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File: 1466406853535.png (800.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1466366995531.png)


Recently there have been some threads on lounge that concern me. So, I have some questions for the community:

What topics are uncomfy? Things like politics, misogyny, gay bashing? What makes a topic uncomfy? What should I do with these topics – when should I move a thread to /hell/, and when should I lock it outright, delete it, or ban it? Should I actually be using /hell/ as a place to move uncomfy topics, or is that actually a bad idea? Maybe threads should only be moved to /hell/ if they become uncomfy later in the discussion? Is it ok to have uncomfy discussions in /hell/ or are they a detriment to the site?

I feel like these are important questions and that some rule changes/additions could be needed. Please help me make these important decisions for the community before we get too settled in to one way of doing things.


I have no idea what's going on. Even /hell/ didn't have much of this stuff before.


I think we may have lost a significant portion of the userbase that helped set the pace before the crash, and that users less used to our atmosphere or even users with malicious intent could have followed me here or only recently heard about this place because of the reboot. I think it's important we re-solidify the atmosphere before things get too out of hand.

If we allow too much rowdiness to build on the site, we risk betraying sushichan's values and also disillusioning potential new users.


File: 1466417511609.gif (1.05 MB, 500x488, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)

>Things like politics, misogyny, gay bashing?
I think it's really just how a topic is conveyed rather than what the topic is that makes something uncomfy.
This like insults, accusations, and generally hostile language is pretty uncomfy, but having a decent discussion about something controversial isn't.

Naturally that belief makes it a nightmare to moderate and is only really helpful if the userbase adheres to it.

I think if you just look at threads that seem a bit uncomfy then there'll probably be decent number of users calling it out or decrying it. Other than that I'm not sure much can be done to draw a line in the sand.


File: 1466419643915.jpg (293.63 KB, 1000x1500, 1451014090692.jpg)

I think the best solution to this is what >>>/yakuza/75 suggested.
All bitter rants, political shitflinging and other such blatantly un-comfy shit should be moved to /hell/, and then make /hell/ optionally invisible in kaitensushi.

Also it should be made clear to absolutely everyone that the golden rule is to take it easy and keep it comfy. I think everyone has a rough idea of what that means. Discussions and disagreements are fine, but if you want to be a rowdy, inflammatory asshole and wave your dick around while collecting those (You)s, go to literally any other chan. Sushichan is supposed to be a cozy, comfortable alternative to those shitmills.


Just imagine bringing up the posted content at your favorite sushi bar or your neighborhoods tea house, maybe even at a maid café. Are they acceptable to discuss there or will they ruin the mood?


Misogyny and gay bashing are of course not comfy. When it comes to politics it is not that easy. The problem is often that people will come and say that all muslims/men/homosexuals/whites should be killed or put on a pedestal. However it is perfectly possible to have a normal discussion about subjects that are related to politics without such garbage, as long as such people are dealt with appropriately.

>Is it ok to have uncomfy discussions in /hell/ or are they a detriment to the site?

I don't think this is a good idea. You see with 4chan, 8chan, and reddit that people don't stay in their own places. If /hell/ becomes more like 4/b/, the rest of the site will follow. It is way easier to disrupt a nice board culture than it is to maintain one.
Threads like >>>/hell/84 or >>>/lounge/219 are not just angry people ranting, they are actively baiting. I mean, why would you come to an imageboard of all places and just say "Anime is bad. Therefore anime is bad."


Uncomfy discussion should not be held, period, even in /hell/ imho.
Everywhere I look on the net there's only political rants and ridicolous e-penis battles (carnivore vs vegans, fedoras vs christfags and so on), we really need a truly relaxed and cute mint-green tinted place where have some fun and a nice chat without having to worry about someone grinning his teeth, readying to assault you with "normie" crap.

How can we achieve this? Hell if I know. It's not easy to discern actual discussing about something uncomfy and advocating/injecting malicious words and troll attempts. It's up to the good-will of the moderator/admin and I think that while he shouldn't cut/delete/modify other than the necessary, if people get this easy concept (politics is shit) I think there shouldn't even be a need for moderation at all. I trust Seisatsu on this.


>Threads like >>>/hell/84 or >>>/lounge/219 are not just angry people ranting, they are actively baiting
Where the fuck did these people come from? We didn't have them before the crash.


File: 1466430843270.jpg (45.88 KB, 600x600, 7yh82Jy.jpg)

It's completely unfair to deleted peoples threads

people come and post to create a discussion, they get replies and then they get some jerks whining about the thread being 'uncomfy' which is completely subjective and can be used to ruin almost any thread.

