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File: 1641578203099.png (190.41 KB, 382x382, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm sorry everyone, but I am making /lewd/ a hidden board.

I'm not a NEET anymore. I am going to be job hunting soon, and I am unable to completely separate my IRL name from Sushichan. Some background checks go deep. People regularly post things on /lewd/ that would end my career and many of my friendships if it was known that I hosted them, and I can't take the chance anymore. I have to make a selfish decision.

I have chosen, for now, to do this as a compromise instead of deleting the board completely. It may eventually be phased out because I feel uncomfortable hosting it tbh.

This sticky will be deleted soon.
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File: 1642476265339.jpg (21.42 KB, 200x200, Maedax.jpg)

You're making the right choice, even though I hate to admit it.
I used projects on my resume that tied directly to my online alias, and because of that have lost job opportunities and gotten in IRL trouble at my current work.
It's hard to undo literally over a decade of history, and it's scary how connected everything is these days. >>978

File: 1634321736181.png (195.32 KB, 551x310, teamwork.png)


it seems like a lot of the threads on this board are feature requests, so i'm going to be brave and start a thread so we can keep all the feature requests in one place :>

with that said, would it be possible to have a separate overboard that doesn't include /lewd/? I realize you can choose to hide content from any given board, but when you refresh the page, the thread/images appear for a brief moment before being hidden, so when I want to visit kaitensushi I'll have to enter the URL and then alt tab while it loads/hides the threads - but even when I do that, knowing that images from /lewd/ are still being fetched makes me feel a little weird if I'm not browsing at home.
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This request has been obviated by /lewd/ becoming a hidden board.

File: 1633477044425.png (2.86 MB, 1000x998, ClipboardImage.png)


Hello Sushis,

We suffered a raid directed from another imageboard on 10/04/2021. It looks like many smaller imageboards were attacked, and the stated goal of the attack was to wipe out older imageboard culture. To this end, the attackers tried to make as many spam threads as possible in order to push legitimate content off of the last page, deleting it. The raid used bots and dozens of IP addresses in order to bypass our flood filters.

Thankfully, a board user joined the new Discord server and alerted us within less than an hour of the raid starting, and I was able to lock down the boards while the moderators removed the spam posts. However, it looks like the attack partially succeeded, because on our less active boards we still have posts going back to the start of the site reboot in 2016, but on the more active boards that were already full, such as /lounge/, we have many less pages and only a couple years worth of threads. Our threads were bumped around too, so a few older threads are now near the top of their boards.

This incident also showed me that my backup system had not been working correctly. It was reporting that the backups were being uploaded each week, but in fact I didn't have anything newer than May. I cancelled the managed backup service I had been paying for, and switched to a custom solution, which I finished implementing today before re-enabling posting on the boards.

It is likely that I could restore most of our older content using the May backups, but this will require splicing the boards using some custom code so that we don't lose any current content. I will look into doing this when I have time/energy. Alternatively I am considering just putting a snapshot of the site from May on a subdomain for people to view the old threads that were lost, and I will probably end up doing this first.

I have got captchas working correctly (as far as I can tell), so they will stay enabled for the time being. Please report any issues on the IRC or Discord chats, accessible from the "chat" link in the navigation menu. These chats are linked together, so it doesn't matter which one you use.

Warm Regards,
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Thanks for the hard work!


>the new Discord server
>my backup system had not been working

The attackers didn't have to do anything to kill older imageboard culture. Job's already done.


I'd like to know too, did they have anything about their actual motivation sei/whoever?

Seems extremely unlikely considering the scales we're working with.


> the stated goal of the attack was to wipe out older imageboard culture



it's just trolling for the sake of trolling, doesn't really warrant discussion as to the why.

File: 1633032477408.gif (1.06 MB, 498x286, nichijou-handshake.gif)


I am thinking of doing a Board Exchange Program with Uboachan. Is it a good idea? Here's how it would work:

A few of Uboachan's tamest boards where people are generally polite but there is currently almost no activity, namely the Dreams board, the Art/Oekaki board, and the Literature board, would be linked in Sushichan's menu, and clearly designated as being external boards. I am not sure whether I can work these into /kaitensushi/ easily, and I may not want to.

