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Happy Holidays!

File: 1605927489271.jpg (64.83 KB, 500x490, 2c3f4057f89f3f4e0f86a58e0c….jpg)

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Last thread, >>8841, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making an even newer one.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!


File: 1605930664393.png (369.27 KB, 610x603, ehhhhh.png)

I've been thinking about how internet has messed around with the idea of 'indie', as in counter cultural media or ideas.
Getting the money to make a decent video/song and upload it to a top 5 streaming service takes a bit of money, time, and effort. To get big on these sites also requires making videos with little prerequisite knowledge needed, so most big videos are stuck on 'Intro into…' thought levels, easy to consume, and easily appealing. By popular I don't mean 10+ million views, but simply breaking 100k. All these prerequisites are just lighter versions of what mainstream culture has to do to get popular
This leads to an interesting paradox were for something 'indie' to gain popularity online it's already jumped through so many loops it's no longer truly 'indie' in a counter cultural sense. Often something 'indie' online is the mainstream culture with a new coat of paint.
I guess it's always been like this, but the interesting part is that due to the internet the "mainstream indie" phenomena exploded. Not sure how to explain this, but the internet allowed big subgroups and ideas to spread without using mainstream media. Before for an idea to spread a big 5 station had to cover it letting everyone know about it, but now groups can grow without letting everyone know. You can have a big 10 million group all around online, but somehow still not be seen as mainstream or know by everyone. This internet subgroup of being big yet not big works with 'indie' music to create a 'limbo indie'.
Limbo indie subcultures are prone to more mainstream type people, dare I say normie. They don't care as much about the subculture beyond basic aesthetics or having something easy to use to set them apart from the masses. A massive assumption, but I could say the limbo indie has caused the rise in 'aesthetic cultures', cultures that use symbols instead of effort to achieve a personal aura. they also actively fight against taking a subculture seriously, it's ideas or putting effort into it, because to them it's just a fashion statement not a route for serous change.
All limbo indie really is is mainstream culture rapped in a light coating. it's somehow popular yet unknown. It feels like this limbo indie will take over most real indie movements and create a world were all opposition is controlled. I'm not above limbo indie though and I'm pretty sure I've contributed to it's at some point. I'm not even bitter at it at this point, but more curious to see how it pans out


Stuff that I have to do is piling up faster than I can do it and I feel like I'm gonna explode


Hello fellow sushiroll :)
Lately things have been looking up. Got accepted for an honours degree in my dream field: evolutionary biology. Only have one assignment before I complete my bachelors to be submitted next week.
I'm also getting all the parts to build a new PC. My 3070 and R5 5600x arrived a little while back and the rest of the parts are coming next week.
Stay safe out there :P


Evolutionary biology woah
That's one of the hard sciences, good job.

Counterculture has always been either niche or ironic, though. The word itself is an oxymoron; you can't have a coherent counterculture without making it its own culture.


I'm gonna be honest, I never really associated the word "indie" with counterculture (although come to think of it, phrases like "indie chicks" certainly make more sense from that perspective). Like, to me an "indie band" doesn't necessarily mean a countercultural band, it just means a band who doesn't go through the mainstream music industry to get their music out there. I do see the connection, though - after all, it wouldn't make sense for a countercultural band to go through the mainstream industry, so they're necessarily indie. On the other hand, someone who makes the same type of music as Taylor Swift but self-records and self-publishes it would be considered indie but not countercultural. Maybe the internet did separate "indie" from "counterculture," since it used to be that most indie methods of publishing art were groups with a counterculture philosophy and were actively working against the mainstream, but now because of the internet it's just plain ol' easier to post something on bandcamp or your own website or whatever than it is to try to work with a major publisher - there's not really a philosophy behind it anymore. I feel like I kinda ended up rambling a bit here.

>I could say the limbo indie has caused the rise in 'aesthetic cultures', cultures that use symbols instead of effort to achieve a personal aura. they also actively fight against taking a subculture seriously, it's ideas or putting effort into it, because to them it's just a fashion statement not a route for serous change.

I can say with absolute certainty that this is not caused by the internet, it's just always been that way. In fact, the first thing that came to mind for me when reading that was the "mall goths" of the 90s, and that predates the internet. I think that's just the life cycle of countercultures - they start, they grow, they enter the mainstream, they become fashion, they die, they get replaced by other countercultural movements that haven't yet gotten to that phase. That's just how it is and how it's always been.


File: 1605979763529.gif (1.62 KB, 100x31, msfree.gif)

>You can have a big 10 million group all around online, but somehow still not be seen as mainstream or know by everyone.
>Limbo indie subcultures are prone to more mainstream type people, dare I say normie.
This is potentially true for music. But I still think there can be genuine "indie" cultures, in a loose sense of the term, which are nevertheless big on the internet.

Take the free software community. I have only ever had one IRL friend who ran Linux, knew who Richard Stallman was, etc. My other IRL friends barely understand what I'm talking about or why I would care about software freedom. Turn to the internet, however, and there are big communities where people who don't run Linux or a BSD are a shamed minority. So I think the free software movement is in a "limbo indie" state, as you put it. But I don't see any evidence of the philosophy being watered down because of this.

Sure, there are ricers, who only care about configuring i3 so they can save up some good screenshots for /g/ desktop threads. But everyone who runs Linux still gets their freedom, and derives benefit from doing so. The movement isn't harmed by being big on the Internet. The reverse is true - more adherents means more developers, bug-reporters, volunteers, etc.


I mean at least part of the reason you go through non-mainstream industry is literally because you haven't made it big yet or because you're not professional. Self-publishing authors have the eventual goal of being picked up by Penguin or something, but they publish online to get a readerbase and such and attract editorial attention.


Im still here sushis! Currently stressing about starting web development classes in about a week. My school kept stressing to focus on getting comfortable with JavaScript. Ive never really programmed before in my life so im nervous.

I just finished the schools precourse work and began doing some challenges I found online. I bought some books too (and one on shell scripting because I was feeling confident), so hopefully they prove to be useful. I barely got through highschool and that was more than half a decade ago. Community college was bad for me and so is s 9 to 5.

Dont really know what ill do if this doesnt go well for me. Im staying positive though.


Nice. It must be pretty exciting to work in evolutionary biology these days as it gets more and more integrated with genetics.


I recommend looking at Luke Smith's videos on youtube for shell (mainly bash) scripting. Less so as tutorials or for pure knowledge, but for inspiration for projects you can do. His linux videos are always about solving some problem, making a new tool, or something he came across and how to use it.
I struggled with my community college programming classes because they weren't very interesting and the projects didn't do much of anything but show that you can implement whatever was taught that week. But once I started making little utilities or scripts for myself things started to click. Having fun is important and making useful tools, however small, is a nice motivation versus just think "if I learn this I can get a better job in 2-5 years."