The solution is for people to grow up a tiny bit. Can you do that? If you see people piling on to try to ruin a thread either just post calmly or don't add to it.

Looking at the recent example: sushi roll wanted to make a thread about the question of anime being harmful. Other people filled the thread with annoying smug faces and and whining about how it should be moved to /hell/:

who is at fault here? the OP or the shitposters?

Another example was this thread:

Everybody was having a decent discussion and it was going great until a moderator stomped in, told everyone off and killed the discussion completely. After that the thread was locked/moved to hell.

Same pattern.

Are we really after a sushichan where people are afraid to start discussions because shitposters will ruin it and get them locked? That isn't how the site used to be.

The reason sushichan was comfy was because you could just make your threads and chat in them and people were mature enough to cope with posts they didn't agree with.


File: 1466433109214.png (15 KB, 215x198, 009.png)

>The solution is for people to grow up a tiny bit. Can you do that?
The amount of condescending in this is quite impressively arrogant.
Just like the Op of
Pure coincidence no doubt :^)

>people were mature enough to cope with posts they didn't agree with.

posts you don't agree with != posts that don't belong here

>Are we really after a sushichan where people are afraid to start discussions

You realise the entire point of this thread is to avoid that right, the admin is literally asking the users what the rules should be.

>because shitposters will ruin it

You're implying that the thread ops are not the problem and that the people saying they're the problem are shitposters.
That is a backwards analysis.


>people come and post to create a discussion
They don't come to create a discussion. They come to to be angry and to bait other people into being angry and making angry replies. I can understand that some people just need to release some steam once in a while, but I don't understand why sushichan should cater to that need.

>look at the recent example: sushi roll wanted to make a thread about the question of anime being harmful

He did not. He did not ask a question, he did not give some arguments, he just posted a combination of insults and nonsensical reasonings.

>Another example was this thread […] everybody was having a decent discussion and it was going great until a moderator stomped in

It was not. It was going great until the "SJWs are or are not a problem" debate started. I agree that the moderator was behaving very badly, but it was not the only reason why the discussion ended.

>Are we really after a sushichan where people are afraid to start discussions because shitposters will ruin it and get them locked?

It is not seldom the shitposters who start a "discussion."

>politics is shit
When you say politics what do you mean? Would you consider a discussion about copyright law as politics? What about the wrongdoings surrounding the Olympic Games in Brazil or the football tournament in Qatar in 2022? What about the Snowden leaks?


Not all imageboards need to discuss politics, social justice or the like. Not all imageboards are for sushi rollymity and freedom of speech. Not all imageboards are for anime or japanese culture.

If you're new here, please lurk and read the archives.




I'm rewriting my post here. Itamae's original rules say that "pixelated garbage like rants" belong on /hell/. Since the rule was already there, I'm not going to say that such discussions aren't allowed on the site at all, but I'd like to keep threads that are heated to begin with away from /lounge/. /hell/ is for hot stuff. Is that okay? At what point does moving threads to /hell/ become censorship?


I could not agree more. We were here before the Fall, and this site was akin to the softest, coziest, most impeccably comfy chair in the cafe. Now people have arrived and have spilled their drinks on this chair, and are wondering why they are being told to be more careful, to not do that.

We must protect this comfy chair from any who seek to harm it, and this can only be done by enforcing the comfy-ness with a firm grip. Threads such as the ones recently moved to /hell/ should not be tolerated under any circumstances, as they do nothing to improve the day of the other users. Only those threads which are cozy, encourage hearty discussion, or present other posters with thoughtful questions about various topics should be allowed to survive on this chan.


I'm worried however that "enforcing the comfy-ness with a firm grip" can in itself be uncomfy. That's why this is a difficult issue for me.


Here's some relevant discussion that happened on IRC.

