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File: 1634352070507.jpg (115.98 KB, 900x675, 1463513005039.jpg)


Last one hit bump limit, so here we are
Talk about whatever non-airing anime you've been watching lately, ask for recommendations, whatever!


File: 1634414287981.jpg (335.78 KB, 1920x1080, cap_[Farfie] Joshiraku - 0….jpg)

Thanks sushi I was going to make a new thread but I forgot about it.

Previous thread: >>18


File: 1634773236028.png (283.45 KB, 568x339, ClipboardImage.png)

I just finished NHK.
I liked it, but I felt like the ending was just another episode. There was a buildup but I didn't feel like it lead to something really important.
I think the biggest moment in the series was when Yamazaki had to leave and work in his father's ranch.
It feels safe, there are stakes where you'd think a lot would be lost but then nothing really happens.
I enjoyed it, but it's nothing as mindblowing as it seems besides having a character that a good chunk of the internet can relate to.
This made me want to watch anime in which the main character has all of his world crumbling down and losing everything he loves, would love to watch something tragic like that. My favourite vidya involves topics like that so I guess there must be anime like it as well


Have you ever seen Texhnolyze?


Forgot to add that seeing the main character lose all hope he had from before and becoming corrupted by other's influence works as well
That one was actually the one I was thinking of watching just after finishing NHK


Oh nice, hope you try it out. I love it, but it's hard to follow sometimes and certainly pretty dark


File: 1635636458268-0.png (951.95 KB, 768x576, [Reaktor] GTO - Great Teac….png)

File: 1635636458268-1.png (886.6 KB, 768x576, [Reaktor] GTO - Great Teac….png)

File: 1635636458268-2.png (847.17 KB, 768x576, [Reaktor] GTO - Great Teac….png)

Been watching GTO on the stream, it's really good. The style of humor is very silly but also really well timed, and the serious moments are equally as great as the silly ones. I'm surprised at how emotional it's gotten me.

Also you have to love the faces in this show lol


Mashimaro love


File: 1636216250550.jpg (405.87 KB, 1443x2048, No-Game-No-Life-Zero.jpg)


I watched No Game No Life: Zero. This is the movie sequel to the TV series No Game No Life (henceforth NGNL). Here are my thoughts:

This review will specifically discuss the NGNL: Zero movie, not the franchise as a whole.

First of all, it's been years since I saw the TV anime. I liked it a lot though and rated it 9/10. I really really liked the art style and colour palette, and overall found it a very fun and entertaining show. Much of this review will focus on how the movie compares to the TV series, since that is the benchmark of my expectations.

Although it still looks good, I prefer the colour palette of the TV series. I miss those bright pastel colours; this movie has a comparatively duller colour palette. It still has a lot of visual detail though and is fairly captivating. The visuals are still good, don't get me wrong. In particular, the setting and background frames of this movie look interesting and detailed.

The audio production quality is decent, but I did not like the OST as much as the TV series (Konomi Suzuki sounds amazing in the ED song though as usual). The movie has more of a classical music style; I prefer the electronic OST of the TV anime – it felt much more unique, creative, immersive, and suitable for the anime. Also, for whatever reason I did not like the voice acting of the male MC of this movie.

As is often the case with movies, I find it difficult to feel emotionally invested when I've only known the characters for a few minutes. This movie is yet another example of this – it jumps into strongly dramatic content early in the runtime, and I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed by it. I never felt any emotion whatsoever towards the characters and their story. I don't think this is just me being a stick in the mud either – I think a lot of people would agree the storyline of this movie is weak and unengaging. Overall I would say the story is very mediocre, not to mention barely coherent and poorly directed. The pacing was also too quick for my tastes.

There was a stark lack of world building and exposition. I was often confused by the plot. Random plot-critical facts were often introduced out of nowhere. Barely anything is adequately explained and the story basically just feels like "humans fight in apocalyptic setting because reasons."

