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Talk about what manga you've been reading!

I've been reading an older manga called Yume Tsukai by Ueshiba Riichi. It's about magical shrine maidens with weird powers solving paranormal mysteries and stuff. Fairly standard concept but what makes it good in my opinion is just how crazy and bizarre the stories get, as well as some really fantastic art and a nostalgic sort of comedy. It's sometimes goofy, sometimes quite emotional, and other times borders on Junji Ito-esque horror scenarios. I really like the creepy body horror stuff, and the comedy between the weirdo cast is fun. I especially like the over the top lolicon character.


File: 1590145055132.jpg (77.21 KB, 1000x1422, x23.jpg)

I started reading this today https://mangadex.org/title/38628/if-my-wife-became-an-elementary-school-student

Despite the trashy premise it's actually pretty heartwarming and interesting. The relationship triangles/squares/whatever that are forming really make me want to know how everything will turn out. I like the art too.


File: 1590145150771-0.jpg (142.54 KB, 1000x1422, q6.jpg)

File: 1590145150771-1.jpg (116.72 KB, 1000x1422, q7.jpg)

File: 1590145150771-2.jpg (119.02 KB, 1000x1422, q8.jpg)

Even though the jokes are dumb and obvious, it can still be pretty funny.


I just hope it ends with them getting to be together again against all odds, instead of the more likely ending of having the dad move on and get with the OL who is crushing on him.


File: 1590148968301.jpg (Spoiler Image, 424.62 KB, 688x960, 1587252704858.jpg)

eh? did my image spoiler not work? test test


File: 1590149020707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.64 KB, 1000x1422, E2.jpg)

Nope, turns out I'm just an idiot
Oh no. I didn't really expect this manga to get dark. Not sure how to feel about this.


File: 1590182552701.png (653.46 KB, 1066x1115, urabe cute.png)

I'm a big fan of Ueshiba Riichi's work after being introduced by Mysterious Girlfriend X. He's got a really unique style, and everything he writes has a weird fetishistic quality to it that's really interesting. Glad to hear you're enjoying it.


File: 1590183641716.png (1.34 MB, 1439x2048, play games in english with….png)


File: 1591760080880.png (282.18 KB, 736x490, ClipboardImage.png)

Really fun manga about a spy who has to fake having a family.


Holy cute, I like her.


File: 1591801946969.png (462.96 KB, 850x1200, 020.png)

I've been enjoying Ponkotsu Ponko. It's about a klutzy loli maid robot causing trouble for a tsundere old man in a tired old town.


I just finished catching up to this, it was very good.


I think the funny thing is that since we see the series from Ponko's point of view, she's clearly conscious. It starts begging the question of how ethical it is for people to 'decommission' her considering she passes the Turing test and also is a conscious being.

Reminds me of that one doujin series that ends with 'the happiest robot in the world' or something.


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File: 1591868944248-1.jpg (1.95 MB, 2717x4063, 20131v2.jpg)

File: 1591868944248-2.png (611.31 KB, 600x900, 20131v12.png)

Has anyone been reading pic related? It's about an immortal being and their lives throughout a number of different eras. It's by the author of Koe no Katachi and has the same pacing issues at time, but on the whole it's been a interesting as a somewhat more serious take on the Isekai genre.


File: 1591872751398.png (155.09 KB, 1049x619, immortal dead.png)

I've been following it since the near-beginning. Despite the small pacing issues, the general atmosphere is pretty incredible. The expressions and dialogue really give you an acute understanding of each character's personality. The author has a gift when it comes to storytelling.


File: 1594315164760.jpg (224.59 KB, 728x1109, black clover chapter 1 44.jpg)

I decided to check out black clover on a whim and just finished reading chapter 1. It's sloppily edited from chinese raws, some english is a little awkward but it moved me.


I heard there's an anime so I'm definitely checking it out, then jump to the manga. It looks really damn promising.


File: 1594699862775.png (849.5 KB, 1125x1600, x30.png)

I started reading a manga called Candy and Cigarettes. It's about an old man working with a loli assassin. I like Gunslinger Girl very much so it seems up my ally. It's nowhere near as serious so far, and I'd go so far as to say it's intentionally campy, what with the comically evil bad guys and the vaguely defined "secret organization" he just stumbles into working for. However it's fun enough just for the spectacle of things. I do enjoy the scenes of the little girls "normal" life as compared to her life as an assassin, and the interaction between her and the old man is pretty amusing.


File: 1594842406533.jpg (99.25 KB, 676x746, niggasmasl.jpg)

I'm no strelo/k/ but I don't think that's how a gun works


How do you mean?


File: 1594861732677.gif (176.32 KB, 500x281, slide actuation.gif)

Seems normal to me.


I'm a volume into Gunsmith Cats Burst. So far it's been a let down compared to the original series, but not horrible. I just don't enjoy Bean's character and his constant ass pulls and plot armor.

Not him, but her hand has movement lines on, but the slide is fully forward. You never ride the slide home on an autoloading pistol, you can end up will all sorts of issues. >>641 pic related is fairly accurate for a Beretta 92D, but looks inaccurate for a 92FS.


Finished Chio's School Road the other day, some of the later parts felt kinda rough but all in all I enjoyed it.
Currently getting back into Fist of the North Star, enjoy the manga much more than the anime, much more to the point. Just got through the part where Raoh and Toki have their faceoff.
Planning to switch it up with GTO which I haven't read since I was a teen, and that was just some one-off chapters in one of those manga mix mags I subscribed to a while.


File: 1595254447752.png (45.17 KB, 524x521, doubt.PNG)

While we're nitpicking, there's this panel…
It's a dumb campy manga though, who cares. Girl also has no trigger discipline.
I've never read Burst, or the original Gunsmith Cats for that matter, but I love the OVAs
> I just don't enjoy Bean's character and his constant ass pulls and plot armor.
I thought he was great in Riding Bean in a silly sort of way, but I like the really stupid things like his bulletproof headband. I gotta admit to liking Rally better though. I think I've read that Sonoda wanted Bean to be the focus of his series at first but ended up with the girls as main characters instead.


File: 1595258040512-0.jpg (1.31 MB, 1167x1600, 1.jpg)

File: 1595258040512-1.png (340.64 KB, 1030x441, 2.png)

File: 1595258040512-2.png (299.67 KB, 1003x451, 3.png)

I've been reading Dainana Joshikai Houkou, a weird manga about two girls in future Japan. It's a high school slice of life except with strange futuristic stuff and surreal events. I've been really enjoying it so far.


This is really cool and I like it, thanks for sharing.


