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File: 1490695696442.png (225.69 KB, 1000x950, e215349032893cb30e53476411….png)

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What do you guys eat for breakfast?

i usually eat fried eggs, coffee with milk and sometimes i buy something to eat at uni


File: 1490701965400.jpg (8.54 KB, 256x192, qts_j.jpg)

Coffee and milk+cereals is my current combo. I used to have a grilled cheese a while ago.
If I feel good I have some french toasts.


- Omelette with sausages and bread
- Nice crunchy muesli
- Cereal
- Porridge
Latter I never finish, can't stand it's texture.
And of course, a cup of tea.


Usually an omelet or some muesli, sometimes I'll make myself a sandwich.
Add a cup of black coffee, a bowl of matcha or a glass of orange juice.

Sometimes I like to eat cup noodles for breakfast, that's one of my guilty pleasures.


i wish i could eat breakfast


I tend to do sunny side eggs with pepper and some cheese melted on top along with toast. If I am really in the mood, I'd make an omelet with spinach and 3 types of cheese with blue berry or strawberry pancake.

No time to do it?


Lately, canned tuna/salmon on crackers. I just don't have the energy most mornings to do a proper breakfast. Sometimes I get even lazier and it's a protein shake.


i have a little bit of time, but it makes me sick to eat anything when i wake up. i can eat a few hours later but by then i'm already doing classwork or lunch


nescafe, sometimes toast.


Coffe + milk only, I'm not hungry at all when I wake up.


File: 1490904288821.jpg (116.57 KB, 600x600, 7300400114783_1.jpg)

I tend to vary between three different ones.

1. Just a fried egg, maybe some fruit.

2. Unflavoured yoghurt with some crisp bread I crack into small pieces. Usual cereal is either loaded with sugar, or if it is not, it tastes like sawing dust. Pic related bread has no sugar whatsoever, and still tastes better than the sugary cereals.
And if I get bored with it I can either switch to a different kind of crisp bread, or switch the yoghurt to fil (kinda like yoghurt, but it's cultured with another kind of bacteria and tastes different). If I'm not feeling too lazy I roast some sunflower seeds in a frying pan to sprinkle on top of it.

3. If I'm feeling down or under the weather, I'll treat myself to toasted bread with sliced boiled eggs on top, and have some hot chocolate with it.

When you make porridge (I assume you mean with oats), you get a totally different texture if you put the oats in when it's boiling instead of boiling up the water with the oats already in, and stir as little as possible without burning it. I never liked porridge before I tried it that way, learned it from a friends mother.


Usually pita with sour-cream, sometimes with butter and cheese. Maybe a cookie.

Not usually very hungry in the morning, but pills I need must be taken after breakfast.


Cold brew coffee and omelette, bacon, and cheese, all on bagel/biscuit/croissant/whatever bread I brought home from work yesterday


My favourite is scrambled eggs on toast, with fried mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. I don't always have time to do it though, so sometimes I just have cereal. I ran out of milk the other day and had to use water from the tap. It felt wrong, but it didn't actually taste too bad.


Lately I've been eating granola and berries for breakfast.

>Latter I never finish, can't stand it's texture.

Why do you have it if you don't like the texture?


It really depends on the type of day.

For Weekdays:
A cup of coffee and something light (a boiled egg seasoned with salt and pepper, a cup of yogurt, toast, etc).

For Weekends:
1. Standard American breakfast

2. Belgian breakfast with an omelette on the side.

3. If I want to be traditional, it'll be a sandwich with water bread


File: 1491259621871.png (1.81 MB, 1019x1523, estelle_a_qt.png)


>Standard American breakfast

Speaking about this, lemme share a little tip with you about baked beans.
Dunno why but most people just eat canned baked beans which are, don't get me wrong, delicious even in posh places in UK.
Baked beans can be greatly enhanced by eating them up in a frying pan and adding paprika, salt, and yes, I am srs ketchup or better yet concentrated tomato paste.
Beans are an important part of the full english breakfast imho.


Normally I have two slices of bread with butter or cereals with yogurt. In both cases, I take a cup of coffee.


