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File: 1521755756722.jpg (100.12 KB, 547x700, WorkingWithMusic2.jpg)


Does anyone else listen to music constantly while making things?
I find myself quickly bored if I don't listen to music.
Then again, when I do it will often make me more impatient and influence my ideas.
Often times I'll do something good then realise afterwards that I turned music off at some point and forgot to turn it back on.

I wonder if I should just make music something that I give dedicated time to, rather than having it overlap. Maybe then I can enjoy music more and make better stuff away from it.

Does music affect any of you guys in this way?
Do you think it's a net benefit or not?


I put music on at any possible moment
browsing, working, studying, ect.
I don't think its a bad thing. if I'm doing something boring like a 5 page essay, I tend to put music that really pumps me up
if I'm going to imageboards like this one I put more calm music, like lo-fi


I like to study listening to some specific kinds of music, and sometimes i listen to music while programming too, but i turn it off if the problem is too hard. In general i think studying while listening to music is beneficial, at least for me.
The only circumstance i'd say i never listen to music is when i'm reading fiction, the maximum i do is listening to rain sounds if some neighbour is listening to something loud, because i feel music can give me the wrong feeling (ie a sad music in a glorious passage from a book), and i can't keep changing musics based on whats the general feeling of what i'm reading.


When I'm doing homework I don't listen to anything otherwise I can't focus. When I'm doing anything else I listen to music, mostly Broadway soundtracks.


For me music is noise. All i put in my ears when i work are a pair of earplugs so i don't have to hear noises.
Cant focus on anything when hearing noises.


I like to analyze music when I listen to it, so I can't really listen while I work or I will get distracted. I do is more as a recreational thing. I plan a time to sit down and listen to music, much like I would sit down to play games or watch a movie.


I often play music, usually soft instrumental music of some sort. Except when I'm reading, I like to be in complete silence while reading, unless I'm at the library where I have to isolate myself from my surroundings.
When I do origami it's a different story. I don't have to think much so I can listen to spoken words. Actually, my retention is greatly enhanced when doing origami, so that it's very convenient for me to put on some history lessons for example. But sometimes I don't want to be studying all the time so I listen to some form of comedy.


I like to listen to music to make dull tasks like cleaning flat, washing dishes etc more bearable.
I never listen to music while doing things which require concentration.


File: 1539541579780.jpg (37.9 KB, 735x520, 167016fb667b8b561b01f32769….jpg)

I love music more than anything in my life, but that means I can't listen to anything but drones, ambient stuff when there's need to focus.


Classical piano is the way to go for me. Anything by Chopin and Debussy specially. It's just so calming. It helps me relax, focus and sleep.

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