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Happy Holidays!

File: 1682542711255.jpg (514.11 KB, 1164x1599, 2abe4e591615b9eb5434a7c59a….jpg)


I'm planning to host a weekly Raildex stream at:
Starting May 2nd 22:00 UTC (18:00 EST/15:00 PST) with Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.
Hope to see you there!


File: 1682550240769.jpg (342.3 KB, 810x1440, eb9493aea8e31e1889421b6868….jpg)

nice I'll probably be off w*rk on time for this one


File: 1682988900234.jpg (1.79 MB, 1476x2087, 0ea52d70767001db0d4a383013….jpg)

Actually I forgot I have to go to an out-of-town conference tomorrow so will in all likelihood still be late >_<


File: 1682996028944-0.jpg (322.24 KB, 1000x1421, Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_Ma….jpg)

File: 1682996028944-1.gif (1015.43 KB, 500x269, HlQ6Ym2sGbLFJFCFIz0ba-MuuU….gif)

cool I might show up


File: 1683050657047.jpg (364.38 KB, 1357x1920, FvFNvkRaMAAVcgk.jpg)

Happy birthday Miko-chan and Rina Satou!
Stream begins in about 4 hours from this post.


I thought I was going to be able to show up but it seems I'll be late as well :(
I'll catch you guys halfway through


We're live!


File: 1683077295647.png (4.85 MB, 2538x3500, b254ee9eafa781ead4c1d6db7c….png)

Thanks for showing up everyone!
For anyone wanting to catch up and join us next stream we watched episodes 1-7.
We'll also be making a change in the schedule and stream on Monday instead, same time 22:00 UTC (18:00 EST/15:00 PST).


File: 1683389856748.jpg (243.03 KB, 2048x1538, FvPOwbWXwAE0eJq.jpg)


File: 1683566054626.png (3.25 MB, 1594x2261, __misaka_mikoto_and_saten_….png)

Stream today in about 5 hours from this post!


We're live!


File: 1683597733082-0.jpg (301.35 KB, 832x1200, kiyama.jpg)

File: 1683597733082-1.jpg (386.3 KB, 828x1200, AIM_Burst.jpg)

Thanks everyone for showing up!
We watched episodes 8-14. Next time we're starting with the Railgun OVA. Hope to see you then!


File: 1683634630813.gif (3.74 KB, 95x50, 1679404033027.gif)

Love you sushis for continuing this. :D


File: 1684170324161.jpg (502.37 KB, 1670x2282, 07f1c2cdd9d6458d7f9fff576e….jpg)

Stream today in about 5 hours from this post!


We're live!


File: 1684201078579.jpg (383.95 KB, 666x1000, 3e365f40851a282e1b84c670b8….jpg)

Thanks everyone for hanging out!
We watched the Misaka-san wa Ima Chuumoku no Mato desu kara OVA and episodes 15-19.
Next time it's the season finale, look forward to it!


File: 1684436438133.png (3.77 MB, 1112x1600, b0385ad7-9c3e-4566-aa83-2b….png)

Pseudepigrapha Railgun is finally getting translated!
First time viewers of the anime are advised to skip chapter 2 of this and ignore the 8.5 chapter of the main Railgun manga that is mentioned.


File: 1684767653515-0.jpg (243.03 KB, 2048x1538, channel changer.jpg)

File: 1684767653515-1.jpg (23.9 KB, 800x530, CLICK.jpg)

File: 1684767653515-2.jpg (241.51 KB, 2048x1538, to aru gazouhenshuu no kai….jpg)

Aaah… MUCH better!


File: 1684768878412.jpg (711.17 KB, 1920x1440, 14f7fd08f88af1ffa621324bd2….jpg)

Stream today! In about 6.5 hours from this post.


File: 1684780233557.jpg (24 KB, 519x277, 1436697337546.jpg)



File: 1684806472173.jpg (1.48 MB, 2575x3491, 352002d39256ea8a138a934aaa….jpg)

Thanks for hanging out!
Next up we're starting Railgun S.
Don't miss out!


Thanks for streaming! I'm enjoying the show so far.
Uiharu a cute!


File: 1685234665699.png (174.74 KB, 516x581, 2a09d8544940.png)

Unfortunately, due to lack of quorum this week's stream is cancelled.


File: 1685278876565.png (254.02 KB, 390x390, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1685644380510.webm (6.66 MB, 1280x720, 1603334262971039744_1.webm)

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