Nothing interesting. I was studying, I smoked some tobacco and now I don't feel so sad. I don't like Java but I guess I need to learn it..


File: 1606107545679.jpg (452.77 KB, 729x869, 74066630_p0.jpg)

I packed for a long trip and sat around stressing about travel. It'll be good to see family again though. Right now I am deciding what anime to watch on my flight. I'm leaning towards Hidamari Sketch because it's been a long time since I've seen it and I can't think of anything I want to see that's newer.


Have nothing to say, so I'll post a song


File: 1606178794693.png (627.52 KB, 1539x1124, yunodozer.png)

Slice of life anime bulldozes time like nothing else. Do you read the manga? Hours fly by pretty quickly when you're reading 4koma too. I often pack a few volumes of something comfy to help me sleep on flights.


File: 1606180641152.jpg (157.11 KB, 466x475, huh.jpg)

My schools teaching software gives professors a chance to send a message to all students regardless of enrollment so I've gotten random messages about classes I don't take from teachers I don't know.

I've also joined a teachers only group. I asked to be invited as a joke, but I guess a teacher didn't vet the requests so I'm in. Nothing cool is happening though, it's just a a private book club were they talk about a "how to teach book". No discussion beside one dude updating everyone on what page they should be on


File: 1606184530300.jpg (24.19 KB, 256x256, spede.jpg)

sorry for sperging out on the previous thread, I don't promise, but hope it does not happen again


File: 1606184939411.png (237.01 KB, 354x365, cat2.PNG)

I'm going to have some time off this week. I think I'm going to take the time to finish writing some essays, check out the gemini protocol, and get some long-awaited sleep. Might try to play some games too, but I've found it hard to get really engrossed in anything lately.


I have a job interview in two days and I am super exicted. I hope I will like what they have to say and vice versa. I really want to work again.


File: 1606247691176.png (872.85 KB, 858x856, Screenshot_2019-03-30 (3) ….png)

Hi sushi rolls, hope you're all having a nice day.
I guess I'm just going to use this opportunity to vent a bit about everything and nothing.

Looking for a nice house in a quiet place is harder than I thought. Moved to a big-ish city close to my job last year and it's eating away at my body and mind. It's never just quiet here and I can often hear the neighbours in my own living room. I know I'm a little candy-ass in that regard but I really appreciate silence and especially at night I don't deal well with noise. I'm hoping to find a small cozy place in a quiet town or village soon though.

I'm revising my first research paper for the third time after two straight rejections by the same journal, which sometimes feels demotivating but the current reviewer left some really good comments (previous one started his review out saying "so what" and calling everything "rudimentary at best"). I'll be happy when it gets published. I'm taking up more of a teaching role now, teaching chemistry practicals once a week which is fun. I love working with students and teaching them stuff. I often feel that I should know more than I do, but so far it's been going well. Is anyone here a teacher? How do you feel about this?

Anyway sorry for the venting, hope you're all doing well. Next time I'll post happy thoughts.


File: 1606258026858.png (128.78 KB, 807x935, grade.png)

My teacher miss typed a few assignment, gave 100/50, and now I literally have a 101% in his class.

Is this how it feels to be smart bros?


File: 1606264190321.jpg (152.45 KB, 920x770, 221-2210456_anime-girl-con….jpg)

This sounds crazy, but do any of you remember the youtube comment section cult? Back when youtube had no filters you'd see a comment start normal, but then it'd copy and pasted the same "I learned the truth. Do you want to find the truth? Well check out [site I forgot the name to]" message. I don't even think they said that? It's such an old memory I only recall the gist of their comments. I know the site had like a scroll png on it. They spammed so much that at least one of you has to know something about them?
They were kind of every where. It wasn't just some bot, but multiple people linking to one site. They were also kind of unique because it was any earlier form of shilling your views online.


Good Luck Sushi! Hope it all works out


Thanks sushi, im actually already subscribed. I like his random videos on Christianity and history too. They come out of nowhere but I find them so interesting.

Trying to focus on studying. I remember why I did bad in highschool now.


Thank you :3
Going to look up information about the company today and check out where I have to go tomorrow. Those preparations always give me some security and fight my nervousness.


File: 1606321781020.jpg (32.95 KB, 480x683, photo_2020-11-25_10-47-25.jpg)

pointers in programming are funny to think about
Because you can chain them in a way that they keep pointing to another pointer.

so in theory:
Ptr_find->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next->ptr_next = 1
works if you want to.

and i find that hilarious to just place that in your program just to have anyone looking at the code go "Wtf???? :DDD"


One of my favorite musicians got covid. Kind of knew it would happen because nursing is their job, but I didn't think it would happen for real. On a positive note they seem mostly fine.

I've always wanted to do something like that in my Java CS class.
Instead of
>int x = 5;
I want
>Do{ int x = random.nextInt(50); }while(x !=5);
I'd do it, but I'm behind in that class and I don't wanna try my teacher.


Do you have a PhD already or are you still taking it? Also that reviewer is an asshole.

Are you a teacher in college or in a school setting? Both carry their own difficulties but I hear college teaching pays more.

I don't remember any of this, sorry.


This is actually a thing in embedded programming. If you have an RTOS you may send messages between tasks, which are often pointers to structs with other points that may include other pointers.
I remember having to do something like p_event->p_message->p_data->p_some_task->data

It was a nightmare to get it to work at the beginning, but you only had to learn it once.


File: 1606357299301.jpg (157.88 KB, 700x600, rin and her mom.jpg)

The state of imageboards and internet as a whole feels like it gets to me pretty often. I think I already ranted about this elsewhere before but it's a frustration that doesn't go away when there is such a lack of places to go to on the internet that aren't riddled with spam that mods don't clean up, normalfags bragging or being sad they went for minutes without "le gf", people just looking for arguments to start, extreme moderation, extreme slowness or just being generally uncomfy in some way. This isn't a problem for most but the internet always was a hobby for me so I can't really just dismiss it. If nothing else, I hope it only causes me to withdraw further into my own hobbies like writing or drawing. It feels like that's all there is left sometimes.


I absolutely love languages that make special syntax for pointers. C is pretty cool In my opinion because you know exactly what values are pointers, and when they are being de-referenced


And this is the reason why I retreated so small IBs, to avoid topics like that.


You take the words right out of my head.


I gave my finger the french royalty treatment while making potatoe chips with a mandolin. Forced me to finally learn left-handedness and I'm making steady but sure progress.

I finally decided to gave (doom) emacs a try. Its defaults are really nice and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

I have the industry and the hyper-focus to do anything, but I lack the discipline, organization, and general focus to do good on homework. I know I can do better, but I fail to match my expectations. Makes me feel like a waste. feels bad :,(

This is why I moved to microboards like sushigirl tbh.


