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Happy Holidays!

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The thread isn't a bad idea unto itself, but people can abuse (without knowing) it like most anything else.
I didn't mean my post as backlash, but to remind people to be thoughtful of who to share what with.


Too much intermixing and you get something like the current state of Europe.


There's been a total of like, 4 links posted on the site in the past year. Of those, 3 were blatant advertising and the last was originally shared by Itamae. Besides, Sushichan isn't currently large or active enough to overtake a site that isn't already dead. The only concern I could see is if advertising should be allowed at all on the site, and to that end, a single thread seems a decent compromise.


For me one thread is ok. I remember Itamae let Fat Stupid Garbage post when they streamed.

But topics from those communities should stay there, in case they want to bring politics, drama or other unwanted things here.


I like the idea. Back in days every site had hyperlinks with similar other places and stuff related to the sites subject. We have lain / lewd / uboa, but some more will not hurt.


I don't think you've seen a site small enough, or don't know the situation with our users.

I'll tell you about the relationship between sushichan and a certain board.
This board is only open for a couple hour a day. At closing time each day, all threads are automatically deleted; when the board opens next time it'll be empty. That's the script.
This board also has a somewhat strict posting etiquette, and a very nice community. People see the fruits of it and fall in love at first sight.
So, this board gets linked to sushichan. They seem very similar in a lot of ways, so it might've seemed fitting.
And then people started pouring in and the effects were felt. While previously, the board would make twenty or so posts an hour, now the posting rate was approaching over a hundred posts per hour. Most days you'd see at least one, if not two new people show up and say they were new on the board. And most of them came from the link on sushichan.
This continued until we asked itamae to remove the link, form /hell/ no less. He did, and now the board has quieted down to a manageable rate of growth. A hundred posts per hour in a single thread is no environment for any meaningful discussion.
I know it's partially my fault that sushichan paid so much attention to this board earlier, so I'm not going to name it anymore. But get this, sushichan definitely has the manpower to run over a smaller board without noticing.

The thread is FINE, anything that happens in it will be FINE in my book, as long as people keep up a sense of respect for these sites and don't go full creamy on it. I didn't even think it was an adverstiment containtment thread at first.

Fat Stupid Garbage stream was fine, they had content other than other users.

The webrings and stuff were a thing mostly because the net was more static, if you had an interest you'd kick up a website for that and your friend would do the same. Nowadays, the two of you would see each other on a forum, imageboard, subreddit or discord. The web became more centralized in a way, so to network related sites together was no longer as needed.

I wouldn't say too much, but too fast. Europe's problem too is the bottleneck that the cutting of official refugee routes caused, leading to refugeees coming in large groups and having no chance to adapt to their host countries before grouping with themselves.

Now, what I don't really understand is discord.
Why does everyone run a discord these days?
What's with the competition for users?
All the discord servers are the same. They have the same general channel, channels for music, video games, technology and porn. They all have the same bots and the same content. If they post their links on imageboards, they're going to bump their thread with porn.
I've checked out enough servers out of curiosity to form a general reaction of discord = spam.
What's up with this shit?

I'm tired, can you tell? I can't fit this post on my screen anymore!


>whats up with discord?
I dont know, man.
All of these chat services that only get used because a company ran an advertising campaign for them annoy me, and I hope to keep them out of my life to as great an extent as possible.


File: 1485329819523.jpg (70.4 KB, 422x750, 1355703954550.jpg)

>is the bottleneck that the cutting of official refugee routes caused
Europe's problem is multi layered, from inability to adhere to first safe place rule, the encouragement of 3rd world migration by leaders such as Merkel, the inability for the EU to do anything but threaten the nations who don't want migrants or deal with it by bribing turkey, the general complacency of the western European population, the scapegoating of Russian sphere Syria which is the source of the whole problem and the sheer quantity of low quality people coming in a horde using Western laws against us. The only reason this exists is because refugee laws were made to protect western people or rare victims of awful regimes and now 3rd world people are claiming it en mass.
Of course the entire thing could be fixed in a few months if world leaders actually wanted to.
>refuse non-first safe place applicants
>turn back the boats or land those that were drowning back in africa
>refuse to take syrians as there's safe places closer (turkey, jordan etc.) which removes the entire excuse they all use
>begin deportations under armed guard
The leaders of Europe actually want this though, for some reason.
Here's hoping it disintegrates the entire union.

Sorry if this post was uncomfy.


File: 1485339344169.jpg (2.39 MB, 2000x1336, 74c242b1549843cca6b57130d6….jpg)

You're making me thirsty.
Makes sense but i would rather just delete advertising threads altogether since they are always bad.

I'm just over people using sushi rollymous image boards like they're a socialnetwork/blog or identity based forum. Does anyone else understand this? I do not feel comfy.


>Now, what I don't really understand is discord.
I participate in a single discord channel, and that's for sim racing. It lets us share mods, tracks, decide when races etc., will be without clogging up a thread on a board. I poked my head into the discord that was advertised here recently and it was awful.






File: 1485505019189.jpeg (22.15 KB, 470x313, 1471499618182.jpeg)

what an un-comfy thread


Quality posts duders.
1. It's a wordfilter.
2. Your personal distaste of reddit doesn't invalidate it as a platform for building communities.

I feel sorry for seisatsu, he's trying so hard…


I don't think advertisement has any place on the site.


File: 1485680289064.jpg (565.87 KB, 2000x1147, 6f93f6ca-4555-4eb6-975d-54….jpg)

Quality post, sushi roll.
Have an image of comfort from my personal collection.
I agree.


There is nothing wrong with Reddit.


I really appreciate the hyperlinks. I actually wound up here when I decided to revisit long-dead desuchan and they had links to lainchan & co. Without the links I would have never discovered this group of comfy low-traffic communities.


Same here.
As long as common sense is exercised when linking, just like >>310 says, it's fine. The board they mentioned is indeed made for no more than 20 or 30 users, and linking it was a mistake. But there are other places like sushichan where we won't cause trouble.
Besides, if none of the small communities were ever linked, they would eventually die out.
I think the thread is perfectly acceptable.

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