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File: 1636829108089.jpg (86.33 KB, 600x308, fall.jpg)

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Last thread (>>11500) hit bump limit, so I'm making a new one
General discussion thread. Talk about how your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently, what's on your or just to say hi!


I feel so tired but I didn't do anything today.


File: 1636830549931.png (26.36 KB, 405x216, yay 52.png)

Finished the 52 books challenge. It's a challenge were you read one book a week, although I slacked a bit on the first few months and read multiple books in a week to catch up. Proud of myself because I only read 4-5 books the year before and only 1-2 the years before that year. I don't think I'll do the challenge next year because it penalizes you for reading long books, had to drop some anthologies I was reading, and actively encourages short fluff reads, only got this far by reading '200' page academic books which are really 150-180 once you subtract length bibliography. If you mess up it encourages speed reading without understanding. This kind of explains why the average person who does the challenge always has some terrible book taste. Even then I still recommend this challenge if you don't read because it's a good way to make you start reading and helps you find time to read.


Forgot to add, but for some reason outside of this challenge I fell out of reading. Don't know what, but I got tired of reading so much and took a week long break. I feel tired looking at my tbr now


File: 1636907009786.png (62.32 KB, 826x220, Screenshot 2021-11-14 1122….png)

Wanna be a kid again…


File: 1636955958118.jpg (59.39 KB, 720x405, Sonny-Boy-11.5.jpg)

I had a really rough day today
I have these twin irrational fears where now that the booster shot is out if I get it I will die (even though I got the initial shots and was fine) but then if I don't get it my coworkers will ostracize me and I will lose my job and I feel like I can't talk to anyone about my worries because everyone is radicalized on one side or the other and I feel so stupid for worrying about this in either direction I know I should just wait and then if I need to get it then just get it and not worry about it or maybe at this point no one will care if I get it or not and so maybe I should just stop worrying.

The real issue is that I have no one to confide these small worries in and they snowball up inside my head until I get very anxious and irritable, plus work has been very busy lately and being married with small kids I don't have much free time to just be still and decompress.
anyway thanks for reading my frantic blog hope you are having a better day than me.


This feels weird cold have sworn this video is 5-10 years old and super popular, but it's only one year old and kind of niche


I loved this, thank you for sharing


Kevin Spencer, when it's not an unrealistic edgy comedy, is a surprisingly realistic portrayal of what it's parodying. He's a mental ill teen who's disorder is ignored by his abusive parents forcing him to turn to substance abuse to cope, which worsens his mental problems. That is a really common path for teens to go down in poorer areas. The show actually depresses me because Kevin Spencer could have grown up normal if was removed from his parents by cps, or the Canadian version, forced to go through psychological treatment, and put into a good family. Foster care sucks, but at least it isn't his parents. The fact his only role model is a goose induced from psychosis and half the plots start by taking his parents shitty advice is pretty depressing too. You get these oddly real moments in the show in between the over the top antics and MSpaint.


I wonder what the type of person who watches "What it's like to do X drug" and prowls drug forums without doing drugs, excluding those who sobered up. This may be projecting, but they always come off as really repressed and desperate to do drugs, out of curiosity or being interested, but don't because at their core they're repressed and wont do it because society tells them it's wrong, they may make other excuses for it though. Drug forums and videos help them sublimate their desire by using the content creator as an emotional vector or by rember how pathetic drugies are and they shouldn't be them. This isn't someone who watches 1-5 videos on "what is a LSD trip like". A surprising portion of the daily active users on drug forums are people who've never touched drugs at all. Even on niche forums 100% non-users lurk.


Updated my webpage.



File: 1637389025451.png (18.44 KB, 1024x1024, 54e478d0d43b8b98a00fcd18a2….png)



Been thinking how texting sites give/take away 'power' from users and how that affects discussion. For example on discord you have a lot of 'power' as you can read a message without a 'message read' notif and you can hide when your active, but one major weakness is they can see you type. This is unlike Snapchat, were you have the least power, were the opposite person can see you screenshot, type, and if you viewed. To add on you can only view the message in app and not a little notification. The only upside to so much visibility is you can see what the other person does too.
This affects discussion from what I noticed. Leading someone on read is more of an insult, typing than not, and screenshots are visible insults and sre best avoided. It's better to ignore a messsge than check and not reply. On discord you can so as you please. People also use Snapchat because it shows so much, "why did this dude screenshot me?"


File: 1637500506934.png (387.27 KB, 1319x907, 1637471450665.png)

tomboy science


Yeah it feels really invasive. The anxiety of someone knowing you're reading/typing/ect. does more harm then the slight convenience it gives


I would like to order one personality purist or one personality rebel. Appearance doesn't matter. Please deliver to airport Kloten, of course I will pay for transportation and your commission.


I really need to do some surgery on my server but I'm having trouble drumming up the energy.


i'm feeling very soft and gooey right now, sushi.
i love my frens and want to be with them, but it's very difficult to.


>soft and gooey
ah heck not again. Someone get a mop, we have another melter over here.


I did nothing at all for thanksgiving and I feel kinda bad about being a recluse about it


I have noticed I get super gassy after eating onions, usually after half to one bulb. Out of curiosity I will spend an entire day eating nothing, but onions and see what happens to my stomach. I'll be free in a week to do this so I'll update you guys then


I went to sell some stuff at a pawn shop today since I needed money. It went fine but I really hate haggling with people. I know the whole point is to be dishonest (to a point) by asking higher than you know they'll give but it makes me feel like an asshole listening to them tell me "you know we can only sell this for X amount etc" lol


File: 1638297523825-0.png (25.06 KB, 840x186, Jesus christ.png)

File: 1638297523826-1.png (415.27 KB, 790x697, mushrooms_scam.png)

I'm surprised how dumb the average drug forum poster, mostly redditors, is. Openly posting on the clear net (I can't blame them since reddit now blocks tor, but they should just use alternative forums that allow tor), admitting to previously and currently doing drugs, posting their stashes with identifiable material in the background, and actually thinking they're to clever to be caught by the DEA. The worst part is not a single one questions if someone posting a selfie saying "tripping on mushrooms in TX rn" could get them in any legal trouble. Beyond bad OPSEC most don't know much about the history of drugs, it wasn't to stop people from opening their minds it was a response to hippies, or even how to use them, I see people saying "you can use triple C safely" or reocmending eyeballing doses.
How such a culture evolved is actually pretty interesting because reddit at once point wasn't payed attention to by the police, the admins didn't care what went down, that was the big selling point, and the site was mostly used by geeks. The last point is kind of a mixed bag since the 'geeks' were either pretty good at the tech behind drugs or were braindead social recluses who thought they were smart because they hanged with the geeks. You could get away with doing stupid stuff on the site back then. Now the site is a big SM player, so cops pay attention to it and the admins actually care is something illegal is going down. In fact a lot of drug subreddits have been shut down for obvious reasons like posting links to were you can get drugs and posting pictures of drugs. The mods of some subreddits try to cut down on this, but the users are legitimately to dumb to get it and say "my freedom of speech" or "we wont get banned unlike x subreddit"


do they post anything sizeable enough to look like they're supplying though?

i'm actually quite glad the topic is normalized enough that simply using drugs doesn't lead to issues and that people can discuss it more openly. this just makes information more available and i frankly find this better than the "SWIM got scammed, haven't they?" nonsense that used to be prevalent.


People should just stop using reddit and other centralized social media altogether,
federated social media exists! The platforms are there and functional!
Everyone using these proprietary commercialized platforms is essentially shilling for these services which eventually censor or ban their community.


Do you ever go on Reddit or Twitter or elsewhere just to laugh at or feel smug about the dumb things you see on there? I feel it isn't a good habit but it's somehow cathartic.



i've literally never done this, i can't imagine being so arrogantly smug and cruel too, the hecky


I don't think I'd call laughing at stupid takes on the internet "cruel"…
Might not be exactly wholesome entertainment but still


I wish I could adopt this attitude but the things I see on those sites just make me angry.


It's the first time I visit this site, I rarely browse imageboards and never really talk on them but this place seems comfy hi everyone ^^


Hi sushi roll!


Hi welcome don't be afraid to post!


Updated my webpage.

Welcome! The place is a little messy and you might have trouble finding your bearings, but that's how it always goes at first.


File: 1638971929575.jpg (29.18 KB, 344x252, 1593039030030.jpg)

I recently started using imageboards again and I'm pretty disappointed to see people still having the mindsets they had when I stopped browsing IBs (being racist, homophobic, etc). I know that for some it's the only place they can let out those thoughts, but I'm saddened to see that people still think this way. Even in smaller, /comfy/ imageboards, where'd you'd expect people to deviate from that norm of the "average imageboard user". Maybe I've grown too pessimistic of other people.


sushi is different!


