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"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor." - Alexis Carrel
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File: 1571490632353.png (468.3 KB, 565x800, bfz02front.png)


Some probably still remember my zine thread here almost 2 years ago. Good things, issue #2 just got released at https://blackfogzine.org/, I hope you enjoy! We have almost 100 members on discord, come say hi if you feel like


Yeah, I remember it. Woah, two years already…



It surprises me I still check this place on a weekly basis. I DO wish I would post more, I am really grateful to the few rolls who keep this place alive, I really do. I have this feeling that whenever I have to forget about this sanctuary to sort a mess out, I dont have to fear to come back to a cemetery.
luvu rolls


A great issue. It's a shame it lacked the comics, but the Infornography entries were amazing and so was all else.


true, hopefully #3 will be richer in content


Haven't heard of this before, but I'm really glad I found this. Thanks

File: 1524546918923.png (18.92 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Lets draw stuff sushi's! It doesn't matter how bad u think it is, any drawing is good for you! (I hope this is on the right board…)
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i like this a lot


File: 1569747309295.png (34.55 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1569785898334.png (7.98 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1569869690251.png (13.85 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1569984481968.jpg (2.31 MB, 4096x3072, IMG_20191001_200918831.jpg)

File: 1567559275033.jpg (13.03 KB, 400x400, 1521172264941.jpg)


What are some good slice of life anime to watch? I liked Nichijou, Non Non Biyori and Azumanga Daioh.
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File: 1569406666835.jpg (97.92 KB, 599x848, bant haibane greyscale rak….jpg)

Haibane Renmei is really good.


File: 1569424914423.jpg (523.48 KB, 2208x3344, 1568691394507.jpg)

It should be noted it gets dark though.
If one thinks one is in for a standard cute-girls-do-cute-things type of SoL where the mood is never not comfy one might associate with the classification they're in for a harsh surprise.
It's a beautiful and healthy kind of dark, I felt more positive about life after having watched it, but still, the way there is dark in places.

Also just a sidenote share; I had actually on accident gotten the exact model of lighter Reki uses just a couple of weeks before watching through the series, was so surprised to see it in there


File: 1569435259775.jpg (500.67 KB, 1024x768, 1505282914361.jpg)

Figure 17. It's a strange old series with 45 minute episodes about two twins (one of which is an alien, it's not a spoiler though) growing up in the countryside. Every episode has a small sci-fi action portion which I wasn't too fond of but the majority of the anime is some top tier SoL. The character development of the two girls is incredible too, you really see them grow as the show goes on.

Haibane Renmei is my favourite anime of all time, definitely check it out too.


I don't smoke, but Reki makes it look so cool.


I don't even smoke cigs, only got them cause I smoke a pipe (as in, actual tobacco one) like once a month or less.

I gotta say though, you wouldn't believe how satisfying that model is to use. Nothing like a bic, not really like a zippo either. Sometimes flick it open just to feel how nice the mechanism is. That clunk.
Got them for like $5 each at an army surplus store.

File: 1568149811403.jpg (255.8 KB, 1200x750, D-einbMU4AQ8hMi.jpg)


Any manga/anime/VN with an atmosphere or story like nausicaa of the wind valley?
I would kill for something like it, as i am tired of the usual anime and manga tropes.


I would suggest doing a tour of all of Miyazaki's films. I find that all of his movies have a similar vibe that can't be parallel even by other Anime.


Sherlock Hound (1984)

First 6 episodes were directed by Miyazaki, he had to quit in order to work on Nausicaa. It’s much more light hearted.

You remember the scene "The seven days of fire" ? it’s was realized by Hideaki Hanno, who later on directed Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I’d recommend Berserk. The atmosphere isn’t exactly the same tho.


File: 1568162814334.jpg (304.85 KB, 680x961, kurenai_no_buta.jpg)

You must watch Porco Rosso if you haven't already, I can't believe I put off watching it for so long, it's beautiful.


Mononoke Hime.
Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa.
Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku.

File: 1494530368684.jpg (97.57 KB, 1125x632, threebody_wide-8754b786d52….jpg)


I finished reading The Three-body Problem from Liu Cixin and I really like it. If you like scifi you sushis should give it a try.

Let's talk about sci-fi books!
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I recently bought a bunch of shorter works by William Gibson and Ursula LeGuin. Read all the Gibson stuff, which was pretty damn good, and I'm about halfway through the first (non sci-fi) volume of LeGuin's "The Unreal and the Real" compilation. I had it before until I lost the book, but it's definitely worth reading again, so I'm looking forward to the stories I haven't read as well as another book of novellas.

Any thoughts on Ada Palmer's "Terra Ignotia" series? I thought "Too Like the Lightning" was very interesting but also kind of unpleasant/uncomfortable to read, and gave up about four chapters into the second book before giving up. I might consider trying again later though.