Normally I drink black coffee and eat a toast with honey and go off to work.


With just this you can good until the lunch?


File: 1491600936171.png (646.31 KB, 888x1074, wife.png)

We have been fooled by marketing into eating things for breakfast that are actually really rubbish for their purpose. Porridge is pretty much the only "breakfast food" that actually does a good job at starting your day. Cereals have loads of sugar and salt and nasty stuff, while not even giving you the long lasting energy and nutrition you need to start your day. Plus all that dairy gives you manboobs which is no good at all!
Things like bacon and eggs are also not that great for breakfast, although it is better to have those high fat meals at the start of your day where you have the whole day to burn it off rather than before you are in bed where you don't burn off anything.
The traditional japanese breakfast of rice and smoked fish is really good in my experience, gets you ready for your day and tastes good too. Sushi for breakfast can be really nice too. Also miso soup is common in japan for breakfast
I also suggest porridge as I previously mentioned.
Couple any of those things with some tea or coffee and you've got yourself a great breakfast



Not him, but mine is similar - breakfast at 6.30, morning break 10.00, lunch 1.


Can any of sushis recommend me some more filling breakfast options?

My normal breakfast is milk with oats, nuts, and a banana to give it some sweetness. It's nice and quick, inexpensive, but it doesn't quite fill me up, I'm usually hungry by the end of my morning classes.

Rice sounds like a good idea, I think I'll try that!


I don't have brekkies really. I have some coffee and I'm fine. I've never liked eating in the morning.


File: 1491666932718.png (181.12 KB, 448x463, fuzzy.png)


What about smoked salmon on toast?


You seem to be on the right track sushi but there is one key thing to keep in mind when it comes to breakfast.
Breakfast is the act of 'break'ing a 'fast'. It being refered to as a meal is more of a degredation of the original meaning.

When breaking a fast your body cannot handle such heavy food items and if you have reached a far enough state in fasting then eating say bacon and eggs could outright kill you.
Water is the ideal for breaking a fast. After water would be nutrient water like juice or soup broth.

As for my breakfast, I usually have a bit of water.


But sushi I'm >>265 and even I know water is a bad breakfast. That's what I had today and I'm feeling super empty rn. You should eat food! These sushis eating bacon and eggs for breakfast likely have been for a while, so it's not going to do anything bad, and I support eating tasty things for breakfast, since the happiness good food brings helps you in your day.


This thread reminded me that eating well is the foundation of a good life so this morning I fixed myself some scrambled eggs with onion and tomato, instead of just lazily eating a bowl of cereal :3
Thanks nice sushies


same here i wonder why that is
i usually just drink a glass of water


I get this from time to time, but without eating. Isn't it low blood sugar?


Interesting. I am always very hungry when I wake up, I can eat so much.
Then again I'm hungry all time anyway.


Oatmeal. You can put literally anything you want on it and it'll taste good, plus it's healthy. When I feel like changing things up a little, I have some Honey Nut Cheerios.


>Honey Nut Cheerios
Don't looks have a nice taste. How are the Americans breakfast cereal?


used to be eggs (scrambled, fried, poached, whatever I felt like doing) on toast.

currently bagels with cream cheese. salmon if I feel like spoiling myself.

occasionally just toast with butter and jam if I'm feeling like something different. porridge is another good switch up option.

any of these will be accompanied by tea.

when I have friends coming back from the States I ask them to pick me up some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a box of which will last all of a week but what a week it is!


i don't really get that low blood sugar feeling until around
4 hours in by that time its usually lunch

it (the hunger) will go away after a month or two if you start eating less in general:
your stomach will shrink and you will feel less hungry

>when you eat a meal don't eat until you are full

leave the table while you are still hungry around halfway finished

>don't snack constantly in between meals

if you feel the urge drink lots of water instead.

>don't eat things that you can eat a lot of

for example: bread

instead: eat an array of raw vegetables with substance
you will find that eventually you can't eat a lot of them
and this will cut your meals even shorter while still maintaining a non-anorexic/holocaust complexion.