I guess my gripe is that when most people get shot in the series, they tend to not get back up and are, at the very least, hurt enough to not really put up a fight. Rally's shooting and stuff isn't exactly realistic, but it's not super unbelievable and she still gets trumped by some of the villains. Bean just doesn't. It would be neat to see him pull his stuff out every so often, but even when his plot armor "breaks" he doesn't go down.

>I've never read Burst, or the original Gunsmith Cats for that matter, but I love the OVAs

Then you should read the first series! If you can find it, read the official revised edition in english. The original version was completely mirrored (for left to right flow) and censored to appeal to the American market better. It has some really nice arcs and the art is fantastic. The OVAs are kind of spread out throughout the manga.


File: 1595505018610-0.png (365.15 KB, 1082x1600, x19.png)

File: 1595505018610-1.png (12.73 KB, 1110x1600, x20.png)

Started reading Holyland yesterday, same author as the one who writes Suicide Island. The art is nothing to write home about but I enjoy his less shounen take on street fighting. It's a slightly more grounded version of e.g. Kengan Asura so if you liked that you might give it a try.


That's definitely a fair gripe. Bean is pretty superhuman, and in a world where most people aren't (at least to that degree) it does feel odd.
>Then you should read the first series!
Once I'm caught up to all the things I've picked up recently…


File: 1595797702902-0.jpg (1.04 MB, 1440x2048, ichigeki ch5.jpg)

File: 1595797702902-1.png (3.04 MB, 2880x2048, T8.png)

I've been really liking Ichigeki. It's pretty aggressively uncomfy, the basic plot is a couple samurai round up some peasants and give them the bare minimum amount of training and send them out to be basically a guerilla hit squad.


just finished rereading Jojo Part 4… I love the Josuke/Okuyasu friendship so much


File: 1595994019036.png (977.14 KB, 813x1181, ClipboardImage.png)

This is amazing
Mind reading is so fun when it's not being played for drama or perversion


File: 1596266823652.png (398.41 KB, 836x1200, neet.png)

Found this manga very cute; from the comments, though, it might hit too close to home for some people.


File: 1596423153869.jpg (622.22 KB, 1261x1791, 38672v3[1].jpg)


File: 1596504403328.png (290.86 KB, 346x805, muh heart.PNG)

I read all of this that's been scanlated thus far while hanging out in a hotel. Very fun manga, and also I will always always fall in love with genki brown tomboys with short hair.


Whatever happened to the one in Bokuben anyway? I seem to remember she was the only one with even a chance against the two main girls, Sensei was by far the best girl but she has less than a snowball's chance in hell.


Why are you in a hotel?


Gonna try to catch up to some of the manga I fell off from following. Namely the one in the OP because it totally slipped my mind.
I was on a mini-vacation.


My favorite manga right now are Joshikousei no Mudazukai and Isyuzoku Joshi ni ○○ Suru Hanashi. Really funny stuff.


File: 1597276293216.png (789.13 KB, 1260x1789, 1-818beaaf3252db02962890ea….png)

New chapter of this certainly starts out nice


File: 1597276432971-0.png (Spoiler Image, 913.13 KB, 1260x1789, 13-b04c67ac0d0327facd2a61a….png)

File: 1597276432971-1.png (Spoiler Image, 661.24 KB, 1260x1789, 8-c2e19c249d1f2b6b77dfd3fe….png)

The dumb gag about her "barrier" made me smile.
Seems things are getting more serious in this case than the other ones though. I wonder if there is going to be some action next time judging by how this one ended.


Dude post your mail.




Keep in contact yuyu


Why do people have such shit taste and 3 out of the 6 winners are published by Jump, how is that fair?


My top 3
1. Slow Loop
2. Ponko
3. Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia
1. Heterogeneous Linguistics
2. Kono Healer Mendokusai
3. Looking up to Magical Girls


Does anyone of any place to get manga raws?


The fact that the author of takagi-san is somewhere in that list is proof enough this is more a matter of these polls being rigged to hell and back and less a problem of shit taste.


>these polls being rigged to hell and back and less a problem of shit taste
What do you mean by this?


Is Takagi-san not popular? It wouldn't surprise me if it was up near the top.


There is absolutely no way something as horrid as takagi-san is as popular as it's perceived to be. There's no way the manga publishing business is immune to backstage politics. I'd rather believe sales numbers can be faked to a degree and that these popularity polls are as legit as a weekly shounen jump's manga's popularity poll results, than accept the reality presented to me at face value. Call me crazy but it's my way to keep myself sane.


Well Nisekoi exists so idk about that one


Why do some people hate Takagi-san so much? I haven't read it in a few years but if it's still the same cute episodic gag manga I don't get it.


To be honest i still don't understand why it wouldn't be popular, extremely repetitive episodic manga have been popular for such a long time.


What the fuck kissmanga is down
They're dropping like flies, what's going on?


Picked up kengan ashura, read up to ch35 and have been enjoying it so far. I like how they take scientific or real-world examples and stretch them to their limit of plausibility. Also like how the pro wrestler character is portrayed (at least so far).


File: 1599811593186.png (76.84 KB, 640x429, ClipboardImage.png)

Spent all night watching "disturbing" doujins, one that took the spotlight was Doku Doku Gravestone. A lot of people in the place where they linked to it seemed grossed out and shocked but I actually found it pretty cathartic for some reason. I think sushi may dig giving it a read.
I find gore less disturbing than, say, mindbreaking for example, that is half time great the other half slightly disturbing


File: 1599812627169.png (3.59 MB, 1350x1920, 1-44af4b20b74c8e5900a3c2b4….png)

I've been finding this to be quite cute.


File: 1599853522504.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1719, ClipboardImage.png)

It's not often I'm scared by someone's thought processes, but the author of this series is one of them.


File: 1599870606870.png (396.23 KB, 518x391, ClipboardImage.png)

It's not really something too hard to comprehend
>What if we took someone clingy and cranked it up to eleven?
There you have it


That was pretty good. Any similar `shocking' doujins?


File: 1599918412608-0.png (3.83 MB, 1280x1825, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1599918412608-1.png (121.84 KB, 520x311, kiso dissapointed.png)

The artist has also made a Kancolle themed one that I really liked because it involves Kiso being the cool thing she is, but I frankly don't know much, I just stumbled upon it.
I'd like some suggestions of this kind of material, I suppose sushi knows best


File: 1599924668572.png (921.28 KB, 1280x1873, ritsu mediocre.png)

Takotsuboya has a few doujin series like that. He's got an amazing way of turning existing series into something serious and gritty, with a little bit of smut sprinkled on top. Very good storytelling.

The ones I particularly liked are his K-On! and Girls und Panzer trilogies, but his most important work is Teitoku no Ketsudan, an epic (6 volumes and counting) retelling the story of the Japanese navy in WW2 through Kancolle.
Read them on the panda for the most updated versions.