Similarly to the TV anime, there is a fair bit of sexualization in this. And it is equally as shameless. If shameless fanservice is something that bothers you (or you can't at least ignore it), then NGNL is not for you. It is a fairly sexualized show, even by anime standards. Personally, I don't really care, but I feel like this is a point worth mentioning. In my opinion, the sexual elements fit in with the overall atmosphere and escapist theme of the show. To me, the sexualization is just one element of NGNL's unique personality. Others will find it off-putting though, so I definitely want to address this point. Also, the fanservice fits more naturally into the playful atmosphere of the TV series, whereas it is somewhat out of place when it interrupts the more-serious moments of the movie. However, I also recall the TV series having an erotic tone more frequently, so there is a tradeoff in that respect as well. Like I said, this isn't a big deal to me either way but I know a lot of readers care about this kind of thing (either positively or negatively) so I thought I should address it, especially for a series like NGNL.

The TV series had a more-lighthearted mood overall, and was way more fun to watch. Overall I found the TV series far more enjoyable, both in terms of story and atmosphere, as well as audiovisuals. Also, unlike the TV series, this movie has little actual game-focused content. I thought maybe this movie would explore the lore of the TV series a little, but it didn't even do that significantly.

My overall rating: 4/10
This movie lacks nearly all the features that made me enjoy the NGNL TV series so much. The main reason I liked the TV series was because of its unique artistic flavour, as well as its creative setting and storyline. And also the simple fact that it was incredibly fun to watch. The movie does not do any of these things nearly as well as the TV series, and so my viewing experience was quite disappointing. The only redeeming features of this movie are the visuals, which are good overall.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone (unless literally the only thing you care about is visuals). It's hard to believe it was made by the same people who created the TV anime.


I love that show so much. I would pay for a second season if I were rich.
I wonder if there is even enough source material for a second season though, the manga releases very slowly.


File: 1636228781698.gif (2.89 MB, 540x304, tumblr_0346f6a0303d5c7aefa….gif)

I started watching joshiraku last night. Before that was mushishi, Bakemonagatari, girls last tour, gits sac. I also watched Eizouken and Kimi cant communicate, but they're recent or airing, so I probably shouldn't bring them up in this thread.


You have watched some great shows, sushi. What are your thoughts on those?


I watched "The Irresponsible Captain Tylor" recently, the dub, which is all available on youtube. I was expecting just a straight comedy but that show was a roller coaster of emotions in the best way. It took me a while to really get into it, but after finishing I can confidently say its a solid 9-10/10. The ending is one of the best endings to an anime I think I have ever seen.

I was recommended it through a youtube video, and was not expecting it to be one of my favorites, but it absolutely is.


I've been making a point to watch anime directed by Mashimo every so often and Cpt. Tylor might be the next one I watch considering I've seen multiple sushi rolls sing its praises


>girls last tour
That's awesome, one of my favorite shows. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did


File: 1636427369299.gif (1.02 MB, 900x426, d2ccff95af3696b13bf6afe50b….gif)

Mushishi is fantastic. I love how the stories plod around interested themes without really hitting you with a moral most of the time. The music is so relaxing and so is ginkos outlook. I was a little annoyed with how self righteous he was in the episode with burning weeds, but it's a small grievance.
Bakemonagatari made me uncomfortable with some of its fan service, but the way it told stories, the cuts and sudden changes in art style hooked me. I thought at the beginning that it was doing something with an untrustworthy narrator kind of thing, and letting us know whose perspective we were seeing with the sudden changes in scenery. I still think that's at least partly true, but honestly I was expecting to see more sharply contrasting points of view from araragi. Math girl doesn't count. Kaiki almost does, but there really wasn't much interaction between them. Forgetting that though, the OPs are fantastic, and the character arcs were all really good.
Girls last tour has the nicest calmest feel to it. I didnt like the ending, but I wish it could have gone on much longer just wandering. I guess the world is also very sad, but it feels nice at least all the fighting is done.
Gits sac I first watched as a teen. The major had just as many pants as I remember. It was nice to revisit this. I'm not sure I would have liked it if I just discovered it now, as it's very violence heavy, but there might be something to the dialogue and world building that still would have drawn me in.
Eizouken was great. I really liked kanamori, which surprised me, cause I'm kinda put off by the money side of things, but as a character she was a good argument against that view. Of course the explanation of anime through the medium of anime was delightful. I actually wasn't that enthralled by the crazy world building and outlandish visuals, but they definitely fit well within the context of the anime and it wouldn't have worked as well without them.
Komi cant I found really funny and cute.


