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File: 1599708305623.jpg (306.02 KB, 1200x706, __kaga_akagi_houshou_kiris….jpg)


Last thread, >>8309, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making an even newer one.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!


I'm usually the one who makes these threads. Nice choice of image.


Oh fuck the other thread hit the bump limit so I'll repost this here

What kind of country are you in that being an accountant has more status and better pay than a doctor?! I have colleagues who were downright pushed into medicine precisely because of both these points. That's ludicrous. Are they stupid?

Have you looked into foreign scholarships? If you have good enough grades for medicine, you could enroll in it in your country then immediately bail out and have essential commodities paid for. Take advantage of all the obstacles in your way to really paint a good sob story and you're pretty much set. Maybe you can even avoid the whole enrollment process in your country and get a foreign scholarship+enrollment right off the bat.

And who the hell doesn't want a doctor in the family? Your family is either very lucky, very naive or very rich to never have dealt with shit healthcare providers.

Or maybe being an accountant is more of a do-nothing job than I give it credit for and they're sincerely looking out for you having a well-paying job that doesn't take much effort? I don't know. Depending on your specialty, a doctor's job can be pretty thankless.


I would consider that sushi's aunt might have suggested accounting because it is lower stress than being a doctor. I had an uncle who begged his kid not to become a doctor because their life would be taken up by it.


Indeed what a comfy image

I'm thinking the same thing, I have some friends currently studying medicine and the mental toll from studying it looks awful, sometimes not being worth as a career (depending on salary,etc)


File: 1599755371932.jpg (147.09 KB, 1920x1080, 8c6d7d08d77fada98bfdcbea52….jpg)

Great image, OP.


>I wanted to go to medical school and I've prepared whatever it takes, even facing the sexist stereotypes in my country. However, my mom forced me to go to an accounting school instead and I absolutely hate it.

Oh… as someone who had to go through this for every minor thing, starting from having their friends selected to the selection of the education/career path, your post caught my eye.
As you already know, forcing your children to do whatever you want them to always backfires.

>I'm on my last year now. And I've been telling my mom for ages that I want to quit—she just doesn't let me.

That's obviously even worse, because everyone will keep telling you stuff like "but you are so close?! Why would you want to quit NOW?!". Please, don't let it get to you.

>but I want to go to medical school. I know how taxing it is, I know how bad it is for medical staffs now during the pandemic, and I still want to do it.

I wish someone like you to treat me in the future, if I get ill.
That's admirable, honestly.

>Sure, being an accountant has a good pay, but it doesn't matter if I ended up hanging myself mid-way.

I've seen so many people finishing a so-called "good university course" and being so depressed they couldn't work a day afterwards.

>you have a happy life and well-cared for, why are you, what is that again, depressed?

Is depression stigmatized where you live? I imagine it's so… well, it honestly is so in most places. Is it possible for you to get some help?

>ignoring my countless suicide attempt

I figure everyone knows about these? Sometimes it takes just one (plus the admission to a mental hospital) for the parents to reflect on their mistakes… which I assume isn't so in your case, right?

I guess it might depend on the specialty. If you become a nurse after a nurse specialty, you might not earn that much.
I think I have a friend with 2-3 university degrees and some medical certifications, yet they still might earn less than me (which doesn't really matter, since they love their job, while I despise mine).


File: 1599764763675.jpg (125.5 KB, 850x638, __commandant_teste_kantai_….jpg)

Pretty small, but I finally figured out how dimensional analysis works!


Good afternoon sushi
Crepuscular is a really cool word


File: 1599785741074.png (175.11 KB, 399x431, 1472474046428.png)

When my feet stop hurting I'm going to find the guy who invented work and beat him up.

Not sure where sushi's from but in the US accounting is considered a very high-stress job. During the tax season they work like 80+ hours a week and they also often do full-time plus some overtime the rest of the year. I don't think it's that bad everywhere but that's the stereotype.


Today could've been a better day. Tomorrow surely will be better than today at least.


