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File: 1599708305623.jpg (306.02 KB, 1200x706, __kaga_akagi_houshou_kiris….jpg)

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Last thread, >>8309, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making an even newer one.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!
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Oh, I misread. I had that too, where it was considered kind of dishonorable to not do a full 4-year program at a prestigious university and I wasn't used to making decisions for myself so I didn't protest. I can't really understand the mentality since the diploma you get looks exactly the same. At least they had good internet in the dorms.


I'm the one who revived the original version of this thread and I feel like its outgrown its purpose. While the discussions here are fine, I think it would be best to make more specific threads instead of this one big micro blogging thread, at least when this thread hits bump limit.


holy fuck he killed himself? source?


File: 1603951370538.png (80.02 KB, 235x225, 47e84ce8ef3cdd29d2ac29c617….png)

odd day today, probably due to full moon, i dunno
just generally felt like an off-day but not much weird stuff happened

maybe it feels weird because i was sick with a cold the last few days and it felt odd working fewer days than usual in the week


File: 1603979406787.jpg (683.03 KB, 768x1000, __ikazuchi_and_etorofu_kan….jpg)

My local electricity provider is trash so big wind storms always bring down my electricity. We've got a big storm this week too, zeta I think.

Wouldn't mind, but with all online classes it'll be a mess. The storms pretty serious because my schools on a tornado drill


Check the Witches threads on the 4chan /c/ archive. It was several months ago apparently.


Our schools electricity's down and our teams meeting is our teacher using the electricity in her car to chat. She wants me to screencast the slides she uploaded earlier to everyone.


File: 1604094784220.gif (389.74 KB, 500x283, 1488889778751.gif)

Today was max comfy. I took a well-deserved day off. Slept in, watched anime for 3 hours, played Azur Lane for 2, threw down some rock salt outside (Zeta, anyone?), learned how to use the find command in Linux, and cleaned up a bit. My blood pressure hasn't been this low in months.


File: 1604202067458.jpg (955.31 KB, 2500x1576, notfast shining future cop….jpg)

School is becoming more painful by the day. Having to do next semester online is prematurely draining my enthusiasm and motivation. Joblessness isn't helping either.

Other than the ever present school/work horror things are pretty decent. Been doing my best to support friends and make new friends. I have also been working on my artistic endeavors extensively and am very pleased with the progress I have made.

Had to deal with this the past couple days. Thankfully nothing really needed to be done this week, but it is not ideal regardless.


Watched Borat and Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. Amazing.


Made some "secret sauce", mayonnaise and ketchup with some other spices, out of curiosity. Not half bad. Accidentally made to much so I'll have to figure out way to bullshit it into my meals.


Today I invited a similarly asocial friend over to work through the day with me. It was so nice, I honestly forgot how much I missed interacting, physically, with others. We're planning on meeting up again next week and I haven't felt this happy in so long.


File: 1604372595415.jpg (71.84 KB, 462x462, 1592559181561.jpg)

Sounds really nice. My roommate never wants to do anything but watch streamers despite being friends with them.


Been very interested in physics as of late. Found a good set of books and even a set of lectures. Problem is the calculus. Not that I find it particularly hard, but I've been stuck with it for a while now. It kind of makes my brain feel tired when I try to learn it (I did learn the basics years ago), and I feel I'm going really slowly, while the very first mechanics book is juggling derivatives from chapter one.
And I can, for the most part, make sense of them, but I'm also just taking it at face value since I can't even do the math myself.


I brushed my teeth twice in the same day today for the first time in probably more than a year. I hope I don't have any new cavities.


File: 1604413409748.jpg (259.85 KB, 800x600, a2c1a5cd48f7f94b9966058e61….jpg)

I just felt loved by my parents for the first time but it turns out it was a dream.


Learning to *do* physics is very much about doing thousands of problems over and over. Learning the ideas behind it is less difficult. While actual, high level math becomes problematic, for the most part entry-level stuff like linear algebra, basic topology, and yes calculus can be understood solely by what they imply. Don't worry too much about how the math actually is calculated if all you want to know is why it works.