File: 1638975587637.jpg (49.12 KB, 500x375, 1638373733122-0.jpg)

Hey! I randomly opened your website again and saw the new post. I always end up reading your posts all the way through. You write very well!

I remember having the same "We all have equally stupid people everywhere" realization the moment the internet became wide spread, although later than you for sure.

The ending is heart-warming. People tend to reject their native homes out of spite without looking back at the good parts they lived in it seems. I understand the sentiment, though.

Nothing else to say but I really enjoyed reading thru yesterday's post.


Yeah sometimes it seems like, because some site is an IB, they HAVE to act that way.


Hello sushi,

Does anyone know the name of the Japanese singer-songwriter who plays acoustic guitar solo and has super long black hair and sings very ethereally and it's all very enchanting?
She's almost always sitting down when she performs and wears long loose flowing clothes, and I think sometimes she plays the guitar flat on her lap? (not sure on this part)


File: 1639463532421.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1920, 108323ae1f5f7d7bb59ba45b3e….jpg)

It's been 2 weeks. Did you die, sushi roll?


File: 1639501338594.jpg (77.27 KB, 600x450, aoba1.jpg)


File: 1639520116463.jpg (147.62 KB, 1200x1100, 4492b7d3ea8b729f2e349a0458….jpg)

I'm so happy to find her again. I'm so amazed that you got it just from my dumb description too! wwww



File: 1639528759412.jpg (66.32 KB, 960x960, ichiko-aoba-windswept-adan.jpg)

np sushi roll, i hadn't listened to her in a while
now enjoying a comfy, rainy workday indoors coding to her music


The grocery store I go to had a big bag of peppers for just a dollar and instead of cooking them I'm going to turn it into hotsauce. Not sure how long I should keep them in brine but I'll give it a few weeks.


my mummo makes her own chili paste! i don't know all the ingredients but she lets the peppers dry out a bit and then she runs them through a food processor with garlic and other things and it's very lovely to add to soup or rice or anything that might be a bit plain that you wanna add some spice to!!


Drying before, huh? I just looked up how to make hot sauce I found stuff about lacto fermenting the peppers. Definitely sounds like it would taste good, concentrates the flavor and all.


File: 1640128013078.jpg (310.56 KB, 1280x960, 18923489235.jpg)

Hello sushis, it's been awhile
What time do you all wake up?
So stiff

I enjoyed reading your Life&Times section, bookmarked!
Hope to join you on full-episode-understood Japanese milestone :)

What caused you to create a more permanent alias?
I've not found any clues on your site from cursory clicking around
I've debated this topic myself, and find paranoia restricting me

With regards to your latest post, I think you may find this long-form article that recently surfaced a nice read:


One of the weirder traits of fake 'sociopaths' is "hates people, loves animals". You'd feel like one would go the edgy extra mile or someone who struggles with empathizing with humans would struggle more with animals, as they communicate less, but that boundary is rarely crossed. Ironic because animal cruelty is one of the top ten red flags for sociopathic traits and ASPD.
Out of curiosity I decided to make a post on one of those sociopath forums saying how I hate animal and want them to die. I got permabanned and shitted on in the thread.
The responses were interesting because you can't call someone a sociopath on a sociopath forum, so they re-defined sociopath, "You're not a sociopath you're just edgy", or justified their feelings through utility, "I like him because he takes care of me". The weirdest would replies that made no argument for pets and just said "ur stupid"
Shame I got permabanned because I wanted to ask them more.


Honestly brilliant. It's really interesting to see how this weird modern desire to self-diagnose some kind of pathological condition falls apart when you even mildly examine it. I think the issue are reason why people find it so easy to do so is that its not strictly stated in plain enough terms that generally speaking you can not be a half-schizophrenic, a half-sociopath, a half-schizoid. People see "likes being alone" or "dislikes people" and say "oh hey that's me!" without even bothering to see professional help. Now as to why they don't bother with that, I think it's pretty obvious they see it as a ticket into communities like the one you're describing rather than a genuine condition.


File: 1640458776193.gif (293.08 KB, 220x196, confusedanime.gif)

>Christmas at random distant relatives house
>Toddler walks up to me
>says random gibberish
>More gibberish
>points up and gibbers again
>runs away


File: 1640479157918.jpeg (38.61 KB, 638x479, images.jpeg)

>this weird modern desire to self-diagnose some kind of pathological condition
Couldn't have said it better.
I recently saw pic related, and I thought it reads like a horoscope. If you're an Aries, like long walks on the beach, and are not like the other girls, you may just have [insert psychological buzzword] personality disorder.
Some of these traits are clearly common among introverts. But I would go even further, I dare say many such "conditions" are consequences of the modern lifestyle, as more and more people are alienated and psychologically abused by the modern insititutions and ways of thinking, and not at all clear-cut psychological conditions due to brain chemistry.
Not only are they keys to build a sort of "identity" for oneself, but they seem to shift the blame from corporate-driven habits and mindsets.


File: 1640488608283.jpg (168.97 KB, 990x990, e6l4qjb4d3s21.jpg)

Downloaded tiktok out of curiosity and I hate to say it, but it's effective for what I use it for. The average article or yt video is stretched out for add money and the type of content I watch, how to style, is very shallow thus tiktok making videos 3 min >= doesn't remove much beyond dumb fluff like "Thanks gang for clicking on this, first a message from our sponsor ultima….". To explain how severe the fluff issue is I have seen people stretch simple concepts like "What products do I use for my hair?" to 30 minutes without adding more insight than a 3 minute video with "I use X because Y" text flashed on.
The content becomes shit when well thought out complex issues are brought up. Depressingly tiktoks 3 minute limit does not make it worse for the average *internet* opinion which is just a random user pondering something without bothering to research. The average /his/ post rarely has more insight then a 1 minute long tiktok. Even then it still suffers with the more basic stuff. 3 minutes is effective, but it's still short, so opinions will be said with no argument, people will talk fast, and images will be flashed on to fast to understand to speed things up.
Some other cons are the privacy issues, the fact they only use 10 trending songs they only switch out once a year, and the annoying robot voice. I use the app on mute half the time. One weird pro is that it's the least addictive app to me. Probably because I use it for strictly utilitarian things like "how to do x braid" instead of watching it because it's funny, haven't laughed once. I might only like it too because I don't watch obvious ragebait, inflammatory posts, or dumb trends because why would I watch something I hate. You have to actively seek out 'cringe' once you show the algorithm what you like.
Can't see myself using the app everyday, but only when I need some info on how to pick a shampoo or as fashion/hair inspo.

TL;DR: TikTok is only good because most internet content is extremely shallow, yet tries to stretch its self out for advert money. If you use it for shallow content and stay away from the dumb parts it's decent


File: 1640494090031.jpg (270.05 KB, 1506x1200, 205526.jpg)

Merry Christmas to all sushis !


File: 1640680042200.jpg (189.84 KB, 1082x1079, 9b034bdbbb7e6a18be4596106f….jpg)

took a few days off this christmas and spent it with friends instead of family for once. honestly prefer it from now on.
saw a couple movies in theaters, exchanged gifts with everyone, played some fun tabletop games, ate good food, and so on. i'd love to make this my annual norm

i've spent enough of my life with family members who don't understand my hobbies or interests, who ridicule my life choices, who make jokes at my expense then turn around and get offended if i do the same in return..

my mom was disappointed she didnt get to see me since she lives in the same city i was visiting, and i tried to at least make an attempt to stop by and visit for a little bit, but was never able to get around to it. i feel bad i didnt follow through with visiting her, but i also dont since she more or less ruined the last time i tried to spend time down there to hang out with my friends.


I'm glad you had such a nice time. You should spend your days the way you like them. You might want to stop by your mums the next day for a while to meet that requirement.


Just drop in for two hours and leave before you wear out the welcome.


File: 1640931153930.png (237.12 KB, 384x480, 0a903fa4e676377fab19fe200d….png)


thank you

i wouldve been able to spend some time with them the last day i was there had i not needed to leave at early in the morning to get home before dark
i live quite a distance away from them since i moved in with my dad a few years ago, who has since sold his house and forced me to get my own place.

where i live now is basically my childhood hometown, but it's very boring and small, not much to do
i'd love to move back to be closer to my friends because i cherish my memories from living there for only 5 years much more than any childhood memories from this town


when I filled in my medicine tray last week I accidentally put the day time doses in the night time slots and I could have fixed it but I guess it was easier for me to spend a week taking them backwards.


File: 1640983747921.jpg (304.18 KB, 700x990, f5eeac79e18bc9a93452207124….jpg)

Hello sushi.
I wish you a pleasant new year.
Thanks for being around, I appreaciate your company. Let's have a nice 2022 together.


