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File: 1636829108089.jpg (86.33 KB, 600x308, fall.jpg)


Last thread (>>11500) hit bump limit, so I'm making a new one
General discussion thread. Talk about how your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently, what's on your or just to say hi!


I feel so tired but I didn't do anything today.


File: 1636830549931.png (26.36 KB, 405x216, yay 52.png)

Finished the 52 books challenge. It's a challenge were you read one book a week, although I slacked a bit on the first few months and read multiple books in a week to catch up. Proud of myself because I only read 4-5 books the year before and only 1-2 the years before that year. I don't think I'll do the challenge next year because it penalizes you for reading long books, had to drop some anthologies I was reading, and actively encourages short fluff reads, only got this far by reading '200' page academic books which are really 150-180 once you subtract length bibliography. If you mess up it encourages speed reading without understanding. This kind of explains why the average person who does the challenge always has some terrible book taste. Even then I still recommend this challenge if you don't read because it's a good way to make you start reading and helps you find time to read.


Forgot to add, but for some reason outside of this challenge I fell out of reading. Don't know what, but I got tired of reading so much and took a week long break. I feel tired looking at my tbr now


File: 1636907009786.png (62.32 KB, 826x220, Screenshot 2021-11-14 1122….png)

Wanna be a kid again…


File: 1636955958118.jpg (59.39 KB, 720x405, Sonny-Boy-11.5.jpg)

I had a really rough day today
I have these twin irrational fears where now that the booster shot is out if I get it I will die (even though I got the initial shots and was fine) but then if I don't get it my coworkers will ostracize me and I will lose my job and I feel like I can't talk to anyone about my worries because everyone is radicalized on one side or the other and I feel so stupid for worrying about this in either direction I know I should just wait and then if I need to get it then just get it and not worry about it or maybe at this point no one will care if I get it or not and so maybe I should just stop worrying.

The real issue is that I have no one to confide these small worries in and they snowball up inside my head until I get very anxious and irritable, plus work has been very busy lately and being married with small kids I don't have much free time to just be still and decompress.
anyway thanks for reading my frantic blog hope you are having a better day than me.


This feels weird cold have sworn this video is 5-10 years old and super popular, but it's only one year old and kind of niche


I loved this, thank you for sharing


Kevin Spencer, when it's not an unrealistic edgy comedy, is a surprisingly realistic portrayal of what it's parodying. He's a mental ill teen who's disorder is ignored by his abusive parents forcing him to turn to substance abuse to cope, which worsens his mental problems. That is a really common path for teens to go down in poorer areas. The show actually depresses me because Kevin Spencer could have grown up normal if was removed from his parents by cps, or the Canadian version, forced to go through psychological treatment, and put into a good family. Foster care sucks, but at least it isn't his parents. The fact his only role model is a goose induced from psychosis and half the plots start by taking his parents shitty advice is pretty depressing too. You get these oddly real moments in the show in between the over the top antics and MSpaint.


I wonder what the type of person who watches "What it's like to do X drug" and prowls drug forums without doing drugs, excluding those who sobered up. This may be projecting, but they always come off as really repressed and desperate to do drugs, out of curiosity or being interested, but don't because at their core they're repressed and wont do it because society tells them it's wrong, they may make other excuses for it though. Drug forums and videos help them sublimate their desire by using the content creator as an emotional vector or by rember how pathetic drugies are and they shouldn't be them. This isn't someone who watches 1-5 videos on "what is a LSD trip like". A surprising portion of the daily active users on drug forums are people who've never touched drugs at all. Even on niche forums 100% non-users lurk.


Updated my webpage.



File: 1637389025451.png (18.44 KB, 1024x1024, 54e478d0d43b8b98a00fcd18a2….png)



Been thinking how texting sites give/take away 'power' from users and how that affects discussion. For example on discord you have a lot of 'power' as you can read a message without a 'message read' notif and you can hide when your active, but one major weakness is they can see you type. This is unlike Snapchat, were you have the least power, were the opposite person can see you screenshot, type, and if you viewed. To add on you can only view the message in app and not a little notification. The only upside to so much visibility is you can see what the other person does too.
This affects discussion from what I noticed. Leading someone on read is more of an insult, typing than not, and screenshots are visible insults and sre best avoided. It's better to ignore a messsge than check and not reply. On discord you can so as you please. People also use Snapchat because it shows so much, "why did this dude screenshot me?"


