can't eat seafood cause the various crab dishes sound good. it also eliminates most of the bento boxes sadly.

pork shogayaki or the chicken katsu curry would be my picks.

File: 1475533477352.jpg (227.01 KB, 1280x800, 2016-10-03-150256.jpg)


oishii! ( ・ ・)
homemade nori/tamago furikake & salad!
What did you have for lunch sushirolls?
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You don't add in any chili? I always like to throw in a small amount.


I dont think it should be spicy, really, but that probably comes from my background as an american where people typically only have it with corn chips, with salsa as well, and thats spicy.
Though I made some and just had it on a tortilla after seeing that picture.


I don't add enough to make it really spicy, just enough so there's a hint on heat with some sweetness that you get from some chili. But that's the good thing with guac, you can make it how you like it.


I grabbed a bag of chips, a can of corn and a can of mushrooms (still protein but cheaper than meat) from the store. Stuck them in the microwave covered in cheese and had me some kickass nachos.


File: 1484903652218.jpg (190.35 KB, 726x957, 1403028817116.jpg)

bbq pork riblet, a sage and onion and cheese panini bread and 300ml of chocolate protein drink from the supermarket.

i had the exact same thing for morning break too.

File: 1468450911400.jpg (41.67 KB, 480x351, soup.jpg)


Anyone else into soup? Recipe's, thoughts, or techniques?
I've been making lots of sweet potato soups recently. It's pretty cheap, and super tasty. Cutting up the veggies takes a while, but I can make enough at a time to last me a couple days in the fridge. My recipe varies, but usually includes about 2 tbsp olive oil, a couple cups water, a teaspoon salt, and 3 or 4 sweet potatos.
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Thanks for this I was really trying to decide on something to make tomorrow and this will his the spot just about perfectly actually.


Fill the pot with water, add a bit of salt, throw some chicken parts you like - legs, thighs, breasts. Important: chicken parts must have bones in them, otherwise soup will taste really bland. Boil really slow for 40min. If some sort of foam starts floating in pot, take it off with a spoon, it will make soup clearer. As it boils, clean and cut potatos, then carrots (as small as possible). Throw them in and boil for 20 or so minutes. After adding veggies, wait for 10 minutes and taste for salt. I like it medium-salted, some people like it unsalted. In the last 5 minutes, cut dill and parsley (dried, fresh, frozen - whichever you have) and add. You can also add stuff (bellpeppers, cabbage, spices) and remove things you don't eat. It's light and really easy on stomach.

In general, soups are easy to cook and eating a bowl of good hot soup can get you really comfy when the weather is rainy and it's cold and grey.


Just made some chicken soup, due to inspiration from this thread.
I think this may have actually been the first soup I ever did.
Anyway, I dropped in some Onions, a ton of Garlic and Carrots, and Mushrooms, and Noodles.
Tasted quite good, although I think I should have put in fewer carrots.
Soup is so easy, and so nice, especially in this kind of weather.
This may become my fall of soup.


here are some of my favourite soup recipes
i'm aware the split pea soup looks like vomit but if you're a fan of potato leek you might find them similar and enjoy it like i did, it was a comfy winter food for me growing up in a province in canada that can get to -50 celsius in winter
if anyone's interested i can try to find my russian indigenous friend's extremely old heirloom rabbit stew recipe… i haven't tried it yet bc i want to try trapping my own rabbits for the meat in it but it sounds very good


These are quite useful.

Typically I boil the potatoes/yams/whatever until they're soft, drain, put in a bowl/container with a little butter/cream, and go gangbusters with a wooden spoon.

File: 1475555572070.jpg (125.13 KB, 1280x800, 2016-10-03-202749.jpg)


sup sushirolls upload your cookbook pdfs, tasty recipes, and pics of recipes you've made here!
if you think cooking is not awesome go watch shokugeki no souma
>pic check out the castiron takoyaki pan i found

i'll start

heres a torrent for the modernist cuisine book series pdfs

heres a book on the science of cooking

heres another book on japanese bbq/grill

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File: 1481853164641-0.jpg (4.54 MB, 3264x2448, PHOTO_20161215_205917.jpg)

File: 1481853164641-1.jpg (4.14 MB, 3264x2448, PHOTO_20161215_205235.jpg)

Just made a stollen like bread, substituting peanut butter for the butter.
Adding fat/oil to the bread dough inhibits the development of gluten that gives the bread it's texture, so if you want to add as much as in this recipe, you let the dough rise and develop before mixing in the oily peanut butter.
Know about the bread baking formula? So long as you keep things in proper percentages of flour weight, you can do no wrong!


