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Is this board pro-Cracky or anti-Cracky?
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can anyone tell me what this chan is about

this seems like a fucking "just be yourself :)))))))))" kinda board
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What's up sushi bros. Quick question: what do you think of my puckered up asshole? Is it cute?

Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Christian gullibility

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Incel thread

Are you an incel? If not, what do you think about incels?
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What is life for you, sushi roll? A set of incomprehensible concepts in philosophy, everyday problems, happy moments or all at once? However, none of this carries any value for a random person. Reflection is a useless exercise. But if sometimes you want to do this, then come to us, here you will listen and understand.
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cringe as hell
hope you get in a car accident richcalifornia roll
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Analysis of a bad meme

the NPC meme is just a millennial/zoomer rebranding of solipsism, also it shows a lack of empathy

it's easier to call someone an NPC than it is to try and understand that they have a unique perspective and their own life experiences and that they're just as valid of a person as you are
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sushi/pol/ general #1

sushi/pol/ General
This general is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

The variety of comments allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse. As such, we explore potentially """uncomfy""" topics such as national socialism, 3DPD, black dragon rolls, california rolls, and how the jews are responsible for every evil in the world.

Please try to stay on topic.
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o michael d rly?
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Are you tired of shitposting on your imageboard? Your messages do not ripen seriously? Or are you just thinking outside the box? Come to us! Here we are all like that.
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I have a boyfriend for the first time ever!

all i can think about when im not with him is how much i want to be cuddling together

my entire life is 24/7 comfy right now :)

how long do you think i should wait before introducing him to my parents? We've been seeing each other for 3.5 weeks now.
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So since the whole lainchan drama happened are we still going to be affiliated with lainchan dot ORG instead of the new .jp one? IMHO we should stick to our roots and stick with .org
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So since the whole lainchan drama happened are we still going to be affiliated with lainchan dot ORG instead of the new .jp one? IMHO we should stick to our roots and stick with .org
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Women are ridiculous

Women are the worst things in the world. They are completely insane. Crazy, fucked up, constantly emotional, crying out for a man every second, completely inconsolable, they are the fucking black dragon rolls of the gender always craving to be put on a pedastal and forever complaining. I wish I was gay.

But being a california roll is worse. AIDS, diseases, constant drama, boipussies are no more awful than women. In fact, despite how narcissistic and worthless women are, you could say they that faggits are even worse.

A world without women would be better. I'm so tired of them. They are conditionally born with a medical handicap of being a woman. All of society validates and respects the real and troubling medical handicap of being a woman. They are weaker, less intelligent, and seek constant validation. They are essentially useless in anything that matters.

So why do we tolerate them? Let's follow the perspective of Japan. Fuck this, let's just build women that do what they are told to do without the complaints. We'll get more egotistic that way, but it's more comfortable without an aging, sagging bitch of a bitch in our faces.
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I've been silent for nearly a decade about this, but now I need to speak my mind.

Isn't it time to get rid of this infantile anime stuff? Now I'm not talking about akira or gunnm or whatever other 80-90s cyberpunk anime. I'm talking about the steaming pile of japanese infantile shit that is constantly streaming like a waterfall on /a/. The minute I spent there confirmed every theories I had about anime.

Holy crackers, have you seen those guys with their dolls idolatring drawings of underaged girls like if it was a divine manifestation? What a wrong, disgusting and repulsive understanding of reality. As fascinating as some aspects of the japanese culture can be, this anime crap needs to go. Anime directly targets the weakest, most vulnerable assets of the human brain, torpedoeing subjects straight back in their mother's womb. Check out Konrad Lorenz's works on the psychology of cuteness, the results are astounding, as it is a frontal challenge to the sound development of human beings' caracter.

it's your right to adhere freely to whatever form of deviant media of your liking, but goddamnit weebshits, Keep it on your shitty circlejerk board. I'm more than tired of seeing you idiots barging in here responding to posts with your stupid childlike reaction faces instead of actual arguments. I'm exausted of seeing threads ruined by your immature peter-pan rambling.

I hope I have convinced you that anime is a cancer that should be eliminated as fast as possible if we want to create a functional community full of mentally-healthy individuals.

>td;dr Anime is a bastardizing fraud that targets the guillible, most vulnerable parts of the human brain, and stands in contradiction with everything this board stands for.