File: 1599956105738.png (295.01 KB, 326x415, 7687856457486.PNG)

Don't make the guppies suffer please


File: 1600016725287-0.jpg (409.61 KB, 900x1280, otome.jpg)

File: 1600016725287-1.jpg (334.44 KB, 899x1280, otome2.jpg)

I've been reading Otome no Teikoku, a really cute yuri manga. I initially started reading because it was hot yuri ecchi, but now I feel ashamed because it's actually just really cute and I'm now reading it for the relationships. The ecchi has also toned down quite a bit from when it started. If you're a fan of yuri, ecchi, romance, or all three, then this manga would probably be really enjoyable for you.


I love it when you can tell from the covers what a manga is all about and this definitely looks like seriously hot yuri ecchi. I'll give this a try.


I tried reading this a while ago but I couldn't deal with the whiplash from it switching between that porno-looking style with fat shaded lips and the cutesy flat and simple style every panel.


File: 1602044654410-0.jpg (144.19 KB, 557x767, IMG_20201007_011730.jpg)

File: 1602044654410-1.jpg (196.36 KB, 800x1200, x17.jpg)

Was going to listen to a Current 93 album but due to life's pathways ended up reading Dragon Head instead. Very very thrilling, I like how there's a presence of the supernatural, but it's not really there. The fact that it seems like a SHTF fantasy that during peak-covid panic I could've seen as a foreseeable future also adds an extra. I'm just in the 4th volume but I'd definitely rec this just for the first two alone.


File: 1602267425787-0.jpeg (142.51 KB, 822x1200, r11.jpeg)

File: 1602267425787-1.jpeg (205.53 KB, 901x1300, t16.jpeg)



File: 1603027731289-0.png (236.3 KB, 523x562, Skärmbild (819).png)

File: 1603027731289-1.png (119.73 KB, 475x620, cute belly fat!!.png)

I've read this manga, it's actually one of my favorites ever and got me really invested in their cute relationships and everyday troubles.


File: 1603028240811-0.png (407.82 KB, 1439x1200, 001.png)

File: 1603028240811-1.jpg (56.65 KB, 318x471, 42865739._SX318_.jpg)

File: 1603028240811-2.jpg (148.11 KB, 640x345, 7284124566_d5e137ac94_z.jpg)

I've already completed them but I really recommend Blaster Knuckle for a good laugh, Hell Baby for some horror and Shinya Shokudo for the most heartwarming story where you wish you could meet the characters.


Does anyone know the name of the manga where the main character is a girl working in a tulou. I think she worked as a food taster for some emperor or something.


There's a oneshot straight-up called Life in the Tulou but that's not about food tasting or emperors. I think you might be mixing it up with Kusuriya no Hitorigoto.


Yeah, I was looking for Kusuriya no Hitorigoto. Thank you.


It's an incredibly great manga. Wonder why you thought of a tulou though instead of the herbalist thing. Dunno how you even came across the word tulou.


File: 1604466177142.png (44.68 KB, 309x228, maoma-_o_-.png)

I think I read that oneshot and started Kusuriya on the same day, a while ago. Kusuriya's lovely, few manga can have me longing to be a eunuch in the next life. Also Mao's ribbon looks like knife ears in some panels. It's really fucking cute.


Incidentally a new chapter was just released and an excellent one too.


Oh well maybe that would do it
I thought the oneshot was mostly interesting for its setting, which I suppose was probably what it was going for anyway so it's not a bad thing.
With that said, why long to be a eunuch? I can't remember any cool eunuches.


being close to mao > genitals


File: 1605499939951.png (1.38 MB, 1100x825, ClipboardImage.png)

The single highest rated manga on mangadex and it's actually pretty good

Thank you for your enthusiasm comrade
Down with the global bourgeoisie


File: 1605533060505.jpeg (29.09 KB, 341x512, images (1).jpeg)

Varys was cool


Varys was a loser, dunno what you're on about. His entire plan revolved around bringing some crazy dragon slut back just so she could burn everything down apparently


File: 1607107028759-0.jpg (135.75 KB, 800x1202, c1.jpg)

File: 1607107028759-1.jpg (234.37 KB, 800x1211, h1.jpg)

File: 1607107028759-2.jpg (262.1 KB, 800x1189, C12.jpg)

Reading shortcuts. It's 1-2 page long unrelated gag comics, with 1-2 running characters every so often. Most of the jokes are low brow, but pretty funny. It can get somewhat confusing at points because some of the jokes depend on you knowing whats it's parodying, mostly you need to know about kogals and the culture that lead to them.


File: 1610385936671.jpg (270.79 KB, 1055x1500, 21633.jpg)

Reading cutie mutie. The main gist of it is that its one of those "Oh it looks cute, but is actually really dark" manga, does that have a name?, and the actual plot is people getting powers from sexual trauma. The whole shtick is so/so. The story has no grey areas so the overwhelming cuteness and edginess just whiplash back and forth creating an almost comedic tone.I think this might be the books first few chapters growing pains. The implied theme, 'Why do I have to suffer for the sake of others?', seems like it could be explored interesting in the kids backstories, child abused to have powers, exploited idol, honors student. If you don't like how this sounds just drop the manga because the scanlators didn't even finish it.


Pseudo-Harem is over. Last arc seemed a bit out of nowhere but the ending was nice and fluffy, if weirdly open-ended.


Disappointing as I quite liked Bokura no Hentai.


I tried reading this, couldn't get into it. The whole abuse secret society/scientist thing seemed gross to me instead of truly introspective or symbolic. It comes off as gratuitous and that's not a great thing when the subject matter is young girls navigating their abuse. It's not even particularly unique or intriguing. Maybe I just misunderstood what the author was going for, but… yeah.


Plot's kicking up and as always the author's really good at making fucking horrors out of nothing


File: 1615435194550.png (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 1300x1920, ClipboardImage.png)

Kaguya's really moved along after I took a break from it
I can't believe he actually did it, first Tokyo Ghoul and now Kaguya.


Admittedly I haven't read Kaguya, but that's surprising to see


File: 1615439160407-0.png (159.05 KB, 974x1400, b29e881a-d2b6-42a8-8927-dc….png)

File: 1615439160407-1.png (292.75 KB, 844x1200, 4a1f3508-2cf7-4bc1-81cf-96….png)

I'm reading Melancholia, which is by Douman Seiman, who is the author of some of my favorite manga. It's a collection of short stories like Nickelodeon and it's great as expected. I'm particularly happy at the little references to Voynich Hotel so far, and I'm curious to see where all the "to be continued" stories go. I have a feeling they're going to interconnect.


