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File: 1490695696442.png (225.69 KB, 1000x950, e215349032893cb30e53476411….png)

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What do you guys eat for breakfast?

i usually eat fried eggs, coffee with milk and sometimes i buy something to eat at uni
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People are being fed, stuffed, eating, satiated, removed of hunger, and filled by eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, coffee, orange juice, milk, bagels, muffins, oatmeal, and fruit.


Double lungo, no sugar, no milk. No food, I eat once a day, at evening time.



File: 1538258344191.png (504.64 KB, 1152x490, breakfast.png)

this kind of breakfast


Generally, I eat oatmeal with a banana or cream of wheat with sausage. Other days I eat leftovers from last nights dinner. I really love eggs and sausage with biscuits.

French toast is great on Sunday. I also love Cheerios and a banana. Sweet cereal I eat at night for a cheap dessert.


Croquettes with canned fish and fruit as dessert is a great thing I recently discovered for breakfast. For some reason I despise lunch.

If I celebrate it, I feel tired and worn out afterwards. Maybe this is a matter of blood pressure, which is always really low in my body to the point where I almost black out when rising quickly. Coffee combats that a bit though.

I thought I already posted itt, but I couldn't spot it. Tfw you can't even track your own writing style.


italian breakfast

coffee and biscuits


This morning I ate some vegan yogurt. I'm going to try to not eat for the rest of the day because I binged last night. Wish me luck.


big fan of scrambled eggs on toast, the secret ingredient is vegemite / marmite on the toast, also a little hot sauce in the eggs.


a rich soy sauce might be a good substitute for Marmite in that combo.


This morning I made porridge with cinnamon and protein powder. I chopped up an apple and threw it on top. It was really quick and easy and I think I'll have it for the rest of the week. Tastes more like a dessert than a breakfast. Oh, and ofc a coffee with frothy soy milk.


sorry for the late response, but good luck! I hope it all worked out fine for you, sushi


>2. Belgian breakfast with an omelette on the side.
as a belgian i'd like to know what this is
sounds interesting!


Vanilla Chex with almond and cashew milk


either oatmeal, grits, sometimes I cook something different like bratwurst. I also really like plain greek yogurt


I bought oats ages ago with the intent of having porridge for breakfast, but never got around to it due to my sleep schedule. When I wake up, it is already time to think about dinner…


I did it. Added cinnamon and honey for flavour.


kippers and eggs are one of my personal favourites, but I don't have it very regularly. I usually make scrambled eggs on toast with my secret ingredients
>2 eggs
>salt and pepper
>dash of hot sauce
>dash of worcestershire sauce
>a lot of cheddar cheese

>crumpets instead of regular toast

>butter and vegimite/ marmite

All that cheese probably isn't the healthiest but it tastes very good.


vegan yogurt is based because they usually put in a whole bunch of random vitamins and minerals to make it worth your while uwu


File: 1542511043489.jpg (43.03 KB, 719x719, 1512600366966.jpg)

I was having eggs for breakfast and then again for lunch at work. I never want to have them again. Or at least for the rest of this month. I'm going to be an oatmeal person now!


I make egg fort sandwiches


File: 1542915886415.jpg (504.16 KB, 2448x3264, 1476682791771.jpg)

scrambled eggs, toast, yogurt, bacon


Water and biscuits


Don't fall into the trap of only sweet oats! Savory oats don't get the love they deserve.


File: 1545842250587.jpg (60.32 KB, 704x480, 00_03_49.jpg)

I dunno how people are eating oats. They are disgusting. Like the grim futuristic human feed - bland, lumpy, tastless pulp, made I don't even want to know what from, corpse-starch, probably.
Oats should be feed to cattle.


I hate oatmeal but oats can be eaten just fine raw. Make a muesli with some rolled oats, mix it with nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, or hazelnuts, throw in some chopped dried fruit like figs or apricots, put some fresh banana and strawberry slices on top and eat like a cereal, with milk or nut milk. It's pretty good and very filling, way better than box cereal.


They're also good in yogurt.


I added some leftover chicken and corn to oatmeal and added a bit of salt once. It was way better than I expected.


One of my new favourites is rye bread with peanut butter and banana slices on top of that. Both savoury and sweet, and unexpectedly filling.


>>568 Yes, rye bread is so good. For the last few years I've been having it for breakfast most days I don't have leftovers - an egg sandwich (with picked onions if i made some) when i'm home, or peanut butter and jelly if I'm going to work or need to hurry for some other reason. Or just throw curry, pasta or whatever on it to bulk up leftovers that have more sauce than food


I usually have 4 hard boiled eggs.