File: 1604449038390.png (19.95 KB, 603x257, Screenshot 2020-11-03 1913….png)

All my states career info is woefully old or extremely off. This isn't 20 were each digit means 1 thousand. It's literally saying it thinks NC only has 20 ag. engineering jobs.

This buggy thing told me to make cd-roms for gods sake


File: 1604502981004.jpg (148.28 KB, 1280x720, 1581494122757.jpg)



File: 1604523488428.jpg (37.46 KB, 600x450, cat-in-mac.jpg)

everyone say a prayer for this sushi's PC


File: 1604524855991.webm (7.98 MB, 1280x716, VID_20201031_040331_141.webm)

Just wanted to post it here


It's cute, I liked it


Who is she?




Howdy :3


File: 1604686098738.gif (1.99 MB, 320x240, naisu.gif)

Had the strangest day yesterday.
>nearly 11am, still asleep
>dad wakes me up, says my ex-gf is at the door
>no idea what's going on
>haven't seen her for months and she lives over an hour away by train
>come downstairs
>she is, in fact, there
>lockdown, so technically can't invite her in
>we go on a walk, make smalltalk
>long story short, she really wants to get back together
>spend all day outside in the chilly winter sunshine, chatting, laughing, discussing emotions
>light fades
>walking through a field as the stars start to shine
>back in the village, fireworks are going off
>watch the green bursts and soaring red flares as we hold hands
>LG: life's good


Man, I'm jealous. Hope you're happy together sushi roll.


File: 1604723023902.jpg (255.42 KB, 1321x1782, co smile and optimism here….jpg)

Aww! I'm so happy for you.


File: 1604929497567.png (178.56 KB, 973x775, Capture.PNG)

I hope you'll have a great day, sushi roll!


hey sushis, hope you have a nice day today. i think i will work on some minecraft builds.


Released an album yesterday. I'm pretty happy, because it's a thing I can be somewhat proud for the first time in years.


File: 1604955487377.png (770.84 KB, 1456x1096, 07a.png)

I did breakout rooms for the first time. It was very awkward because we're 80% through class and it's the first time we did this. In all my breakout groups everyone was a bit shellshocked. Meetings also end way to fast. It's also hard to communicate with someone you don't know


I'm planning of buying some IEMs, any recommendations, currently thinking about the Tin T2 or blon bl 03


File: 1604992412603.png (970.32 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Ke….png)

I found myself same place doing the same thing I was doing today in 2018 and was convinced all morning the past two years were a long dream. Time sure does roll by huh.


Congratulations! Making something yourself is always nice

I'll be working on my website that I run as a hobby/sideproject today, the code that I wrote to generate it from my own version of markdown needs some improvements and fixes.


Awesome! Feel free to post the link, I'd like to see.
I've been working on music myself but I'm still a ways away from having a cohesive album to release. I'm still trying to find my style.


I'll work hard today so I can have tomorrow 100 percent off!


Always a good plan! Good luck, sushi!


File: 1605094809491.jpg (147.12 KB, 375x438, ff43e09e33cdeff50467de7158….jpg)

Said goodbye to one of my best friends today, probably for 2 years or more. I'm glad they're doing things with their life, but I'm also bummed that I won't see them for who knows how long. Honestly they were a better friend than I felt I deserved at times, and one that I was very happy to have and who had a big impact on my life.


Ahh so close to being as productive as I wish I could be


File: 1605134123008.jpg (28.66 KB, 584x417, love lain.jpg)

A local place I shop at got into one of those "Looking through abandoned malls" videos. In all honesty the place is kind of a mess, but it was still weird seeing people disconnected from the place make judgments on it. I think the weirdest part was they didn't get the layout of the mall. It's a strip mall in the front and once you get inside you're only supposed to go three shops in. Everyone else knows the rest is abandoned land you shouldn't enter.