File: 1492773199957-0.png (950.99 KB, 656x679, 2a86c77ba60d494d81750eaeb3….png)

Tea. Just a cup of green tea. If I'm in the mood, then a cup of tea with a handful of cookies.
During winter I drink what I call 'winter tea': ground ginger, mint, honey, lemon. This is the best food discovery of my life. It is great and you should try it.


Thanks for the tip, now I've developped a porridge recipe I enjoy.
Because life is about things you don't like, yet must do.


File: 1494197752665.jpg (12.26 KB, 176x229, 1494110359830.jpg)

eat high fat before bed or after waking up, does it really make a difference?


>Eggs and toast
>Biscuits and gravy
>Small oven pizzas
>Pop tarts
>Pancakes or waffles w/ bacon
That's the 6 typical breakfast meals I have or I'm usually asleep during the hours and end up going straight into lunch.


I usually just drink peppermint tea now. Very rarely I might have an apple but I wake up too late to be able to make anything else. Though, I've heard peppermint tea is supposed to suppress hunger for a little while, and I guess it works because I'm good until lunch.


it sounds delicious, but how exactly do you make it? just put these ingredients in hot water?



I think he just mixes that stuff in hot water, yes.
If you want it less ginger-y, you can cut it in chunks and let it steep in the water for a while so it gets the flavor, that discard it.


instant oats with yoghurt or milk when I can, usually spice it up with nuts, raisins and jam
otherwise crackers with canned meat or fish when there are people in the common kitchen


Careful with peppermint on empty stomach, it raises acidity quiet a bit. I'd recommend Kuril tea or Siberian tea if you want your tea to have a strong taste.


I usually skip breakfast due to my tendency of postponing getting out of bed until the last possible moment before I have to get a shower and leave, but when I do have some better time, I tend to keep it simple with two slices of bread with whey cheese or strawberry jam. Sometimes if I have bananas, I'll put banana slices with cinnamon on my bread. Never liked to cook in the morning, so I never made pancakes, porridge, or fried eggs.


saaaaame!!! although i only eat fruits and vegetables cause i cant stomach bread in the morning ;P


yeah, morning ends quickly for me for some reason.


File: 1504120878830.png (315.64 KB, 696x496, __original_drawn_by_meisa_….png)

As I've started my new job, I've been having to stop at places for breakfast. I'm getting real tired of it, though and wish I had time for home cooked sausage and eggs again. Being a NEET had it's perks, I guess.


>>297 here
After a few days of having eggs for breakfast I grew sick of it, mostly because when I have to wash the pan it smells foul and makes me think that eggs are disgusting.
Back to cereal and coffee.


I don't eat anything for breakfast, just two cups of coffee. The first thing I eat is always a banana and about a cup of mixed nuts w/ dried cranberries, and that's about 4 hours after I wake up.


One of the first times I had a job and lived alone, I kept buying frozen pizzas on discount in various shops. Apart from fruit, pizza was all I ate for 2 weeks and life was good. I had to think strategically and be sneaky about buying and smuggling pizza into my room, or else workmates would notice, which was unavoidable anyway. Sharing a kitchen is all that keeps me from doing that again. I even asked the landlord if a room with a kitchen is available, but no luck :(


Vitamin enriched soy yogurt topped with cheap granola from Aldi, usually followed by a (small) apple
The standardized parts of my diet is currently geared mostly towards getting as much fibre as possible


File: 1537800225069.jpg (423.9 KB, 1639x2048, ad7398a477c5ff1ead2e94558f….jpg)

Sugary cereal. Always. At any given time, I've got two boxes of Reeses Puffs, two boxes of Oreo-O's, and a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They carry good memories.


When I feel like making something, a fried egg sandwich with cheese, hopefully on a croissant. Otherwise yogurt, bagel, or a cafe or grocery store danish or egg sandwich.


Weekdays are coffee, 2 fried eggs with onions and spinach, yogurt, and cottage cheese (with berries or other fruit if I have any). I have no set meals for weekends.


I can't eat solid breakfast in the morning because it makes me sick!

