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File: 1665026427468.jpg (45.12 KB, 400x600, FVdT-gracAEpxTE.jpg)


Last thread hit bump limit so you know what that means! Talk about how your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently, what's on your or just to say hi!


File: 1665026486378-0.jpg (651.57 KB, 4080x3072, IMG_20221002_152910342.jpg)

File: 1665026486378-1.jpg (541.77 KB, 3072x4080, IMG_20221002_153826255.jpg)

File: 1665026486378-2.jpg (669.43 KB, 4080x3072, IMG_20221002_153457791.jpg)

File: 1665026486378-3.jpg (914.95 KB, 4080x3072, IMG_20221002_153216576.jpg)

I took a nice walk after the rain the other day and got way too into stopping and taking pictures of all the cool mushrooms I found. New hobby acquired I guess?

Anyone else take any cool pictures lately?


I found out long ago~
it's a long way down to holiday road
holiday roooooooooooooooooooad
holiday rooooooooooooooooad


File: 1665189754526.jpg (100.03 KB, 1079x1344, image0-22.jpg)

raining right now and i'm pretty lonely but going to play some cruelty squad to feel better~ i'm super obsessed with it. wish i bought it sooner


File: 1665200298432.jpg (89.58 KB, 480x640, tumblr_d5928d66d24883d34d0….jpg)

Haven't been here in awhile. Hi everyone


I've been thinking about how much music affects my mental state. I think I should cut down on the amount of time I spend listening (which is not that much compared to hardcore music nerds but still). When I listen to music I'm basically in another world which is very bad for concentration and it also makes real life seem boring and depressing once I'm done listening, I think I should be content with myself in the real world without music. I was surprised to read most people not agreeing that too much music can have a negative impact, I think most people don't pay attention and just use it as a background noise which is sometimes fine if I'm doing some repetitive task and I'm already in the flow but most of the time it's just distracting me because I love it too much to play it in the background. I think I should spend more time just doing nothing… Just staring across the room, I don't need to have an external stimuli occupying my brain 24/7.


I used to be a constant listener, to the point of quitting jobs if they banned earbuds. Feels like I've burnt myself out of music– this started 3-4 years ago. I used to meticulously micromanage playlists and continuously add newly acquired mp3s to my phone and haven't even bothered in the year. The gym was the last bastion I *needed* to play music, and now that's not even necessary- I often just leave my earbuds in with nothing playing so nobody will come talk to me. I've seriously thought about just putting hour long white/brown noise on my device for the gym so I don't have to hear it's playlist.

Idk man, nothing hits me like it used to anymore.


I sometimes forget to listen to music and I'll be doing something and feeling anxious and then I remember… hey why aren't I listening to anything to vibe to? It's kinda weird.
I've never thought of listening to music nearly all my waking hours as a problem, it seems more like a solution….. huh…


That sounds depressing I felt like that when I was 17, I was just bored of all music but then I found new genres that I've been listening to since then and I've never been more excited about music, I wonder if I'll ever reach the point where I'm completely bored with music

It's different for everyone. I think I'm a maladaptive daydreamer and music is the number one trigger, sometimes I think I'm going to listen to 1 song but I end up queueing 20 more songs and I just walk around my house listening for hours and can't focus on anything else.


I used to be a constant listener too but over time I've found myself going into phases where I don't feel like listening to music. Sometimes these phases last a few weeks, sometimes months, but eventually I'll get the urge to listen to an album and everything goes back to how it was before. My current phase has lasted most of this year though, maybe I'm burning out too.


File: 1665400857359.png (837.91 KB, 1280x720, 1e57bf33449038ca4e3ee4bccf….png)

sushi rolls on sushi
cringe??? are we cringe sushi sisters?


I want to study celestial mechanics and astrophysics, non-euclidean geometry and computer drawing, and binary analysis. All of them deep subjects and I have limited time and mental bandwidth. So I have to stick to one and ignore the rest, however alluring they might be.


We're NOT cringe

Mods ban this retard


I have a confession:
I am cringe, but I am happy


After my last relationship, I decided to just do whatever I want all the time. I now openly enjoy idol culture and pulpy novels. My coworkers think I'm weirder than I was before, but I'm certainly having a better time being cringe.


