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Happy Holidays!

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Do you watch any artsy youtube channels, sushis?

I like watching miniature ones.
They mostly work with building little kits that you purchase online and you get everything from the wood to the wall papers and the little pieces to assemble things like tables and chairs.
It's fun.

Some of the channels I watch are:

HMS2 (this one also has videos on crafting miniature food and furniture)


The Square to Spare

What about other crafts? Polymer clay? Painting? Tutorials?

Let's share channels!


File: 1521102257288.jpg (119.19 KB, 1141x643, Untitled.jpg)

I quite like doki doki drawing.
The guy just gets a Japanese animator to draw the same thing as him and then the animator critiques his using his own as a reference.

The channel also uploads a lot of promotional type stuff and bullshit but that pro vs amateur are definitely worth hanging around for.

They also have some videos on painting and animating but they're not so good in my opinion.


File: 1521169956454.jpeg (118.75 KB, 1200x1607, vtrash.jpeg)

I've been binging on guitar repair videos lately, seeing the different little hacks they use to fix things is neat.

This channel is run by a pretty high-end luthier, some of these videos are really impressive!

This other channel is more of a one man deal, his work isn't as intense and exciting, but the way he grumpily rambles on about stuff as he does the repairs is fun to listen to.


Dave makes good content, but the way he talks gets me bummed out after a video or two. I can only take him in small doses.

A channel you might like is The Guitologist. He's a guy from Kentucky that does repairs and salvages vintage amps/electronics. He's a pretty cool dude. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-27OVmxHVxY

Lately I've been getting into crafting scenery and tiles for D&D, so I've been watching a lot of DM Scotty, Wylock, and Black Magic Craft. If any sushis know of other good crafters that share creative ideas I'd love to hear about them!



This person did a video tutorial explaining how to be healthy and happy as a neet. It may be helpful to the sushi rolls here.


I've been watching alot of lockpicking stuff recently, and padlock reviews, etc.
Not exactly art but very relaxing to watch, even if you dont really care about locks


File: 1565731463871.jpg (549.49 KB, 1600x901, 1.jpg)

Maybe a far stretch from miniatures, but in terms of crafts I really enjoy MichaelCthulhu; guy makes giant swords but instead of traditional forging techniques he sort of applies welders' techniques and other unconventional stuff. There's not really any background music so it's just him, machinery and ambient nature noises (it's actually very relaxing to watch!)

Here's some examples:




This is very fun to watch!

Been getting into the lockpickinglawyer recently, very relaxing indeed. Have you watched any of Deviant Ollam's stuff?


File: 1565819267329.jpg (17.31 KB, 233x348, Dave BUll.jpg)

Shit I can't believe I forgot to mention this channel, but definitely check out Dave Bull's channel!

He's a traditional woodblock printer who documents his work and explains it in a really comfy manner. Part beautifull, part ASMR, 100% comfy.

Here's a playlist detailing the journey of a making a reproduction of Hokusai's famous Great Wave print, from research to carving to printing.

Here's a more recent print job, still the same comfeyness.


thank you so much for this


David Bull is maximum comfy.


Royal Skies LLC is really useful and doesn't waste time for Blender tutorials


Careful editing and the natural sounds of the work being done is very relaxing. If the video was sped up, with music playing in the background, the entire experience would've been so much harsher.


Recently learned he streams on twich too.



Very cool dioramas done diy style.

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