File: 1606429327319.gif (334.47 KB, 500x500, 1523079303081.gif)

Are you me? All I want is a place online where I can contribute OC, silly funposting or contribute in comfy discussions. It's not worth the trouble trying to fight against terrible moderation and terrible users all at once. I'm sick of it.


File: 1606443634480.gif (2.45 MB, 420x380, miku cheeks.gif)

I used to be like this, searching the smallest place, gatekeeping with trifles in mind, trying to get away from something I didn't like. But eventually I'd end up seeing something else I didn't like, and figure out that there was no place that had what I really liked. Or perhaps I didn't really like something in the first place.
I'll just assume that the worst will always take over, so we must be happy of having what we have, even if it's filled with stuff that I don't like. One day that place might just dissapear, and the only thing left will be the memories that we had with it, so better make them the best


File: 1606471975583.png (528.05 KB, 726x662, 60db43dbeb3567858f4cad9540….png)


i'm overly exhausted with the usual schlock of "check socials, watch latest videos on youtube, browse large website every 15 minutes"
some people say to take a break away from the internet as a whole for a few days or a couple weeks but i feel that's not the best option in every situation.

i don't want a break from the whole internet. i just want a break from the noisy internet.

being stuck at home with this virus means i don't have much else to do besides clean my apartment again or maybe try to break my 3rd art block this week

i've grown fond of microboards like this one due to the value of a single post. being that there's less people posting every day, each new post feels like it has value compared to the endless garbage pumped out on more popular sites and boards

i love this place and i've barely been visiting here for 2 months


File: 1606473708137.webm (1.26 MB, 640x360, un.webm)

Hello, I'm a small imageboard otaku.

Sushi is actually kinda large and sprawling, many distinct boards, lots of depth, multiple staff (at least two admins[?], maybe mods[??], even janitors apparently[???]). Then when a board is opened up, there are these massive threads that last forever, going back many years. It feels big and very daunting for someone like me, I was even overwhelmed when I first visited and cried a bit because it was so intimidating.

I mean, if this is a "microboard" then maybe the boards I'm most comfortable on are "nanoboards"

nano de…


File: 1606483824352.jpg (277.38 KB, 1000x1100, d89df8130fe796a3df05127d75….jpg)

> i've grown fond of microboards like this one due to the value of a single post. being that there's less people posting every day, each new post feels like it has value compared to the endless garbage pumped out on more popular sites and boards
I feel like people put way more effort into their post on small image boards like that one. I guess it is because more people actually read it because there are not many new posts around and therefore the chance of a reply is higher. Within large communities a single post gets lost soon and attracts few to no attention. My guess is therefore the posts there tend to be of low quality. Well at least I am happy about every new post and read every new post.
To get into it is one thing but the activity is another thing. Having threads that go back for years show that. Anyway glad that it didn't turn you away!
I am confident that sei will uphold this place as long as possible and defend it as hard as possible but yes let's enjoy our time together. I am glad to be here and I am also glad that you are here too, sushi.


This show made me cry more times than I'm willing to admit.


File: 1606520408396.jpeg (29.51 KB, 701x438, images (6).jpeg)

Goodnight sushi
I had a lot of fun with this anime recently. Ended up talking to dad about his times on fliperama but seems he played mostly pinball machines. I used to go to those places as a teenager for the games where you point the gun at the screen or metal slug


File: 1606592895657.png (541.46 KB, 520x780, ClipboardImage.png)

>I gave my finger the french royalty treatment while making potatoe chips with a mandolin.
For a brief moment I tried to visualise you cutting yourself with pic related. I didn't actually know that mandolin, besides being an instrument, also refers to a slicing device. Sushi taught me something new today!


File: 1606593483932.png (90.02 KB, 510x510, 1603266750830.png)

Really considering dropping 3/4 of my current "friendships", but then again, I'm afraid of finding new people to connect to.
I feel as if to everyone I'm this boring, too quiet person. Maybe I am.


Just try to focus on what makes you happy sushi roll. It's hard to meet people, sure, but it's also hard to maintain a lot of friends/contacts/whatever if you aren't the social butterfly type. You gotta look out for #1. Also, just judging by how common it is for people to be self conscious about such things, I'm sure you aren't as boring as you think.


File: 1606603876138.png (989.53 KB, 1280x720, 1412266733926.png)

What I more meant was that I'm boring to most normalpeople. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I'm not talkative. I have obscure interests that a "normalfren" wouldn't care for.


Join some clubs for those interests and you'll find some friends.

You shouldn't care what other people think of you, if they find you intersting enough to spend time with then you're interesting enough for them, and that's what matters.


Where do you find those clubs though?


Well what are your interests? Searching for things locally with the internet is a good bet but it will really depend on where you live and how niche your interest is.


File: 1606611640600.jpg (133.3 KB, 504x493, 1601808493704-pol.jpg)

I can't say that clearly. I like Morphine (the band), sometimes I like pondering a lot about stuff that doesn't need it, I'd love to get into drawing but I attempted once and Loomis kinda filtered me. Sometimes I pick up the guitar and try to learn a thing or two, used to go to a music conservatory so I have a lot of music that doesn't exist playing in my head. Though I cannot say clearly which are my interests.
I'd like to learn how to draw and speak Japanese but doing those alone feel like a daunting task. I want to learn with people.


I'm visiting family for the holidays. It's nice to be back home and seeing everyone after so long. My parents got me some books as a gift, one of poetry and one of Lovecraft stories, it'll be interesting to read them.


File: 1606622167777.jpg (14.81 KB, 235x193, oldie but goodie.jpg)

Visited family for thanksgiving. The most amusing part was watching my mom, an in-law immigrant, debate my aunt, an average American, over parenting. My favorite interaction was over child phone use. Keep in mind the kid they're talking about goes to college, but stays with my aunt because dorms are to pricey.
My aunts
>I want him to use their phones less, but since he's grown I can't really control him. It's his choice now.
Vs. my moms
>He still lives in your house. You own him till he move's out and gets married
Also was fun watching my aunt wrap her mind around why my retired grandpa optionally chooses to wake up at 6:30 AM everyday.


File: 1606626467743.jpg (101.03 KB, 609x551, 358cefecfd0f07186fe212be71….jpg)

i think you'd be surprised how many people are similar. lots of people don't drink, smoke, etc. with one of those people being myself, believe it or not
obscure hobbies are the very thing that can establish new friendships, and searching for outlets that focus on a niche hobby is a great way to get settled better with people

maybe "micro" was inaccurate, but relatively speaking it's far smaller than most of the imageboards i've visited

i'll admit i pulled this from my reaction folder so i don't know which anime it is but being that >>9636 posted a clip of it, what's the name?