I normally have a coffee with soy milk while getting ready because it warms me up. Then I have lunch at 12pm and I really look forward to it. I suppose in an ideal world I could have some kind of smoothie or milkshake for breakfast but that's too many calories. Back when I was forced to eat breakfast for a diet I was on, I'd have fruit or overnight oats for breakfast (I'd make different kinds like cinnamon with sliced apple on top or mix in some hot chocolate powder and put strawberries on top) but it felt wrong because I was forcing myself to eat when I didn't feel hungry! Didn't feel like much of a diet…


Used to have a bowl of Reeses Puffs before school, but it gives me bad gas now so I just eat in the cafeteria at uni.


Milk + Granola* + Honey + Bananas; all in a blender.
*The compositon must change a lot from place to place but here there are >7 things inside

This doesn't fulfill me anymore though, i'm trying to find a substitute or a complement but it is so quick and allows me more time in the morning that i haven't changed yet.

It's interesting how different people have very different responses to eating in the morning, while dinner and lunch are more consistent for everyone


I really like jerky for breakfast, but can never afford it : (


File: 1538002112463.jpg (203.92 KB, 439x650, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou….jpg)

Tamago-gohan, green tea, and sometimes instant miso. I usually make a buttload of rice at the start of the week and keep it all in the fridge for breakfast, I just dump some in a bowl, ad a splash of water, and microwave with a plate on top until its steaming hot, then i dump in soy sauce and any seasonings I want and stir in a raw egg until its all cooked up and mixed together. 10/10 would recommend. If I don't have time though I throw some tea in a thermos and worry about food later, I can live without breakfast but not without tea. Sugary cereals are gross.


People are being fed, stuffed, eating, satiated, removed of hunger, and filled by eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, coffee, orange juice, milk, bagels, muffins, oatmeal, and fruit.


Double lungo, no sugar, no milk. No food, I eat once a day, at evening time.



File: 1538258344191.png (504.64 KB, 1152x490, breakfast.png)

this kind of breakfast


Generally, I eat oatmeal with a banana or cream of wheat with sausage. Other days I eat leftovers from last nights dinner. I really love eggs and sausage with biscuits.

French toast is great on Sunday. I also love Cheerios and a banana. Sweet cereal I eat at night for a cheap dessert.


Croquettes with canned fish and fruit as dessert is a great thing I recently discovered for breakfast. For some reason I despise lunch.

If I celebrate it, I feel tired and worn out afterwards. Maybe this is a matter of blood pressure, which is always really low in my body to the point where I almost black out when rising quickly. Coffee combats that a bit though.

I thought I already posted itt, but I couldn't spot it. Tfw you can't even track your own writing style.


italian breakfast

coffee and biscuits


This morning I ate some vegan yogurt. I'm going to try to not eat for the rest of the day because I binged last night. Wish me luck.


big fan of scrambled eggs on toast, the secret ingredient is vegemite / marmite on the toast, also a little hot sauce in the eggs.


a rich soy sauce might be a good substitute for Marmite in that combo.


This morning I made porridge with cinnamon and protein powder. I chopped up an apple and threw it on top. It was really quick and easy and I think I'll have it for the rest of the week. Tastes more like a dessert than a breakfast. Oh, and ofc a coffee with frothy soy milk.


sorry for the late response, but good luck! I hope it all worked out fine for you, sushi


>2. Belgian breakfast with an omelette on the side.
as a belgian i'd like to know what this is
sounds interesting!


Vanilla Chex with almond and cashew milk


either oatmeal, grits, sometimes I cook something different like bratwurst. I also really like plain greek yogurt


I bought oats ages ago with the intent of having porridge for breakfast, but never got around to it due to my sleep schedule. When I wake up, it is already time to think about dinner…


I did it. Added cinnamon and honey for flavour.


kippers and eggs are one of my personal favourites, but I don't have it very regularly. I usually make scrambled eggs on toast with my secret ingredients
>2 eggs
>salt and pepper
>dash of hot sauce
>dash of worcestershire sauce
>a lot of cheddar cheese

>crumpets instead of regular toast

>butter and vegimite/ marmite

All that cheese probably isn't the healthiest but it tastes very good.


vegan yogurt is based because they usually put in a whole bunch of random vitamins and minerals to make it worth your while uwu


File: 1542511043489.jpg (43.03 KB, 719x719, 1512600366966.jpg)

I was having eggs for breakfast and then again for lunch at work. I never want to have them again. Or at least for the rest of this month. I'm going to be an oatmeal person now!