File: 1599787948371.png (84.22 KB, 1636x259, 46565.PNG)

This sounds like a comfy idea


File: 1599795172993.gif (376.77 KB, 774x716, rocko.gif)

I've decided to join a discord in the effort of socializing through online means more, but for some reason it just isn't very enjoyable. Sometimes there's an interesting convo, but I always feel like an outsider in these communities. I remember seeing someone describe using discord as going through the highschool clique game again, which seems pretty accurate from my usage of it. It also doesn't help that most servers I've been in just aren't personally interesting to me, usually a lot of meme spam and such, or complaining about things. Maybe I just need to find better servers and work on my online socialization skills.

I guess this is why using truly sushi rollymous online forums has always been easier for me; there's no worry about trying to fit in to any clique considering everyone's sushi rollymous, and the nature of discussion allows you to jump in to whatever threads you see fit, rather than a stream of communication that you need to be there at the right time for.


File: 1599817591462.png (872.04 KB, 946x760, Browsing the web 11.png)

Just went around a few places and stumbled upon a couple of images and webms I made some time ago still being used or at the very least saved on some hardrives somewhere. I guess this is one of the small joys as a user of imageboards I guess.


woops messed up my post.
It was pretty surprising and flattering to see them still being used or at the very least them being saved…


File: 1599830389240.jpg (108.61 KB, 850x601, __konpaku_youmu_and_konpak….jpg)

Sometimes I scratch my mic and confuse everyone in my zoom chat. Haven't been caught yet


I tried it too a while back, it always felt more like a chore than chill&fun. I don't even like social stuff in groups that much IRL either, more of a 1 on 1 person. It's too bad MSN isn't a thing anymore, it was super comfy to have actual chat friends you kept in touch with. Like penpals without the waiting.


try some IRC rooms


hello sushis! every day I go onto 4chan I give myself a mental kick asking why on earth I'm there, hoping I can make this & other alternative chans my home.


I probably should, but I'm not sure where to find good (or alive) ones. I guess I should just start by searching through some irc list?


File: 1599857364044.jpg (25.46 KB, 624x360, linus-young.jpg)

>Linux was postcardware
I'm going to send a postcard back in time to young Linus warning him about systemd

Irasshaimase! I'm sure you'll fit in. Just beware that sushichan's a lot slower than 4chan.


File: 1599861654479.jpg (1.27 MB, 2400x1352, 5a1543f5f815a216cbf5d836c9….jpg)

That's my experience as well. I managed to join a good one, but I still never felt like a part of the "core" clique, nor like someone who would "vibe" with everyone very well.
I'm accepted, recognized even, but I still don't feel like I could make bonds that'd go very deep.

I thought about going back to IRC, but I'm scared of the same happening.

I can remain here for now, at least.


File: 1599868070006.jpg (98.07 KB, 770x646, SAD.jpg)

I think I'm going to drop out of the NodeJS/Express/MongoDB course. I cannnot reach the deadline and there's a lot of knowledge I'm clearly lacking to pull it off. I'll conform myself doing the python course at least


File: 1599878593526.jpg (36.84 KB, 480x399, 1592043913447.jpg)

God, I fucking love Endtroducing…. If I ever get to make that RPG I always have on my mind since a night of perplection, I'll make the save rooms a tavern with a small theatre where the original artists from the samples are performing the music


File: 1599942343079.png (170.59 KB, 1071x1208, 8-).png)

Hello every-nyan. How are you?


File: 1599954123701.jpg (73.01 KB, 500x375, 1577846411782.jpg)

>How are you?
Is alive a valid answer?


File: 1599957000870.jpeg (87.08 KB, 698x840, 524763675.jpeg)

Never before has this image been so accurate to my circumstances
I'm doing alright. Shit's on fire here but nothing too close to me thankfully. Smells like a barbecue outside and it's all hazy out. Having never been this close to a large fire it's pretty crazy.


File: 1599960616046.jpg (370.16 KB, 780x1337, 1458925794064.jpg)

I've been taking more care of my body lately, put a stopper on the sugar intake and getting out to move, a bit of lifting, not just sitting all day. The sugar cravings have mostly stopped by now, but instead I'm surprisingly hype about just normal (nonjunk) food. Even now I'm sitting daydreaming about what I'm gonna eat for lunch tomorrow almost drooling. I desire those succulent nutrients.