File: 1606635756786.gif (1022.31 KB, 500x281, turtleneck.gif)

It's Tamayura, it made me cry a lot too. If you haven't watched it, that means you didn't understand my "nano de" joke…


File: 1606644790255.png (250.31 KB, 344x491, ClipboardImage.png)

currently looking into it, might watch it on my lunch break at work tomorrow
thanks sushi


File: 1606648519483.png (145.56 KB, 703x249, 1598864886627.png)

>i think you'd be surprised how many people are similar. lots of people don't drink, smoke, etc. with one of those people being myself, believe it or not
obscure hobbies are the very thing that can establish new friendships, and searching for outlets that focus on a niche hobby is a great way to get settled better with people

Maybe you're right sushi. It's just that my whole life I've been surrounded by normalfrens (all my former/current friends are sort of, if not all normalfrens, with a few exceptions) and I've never really related to them outside of our mutual interests, like vidya.


I guess you should ask yourself what you want from a friendship. Are you satisfied with having a lot of them? Do you want fewer but deeper friendships? Do you want or even need a lot of social interaction? When do you consider someone a friend?
When the only thing you can relate to with them is vidya then I understand why you want to cut contacts with them. Maybe you don't even like the same vidya? On the other hand you could just meet them less?


>Are you satisfied with having a lot of them?
No, I've never been the one to have many friends. I do prefer having less, but more meaningful relationships
>Do you want or even need a lot of social interaction?
No, I can go days without talking to anyone.
>When do you consider someone a friend?
When they know me good enough on a personal level and vice versa. I can't explain it easily through text.
>On the other hand you could just meet them less?
The main reason I want to cut contact with them is that I'm tired of being treated as a piece of shit. It took me quite some time to realize that they do it and it's sort of bittersweet. It wouldn't be even that hard, since 3/4 of my friend circle is online.


Sorry, bittersweet was a wrong word. It just feels awful to "hang out" with them, when I know they don't think me of me that highly and shit on me on every step possible.


Those "friendships" are best to drop them completely. I did it, amd I am only glad I did.


I would cut them out of your life. It sounds very harmful to you. You are not supposed to feel bad when spending time with friends. I dare to say they aren't friends at all.


I miss samachan. Though I never posted there I loved reading the posts there as first thing in the morning. /otaku/ just doesn’t have the same feeling…


Just post.


It's missing icicle spam.
We need icicle spam.


File: 1606732224997.png (14.26 KB, 128x122, pe.png)

had a slight panic attack today about finances and make the kneejerk decision to call out of work
my boss didn't sound happy at all because i told him i felt nauseous, following a three day weekend due to holidays, which means it became a four day weekend

i feel even more anxious and i dread going to work tomorrow because i fear i'm going to have a stern talking about it, later on in my future evaluations if not tomorrow

wish me luck sushis


File: 1606737632945.png (1.35 MB, 1413x975, chuckles.png)



I got soaked by the rain as my ship came into port, my pants are wet but my sweater is dry and my shift doesn't end for an hour and a half.


That's every sunday for me. Back hurts like hell due to falling asleep drunk on the sofa.


I need to cut down on my interests. I was supposed to finish a chinese book by today and I'm still 2 1/2 lessons behind. I haven't had the motivation for it this week and that makes me feel guilty.
I get sidetracked so very often. I can certainly see a pattern of self-sabotage here. But I can't seem to figure out the solution to it!
There is a sort of yin-yang opposition here where I want to focus on one thing and git gud at it but after a while at it I get tired and need something else. Problem is, if I have two topics in front of me it is very distracting because I feel pressured to read them both. I too feel that if I interrupt the flow of ideas in one thread I will forget a lot of details, and it happens often that in taking back a topic I do remember the outline but forget some details and especially the names of minor components, which make it hard to keep reading on.
Sorry for the blog post. I just needed to express this and hopefully sort it out too.



File: 1606788692344-0.png (10.38 KB, 395x274, error2.PNG)

File: 1606788692344-1.png (7.43 KB, 259x230, error.PNG)

Is it me or cleverbot has gotten more stupid? I remember a few years ago it could hold a basic conversation, but now it can barely even reply. It's older cousin Chomsky is some how more readable.

After playing around with cleverbot and other bots a bit I realized they're fully capable of replicating online interaction. Talking to them like they're actual humans shows that they're robots, but the internet with looser grammar and a lot more "Did they really understand what I said before replying?" shit you could see them as the average internet poster. Pretty obvious, but the main surprise is how easy it was. Chomsky can fit in as an average reddit commentator, but it's 5-7 years old and made by 20 randos.

A big company could have easily made a bot that can interact with people to spam their product by now. Pretty obvious, but I didn't realize how much a bot could fit in or how little effort it took


You should look into GPT-3 and the like. AI developers have really made some advances in human-like communication. Though, learning about things like this pushes me away from large social media sites entirely since there is a possibility it's just populated by advertising bots.


omg don't say this, I suddenly thought of the future being predominantly populated by advertising bots, "influencers" replaced by them, "content creators" replaced by them etc.


Being with family always brings with it a bit of sadness late at night at my relative level of success compared to all of them. My parents were married with kids at my age, my cousins have careers and fiances, but in many ways I'm the same old me I was in high-school. It's only really times like this that I ever think about it. Living away from home I exist in a pretty content state of loser-ness, but it does makes me wonder if I wouldn't be happier overall if I ever did something with myself.


File: 1606819976833.png (27.16 KB, 666x842, ClipboardImage.png)

I always retort to mitsuku when I really need an AI to talk with, scares me that flash will kill the best version of her and will be unrecoverable


If you are satisfied for the rest of the year then you shouldn't let this bother you the few days you see them.
Don't ruin your life with what ifs sushi.


File: 1606831552739.jpg (381.68 KB, 1920x1080, 5936B6BCE97D45852B0F94BF68….jpg)

sushi roll is having a shot at AoC this year as even a novice programmer but he'll try his best!


Good stuff, using what lang?
Also for sushis who might´ve not heard of it, AoC = Advent of Code, advent calendar of programming problem exercises


I feel useless and I'll probably continue being useless for the future.


Which one of you is this?


File: 1606860341078.jpg (78.58 KB, 427x485, gi rorororo.jpg)



Has anyone played Sengoku Rance? I thought it was just one game but apparently it's a franchise, where should I start with it?


File: 1606866819920.png (106.24 KB, 1123x282, yahoo.PNG)

Aristotle's problems, a book of questions Aristotle got asked and the answers he gave, was the Yahoo questions of it's time. Not pictured is "Why don't humans have manes?" and "Why is it difficult to have sex under water?"


Rance is a franchise, sengoku rance is one game. I'd play Sengoku honestly, the other games aren't great game-wise in my opinion while Sengoku Rance is actually a really good strategy game in its own right.