I am more hesitant to link Sushichan boards on Uboachan, but if I did, I would add Sushichan's Kitchen board, and possibly replace Uboachan's dead Japan board with a link to our Otaku board. (I would need to be convinced that this is a good idea.)

Please give me your thoughts in this thread.


>replace Uboachan's dead Japan board with a link to our Otaku board. (I would need to be convinced that this is a good idea.)
I like this idea, especially on the merit that it might bring a bit more liveliness to the discussions over there. I've never used Uboachan but I can't imagine the users of a Yume Nikki imageboard are gonna be so unruly as to make /otaku/ unusable lol


Sounds like a good idea. I'd say there's a decent crossover in the kinds of people who use Sushi and Uboa and it would help bring more activity to both sites.


I'm not enthusiastic about the idea because we already have threads for discussing dreams and literature here and if I wanted to use uboachan I would already be posting there, but if you go ahead with it I would at least insist that sushi boards be linked on uboachan (otherwise it's not an exchange) and that uboa boards not be incorporated into /kaitensushi/.

File: 1603390609438.png (11.63 KB, 452x452, discord-new-logo.png)


I've noticed that IRC has been pretty dead as of late, while the activity on the boards has remained fairly constant. I feel like this is due to IRC quickly becoming a niche thing. My other imageboard Uboachan switched to Discord some years back and the chat has been explosively active ever since. So, I am wondering if anyone still prefers IRC, or if we ought to try moving to Discord and see how that works out. Thoughts?
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Strong oppose from me. Discord exists solely to be a spyware platform. To even sign up in the first place Discord demands an E-Mail, phone number, and your birthday (you can lie but still, why?). From what I've seen all it does is create unnecessary drama, and a division between the main site and the Discord will inevitably happen.
IRC unfortunately isn't accessible to new users, but its way more flexible and user-friendly (not spyware). Matrix/Element would honestly be a good choice considering its FOSS that has multiple security/privacy measures in place and is reasonably "modern".


A Discord<->IRC Bridge has now been set up, so you can use your preferred platform. https://discord.gg/uwfh63vGb6


interesting, I didn't know such a thing existed


File: 1633085941298.jpg (186.87 KB, 850x850, 1629056549023.jpg)

I didn’t write anything before because I didn’t think Seisatsu-sama would do it, but I’ll post my disagreement with the idea even if it’s too late.
Calling the Uboachan Discord ‘explosively active’ is an understatement. It has more than one thousand members apparently, while Uboachan itself only gets a few posts per day. It’s clear that whatever flow of traffic there is between Uboachan and the Uboachan Discord server, it’s a one-way street, which is something I think many of us have seen before, because Discord is an outright competitor to imageboards in a way that IRC never was. The Sushichan server will become its own community, will inevitably attract people who don’t use Sushigirl at all, and it will almost certainly have the same one-way flow of traffic, so why even promote it here?
Not to mention that Discord has a terrible privacy policy and reserves the right to share your data with third parties at any time.


I have a few thoughts here.

Uboachan was not much (if at all) faster before the Discord was made, and the two communities have almost no interest in each other. They are separate things. Very few discord users use the boards and vice versa. Almost all of the Discord users came from outside the Imageboard community.

Currently the Sushigirl Discord has one channel mapped to the IRC channel, and 4 users (plus the staff). The Uboachan Discord server is a massive community with dozens of channels, and I have no such plans for the Sushigirl server. If I make a large Discord server, there is large potential for a dumpster fire to happen, and then I need a ton of staff, and I really don't want to deal with that. Uboachan's Discord is enough to handle.

I think the biggest concern you've brought up here is privacy and I'd like to see if anyone else is worried about that. Using IRC will prevent Discord from collecting any info other than your text though.

One of my biggest incentives for making the Discord server was a total lack of decent IRC support on mobile. All of the apps suck, and I am not sitting in front of a computer all day like I used to. I needed something with good mobile support to keep in contact with my moderation staff, so the moderation channel was bridged a while back, and then I bridged the main channel yesterday.

