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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1465211751636.jpg (34.94 KB, 500x342, handsomeboy.jpg)


Thought this would be a good place to post any issues users run into. The only one I have dealt with yet is that attempting to go to the catalog of any board returns a 404.
PS. Ty for bringing back this lovely place <3


Also this keeps happening when I try to post images.

"Caught fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24000 bytes) in /var/www/sushigirl.us/inc/image.php on line 481"


Fixed. Sometimes there's two catalog buttons right next to each other though, gotta figure that one out.

Maybe it has something to do with a couple other users being unable to post. I'll look into it.


I changed a setting, try posting images now.


File: 1465358211453.jpg (67.2 KB, 499x514, trueform-gondola.JPG)

Thank you so so much, works great!


Embeds don't seem to be working ;_;


File: 1465754733183.png (169.16 KB, 1024x600, 2016-06-13-130712_1024x600….png)

strange bug. Those replies of the last two posts in that bread thread don't exist.
Also notice the /#20 in the url, which appeared when I clicked the reply so labeled.
The same thing doesn't appear in /hell/ which is where the thread is from. So I'm guessing the board is confused about the numbers


Looking into it.

Sometimes the board index doesn't update right away when a post is deleted. Don't know much more about it.


File: 1465795654576.png (921.46 KB, 2806x900, embeds.png)

Thanks for fixing embeds! Although now I'm getting a different issue where the site thinks all youtube links refer to the same file so you can't upload more than one per thread…

And I'm pretty sure the bug with >>21 is due to the overboard. If there's a thread from, say, /lounge/ which references post 12 in /lounge/ - has >>12 in it - then if it's visible on the overboard front page then the overboard will think that all posts of number 12 are being linked, regardless of which board it is (so post No.12 on /hell/ will be backlinked to whatever number /lounge/ post in the overboard, but if you click through to the thread or use the actual board it won't be).

If you search the overboard for No.14 you can see a post on /silicon/ that contains >>12, which is where the backlink on the /hell/ post comes probably from, for example.

This didn't happen too often on old sushichan because there was a reasonable difference in post numbers between the different boards (and I think the two posts have to both be on the overboard "front page" for it to happen), but I did notice it occasionally so it wasn't a problem Itamae or undoall ever fixed. As post numbers increase and the post ranges differentiate between individual boards it should start to happen less often.


It seems that Vimeo embeds aren't quite working:



File: 1469710318001.png (11.19 KB, 159x83, Capture.PNG)

minor issue, but the thumbnail in the tab and in bookmarks isn't showing up



I dunno man, I don't think anyone's maintaining most of the embed code. Just use Youtube until I can figure something out.




Is it possible to add a board or thread to my rss reader? I didn't see anything about it on the faq page.


File: 1476121041031.png (20.6 KB, 774x140, automated post message.PNG)

I keep on getting this message when I try to submit a post in https://sushigirl.us/tunes/res/112.html

Even when I don't enter in any text this happens. Is there some way to prevent this from happening again?


In the FAQ, the link to the BBCode info is dead. I think the post it's supposed to link to is the following: https://archive.sushigirl.us/archive/res/11.html#14

On an unrelated note, Itamae's dancing squid tripcode a cute.


File: 1519220545858.png (77.42 KB, 519x330, bookmark behaviour.png)

When bookmarking a thread (at least in Firefox), the bookmark name uses the first line of the thread instead of the thread title.

e.g. bookmarking this thread gives me "Thought this would be a good place" instead of "Bugs and Fixes sushi rollymous".



I browse sushichan on my phone. The layoit of the site itself matches my screen resolution no problem, however some banners seem to be super big and they mess up with the width of the page (so instead of just scrolling down through the boards you can also scroll to the (empty) sides of the page.
I don't know if I am explaining myself correctly, I'm sorry.
Basically some of the random banners seem to be super big and it breaks the layout width on mobile.


not exactly a bug, but https://sushigirl.us/faq/ and https://sushigirl.us/irc/ still have links to lainchan


This irritates me as well. I really just have to manually comb through the banners folder and delete the big ones but I keep forgetting.



File: 1541278923118.png (120.91 KB, 451x240, banner.png)

I'm pretty sure this site isn't lainchan.


From my quick search these are the wrong size:

sushi-roll80.png and sushi-roll81.png are for lainchan

1448374209297.gif and ezgif-3725406271.gif return a 404


Lainchan and sushichan used to be partner sites. Banner never got removed, but it was originally supposed to be there.


I've moved all of these banners out of rotation. Thanks for your help.

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