File: 1548616829362.pdf (703.99 KB, (Culture 2) Banks, Iain M ….pdf)

I'll chip in with two major writers who might not be familiar to all sushis.

Iain M. Banks created "The Culture", a society built on tremendously advanced technology, in ten (or so) novels. "The Player of Games" is the second novel (in order of publishing) in the series, but the first one I read. The novels can be read in any order and the first published, "Consider Phlebas", might not be the best place to start. Highly recommended if you have yet to encounter Banks' boisterous hard-SF romps.

Gene Wolfe's work is not everyone's cup of tea. It has more literary ambition than most SF, and Wolfe often shows indirect glimpses of his subject, trusting the reader to infer the the whole. His magnum opus is the "New Sun" complex of interrelated novels and stories set in the far future red giant phase of our Sol. He has written many short stories for magazines.


File: 1548617061583.epub (599.6 KB, The-Best-of-Gene-Wolfe-A-….epub)

>>454 How do you post multiple files?


oh yeah baby this thread was made for me! i love chinese science fiction. (not mentioning what's already been posted here)

cixin liu's ball lightning is: great
ken liu's broken stars: awesome
i like xia jia and expect her to be translated more.

definitely looking forward to the fan addition to remembrance of earth's past by baoshu when it's translated to english (and released here).

there's also a three body problem movie in the works supposedly.

stuff that i enjoyed that seemed similar to me (except for chiang but he's ethnic so does this count?):

everything by ted chiang is amazing. if you enjoy liu cixin you should absolutely read everything he's produced. i've watched him in interviews online. i especially liked the lifecycle of software objects and this one where it was an essay, can't remember the name! his two released books are "stories of your life and others" and exhalation.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1568022104692.png (15.04 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

The Martian is my favorite sci-fi book. Hard sci-fi in Mars exploration era, so no aliens or weird tech, just a bunch of nice people vs nature story.
Blindsight and other stuff by Peter Watts is good for depicting the future with more mind mods which it probably will have.
Cookie monster and True names and anything else by Vernor Vinge are awesome. My favorite author for early cyberspace stuff.
Life artificial is good and all online.

File: 1567179226391-0.jpg (150.27 KB, 1032x1280, まゆゆきした.jpg)

File: 1567179226391-1.png (634 KB, 500x740, The Neverending Story.png)

File: 1567179226391-2.jpg (180.08 KB, 670x1099, Roadside Picnic.jpg)


Has anyone heard of a book or short story about a man who creates or acquires tools or artifacts that make him stronger as the story progresses?


The Mysterious Island?


Sounds like the average light novel

File: 1478030346556.jpg (749.49 KB, 1224x827, f1552987d45479963b66022b14….jpg)


What're some comfy anime series?

I'm relatively new to anime and am looking for something slow paced in story line, and atmospheric in terms of soundtrack/sound design or animation. Only ones I can think of are Mushishi and House of Five Leaves.
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File: 1556743792744.jpg (108.59 KB, 1024x768, Tsukasa.(.hack..sign).full….jpg)

you have described .hack//sign. I would highly recommend it.


Yes! It's very good with a lot of funny moments


File: 1564132872150.jpeg (23.56 KB, 474x316, sakura.jpeg)

Cardcaptor Sakura. The music, atmosphere, interactions are all just great


I agree, even the colour palette used is relaxing for some reason.


Can't go wrong with either one of these.

File: 1545533207589.jpg (25.5 KB, 752x440, art vs stem.jpg)


When the economy tanks, more people go to trade schools or study STEM as opposed to art. Studying art is seen as a bad financial decision. What kinds of cultural effects do you think this has, when art and literature are seen as frivolous?

My mom studied art because it's supposed to be enriching, even though it's not all about career goals. I was basically forced into a STEM major for economic reasons. It has a very clear career path, but that's about it.

Or do you think some good things can come of it?
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I studied art. Yes it is a terrible decision and I regret it every day of my life. Completely useless from any financial standpoint. You're welcome sushiroll


I appreciate art but it's definitely a bit of a saturated thing nowadays. Stuff like drawing animu & mango, as an example, it's almost a staple of the otaku culture, wanting to draw and publish their own mango.

You really have to stand out to pursue a career as an artist, especially freelance. The modern, effiency focused, capitalism driven world cares about results (as sushi >>447 mentioned); you must deliver them faster and better, cheaper than the others.

Unfortunately, to join say, an animation studio, going to college is a very risky endeavour, but not joining and you're underqualified. Maybe try looking for smaller companies to work in?

We all enjoy art, each with their favorite format (be it painting, literature, 3D, music, etc…). There will never be a lack of artists and I'm my honest and melancholic opinion, studying arts in college isn't all that worth it unless you already have a financial cushion. If you do already have a stable job you like, then go for it. If you enjoy it, that's what matters.