Feeling like I'm drugged with drugs due to the anesthesia they used today for removing one of my teeth.


File: 1599971753547.gif (9.97 KB, 80x80, 1589855262298.gif)

I'm doing great nyo


Surely at this point IRC is even worse than discord when it comes to cliquey bullshit. There is no steady stream of new users so as time goes on everyone knows everyone. Some three years ago I went into IRC to discuss something in some other community and instead of answering me properly everyone in the channel was speculating about my "real" identity and extrapolating ad hominem from there.


I wonder what my first image of the 16X era should be. Should I even bother to think too hard about it? It feels like the start of a new era in personal terms. I don't feel too happy about it but not much sadness either. It's not like things were great in 159X and they suddenly changed, but it is a milestone in a way.

Perhaps my days in sushi rollymity will finally come to an end.


I didn't quote any post!

By the way, whenever I try to delete my posts I always get a wrong password error. Maybe you should look into that admin. In other imageboards I used to browse that used this software, I knew I couldn't close all tabs to the imageboard's website because then I wouldn't be able to delete my posts. I always assumed that had something to do with having cookies disabled. However, in sushichan it won't work even if I try it in the same tab as the one I used to post my reply. Very weird, but I'm assuming it has something to do with me getting into this thread from /kaitensushi/ rather than from /lounge/.


File: 1600003164940.jpg (267.27 KB, 550x533, 459de6db6fe358e465ce1a3b29….jpg)

These past few days have been interesting. With some luck, this could be a really positive time going forwards.

Funny numbers!


File: 1600009481368.png (54.23 KB, 560x292, sayanora zetsubo sensei.PNG)

That sayonara zetsubo sensei ending still gets me. It must have mind mindfucked who ever read it


irc is kind of "dead" in a cultural sense since it's not a major internet crossroads anymore but it can still be surprisingly vibrant and the users friendly.
Depends a lot on whether the network/channel has an actual active purpose or topic or whether it's just a place where users go to hang out with people they already know. It's not as easy to find as it was twenty years ago but there's still good places on all the major networks.


i haven't had a really good hamburger in a long time. I should get one sometime.


Double patty or single? I love mine double patty with extra mayo ketchup


Past few days have passed alarmingly fast, despite me doing nothing. Sometimes it seems like the less I do the faster time moves


( ・_・)ノ


File: 1600351426760.png (114.67 KB, 300x300, sing.png)

Are you judged how you want to be judged?
Does your ego rain down like a flood?
How do you act towards the ones you love?
It's harder to be honest when you're young

Do I know what you want me to know?
From the jeans you wear and the looks you stole
Your light, it comes from a Judas hole
And your charm betrays my eyes, it's dark and cold

I know you're bored
I've seen it all before
Yeah, I'm familiar

Do your veins still hold your blood?
Can I ever have more than your trust?
Can I be enough?
Can we ever talk about us?

I know you're right
I see it in your eyes
With my crystal vision
And I'm underwhelming
But I've got a feeling

You get exactly what you need
Your charm's your harm
What you need is to be free
I know you know, you know
You know just how I can be
Afraid of honesty
You can't see what I can see
With my crystal vision, but it moves fast
With my crystal vision…


Jump in the IRC! It's been a while.


Are you the same person that posted something similar on s4s?


Good song, I had never heard it before.


I think I've been on sushichan for like, half a year or something and I've yet to really benefit from it. I need to do something with this site so I learn from it. Maybe something hobby related. I already have another imageboard that I can share stuff with, but I'll try to find something.


File: 1600393669450.gif (513.87 KB, 498x278, 1600144738740.gif)

can't wrap my head around smart people stuff AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Another night I spent awake 'til 6 am


Learn japanese.


No, I don't browse s4s


Yeah! We need to have an old timers' get-together in the IRC channel.

While we're on this subject, argot, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I missed your message. Try me again sometime.


I can relate to this post


File: 1600481751936.jpg (21.73 KB, 600x325, wolfy-the-incredible-secre….jpg)

I just found an old cartoon I forgot about, Wolfy and the secret. Assumed it was a fever dream because I only recalled 1 scene that scared me, a wolf serving blood wine which was heavily implied to be from sentient animals. Gonna rewatch it soon.