I make egg fort sandwiches


File: 1542915886415.jpg (504.16 KB, 2448x3264, 1476682791771.jpg)

scrambled eggs, toast, yogurt, bacon


Water and biscuits


Don't fall into the trap of only sweet oats! Savory oats don't get the love they deserve.


File: 1545842250587.jpg (60.32 KB, 704x480, 00_03_49.jpg)

I dunno how people are eating oats. They are disgusting. Like the grim futuristic human feed - bland, lumpy, tastless pulp, made I don't even want to know what from, corpse-starch, probably.
Oats should be feed to cattle.


I hate oatmeal but oats can be eaten just fine raw. Make a muesli with some rolled oats, mix it with nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, or hazelnuts, throw in some chopped dried fruit like figs or apricots, put some fresh banana and strawberry slices on top and eat like a cereal, with milk or nut milk. It's pretty good and very filling, way better than box cereal.


They're also good in yogurt.


I added some leftover chicken and corn to oatmeal and added a bit of salt once. It was way better than I expected.


One of my new favourites is rye bread with peanut butter and banana slices on top of that. Both savoury and sweet, and unexpectedly filling.


>>568 Yes, rye bread is so good. For the last few years I've been having it for breakfast most days I don't have leftovers - an egg sandwich (with picked onions if i made some) when i'm home, or peanut butter and jelly if I'm going to work or need to hurry for some other reason. Or just throw curry, pasta or whatever on it to bulk up leftovers that have more sauce than food


I usually have 4 hard boiled eggs.


File: 1567530557868-0.jpg (72.02 KB, 600x600, 54b91674a3f9b5e9a1bbcd312f….jpg)

I put everything but honey in a french press, fill it with hot water, wait for several minutes and plunge. Honey is stirred into the brew after you fill your cup. Sorry for a 2 year long response.

Meanwhile I've discovered another majestic food item - grilled cheese (made with homemade bread and young gouda). The secret is a spread or two of butter on the inside, and the freshness of the loaf.
That's the bread recipe - weekendbakery.com/posts/making-a-crusty-white-loaf

Also meanwhile I've spent over a year working in a coffee shop, so coffee is my pal now, and more often than not my breakfast is just a cup of coffee.

Cheers to all of you delicious sushis who keep this thread alive.


Eggs over easy and buttered toast. I like the ritual of cooking breakfast every morning. I find it hard to get up, but if I force myself to do the actions of standing up and cooking and eating a lot of food, I can really get myself moving for the day and start my day off!


I have a coworker who does this. He'd fit in well here.

I don't regularly eat breakfast but if I do I'll grab a bagel and create a sandwich with some sausage patties, cheese and hash browns. I don't like eggs.


half scrambled eggs usually. For those who don't know, instead of whisking in a bowl and cooking that, you crack the eggs directly into the pan, and let the whites cook for a bit before you stir things around. Produces this really fluffy kind of scrambled egg that only takes 2-3 minutes to make.


First thing I do when I wake up is drink a cup of black coffee, I always do this on an empty stomach. After the coffee I usually either won't eat until about lunchtime or so.


File: 1569142549149.gif (1.5 MB, 700x393, 1456432979588.gif)

Am i allowed to tell in more detail how my diet got so weird?
Anyway my whole food for today including breakfast was 1L of milk and a vitamin pill. I feel really really fine and have gotten in shape finally, just need to start exercising properly. Tomorrow is my junk day and gonna eat normal meals the whole day.


I don't because I can't get out of bed until the last second before I need to go to my daily endavor. It's actually kinda sad because I used to love breakfast when I was younger but I can't leave my bed any earlier.