<Seisatsu> I wish Itamae would just contact me and tell me how to run the site
<Seisatsu> what sort of values he believed in
<Seisatsu> It's like I'm reverse-engineering a ghost
<sushi roll1> Seisatsu, what are you having trouble with?
<sushi roll2> he should just come back
<Seisatsu> what is "comfy", what isn't, and at what point enforcing comfiness becomes in itself uncomfy
<Seisatsu> I'm keeping the two yakuza stickies updated with my current thoughts
<sushi roll1> ah good questions
<sushi roll1> wdat makes sushichan so comfy is the little details
<sushi roll1> like the music on the splash page
<Seisatsu> there's also some contention over whether moving uncomfy things to /hell/ is censorship or not
<sushi roll1> the css themes for tho different board pages
<Seisatsu> thankfully itamae left a tidbit in the rules saying that rants go in /hell/
<Seisatsu> which makes things a little easier
<sushi roll1> and the community has always been a lot more intelligent than other chans
<sushi roll1> you can actually have a debate on there, it's not just the same stuff all the time
<sushi roll1> yeah too much obsessing over 'comfy' is going to be harmful
<sushi roll2> comfyness is always going to be subjective and not something that can come from enforcement
<sushi roll1> the role of moderators should be to delete illegal content and spam
<sushi roll2> it either happens or it doesn't, just have to try to spread the comfy
<sushi roll1> if they step beyond that and try to force a specific community or allowed set of beliefs that's fucked up
<sushi roll1> the main thing ruining quality posts is when mods consistently come in and shut threads down
<sushi roll1> nobody is going to bother to make good posts
<sushi roll1> what's the point if it has a real chance of being locked/whatever
<sushi roll1> Seisatsu, basically just leave the community be
<sushi roll1> sushis are mature enough to ignore it when someone makes a thread about something they dont' like, or use a word they don't like


I personally think /lounge/ shouldn't be for serious discussion, but rather random comfy threads, such as draw threads, idle chatter threads and the like. Less serious "discussion", E.g. talk about a certain game's story, should be allowed.
Serious discussion, even if initially not un-comfy, should be kept to hell, to prevent subjectivity from affecting what should be moved.
Straight up shitposts should be removed from either.
>sushi roll wanted to make a thread about the question of anime being harmful
OP just ranted and expressed his point of view in an purposefully offensive way as if it was objective and left no room for argument. The only thing close to an argument he gave was the study he cited, which was only indirectly related to what he talked about.
>and whining about how it should be moved to /hell/:
Except it should. That's the rule we came up with: unconfy threads go to /hell/. That thread was obvious baiting and not comfy, therefore it got moved.
That rule is not something meant to disrupt the discussion, or label the thread as bad. That's a rule meant to keep /lounge/ clean and comfy, like it should be.
>who is at fault here? the OP or the shitposters?
I'm not saying the shitposters didn't do anything, but it's OP's fault.
Had he worded his post better, not insulting everyone, and actually using arguments, he would have been able to make an actual discussion.
>Everybody was having a decent discussion and it was going great until a moderator stomped in, told everyone off and killed the discussion completely.
While I agree that the mod was wrong
>After that the thread was locked/moved to hell.
Again, that's the rule we decided on, mainly because of that thread. It's something meant to keep /lounge/ comfy, not something to disrupt discussion, else it'd be just straight up deleted.


It seems like we need to decide whether to just back off and not moderate /lounge/ much and let sushis handle themselves by fighting uncomfy with comfy, or to say that all serious discussion should happen in /hell/ in the first place and lounge should just be random comfy stuff or lighthearted discussion. Either of these would allow moderation to be mostly objective.

The problem with not moderating /lounge/ however is that a constant flow of comfy users to drown out uncomfiness is not guaranteed. The place could end up just getting trashed with a bunch of serious or uncomfy talk. We probably should have some rules.


>muh misogyny
>gay bashing



I would say just moving threads to /hell/ is ok. Even moving offtopic threads on other boards to /lounge/ or /hell/ would be fine with me. I wouldn't call it censorship since you aren't really deleting threads or banning people for saying things that you disagree with. The only threads that should really be deleted are:
- those with illegal content
- spam
- extreme shitposting (gore et al.)
While the last one would properly belong on any larger chans /b/ or /b/ equivalent, we can be a bit more picky here and just delete it. /hell/ should be a little uncomfy, otherwise it would just be the same as /lounge/


Mate I'm pretty pol myself but this really isn't the place for that.


How about making a board for serious discussion, if everyone agrees.
I was wondering why people were so against their threads being moved to /hell/, but then I remembered it was NSFW, which might discourage some people from browsing it. A new board might fix that problem while allowing /lounge/ to stay comfy.
If there's still people arguing about it, how about settling it by voting?


Here's something else to consider. Look at /hell/ and /lounge/ on the archive. Several pages back even. Before the crash, incendiary threads and super-serious discussion on /lounge/ didn't even exist, and it looks like anything even remotely uncomfy or shitposty went to /hell/. I'm against making new boards or trying to turn this site into something it wasn't before; I just started running the place. However this may be something we can do eventually and we can talk about it.

On top of that, almost no one has posted since my last post in this thread. I wanted to make a decision today, and if no one is going to continue the discussion then I'm going to have to make a default judgment really soon based on what's already in this thread.

