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File: 1494196878267.jpg (60.99 KB, 564x561, 104a4c9b67c8d8ff0092f54077….jpg)


I have a boyfriend for the first time ever!

all i can think about when im not with him is how much i want to be cuddling together

my entire life is 24/7 comfy right now :)

how long do you think i should wait before introducing him to my parents? We've been seeing each other for 3.5 weeks now.
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I will say Martin Luther was right about one thing… the Jews.


Oh yes, antisemitism is the perfect disguise for anyone out to destroy Europe. Blame all of the wars you start on them, use the preexisting prejudice against them to sow fear and discord.
I do enjoy the selective memory all heretic sects go through regarding their false prophets. Women in Presbyterian "churches", for example. They love John Knox. Bring his treatise on women rulers up to them. Deer in the fucking headlights. I almost feel bad for them.
there's nothing comfier to me than heretic-bashing. They ruined the world.


I'm afraid the FAQ disagrees with you.
>Stay comfy~! Uncomfy topics should be obvious, but include politics, misogyny, racism, gay-bashing, ranting, insulting people's hobbies, intentional flamebaiting etc. and will be locked and moved to /superhell/ most likely.

Can we get this over with and banish this thread to /superhell/?


What are you talking about, Europe has already been destroyed and not by the 'anti-semites'.
What force do you think made these obviously corrupt doctrines spread to the plebeian masses like wild fire?
If you still trust in the Vatican II counter church - just to let you know its been long over run by Free-Masons.
Free-Masons if you didn't know are a cult of Luciferians if you have ever read Morals and Dogma.
What's interesting is how their "mysteries" are really just derived from the kabbalah and the Talmud.
Sedevacantists are probably some of the only true Christians left tbh.


File: 1519277262759.jpg (85.86 KB, 500x628, idontlikething.jpg)

1st of all refer to my previous post >>220 but add an 's' in nerd
2nd of all you cali rolls are being quite uncomfy, stop it and take it to some other place (4ch/8ch)
3rd funny how everyone is talking out of their asses instead of providing evidence

File: 1492899108819.jpg (106.09 KB, 640x480, promotions.jpg)

 No.52[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So since the whole lainchan drama happened are we still going to be affiliated with lainchan dot ORG instead of the new .jp one? IMHO we should stick to our roots and stick with .org
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I don't want to discuss this topic futher considering the board we are on, but I think it's important to separate paedophilia as a sexual orientation from actual child abuse. While both are uncomfy to discuss, only one of them is illegal and harmful to the child.

Haven't run into the thread you're discussing about here and from the images posted it looks like it has taken a dangerous turn. Don't know what Appleman1234:s real stance on the issue is either. I don't think Lainchan is the worst place for discussing paedophilia though, as long as things stay on topic and the thread is carefully monitored and moderated.


I'm not sure if /q/ is included in /all/ by default. I've hidden /q/ on .org ages ago too, makes it pretty much drama free.


What? No. I didn't want to bring this here. It's not the place and I'm sorry but I'm not the type to just sit by and let people call the guy a pedo because he bought the wrong imageboard. It's grim and it's gone all together too far. This hasn't exactly been happy fun times from the start but there's a line. Accusations like that are sticky and there's pictures of his face floating around, now wonderfully captioned with "I support pedophilia". He's not perfect, but he's not a pedo and he doesn't deserve that.


Can we just delete this thread already? We have already decided not to affiliate with lainchan.org or lainchan.jp. The drama on lainchan.org is making this place uncomfy which defeats the entire purpose of cancelling our affiliation to them. If you want to distance yourself from the dumpster fire that is that website, you ought to put the fire out here too.


File: 1497817857432.png (258.17 KB, 771x535, wonka.png)

I was starting to think along the same lines yesterday about the whole situation. We're pretty much done here for now.


File: 1492899108819.jpg (106.09 KB, 640x480, promotions.jpg)


So since the whole lainchan drama happened are we still going to be affiliated with lainchan dot ORG instead of the new .jp one? IMHO we should stick to our roots and stick with .org

File: 1466365407256.jpg (187.78 KB, 817x1000, 7tf60sZ.jpg)


Women are the worst things in the world. They are completely insane. Crazy, fucked up, constantly emotional, crying out for a man every second, completely inconsolable, they are the fucking black dragon rolls of the gender always craving to be put on a pedastal and forever complaining. I wish I was gay.

But being a california roll is worse. AIDS, diseases, constant drama, boipussies are no more awful than women. In fact, despite how narcissistic and worthless women are, you could say they that faggits are even worse.

A world without women would be better. I'm so tired of them. They are conditionally born with a medical handicap of being a woman. All of society validates and respects the real and troubling medical handicap of being a woman. They are weaker, less intelligent, and seek constant validation. They are essentially useless in anything that matters.

So why do we tolerate them? Let's follow the perspective of Japan. Fuck this, let's just build women that do what they are told to do without the complaints. We'll get more egotistic that way, but it's more comfortable without an aging, sagging bitch of a bitch in our faces.
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damm grammar sorry


p.s whoever doesn't agree has no empathy for poor opprrssed women


I don't think that because you have troubles with romance makes it okay to disrespect women as humans.