File: 1570798286421.jpg (38.2 KB, 864x640, 66633208_486992062056716_6….jpg)

I usually just have two meals a day and I skip breakfast.
I just ate my first meal: grainy, cocoa pancakes with paste made of peanut butter and cottage cheese.
I will have same later, and for tomorrow I will fry some sausage with tomato sauce, beans and garlic.

This may look heavy, but I usually do not eat much these times. I am losing weight, because being skinnyfat is awful.


File: 1575226611670.jpg (635.67 KB, 832x624, something_like_this.jpg)

Lately I've switched my breakfast with a wholehearted meal, other people would consider a lunch. This enables me to go a longer distance at work, so I can have lunchbreak later, which again smoothens out the last two hours. Also with this method I can eat the way I enjoy eating and don't have to mind etiquette.

Before I usually had a bowl of cereals and oatmeal with some tea. Now I ingest a can of fish, rice, noodles, bread with cheese and lunchmeat or beans. I don't mind putting on a bit of flab, since I was on the brim to underweight few months ago. Let's get chubby :-P


Don't you find eating a lot of food makes you sleepy? I feel like I always feel less energetic after a big meal, so I try and eat less when I want to be more productive.


That's the usual postprandial somnolence, just accept it and enjoy the energy post-digestion you end up getting by a good meal.


First thing in the morning, anything I can find, usually oatmeal or stale bread. After my morning commute, I get a second breakfast fresh from bakery, usually something pizza-style or bread-rolls with wieners. After that, I eat a protein bar, just because I got to like the taste. I try to limit my coffee intake, but a good macchiato is too delicious to pass up.


probably your body trying to break down complex carbohydrates; have you tried cutting down on grain-based food?


I feel like fatty foods like cheese and stuff make me sleepy too, but I haven't really been paying attention tbh. Usually I just put off eating when I have work to get done immediately.


overnight oatmeal with almond milk, frozen berries and peanut butter
i usually like eating the same thing every day


File: 1576444679145.jpg (224.06 KB, 1534x2048, D0fgFeiU0AECK5j.jpg)

grilled cheese with pepperjack cheese and cinnamon honey


I had coffee and some poorly fried eggs on toast :)


Fried eggs are a must for me, the other thing can be milk, cereal, yogurt or orange juice


Normally coffee, muesli with yogurt, and boiled eggs.
On weekends I'll make scrambled eggs and bacon.


I've never heard of grilled cheese with honey before. Does it go in the sandwich, or on the outside?


Lately I made some homemade gronola using dates, cashew nuts honey, cardammon, ginger and cinammon. I have that with coconut milk and it's delicious!

I've also brought a french press so I've been making that along with eggs + zaatar other days.

It's a comfy life~


I love homemade granola!!

Also I eat a lot of dried fruit compote which is also pretty comfy ~


It was my first time making it and I put like a bunch of random things like a tablespoon of ghee, and peanut butter.

I'm actually making some again today since I ran out. This time I'm using walnuts and this weird red looking fruit (cranberries?), my friend left them for me so I added it in last minute. Let's see how that turns out.

>dried fruit compote

owo I've never had that for breakfast before, now I want to try it too!

What sort of recipe do you use? Also post pics!


I wake up at 10AM anyway and my first meal can't be counted as breakfast. But usually when I actually wake up early enough for breakfast, I'll go buy milk and beef-filling bread on my way to campus. And on the days I'm not going to campus and wake up early, there's really no telling what I'd eat in the morning: it can range from normal cereal to grilled chicken to Doritos.


don't have camera so no pics, sorry

i have whatever tinned fruit with dinner the night before. might put tinned orange in a curry, make cherry pie, or just tinned peaches. then i take the juice and put some dried fruit in, usually apricots, prunes, raisins, that kind of thing. add some sugar, spices, depending on my mood, and heat rapidly. once it boils leave it in a simmering pan for ten minutes or so, then turn off the heat and leave it until morning when i'll put it porridge, or with oats or pancakes or something.

granola or muesli things also work well with it, but for best results the oats should be added to the compote after turning off the heat but still the night before.