I'm for keeping /lounge/ to random comfy stuff and light discussion and moving everything else to /hell/, like it apparently was before. Also there wasn't a single thread nearly as bad as >>>/hell/107 even on /hell/ in the old site, which makes me think that either users like that weren't around or Itamae deleted threads like that on sight. In fact, there wasn't even serious discussion on /hell/!

Another eventual possibility is for extremely terrible / hatemongering / userbaiting threads like the aforementioned one to get dumped into a secret board like /superhell/ or something, but that needs more discussion. It may be better to simply delete these threads since they never existed before and probably shouldn't. In fact the original rules already say that politics are off-limits entirely, and we could easily add obvious baitposting to that list, since obvious baitposting is obvious and again, never existed before.

> I was wondering why people were so against their threads being moved to /hell/, but then I remembered it was NSFW, which might discourage some people from browsing it.

Did anyone even care about this before? I can't tell who's new here. Take a look at old /hell/ and /lounge/ on the archive for an example of how it was then. My priority is for the experience to be close to that. Maybe the fault is with people trying to start super serious talk in the first place on a site that was never about that. A classic case of "lurk more before posting." Problem is there's nothing to lurk yet, so no reference for newbies. This is a critical time where if we don't set the pace it'll set itself. That's why I'm trying to move somewhat quickly with this.

Edit: I misunderstood a few things in this post and clarified them with older users. See the next post.


After talking to some of the much older users on IRC, we've come to four new rules/guidelines that should mostly clarify and get things back to the way they used to be managed before the crash.

* /lounge/ is for comfy talk and random comfy things. Uncomfy topics should be obvious, but include politics, misogyny, racism, gay-bashing, ranting, insulting people's hobbies, etc. and will be locked and moved to /archive/ most likely.

* /hell/ is for random shitposting. If you absolutely must have a super serious thread do it on /hell/, otherwise please don't. :>

* /archive/ is where uncomfy threads and rants go to die. If your thread is missing, it was probably locked and moved to /archive/. Lurk more before posting. Especially check out the Sushigirl.tokyo archive for inspiration.

* If you want to vent about something, you should probably do it on another site.

After a brief period for comments these should go live in the FAQ. It seems like management here was always pretty simple, and I just had to study the sushigirl.tokyo archive and ask the older users for clarification on things. Remember, I'm not interested in new ideas for the site right now, I just want it as close to the old ways as possible. I am a steward of something that didn't originally belong to me.


It was Itamae-sama stando named Crimson Platinum that had the ability to ban non comfy poster in another in another Universe while invocating good poster from said Universe in replacement that permited the preservation of the well-being of sushichan.
Well need another Ita-sama to defeat the Great Shietposters again.


This seems reasonable enough. I am saddened that we have to write down these rules though, but something must be done.


Updated rules are live. The baity threads in /hell/ were also moved to /archive/.


So /archive/ turned from the /hall_of_fame/ to the /hall_of_shame/? Why don't you simply lock shitty threads and shove them down to /hell/?


I think I've made a critical error here. :/

/hell/ isn't for bad topics, it's for shitposting (and sometimes a way-too-serious thread is spared here). But it looks like /archive/ was actually meant for especially good topics and I was misinformed of its purpose. I'll have to go yell at a couple people who were feeding me info and do my own research better next time. Since it's so early in the change I can just make another board for this purpose and fix the mistake. Awful stuff will be locked and moved to >>>/superhell/ instead.

I'm sorry I was so sloppy about investigating the purpose of /archive/ and I'm glad you caught my mistake the day after. This fuck-up could have tainted a piece of sushichan history.

Oh, and a footnote. Some people were asking about me adding the ability to optionally hide content from certain boards from the recent posts board. Look more closely; this is already a feature.


>but it looks like /archive/ was actually meant for especially good topics
what a twist


File: 1466648969812.jpg (103.12 KB, 1280x720, thumbs up hilda.jpg)

>lounge kept comfy
>new serious discussion board to keep the other boards comfy
I'm okay with this. Good seisatsu!


Oh, and a footnote. Some people were asking about me adding the ability to optionally hide content from certain boards from the recent posts board. Look more closely; this is already a feature.
That uses cookies though, which might be bad for people who clear cookies often or change computers often, which's why I mentioned it in the first place.
Though I don't think anyone who's autistic enough to delete cookies daily would be bothered by that NSFW content, I personally don't mind.
[spoiler]sage for doublepost[/spoiler]
[spoiler]do we even have formatting?[/spoiler]


I'm not sure how I would help people who clear cookies except by finding a way to have those boards hidden by default, and you would use cookies to save them being shown instead of to save them being hidden.