Ultimately, art is just another victim of consumerism, particularly in the digital and audiovisual medium. It's made to sell. Artists are PR machines at this point. "Classic stuff" like writing, painting and drawing, to a certain point, is becoming less valued, it would seem. But trust me: whenever I give a painting I made to someone, particularly portraits, the look on their faces is something else. You just feel it, the distinction between mass produced stuff and something with personal value.

The point I'm trying to make with the last paragraph is that you should continue doing it as a hobby. Something which you are intrinsically motivated to do. Don't regret not pursuing a career out of it. Eventually it would become something you'd do just for the sake of survival rather than enjoyment.


I feel like studying art has little correlation with actually being able to create enjoyable or meaningful art. If anything it seems like arts academics only become obsessed with ugliness, measureless relativism and the destruction of meaning.

If you just mean learning the tools of the trade, well, I guess it depends what you do with it. There's certainly high demand for talent in media production & editing. Would you call that art? It's a bit of a different world to painting, sculpture etc.


File: 1558674125297.jpg (1.63 MB, 3703x2971, Salvador_Dali_A_(Dali_Atom….jpg)

I study graphic design which is probably the best option I could have taken without wanting to kill myself constantly. I think it's pretty promising, especially compared to studying traditional arts.
The kind of stuff that I study is more geared toward using art for commercial purposes, for example posters, logos, and websites. As long as there are companies, there's somebody that needs those things.
I'm still in school, so obviously I can't claim to know anything about how this will turn out in the long run. But alongside doing design work I am also getting better at drawing in general, which was always a goal for me. I would have really hated it if I went into a STEM field.


Studying Graphic Design is a great way to study art and still invest into a career. In a similar way, studying Music Tech instead of Music Performance can give you a lot more options.

File: 1539563227550.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x942, a2b6a0fa1363345d293d3d6cd4….jpg)


Hello, sushi! Lately I've been craving some really cute moe SOL manga. Can I get some recommendations? (bonus points for 4koma, shoujo-ai, yuri)

Examples: Komi-san, Watamote, Comic Girls, Senryuu Shoujo.
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I've made a few recs here but I'd like to add Shinmai Shimai Futari no Gohan, Shimeji Simulation, and if you like cars, zessyaka.

Well, the mangaka calls it's a "fetish manga" and it's almost a foregone conclusion that an anime adaptation of a series will have more pandering. But I don't feel they've necessarily overdone it. Maybe the voice acting accentuates the effect but Sen makes some suggestive faces in the manga as well. It isn't wholly innocent at any rate.


>anything I don't like is pandering
This is my favorite anime community meme.


does anyone have any deliberately uncomfortable SOL?


File: 1557767434308.jpg (115.7 KB, 599x348, 1509382055259.jpg)

Girl's Last Tour probably fits that. It's complete, and an excellent read.


it was always nojyaloli fetish manga.

File: 1551166258147-0.jpg (114.77 KB, 600x605, R-74316-1235922991.jpeg.jpg)

File: 1551166258147-1.jpg (124.85 KB, 600x602, R-74316-1235923009.jpeg.jpg)

File: 1551166258147-2.jpg (210 KB, 600x600, R-74316-1235923026.jpeg.jpg)

File: 1551166258147-3.jpg (104.8 KB, 600x595, R-74316-1235923040.jpeg.jpg)


I don't know if this would fit better with /tunes/ but artwork for albums could fit here.

But anyways, here's a thread for album artwork you really like.

These were used for the inner sleeve artwork for Talk Talk's 1986 album "The Colour of Spring, of which James Marsh did the artwork for.
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File: 1551855279405-0.jpg (391.27 KB, 1500x1500, 81OzrxuWtGL._SL1500_.jpg)

File: 1551855279405-1.jpg (276.84 KB, 1200x1200, a3937834400_10.jpg)

File: 1551855279405-2.jpg (926.42 KB, 1400x1400, 91Si84rNDrL._SL1400_.jpg)

File: 1551855279405-3.jpg (60.29 KB, 500x500, 61ciBtphTHL._SS500.jpg)

knew id see some king gizzard here.
here is some more.


File: 1552805097598.jpg (418.41 KB, 2475x1215, db81efdb7eb2739df6e4cecd2b….jpg)

My favorite album cover of all time is Santana's third album's artwork.


File: 1552908495000-0.jpg (101.01 KB, 960x958, 31590596_10156682547022214….jpg)

File: 1552908495000-1.jpg (76.6 KB, 960x640, 32350045_10156682547037214….jpg)

Autechre - Quaristice (Versions)


File: 1552992336055.jpg (608.19 KB, 1400x1400, cover.jpg)

tekvision - Mobile Suit Ecco


File: 1553023882372-0.jpg (50.42 KB, 474x474, cake1.jpg)

File: 1553023882372-1.jpg (324.49 KB, 953x953, cake2.jpg)

File: 1553023882372-2.jpg (156.63 KB, 1280x720, cake3.jpg)

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