It is a pretty good manga, specially now that it's fully translated. It had some pauses in translation and finished after years of no update so i lost a lot of information in the end.
Anyway i said that to tell you to read it continuously for the best experience.


>It had some pauses in translation and finished after years of no update so i lost a lot of information in the end
Ah yeah, the same thing happened to me with Oddman 11. I'll probably finish this one today or tomorrow so no worries there.


File: 1615547875683.jpg (57.53 KB, 640x480, 新撰組.jpg)

I got a bad vibe from this work from the very beginning and I knew for sure it was irredeemable trash when I heard about the chapter where they watch porn. This seals it: this author wants a netflix adaptation more than an anime.


Do you care to actually name your objections? It's a rom-com about teenagers. Makes sense to me that they'd fuck, because that's what happens when teenagers actually get together.


Binged Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai. Seriously one of the best manga I've ever read. Really funny stuff, it's hard not to get attached to the characters.


File: 1615583627530.jpg (5.39 MB, 1864x2650, 86754249_p0.jpg)

Miko suffering soon… These three make such a good group. Didn't really care about Julia much before, but the last few chapters have made me appreciate her.


File: 1615646519990.png (1.2 MB, 975x1400, ClipboardImage.png)

Julia is mostly funny because of how out of the loop she is, but I like her significantly less than Mieruko. Then again that's probably because Mieruko looks like this.


File: 1615912384129.png (528.28 KB, 564x684, ClipboardImage.png)

Having finally finished Oh! My Goddess I've been catching up on and finishing the big backlog of half read stuff.

I'm not sure where To You the Immortal is going but I can tell its going to end in some kind of tragedy.
Slow Motion wo Mou Ichido was great if you like Showa-era music, and the way they draw Yakushimaru really hits different.

Thanks for this one sushi roll, I checked out Voynich Hotel at the weekend and now reading Melancholia. Voynich Hotel hit a spot and now my heads gonna be in the clouds swimming with an ancient witch maid hotel all week.


File: 1615924406938.jpg (209.45 KB, 599x655, 16174551_p0.jpg)

>Voynich Hotel hit a spot and now my heads gonna be in the clouds swimming with an ancient witch maid hotel all week.
I'm very happy to hear that. Getting people into my favorite mangaka is a good feeling.


Mieruko-chan anime announced


File: 1616415435638.png (9.89 KB, 647x277, ClipboardImage.png)

Mangadex hacked and will be down for the next fortnight or so (estimated). It's batoto all over again.


Nice, but will the anime do the monsters justice?


I really hope it comes back in the same capacity as before
It's all so tiresome…


I just don't know why people do this
Clearly they're not actually looking for money so…?


I've been told I'm silly and old fashioned for tracking down and downloading the release from the scanlators. People keep pouring all their eggs in the same basket, and it always fails after a while. With an RSS reader I can simply subscribe to whichever scanlator that's currently releasing the manga that I wish to read (or hoard).


This is super smart, I'm kicking myself for not doing this already now. Is there an easy way to find scanlators and where they upload their stuff? I feel like I'm missing something, because I always struggle with this.


Well it's not like I don't do that, but it's annoying because sometimes I really don't feel like downloading 5000 images for one manga. Sure it's easily sorted, but that doesn't make it less cumbersome - especially if I'm only reading it once. Once I have it downloaded I don't feel like deleting it, but then again the hell am I supposed to do with it otherwise?


mangaupdates sometimes have links to the scanlators websites. If they don't, you can often find it by searching their names on google.


Thank you! mangaupdates seems like it's exactly what I was looking for



Note that on the scanlation pages in mangaupdates there's no link to their websites, only social media.
For the links you have to search their names in the search bar and then, on the results, next to their names will be their websites.

There's also this list:

Are you saying it's cumbersome to download the manga or that it's annoying to organize them?
If it's the former there are multiple ways to make it easier like Tachiyomi, Free Manga Downloader (FMD) (the fmd-project-team fork), HDoujin Downloader, mangadex-dl (there's multiple forks), gallery-dl, hakuneko and manga-py


It's just that I'm for some reason just psychologically opposed to having something on my hard drive that I'm unlikely to use much
I dunno man it's probably just the fact that manga is 4000 separate pictures while an anime of the same length is feasibly 40


Mangadex update, they need 2-3 more weeks
It's never going to come up again


Please don't store manga as image files. Zip them up, change the extension to .cbz, then use a reader. Boom, your 5,000 image folder is now 20 files. I'm honestly astonished that stuff like Tachiyomi doesn't do this automatically for each chapter.
If you are on Windows, CDisplayEX has a thumbnailer so you can see the covers in explorer. I prefer using Yacreader because it doesn't need to load the whole cbz to let you read (I keep everything on a NAS), but I keep CDisplayEX around for the thumbnails.


File: 1618966364382.png (98.41 KB, 1038x428, Mangadex41821.png)

Update for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. In short, if you have accounts anywhere that use the same password as your Mangadex account, you should go change those passwords asap.


File: 1619307525423.png (1.66 MB, 1602x1080, 51e193ea22a97d4207370e69e2….png)

iqdb is down too




It's just giving me connection reset error, isn't it just a server issue? Or did they say they were shutting down?


The best thing that could come out of this is people learning to stop putting all their eggs in one basket. Setting up a website isn't hard and if you just want to post your group's projects, simple HTML works perfectly fine. No need for accounts, fancy web readers, IP logging, or anything.
The readers now have the tools at their disposal to setup their own one-stop-shop, like Tachiyomi.



It's hard to not have a frown for everything these days


Lol braindead what the fuck
100% guarenteed the people who run that thing are pedos
Also isn't Saucenao different from iqdb? I know they use essentially the same engine.


>Also isn't Saucenao different from iqdb?
Yeah but the bot does the same thing on both and so if IQDBmin doesn't respond fast enough, their host gets all these terrifying messages about CSAM and with no response they just shut it down.


I suppose yeah
Does IDQB not have any outward-facing communication? I'd have expected some sort of communication about this but a quick google search returned nothing.
I guess if their literal only way of communicating was on the site itself they'd be fucked.


File: 1619546980794.png (471.58 KB, 1094x800, hirosit.png)

I mean yuki.la shut down and the admin went poof so I wouldn't be surprised if IQDB admin did the same. Maybe one day both of them will turn up again but that is too unlikely. Like >>2740 said, everything is collapsing.


>yuki.la shut down
Am I living under a rock
Since when


Since last month iirc.


Mangadex is sort of back up! They brought up some of the new api and the Tachiyomi extension works with it now. New content can't be uploaded, but you can read and download stuff again.