Any maritime otaku here?
How many boatswains were on a typical naval ship? Like WWI or WWII era, but happy for info on age of sail instead (prefer 19th century though).

Was it just the one bosun? Or were there many?
Sorry if this is a dumb and obvious question.


first time here, seems comfy enough. think I'll stay awhile.


Little pieces of history like this show that people in the past weren't all that different from us.


I stripped the screw to the back cover of my laptop. Going to have to drill it since the super glue/rubber band/aluminum foil trick isn't working. At least this will be a memorable teaching experience for me NOT to strip the screw head. Gah! I hope you're having more luck than me today, sushi.


File: 1606954169049.png (117.54 KB, 622x372, yum.PNG)

My local store has started selling caffeinated chocolate, chocolate squares with the equivalent of 1 cup of caffeine in them, and I know it's a tragedy waiting to happen. The company made the decision of having the caffeinated text be rather small and the listing of MG on the back so I know most people will just think it's normal chocolate. Someone will just not read the "180 mg of caffeine!" label or not be able to spaciously recognize 1 bar = 1 cup and they'll eat one to many. The chocolates are animal cracker size so most people wont be satisfied with 1 block and they'll probably eat 20 at once.
Some poor dude who didn't read the label is probably confused why they feel so hyper all of the sudden.


File: 1606962994872.png (37.83 KB, 400x400, 85800179_p10.png)

i like anime


That's no good sushi! You should buy and eat all the chocolate before someone becomes a victim!


i read that as "carbonated chocolate" at first and thought "that sounds rad wtf you talking about"


maybe anime likes you too, sushi


I feel like if someone made that you probably wouldn't really be able to feel the texture of the carbonation, so it'd really just be less chocolate.


Fizzy confectionery is made by adding something that will react with the water in your saliva to create carbon dioxide right inside your cakehole. It's not carbonated beforehand; the carbonation occurs in your mouthy bits!!!


i was thinking of was like chocolate filled with non-fruit-flavored poprocks


Has anyone noticed that you can't browse pixiv artists anymore? Like if you click a user you don't see their artwork previewed anymore. Or is that just me?


You might need to adjust your ad blocker if you have one.
You can quickly test by just turning it off and refreshing.

I think pixiv kinda requires an account now to browse too, that's what my fren said but idk, it seems to display fine without logging in, maybe it hides lewds.


Adblock what the fuck
I have an account, you need one to look at lewds, but I didn't think adblock would do anything


just vibing in self isolation
got homework to do, hate it because doing homework at home suckssss
been watching a little anime recently, last one i watched was samurai champloo which i gave a 9
gimme recs if you want, i'll accept them on my throwaway email enclosed

true as fuck


File: 1607112810016.png (153.43 KB, 547x600, 2b7c39620afaf155bd559d1bbf….png)

pls no bully
some adblocks can break websites yes but I haven't seen that happening with, for example, ublock origin.


My wife Chino is so cute


I'm using that actually
I'm pretty sure this is just a change on pixiv, I turned it off and nothing happened. No idea. Can you still see artist works in their profile?


not that chino, but i use ublock origin and pixiv wasn't displaying works in artist profiles until I turned it off and refreshed.


Got a new phone, but for some reason that made me feel like I lost someone, melancholic.
Strange sensation.


I can still see all the works on an artist's profile, but I'm on mobile at the moment and using a less powerful adblocker than unlock Origin.


File: 1607192753092.jpg (23.56 KB, 828x761, Kzu7Tyx.jpg)

Was feeling a bit sad, but this board helps me feel a lil bit.


File: 1607210411549.gif (1.3 MB, 500x278, Bad-web-page.gif)

Wonder what the future of web/app design will be. Most unique website design were made by the web 2.0 hobby blogger crowd that just wanted to have fun or make something cool. This contrasts to the current webscape which is controlled by big corporations that just want users to stay on for a long time so they cans serve them ads. The more specific goal of the current web means sites try to emulate other sites or what studies reveal is a 'good', addicting, site.
Apps adopting or shifting to neon eye catching notifications, aggressive push updates, and infinite scrolling is an example. The web version of copy cating is the rise of showing recommended tweets/videos/etc on the side of the screen or actively boosting inflammatory content, tweet replies are sorted by most replies and not likes as an example. Most of whats seen as 'ubiquitous' web design aspects were only introduced in the last 5-10 years, albeit this is long for something to exist on the internet, when making money online became a goal. Compared to the old forums and sites of yester year current sites are just slightly recolored clones
I can only wonder if in 20 years companies will find the platonic ideal of a site and every one of their design will be completely identical. The only way to tell the difference between sites in the future would be the URL.


File: 1607375755699.jpg (26.42 KB, 564x663, smug.jpg)

>sushi roll your code if a mess with to many redundant if/and statements along with messy syntax
>But due to you following the rubric you have an 98


File: 1607462828576.png (1.09 MB, 640x853, 1j3swgejddl51.png)

That reminds me that I should work on an assignment right now… but it is so easy why should I work on it RIGHT now, ya know? I could sleep instead…


this is how I got through college


It took a full 8hrs to do my first project for school today. I feel kinda crushed. I really thought I had a good understanding of the material (HTML and CSS) but it just wasnt doing what I thought it should do. Its frustrating also my school has barely taught me anything and practically told us "go research on your own".

I was in a bunch of calls with other students all getting confused over why our stuff wouldnt work. I guess I just need more practice. I had no idea it was going to take me that long either.


File: 1607514314287.jpg (36.66 KB, 400x400, cirno.jpg)

Doing a platformer in Godot after already doing a target practise thing on it. I don't truly know what to do though, I kinda have an idea for an RPG but it seems too ambitious and I still don't think I'm skilled enough to go for it.
I also thought of doing a fangame of an RPG Maker game I really like but due to getting into Godot I don't know if I should make it in RPG Maker or if I should translate everything to Godot.


Well all that is only natural. As a passive receiver you fall under the illusion of understanding. To make it really stick you have to solve problems, in programming this means research. Forgot how to do a thing? As a programmer you'll face this often and you gotta look it up. Plan what you need to do, try things and look up needed info. And that's how you learn.
That's why math books are filled with excercises, they really are the core of the book, the text is there as a sort of background information to get you started.
Perhaps you should start with godot so you get used to the tool and learn how to do things (outside of just reading the docs, see above) in it before you start an ambitious project. It shouldn't be too hard.

You can do it sushies! So do it!


If it helps, my experience with designing a personal website was that it took way longer than I predicted. Lots of fiddling with CSS parameters and flipping back to the browser to see what changed, then back to fiddling when, inevitably, it still didn't look how I wanted.


Thanks for the kind words. Part of the issue was it was my first real build. I had done work before but this was my first time marking up and styling an entire page completely on my own. I also messed up early on and didnt catch the issues until late when I didnt really have enough time to start over and fix it.