File: 1636562422638.jpg (337.25 KB, 1089x1516, 1608738369307.jpg)

I just rewatched Girl's last tour and that show surely leaves a lot of questions. Did anybody read the manga? Does it contain more background regarding the world and it's past? I once heard what happens at the end of the manga and therefore never read it, I think I wouldn't be able to take it. I would spoiler what happens there but I never figured out how spoilers work.
Anyway I ask myself what those mushroom creatures are. There is a temple dedicated to them, a graveyard with a statue of them and an entire area that is full of those statues. Makes me think if those beings are man-made to clean the devastated place up? They also said that they don't eat living humans, maybe they eat the dead, which explains the lack of bodies everywhere? I wonder why they started fighting anyway but I doubt this was explained.
Well I could go on and on but I don't want to ramble.


Been awhile since I watched it but I was always under the impression that the mushroom people (and Nuko) were "evolved" from whatever technological singularity type event they showed bits of in the camcorder episode.


File: 1636832185149.jpg (864.76 KB, 1920x1200, just-because-izumi-eita-na….jpg)


I watched Just Because. Here are my thoughts:

Overall this anime has an unmistakably amateurish and low-budget feel to it. Despite its flaws though, this story plucks at my heartstrings. In a lot of ways, Just Because is a fairly standard-fare highschool romance story. However, I found that the character dynamics and interactions feel very real. The story genuinely feels like something that could happen in real life. The writing is very down to earth and involves ordinary people and ordinary events. It feels very organic and wholesome. The story in this feels like soil between my fingers – it is so authentic, lifelike and down to earth. I found Just Because very immersive because it felt like a genuine depiction of real life. This is not something that can be said for most anime, romance in particular.

I had this show on my mind a lot. Long after each episode ended it would still be creeping into my mind. Despite it being a slow-paced show with mundane events, I finished it in under 5 days (very rare for me, particularly for a 'low-intensity' anime like this). I always eagerly looked forward to watching the next episode and did not want to watch anything else until I had completed this anime; I was quite captivated by it.

This anime has a unique atmosphere to it. It is consistently very calm and soothing – almost hypnotic. Despite there being interpersonal conflict, nobody ever really yells or fights, or even interrupts. Most characters' emotions are conveyed gracefully. The dialogue is nearly always slow and calm. This might sound like a trivial observation, but these qualities are relatively rare for anime. It's also worth noting there is basically zero comedic relief in this, which in ~90% of cases is a good thing for anime, in my opinion.

Although I've praised aspects of the writing above, one of my main criticisms of this show is that the characters are fairly bland, especially the MC(Izumi). Pretty much the entire cast is bland and underdeveloped, with the possible exception of Komiya. I'm not sure this could have been avoided given the size of the cast and the 12-episode runtime, but it is a weak aspect in any case. Of all the characters, I empathized with Komiya by far the most. Another criticism I have is that the plot does seem to rely excessively on coincidences to make things work. Maybe that is an intentional artistic decision though (recall the title of this show).