Today I had doctors sausage and sourdough bread in a rush and felt horrible the whole day. I'll stick with oatmeal or canned fish and pickles, I guess.


i can't find the energy to make a proper breakfast so i typically just have coffee and maybe some toast


1 cup oats, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 2 scoops protein, 1 tbsp maple syrup, almond milk, microwave 2 minutes. Dash of cinnamon. Stir and eat.

Maybe throw a square of dark chocolate in once in a while.


File: 1587128582223.png (156.06 KB, 627x630, Poké_Ball_sketch.png)

I have no consistent breakfast, it can be nothing, a proper breakfast, diner leftovers and anything inbetween.
Today it was some chocolate milk i bought cheap for being near its date; i hadn't drink some in years so it's cool, plus there are some healthier breakfasts coming soon.


wow sushi roll this is some next level fancy stuff but it also sounds very homey and comfy. it's also interesting how i can sort of imagine a slice of your life through your breakfast.


File: 1588646153964.jpg (214.08 KB, 1114x1422, a215993af7426f5a86b5ebe765….jpg)



File: 1588647188451.png (277.77 KB, 580x410, a happy gochiusa manga.png)

I prefer gween tea.


Normally it'd be coffee and a fag but thanks to the kung flu it's a.beer and a joint.


File: 1589539624017.jpg (32.39 KB, 640x360, cerealmetal.jpg)

I before used to eat for breakfast cereals for milk, but now I only drink chocolate milk with cookies


Hotackes with walnuts and some tea


My breakfasts vary a lot. I usually just have whatever I cooked the previous night, I use my slow cooker often so I always have stuff left over for the next day. This morning was my bacon and cabbage stew.
Ingredients for anyone interested:
1/2 medium cabbage
400g bacon
250g mushrooms
2 tsp parsley
1 tsp hot paprika
3-4 tbsp smoked paprika
2 crushed garlic cloves
4 bay leaves
1 onion
2 potatoes
2 carrots
3 small turnips
1 can tomatoes
2 tbsp butter
6 cups chicken stock
x amount of cracked pepper at the start (I just kept going until it felt like a good amount)
Salt to taste (just kept adding a tbsp or 1/2 until it tasted right)


Some form of egg, usually just fried but sometimes I'll make an omelette. Always some toast. Some bacon or sausage if I have it.

To drink I have milk or juice. Or rarely beer if it's the kind of day for that…


File: 1589681055498.jpg (1.07 MB, 2026x2865, EXoySZ-UEAU7kNd.jpg)

Breakfasts are my worst enemy.
I have to get up earlier to make them. I also never seem to have an idea what to make, apart from sandwiches, cereal and pancakes.

I have been exclusively eating cereal before the pandemic, because I could make it at work, saving time for sleep. It got quite boring, though!


What's your favorite cereal?
I rarely buy it but when I do I get sugary garbage like captain crunch because I wasn't allowed it as a kid


File: 1589683293429.jpg (222.36 KB, 720x720, tumblr_nlq3kxqc5t1rmt9eso1….jpg)

Probably this kind, but with a toffee or chocolate filling.

If not, then some made by Nestle, like Chocapic, Nesquik, Kangus. I don't like the company itself, but the cereal's good.

Cap'n Crunch look very sugary indeed!


I don't really eat any "breakfast foods", I usually just save some food from the night before and eat the leftovers. That said, I often eat my breakfast the night before…


Toffee filling? That sounds pretty good.
Breakfast for dinner is fine too


I had a chocolate protein shake for breakfast, mixed it with almond and coconut milk.


Oatmeal with fruit every time on the stove or in the microwave. Bananas are always in it since they're cheap and also frozen berries, which are expensive. Sometimes I'll eat grapes with oatmeal, but never in the oatmeal. I definitely want more variety for my oatmeal. I want flax seeds, mangoes, strawberries, etc.


Cleanup is always the time crunch for me, especially when it comes to eggs.


These days I usually just start with a cup of soymilk. I used to have a cup of regular milk, but I learned that it was giving me brain fog, so now I only have regular milk in the evening. I have something else a bit later when my stomach wakes up more.


Had some really delicious toasted rye bread with brie cheese today, washing it down with some black coffee now. Feel ready to make the best of the day.