File: 1641013727843.jpg (655.35 KB, 1604x2048, IMG_20220101_020707.jpg)

Happy new year, sushi!


File: 1641041343391.jpg (87.92 KB, 385x595, u12.jpg)

Year of the Tiger 2022


Happy new year sushis!!


Happy new year sushirolls! I hope you had a wonderful time last night, and that next year is better for you all.

Do you have any goals planned sushis?
I've never been a massive fan of new years resolutions, but Seisatsu launching the USAGI game jam has me thinking of making a game this year. I would love to broaden my horizons in art and sharpen my programming skills. Hopefully I get the chance to, between all of the dull "real life" goals that have been stacking up against me through the past couple of years.

Keep it comfy, rolls. At the end of an uphill struggle, beautiful views await!


File: 1641084958037.png (1.75 MB, 1920x2560, 81470126_p0.png)

Happy new Year. I hope things go smoother this time around.

No new Year's resolutions. I'll keep working on the things I've already been working on, but first I have to settle one more score. I'm kicking myself over the fact I won't be able to do anything for the game jam. I hate living in the urgency of the Now.


File: 1641103150397.jpg (112.55 KB, 510x757, 20220102.jpg)

Tiger 2022


File: 1641568015268.png (2.45 MB, 2500x2700, 1e0.png)

The iceberg meme has to be the meme most butchered by becoming popular because it can only be pulled off by a super autist who knows the bottom of the iceberg and an attempt to pull it off by some one less into the subject, or to rush one out, makes the iceberg have an obvious slant towards being normie, as much as I hate the word it's the best way to describe. The video form of the meme has more problems as the topics in the iceberg are often very complex, meaning there is no effective way to explain what it is in five minutes, and academic, meaning most info on it is is behind pay blocked articles full of academic jargon and most YTs wont put in the effort to research it. The most painful experience, so far was when on YT talked about bio-hacking, which can be company made modifications, self made modifications, nootropics, and a whole lot more some real and some pseudo scientific, and they summarized it as blood and poop transplants.
The weirdest part of the new form of the meme is that they're obviously written by people who do nothing, but browse the internet. What I mean by this is that the internet has their own set of popular info, "lavender town" or the french man who couldn't stop eating, while if you read books, lets say on the history of terrorism you'll find another set of info, "Bioterrorism and Biocrimes: The Illicit Use of Biological Agents Since 1900 " has a big set of info on bio crimes that is rarely mentioned on the internet. Using a non-internet data set requires you to, this statement kind of sums up how low the internet has steeped, not spend all your time online and read at least one obscure/academic book. The use of internet data only cuts off a lot of interesting data, for example that book I mentioned has a lot of interesting cases with zero mention of it online, tends to exaggerate the basic due to lack of knowledge (if your brain was melted by watching twitch 24/7 something basic like 'the earth might have been made of meteorites', I've seen this been put on super deep on iceberg lists, actually shocks you), and is just full of stuff everyone has heard before, which kills the point of the meme.
The videos on it are at least unitnetally funny now if you know about the subject the YTer is butchering


Its always aggravating to see things diluted like this but there's a part of me that's glad for the main point you make. That there's really good reasons to disconnect with the internet and experience things in other ways, especially real books. There are times when you can build up the illusion in yourself that this ultra connected beast is all encompassing of human experience and knowledge, and it's a very good thing to tear yourself away from that whenever you can.


I've refused to watch the yt videos about the iceberg simply because the premise is braindead stupid: "X iceberg explained". Literal case of explaining the joke, removing the fun altogether.


File: 1641954893707.jpg (51.44 KB, 746x494, FI0Z0PlaUAAvbE1.jpg)

Is there any point to writing a blog these days?
I'm in my early 30s and now that life has slowed down abit after finishing school and getting a steady job I'm realizing my upbringing was somewhat unique and a little fucked up, and contributes to some mental issues I have now. I feel like there's a lot I want to express but I have no one to express this to, other than the void of the internet.


I'd say do it if you want to.

It is difficult to say how popular a format or subculture is until you try it. There are hobbies and cultures that I've never even heard of, until the algorithm mess up and decides to show me something not related to the stuff it usually shows me.


Just do it on a platform like neocities where you can make it totally custom and people actually look at it.


Of course there's "a point"! The whole idea should be that the blog is for you and brings you joy. And if it's public, and other people find it, you might end up helping someone out in the process. It's a win-win situation and the internet is always in need for more independent content without a profit motive these days


I'd recommend going the route of using a static blog generator if you go the neocities route. Let's you fully customize everything, but also handles things like rss feeds, tagging, searching, and such. I've used Hugo and bash blog in the past.

I believe there are some static site generators that also can generate books, if you find yourself wanting to publish a book from your blog posts.


File: 1642133076639.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, mashimaro3.png)

I made a cute wallpaper for me to use


Needs more Nobue, else well done.


The best icebergs were the ones that had stupid in jokes at the bottom that only those truly dedicated to the subject would recognise.


File: 1642241055675.png (512.41 KB, 1920x1080, Nobue.png)

You inspired me to make another


File: 1642241337637.jpg (3.31 MB, 5000x2813, 1613160452065.jpg)

Beautiful, sushi.


File: 1642353634006.png (198.48 KB, 830x720, cookuu.png)

>it all started when my mom didn't say no to me when I asked for a cookie


Ragebait cooking has somehow become the most effective trolling method online. It's honestly shocking how people react vehemently or proclaim their superiority, ironically you're the moron if you think a "cookies and cheese :^)" recipe is real, to blatantly obvious troll videos. The funniest part about this trend, besides the videos, is the comments don't know anything about cooking beyond "this video looks gross", so by 'correcting' it they just expose themselves. My favorite examples were; people not knowing avocado can be a desert food and shrimp can be a soup. The only argument against these types of videos is "but it's a waste of food" which I don't take seriously because it's only said to save face after someone realizes they fell for the bait.
my favorite channel imo is the one were they narrate obviously fake drama in their life, "My husbands boss wanted me give him something juicy, so I made chicken", "my mother in law called the cops on my food", "making my an vegan chicken without telling him", and make recipes tuned to what the comments hate, they said they didn't like raisins? next recipe has them. They didn't like the turkey? next recipe uses it. I was crying tears when the creator recounted their failing marriage while they cooked pizza with blueberries and ignored all the outraged comments. At some point ragebait is an art


File: 1642636339737.png (75.86 KB, 500x500, FIv2HlQaUAYv7c5.png)

Thanks sushi rolls. I just might start this thing. I'll post it here somewhere when I have something.


I went hunting for this blueberry pizza video but all I could find was people (both creator and audience) taking it entirely seriously. Can you please link some examples of this style of cuisine?


People do pineapple on pizza and in Sweden they apparently do bananas, I wouldn't be surprised to hear of people putting other fruits on to be honest.


File: 1642746600432.jpg (62.18 KB, 540x695, 1642651518335.jpg)

I love Nobue <3


Same. And I love you too, because you love Nobue too. <3


Watching a comedy bit fail is something to behold. Our calc class was zoom bombed by someone named 'Joe Mama' and our prof was to foreign and old to get the joke, she never said their name like they wanted, and the class was to busy taking notes to notice his name. This led to 'Joe Mama' having to interrupt the teacher multiple times in an attempt to have them say their name. 10 minutes into his stalling people still didn't get the joke, but they did get he was slowing down class so they started calmly asking him to "pay attention or wait till the end to ask questions". They had a full on break down and cursed everyone out, but the only reaction was 'Oh your names kind of funny. Shut up so we can listen to the prof" or "shut up". When the prof finally said his name he blurted out "sucks dick!" and no one found it funny. It was just him getting madder and madder while people shushed him oblivious to the joke. Which ended with him threatening the kid he found most annoying, "I'm beating your ass Monday (students name)!", and rage quitting the zoom call.
I'd rank the trolling attempt 4/10. Annoying trolls work best when 1. they don't care how others think of them and 2. Others care way to much about them. He had something going with how people were putting to much effort shushing him in the chat instead of ignoring him, but he ruined it by putting more effort than them into having a tantrum. His trolling also wasn't harmless. We lost half our class time and you could tell the professor, a kind old lady, was distressed about her students fighting. Ironically the funny part was how dedicated the students were in getting him to shut up


File: 1642816185249.jpg (706.7 KB, 1400x1302, 56680665_p0.jpg)


Surprised this video isn't more popular considering how sci-fi it is. This is stuff nerds dream about finally becoming reality, but no one outside of a few academics cared when it dropped.


File: 1642874196090.jpg (216.69 KB, 930x1169, 43053917.jpg)

But I am the wife, okay?


