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File: 1694038182483.png (584 B, 800x480, Transgender_Pride_flag.svg.png)


back in the day i was a heavy 4chan user, maybe around 2009 or so. I was younger and dumber but I miss that environment. The image board culture is one I miss and wish I could immerse myself in again.

I browse sushigirls occasionally but honestly I can't quite nail down if I am "welcome" here.

I'm a smelly commie, I'm a trans woman, im a furry piece of shit, and frankly I can't tell if this board is a "we're all bigots but want a good face so we dont let each other talk about it" or a genuinely safe place with a few hateful weirdos sprinkled in as a minority.

where exactly does this website fall on the "these people want me dead" scale? i love the environment but I cant tell if sticking around here would require me to accept that the people im talking to want me to die or not.


I can't speak for the rest of the site but at least I'M pretty much the same as you! A fellow commie tranny furry ^_^
during my time in this site I haven't gotten the feeling that this place is crawling with bigots or anything like that. it's been really comfy


this is really good to hear!!


I really don't care what you are as long as you're nice and chill


>where exactly does this website fall on the "these people want me dead" scale?
I would hope that it doesn't fall anywhere. There isn't any kind of political revolution or progress that needs to happen right here on this website, but then again you'd be a bad communist if you let it remain an apolitical space.


I don't think there is very much of a hateful presence on the site, though I will say I do enjoy imageboards because they tend to not have people who talk the sort of way that you do. Part of the appeal of sushigirl to me is that it ultimately originated from this imageboard culture, but didn't succumb to the blind hate and extremism many other boards did. Like, I feel other social medias have made one's personal identity super important, while what is nice about imageboards is that it's overall unimportant, extremely so in a case like this board where there is not much real bigotry. It seems there is a type of internet user (you) who feels the need to enter a space, and then announce their unique personality quirks to everyone to check how accepting they are of you before doing anything, but what's appealing about imageboards is the sushi rollymous nature that makes this exercise completely unnecessary. Just lurk, and participate where you feel, no need to do this sort of announcement, especially since I don't even know what other posts you are. That's whats so comfy, I can just come in, and say whatever without any scrutiny about what I (or others) identify as.


That's not to say I don't get you, I am not trans, but I am of the racial minority whose respective slur is probably the most spammed and used on western imageboards, so I get this feeling of alienation you have. I guess I just don't really get the need to assert your identity like this for the reasons mentioned in the other post.


>It seems there is a type of internet user (you) who feels the need to enter a space, and then announce their unique personality quirks to everyone
I didn't want to be the one to say this. It doesn't matter what your personal views on this or that matter fall because (a) we do not discuss politics orany of that stuff and (b)this is an sushi rollymous board.


>I guess I just don't really get the need to assert your identity like this for the reasons mentioned in the other post.

Because I don't want to hang out with people who support the genocide of people like me. idk it seems like a generally good idea to not break bread with someone who wants to put a bullet between my eyes.

>It doesn't matter what your personal views on this or that matter fall because (a) we do not discuss politics orany of that stuff
Okay but here's the thing: if me talking about my life is political to you and I need to hide every detail of myself then thats worrying. I can be openly trans and still be sushi rollymous. It's not political for me to discuss aspects of being trans, and someone's race or identity is only political if it is being gamified by bigots. If this is an accepting board then nothing about what I said (aside from being a commie) should be interpreted as political. If a cis/het person can talk about being cis/het then a trans person should be able to do the same.

The idea is not that I want to talk about this shit all the time, but rather I want to be able to be as open about my desires and joys as the rest of the users. In order for me to be comfy, I need to be allowed to exist just the same as you, and I can't do that if me wearing a ponytail is somehow "political"


Look, if you ask if you're allowed to exist here while being however and I say yes, then you'd be the first person here to 1. have explicit permission to be here and 2. it would be because you're trans/furry/commie. I won't grant these privileges to you just like that and I don't want the status quo that comes with such preferential treatment. Nobody else has it in text either.
And, in contrast to everything else on this site, this thread is exactly about you asking for this treatment. If any of your qualities is 'political', for now it is so in this thread only and only as it pertains to this website. You made it for this purpose and brought your qualities in.