Man, I get it. Having a male body and constantly feeling as if you're doing wrong simply due to your birth sex is tough, and it's a rare voice that gets spoken to. But feminism does more good for your than you know. These issues you have gripes with stem as much from the patriarchy as do the ones that plague women. And many of your criticisms most modern day feminist fight to change.
Not defending yourself against a women, the whole "never hit a girl" thing, is deeply rooted in sexism that projects all women as fragile, perfectly little dolls. Defend yourself against anyone regardless of their gender. That's equality.
Men are consistently looked upon unfavorably in divorce settlements? Also rooted in the same sexism as above.
Everyone is independent, but everyone also else needs some strong arms in their life for support.
You can think people are sexy, it's not objectifying to do so. Nor is it objectifying to talk about sexiness. It becomes that once you strip a person of all other characteristics, and see their sexiness as strictly for your viewing pleasure. That's exactly what you're doing when you shout at a random women on the street about her appearance. That isn't a compliment, it comes across as threatening and violent. You put yourself into their own space without considering how it makes them feel. Everyone is free to wear what the want and should be able to do so without being verbally harassed.

I could go on.

I say let go of these binaries you, and so many others, are caught up in. The concept of "man" and "woman" hurt everyone. See how tortured these thoughts and contradictions make you feel? Women feel that too from the other end, and so does everyone in between. We need to work together and empathize with each other without getting defensive. That's the only way we can deconstruct these social forces oppressing all of us.


Erh please I said "joke aside" after the long text, did you read sushi? I don't need you to tell me how I feel thanks.
I'm not OP, I'm fine and I too think there is only one side to consider: humans.
I was caricaturing and laughning at modern victimization of social movements. I really hate people that put their suffering on others back thought.
I don't hold hatred against people but I do think most women are more superficial and emotionally annoying that men, but men tend to be more power craving bastards as they are less emotional in general and want to impress the ladies.
In general, it's the society that is wrong.
I was probably born 2/3 centuries too soon haha.

File: 1466300032091.jpg (54.86 KB, 700x400, 1466297517348.jpg)


I've been silent for nearly a decade about this, but now I need to speak my mind.

Isn't it time to get rid of this infantile anime stuff? Now I'm not talking about akira or gunnm or whatever other 80-90s cyberpunk anime. I'm talking about the steaming pile of japanese infantile shit that is constantly streaming like a waterfall on /a/. The minute I spent there confirmed every theories I had about anime.

Holy crackers, have you seen those guys with their dolls idolatring drawings of underaged girls like if it was a divine manifestation? What a wrong, disgusting and repulsive understanding of reality. As fascinating as some aspects of the japanese culture can be, this anime crap needs to go. Anime directly targets the weakest, most vulnerable assets of the human brain, torpedoeing subjects straight back in their mother's womb. Check out Konrad Lorenz's works on the psychology of cuteness, the results are astounding, as it is a frontal challenge to the sound development of human beings' caracter.

it's your right to adhere freely to whatever form of deviant media of your liking, but goddamnit weebshits, Keep it on your shitty circlejerk board. I'm more than tired of seeing you idiots barging in here responding to posts with your stupid childlike reaction faces instead of actual arguments. I'm exausted of seeing threads ruined by your immature peter-pan rambling.

I hope I have convinced you that anime is a cancer that should be eliminated as fast as possible if we want to create a functional community full of mentally-healthy individuals.

>td;dr Anime is a bastardizing fraud that targets the guillible, most vulnerable parts of the human brain, and stands in contradiction with everything this board stands for.
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File: 1466372947799.jpg (98.81 KB, 723x691, ixomonz.jpg)


This is pasta innit


yeah I dn't know why they had to move it :/
it just harms the discussion…


to be 100% honest, anime has become very different, and with that has become also very generic. I can appreciate some shows (girls und panzer, non non biyori, others I can't remember off the top of my head) but a lot of the shows seem to really blend in with the rest. Art style has become incredibly generic as well, and seems to have lost the edge that made it so unique. For example, compare Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Two completely different styles that create unique atmospheres. Now lets take Death Note and Parasyte and compare those. Very similar shading, and overall very similar. Anime as an artform is getting worse by the day. We can only have so many ridiculous anime before we get bored with what is being put out. Manga on the otherhand is as good as it ever was, with such titles as berserk, jojo, yotsuba, akagi, and many, many others still continuing a strong and deep run. manga is no where as generic as anime is, as usually with a manga series we only have a single artist who is allowed to express a unique vision. overall, with a manga series an artist is given more time to create, so usually an artist has enough time to make something of a higher quality. with an anime, studios are pushed and pushed to make more profit in the shortest amount of time possible. God knows a show like Kantai Collection will get massive profit no matter how low the quality is, just because of the name and the connections. The economy of japan also factors alot into the anime industry. While international appeal has significantly grown in the 2000's and it is easier to watch anime online, most of anime viewing does not generate much in the way of profit, as torrenting and illegal streaming websites have really taken a significant chunk out of the industry. the economy of japan has also tumbled significantly, so people don't spend anywhere as much as they used to. That's why there is so much merchandising in anime. They have to get money from somewhere in the end. no longer do we talk about good anime, all we circlejerk is shit that is frankly garbage compared to what we used to have to watch.


>waaaah I browse Japanese internet culture born imageboard sites and people posts things I don't like because liking cute things and raw fish with rice is for mentally impaired, let me sharp those edges a little more pleeeease waaaah

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