>got up at like 5pm because i was basically addicted to the feeling of a lie in
>depressed all day and had no energy to talk to people
>feel better and want to socialise but it's 3am
shoulda taken my fuckin melatonin

that's sweet
i just started university now and the whole move has made me at least twice as self-conscious as i was during the summer
i've tried interacting with the anime society here but they're just kinda cringe and not really relatable to me even though i like anime

i didn't start listening to albums til i got into fantano (yes i know lmao) at 16, and now music has become this incredibly vast ocean to me that i couldn't even begin to fully explore or reach the bottom of

if there's one thing i don't like about moving to uni, it's that i'm now missing out on the very active music scene in my home city and the friends i have there
not a single person i've met so far has really been interested enough in music for me to have a meaningful conversation about it with, and i'm basically just stuck in a crowd of neurotypicals who i struggle to connect with


File: 1665652237820-0.jpg (81.93 KB, 1400x744, aw (4).jpg)

File: 1665652237820-1.jpg (409.8 KB, 1400x861, aw.jpg)

>got up at like 5pm because i was basically addicted to the feeling of a lie in
Don't do it again, dude. Not worth it.


too late, i don't really think straight in the morning and don't have a will to get up if i have no daily commitments


File: 1665718260947.jpg (1.26 MB, 2286x1783, IMG_20221013_222037.jpg)

Groundsel Trees are coming into bloom here. Kind of scraggly trees that only bloom in the late fall, they actually evolved independently and are more closely related to daisy flowers than they are to other trees.


File: 1665724396734.png (1.65 MB, 960x640, ClipboardImage.png)

Been reading a lot. I kind of fell into a dopamine rush loop fueled by binging video games, alcohol, and sugary drinks. So I'm taking a bit of a brain diet. The weather here is beautiful, so I've been setting aside some time to take walks and read books on my porch. It's nice.

On a less positive note, I've realized that I've been living alone for about a year now, and my social skills are starting to tank. Not having roommates and having little time to go out with friends has led to a lot less social interaction outside of work. So I might be losing my touch I think.


One of my co workers used to say "the grass is brown everywhere". I really miss not having to go anywhere or talk to anyone.


File: 1665748069588.jpg (88.27 KB, 720x555, hory shit dis is krazy.jpg)

I want to keep on reading Berserk, I've already watched the 97 adaptation.
Wanna go read Blame! now instead, how is it? I hope there is little to no romance, I have some kind of trauma related to that.


There's not any romance, but it is quite dense with little to no dialog. Be prepared to be a bit confused on the first read. It's still awesome though.


I don't even know how humans operate anymore. I go out and interface with others through social protocols, eg going to the store and such. But I truly don't know how people think or what they care about.


File: 1665857373200.gif (72.35 KB, 624x554, 1620348724353.gif)

I decided to stop talking to my online friends for a while so I can focus on my studies and try to get a job. This is the first day and I already feel lonely I need to control myself somehow to not get pulled back into the same routine. I've been planning on doing this for some time now and I think it will have a positive impact in the end so I need to keep reminding myself that. But it just feels so depressing that the only people I can connect with are the ones online and sometimes I doubt if living like this is even sustainable and if I'm just delaying the inevitable so maybe I should just stop wasting time and do it.


What's the problem that you have with talking to online friends? They pull you into spending too much time online?


I don't know if I really agree with that, but I do get the sentiment. I did think that living alone would be awesome, and truth is, it is great in all the ways I expected it would be. It's quiet when I record, I don't have to clean up other people's messes, I don't have to deal with other people inviting in strangers, and I can go anywhere I want in here. But I would still say that I miss roommates.

I don't think my social skills have tanked THAT far, but I did go to the store a few days ago, and when someone complimented my hoodie, I just said "thanks" with no eye contact. Realized that was a bit rude after I left the store. I can still carry on conversations fine at work with people I know, but I can't meet new people as easily as I used to. When I go to bars, I have trouble meeting new people, and conversations end kind of awkwardly. I guess it isn't terrible, but I just find it weird for myself since I used to be a very social person.


Yeah basically. I tried to minimize the time I spend with them but it's very hard, once we start talking about something it may continue for hours and I end up spending half of my day with them. If I had IRL friends I don't think I would be as compelled to spend that much time with online friends.


I feel like writing and saying something about my state, but I don't know what. I'm really just making time while something downloads. I could open up emacs and write there as if a diary but that never works and I just give up. I feel like throwing a few words out to the wild at least makes them somewhat significant. I kinda hope nobody reads this because it's cringy train-of-thought dumping.
I am kinda bored and aimless today. It's sunday, after all, but I DO have things to do. But I don't feel like doing much of it. I have this conflict inside me where I should be doing something meaningful, but at the same time I just want to chill and enjoy the nice weather. But the ADHD simply won't allow me to just lay back and chill.


