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File: 1600994591198.jpg (26.32 KB, 565x592, 20200924_213921.jpg)


I've heard both good and bad things about this show, should i watch it? what is your opinion on it sushi roll?


File: 1601022405728.jpg (39.95 KB, 450x576, Morse.jpg)

The only TV show you need to watch is inspector Morse.


season 1 is good, season 2 is a let down, don't bother with the rest


It was a guilty pleasure type feel for me. Would recommend checking out and form your own opinion rather than outsourcing your taste to others.
Also Trenton best girl.


File: 1601057015792.png (885.71 KB, 1280x720, mrrobot02.png)

I watched it for Slackware. I enjoyed it, but I agree that season 1 was far nicer than the other ones. I don't know why I like it more, maybe it was far less absurd, more relatable.


I hope Pat's been doing better these days. Really sucks how hard times have been for him lately.


When I found out about the storefront thing was one of the rare few times I've gotten genuinely angry in the last years.


it has a cool build up but it never amounts to anything interesting


I regretted watching this show, better play Deus Ex (2000).


>Deus Ex (2000)
you have good taste sushi


I watched the show and I kind of liked it at first, all the h4ck3r vibes and shit. But in hindsight it was notma lot more than an ok show. It had it's strengths and it's flaws, plenty of them.
I think the best part was the final season, where they made some of the last episodes with some care. One of them was a single long-takr for the entire episode, there was one that was completely silent and a well-structured story of it's own, and then there was one presented in three (or was it four?) acts, which unfortunately was the bullshit episode of the show.
That's one of the fatal flaws at the end of the show, where they reveal that Elliot was molested as a kid, and that just didn't fit. They never built up into it, and I ended upnpt caring. They did build up for some revelation about his relationship with his father but in the end that came up out of nowhere, as if they pulled that off at the last minute.
Also the show dragged for the entire second season, just to deliver a forced twist at it's end that's not even worth mentioning.
The finale where they beat the bad guy was actually good, as they did build up to that moment. But the next episodes were anticlimactic and they made very little sense and, again, I didn't either believe it nor did they make much sense.
Then there's the problem where they introduce characters and invest them just to then put them on hold and then just throw them away (like Tyrell Wellick, and his wyf, and also blondie), it's like they found out you can just kill characters when you don't need them anymore, and it just makes the bad guy badder, win-win eh?
So, yeah, it's okay, it's entertaining, but the writing is kind of crappy at times.


I've watched Mr. Robot five times and thinking about rewatching again for the start of 2023.


First season was interesting. Shy, depressed hacker hacks stuff. Then it kind of gets a bit over the top where it's hackers vs bad guys. Then it just gets absurdly over-the-top and Hollywood. For that reason, I can't really recommend it unless you don't mind suspending belief and don't expect serious writing (because honestly…it gets bad. Real bad).


File: 1675455700076.jpg (84.9 KB, 728x410, mr-robot-fsociety-new-york….jpg)

in some ways it's good, in other ways it sucks

basically i will echo the consensus here, first season good very grounded in real hacker shit, it's like the hacker show you always wanted a hacker collective fighting the megacorps, only as it progresses the show gets less and less grounded and feels increasingly like a comic book.

when it comes to craft the show is top notch, the cinematography the pacing, the dialogue, the acting, all excellent, it's just they lost the plot and what the show is even supposed to be __about__. It stops being about hackers and becomes some weird avante guard bullshit at some point.

what i really dislike is the forced romance with this basic ass white girl, they make her character increasingly less sympathetic ( she becomes a corporate stooge who later looses touch with reality ) they kill off all the minor characters who make the show interesting ( like literally all of them ) and then keep the most absurd characters going.

there's other issues that are indicative of the times: cliff hangerism and an increasingly unlikely series of twists but by the time you've had enough you're really too invested in the show to stop watching.

I think people should watch it because it makes you imagine what a good hacker show could have been, maybe one day we'll get that.

It is very memeable also so can mine a lot of good screenshots out of it


I remember watching this and liking the first four episodes I think, but then remember the writing taking a complete nosedive afterwards.


If you decide to watch it follow along with the archived episode discussion threads on the /r/mrrobot subreddit. Sam Esmail and the writers regularly lurked in there and would throw shit in to later seasons to troll the redditors. Following along with some of the crazier theories week to week was a pretty integral part of my experience with it (especially the rantings of the user lost_tsol), and it's hard to imagine the whole thing being half as fun if you just did the normal binge.

As for the show itself it's a pretty great exercise in style, and has a lot of fun surreal moments, and arguably ends on a pretty solid note for the main character, but I do think it wastes a lot of time trying to play sleight of hand with the audience and introduces plenty of ideas and characters that basically go nowhere or add very little when everything shakes out plotwise.

Overall give it a watch for something that feels like nostalgia for the paranoid 2015/16 zeitgeist and is above average for tv in terms of cinematography and presentation. The plot is great as something to ride along to and experience, but ultimately the story of the show is pretty simple and straightforward and much of what feels complex about it is smoke and mirrors.


>end that came up out of nowhere
It was a long time ago but there were clues throughout the show that lots of people noticed but they were very subtle.


What forced romance? I remember there was only one scene… Other than that I liked how they didn't force it at all when other shows would've used her character for a "romantic interest" character.


wasn't this just an ad for kali linux and psyop people into the "ethical" "hacking" cybersecurity profession?


I'mma say what everyone is saying: Season one was amazing - I didn't watch it after the second season

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