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File: 1549566962178.jpg (2.94 MB, 3036x4048, baguette.jpg)


Any of y'all make bread? I got some sourdough starter recently and I've really been enjoying keeping it alive and experimenting.
Other than bread, do you have any things you like to bake on a regular basis?
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File: 1571175240900.png (250.63 KB, 620x358, ministrone of defence.png)

fuck that looks tasty


Banana bread is more of a cake really. It's all about the levening agent. You've got your soda or powder for cakes muffins and biscuits. Then you've got powder or instant yeast. That's begginer bread. After that you have fresh yeast. Finally starter cultures that you feed yourself are used by bread legends. In another direction you have steam leavening. That's cream puffs eclairs puff pastry and croissants. Croissants and danishes actually use yeast and steam, while puff pastry uses only the steam between layers of dough and butter to puff up. Also there's wackiness with angel cake, where the leavening is from beaten egg whites…
Banana bread is cake and cake is good, but it's in a different leavening tech tree than yeast, which is really what makes a bread a bread and also what gives sourdough it's distinct sour flavor.


How realistic is it for poor student to bake every other day fresh buns? Is baking bread cheaper alternative to buying one?


It's cheaper ingredient-wise but I don't know about the cost for the electric or gas power required to bake the bread


he could make pita bread, it takes 10-15 min in my gas oven so energy costs could be greatly reduced

File: 1490695696442.png (225.69 KB, 1000x950, e215349032893cb30e53476411….png)


What do you guys eat for breakfast?

i usually eat fried eggs, coffee with milk and sometimes i buy something to eat at uni
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half scrambled eggs usually. For those who don't know, instead of whisking in a bowl and cooking that, you crack the eggs directly into the pan, and let the whites cook for a bit before you stir things around. Produces this really fluffy kind of scrambled egg that only takes 2-3 minutes to make.


First thing I do when I wake up is drink a cup of black coffee, I always do this on an empty stomach. After the coffee I usually either won't eat until about lunchtime or so.


File: 1569142549149.gif (1.5 MB, 700x393, 1456432979588.gif)

Am i allowed to tell in more detail how my diet got so weird?
Anyway my whole food for today including breakfast was 1L of milk and a vitamin pill. I feel really really fine and have gotten in shape finally, just need to start exercising properly. Tomorrow is my junk day and gonna eat normal meals the whole day.


I don't because I can't get out of bed until the last second before I need to go to my daily endavor. It's actually kinda sad because I used to love breakfast when I was younger but I can't leave my bed any earlier.


File: 1570798286421.jpg (38.2 KB, 864x640, 66633208_486992062056716_6….jpg)

I usually just have two meals a day and I skip breakfast.
I just ate my first meal: grainy, cocoa pancakes with paste made of peanut butter and cottage cheese.
I will have same later, and for tomorrow I will fry some sausage with tomato sauce, beans and garlic.

This may look heavy, but I usually do not eat much these times. I am losing weight, because being skinnyfat is awful.

File: 1560029497853.jpeg (1.79 MB, 4000x3000, Bittersweet.jpeg)


How do you like your Coco? Milky? White? Dark? 100% pure and bitter?
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I just like to refrigerate some 99% chocolate and munch it down, its crunchy at the start and once it gets in contact with your tongue it starts to melt.


File: 1568713789553.jpg (213.8 KB, 900x449, choc.jpg)

I like bars that are a bit more thicc than usual, you don't think it'll matter that much but it's like with pasta, changes it up quite a bit even though it's the same thing. Pic related but the dark choco variant is one of my faves.


Sweet things make me ill. I like bitter chocolate, like coffee.


File: 1569036101698.png (944.49 KB, 640x842, __sadone_battle_girl_high_….png)

i love all chocolate, no matter what classification


File: 1569073131647-0.jpg (60.06 KB, 550x550, baumstamm.jpg)

File: 1569073131647-1.jpg (244.05 KB, 1200x630, totally_not_shit.jpg)

A nougat core coatet in marzipan and chocolate is called Baumstamm in Germany. These candy bars are usually sold during Christmas time. That means you can obtain them from September until March or all year around at some places.

Drops of chocolate mixed with crisp bread crumps are also really addictive.

But it's made of cocoa butter, although the content is low compared to darker chocolate.