Good to see you pal!


Haven't been on this site in a while, but I'm having a nice time checking up on whats happening. I wish stuff was more active. I'm torn between wanting more members and wanting to exist in a tightly knit community of people. Regardless, I'm happy.


Greetings from Colorado

I am slowly losing my grip on reality.


Be the change you want to see in the world.
How come?


I've been having a rough time of life, but the past couple days have been better. The only thing I've done is stopped complaining internally about stuff. Maybe it worked?


File: 1600618488304.jpg (608.88 KB, 1150x2200, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….jpg)

Ahhh I return
My computer had a meltdown and I was without any actual PC access for a week and a half
On the bright side I finally got off my ass and bought the new computer I've been saying I will for ages, so that's something.


splurged on some quality beer
stuffed them all in the fridge I'll see how they taste in a couple of hours


File: 1600632898708.jpg (337.76 KB, 679x960, 74000840_p1.jpg)

Today I did NOTHING and regret it only a little.


think we'll get to 10,000 post by 2021?


I come often but post little. But I am glad I can still come and find a nice community.


File: 1600741469291.jpg (900.67 KB, 2491x3436, slayer.jpg)

Step by step, slowly, I'm understanding how the internet works.
At least with the small amount of knowledge I have now, I can build fanpage of some musician I really really like, even if it's a tad barebones


File: 1600809243194.jpg (37.5 KB, 433x380, really_makes_you_think_tho.jpg)

anyone notice that most anime reaction images people use are girls even when men disproportionately use imageboards. whats up with that


File: 1600823239531.jpg (101.34 KB, 789x720, 2631dc55aa83869157752f896e….jpg)

Girls are cute, and cute things are good
Many imageboard dudes probly don't find guys as cute
Same reason so many all-female-cast anime are popular with men, y'know


I forgot about this place for a while, missed the comfy vibes


I know I should relax
Do you remember me not calling back?
I was dumb

Good call the other day
I know not everything could be escaped
But how can I face the day?

I know that I should be more alive
Sometimes, I wish I never came around
But other times, it's not that bad


File: 1600888620311.png (387.11 KB, 439x427, EYiQknhVAAEWcfm.png)

I'm having a really hard time getting into the swing of doing coursework this semester. I think it's a combo of the weird half-remote setup and empty-feeling campus and being at home so much this year making everything feel less real and important somehow. I'm making it so far but I really need to get back in gear before things pick up more over the next month


File: 1600891802564.jpg (19.29 KB, 220x330, 220px-Faces_of_Death_alt.jpg)

I remembered an old snuff film I watched, not real though most of it was faked, and decided to look back on it. the comment was full of people saying "anyone here from tiktok". It was defiantly a surreal moment for me. I've noticed an uptick of those comments on some indie songs I like too.
Same sushi roll. I just don't feel like working, but I gotta get on track


Translation: men are horny for 2d moe blobs. They use female anime reactions because it makes their peepee go up.


File: 1600950249493.jpg (10.36 KB, 163x251, this kid.jpg)

they just work as aesthetically pleasing reaction images, don't overthink it


File: 1601023616672.jpg (176.73 KB, 800x800, 73328695_p0.jpg)

There's more reason to find things pleasing than just being horny you know. Don't be silly please.


Hey Sushi world!
I've been having a rotten lot this last week. My 20 year old car broke down and I got it back home, but I'm too scared to drive in case I get stuck somewhere and I'm so broke with no income.
Lot's to be grateful for though and I'm watching David Lynch' "The Straight Story" and cooking pork roast which smells delish. Just having a rant I guess, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


There aren't many better feelings then getting back in touch with a friend.


Nothing like kickin it with some old friends.


Hi sushi, haven't been here in forever. Anything I missed?


I've spent over a year now stuck away from my friends and family due to a series of comically unbelievable misfortunes, the last of which being travel restrictions from the virus. Today, I found out I might be able to go home very soon. It's the best news I've gotten all year. Homesickness is very painful. Wish me luck, sushis!


congratulations on being able to go home, I hope it works out for you sushi!

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