Reading that was like taking a spoonful of the worse tasting cough syrup in one go; I'm just glad I finished it - I can't rate any higher than a two.


Cyborg granny is warm and cheerful. She gets her brain computer jack and does she want to hack into the matrix? No, she wants to sip coffee and bake for her family again.
(Maybe I shouldn't stereotype, but it makes me smile)


File: 1643272369875-0.jpg (246.67 KB, 1620x1080, 04.jpg)

File: 1643272369875-1.jpg (180.36 KB, 1000x1064, roomA.jpg)

File: 1643272369875-2.jpg (104.36 KB, 840x964, roomBA.jpg)

2022 ~ I'm tired. Time for a holiday…


wow that's cool, I want a desk set up like that


File: 1643364455344.jpg (17.61 KB, 317x311, c5b4c33e575aa9d2d1b376796b….jpg)

i swear every class has either this kid or someone who wants to engage is pointless debate to stall for time because they dont want to do work
i think the internet has ruined some of these kids beyond repair

i mean sure everyone has had a class-clown or attention-lover of sorts but they were mostly relegated to someone making puns/jokes of the subject matter being talked about or putting time into making something actually funny that fit within the assignment (i.e. a comedic powerpoint presentation)

now it's just these meme-loving, always-online kids with the social awareness of boiled cabbage. they think everyone is up to date on all the latest memes, so they try to make jokes based on them only to fall flat. they see these tiktok funny moments part 32 videos and think "i can do that too, just watch me!" only to embarrass themselves by the end of the period.


File: 1643789993621.webm (74.07 KB, 858x1234, alpha.webm)

Playing old games.. remember the games before 3DCG?


Holy shit that setup on second pic is godly tiers of comfy looking. +bonus points for cat loaf. Extremely jealous. Even if it wouldn't be suitable for what I'm doing in it's current setup.

(Also I feel like I wouldn't be able to do anything productive in that chair and fall asleep lmao)


File: 1644429463474.jpg (97.27 KB, 680x558, 4eb.jpg)

Since years I strayed across the Internet and searched for a place that feels like home, a place that gives me a feeling of belonging, something I once had and lost.
Today I realized that I don't even know what I expect from that place, that I don't even know what I need to create a feel like that again. I am afraid that I am nothing but a fool, chasing a shadow of something lost, trying to replicate a lost feeling. I doubt that this is even possible, the Internet has lost its magic long ago for me. Or is it simply me that changed that much? Perhaps both, because I am very different from back then and the same goes for the Net.
Forgive my drivel, sushi, I am trying to give myself some closure and imageboards are the only outlet I have. I still wonder if I am lonely or not, most of the time I don't miss people, but rarely I do. Although when I meet people again I sooner or later just back off again. I assume it is a mixture of being tired to reach out, tired to maintain a relationship and being afraid of rejection and pain. I build a fortress around me and I don't even like it in there. I just don't know what I want and what I need. I hope I can at least stop wanking someday and get a job again soon


File: 1644440289611.gif (169.96 KB, 681x675, shanghai-animated-export.gif)

>I am afraid that I am nothing but a fool, chasing a shadow of something lost, trying to replicate a lost feeling.
I definetly know that feel. I feel like I haven't changed since 2012 and I long for those times once more, though the circumstances both personal and global are long since dead and gone. I've been wondering recently if I just have a false memory of such times, invented feelings. In 2012 I'm certain I was miserable. In uni I was practically on the edge. Yet now that I am actually doing well I still feel like it was better before, like my true place is in the past and me being here in the present is some big mistake.
I was thinking of 5cm per second and I really feel like Takai. Latched onto a scene that has already accepted it's fate and moved on to have a different happy life in the present, while I stew and dwell on the past.

After the death of my father I've concluded that the answer is to just go more out of your way to live and focus in the present, but I'm not really sure yet.


I switched from smoking cigars to smoking a pipe, and it's very comfy. Plus I get to feel like a cool wizard.


More of a vent but I can't seem to do math. I have a bunch of math books (pdfs) which I like and I've selected out of many as I've found them over the years, but I still don't make any progress.
I should probably just stop trying, focus on the other stuff, it's not like I don't have several other threads of study I need to take care of, I would certainly profit from putting more energy in them.
Yet I can't seem to get rid of this itch to learn mathematics, even though I can't seem to focus and work my way through one book.


File: 1644498820245.jpg (268.99 KB, 2000x1489, 67b.jpg)

Thank you sincerely for your post, sushi. It has been a long time since a post moved me like that. Perhaps it's a little bit egoistic to say, but I feel reassured to know there is someone else feeling like that too. Of course I don't believe in that am I the only one special snowflake bullshit, yet I somehow missed somebody simply saying that they know how it feels.
While I have changed a lot, a few things didn't. I am still sitting here, being available for some Mario Kart and pizza while everything around me is different, which leads me to miss gone moments and situations too. I know I was in a bad state back then, but looking back I never appreciated what I had, how special and beautiful it was. To go back in time is nothing I want, but to once again have those nice things I had is what I would like to.
I really don't know if I would call myself being in the present is a mistake, I have gained valuable things and lost valuable things, but neither then or now I am in a condition that satisfies me. Regarding many ways I have made progress and improved, but in some other ways I am stuck back then, the comparison with 5cm per second is exactly how it feels like. I can't even engage with those people from the past anymore, they moved on and it's the most natural thing for them, now being happy and not spending a second to what was had.
My condolences for your loss, sushi. Hopefully this works for you. For me it feels like I am with one leg in the past and with one in the future, while trying to focus on the present. Somehow I try to balance it, but I catch myself being torn between thinking about the past and worrying about the future, neglecting the now.
Off topic but still, thank you very much for posting Katawa Shoujou. There are not many things that I like as much as I like KS. It had a huge impact on me and rarely I have experienced such a lovable cast. Seeing things mentioned and even posted that I like always brings a little bit of happiness to me, to see that it's not forgotten, to see that it's still alive and has people around that see the beauty of it and appreciate it. Excuse me for being sentimental right now, but only knowing that someone like you is around here gives me some vigor to stick around. Thank you.


File: 1644518976359.jpg (415.17 KB, 1084x941, Lilly hp.jpg)

Always a pleasure sushiroll, it's nice to connect with people like this. Reminds us that we're not going insane. Sometimes all the pieces just fit together.

>My condolences for your loss

Thank you for your consideration. Truth be told though it didn't affect me that much. For various reasons I've spent my life since childhood preparing for it. I definetly feel like my strength as a person was tested and I passed.

>katawa shoujo

Oh I've been in generals and the forums of it since early 2012. Every now and then I get the urge to go back and do some drawings or something. It's funny though, because it's 10th anniversary is what got me thinking about the stuff we've been talking about recently. I'm not even sure ks is that special to me, but it just feels like I've attached to it for a decade because it was there and I needed something to attach to. Even the devs have long since moved on. Again, I can't quite recall what it was like so long ago, but certainly now I wonder why I'm still doing it.
What I do remember however is that I got kenji on my first playthrough, and I was very resentful of that. Then I played Hanako according to a choice guide for every choice except the last one. I was so confident I knew the answer to the last one that I didn't check the guide, and I chose to stay inside rather than go to town. I was completely puzzled by her wrath. As retarded as it sounds I took an honest life lesson from that about not treating people with kids gloves, and it did me some good later in life.


I find it easier to read about something like high level at first and then say "well ok, I dont really understand this because I don't know what kl divergence or jacobins are" and then go read about lower and lower things and then get frustrated and say "fuck it I'll just take a course on these foundations. But then I can see where I'm trying to get.


File: 1644544381120.gif (687.62 KB, 515x344, miku_wave.gif)

I submitted my entry for a programming contest yesterday! I had so much fun working on it but I can't help but be slightly nervous that it won't be seen by the judges or something of the sort, even though that kind of fear is totally unfounded. Anyway, my fingers are crossed! I'm so hopeful.


File: 1644589569607.jpg (56.52 KB, 469x750, 94a.jpg)

Well said, I only wish it would happen more often.

Impressive, I have lost my cat two years ago and I still miss her dearly. Although I think there is a difference between feeling pain and sadness and simply missing something or someone. I wonder how you can prepare for something as sudden and unforeseen as the death of somebody though, especially as a child.

