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File: 1572027929401.jpg (143.4 KB, 1026x767, rpg maker.JPG)


Has anyone ever started a project in RPG maker? I wonder how many unfinished games there have been over the years. I bet at least a few of them were good too!


The cool thing about MV is that you can override almost every part of the engine since the source code is easily visible in the game artifacts. Things like adding multiplayer are relatively easy.


This is something I've been meaning to get into, but I've always been too lazy. I used to be into creative outlets when growing up, but since I became a grownup, I haven't done anything at all…


File: 1575888744911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.57 KB, 328x250, bathroom.JPG)

I'm kind of torn between feeling too old to be working on something like an RPG maker game and wanting to make one anyway. I've made a few sprites and stuff so far (pretty much traced or otherwise very derivative, since I can't draw), but nothing particularly concrete. Pic related is the bathroom I've been working on.


there is an english translation of wolf rpg maker which is the game engine that made mad father and a few other games



Whatever happened to the sequel to A Broken Line?


Can't say I have, personally. I would like to see a resurgence in RPG Maker games though. I like the aesthetic of them, and the DIY factor is always neat. As a musician, I'd love to score one someday. But, in my experience, these kinds of games always end up being really really good, or really really horrible. I like the cryptic, 'creepy' Japanese games in this field a lot. Yume Nikki obviously immediately comes to mind.


I love the look and feel of these 2D tile-based RPGs, and the simple but detailed worlds people make with them, but I just can never find the gameplay interesting for long. You either have a hard line drawn between the action and the setting with isolated battle screens, or you have Ys/Zelda-style sword poking which feels very limited and basic.
If someone was able to create a game that felt like Castlevania SotN, but in top-down, it would be incredible.


Has anyone tried incorporating RPGMaker into a visual novel? I wonder if that, or something similar, would create enough contrast to make the gameplay more engaging for longer…


I got this urge one day to make a shitty rpg maker game, but later I decided to program it my self. Haven't really made much progress :D


I helped make a silly cyberpunk rpgmaker game for the ludum dare last year: https://gelatolabs.itch.io/catachresis

fun engine


that's what the plugin system is for


No but games in game maker yes



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