File: 1601619704730.png (94.12 KB, 323x324, 1440284277123.png)

Made some cinnamon apple oatmeal today, along with a smoky ham & cheese sandwhich I put in the waffle iron.
The oatmeal is still missing a lil something, much better than last time I tried to make some at least. Hope it's not sugar, trying to avoid it as much as possible nowadays. Looked up some recipes and saw one that added nutmeg and ginger on top of the cinnamon, maybe that can give it that extra kick.

A tip for another oatmeal variation is to fry half an onion finely chopped until soft and translucent, then you cook your oats in the same pan (leaving the onion in) as you normally would except using chicken stock instead of water+salt. Fry an egg while it cooks and serve with that on top. Super hearty.


File: 1601797065031.png (91.13 KB, 276x276, Slika3.png)

>>738 again, had another go at that cinapple oats today, added the ginger but didn't have any nutmeg, and instead of adding milk in the bowl when eating exchanged half the cooking water for milk. At first thought it was still kinda bland, then when I was salting my boiled egg I had with it I realized I had totally forgot to add salt. Much better after adding some, imagine if I had put it in during prep instead I would be pretty much satisfied with this version of it.


french toast, or just some sandwich with hard boiled eggs and pink sauce. maybe some sausages and cabbage, but that's about it. i eat the same stuff every day, except for special occasions when i feel particularly motivated and decide to make some pancakes or oatmeal.


a coffee and a cigarette


THAT'S GROSS! I bet you're like 19 and smoke montego reds and have your coffee black.

Could you please try not to get any cooler?


File: 1624705917849.jpg (98.15 KB, 697x1000, acvlemhon.jpg)

With some vegetable powders included.
I also use a meal replacement powder in the morning as well. I've been trying to change up my diet since I found myself going to fast food joints constantly.


I've made pressed avocado toast before but usually in the morning I'll eat some eggs and ezekiel bread. I should probably cook larger meals.


I like bagels with cream cheese or eggs with toast or eating nothing and just having coffee.


Bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and capers is my GOAT breakfast
Or eggs benedict but that's way too high effort for me 99% of the time


File: 1700131527613-0.jpg (858.63 KB, 2989x2989, _Homemade_Salted_Caramel_S….jpg)

File: 1700131527613-1.jpg (202.09 KB, 1600x1200, SANY0165.JPG)

File: 1700131527613-2.jpg (62.66 KB, 800x686, buttered-toast-5892122.jpg)

Today I had toast with butter, homemade squash jam and caramel sauce. It was super delicious. The squash jam with cinnamon and allspice synergizes with the caramel and butter.


Usually it's either fried eggs or plain oatmeal with coffee.


This sounds amazing
Especially squash jam, which is something I've never considered before but sounds like it'd be awesome


File: 1700381825334.jpg (19.54 KB, 308x403, eggs.jpg)

this is my everyday breakfast, somedays i only go trough the day with this meal. it is clean and easy to prepare, only eggs take some time

french scrambled eggs + tomato, cucumber slices, feta cheese (a cheap version), olives, bread or simit (turkish bagel). sometimes tahini and molasses spread. and green tea


recently i am a big believer in the humble fried egg on rice with laoganma


File: 1700850609234.jpg (61.97 KB, 700x1050, shakes-3642950251.jpg)

I usually make tuna and cream cheese sandwiches, with protein shakes (I add bananas, blueberry or strawberries). I also usually have oatmeal for breakfast and what I can never miss in my breakfast is an boiled egg.


Depending on how late I wake up and if/when I work that day, sometimes I will throw some frozen hashbrowns in the oven, sometimes I will eat breakfast at the work cafeteria, sometimes I will skip breakfast, or sometimes I will have some hot food at 7-Eleven on the way to work. Occasionally I will make scrambled eggs with cheddar at home for breakfast. If I am being especially lazy at home but still want eggs, poached eggs with toast is nice too.

I live in a cramped apartment with many roommates and a small kitchen, so working much in the kitchen can be annoying; I mostly save that for days I am on dinner duty.

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