I don't particularly like the character designs. A lot of characters have these overly blocky square faces; feels like this is a romance in Legoland. In general the visuals are lackluster and unpolished. I found the character animation very lacking overall as well – even with the simplistic character designs it still often looks sloppy. Very often. In fact the character animation is often embarrassingly poor. However, sometimes the urban landscape does look nice (so many trains, yay!). As a whole, this anime looks very low budget and sloppy. The character animation in particular is often dreadful; I am usually quite forgiving about this kind of thing but it was bad enough to break my immersion sometimes.

I didn't like the voice acting for the male MC; it was very dull and unemotive. On the other hand, Komiya's VA does a good job. The OST seemed alright, although admittedly I didn't pay much attention to it; this is a pretty dialogue-heavy show. I do recall there being some okay piano songs. Also, the music consistently fits the calm soothing atmosphere I mentioned earlier; I recall there being few (if any) uptempo tracks.

I should probably mention this: despite having a significant romance component, this show has zero sexualized fanservice. Although I typically don't really care either way, I know that some people might find that a desirable feature. This is one of the many ways this is a wholesome show. Despite involving romance there is pretty much zero sexualization, which I think is noteworthy.

Between the two main male characters, I found the romance arcs involving Izumi more engaging than those of Souma. This is because the female partners for Izumi were more-interesting better-developed characters, and also because their romantic chemistry was much better. I found Izumi's romance arcs much more emotionally engaging – they have a lot of truly precious moments that made this anime a worthwhile experience.


File: 1636832251924.jpg (236.03 KB, 1898x2048, just-because-key.jpg)

My personal overall rating: 7/10
I have really mixed feelings about this anime. As I've said, it is quite amateurish and low budget. The character animation is sometimes awful. The characters themselves are bland and underdeveloped. However, despite these flaws I still found it a very captivating show and couldn't turn it off. The character interactions felt so real to me and the writing is very down to earth and lifelike. There are some really touching moments in this anime; it invoked emotion in me. I liked the consistently smooth graceful calm atmosphere as well.

There is also the simple fact that this show avoids two very common pitfalls of romance anime: unfunny poorly timed comedy and intrusive tone-breaking sexualization; simply not making these common unforced errors is praiseworthy.

If you like highschool romance then Just Because is worth a try. This anime made me feel strong emotions. I literally sobbed during the last episode; there was one scene in particular that was a gutpunch tearjerker.

I think that Natsume's emotions in general were not demonstrated to the viewer as clearly as they should have been, given the importance of her character. I think I would have empathized with her more if the show did a better job of depicting her feelings.

Just for the record, I shipped Komiya x Izumi really hard in this, in case you hadn't guessed already.


File: 1636911042728.png (386.89 KB, 688x387, upload.png)

I really liked that show when it aired, and haven't seen anyone talking about it! I didn't really pick up on the issues you mentioned, even if the production wasn't amazing, and I did appreciate the atmosphere and story. The sense of being at an edge, and romanticizing everyday things really resonated with me at the time. There's definitely something about it I wish more works, including both anime and others had.


Just now I realized that the picture of the op is a crossover, mostly likely the creator had the inspiration because of the following; The depicted character is Sora from Sketchbook Full Color's and the uniform and background is from So Ra No Wo To.
I have seen both shows but only realized it today, after the thread being a month old and me visiting daily since it's creation. I honestly feel stupid right now.


I was wondering when I posted it if anyone would know what it was, so your post made me happy


File: 1637007158783.jpg (315.55 KB, 1257x1754, just_because_945337.jpg)

Despite being a highschool romance show, it was definitely unique.


File: 1637068617991.jpg (220.64 KB, 1280x720, 1631691834624.jpg)

I have 162 anime in my backlog, what a mess. I'm getting lazy to even watch anime. I don't want to stop enjoying the only thing keeping me comfy in my lonely NEET days. Maybe I should try other genres? Slice of life isn't doing it for me right now (though it's one of my fav genres out there). Anyway, I'm currently watching Bocchi.


Are you watching anything this season? I find it easy to watch when I really look forwards to new episodes. Also watching with other people is fun, so try that!


Believe in the Aru that believes in you!

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