I think you've picked up some incredibly unhealthy ideas of how internet people are. We didn't all go insane over the past ten or so years.


all i can really tell you is that yes you are literally allowed to be these things, and i haven't seen significant pushback against any of these identifiers, but the only way to get an idea of where this website falls or whatever is to just have to lurk and see what the community is like, since the community consists of a bunch of sushi rollymous individuals with no obvious identifiers of what they believe or identify as. you don't need permission to be here, just post or whatever and if you don't like the vibe, leave, if the vibe seems chill, stay. i get not wanting to talk to people who want to kill you, but under the normal casual discussions here, you will literally never know if someone here wants to kill you because you are sushi rollymous to them and they are sushi rollymous to you. you are thinking in terms of non-sushi rollymous interaction in a community that uses a sushi rollymity based format for communication. the only time identities, or opinions about identities matter in sushi rollymous places like this is in particular discussions about them, of which here there usually aren't too many.


2nd this Sushi. I think the site rules make it pretty clear that discussions around uncomfy topics will be moved to super hell. You're massively over thinking this potential problem.

Everyone is here for a nice time and to be cozy :)


lmao youre way overthinking this and im not here to explain to you why but trust me it aint that huge a deal


Idc what your sexuality or gender identity or political stance is, irdgaf. But if you have to broadcast it, that's where I take issue.
So don't do it anymore and let's talk anime girls and how was your day.


The proportion of the issue doesn't change with understanding of its mechanisms. People are intuitively put off by this type of behavior but for the most part can't articulate it beyond "I don't care". I'm with the rest of them in this view and to the same proportion, but I also know why.


consider why you would think it is annoying for someone to ask if you want to kill them or not. consider why that person might have that fear.

Its a privilege that you get to live your life without the need to wonder if every single person you meet is actively plotting your death. imagine if there were political leaders calling for your genocide.

I get why it may be inconvenient to reassure someone that you don't want them to die, but if someone feels a need to ask you that you should think about why and what lead to that.


You just ignored everything I said, didn't you?


I don't like you. I'm uncomfortable with your view of the world. I currently don't wish death upon you.

I'd rather break bread with somebody other than you, but does it matter? We can talk, supporting and cuddling with each other is not something the two of us have to do.

One way to make use of an imageboard is for people to get rid of their identities. So that they can speak the truth, however different it may appear to them. So that what they say can be judged fairly, without getting their lives destroyed. So that people who would never ever side with each other would connect.

Anyhow, I remember a post on /lounge/ with something like "transgender women are not women" and a commentary in red that said "interesting" below it. Interpret that however you will.


no, but you ignored everything i said lmao


Tbis thread doesn't sit well with me. For starters the OP posted a transgender flag, which is pretty much a provocation in any other imageboard. Sushi is comfy but by the premise of the thread, I don't discard it being a call for discord.
Then the OP did called themselves a tranny, a commie, and a furry on top. Furry I can take, tranny is not my thing to judge, and commie is just lack of oxygen at birth; but they also grstuitously appended some adjectives: smelly and "piece of shit", and on op threw a few buzzwords such as "safe space", which, again, in imageboard culture is a provocation.
So in conclusion, I believe that OP was perhaps looking to make an uncomfy thread. Later they posted this >>1088 very dubious post on which I won't elaborate further.
Hey, at least they posted this on /hell/, but still brought forth a discussion on a very sensitive topic which tends to polarize communities.
I am very suspicious of OP's intentions.


very genuine question: why does someone wishing to be accepted regardless of gender feel polarizing to you?

wanna know what sounds uncomfy to me? someone feeling threatened by a trans flag. If you wanna have a comfy environment then that starts with accepting people who have non conforming gender identities.


You ignored what sushi roll said, genuinely, it starts with allowing imageboards to be what they are. As others have said, we come here specifically because who you are doesn't matter here. What's more, if these answers don't satisfy you, isn't the thread done? Apparently, it won't come to a satisfactory conclusion if something that direct is what is being sought after.


Find it so funny.
This place has been a comfortable holdout for nine years and NOW we finally have the knowledge of how to start being so. We were oh so lost without you and your infinite wisdom.


>why does someone wishing to be accepted regardless of gender feel polarizing to you?
There is no gender in sushi rollymous imageboard.


this question was for an individual, not a community.

As nice as this would be if it were true, it isn't. Like yea it'd be annoying if people constantly referenced their gender, but having a gender comes up from time to time, yknow? it doesnt make me any more or less sushi rollymous for me to tell you i have lab grown tits and a farm raised cock.

but idk man what if i see a cute anime girl that i wanna relate to? What if we wanna talk about an anime that reminds me of my own struggles with presentation and identity and self realization? its not about wanting to shove my gender in peoples face, its about wanting to express my gender in the ways you do all the time without even thinking about it. its about wanting to express my gender the same as you but without people thinking im being obsessive over it.

tl;dr i want to be myself the same way you can be yourself. if you spoke about gender identifying traits you have nobody would question it, but if i do the same there are people who find it appropriate to remind me that half the country wants to either murder me or wants to watch me murder myself.

this shouldnt be a dividing issue. someone asking if theyre safe shouldnt be polarizing. this conversation would be over if they really just wanted to be comfy lmao.

in a real comfy space, someone would come in with a worry like this and be met only with "i dont think anybody cares just have fun and be comfy"


It sounds like one way or another you have your answer then.