Im on another project today already, and while I still think it will take me a long time im much more organized and I have a solid plan of what to do. I was even enjoying working on it which is a very good thing. Im building a website that will house all of my projects later down the road.


File: 1607617768917.jpg (151.55 KB, 850x850, __original_drawn_by_tanto_….jpg)

If my brothers school goes back into person they are going to legit catch every cheater or at least have a few raised eyebrows. His school stretches classes over 2 semesters so if they go irl in the second semester a very real grade discrepancy will be found. The most obvious example is Spanish class. The questions are easy to find online and if no one can find them they just use google translate. 70% have an A in the class and the rest just have 20% because they do jack. Once the kids go back in class and no longer have google the classes grades are gonna slam down. Kids who didn't learn everything in the first semester combined with the worlds worst Spanish teacher, I had her and she was rather weak when it came to teaching.


>if no one can find them they just use google translate
If the teacher seriously doesn't realize when students are using google translate, then that already tells me she's a terrible Spanish teacher.


It's not too tricky to use google translate well, as long as you know its limits and capabilities. If you combine it with other tools, it can be quite useful, especially if you have the time to go over and double check your work.

I once used a mix of google translate, an online dictionary (tangorin), and my own basic understanding of japanese grammar to send some messages to someone. He revealed he had a good grasp of english so i stopped bothering with the japanese. When we met up later, he introduced me to his friend saying that I "could speak Japanese very well", but I really, truly couldn't - it took me hours to write those first few messages…

So it works, but you just need to be careful!!


Someone trying to cheat on their Spanish homework wouldn't bother doing that though. It requires time and effort, it requires a good enough understanding of the language to recognize and correct errors, and it requires reading and understanding the translator's output in order to find the errors. I'd argue that if someone did that for their Spanish homework, then it would count as studying, not cheating.


Its because she speaks zero Spanish. Sounds insane, but my state has an insane teacher shortage and requires kids to take Spanish to graduate. Most of the class is a premade digital learning system that automatically grades multiple choice tests. For open response, aka Google translate questions, the teacher just checks if you did it. Once the teacher starts watching students behind their backs she is going to notice a lot of cheating


If she doesn't speak spanish, then it's just natural that her students don't, don't care to, and actively have to cheat in order to get their grade.
It's just like having math-illiterate teachers teaching math. As happens 90% of the time.


Productive day today.


>has teacher shortage
>adds useless required classes to the curriculum
The blind are truly leading the blind.


Woke up feeling guilty and restless. I feel bad for the people who were so nice to me in this discord community I joined recently. I couldn't be friendly to them in return. Instead I acted tough and tried to be funny. I hope they'll forgive me one day. For now I'll face my real life problems and become a better person.


Today is my one day off this week, and I have a bunch of work stuff to do to hand a team off to someone else. I managed to get a bit done earlier, and will be getting more done later. A bunch of stuff at work has changed and I have been stressed out about it, but I have started doing something I never really did before: pray. For some reason that seems to get me focused and productive for a bit (which is good, because normally I am stressed, scattered, and always in a rush because I am behind in some fashion because I can’t focus). I am going to try to see if this helps in other bits of my life or not because fuck I need it.


RPG Maker absolutely if you want to make an RPG game.

Its its too ambitious, then lower the bar of what you want in your platformer and then work your way back up to where you want to be. Rome wasn't built in a day and no man is born a painter.

Please share platformer idea sushi.


Lord be with thee sushi.


File: 1607835073694.png (239 B, 32x32, idle.png)

Well, not platformer, I was doing that so I could understand how godot works.
The RPG I'd rather save it for myself. The combat is what makes me think RPG Maker would be very limited with. I want to do something similar to Undertale.
What I should do now is a comfy simulator. It's just you in your room fooling around, you can interact with a guitar, use your computer, and go to bed! I lack the artistic skills so I decided to make the character a ball I've seen somewhere else. Really wish I could get into drawing but I don't understand gesture, makes me feel I'm doing something wrong and that I need to do it with someone else, like a teacher


What engine you use for the NEET simulator?

RPG Maker's events and triggers and stuff are very easy to pick up and play with. I remember making a silly little town in RPG Maker XP(?) or something. There was a little sword fight I put in, jumping around, play SFX, flash the screen. Didn't need to look it up, it was quite intuitive.

I got a copy of Game Maker 2. When I first got it I was very eager to start, but there were very few tutorials and resources and stuff at the time since it was very new and that discouraged me a lot. There's probably many more now but now I lost all motivation. I'll boot it up again one day~


File: 1607863727123.png (78.29 KB, 465x345, 1578984726655.png)

I originally wanted to do it in RPG Maker, since you have most of the assets and was suggested as an idea when I first bought it. I'm doing it in Godot though, since I want to apply the knowledge I got to this point there.


Productive today.


>No politics
>No division


File: 1607969554079.jpg (132.63 KB, 850x637, huh.jpg)

I think my teacher just gave up on grading? I'm the sushi roll who posted about their teacher being really late with grades and now that they're back I'm super confused.
I got an A even though I left the final quiz, 15% of the grade, half done and the final project, 25% of the grade, was done in 3 hours when it was meant to be 3 weeks (Super lazy I know). I think he under estimated how long it would take to grade and put some badly thought out deadlines. He put the final project due date 2 days before grades were due and I'm assuming he thought people would slowly turn the final project in before the deadline. What happened was everyone turned their project in at once. He figured out pretty quick you can't complexly grade 200 final projects in 2 days and just started skimming them.
Not complaining, but I'm more curious how something like that could have happened


Cleaned my room, sorting a ton of books, notes, papers and electronics, uncovering a desk in the process.

I assume your teacher is involved with research/entrepreneurism. In my experience, those always half-ass evaluation (if not the whole process), for better and worse.


File: 1607987426509.png (2.65 MB, 1125x1600, 13-d8faeca00f7b254bc786417….png)

If your teacher is a research professor, then they are probably pretty busy. Anything that deals with undergraduate students are usually a second (or third) priority to them because what guarantees they keep their job is research. Also, I think most people become a professor because they love doing research first and foremost anyway.


Most of those types have TAs to do the grading
Source: does the freshman grading for my lazy bum of a uni prof sister.


Depends on the course/subject as I've had that happen and then next year it's the same teacher but they're definitely more involved in the process of not giving a damn.

More importantly, is your sister hot and single?


Yes and I guess? Are you that sushi roll who wants to bang my sister again


is there some kind of oneesan sexring being run on sushi??


File: 1608037262494.jpg (261.9 KB, 1280x720, shot1043.jpg)

I am continuously offended by your judgement of my character. I am fully intent to meet, court, love and marry your smoking hot sexy ice queen older sister. The mind-blowing east-meets-west SEX marathon that'll birth twins comes later.