I think I'm finally getting a hang of my life. I feel like I've felt every single emotion and been in every possible state of mind, so much so that when I "get" depressed it doesn't affect me anymore, I'm not bummed out if I feel like complete shit, instead I go "oh it's one of those" because I've been through it a million times now and I know it doesn't last. So, I'm able to separate myself from whatever I'm feeling and because of this I don't really get sad anymore. Before this, when something bad happened I would be depressed for days listening to sad music and maladaptive daydreaming but now I just recognize my situation whatever it may be and keep on doing whatever I need to do without dwelling on it. And after a few days everything is back to normal.


I'm in the same situation right now. I have all the same mood problems I did last year, but they feel a lot less important now. Soon I hope to start being able to do more social activities and hobbies again.


I may be getting my first job next week
I'm scared of saying goodbye to NEEThood, but my parents won't live forever.


File: 1666229816241.webm (421.08 KB, 1280x720, GanbareBiimu.webm)


I listened to that song in like, 2013/2014, but with Katawa Shoujo characters. From then on, when I was a cashier for about five years, I made SURE to hand the coins first when giving back change. This song changed me, man.


Wishing you luck sushi, keep on struggling even if it feels rough.
Giving up will always feel rougher in the end, good to keep in mind.



lol i saw this in my yt recommended shortly after, convinced me to torrent the game
i'll read it whenever, i'm doing umineko and some higurashi side-content rn but that doesn't necessarily mean i won't get around to it
the idea of a high school romance set in a special needs school is kind of close to home for me


I've been severely and cripplingly depressed for a long time now, such that I've barely been able to function for the last few years. I can't even say I'm out of it now, just making progress from where I was, when I just wanted to completely disappear. I was even careful not to post often sushi rollymously just in case someone recognized me.
This post is me practicing letting myself out of my 'cage', so to say.


File: 1666409113296.jpg (230.52 KB, 640x360, MKAJTzN_d.jpg)



File: 1666555114357.jpg (231.99 KB, 1203x1261, fancyWineCat.jpg)

I just realized I haven't changed any of my clothes for a week.
Caught the corona and had to stay home.
My socks smell like the paws of a dog.

I am become the great stinky one, lord of smells. Fear me. My whims may not include a shower before I go to school tomorrow, and my reign will be supreme.


File: 1666560395376.png (154.75 KB, 1080x587, better_instad_of_worse[1].png)

I keep making bad decisions in my life in the attempt to improve it things somehow get worse. Be that financially, professionally, or even just minor personal things. I wonder how long I have left in me before I just give up and stop trying. Oh well, onto the next thing for now.


I made a mistake installing TikTok as 24 year old boomer
This shit DESTROYS your attention span


>24 year old boomer
u wot m8


Most of the userbase there seems to be 8-10 years younger than me


abort!! uninstall >_<


What kind of sick dogs do you have? The dogs I have have nice smelling paws as well as a nice smell on their coat.


To be fair I don't have dogs myself, just friends with dogs I visit sometimes. And to me it didn't actually smell bad, just kind of like musty forest floor-ish.
I've had people comment before that I smell like a wet dog though.


I use it to watch videos of nature, cool visual stuff, cute animals and animals eating each other. It's fun and the recommendation algorithm is superpowerful, that's why the average session length on Tiktok sits at around 11 minutes.

However sometimes there are some live previews which show random stuff. It seems to not be based at all on what I previously watched, so I get some weird stuff on it from time to time.


I mostly use it to upload silly posts with images i collected thru the years.
But still, it's not like those are real interactions anyway.


people are dogs on the leashes of their minds, sniffing around with intellect in hope to find the pillar someone with a longer leash pissed on


i tried it and looked at many things but all the content is so boring.. i heard people say there's something for everyone on TikTok but i didn't find anything interesting


I tried tiktok once, well, "tried", I actually deleted it right away when I realized it had the same "slot machine" model I had dreaded so much in facebook.
Recently (a couple years ago?) I fo8nd out fb has vides now. And even though I didn't use it, the person next to me did for some time each day and I could feel my IQ lowering just from hearing the stuff they had there.
I suspect tiktok is pretty much the same crap, only for kids whereas tacebook is forthe elderly.