File: 1567530557868-0.jpg (72.02 KB, 600x600, 54b91674a3f9b5e9a1bbcd312f….jpg)

I put everything but honey in a french press, fill it with hot water, wait for several minutes and plunge. Honey is stirred into the brew after you fill your cup. Sorry for a 2 year long response.

Meanwhile I've discovered another majestic food item - grilled cheese (made with homemade bread and young gouda). The secret is a spread or two of butter on the inside, and the freshness of the loaf.
That's the bread recipe - weekendbakery.com/posts/making-a-crusty-white-loaf

Also meanwhile I've spent over a year working in a coffee shop, so coffee is my pal now, and more often than not my breakfast is just a cup of coffee.

Cheers to all of you delicious sushis who keep this thread alive.


Eggs over easy and buttered toast. I like the ritual of cooking breakfast every morning. I find it hard to get up, but if I force myself to do the actions of standing up and cooking and eating a lot of food, I can really get myself moving for the day and start my day off!


I have a coworker who does this. He'd fit in well here.

I don't regularly eat breakfast but if I do I'll grab a bagel and create a sandwich with some sausage patties, cheese and hash browns. I don't like eggs.


half scrambled eggs usually. For those who don't know, instead of whisking in a bowl and cooking that, you crack the eggs directly into the pan, and let the whites cook for a bit before you stir things around. Produces this really fluffy kind of scrambled egg that only takes 2-3 minutes to make.


First thing I do when I wake up is drink a cup of black coffee, I always do this on an empty stomach. After the coffee I usually either won't eat until about lunchtime or so.


File: 1569142549149.gif (1.5 MB, 700x393, 1456432979588.gif)

Am i allowed to tell in more detail how my diet got so weird?
Anyway my whole food for today including breakfast was 1L of milk and a vitamin pill. I feel really really fine and have gotten in shape finally, just need to start exercising properly. Tomorrow is my junk day and gonna eat normal meals the whole day.


I don't because I can't get out of bed until the last second before I need to go to my daily endavor. It's actually kinda sad because I used to love breakfast when I was younger but I can't leave my bed any earlier.


File: 1570798286421.jpg (38.2 KB, 864x640, 66633208_486992062056716_6….jpg)

I usually just have two meals a day and I skip breakfast.
I just ate my first meal: grainy, cocoa pancakes with paste made of peanut butter and cottage cheese.
I will have same later, and for tomorrow I will fry some sausage with tomato sauce, beans and garlic.

This may look heavy, but I usually do not eat much these times. I am losing weight, because being skinnyfat is awful.


File: 1575226611670.jpg (635.67 KB, 832x624, something_like_this.jpg)

Lately I've switched my breakfast with a wholehearted meal, other people would consider a lunch. This enables me to go a longer distance at work, so I can have lunchbreak later, which again smoothens out the last two hours. Also with this method I can eat the way I enjoy eating and don't have to mind etiquette.

Before I usually had a bowl of cereals and oatmeal with some tea. Now I ingest a can of fish, rice, noodles, bread with cheese and lunchmeat or beans. I don't mind putting on a bit of flab, since I was on the brim to underweight few months ago. Let's get chubby :-P


Don't you find eating a lot of food makes you sleepy? I feel like I always feel less energetic after a big meal, so I try and eat less when I want to be more productive.


That's the usual postprandial somnolence, just accept it and enjoy the energy post-digestion you end up getting by a good meal.


First thing in the morning, anything I can find, usually oatmeal or stale bread. After my morning commute, I get a second breakfast fresh from bakery, usually something pizza-style or bread-rolls with wieners. After that, I eat a protein bar, just because I got to like the taste. I try to limit my coffee intake, but a good macchiato is too delicious to pass up.


probably your body trying to break down complex carbohydrates; have you tried cutting down on grain-based food?


I feel like fatty foods like cheese and stuff make me sleepy too, but I haven't really been paying attention tbh. Usually I just put off eating when I have work to get done immediately.


overnight oatmeal with almond milk, frozen berries and peanut butter
i usually like eating the same thing every day


File: 1576444679145.jpg (224.06 KB, 1534x2048, D0fgFeiU0AECK5j.jpg)

grilled cheese with pepperjack cheese and cinnamon honey


I had coffee and some poorly fried eggs on toast :)


Fried eggs are a must for me, the other thing can be milk, cereal, yogurt or orange juice


Normally coffee, muesli with yogurt, and boiled eggs.
On weekends I'll make scrambled eggs and bacon.


I've never heard of grilled cheese with honey before. Does it go in the sandwich, or on the outside?

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