The thing is people pretty much did that, but it apparently didn't satisfy you. If you want a chorus of approval, I don't think any crowd on any imageboard is comfortable giving that to anyone at all just for their self-satisfaction. It's simply not in their dna.

Unfortunately this was always doomed to end up like this, but honestly I'm pretty happy seeing how considerate most all the posters were.


you know exactly what you're doing op


pls stop


File: 1694581298372.gif (57.41 KB, 374x101, trangener.gif)

OP, if you want to talk about how gender and anime are connected in your life then do that. If you want to creatively, constructively, or critically engage with your own gender on sushigirl, then you should do it. The problem that you're seeing here is that you're jumping into frivolous meta discussions about those things instead of actually doing them. You're not giving anyone a chance to experience your gender, you're dictating it to them and telling them you want them to like it. Your posts receiving rightful criticism for this doesn't make this place fake comfy.
You say you've been bobbing around for a while now. I want to encourage you to sink in a little bit. A friendly "lurk moar." I think if you really took a close look at this place's history you'd find some commonalities with the old heads here amd yourself. Even Seisatsu once shared similar feelings to you now (hint hint nudge nudge).
It's ok to be insecure or uneasy about this stuff. Being vulnerable in new places can be scary. But most of the time, the only way to let people like you is to open up a little. I hope to see some quality posts from you in the future.


If the point of the post was ask how we feel about your gender identity, then you shouldn't have brought up communism. We don't do politics here. If you had taken the time to browse the site more, you would have seen that most sushis are very open about gender feelings in ways like "I wish I was her". So please stop posting in this thread and just read through the site.


>Even Seisatsu once shared similar feelings to you
And Itamae was an unironic fascist. That's the actual literal reason sushigirl is intentionally anti-politics, it wouldn't have worked otherwise.


One of the rules:

>Stay comfy~! Uncomfy topics should be obvious, but include religion, politics, misogyny, racism, gay-bashing, ranting, insulting people's hobbies, intentional flamebaiting etc. and will be locked and moved to /superhell/ most likely.

Even though it's not explicitly said, transphobia will likely get someone banned. Good.

Also, I'm partial to leftist politics myself, so I'd welcome you with open arms myself. Still, no politics allowed. I wanted to let you know that you're not alone here (politically). I also get why you'd feel this way since there's a lot of scaremongering around trans people and communism. Also, furries are hated.



Late post but I am literally a transfem furry leftist anarchist if that helps. I hope my users don't want me dead? :3

I think most people here are pretty chill and there's also a lot of open transness on the Discord in particular which I suspect reflects the demographic here to some extent. There are always gonna be outliers who are openly hateful about this or that but if they speak up we snipe 'em; this sushi shop has rules against causing a scene. That's the kind of place it tries to be amongst the greater imageboard community. You can generally rely at least on a certain level of courtesy.

Oh. I never realized. But yeah we don't really talk about that here. I guess me and Itamae might not have gotten along if he stayed involved.


i only hate furry. as long as you post and like anime i'm fine though.


File: 1701059701246.jpg (63.63 KB, 469x551, F-UfPOiaYAAqbmB.jpg)

same, I only like kemono :^)


But this is furry. :v



it is nice knowing that I'm not the only one with traits *chans hate stereotypically hate running stuff in this space. I wonder what my friends would think if they knew I was in involved this subculture.

You'd be welcome on most of the smaller alt-chans that are not infested with /pol/. Most people have the attitude of live and let live, so a some subset of users will have negative thoughts about your existence on most boards. Some will not care. Some will find the bigotry obnoxious.


You are totally welcome. And people who hate you are kinda welcome too, I guess.

I hope you have fun here, even if we have different worldviews. Politics today is like physics in ancient Greece - we have passionate theories but are nowhere near a proper science.

What is real, is sushi


Nothing is real, there is no sushi.

Now take off your pants.


How do I join the discord?


it's in the FAQ


also a tranny who grew up on 4chan, esp /jp/. this place is the perfect cosy inbetween where i can lurk and not feel annoyed when someone starts screaming troon just because someone posted something they didn't like, but not like most trans hugbox spaces where you can't even mention loli or other stuff without getting instantly b&.

perfect board.


I'm not pro LGBT. I'm not pro safe space. But the anti trans stuff on 4chan is really disturbing.

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