File: 1608162737474.jpg (53.17 KB, 750x618, yeehaw.jpg)

>A show about country hicks this seems funny
>tfw it takes place in my state
>tfw their family dynamic is like mine
>tfw when the characters have the exact same vacation location as me

I live in NC and the show Bless the harts for those curious. I thought I'd be immune because NC was the moth northern of the southern states and I lived closer to the big cities. The producer grew up in NC so that most likely explains why it's all so familiar





I love the onee-san type. Where can I place a order?


For some reason everyone on youtube has been ranting and raving about some kind of pandemic or something going around since september. What's going on sushis? I rarely leave my room or listen to news, no idea what's been going on. They're pretty cryptic about it, is it not ok to talk about it?


If you speak too much about it, THEY will get you! Be careful, sushi!


File: 1608266329109.png (115.88 KB, 740x324, wonder_woman_1984.png)

They're talking about the biggest viral sensation of 2020.
…since September?


W-who are they?

Is it supposed to be a meme I'm just not getting?


Shhh, sushi. THEY are THEM.


File: 1608314387234.jpg (110.66 KB, 520x833, __seiryuu_futaba_channel_a….jpg)

I feel sorry for the doctor who has to deal with you once the state mandated cure comes out tomorrow

Anyhow youtubers are dancing around it because they get demonatized when they talk about "it". Anyhow shush sushi roll before they find us. They already took one of us


kawaii dragon maid desu!

So this is like ligma? If it's real I'll find out by next febuary when I've made enough neet bux to visit a doctor and find out what's going on.


Sushi roll this is very strange but I'm going to assume you're not joking okay? For more than a year there has been a global pandemic called covid-19 or coronavirus that kills lots of old people and fat people and every country has been changing the laws about whether you're allowed to go outside and when and who you can see every week to try and juggle killing less people with making people less suicidal and everyone keeps losing their jobs and education and can't buy food anymore and every couple of months there's a big panic and people start fighting each other for groceries and guns. She likes beer and is very cute.


Not very productive today. However, MILESTONE REACHED.


What kind of milestone?


> very strange
Forgive me but I live under a rock and rarely if ever talk with anyone or leave my room. The longest I've gone without contacting the outside world was 3 years but I decided that I would force myself to get an update every 6 months or so after I missed 9/11.

> every contry has been making laws about when you can or cannot leave

Now it makes sense why it took so long for me to catch on. These laws never affected me, so its like nothing changed.

> anime mascot

she is indeed a cute!

neato, what milestone did you pass?


File: 1608391805264.jpg (306.6 KB, 1068x1199, 1590190336582.jpg)

I find it ridiculous that a meme-character that only was relevant for the first part of the year made me get my life back on its tracks again. Wish there was christmas themed art of her but nobody cares now.


File: 1608403349634.jpg (143.35 KB, 1080x1080, 4h1ugwwlgzz51.jpg)

Wow, so you've been a shut in since before I was born. I'm surprised whoever takes care of you hasn't mentioned it, this is far bigger than 9/11 although I admit the worst part for me has been not being able to order a cd from japan. Sorry if I'm out of line but imo if you did want to learn to leave the house again now would be the perfect time since so many people are scared to go out so there would be very few of them, and if there is anyone they won't approach you for the same reason. It's now normal to wear a face mask in public like it is in japan so you can hide your face if you want. Just make sure to stay safe and take some hand sanitiser with you to keep corona-chan at bay!


Productive day this time.

That's classified.


I'm making some chili. I've been pretty isolated because of Corona. I find it hard to make lasting relationships with people because I end up messing things up because I have a tendency to be combative over things. I understand that I do this and try to control it, but I basically have a physiological angry reaction when people try power plays in social groups. If I try to restrain myself, I look visibly distressed.




File: 1608481123460.jpg (116.24 KB, 400x600, __kiriha_tsugumomo_drawn_b….jpg)

Today I moved out of parent's place permanently. I'm just done with settling in the new place, it's in the outskirts of a smaller city so there's virtually no noise and air pollution. The air smells really nice!

I'm not heading to university or getting a job yet, but I have a big exam coming up and so I'll be a bookworm hikikomori for some months studying for the big boss! My only escapade will be the movie night in the new year's eve. I'll be drinking and marathoning PMMM trilogy.


20th December and still no snow :(
Have fun sushi roll!


Cleaned out my closet today.Got rid of a chest full worth of clothes, but it wasnt that bad. What happened was I just stopped growing at a young age and never cleaned my closet, so I had twenty kids t-shirts that kind of fit. Getting rid of them was a no brainer.
The hardest part was clsoed I felt meh on. If I got rid of them I would only have 3-4 shirts left. I'll probally dump them once I get new shirts


You're writing an OS


What's the best way to remove embarrassing memories from my head at 3AM?




Binge Eating!


>so I had twenty kids t-shirts that kind of fit

Are you sure you didn't simply put on a little weight since then? I have found in the past that 8lbs of fat really do make a difference.


Create something. Personally, I've found that opening up some game engine like Godot or Pico-8 and just trying to make some crappy little game tends to help me a lot when my mind is stuck in a loop of upsetting thoughts or memories. Alternatively, play a difficult video game that forces you to focus and distracts you from whatever you were thinking about.

If all else fails, see >>9975


File: 1608638465011.png (66.93 KB, 504x504, octopuse.png)

grr, this is just brazing your metal heart where a weld should be!!
you have to focus on harmonizing your thoughts and feelings with who you are now and who you were in the past, then you won't ever feel this turmoil again. you should be able to look into your memories, recognize that they were embarrassing for a time, and understand their place in your story.

I want you to smile when you think of these memories next time. You owe yourself this.


File: 1608652336144.jpg (56.87 KB, 564x564, edfc20ecb021faf34bcb30d668….jpg)

Going to go thrift shopping for the first time today. Kind of worried because it's become mainstream now so all the big cities have slim pickings. I live in the midwest which people says has 'good finds', but I also live near the city which people say has bad finds.

The only reason why I'm thrifting is because clothes are way to expensive. In my area the stores are basic "Khakis and polos" or in the mall and crazy over priced. I few Kohl and TjMaxxs, but I've sweeped through them

I'm mostly thinking about this because it's the first time I'm shopping for myself. Somehow I've managed to live off of off clothes my parents bought and birthday gifts all these years.


The stoned teenagers at the burger joint got my order wrong again but also gave me three times as much food as I paid for. I guess I won't complain this time…


Merry Christmas, sushis! ^v^


File: 1608812599726.jpg (86.49 KB, 700x990, d72a66a6d67bbddfeba636440c….jpg)

It's still christmas eve for me but have a good one sushi roll!


Oh, we just celebrate on Christmas Eve here.


