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File: 1487533657061.gif (34.35 KB, 426x314, deck.gif)


Anyone know of any games that are fun with just a regular deck of cards? Or even modified or multiple ones?

There's one game that someone taught me that's been pretty fun; I haven't played with over 4 people but lately I've figured that you'd divide by 4, rounding up, to find how many decks you'll need. It's called Fiji, but I haven't been able to find a record of it anywhere else.
The setup:
Deal to each player 3 tableaus each having 2 cards, the bottom one is face down and the top one is face up. Then give them 3 cards in their hand. Before play starts they can switch cards with their hand and the face up cards on their tableaus, this is the only time in the game this can happen. Put the leftover cards into a draw pile.

The Goal: The point of this game is to get rid of every card in your hand and tableaus.

Ace is the high card. The players play cards into a central tableau. To start the pile the person with the lowest value card starting from 4 plays first (IIRC suit values from lowest to greatest are clubs, hearts, diamonds, spades) If they have less than three cards in their hand they must draw until they have 3 from the draw pile at the end of their turn. The next player must play a card that is higher than or equal to the number of the card in the middle. There are exceptions with the special cards.
Special cards
10 - Can be played on any card, removes the tableau from the game and then that player starts a new one with any card; they may draw back to 3 before starting the tableau.
8 - Skips the next players turn.
7 - The next player must play a card with the value of 7 or lower.
3 - Can be played on any card, copies the card under it (if none it's a 3).
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File: 1486057178384.gif (169.16 KB, 750x725, exodia.gif)


Anyone here play with yu-gi-oh cards?
I've been interested in learning about this game lately. I remember playing as a kid but that was over 12 years ago.
Does anyone know of good resources to get started or places to play online?

Also Yu-Gi-Oh general.


File: 1486083969174-0.png (1.59 MB, 813x1185, 84988419.png)

File: 1486083969174-1.png (1.74 MB, 1366x728, ygopro_2017-02-03_01-00-17.png)

If you wanna play online sushi roll you should get devpro
(Totally free and has every near every single card with regular updates, as new cards are still added to this day, pic 2 related)

However if you've not played since you were a kid it might be a little bit difficult to get into it because a bunch of new stuff has been added since then
But if you remember the basic rules then you should be good enough to start!

What I'd do instead is try to recreate a deck from your favorite cards that you sorta remember and then play against your friends or play the proper official PC games instead sicne those have tutorials and what not!
Then switch to devpro if you wanna play against real people once you get the hang of it again

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