Mangadex update, the API's been mostly finished so I think the site will be back soon


>the Tachiyomi extension works with it now.
Do I have to set it up? The extension still doesn't work on my end


Well it's back up now, though without an explanation on the page itself


With that being said, desuchan and aurorachan are down now, though I haven't checked either in a month or so. Wonder if they're down or just having server problems.


File: 1620928820617-0.jpg (12.39 KB, 370x320, menheralittlegirl02_31.jpg)

File: 1620928820617-1.jpg (22.08 KB, 370x320, menheralittlegirl02_10.jpg)

File: 1620928820617-2.jpg (10.86 KB, 370x320, menheralittlegirl02_35.jpg)

I started reading Menhera Shoujo Kurumi-Chan because I wanted to know who the girl in the hoodie was, and I started to completely hate her.
She is a complete manipulative asshole that projects her insecurities to the real world and goes over the edge if something doesn't go her own way. I'd understand if some hikki that doesn't talk with anyone would like to have someone as her in her life, but for most people I believe she would interrupt the way of life too much. Though that may just be the main attraction.
Still, I don't know if I should be posting this here since it's a 4koma.


File: 1620935740015.jpg (51.39 KB, 1110x960, 2.jpg)

I decided to read it since you posted about it. I've seen the hoodie girl posted around the internet a lot too.
I agree that she's a bit much. Though I'm most amazed at how realistic the mangaka got at depicting crazy. I could easily imagine somebody like her existing in real life.
The little bro is great though.


File: 1620939916055.jpg (122.16 KB, 700x700, a3607540548_16.jpg)

>I'd understand if some hikki that doesn't talk with anyone would like to have someone as her in her life, but for most people I believe she would interrupt the way of life too much.
I understand where this comes from, as someone who felt a reality shock reading this mango and noticing everything i went throught while in a relationship with a girl with issues alike, at the time i was hiper focused on making the relationship work because i was too focused on it being radically valuable, when i came to it i was already there for some years and theraphy was already having effects. Menhera would have more of chance on places where people are more conscious about mental health, people are not encouraged enough to seek pro help there


You used to have to login via webview in Tachiyomi to get the site cookie. If you weren't logged in before, you probably can't get in until they fix everything.


File: 1621732484121.png (295.38 KB, 729x539, cocaine megaman.png)

I got up to Chapter 40 of Fire Punch and I honestly can't continue reading it. I know it's a shonen and I should've expected it, but it's so unbelievably juvenile I can't stand it. The reveal of the big bad and the intentions for doing what she wants to do are just facepalmingly STUPID. Why is this so acclaimed? It has some good bits here and there, but something that keeps referencing fugging STAR WARS out of all things shouldn't be so talked about.
UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH. I feel insulted. And I can only think that Chainsaw Man is more of the same. I need something that makes my neurons quake even just a bit while also having some neat action.


sushi roll, that anticlimax is literally the whole point. It's a joke.


Is the author supposed to be f*cking with the audience then?


I liked Fire Punch because it's dumb fun. The plot makes no sense and characters get killed off so quickly they don't even matter. (Like the naked underwear guy…? Huh…?) I can't even remember the main plot points besides: Agni eats himself, Agni gets lit on fire, Agni has a thing for his sister, Agni gets lit on fire, and then the end. I wouldn't read it for something to mentally chew on and the same goes for Chainsawman. The plot for Chainsawman is more cohesive, but it still heavily meanders.
There's probably a whole layer of satire and irony I'm missing, but I more or less got the same interpretation as you.


File: 1622561189853.gif (766.31 KB, 480x270, Kino.gif)

Read Kino's journey and I completely hate it yet I understand the audience for it. The entire manga, and light novel I assume, gives off "art for people who don't like art" vibes. If you read nothing, but bottom of the barrel shonen Kino's journey would seem deep because it's your first time in contact with a manga trying something like that. To someone who's familiar with works like Kino the manga comes off as perfectly average at best and laughable at worst. Kino often reaches edgy 14 year old quotes level of bad.
I don't think it was a problem of the story, but the medium. They had to stuff all these "deep" philosophical quandaries into 20 pages, with half of them being set up, so it's completely obvious how they would simplify or cut out details.
The simplification is what really hurts the story. A society killing everyone off except one for petty crimes, a nation built completely on lies, and 'adult town' are all interesting plots, but they were written with the subtlety of a brick. Most of these stories come off as unintentionally hilarious and not well written adventures.
Kino's journey would have worked better as a completely abstract show that could fully revel in the unrealistic simplified nature of itself because it was a metaphor. As of now the manga is in a awkward phase between "realistic political parody" and "symbolic thought experiment" and both sides suffer.


What are your thoughts about the anime? Did they really make a 20 pages story into a full episode?


>>2897 I didn't watch the entire anime, but that's definitely the same feeling i got from it. Trying to put in big reveals and deep thoughts, but never committing enough for them to have any emotional weight.


It's pretty close to being that Majo no Tabitabi show a few seasons ago. All the actual philosophy is pretty deep, I think, or at least the questions raised are certainly deep; the problem comes down to the fact that the medium like you said close to prohibits actually engaging with it. The LN is technically a bit better about it, but both of them would've been better as collections of actual prose short stories or a non–chonological novel.


I do actually feel quite similar about the anime version, but the aesthetic and atmosphere of the show still makes me enjoy it a lot despite the shallow philosophy


Mangadex is back
But holy balls is it ugly as sin


I think it *looks* fine, but it seems to be a bit broken right now. They were really pushing back on the frontend so that doesn't surprise me. It'll take some more time.


Yeah it looks like everyone is stuck on the mobile UI for now because the desktop UI isn't done


File: 1624619367364.png (1.11 MB, 1125x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

I've been reading Saihate no Paladin lately
It's by technicality an isekai, but it hasn't really come up except as a framing device for why he's fascinated by how dying works.
I really like how the author presents religion and also most of the characters, I feel like it's rare that religion in a manga is a force for good - not just literally in the sense of like, bam magic to kill evil - but also in how it gives people stability.

It's hard to describe it.


File: 1626009442284.gif (4.07 MB, 672x378, tumblr_c58ae3fc6fc022e04ed….gif)

"I'm a spider so what" it's OK. It has a strong start, but I started to skim at the later chapters. I'd have to say OK is a stretch because it's only comparatively good to the average bottom barell isekia. Even if it's the better of its genre it still falls into the "List of skills thats way to long", "deus ex machina skill level up", and a general vibe of "I must autisticly catoragize everything in this world". My main gripe in this work is less its quality and more how I read it a few years ago and liked it, but now I can barely stand it.