That looks delicious sushi roll, thanks for the recipe!


man you could make peanut pastry using that method


File: 1481944309938.png (1.67 MB, 1488x1071, cute chair.png)

Cozy Noodle Bake for a lazy snow day

Boil 4 handfuls of noodles.
Meanwhile, preheat oven to 350.
Drain water from noodles after they've boiled 8 minutes.
Combine the following in a 9x9 glass pan:
-the noodles you boiled
-2 cans of chicken
-1 can of cream of chicken
-1 can of peas and carrots
Bake for 10-15 minutes.
Shred an orange cheese to cover top and allow to melt.

Scoop on plate with large spoon.
Pepper to taste.
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That sounds tasty. I'm a lacto-ova vegitarian though, so I'd have to substitute chicken. I bet it would still be good with tofu or beans.
Yes! Relatedly I've experimented with peanut butter instead of butter for laminated doughs. It didn't work too well, but I may try again sometime. It would work better if I put the peanutbutter in the dough and still did the lamination with butter, but it would be less fun and interesting to me.

If I make another of these breads I'd like to put marzipan inside of it.
I would also try upping the peanut butter from 40% to as much as 80% of flour weight after observing that peanut butter is ~50% fat, as compared to the ~99% fat of butter.
I could experiment with adding egg.

File: 1477583508150.jpg (440 KB, 1536x2048, Cu3mPHqUAAAdyy4.jpg)


have a dango /sushi/
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You forgot the katsuobushi. It's the best part.


These suckers are so lewd.


Hi im new to cooking


Hello, new to cooking. How are you?



File: 1470757456564-0.jpg (74.76 KB, 1440x1080, delonghi-ec155.jpg)

File: 1470757456564-1.png (36.09 KB, 366x300, hario_slim.png)


Espresso is nice. Espresso thread anyone? What kinda kit do you have? What kinda drinks do you like?
Here's my pics for home espresso starter kit:
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African Bean is the goodstuff


The only espresso I ever really drink is from my moka pot, and it's been a while since I've used that. This thread kinda put me in the mood for it, though. Maybe I'll make some in the morning.

The brewing method is called pour-over, and the vessel is usually just referred to as a "pour-over dripper". I can't really tell which exact brand the one in the video is, but it looks similar to a Bee House. Also the glass container isn't necessary, a lot of people drip straight into the mug.

>Can I use a blender to grind coffee beans?

you COULD, but the results wouldn't be very good. too inconsistent, you'd get some grounds over-extracted while others are severely under-extracted. There are some cheap manual burr grinders that work really well as long as you keep them clean.

tried some Guji from a local roaster this morning. Usually Ethiopian is too fruity for my taste but it was p good.


oh, that's a good move.

Sometimes I dream about having a coffee shop (or working in one) in some quiet corner of a big city in Europe or something and playing some comfy music while serving customers. #coffeedreamz


These menial simple jobs are too comfy. I dream about running a sci-fi themed pizzeria, designing new owns, being nice to employees, giving away free pizza to homeless in the evening, etc



Can you say more about your pizza oven designs? I don't think they've ever been explored in a sci-fi setting and I'm really interested to hear your take on them.

File: 1468893961232.jpg (120.95 KB, 500x750, tumblr_oahm3dEIzY1tzytv7o1….jpg)


okay friends, so I do not yet have my own place, but my family is going on vacation for a month and I am staying behind to hold down the fort. I have some money and a job, so only one question remains…

Do you sushirolls know of any super easy recipes? the only requirements are that they are very cheap, healthy, and easy to make.


File: 1468945693520.png (44.47 KB, 237x237, smug_knife_slut.png)


This thread over there has a similar premise. Why don't you check it out~


ty touhou-poster <3

File: 1465208625130-0.jpg (286.1 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_5348599-Asso….jpg)

File: 1465208625130-1.png (503.48 KB, 767x469, retouched-sushi-dip-767.png)

File: 1465208625130-2.jpg (320.12 KB, 2060x1236, Sushi-with-chopsticks-009.jpg)

File: 1465208625130-3.jpg (1.39 MB, 2000x1118, wpid-img_6245.jpg)


Obligatory sushi thread time.


File: 1466503450435-0.jpg (47.42 KB, 570x360, qtroll.jpg)

File: 1466503450435-1.jpg (72.87 KB, 648x864, qtroll2.jpg)

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