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Happy Holidays!


Nothing you've reviewed or watched is obscure, and there's an entire site devoted to reviews like yours. It's called MAL. Pretty sure the sushi rolls on /a/ hate your blogpost reviews and your atrociously shit taste as well.


File: 1645759842193.jpg (1.26 MB, 1200x987, Hanasaku.Iroha.full.595749.jpg)

Lol is this the same person who just said that I clash with the comfy vibe of the board? Why are you so upset?


Go back to your 30-year-old virgin imageboard.
I'm upset because you do clash with the comfy vibe here, and you post these for "reactions" on multiple image boards. How starved are you for attention?
Like I said, there is an actual website to post your reviews on and it is filled with others like yourself who post terrible reviews. Mods should post you for signature use on /a/, not sure about here as the mods seem to tolerate this bullshit from you.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Bystander here. I don't personally see a problem with the other sushi's anime reviews. I think you're letting yourself get way too upset over something that has very little bearing on you and shouldn't overshadow your enjoyment of the site as a whole. I've never read something in these reviews that compelled me to respond to them or give sushi attention beyond my reading them. Your posts are creating far more discomfort than these reviews ever have.

In my opinion, a user taking the time to post *any* carefully constructed content, even if it's not directly up your alley, is one of the best things a small or slow IB can ask for.


I don't really think it's carefully crafted, I think he does it to elicit a reaction. Honestly, I think he should go to reddit or MAL with this type of content as it really does not fit an sushi rollymous image board.


These reviews don't really belong on sushi. Please fucking stop with that shit.


The next time he posts one on /a/ and here I will make sure to link them and report him for signature use over there


Those reviews never were a problem, why should they be now? This escalation is uncalled for, Sushichan was doing good and those reviews were around, they don't bring any harm at all. If somebody doesn't like them, then that somebody should ignore them. >>3701 is posting about anime on a board called otaku in a thread about noncurrent anime, he has every right to be here, even if I don't like his reviews. Even if no one would like his reviews, which is not the case, then he would do nothing wrong with being here. All I can say at the end is that seeing stuff like that on Sushichan saddens me.


it gets old and it gets tiring especially considering his behavior elsewhere
when a roll makes obnoxious reviews in order to laugh at the reaction while posting them on multiple image boards that's pretty suspect, especially considering he does so in order to trigger a reaction, and I might agree with many of his reviews, but I think he should find another more appropriate site to do that on (like my anime list)
if sushi is the type of board that harbors these sorts of shitposters then I want no part of it and I feel bad that this board has just become a dumping ground for MAL reviews
maybe I should occasionally copy and paste random MAL reviews here if that's the type of discourse you want


I love how he never offers any specifics in his reviews, just degrades and insults shows while speaking in generic vagaries in order to upset the fanbase. It really adds to the quality posts I've come to expect from sushi!
Glad he also posts bait threads and troll threads on 4chan, that's just a huge plus, and him derailing a once in a decade thread with his well-timed reviews is also such an important contribution to board culture!
Hopefully we get more of these ignorant and vague reviews that shit on beloved shows while failing to mention any specific characters or details and lacking any understanding of the medium of anime, nor the subject of the reviews themselves.
I feel like every post here should also be posted on multiple boards to catch a wide variety of responses, in fact, why not just link every thread here to other image boards?
That wouldn't bring harm, right, no more than letting an obvious shitposting from other boards spam his reviews.


this is obviously a made up issue, and frankly i'd be surprised if the three loudest apparent complainers are more than one person. The reviews were obviously not doing any harm - certainly less than the needlessly aggressive complaints about them - and were starting some discussions, and many people including me liked them. the criticisms of them being too provocative are especially laughable compared to who's making those points. Perhaps reviewroll just needs to ign it up???


>when a roll makes obnoxious reviews in order to laugh at the reaction
>in order to upset the fanbase.
>Glad he also posts bait threads and troll threads on 4chan, that's just a huge plus, and him derailing a once in a decade thread
literally take your meds


File: 1645800388221.jpg (156.08 KB, 461x562, 1b85e96899256e190615f12c6b….jpg)

I am too tired for this shit and just disappointed and sad that something like that happened on Sushichan of all places. Looks like I should take a break from the Internet, always some fool around to come up with something that isn't even a problem.
Elsewhere isn't here. Besides this show me this elsewhere, you are claiming shit and not backing it up. He admitted on posting them on 4chan /a/, where they rush to page 10 and posting them on TC, where they get no reaction at all. The same goes for here. Look at this thread and the last one, almost never somebody reacts to his stuff. If he would like attention, your so called reaction, then he would have stopped long ago. Every idiot knows trolls stop if you don't feed them. He isn't a shitposter, he just shares his opinion. I don't like his taste, so I don't like his opinion, but at least he fucking behaves. Sure it would be prettier if he would take it to MAL or wherever, but on a board called otaku you are allowed to talk stuff like that. By the way I never wanted that type of discourse, in my humble opinion there should be a thread called reviews or something, but whatever.
Same as above, he almost never gets a response, if he would want to make a fanbase angry, then he would have stopped long ago and before that he would have tried harder to make people pissed. Besides this he would review way more popular stuff in order to get a response. This guy has also been around since a long time and Sushichan has been doing good despite that. At most he would ruin one single thread and if something harmless as this ruins a thread for you, then you don't belong on a imageboard. Again, same as above, you make a claim and don't back it up. He didn't derail anything, he has done that countless of times already and never something happened until now a certain somebody had to start crying because of nothing. I would honestly rather read 10 of his reviews than 1 post of yours, that much regarding contribution. You also compare linking to other sites with crossposting, which are not the same thing. By the way you reek of same fagging.


Just report and ignore, this is just flamebaiting/trolling at this point


Pretty sure he ruined and derailed an Aria thread for the new movie over on /a/, linking his review and then calling all those who disagreed with him cultists. I was looking forward to having a decent Aria thread for once and that's what happened. And if no one seems to agree with or like his taste why tolerate it, and as an aside who made him the unofficial review guy?
This thread is not really for reviews but the discussion of non-current anime and yet the thread is dominated by his long-winded blog-posty reviews splattered every few posts, so they are bordering on off-topic in my opinion, and as stated by me and others above there are alternative sites for him to post reviews like these. Sites actually designed for this type of posting.
If he wants to share his opinion without all the score non-sense that's different but to format it like he's posting on MAL rubs me the wrong way. He should write his reviews on MAL and link those while giving a brief overview imo, then those who dislike his taste don't have to see his reviews every time they go on the board.
Anyway, those are my thoughts, and I won't post anymore so as not to further ruin the board, in fact I won't post on sushi anymore. Having a roll like that around just bothers me for some reason.

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