I haven't been following the latest chapters at all but I picked it up ages ago too.
I think the main thing is that at the time there was just too much fucking saturation of isekai, most of it low level bottom of the barrel trash, so anything with even a hint of creativity ends up looking like absolute genius. Look at Overlord, it's pretty much the exact same thing as any isekai except 1. the dude is a skeleton and kind of unrepentant Evil without being an edgy asshole and 2. he's got all his high-level friends with him instead of needing to find them. It's not good once you really start reading it, but it's better and that's all you really care about after a certain point.


File: 1630228656925.png (405.75 KB, 560x548, ClipboardImage.png)

I finally got around to reading Wolf Guy / 狼の紋章, the image the old meme picture from the NTR scale comes from.

It came out in 2007 which is actually around when I guessed it probably came out (2007-2012), less because of the artstyle and more because of the excessive grimdark that seems to be the hallmark of anything that came out around that time. I don't really mind the grittiness; the manga heavily features the yakuza and insane gangsters so stuff like drugs or whatnot seems par for the course, like Holyland, a 2000 manga. The main issue I had with it is the gratuitous amount of sex and rape. It almost reminds me of Game of Thrones, the TV series not the books; the books were always poorly conceived gibberish, but the TV shows took it a step further by pathologically removing as much fantasy from the world as possible in an attempt to be dark.

With that being said I think the basic premise of the manga is fine. Excessively violent outcomes aside it does a fairly good job at actually developing its characters in some way, though not all in good directions. Also, the author's artstyle and some of the dialogue, while certainly meant to be dark, intimidating, or enlightening, is impossible to take seriously just because of how he draws it - see the image.

All in all I'd still recommend the series, though it probably isn't for everyone.


I like it. It's more of a fantasy story than a straight-up isekai for me. Although I feel like the dark tones that made it interesting at first have been lacking in recent chapters. Not that I think edginess for edginess' sake is good…


I think it was never particularly dark? No more than e.g. FFXIV is a dark game. It's got a miserable backstory but the actual storyline wasn't particularly out of the ordinary. It's grotesque but it isn't dark, if you know what I mean? The zombie brother under the fire was horrifying but the message was mostly upbeat.


Yeah maybe dark isn't the right word… But do feel like recent chapters have been too fluffy. I guess that was always an element of the story, but I miss the more serious vibe of decline that it had initially.


File: 1630656074398.png (2.69 MB, 1125x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

On the topic of more serious fantasy/isekai manga, is anyone reading Bard Loen?

It's so refreshing to read a fantasy series that is more than just another isekai cheat powers harem romp. I mean, the main character is definitely powerful, but he still feels vulnerable (even if he does have a bit of plot armour). My favourite part is how the world and the setting feel a lot more plausible.


Was Bard Loen that one where he and the princess/queen loved each other but she married someone else and he was too late to even see her when she died?


File: 1634001985543-0.jpg (165.11 KB, 728x1110, 22.jpg)

File: 1634001985543-1.png (249.63 KB, 2151x1600, 31.png)

Read Soil by Kaneko Atsushi and its pretty stellar. It's a paranormal mystery about a oddball assortment of detectives finding what happened to a family that went missing. It's a slow burn mystery that keeps your attention by sprinkling some pretty great plot twists. All the threads in the end, no matter how bizarre, got tied up. One thing some people might hate is its one of those progressive mysteries, think I have to solve this murder case becoming I discovered an underground drug ring, so if you only want to see a cut and dry mystery case the later chapters will confuse or annoy you.
My favorite part about this manga is, ironically, it's nothing like a manga. The art style is western to the point a dull eye could confuse it for a batman comic. The characters and plot points don't lift anything from the standard incest of anime tropes. No yandre, no panty shot, no isekia just something unique to enjoy. A perfect choice to introduce your friends to manga



File: 1636900702149-0.png (2.44 MB, 1344x1920, f96683e7-3471-4ddc-81f5-c7….png)

File: 1636900702149-1.png (451.3 KB, 870x1236, b6e64958-e245-43b8-b1cc-f7….png)

After watching a short OVA based on it on the stream, I read Totsukuni no Shoujo. Really enjoyable art and very cute moments between the girl and her spooky shadow man caretaker. The story behind everything is pretty confusing, and overall I think the dramatic stuff is a lot weaker than the slice of life moments. But it's still interesting enough to keep me reading.

Sadly it's only translated up to chapter 21 and that was 4 years ago. Pain. There is another OVA being made next year though so maybe people will pick it up then.


There's a danke release up to volume 11 on madokami, you can probably find them on nyaa.


Oh sweet, you've made my morning. Not sure why I didn't think to check either of those places.


Finished reading Yesterday Wo Uttate. Can recommend, it resonated with me.

Next up is 3-gatsu no Lion. I've watched the first season of the Anime back when it aired, haven't been keeping up with it since then.


Where do I read manga from now that MangaDex is gone?


mangadex still exists. The new site kinda sucks but it works


File: 1645093483435-0.jpg (154.42 KB, 700x1090, ad8d774809c3861a884b9be931….jpg)

File: 1645093483435-1.png (459.59 KB, 546x868, 5.PNG)

File: 1645093483435-2.jpg (213.27 KB, 728x1129, 66baffdffbd7f5a855e3feb103….jpg)

File: 1645093483435-3.jpg (202.81 KB, 728x1079, f8df755e1c9205b93bbcfbb86c….jpg)

I read the Alien 9 manga, and really liked it! I think the OVA is better overall, especially in terms of pacing and certain scenes having MUCH more emotional impact in the OVA. However, it was great to see more of the characters I love, and the direction they went with the overarching story was interesting, as it's only ever teased at in the OVA. This series has a really cool (and quite dark) tone and aesthetic to it that is definitely shown off a lot in the later chapters of the manga. The alien designs, body horror, and action scenes are really striking in how unique and gory they are. That, along with the focus on the girls mental states, personalities, and upbringings really makes me empathize with these characters. I was consistently rooting for them the whole time, especially as things looked increasingly grim.

I also appreciate how invested I was able to get into the setting. It kept the lore dumps concise, but vague and interesting enough to make you want to keep reading. I never felt like I had to go out of my way to keep up my suspension of disbelief towards what is ultimately a very strange setting, and I think a lot of that is due to how little is explained. It keeps the focus on the girls, the changes and struggles they go through, and the aliens themselves.

I haven't read Emulators or Next yet, but will probably do so in the coming days.