Also spoilers are surrounded by two asterisks.


File: 1468428327363.jpg (13.37 KB, 255x254, 1437609136383.jpg)

I don't know if all of these work on here, but this is generally the formatting options on *chans


[code] comfy [/code]


I believe redtext, italics, bold, and spoilers are enabled like in this image. I can probably enable fancy text and strikethrough. Code tags are done with triple graves on newlines.


test; ignore
if I say csushi rollical does it get filtered?


sorry, how do i embed videos


File: 1471454180249.webm (582.13 KB, 600x500, image.webm)

Just click the "Embed" link in the select field and paste the URL into the input.

Here, have a webm.




Sorry, I just really need to see if redtext works


Also fancy italics:



uncomfy is short for uncomfortable
i could get uncomfortable at the sight of kittens
does that mean that all pics of kittens should be in /hell/

no it does not!
what it does mean is that people should learn to be comfortable
with other peoples perspectives on life and learn to understand them
and not feel uncomfortable, triggered, or offended by them

if you continue to restrict what others can say based on whats so-called "uncomfy"
not only are you being authoritarian and against free speech which is most definitely uncomfortable
you are also putting yourself in an endless paradox of censorship that is doomed to kill an interesting discussion of any kind

everyone is really just coming from one ideology no matter what they believe
which is the search for a happy, dignified and meaningful life.
anything or anyone which is percieved to put these things at risk is considered a threat

the powers that be are dividing and conquering us through beliefs publicised through the mass media, school, politics, literature, entertainment and the list goes on
turn the people against each other to divert attention away from the ones who are really pulling the strings
do you feel uncomfortable with white nationalists, "misogynists", "racists", "anti gay", "anti semitic" etc?
i dont blame you. you simply just trust what has been repeated to you as fact hundreds of times over and over again.
but really just try and take their perspectives into account.
this short video explains how you really should be thinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF1BNYVHGK0

want to be a truly open minded comfy person?
watch some videos made by those people on yt and try your best to understand where they are coming from and accept their reality.
two good places to start are the greatest story never told and hellstorm
you dont have to believe just accept and watch them all the way through before you make any judgements.
but once you believe you are morally, ethically, etc superior to someone else based on your leftist ideologies YOU are really the one who is being closed minded
be the better person and be open minded, take everyones perspective into account and dont fall for the ideological division tactics

comfy on this chan should be be officially redefined as perspective acceptance
this is what would really keep uncomfy arguements to a minimum while maintaing interesting discussions which will keep this chan alive


File: 1476468007423.jpg (34.4 KB, 720x714, Delicous stockings.jpg)

I believe the rules for uncomfy can be worded a different way and enforce differently rather then making it come off as Politically Correct imageboard (which the rules really come off as that). You can say "No /pol/ or /r9k/ discussions allowed. No rampant shitposting outside /hell/." Those two short sentences encompass your rules very well and doesn't come off PC.


I'm not against meaningful discussion of any kind.
It is the people that make a topic "uncomfy". Mostly through the use of comments like
>butthurt u mad?
>samurai platter
>muh argumentZ!
and other meaningless ad-hominems.
Sadly, any sort of political discussion is bound to turn into that. Don't ask me why, perhaps people are too passionate about what you accurately described as
>beliefs publicised through the mass media
So we try to avoid setting of a bomb that's 100% likely to blow, such as starting that sort of discussion. Just try it; go to your second favorite chan (this one being your first ofc :3) and start a thread about bolitikz, and you'll see how it degenerates rather quickly and ends up with replies like the ones I listed.
That's why I don't discuss politics, for one thing, I don't know enough about politics to hold an argument, and second, even if I did, the other party would start yelling


Heh, I don't even remember what I wrote that got filtered to 'samurai platter'




>Samurai's are es-jay-dubs
>The Emperor Oppresses me Shogunate! It's the [Edo Period] I don't have to explain anything!


I dont think this is the right thread for this, but I didnt see anything else that fit. Do you think its time for a new wildcard? /stem/ has been ded for a while now. We could start a poll for the next topic.




zomg your rich!!


File: 1486769841822.jpg (111.61 KB, 622x900, 1462733312989.jpg)

Check out Imzy for another comfortable site.


If it were up to me, if somebody starts a thread that belongs on /hell/ on a board that isn't hell, they should be banned on sight.

The ban shouldn't last longer then a day or two, because anything longer would probably drive people away.

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