Another weird thing is that I experienced the place differently from them. It was a mall that shut down then became an Asian market. If you go in expecting a mall you'll be disappointed, but if you expect a low income Asian market things wont be as bad.


Thank FUCK I had this kind of experience well early on when internet personalities were becoming a thing. I remember the angry videogame nerd reviewing a spiderman game for the gameboy and being absolute shit at it, then blaming the game for being bad without giving it a proper chance and then doing his usual routine. I couldn't take him and his "quest for shitty games" seriously after the fact.

Shit on the internet isn't always what it looks like. Even people you might think do their shtick with a level of care will easily throw away their credibility (if they ever had any?) for a touch of sensationalism. It's never the skilled or knowledgeable people whose voice becomes louder, it's the guys with the best PR.


My dip into cheap IEMs left me unimpressed with the Tin T2s. They are bulky, I always have trouble with MMCX (actually broke the cable on mine trying to remove it), and the sound signature is pretty boring. I really like the Moondrop Starfields, but those are a bit further up in terms of price. I can wear them all day with Spiraldots or Spinfit tips and they sound amazing! Moon drop came out with some cheaper IEMs that might be worth getting.
My favorite cheapies are a set of Massdrop Pinnacles. They sound okay, but they are small enough that I can rest the side of my head on a pillow and not have them be uncomfortable. They were like $20 when I bought them.


My landlord is selling the house I'm living at and is having me leave when people tour it. Normally I wouldn't mind but because of the virus all the libraries/restaurants/ect. are closed. It's starting to get cold out so waiting somewhere outside isn't even a good option. I'm usually a pretty flexible person but this genuinely annoys me.


wow, that's bad treatment sushi. hopefully it ends soon, although i am not sure what the implications of that would be.


File: 1605321727932.webm (215.03 KB, 1280x720, gan12.webm)

As an update to the majo no tabitabi thread in /otaku/ (since I don't want to derail that thread anymore), I figured out what the problem was. I'd been putting the subtitle and scale filters as two separate -vf options instead of a single list of filters, which was causing the scale filter to override the subtitles.


At this point I think I'm fed up with my school constantly asking about their students' dreams in literally everything. Weekly assignments, essays, papers, exams… since I have to lie on every single one of it.
I don't have any particular dreams, I don't even bother to. I'm just living according to where life takes me. I have goals, but not necessarily a dream, and those goals are selfish as fuck (buying a PC that's good enough to play modern games, saving up money to pay for both bills and hobbies).
It's ticking me off in the wrong way about their optimism that their students have dreams. I'm sorry, mine is crushed a long time ago, so can you stop giving your students assignments like that for, you know, a day? 'Cause it's starting to get old to repeat the same lie just to get high score credits… I enrolled to a university damn it, not some sort of motivational seminar!


Quick question are your first to second year of college? A lot of colleges do stuff like this to be a pseud filter. Kids who don't know what they want to be when they grow up and choose a degree randomly or people with no passion, but a love of money tend to be trouble for colleges. Those stupid essays are a way to nip that idea at the bud and prevent them from wasting 4 years on a degree that makes them go "I hate this".

I have the same problem too. I don't see my degree as something I should be passionate about, but as a means to an end for money. I'd be ok doing any degree if it made me money and left me enough free time for my hobbies. I've long ago accepted I'd rather daydream about what I hope in life than getting it, so I have no real dream I want to achieve. Like you I just lie when they ask the question

A bit different, but I can't take "how would you survive X", "live in x time period", or live in the wild type questions. I'm diabetic so the answer always devolves to "I would have no insulin if I were at X. I die in a week". You can't stretch that answer out into 3 paragraphs so I just forget I have diabetes and make shit up.


It seems like whenever I say goodbye it's forever. I wish I could head to a diner with one of my old friends and just spend hours catching up and reminiscing.
Make sure you have some stories to tell them when you meet again.


File: 1634383522657.jpg (73.04 KB, 741x469, 245174991_593064115213271_….jpg)

Went to see a dance in chinatown today.. it got rained out 1/2-way

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