File: 1645149646019-0.png (245.06 KB, 669x328, 1.PNG)

File: 1645149646019-1.png (143.2 KB, 651x403, 2.PNG)

File: 1645149646019-2.png (330.55 KB, 684x593, 3.PNG)

File: 1645149646019-3.png (459.59 KB, 546x868, 5.PNG)

Having slept on it I have a couple other, more spoiler related things to say:

I was slightly disappointed initially in how fast they cleared up Kumi's death and resurrection. I felt like there was a lot of room there to explore Yuri and Kasumi's reaction to it that they never get into beyond just one or two panels. This kind of thing is what I mean when I say the manga is paced oddly at times. However the way in which she comes back was more than interesting enough for me not to mind in the long run, and she actually became my favorite character after that arc. The stuff with her struggling to cope with her new body and her desire to protect Yuri from the same fate was really interesting and emotional.

The themes of puberty and growing up and sexual stuff is less prevalent in this manga as compared to the OVA. It's there (at least to my eyes), but it feels like the idea is less pushed. It makes me wonder if the OVA staff saw that and decided to focus more on it. For example, in the OVA there is a dream sequence with Yuri's stomach expanding into a borg while standing in front of a ruler to measure her growth. To me that reads as very blatant pregnancy or puberty-themed imagery. But this scene and probably others are absent from the manga. The manga does have some pretty serious plot points about how drastically the girls bodies and feelings change though so I'd hesitate to say that my 2deep4u interpretation is only relegated to the OVA.

I found it interesting how the teachers, who were initially framed as evil or nefarious, are revealed to be basically just as powerless as anyone else in being pawns to the aliens. They're just trying to make the best of the way the world works in this universe, which brings the interesting question of if what they're doing to the girls is "right" or not. When the alternative is the sunflower aliens, it seems very obviously like the lesser of two evils, but even so it's a very grim conclusion.


File: 1648837448416.png (188.1 KB, 580x431, yuyuorange.PNG)

what did they mean by this


File: 1648854508705.png (192.52 KB, 690x540, v01_107.png)

I don't think there's much room for interpretation


File: 1648934125786.png (664.6 KB, 1106x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

I binged Tasogare Otome
It really is strange how keeping a story short and focused on its ending can help its quality so much.


I've always preferred shorter anime and manga, they feel more impactful if they're done right.


I think it's more that a lot of the shorter shows are clearly more well-planned and since they're kept "tight" the mangaka is free to execute his vision.


File: 1649334226376.jpg (347.72 KB, 868x1236, 4bf29b30-0f16-4f05-9e8b-22….jpg)

Been slowly reading Ryuushika Ryuushika in my downtime. It's similar to Yotsuba in that it stars a little kid character, and most of the humor is from her imaginative way of examining ordinary things in an unordinary way. It's also full color and I love Yoshitoshi Abe's art so that is a big plus. Very cute, do recommend it.


File: 1650588269024.jpg (225.49 KB, 759x1080, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou - ….jpg)

Well I've finished reading what was left of Girls Last Tour in the manga, and already read through what is available of Made in Abyss.
I'd like it if I could get suggestions with a similar premise, folks exploring a world much more different than ours. I liked a lot of the environments in both manga and the contrast of the cute characters with oniric/violent settings is one of the things I like the most. I feel like this is a very broad thing to ask but I feel like this is the kind of stuff I like
Both Yuuri and Chito are much more cute in the manga, I wonder why and how


Have you read Yokohama kaidashi kikou or kabu no isaki? Ykk is set in a comfy post apocalypse.


File: 1650841833403.png (688.28 KB, 826x2000, ff38572c436773f6a591e34cd0….png)

I've read some chapters of the first one, but I don't think it's what I'm looking for.
I think what I like the most about certain works of fiction and, even the real world, is the sense of journey someone can get. It's why I liked those previous manga I mentioned so much. It's also why I fantasize a lot about the idea of getting a motorbike and travelling all across the world as well.


I just read girls last tour and went on to read shimeji simulation… they are both really good! I'm super excited for more shimeji to come out now.
I think I'm going to read alien9 next.


File: 1651274378040.jpg (136.54 KB, 728x1093, 59578be06bd8a4d6720ec7eabb….jpg)

>I think I'm going to read alien9 next.
Oh awesome, I really enjoyed it. I wrote a bunch of my thoughts about it up above, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it too!


So far I like yuri's gooey melty eyes they're so cute, but I'm kinda anxious about how much I identify with her.


Have you watched the OVA?
The series deals a lot with (very minor content spoilers:) trauma on Yuri's part and there is some body horror stuff so fair warning


Well, I can sum up my thoughts on alien9: kumi wants to merge with yuri lulz

No, actually, I feel like either about around the time the OVA ends the story started to make less sense to me. Like, the reveal of the broader world was good, but then the progression from that point in terms of what the characters were actually doing and what their motivations were… kinda lost me. I'll probably go back and read it again sometime and maybe be able to follow it a bit better. Though I do feel like being unable to follow it kinda works given the story being told.

I thought the concept of their memories being in some way absorbed into the borg was really interesting and like either they should have done more with that, or they did do more with that and it flew over my head.

>fast they cleared up…
I agree, but I feel like they couldn't have done it slower without having some extra explanation. Like, the superviser is screwing with them to be sure, but for them to not find out about weird gross cell gel healing until later would require some explanation. Like "Hey your friend is actually fine, I can just heal her using alien magic bullshit, but I didn't tell you right away because reasons"… unless the supervisor didn't know she could be healed so easily but I think that would have weird implications for the state of her knowledge and the rest of the world.

Really having read it I'm still fascinated with the world. It would be cool to read more stories set there, but as for the plot… I'm not sure exactly what I make of it. Maybe I'll comment again after dwelling on it some more.


I've been getting into reading manga more regularly, so far I caught up on shimeji simulation which was amazing, and i read kira kira study which was decent but the ending felt rushed and unsatisfying, then i started reading chotto ippai!, but then it got a little too melodrama heavy so i stopped reading it. Then i randomly started reading Onii-chan is done for, which i wasn't expecting to like but it's actually quite good fun. If anyone has any recomendations for good slice of life cgdct manga (for context on my taste my favourite anime are hidamari sketch and gochiusa and sketchbook) i would greatly appreciate it. I always thought reading manga is too much effort but it's actually quite calming. And i can read on the train or something that is nice.


>Then i randomly started reading Onii-chan is done for, which i wasn't expecting to like but it's actually quite good fun.
good taste. did you know it's getting an anime adaptation?! I was really happy and surprised


I did not know that! I did not expect it to get an adaptation. It sure has some cute girls in it.


I really enjoy reading manga and I need to get back into it. I was reading the Wadanohara manga and it was pretty fun


I read shimeji simulation after I read all of girls last tour and needed more girls last tour and it fulfilled all of my hopes and more.