That must have been quite the experience! How was it back then? I only got into it way later, around that time I was mostly in the German speaking Internet, most of all Krautchan. KC is also the place that was my home. There I could witness the development of Unteralterbach, but I honestly don't recommend it. Unfortunately the only thing I considered good was the humor, I had to laugh a lot, else it falls flat. Someone who likes loli and the art could surely enjoy it too, but I don't like both. What forums are around regarding Katawa Shoujo? Registering for the official one is something I once considered, but never did. Imageboards have ruined forums for me. Being bound to a username, a profile picture, a profile, it makes people hesitant to open up and there are always way more rules that restrict topics. Imageboards are the only thing I go for since years, having way fewer rules and being sushirollymous leads people to open up, leading to more varied talks. KSG is something that didn't appeal to me too, it may sound narrow-minded but the FAQ disappointed me and I decided against participating. The characters are called crippled friendly ladyes in there and the game Crapawa Shoujo, this disrespect turned me away. The wiki is great though and so is Katawa Booru.
Can you recommend something to someone interested in starting to draw? I once tried, but gave up. All I did was drawing shapes on a paper, somebody told me that is a great exercise for getting a feel for it and shapes are important to be able to do.
Being attached to something… Maybe this is the feel I need to call something home again. It could also be the fact that I made friends on Krautchan, that I lost some years ago, and friends like that is what I am missing. I am attached to quite a few things online, but online can't reach levels as offline can. Strange thing is though, that those things online once carried me for years. With the Internet having lost its magic for me it seems to have lost its desired effect too.
The team that developed it is quite something anyway. It amazes me that they found each other on 4chan, founded a studio and even developed a game and afterwards founded more studios in other countries in order for translations, distribution and events. One developer still keeps order in the official forum, while a few others worked on other games in the meantime. One even vanished completely after KS has been released and another one even dropped out during development. I really recommend playing the alpha, in case you didn't. The route for Shizune and Hanako are outstanding there, they had to made changes to them in the final release because the person that dropped out didn't allow 4 Leaf Studios to use his work anymore. I think 4 Leaf Studios Japan is still active though, creating an art book for each Comiket. I wonder how it feels to have created something with such an positive feedback.
I wanted to go for Rin as my first, but ended up on Emi, afterwards I was determined to get Rin now, but Kenji got me. This is what made me use a guide too, although only for act 1 to get on the routes I aimed for. The manly picnic is awesome though, but the first time felt awkward because I had a glass of whisky right next to me. Luckily I didn't end up at Hanako's anger, but I liked the game so much that I went for 100%. Her outburst actually hurt me. To this day it is one of the few fictional things I could intensely feel and it hurt like hell and it wasn't even the only thing that hit me hard.
I know I am as biased as biased gets, but I think KS is special to you, because you were able to attach yourself to it, draw stuff regarding it, it made you think and gave you a life lesson. I don't think this is retarded, I have learned a lot from anime, games, books and strangers on the Net, it can let you view things from an angle you never saw and hand you topics you never considered.

Sorry for this fall of text btw, stuff just kept coming.


File: 1644604429101-0.png (117.69 KB, 533x695, 1c2dfd97cc974e1663d33c570c….png)

File: 1644604429112-1.png (137.9 KB, 244x600, 270f2445304941d136a078c35b….png)

File: 1644604429112-2.jpg (203.11 KB, 687x824, rin.jpg)

> I have lost my cat two years ago
I think lots of people will disagree but I found putting the family dog up for adoption (I couldn't care for it with work) much more painful than the death. Animals are innocent, and rely upon you. Their suffering or loss is much harder to justify.

>How was it back then?

Well it's so long that I don't really recall too much. There was certainly an energy to everything that you feel whenever anything becomes popular but it's not like it was some kind of utopia. I was just going there to waste time after school really.


I'm on the official one. I only really use the fan art section but I did read a Suzu story ('A pseudo Suzu route' which was exceptional) on there. It used to have a nice theme and a mishimmie but those both broke and never got fixed. These days the forum is not quite dead but it's certainly not full of life either. I'm generally not a fan of forums but if it's for something specific like a hobby or KS then that's okay. I actually started on KS/b/ when I was a newfag, it was awful but it ended up having a huge impact on a poor life decision I made at the time.

>someone interested in starting to draw

Well drawing shapes etc is good for technical practise, but it's not very fun. Personally I've just drawn whatever I felt like since I was a kid. Due to that I'm not as technically advanced as I could be, but I enjoy it so never stopped. You gotta strike that balance for yourself. Unfortunatley you will be awful for a long time. When you learn things as a kid you don't realise you're shit, but it's harder to start something as an adult because you cacn immediatley see you suck and get demotivated. You could grind technical studies to progress faster but again, not fun. Also try not to look at art by amazing artists or you will think 'whats the point in bothering when so many people better than I ever will be are out there' which is a real motivation killer. Art is a hobby where the better you become the more you hate what you draw, you're perpetually seeing your own flaws as you improve and you will rarely be content. Though, when I manage to make something I think is beautiful it makes me happy whenever I look at it. The flamethrower pic related is one that I had just done in like 8 minutes when I was bored and it still makes me smile years later.
If you want advice about specifics I'd be happy to give it too.

>It amazes me that they found each other on 4chan

The KS dev team didn't meet on 4chan. To give a brief overview the original concept pic was posted on 4ch and made a sticky. A bunch of people made a forum and then like 0 progress was made. Eventually one person was given control of the forum, which was nuked, and a new one with the few actually comitted people was made (the current forum). Then the vast majority of the dev team joined later on. They actually had like no artists until a bunch of friends joined. Weee was my favourite (she's now an illustrator in Japan), who came to the devs with her sister Gebby. But the devs themselves didn't really consider themselves a 4chan group. The translations are all fan work which was given permission by the devs, they didn't organise them. Though I know some devs went to various KS comiket booths.
I had actually considered trying to get various KS fan artists to do a fan art artbook for the 10th anniversary but the family death killed that idea.

> I really recommend playing the alpha

I actually did some of the sprite mods and backgrounds for that project. Pic related.

>I think KS is special to you

Maybe, it's hard to nail down how something affected you. I wonder if I'd be better or worse for not being involved in the whole thing but such knowledge is beyond us.

>Sorry for this fall of text btw

Hopefully the other sushirolls don't mind since it's a random topic thread anyway.


I’m not human. Life feels like too much right now, but I’m holding onto hope. Hope is all I really have. Hope of metamorphosis, hope of the future, hope that things will get cozy.

I’m sorry for being uncomfy, I really just need something to talk at ( ._.)


File: 1644679737882-0.jpg (77 KB, 621x994, 667.jpg)

File: 1644679737882-1.7z (6.3 MB, Carefree Days.7z)

Agreed. Animals can sometimes not help themselves and often don't know what is going on. I was working when my cat died, coming home to this news made me crumble immediately and I called in sick for days. Not being able to have been there gives me jabs in my stomach to this day. Adoption seems even more harsh, the companion is still there but you just can't provide what is needed anymore.

Sounds great, this energy is very inspiring. To this day I wonder if it was smart to start with Internet and imageboards during my school years, it surely changed me a lot and made my grades plunge, but I didn't have any other place back then.

This fanfiction has been turned into a playable mod, where you are in charge of Miki and can go for Snoozu or Hisao. Once again I can recommend it, in case you didn't play it. There is a mod that adds a route for Misha too, wahahahaha~. Is it possible that the theme you mean is Carefree Days? I got it together with the mod for Snoozu, I attached it in case you mean it and don't have it anymore, if I remember correctly it was a theme for Miki. Unfortunately Sushichan doesn't take mp3, so I put it into a zip. Sad to hear that, most forums are having it rough since years, they are either dead, very slow, or just don't exist anymore. It hurts to see how most of the old Web suffers like this.

Well enjoyment is the most important factor for me, so I would like to somehow tackle it in a way that is fun and the shapes truly weren't. I assume to train the technical aspect is still important though? If you only draw when and how you want, then you will never improve? Your description of art sounds interesting, it reminded me of a post I once saw, this sushi roll said that people who don't draw can't notice the flaws of something you created and therefore you should still post everything to get feedback. The downside is that you start to look at drawings differently, start to compare your stuff to others and overthink your own deeds. The picture made me chuckle, amazing to think that you only needed 8 minutes to do it! Thank you for that offer, very kind of you. I honestly don't even know what exactly to draw, my motivations would be to be able to draw what I want and not having to search for stuff I like anymore. Besides this it would help me with my fine motor skills. What would you recommend as a starting point for somebody who has zero experience and sucks at it?

I see, thank you for correcting my misinformation. Looks like the majority of the team wasn't from 4chan, so it makes sense that they didn't consider themselves a 4chan group. Makes me wonder how many of the team were sushi roll, perhaps a few of the coders and/or writers, but not more. This would have been an amazing idea, a pity that it didn't happen. Ideas like this are also a reason why I would like to be able to draw. To participate in stuff I like.

wow. Now you got me. This information made me sit back for a while and blink in surprise. I never thought I would meet somebody who worked on something related to Katawa Shoujou, but here we are. A big, sincere and heartfelt thank you for your work and everyone else involved. I loved the alpha and the fact that people came together to turn it into a playable state is touching. To see something unite people and make them express their appreciation. Once again a reason why I would like to be able to draw, to participate in stuff I like. Just like you did right there. This honestly moves me. Right know I would volunteer to cover for the tab, but I guess this is kind of hard over the Internet.

