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File: 1465075890593.jpg (723.1 KB, 1920x1080, boat.jpg)


Hey there.

So, I'm running this site now because I had the most resources to do so. However, I wasn't a super active Sushichan user to begin with and I'm not familiar with every nook and cranny of the original site. I only have a recent siterip to go off of here while I'm rebuilding the place. Since I'm stuck at the helm, you'll all have to help me decide what's still missing, what features to implement, and how to keep this community running smooth.

Rebuild Suggestions/Comments thread go.


File: 1465076359772.png (496.88 KB, 570x1200, Kyo-0004.png)

Would it be possible to add the multiple-images-per-post feature back in?

Also, you're doing a fantastic job, Sei, just so you know. ^u^


Done. 4 images allowed per post.


File: 1465136104521.gif (87.44 KB, 240x240, 1463693415-1.gif)

Support for webms (and maybe mp4s, although they weren't supported before) would be cool. Is the file size limit still 10MB? Whatever it is, it'd be rad to put it below the post box to tell people. Also youtube embeds, and whatever other old formats people would use that aren't currently supported.

If you want help and all that you could talk to undoall about it, although I figure you've probably already done that.

And thanks for bringing sushichan back to life, I've been missing it over the past few weeks.


I bet one of the templates will let me put text below the post box. Embeds will be enabled soon.


Embeds are enabled, and the text below the post form is back.


File: 1465211205605.gif (549.43 KB, 240x240, 1463693415-2.gif)

Sweet as, thanks for that.


Are you going to code snow here?


this may be a menial request but, do we have word filters? It was a small touch, but it made sushichan cozy in its own way


Seisatsu I just wanted to say thank you very much first off,

secondly I think the best way to manage the site is a very hands off approach. deleting peoples posts, banning people, stuff like that should be done only when absolutely necessary.

it's also nice when the admin comes on to interact with the site userbase like this thread. Don't feel you have to but it's a really good thing!



In due time, none will escape the cold embrace of snow.

We don't have any currently and I don't know which ones were used in the past.



Not him but, it would be fun to bring those back, though the only ones I remember are
sushi roll - anon (also in the name field)
california roll - newfag
dragon roll - nigger
rainbow roll - faggot


ooh, adding to that - i think "friendly lady" was used in place of "bitch", was it not?


Great, someone who knows fuck all about how the site was has driving off the only mod left who did. undoall was right, the site should've stayed dead.

Fuck you, seisatsu you opportunistic cunt. Stop stealing other people's websites and try making yours less shitty, faggot.

Go ahead and ban me and delete this post, like I know you will.


>who knows fuck all about how the site was has driving off the only mod left who did
What's going on?


>For the lack of a qualified oldfag to administrate and host the party for everyone this site should stay dead, instead of helping the only person who used his time to revive the site.
Nah, you're just an elitist cunt who doesn't give a shit about the community.


This makes me sad.
Fucking people who don't actually knows what is going on. Since this place got back up we've got nothing but fucking salty dudes wanting to impose themselves and then going "hurr durr Seisatsu is trying to impose himself".
I'm mad actually, how about you fuck off? You clearly don't care about the community and pretty much thing sushichan is like otherchan where you can just shit all over.
Seisatsu, btw, if this happens to be the same faggot who's been littering the site with his shit, you know who I mean, please ban him and also ban him from the circlejerk as well. Thanks
I appreciate Seisatsu's bringing back the site. He's been doing a fine job so far.


ITT: Ubuu


So what you're saying is that you're uber buttmad that you can't impose your own controls on this site? Sorry, this isn't preschool, kiddo. Saying "fuck" eleventyone times doesn't help your case much either.


These kinds of people are going to follow me wherever I go, unfortunately. Try not to worry about it too much.


>>For the lack of a qualified oldfag
actually there are still "oldfags" on sushichan but yeah the dude was being a douche


Question: Should posts in /hell/ and /lewd/ appear in /kaitensushi/?


I am leaning towards no myself, but am interested to hear what others think.


That kind of posts can break the comfy atmosphere.
But I still would be inclined to say it's better to allow them to show up there.


Same here, I would rather not see lewd and shock threads among other "normal" ones, it would break the confy vibe. Not that big of a deal but imho it would make more sense to put them aside of the news stream


File: 1466370340371.png (209.81 KB, 1852x774, Untitled.png)

I personally don't see a problem, but I can see what >>74 means.
How about, if possible, making them hidden by default, but make them toggle-able with a button, like the pic?


Maybe. I suppose I'll leave them visible for now until there's some kind of consensus? I have to write custom code to do this.

On another note, I'm concerned that obviously uncomfy threads like this one >>>/lounge/219 are starting to appear, and I'm not sure what I should be moving to /hell/ and what I should be deleting or banning, and what I should just leave alone.

Like, I want to say this user should know better, and a part of me in the back of my head even feels like this thread and ones like it are maybe an intentional attack on the userbase, since it's worded in such an inflammatory way that's practically guaranteed, even engineered to create negative drama and force my hand on moderation decisions. I may need to change or add some rules if this sort of thing keeps up? I'll watch it for a while and also see what people think. Discussion here >>77


File: 1466431102026.jpg (108.06 KB, 800x759, f5ec46540658b0ebb43fce91d2….jpg)

Please don't use subjective rules like "comfy" to choose whether to censor threads.

The best moderation is no moderation - just delete illegal content and spammers (these are objective criteria). Sushis are mature enough to cope with actual discussions and we don't need them derailed and trampled on.

Why is it so important that criteria for moderation be objective and not subjective? Because every single time it is subjective mods end up censoring people and representations of opinions they don't like or feel everyone else doesn't like - you end up with a normie atmosphere and pushing outsiders away.

But that is exactly the opposite of why people come to these sites. Don't ruin sushichan and don't make posters scared of the word "comfy" which is more and more being used to get threads closed and moved to /hell/.


Basically this.Just chill


My last post got too messy to work with after I tried to insert custom html so I deleted it.

There seem to be two popular opinions going on in the /yakuza/ discussions. One that threads shouldn't be moved from /lounge/ and that we should just fight uncomfy with comfy, and the other that all serious discussion should happen in /hell/ in the first place and lounge should just be random comfy stuff and light discussion.

I'm not sure it's really a good idea to say "anything goes, people can handle themselves" on /lounge/, because if it gets too uncomfy everyone will give up and leave. A constant flow of comfy users to drown out uncomfy users is far from guaranteed. No moderation at all will kill the site just as easily as over-moderation.

Also let's move the discussion about /lounge/ and comfiness to >>77 since the threads are completely overlapping at this point and I'm just repeating myself in both places.

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