File: 1667089825158.jpg (2.74 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20221029_212832707.jpg)

Going to a nightclub Halloween party. You can try guessing who I am.
I don't have much hopes, either way, at least I get to rock this outfit


searched for
>lamp wings anime
>lamp wings clothes character
>lamp wings clothes character military
and got nothing.


It's not from an animu


Are you talking to me?


File: 1667220057734.jpg (597.58 KB, 640x956, b1b51bf485209a42306feb2e40….jpg)

Are (You) talking to me?


I missed Halloween. What the heck. I was supposed to sleep for 30 minutes and wake up at 6 PM, but ended up waking up at 9 PM. Halloween only lasts for three hours max. I didn't even remember it was Halloween either. At least I got in five spooky movies this month.


Got like half the number of trick-or-treaters as last year, now I'm going to eat myself sick on all the extra candy because I have no self control


I bought a stupid amount of candy to give out to kids, put the porch light on, and not a single one came by. I ended up just gorging myself and getting sick.

…why am I mad about not getting to hand out candy? I feel like it might be a bit creepy that I care this much. Is that weird?


"disappointment of expectations" or something? I dunno, but whenever I go through the trouble of preparing something it feels bad if it doesn't happen.


One of the stalls that greets customers at the entrance into USJ17's Restoran Weng Soon Jaya is this Hor Fun stall. The Hor Fun stall offers chicken slice Hor Fun and Prawn Wanton Hor Fun, and has been around since the new tenant took over Weng Soon Jaya a few years ago. Tried the chicken hor fun when the stall initially started its operations at the Kopitiam.


File: 1667894525754.jpg (738.7 KB, 1500x2250, aa.jpg)

You have what everyone else has ~ a life-time.


File: 1667909428249.png (508.18 KB, 800x733, 1665167230692372.png)

It just sometimes feels that most people are a game.
I'm quite tired of complaining about loneliness, and having no friends, but at the same time it's not like I'm out of that rut yet.
Shit kinda sucks.


This may be silly, but I'm looking forward to Tim Burton's upcoming Wednesday. I've always had a crush on the character, and the actress doing her is kinda cute.
But I think it's likely that it's going to be shit, both statistically and because Burton has long failed to make anything interesting. I can only hope it will be passable and perhaps enjoy it as light entertainment.


File: 1668025436465.jpg (1.47 MB, 1900x1376, 1660793957136122.jpg)

My mother passed away yesterday
I am now even more alone than how I was before


I'm sorry to hear that. Hang in there sushi.


File: 1668039645150.jpg (288.09 KB, 1755x1249, 1665031023960006.jpg)

I feel so fucking alone.
My mother was the only one that truly truly truly cared about me.
Now she's gone, my family is going to go down the drain without her. No one will save me now from whatever may happen now, it's all in my own from here on out


sorry for your loss ;_;


My sincere condolences, sushi.
I fear that day when it happenes to me, because my mother is the only one that cares and listens to me too. I wish I could tell you something uplifting, but I honestly don't know what.
Love your mothers, sushis.


Mine died a few months ago. Hospital negligence. I want to sue but dont have the money


Try pro-bono lawyers


File: 1668495522811.gif (1.81 MB, 500x502, 1662420830925757.gif)



Checking out this place for the first time in 4 years. I think I'll stick around.


File: 1668636472631.jpg (263.83 KB, 750x1000, IMG_20221116_160220.jpg)

Wasps sneaking in through the chimney again (sorry for bad photo quality, taken through a tupperware container).


I have wasps build nests around my house all the time. They have never ever stinged me without provocation. Bees have, but not wasps.
Still, my wyf always makes me take down their nests. I regret showing her a particularly HUGE nest in a nearby tree. She made me take it down even though they were bothering nobody.
Idk why wamyn hate bugs so much.



I do usually knock down their nests if they try to build them attached to my house, but I leave them alone if they stick to the trees.


File: 1668823113484.jpg (1.05 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20221104_092536.jpg)

Yea, at least I should've taken a picture. I just don't have that habit.
Here's a bug I found the other day.


You're all kinda sush


sugoi bug it's really shiny, quite pretty!


File: 1669045808400.jpg (1.26 MB, 2892x4096, Batory_ken Fa_5Jc2VEAARPs6….jpg)

Today is the day when all shall be decided.


I noticed how reliant I have become on Google. I don't even think about trying to solve the problem myself, even if the solution is right next to my cursor, my first instinct is to google it.

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