File: 1653751663559.jpg (48.03 KB, 287x401, d06e841c32af556df06fcc692a….jpg)

Oh I see. Kabu no isaki has more focus on travel. They fly an airplane in a world that is mysteriously 100 times larger than ours, so Mount Fuji, which they visit, actually goes up into space. They are making trips out to explore and trade. They are returning home though, not wandering without a home like in girls last tour.
Have you tried mushishi?


File: 1653753440219.jpeg (89.55 KB, 800x800, 6123b799991eccb6f41202116….jpeg)

>Have you tried mushishi?
I had it reccomended to me from time to time. Haven't seen it nor read it, but I guess it wouldn't hurt giving it a shot


I've only seen the show, but if you vibe with it the comf levels are off the charts. I think I'll give the manga a go sometime.


I'm currently reading CITY! Starting with the second volume today.


how does it compare to Nichijou?


So far it's very similar. Fair to say that if you liked Nichijou you will also like city.


File: 1655157700795-0.jpg (134.25 KB, 800x1149, 1631732-6.jpg)

File: 1655157700864-1.jpg (576.17 KB, 943x1390, Screenshot_20220613-180027….jpg)

File: 1655157700864-2.jpg (721.81 KB, 1021x1477, Screenshot_20220613-180102….jpg)

I finished reading kotonoba drive and I've now read all of hitoshi ashinano's manga. I think I liked kotonoba even more than yokohama kaidashi kikou but it's hard to call.
The story follows suu chan, often following her on her short journey seeing supernatural phenomena. The things she sees are often peaceful or somewhat absurd, though occasionally mildly unnerving or melancholy.
As with ykk there is great focus on natural landscape and weather, which I find quite comfy to read at a slower pace, spending time just looking at the pictures.
There are few reoccurring supporting characters. Most notably sub chans boss at the noodle shop. I found some of their conversations quite charming.
Hitoshi ashinano is now my favourite mangaka. I recommend all of his work and would love recommendation for similar works. I'm thinking of trying mushishi, made in abyss, and arakawa under the bridge.
Actually, I haven't read all of hitoshi ashinano, he also did some work in Mushishi Gaitanshuu, so maybe I will read that next.


Oh, I guess only hitoshi ashinano's chapter of Mushishi Gaitanshuu got translated. It was pretty cool. Now I really have read all of hitoshi ashinano's work I think.


File: 1655829699475-0.png (300.1 KB, 346x1042, Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 0….png)

File: 1655829699492-1.png (258.97 KB, 633x450, Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 0….png)

File: 1655829699492-2.png (454.65 KB, 745x1082, Screenshot 2022-06-12 at 0….png)

File: 1655829699492-3.png (501.12 KB, 774x1101, Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 0….png)

I've been reading this recently, and it's honestly incredible the way they manage such a huge cast of characters and their various arcs. I love how the stories start to overlap too and you can see the vignettes take place alongside each other and how the interactions in one influence other ones.
It's surprisingly well written for something that started off as a cheesecake sort of "look at these girls messing around" kind of manga.


I love how they draw the lips, very sexy


Yeah, you don't see lips like that in anime/manga very often, they usually just blend into the mouth


And the noses too! I wish more anime girls had those
The artist knows how to draw very attractive girls :>


very true!


File: 1656812491571.png (162.26 KB, 825x1200, b1919049-921b-46d3-ae49-32….png)

So I'm reading Ichigo Mashimaro since we finished it on stream, and there's a bunch of chapters of a very early version of the characters.

Nobue is blonde, Chika and Nobu have a brother, Miu looks very different, and look how rude Matsuri is!!!


punished Matsuri


File: 1657303223037.png (108.59 KB, 908x250, Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-08 ….png)

Finished Three Days of Happiness. I've enjoyed it a lot, even though the ending wasn't what I expected.

I thought he would die alone


I like shimeji simulation. I hope it gets an anime someday. Mushrooms and fried eggs are a pretty good combo


The manga gets so good later on, also thank you sharing the video, i needed it lol.


Ah… Uh… Oh, I know, right?! Isn't shimeji simulation awesome?


File: 1661451844304.jpg (457.96 KB, 952x1041, Screenshot_20220823-004024….jpg)

Inspired by our very nice sushi anime stream I've started reading yofukashi no uta. I like the exploration of the feeling of walking in the abandoned cityscape at night. I used to do that all the time and remembering it through this comic has been nice. Also nazuna a cute!


nice, I've never really lived in that kind of "downtown city" area


File: 1661871742811.png (111.44 KB, 1177x763, caleb_wut.png)

>reading in mangadex
>font changes to comic sans on the next chapter
Ehhh, I need an alternative to mangadex that has more consistency between chapters.


Mangadex isn’t the problem.
You’re reading the work of multiple translations or scanlation groups.

It’s because the original group didn’t finish or didn’t upload. Mangadex is trying to make your life easier. Your other option is to download directly from the groups.


File: 1662619070928-0.jpg (86.43 KB, 772x532, area 51.jpg)

File: 1662619070928-1.jpg (413.84 KB, 1394x2000, area 51 2.jpg)

File: 1662619070928-2.jpg (279.33 KB, 1739x1247, area 51 3.jpg)

Been reading Asper Girl, Shiori Experience, and Area 51, rather unfortunately Area 51's translation is incomplete and doesn't seem to have any active TL effort going on, seeing as the last translated chapter seems to have been done over a year ago. Pretty unfortunate, it's got some of my favorite art in any manga I've ever read with its use of stark black and white tones and how its pages often use only the silhouette or shadows of a character to show them. The mangaka's a master of this style.
Douman's one of my favorite mangaka, all of his stuff has this wonderfully unique feeling to it and his art style is up there as one of my favorites.


File: 1669921389405.png (424.49 KB, 666x941, ea0c6210cf68f03be5893d1dc1….png)

I've been reading Pun Pun as of late to cope with possibly the worst time in my whole life.
I got to the High School arc where He blatantly says he wants to score. I just gotta ask does that actually happen?
Because this may be a lot for me. I was abused since earlier than 13 and I just was never able to develop healthily like most people. I never had anyone either. I got a traumatic experience trying to read "Never Let Me Go" and the kids were talking about that and… Yeah…
I won't read Pun Pun if that is gonna happen.


File: 1679989887322.gif (2.92 MB, 500x281, 1442710680110.gif)

Chapter 53 (volume 4) of Yuyushiki suddenly got a translation


File: 1680046883783.png (3.46 MB, 1400x1991, 629ea5d6-f43e-4fb1-982b-d6….png)

I've been reading Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu (the summer Hikaru died). It was described to me as a horror yaoi about your best friend being replaced by some sort of eldritch being. I am only two chapters in but it seems good so far.

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