File: 1504262273565.jpg (102.67 KB, 542x664, image-13.jpg)


Do you like experimenting with food?
What are your best creations?
What were your worst creations?
Ever got something totally unexpected?
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I had an idea after getting some bulk popcorn kernels. The heart (or kernel) of it is in the buttery flavor of uni, or sea urchin. Add some shredded dulse flakes since they're quite soft and serve as the salt. I have yet to try it but there was something to it…


File: 1565295886094.jpg (487.15 KB, 1771x1189, 1543952195865.jpg)

Sometimes I want to gamble for a bit, so this evening I made the following:

- slightly moldy rice I cooked on sunday
- mussels
- onions
- carrots
- ready made pasta verde
- 4 whole eggs
- oil
- soy sauce
- few glowes of garlic preserved in chili oil

Everything fried in a pan. This will be my lunch for tomorrow and I haven't even tasted it. Wish me luck.


It was great. I will make that again (maybe without moldy rice).


File: 1566119793841.jpg (257.59 KB, 1129x1600, けものフレンズ ‐ようこそジャパリパークへ!_1_0….jpg)

i don't experiment with food all that much due to time and money constraints, but if i see something that looks good ill try to find a recipe online and make it.

So far my favorite thing that I have made would be nikuman! It takes some preparation and waiting though, and the recipe i followed called for quite a few ingredients to get the specific taste. I also ran into some problems with the dough to meat ratio, and found that it was off and i was often left with more meat than i wanted. this could have been due to me just being bad with portions and making the dough the right way. but the end result really paid off it was delicious! as soon as i finished off that batch i went back to make more


Sort of, mostly with sauces but I got a few loose recipes that take well to it. I vaguely remember a couple that turned out good.

'Fast food' Sauce
>1/4 cup mayo
>1-2 tbsp ketchup
>1-3 tsp mustard
>1 tbsp Relish (Or chopped pickles, I use whatever or just the brine)
>Sprinkle of Salt, Pepper, very light sugar (Like a half pinch), smoked paprika, Worcestershire sauce, and vinegar
Mix it up good and let it set for like half an hour to overnight. Good on burgers, fried foods, sandwiches, whatever really. Optionally add finely minced onions, onion power, garlic, or garlic powder.

Bootleg Okonomiyaki
>1 Cup each of flour, dashi stock/water
>1 Egg, beaten
>Chopped green onion or chives
>Minced sushi ginger or ginger with a splash of vinegar
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File: 1468450911400.jpg (41.67 KB, 480x351, soup.jpg)


Anyone else into soup? Recipe's, thoughts, or techniques?
I've been making lots of sweet potato soups recently. It's pretty cheap, and super tasty. Cutting up the veggies takes a while, but I can make enough at a time to last me a couple days in the fridge. My recipe varies, but usually includes about 2 tbsp olive oil, a couple cups water, a teaspoon salt, and 3 or 4 sweet potatos.
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I haven't had meatballs in a while, i think i'll have to make some soon. Never had that zucchini dish though, sounds good!
I haven't looked at my recipe or made it in a while but the key to it is to add the broth to the eggs mix pretty slowly to get it up to temperature, she may have heated it up too fast, the goal is a more emulsified situation.


There is no other way to cook soup, tbh. Using just some part, like breasts only, makes your soup too bland.
I love my soup with bellpepper, laurel leaf and a dash of dill and I recommend it every sushiroll out there.


My mom used to crack an egg on my bowl of soup just as soon as she served it, so the very high temperature would cook the egg and I would have wonderful strands of deliciousness in my vegetable soup.

I also like oatmeal, the instant kind. It works well if you want your soup to be more filling but don't want to add noodles or rice.


File: 1566504506210.jpg (176.02 KB, 940x550, cold soup.jpg)

Finally, a thread that understands me.

Potato, beet, chicken and cold soups are the ones that I usually make. Not a big fan of pureed ones, though.


I do instant noodles like your mom did.
Brings them to a food level.

File: 1465358981157.jpg (2.58 MB, 3456x2304, IMG_3263.JPG)

 No.2[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Lets have a tea thread! What are you guys drinking, whats you're favorite kind of tea?
Here is a nice cup of green tea.
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i like your cup and saucer, very fancy


I went to the japanese market in downtown and bought some oi-ocha green tea bags.
Easily some of the best tea I've ever had. So unbelievably delicious and hardly bitter at all.