It surely is beyond you and me and everyone else. I also often wondered what I would be without the excessive use of the Net. Although a matter of fact is that it made you be creative and you even contributed to it, to something a lot of people liked. Even if it is not special to you, it seems to have a special place in your heart. Not only did you plan to make a fan art book, but also helped with the repair of the alpha and you talk to strangers online about KS. Your time is valuable and you choose to invest it in it. Still I have to say yet again that I am as biased as biased gets, so take some salt with my words.

Sushis are comfy, I don't think they mind, especially since it started at random too. Having topics come and go in such a thread is to be expected and not the first time.


File: 1644717885671-0.jpg (208.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1476849984544.jpg)

File: 1644717885672-1.jpg (74.78 KB, 960x540, 10420203_10152882105213817….jpg)

Yeah I've seen a mod for Rika and Saki too, though I'm not really interested in playing the game anymore. At most I'd replay a vanilla route that I've mostly forgotten.


I meant the theme of the forums. They look generic now but they used to have a katawa themed UI.

>carefree days

I already have both the enigmatic box of sound, and concept tracks. But thanks for going through the trouble to make it available in case I didn't.

>I assume to train the technical aspect is still important though?

I guess, but if you just draw what you want you'll eventually figure stuff out as long as you maintain a critical eye. It's sorta like the difference between getting taught and teaching yourself I guess. One is more organised and boring, but progress is much faster. Other people can give you critique but often times they will do so using concepts that you won't understand yet anyway. For example they may correct your anatomy shape, but until you learn the shape of a foot by heart their correction isn't going to help you.

>What would you recommend as a starting point for somebody who has zero experience and sucks at it?

Get a cheap wacom bamboo, open a torrent of photoshop and start drawing whatever. You have ctrl + z if you make a mistake so you can just go wild. Also don't expect to be able to draw things from imagination, the best artists in the world needed live models and references to draw properly. Only once you mastered the craft will you be able to just makes stuff up from nothing. The rest of us grind references. But yeah, basically just draw whatever you want. If you want to draw a plane, get some plane pictures and try figure out how to make your own, or study them.


There's a bunch of interviews with some of the devs on youtube in which they explain much of the behind the scenes of the project. A bunch of new ones just came out due to the anniversary.


I didn't really do much work on it compared to some of the other team members, I just found the alpha repair group on steam by accident and offered my time if they wanted it. It seems like artists are one of the harder things to find volunteers for, and I know they had to commission some of their custom CG paintings.

As far as doing things is concerned sushi, I'd like to give you an anecdote. I was once competing in a white water kayaking race. There was a large waterfall which I was terrified of going down. As I approached this waterfall I could see the river dissapearing before me, and I was terrified. I wanted to freeze, paddle back or go to shore. Despite this I knew I needed to get enough speed to break through the plunge pool, and if I hesitated I would not have enough distance to build speed up. So I put one strong stroke of the paddle through. Then another. I was using all of my strength to go straight at the threat, against all intuition. After the first few strokes I stopped thinking about wether to do it, or how, and just continued to keep the momentum I was running on. I got to the waterfall, put one final stroke on the ledge and threw myself over it. I went under, capsized and came back out the water 5m down the river, where a lifesaver jumped in and pulled me out. Pic related is my kayak after it floated 50m downstream. I later did it again in the actual race and with an extra strong stroke upon landing I made it through the plunge pool and continued on with the race.
The point of my story is that No matter how dire the situation is, and how useless you are, once you've made the mental choice to take those first steps towards the demon the momentum of your movement keeps you going. You said in your original post that you need to stop fapping and get a job. Well you're fapping because you're doing nothing. Idle hands are the devils playthings. Take the first step despite your overwhelming intertia, and until you stop you will forget you reluctance. The same applies to jobs, throw out applications as your first step, and that will commit you to follow through them later on. Start drawing something, anything, and before you know it you will have made something decent by accident. You've clearly got a good head on your shoulders, but it is withering within your own inaction. I spent 2 years as a neet, and I despair for that wasted tim. I for one am rooting for you sushi. I know you have it within you, but you absolutley must cast yourself into the fire to temper.


File: 1644769132603-0.jpg (191.21 KB, 1000x965, 6ac.jpg)

File: 1644769132603-1.png (416.26 KB, 670x996, 624.png)

Which route was your favorite, sushi? Mine was Rin. I was disappointed that Miki got none, but luckily mods solved that.

Ah, sorry about that. Looks like I have misunderstood you.

Thank four your advice, sushi. Usually I perform better when somebody teaches me, but the last experience wasn't really nice. When I tackle it someday, I will try to learn it on my own, with the technical way as a fallback.

Now this is a pleasant surprise, thanks for telling me, I will watch them soon. Until now I only knew things like Lily goes to the convenience store, The rise of Kenji, Rin's Quest and give me the chocolate Hisao, alhtough I wish I didn't know the last one.

You are humble, I like that. Still even if you only were one or two puzzle pieces in that 1000 pieces puzzle, you contributed. It would be deserved to feel proud of yourself.

What a coincidence that you wrote your anecdote and your explanation of it now. Yesterday afternoon, when I was writing the other post, I noticed how hard it is for me to do so. To find the right words to use, to spell them correctly and phrase the sentences in a way that they made sense. This shocked and annoyed my quite a bit, not only was I faster in the past, but also had less to think about it and made less mistakes. The other thing is that I was laying around in my bed in the evening, something that happens way too much since depression hit me once more, but suddenly I stood up and went to delete the smut. Hopefully I can follow through with it now, because it isn't the first time I did that and failed to keep it up. Once I managed it for 2 months, to this day I don't know how I did that though.
I always asked myself how some people can be neets and still manage a schedule, or at least be productive, I never could. Luckily I never have been unemployed for more than 4 months, but this was always more than enough to turn my brain to mush or at least made everything quite foggy. Currently I am applying and hope to be working again soon, while I am way more tired when I work, my head is in a way better condition. I feel it already getting stale, even though I am not doing anything since not even 2 months. Honestly I ask myself if my old nemesis depression has something to do with my inactivity during my free time, because even when I am working it keeps knocking on my door.
Anyway, thank you for those kind words, it has been a long time since I received some. Talking to you is inspiring, sushi.


File: 1644876020546-0.jpg (491.36 KB, 1368x1368, A.jpg)

File: 1644876020546-1.jpg (475.27 KB, 639x905, B.jpg)

>Which route was your favorite
I prefer Lilly's route by a long shot. I found the others a bit overly dramatic most of the time and I'm partial to the ladylike type. I played Rin but I didn't get much out of it, maybe because I played it a couple years later on than the others. In the game Lilly is actually really bad for Hisao's health, but I just loved everything about her. Gentle, kind, proactive and honest. We can only hope for partners with half of these qualities.

This thread got me in the drawing mood so here is a new Miki for you, since you like her.

>When I tackle it someday

I fold up a A4 piece of paper into 8ths and keep it in my pocket. Whenever I end up sitting around do nothing I'll start doodling. It's nice because you'll draw loads of shit but now and then you'll accidentally do something good. Pic related.

>not only was I faster in the past, but also had less to think about it and made less mistakes

As I've been getting older I'm starting to think I'm retarded or something. I pick things up so slowly and then forget them straight afterwards. I've been trying to learn languages for half a decade and I'm still useless at it. It's really demotivating and makes you despair a bit, but I found that keeping my mind active by doing flashcards, reading books etc. helped me improve. I think a lot of it is attention, where we start not fully paying attention to what we're doing, and then start to fuck up.

>Once I managed it for 2 months

Best way is to just keep busy, but even if you fail it's not all lost. You've done something good, limited though it was. Now you can go do it again. Nothing lasts forever after all.


File: 1644934698121.png (244.87 KB, 500x636, 33f.png)

I honestly liked every route and just love to hear what people like and think about them. Lily also had pushed quite a few buttons for me, her secretly playful side is adorable. Somehow I got the feeling that in her presence somebody could relax very well, she has something calming about her. A few years back I read blind people can also orient oneself with clicking their tongue, I was surprised to see that she doesn't do that, I guess not every blind person can do this.

Awww, sushi. This is really sweet of you! This is the first time somebody on the Net created something for me, exempt responses to posts of course. Thank you so much for that.

This is a good idea, now and then I end up literally sitting or lounge around, not doing anything. I will start to mimic that, this could help to keep my hands busy.