File: 1637500506934.png (387.27 KB, 1319x907, 1637471450665.png)

tomboy science


Yeah it feels really invasive. The anxiety of someone knowing you're reading/typing/ect. does more harm then the slight convenience it gives


I would like to order one personality purist or one personality rebel. Appearance doesn't matter. Please deliver to airport Kloten, of course I will pay for transportation and your commission.


I really need to do some surgery on my server but I'm having trouble drumming up the energy.


i'm feeling very soft and gooey right now, sushi.
i love my frens and want to be with them, but it's very difficult to.


>soft and gooey
ah heck not again. Someone get a mop, we have another melter over here.


I did nothing at all for thanksgiving and I feel kinda bad about being a recluse about it


I have noticed I get super gassy after eating onions, usually after half to one bulb. Out of curiosity I will spend an entire day eating nothing, but onions and see what happens to my stomach. I'll be free in a week to do this so I'll update you guys then


I went to sell some stuff at a pawn shop today since I needed money. It went fine but I really hate haggling with people. I know the whole point is to be dishonest (to a point) by asking higher than you know they'll give but it makes me feel like an asshole listening to them tell me "you know we can only sell this for X amount etc" lol


File: 1638297523825-0.png (25.06 KB, 840x186, Jesus christ.png)

File: 1638297523826-1.png (415.27 KB, 790x697, mushrooms_scam.png)

I'm surprised how dumb the average drug forum poster, mostly redditors, is. Openly posting on the clear net (I can't blame them since reddit now blocks tor, but they should just use alternative forums that allow tor), admitting to previously and currently doing drugs, posting their stashes with identifiable material in the background, and actually thinking they're to clever to be caught by the DEA. The worst part is not a single one questions if someone posting a selfie saying "tripping on mushrooms in TX rn" could get them in any legal trouble. Beyond bad OPSEC most don't know much about the history of drugs, it wasn't to stop people from opening their minds it was a response to hippies, or even how to use them, I see people saying "you can use triple C safely" or reocmending eyeballing doses.
How such a culture evolved is actually pretty interesting because reddit at once point wasn't payed attention to by the police, the admins didn't care what went down, that was the big selling point, and the site was mostly used by geeks. The last point is kind of a mixed bag since the 'geeks' were either pretty good at the tech behind drugs or were braindead social recluses who thought they were smart because they hanged with the geeks. You could get away with doing stupid stuff on the site back then. Now the site is a big SM player, so cops pay attention to it and the admins actually care is something illegal is going down. In fact a lot of drug subreddits have been shut down for obvious reasons like posting links to were you can get drugs and posting pictures of drugs. The mods of some subreddits try to cut down on this, but the users are legitimately to dumb to get it and say "my freedom of speech" or "we wont get banned unlike x subreddit"


do they post anything sizeable enough to look like they're supplying though?

i'm actually quite glad the topic is normalized enough that simply using drugs doesn't lead to issues and that people can discuss it more openly. this just makes information more available and i frankly find this better than the "SWIM got scammed, haven't they?" nonsense that used to be prevalent.


People should just stop using reddit and other centralized social media altogether,
federated social media exists! The platforms are there and functional!
Everyone using these proprietary commercialized platforms is essentially shilling for these services which eventually censor or ban their community.


Do you ever go on Reddit or Twitter or elsewhere just to laugh at or feel smug about the dumb things you see on there? I feel it isn't a good habit but it's somehow cathartic.



i've literally never done this, i can't imagine being so arrogantly smug and cruel too, the hecky


I don't think I'd call laughing at stupid takes on the internet "cruel"…
Might not be exactly wholesome entertainment but still

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