Post your gaiwan.


That sounds pretty fun. I'll have to give it a shot.


I had Reishi tea and it tasted ok, but messed up my guts.

File: 1508730324418.jpg (1.72 MB, 1936x2592, IMG_1300.JPG)


I see there's a lunch thread and a breakfast thread, but what about your evening meals?
what do you eat? how late is too late?
and let' see what /kitchen/ can whip

pic related is what i made tonight

>thin-cut pork
>fried in sesame oil
>salt + 'steak spice mix'

>boil small amount of water to make 1 cup of couscous
>don't wanna have just that - add frozen peas
>go further and add 3 stalks of asparagus
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


on tonights menu was:
>baked chicken breast
>roast potatoes, pumpkin, and carrots
>a simple salad of lettuce, beetroot, and feta

no photo because the food is long gone


File: 1542035047998.jpg (224.91 KB, 640x427, street_food_stall.jpg)

How come the dinner thread is so unpopular?

I like to eat warm food in the evening. Soup with some bread is great and doesn't stress my digestive system at bedtime.

>how late is too late?

Having a meal past nine is usually not a good idea, while dining before six o'clock makes me hunt for snacks later in the evening. When I had late shift, I used to eat out, because preparing food takes another hour, leaving me with dinner past 10.



File: 1552835564060.jpeg (990.75 KB, 2752x1548, tyd9.jpeg)

I made something tasty last evening:


File: 1488791531914.jpg (74.16 KB, 562x446, _20170305_194052.JPG)


A thread for all things vegetable!

What's your favourite vegetable?
What are your favourite veg recipes?
Any vegetarian rolls in the house? Share the things that make veg life comfy!
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File: 1499426467009.jpg (87.96 KB, 768x512, output2.jpg)

or like this?


This second pic looks almost exactly how it turns out. I also turn on the fan in the oven during the last 10-15 minutes to get that delicious golden crust.


for future reference those are usually known as roast potatoes
I agree though, parboiling them helps keep the insides soft and the outsides crispy


File: 1547481179421.png (616.94 KB, 1125x796, Culinary Techniques - Octo….png)

For those interessed in growing their own and live in the northen hemisphere; i don't ;_;.


Spinach is such a nice leaf

File: 1547071261331-0.png (2.16 MB, 1700x2200, betty crook-1.png)

File: 1547071261331-1.png (2.07 MB, 1700x2200, betty crook-2.png)


I came across and wanted to share an old cookbook with a neato infographic on spices. What are you favorite ways to spice certain dishes?


This is super neat. Thanks sushi. I’be personally started sprinkling a little bit of my home made bbq rub on my fried eggs in the morning. I know, it sounds weird. But trust me. The brown sugar gives it a bit of that dark sweet flavor which goes great with the runny yolk, the pepper gives it a little kick. I overdid it once and it totally overpowered the eggs but just a little sprinkle on top is great.


There were these and other tables and graphs like that on that old 4chan images compilation. Around 4gb.
In 2012 i think it was already old so i don't know if it still exists. I had it but deleted most of it due to lack of space; now that i'm cooking i want them back, funny.

File: 1465208625130-0.jpg (286.1 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_5348599-Asso….jpg)

File: 1465208625130-1.png (503.48 KB, 767x469, retouched-sushi-dip-767.png)

File: 1465208625130-2.jpg (320.12 KB, 2060x1236, Sushi-with-chopsticks-009.jpg)

File: 1465208625130-3.jpg (1.39 MB, 2000x1118, wpid-img_6245.jpg)


Obligatory sushi thread time.
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>which beer did you have?
either kirin ichiban or sapporo, I forget since I've gotten sushi quite a few times lately
>If it was the first time you had it
I've had sushi so much I've lost count
>did you like it?
of course!


good taste uwu


rice cookers are as low as $10. expensive ones are expensive, the target off brand one is cheap. Both make white rice nearly perfectly.


Sushi in Japan is great.
Will probably get some more soon, although I don't want to spend too much money on food.


File: 1541876236511.jpg (317.14 KB, 700x875, 41349092_234392280758124_3….jpg)

The only sushi bar near me just got a Sushi Proficiency Certificate from Hirotoshi Ogawa. I won't be able to check if it means anything because I am mad broke.
If you are willing to pay € for my dinner, find me on Gaia Online.

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