What language are you currently learning? I once thought about Japanese, but had a similar experience with it as I had with drawing. Somebody said to start with Hiragana and Katakana, but I was in the middle of college back then and didn't invest enough into it, besides that those characters confused me greatly.

I will try, thank you. Our conversation did give me a few ideas, thank you sincerely for that, I appreciate it.


File: 1645071418233.jpg (213.35 KB, 720x576, 67833546854213.jpg)

Was thinking about how much I love the Alien 9 OVA in the shower just now

I think I'm gonna finally read the manga


I've been learning (badly) Japanese for a few years and I'm also learning Swedish more recently. Learning languages is hard as a reclusive person, so I ended up learning Japanese by the written form. Almost all normal people learn by sound and speaking, then learn the writing later on once they already understand the language. You'd definetly want to learn hiragana at the least though.
Swedish is lovely, it's so close to English that I'm breezing through. Though I think 95% of Swedes speak English so it's probably pointless. I actually do the same folded page thing with languages. I have a few vocabulary and sentece decks on anki which I will go through whenever, and then write down any I get wrong. I've probably got a dozen filled double sided pages by now.


File: 1645096643897.jpg (212.21 KB, 728x1132, 2e2fd4992e2c02a18e96df0aa0….jpg)

well that was a short manga
there's some sequels to read but they're also really short. Anyone got manga recs?


Noted regarding the Hiragana, thank you. If I pick it up again, then I would need to learn it the written way too, being introverted surely has a lot of drawbacks.
Once again a good idea, I never thought that just having pen and paper with you can go such lengths. Strangely I feel like trying out both now, but I will pick one as a start. Good luck with your endeavors, sushi.


File: 1645138849796.jpg (51.03 KB, 508x658, 1627002437606.jpg)

Been feeling seriously disconnected from everyone around me and I'm not sure if I need my ego checked or my interests and dreams are insanely irrelevant and displaced from the kind of world we live in right now, and I'm having adjustment issues that this isn't, idk, 2012.


>or my interests and dreams are insanely irrelevant and displaced from the kind of world we live in right now
Every day I realize, more and more, that the world we live in today is, well, absolute shit. I don't think it is making a good or meaningful life for any but a disproportionately reduced number of people.


The Alien9 squeals are absolute trash. I'd recommend forgetting they exist and keeping your impression of the manga.


File: 1645149822327.jpg (190.07 KB, 728x1123, abf347b6fa28a5f30188aaed3c….jpg)

Ah that's a shame, I really liked the manga aside from it having bad pacing at times. Just finished writing a bunch more of my thoughts on it.

Hair-down Yuri a cute btw


File: 1645200971560.png (325.88 KB, 1280x720, 1625088716484.png)

Does anyone else have this sensation where they want to laugh, but they're so tired they don't, so they end up not laughing, but they still laugh deep inside?
I think it's fairly silly but it's something of mine that I like


File: 1645204451995.png (237.44 KB, 1000x1200, 1599495957931.png)

I can't say I do. If anything I think if I'm tired I laugh harder and at dumber things than normal from the tiredness


File: 1645247836494.gif (2.62 MB, 445x247, dfsadsf.gif)

I've had it where I find something really funny but all I do is just exhale sharply a bit because I'm so tired.
More often though I get lightheaded from laughing so much over long periods. That's a good feeling.


File: 1645333968032.gif (339.26 KB, 498x498, 1632440304760.gif)

Sadly I seem to have some issues with laughter.
If I laugh too hard I end up having hiccups and I have to stop breathing and count to 70
Which sucks a lot because when I get together with friends it's very common for me to laugh hard, either because of some odd thing I said or the reaction of my friends towards what I said


I got let go from a job after spending nights studying for a tech job. I finally got it and I start next week, but I can't help but to feel bad over it, and yet for some reason I'm ready to not blame myself over it. I just wish I was better at maintaining these simultaneous relationships.


sometimes i remember how i tormented my ex on a roadtrip by singing along as horrible as possible before in the months leading up to finally leaving him


why would you do such a thing? :<


lmao that sounds like something i would totally do just to tease my bf :D

(…except the leaving part. i'm not that far gone yet.)


Shocked by the amount of indie animated films nobody knows about. When watching them I can see an audience that'd be super into them, but they never got the advertising money to become popular


My laptob charger broke, thankfully I synced everything I need on firefox, and the only replacement I have is my moms chromebook. I'm also a CS major.
Pray that my classmates don't bully me for using firefox on a chromebook this coming monday


i don't like hurting people but i have to get back in some way
well i hope u don't have a reason to sushi roll :3


File: 1646599214667.png (109.63 KB, 370x350, d30b4c637a0e5b2aa9f84c5d46….png)

woke up today for work
stomach hurts, don't feel like eating
don't feel like doing anything at all
want to lie down and cry for no reason
i know i have to go to work to get my pay as im out of sick hours
try to suck it up and go to work but can't handle it as i get there
tell my supervisor about it and she lets me go back home
i feel worse because im not getting paid to stay home


I haven't checked this place in a while. I kind don't get the point since I usually only browse imageboards when I'm depressed, but then anything that I would want to post wouldn't be positive/comfy which would be against the spirit of this place. Still, I wanna type something I guess. So here it is.


Give happyposting a chance!


File: 1646728666467.jpg (197.42 KB, 600x847, 95624748_p0_master1200~2.jpg)

how do people enjoy things long-term? i feel like i get tired of everything i do within a month, and i don't have any comfy things i can return to.


I can't take most media made for an internet audience seriously because it was inspired by the worst of the internet. I've seen, popular mind you, short horror stories with the most juvenile takes on religion and atheism, stories based off of popular internet "fun facts" (Shut up about the demon core, basilisk, etc), and stories based off of weird internet hang ups (stories based off a specific view of trauma most popular on the internet, the infamous "School doesn't teach us real things", and the most touch grass political views).
The really niche pool of inspiration means that all internet stories sound the same and have the same "Plot twists", a creepypasta with a thinly veiled metaphor for chrsitinity will always end in the same way. I wouldn't say it's because the internet is a bad inspiration, tons of good media has been made using it as inspo, but instead because everyone uses the same inspiration online and, as hard as it is to get published, these people publish online because they aren't good enough for book deals. It's art for those who do nothing, but browse online made by those who do nothing but browse online. I would be more sympathetic to their work if a mediocre story wasn't over hyped every week.
This rant was inspired by a short story my friend said was really good that unironically had the line "I always considered myself more logical because I was an atheist"


Maybe you're doing sprint pace rather than marathon?
If you're doing several hours a day of the thing it's not weird to fry your circuits. You can binge watch a series even though it's unhealthy cause that's a very laid back activity. Doing the same with anything that actually needs your brain plugged in is bad voodoo.
Try limiting the actual sessions of doing the thing to something like 1h a day?


File: 1646774564157.png (210.01 KB, 342x373, ddhflxm-eb4dc741-eef4-4180….png)

yeah that's pretty fair advice. it'd be difficult to find enough things to cycle through my day with, though. and i'm terrible enough at keeping schedules as-is lol


File: 1646851371175.jpeg (248.01 KB, 540x399, 4cd44707fb73cf60da1d2bca1….jpeg)

Feeling more and more lonely as time goes on.
It seems most people on the internet are much more below my age gap and I can't sympathize with what they have to say, what they believe, and what they've done with life.
It's getting hard to believe I'll talk to someone I can truly relate to


I apologise for interjecting the conversation unwelcomed but I have seen this advice elsewhere as well and some things just made me confused.

If you can only do an activity 1h a day, what do you do with the rest of the time? If I attempted to find some more hobbies to do daily for an hour I might not get bored of a single activity but instead get burnt out of willpower to do anything at all. Is it acceptable for a hypothetical sushi to be lazy and not do anything more than sushi wants?


File: 1646939722553.jpg (131.67 KB, 850x578, temp.jpg)

It was not meant as a hard limit to never budge on, just as a test to see if the method itself would actually work. Maybe just adding "something like" was not enough to get that notion across. I could have said 2-3h, but then maybe that'd still be above what someone can keep up long term, so better to stray on too the side of too careful when testing your limits, then increase from there.
Maybe increasing session length doesnt work, but doing Xh sessions with at least an hour or so inbetween to refresh works. Just as long as you aren't batch-moding it. When I was NEET I did that alot, spend all day doing research and practice on subject something then burn out and enter energy-saver depression mode for way more days than I got stuff done.
>TL;DR above
Not trying to recommend a hard prescription, just an example entry point to start exploring what could work for sushi in question.