Another incentive for me was that I have to use special software on IRC just to be able to see what happened when I was not signed in, and that ultimately makes it a bad platform for keeping in touch with my moderators.

Anyway if anyone else has objections I would like to hear them, and it's possible I could roll back this change, but mostly I did it so people can chat from their cell phones and I am currently only planning to have the one channel.

File: 1626314716560.png (229.98 KB, 537x604, 8138aaf22a5f715ac6f498654b….png)


This hopefully isn't a problem, but in the past there have been multiple attempts to unify imageboards into a single community. One such unification exists right now which is known as the "webring". Before this there was an attempt in 2018/19? that existed solely to datamine users, and for the past 1 1/2 years there's been one guy creating imageboards on a weekly basis to spam everywhere he can (I think its a person called Space_ but I'm not sure).
I don't trust any of it and its spread some low-quality posters much farther than they should be (People from 8chan in particular).

Please don't join any of this stuff if they ever come here trying to convince you.
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Not to break comfy, but lainchan as a community has changed a lot since the 8chan shutdown. If this happens, might need to keep a closer eye on the site than you do now. Just a thought.


Thanks, this had crossed my mind but I wasn't sure since I don't visit there often.


Those web rings are shady and one of the main reasons I dont really browse image boards anymore.




not even lainchan webring?

File: 1465211751636.jpg (34.94 KB, 500x342, handsomeboy.jpg)


Thought this would be a good place to post any issues users run into. The only one I have dealt with yet is that attempting to go to the catalog of any board returns a 404.
PS. Ty for bringing back this lovely place <3
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If you're talking about the error regarding the missing telegrams table, I've just fixed that. (Maybe the error was only visible when posting as a moderator, not sure.)

It looks like it cleared up some other posting issues too when I applied the fix on Uboachan.


File: 1627249335493.png (39.9 KB, 609x192, sushi-thread-bug.png)

I saw this weird reply link text on /kaitensushi/. I had scrolled down until it auto-loaded the next slew of threads. The link points to https://sushigirl.us/kaitensushi/#thread_5384


Weird, it looks like all of the reply links on /kaitensushi/ are doing that.


This morning my browsers are complaining about sushichan's ssl. I'm only on my phone right now so i don't know how to get more information but it's the whole "someone might be impersonating this site, your connection is not secure, you have to accept the risk to continue" thing


Just a case of expired certificate.

File: 1529278642121.jpg (34.04 KB, 321x217, 1494821570637.jpg)


Would you ever consider making the music on the front page fade in? It's kind of startling to have it suddenly start
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Hey I'm an old lurker from back when sushichan was new. What happened to the Tycho and Aphex Twin that used to play on the front page? Can it be considered to bring that back?


Oh it seems that some browsers don't allow it. Perhaps iframe element functions. I also see that the old flim.mp3 was commented out. Perhaps it can become an alt for certain browser types?


I change up the music every so often. I might put up an old tune for a while eventually.


Adding on this, does the music starts randomly or is it supposed to start every time you access the website? Of all the times I've visited it, the music only showed up like two times.


Huh, weird. I don't really know why it would do that, but it has been temperamental for me at times as well.

File: 1619107574246.png (1.04 MB, 728x1276, ClipboardImage.png)


Would anyone be particularly upset if I stopped allowing loli content in /lewd/? I have started becoming paranoid about hosting such content since a while ago, and I am afraid to link the site to people I know. Please give your thoughts in the comments.
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It's not an integral part of the site for me, but the sushis on lewd have great taste and I'll be sad to see the board go.


I don't think there was ever a plan to remove it, just take it off the board list so only sushis who know of it can get there.


anyone against this is a goddamned pedophile and ive reported each and every one of you ITT complaining the the fbi


Hi Yuno, long time no see. Wanna make out?



File: 1612347105141.png (26.51 KB, 568x500, Untitled.png)


Can you please allow/support mp4 containers too?

This is completely standard web-acceptable H.264 8bit yuv420p and AAC in an mp4 container.


Oh yeah, I can do that. Sorry I didn't see this thread for such a long time.

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