Also apology accepted but not necessary, I could have been clearer in my post, just beneficial that you pointed it out. (Also #2, you're not unwelcome, your input is as appreciated as anybody elses)

On the note of getting burnt out on too much stuff in a day, depends on what kind of activity we're talking? If you alternate between mental and physical stuff it tends to work out pretty good (e.g. a session programming or similar, then a session of some kind of body work, maybe juggling or taking a walk, lifting).
But also, sometimes one can get too fixated on being productive (I know I do sometimes at least). Just chilling is a valid activity. Listening some tunes splayed out on the floor. Put together some ginger ale, bake something delicious. Something non-taxing but chill and gentle, a feelgood bonus if you get a nice homemade reward for yourself at the end.
Time spent chilling is never wasted, it's recovery time.
>acceptable for a sushi to be lazy and not do anything more than sushi wants?
Most def. IMO. Better that than take on more than you can handle, crash and burn, which in the end will waste more time than taking it at your own pace.
I tend to find if I let myself get bored, ideas bubble up on their own. See above for some tips.
Too easy to kill time online and barely get above boredom-level without actually doing anything.


I can't give relationship advice online because I know how biased some people can tell their story. One guy who was venting to me about being "a funny, charismatic, and nice guy who just can't catch a break" was in complete delusion of his actual personality. No one laughed at his jokes because they were some of the creepiest shit ever, he was unaware he was socially awkward*, and he was one of the meanest people I knew. Like he would take out his stress by yelling personal insults at you never apologizing. I just think of him when someone posts about how someone doesn't know what they're doing wrong. I'm right because whenever I look at the post history of one of those "I'm a nice guy. Why don't woman like me?" you find some of the craziest shit, ranging from "can I move to japan even though I have low functioning autism" to "Whats wrong with working at mcdonalds at age 32?".
I guess on the funnier side my "friend", cut him off because he was becoming dangerously creepy, was a solid 3/10, but he only went for woman hot enough to be model. One time he went ugh when I showed him a woman who was 4/10 attractive
*In asterisk because this is his most debatable trait. I know socially anxious guys who have gf’s, but this is because they were aware of their flaws and worked around them or worked to eliminate them. My “nice guy” friend on the other hand was completely oblivious to how having stiff body language and stuttering every other word could make people uncomfortable.


Pretty epic how because you know one asshole IRL you think everyone who's lonely because they're awkward/unsuccessful/ugly somehow deserves it. I'm not defending this person being an asshole to others, but aside from that I'm shocked at your cruel attitude towards people with mental illness, low income jobs, or social anxiety in general. Especially because I fit into all three of those categories and you're basically telling me I deserve to be lonely/ignored even if I'm NOT a creep or an asshole. So what if someone has cringey aspirations of living in Japan or works at McDonalds? You don't see people out here saying women are un-date-able for not having good jobs or having weird hobbies/aspirations/mannerisms. It's also fucking sad how you seem to think socially anxious men shouldn't even be given the time of day unless they "work around or eliminate" that aspect of themselves. Have you considered that isn't possible for some people? Also giving people #/10 ratings is cringe. It's posts like this that make it even harder for me not to shut other people out of my life entirely, because if this is the attitude the general public has then I might as well give up on ever connecting with them and shut myself in my apartment until I die. I want to be clear here that I'm not defending this person you're using to make your argument; it sounds like they have some genuine issues and have done some shitty stuff. But the implications behind the rest of your post aren't much better than the actions you yourself are friendly ladying about imo.


my fren thinks you're a bad person with a limited capacity of understanding and sympathizing with people who have autism or are socially awkward or can't get another job.

i tried to explain that wasn't necessarily the case but he wouldn't accept it, but now he's upset with me. :<


tfw removed myself from the sedative of instant messaging; pure vortex of nothingness where people believe they're talking not to a caricature of someone but actually someone who can misrepresent themselves at any moment and ghost you at any day
it's one of the few things I'm proud about to be quite honest family


File: 1647072608194.png (537.47 KB, 720x720, 1464780378933.png)

Thank you, your post made me reconsider everything about myself. I was quite busy contemplating on my virtues and my faults, on whether I was on the right path or whether I had to change myself. I was actually considering that maybe society was right, maybe I should be the one to change to conform to other people's standards in order to fit in, but now I realize that I am on the right path. I realize how glad I am that I finally cut out all normie bullshit in my life. I realize that I hate most normie groupthink and all the shallow relationships that comes with the normie world. I'll forge ahead on the path of spending all my free time living in the world of dreams, playing games and watching shows with cute 2D girls in them.


File: 1647091709248.gif (1.02 MB, 900x426, d2ccff95af3696b13bf6afe50b….gif)

Down with false hedonism! Viva la kawaii! Viva la moe!


Funny how soft keyboards for android use "customizable" to mean you can change the colour.


happy st. pattys day




File: 1647892053269.jpg (2.55 MB, 2355x3095, FKxDRpFUUAgnwFw.jpg)

Take breaks from doing things you enjoy! That way you can savor them.


Wow, that sounds so sagely and wise! How do you turn away from things you like to focus on things you don't like as much though?


File: 1648078888369.png (691.37 KB, 945x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't mind me, just something that I thought it was funny because it did happen to me


where do I find a girl like this?


You don't find them they find you
But I wouldn't count on it, being a shut-in hikki absolutely screws up how you deal with people so do take that into account


guess I'll keep waiting then ;_;


File: 1648130894117.png (323.19 KB, 473x378, 2hu flan makes no scence.png)

It's ok
Sometimes you're better off alone.
But if you want an advice it would be out yourself out there. Posting ways to contact you goes a long way


*put yourself out there
I just woke up and I cannot type


File: 1648133508882.jpeg (261.51 KB, 2000x1952, dumb.jpeg)

>Posting ways to contact you goes a long way
Ah I'm way too scared to do that, what if I get catfished or bullied or something?!
Also I have my doubts that girls on the internet really exist lol


File: 1648133720115.jpg (1.91 MB, 3900x3000, 1645877582617.jpg)

Just don't expect girls to talk to you, and always be fairly skeptical of having your leg pulled. The only way you could get bullied is if you actively mention you want a gf. If you're fairly interesting they'll come to you


Of course I want a gf someday but I'd be happy proving to myself that I can even interact with the opposite sex because thus far I really haven't and being scared of girls probably isn't too healthy. Even saying as much out loud probably makes me look not worth spending any time getting to know lol

>If you're fairly interesting they'll come to you

Most of my hobbies are otaku focused which is not great but I have some other stuff I like.


>Of course I want a gf someday but I'd be happy proving to myself that I can even interact with the opposite sex because thus far I really haven't and being scared of girls probably isn't too healthy
I guess it wouldn't be too smart from you to try to talk to girls if you can't even fathom talking to one, I personally didn't knew the one I was talking to was a female until a week passed. No girls on the internet rule didn't apply there.
Ahh, who am I kidding, I can't give any advice when it comes to girls. Sorry to dissapoint you bud.
>Even saying as much out loud probably makes me look not worth spending any time getting to know
I'm sure there's someone out there who's really into that, but given the fact that you two may lurk completely different places the chances of it happening may be very slim. Either way, they won't be repelled by you until you act in a way they may not like (which is what I did).
>Most of my hobbies are otaku focused
You'd be surprised, but there are girls that are massive otaku out there, that's no reason to feel shameful about it. You have to take into account that males aren't the primary focus in Japan even if they bring the big bucks, there's a lot of variety to it.


File: 1648135804636.jpg (290.67 KB, 2037x2114, c15d622b1df38f085203dc7f3c….jpg)

>Ahh, who am I kidding, I can't give any advice when it comes to girls.
www it's okay, I appreciate it anyways. I'll just keep hoping I get lucky I suppose, and coping with it best I can until then.


File: 1648136735639.gif (497.49 KB, 540x338, headpats.gif)

It's ok, I only wish my fellow sushis to do best in life. You still have us so you're not alone in this world. And who knows, maybe this board is responsible for that which you crave to happen. Wouldn't that be too silly?
Hihi, have a good one sushi roll, we all love you here


File: 1648187287468.jpg (152.19 KB, 1080x1446, 173836581.jpg)

Love thread is at bump limit, thinking of creating next one if nobody does since my emotions are kinda overflowing and it was a great place for sushi to vent.


I find the relationship talk a little much so maybe consider making it on /hell/? just my 2 cents though.


File: 1648484305254.png (1.36 MB, 1200x720, ClipboardImage.png)

fear of dying alone is creeping in again


File: 1648519900379.jpg (895.08 KB, 2592x1944, IMG_20220328_193650.jpg)

I carved a little pumpkin




I met a very nice girl online who thinks I’m cute. There’s a few reasons why it’s not going to become a relationship, but I’m still tickled by the positive attention (っ´ω`c).


where did you two meet, roll?

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