File: 1608826415911.gif (5.03 KB, 100x100, digicharat04.gif)

10 000 posts on lounge!


Productive on christmas too.


Merry Christmas sushis! Love you all.
I may be an adult with my own place now, but going to bed on Christmas eve at my family's house still fills me with excitement.


I love the nyo girl


Exact same situation as you. Enjoy your night.


I'm so glad this day is over


Merry christmas Sushi-tachi! Hope you have a good one!


File: 1608923986378.png (2 MB, 1920x1080, smoll yunochi.png)

I am rewatching Hidamari Sketch and I have completly forgotten how petite Yuno is, so cute.




Did you guys get anything cool for christmas? I got a takoyaki pan, a cool knife, and a cute stuffed animal.
Thank you thank you, I very much did. Hope you did as well.


Was anyone else not willing to risk travel for Christmas? It's the first time my family hasn't gotten together.


File: 1608958015236.jpg (1.64 MB, 1300x1873, EqHOaXBU0AA2OZk.jpg)

Merry christmas! PHew! Just in time before 26.
My whole family didn't travel this year to celebrate. Instead, we all got on Skype and had a party on there. Now I remember why I quit Skype. It was really fun nonetheless. Lots of talking and eating our own things was had.


Cute cute cute comic
I only saw my immediate family, everyone else was through a video call. Usually we have big get togethers.


Got a spice carousel and pestle and mortar which I'm very excited about. Takoyaki pan is cool, would love to see you post pictures of your cooking!

Happy holidays sushis


A late merry christmas to you all!


File: 1609011999007.png (73.75 KB, 1315x173, heh.png)

The first "reject modernity, return to tradition"?


File: 1609301606658.png (138.13 KB, 1031x720, maymay.PNG)

still browsing sama in almost 2021
I'm a bit late but merry christmas sushis!


File: 1609302918698.png (1.21 MB, 800x6550, Ultimate SamaShowdown.png)

I miss it so much


File: 1609304452769.png (838.27 KB, 1420x779, 1585316094221.png)

Many good times were had…
I don't even remember the context of this one but it made me laugh
Takoyaki pan couldn't fit in my suitcase back home, so it's gonna have to get shipped. When it arrives I will post my cooking for sure though! On a similar note I also got a rolled omelet pan which is pretty cool. I might try to make sweet rolled omelet soon.


I never used sama but posts like this have this sort of melancholy.


Just a little more, and 2020 will be over guys, it's right on the corner.


I really hope things go better, both for the world at large and for me personally. I feel like I've mellowed out a little bit and am having less severe episodes than I used to, but on the other hand I'm still quite depressed and did shockingly little with my life this year. Almost like my relaxed mental state was just me being put in stasis for 12 months. I'm optimistic that I can make more progress on myself in the coming year though, so here's to that.


Personally I also did grow a lot, but it's just the state of the world that makes me say this year just keeps on giving even at its last legs.


File: 1609330886111.png (206.76 KB, 700x700, __wriggle_nightbug_touhou_….png)

Would Sushi be interested in doing some community streams like this? I know it's been done in the past here. I could set it all up fairly easily if even just a few would enjoy watching with me.


Yeah, we could do it for new years even.


File: 1609340748251.png (79.06 KB, 1076x561, 1577781490815.png)

I miss it just a tad.


File: 1609353416225.jpg (110.65 KB, 1000x984, 1609265343924.jpg)

Of course. I'll be surviving on mobile data for a couple of months though so I might not be able to participate right away.


File: 1609361987643.png (546.66 KB, 477x672, 345.PNG)


I found this thread first time
I also found this messagebaord yesterday
to me, finding obscure social circles online is interesting as an observer at least, which is why i look for random website like this one


File: 1609368557153.jpg (69.51 KB, 883x720, 1547806079708.jpg)

Well alright, it's a plan then! Unfortunately I'm busy on new years, but I've made a thread on /otaku/ so I can get some feedback on what time works best for people as well as some ideas for what to watch.


File: 1609376794621.png (548.4 KB, 1000x800, ca6db382a6aec76b7e3211b5e7….png)

at 2 weeks sober i generally drink again because i feel physically and mentally stable again but also extremely bored at that point

unfortunately giving up alcohol is only part of it, it doesn't correct the underlying reasons, but i will keep going this time regardless


happy new year, sushis. I just found this site. pretty /comfy/ if you ask me


you hab a good one too bro


File: 1609434908403.jpg (79.09 KB, 959x527, 775f9af4c57af71a22e15c6fe3….jpg)

Playing FFXV and I'm almost done and jesus christ this game got depressing. I just wanted a fun little open world rpg, but now it's a greek tier tragedy. The game did have the sad undertones at the start though so I shouldn't be surprised.



At the shrine…




i got it from the steam sale and am playing it right now, i like it so far even if the parrying system is kind of hard for my feeble brain


hapy nu yer


File: 1609517788828.jpg (50.66 KB, 1000x750, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

H-hwpy mew yr


File: 1609586166347.jpg (517.1 KB, 1280x1024, cdf9a94c5c8a29a3ff7308af61….jpg)

Happy (late) new year everyone!
Make it a good one!


File: 1609590016557.jpg (1.79 MB, 3648x2736, stars.jpg)

For some reason I feel like the world is getting smaller and smaller, I miss feeling like everyone is moving forward while I'm standing still and just watching.
Happy new year everyone!


File: 1609666032797.swf (3.25 MB, flashisdead.swf)

I don't remember if we have a Flash thread or not but here's Homestar Runner on Flash's death


Damnit sushi roll, you really worried me for a second


File: 1609710067787.jpg (18.3 KB, 564x393, d8bc87fdc63f31532973d0231a….jpg)

Went through my old files and found a txt note with 4-5 giant, averaging 10 to 20 gb, book megalinks I found on /lit/ a long time ago. I'm pretty hyped. Main reason I want to use it is that I have a bad problem of reading a book, but getting distracted by the mentions,Ex: "In x's thesis" makes me feel like I have to read his thesis. By having my own 10 gb, books are small so thats 2000+ pdfs, library I can safely block all other book downloading methods, the main cause of my distraction.
I finally kicked my social media addiction too so I hope to read a lot this year.


hi there


I've had issue pulling myself to use and check discord servers, so I'm trying out irc to see if it is more comfortable to me.


File: 1609837417644.png (420.09 KB, 700x653, 1609515377342.png)

I made a lot of money today, and also bought a new gun. Then I came home and made baked potatoes for supper. Now it's time to drink and relax until I sleep. Pretty good day.


lol @ https://sushigirl.us/hell/res/3212.html#3212 appearing right after I post >>10157


File: 1609849878501.png (714.04 KB, 877x715, gun.png)

Reminds me of this joke, the jokes americas 600 dollar stimulus might be replaced with a 2000. I think I should get a gun because my area has a lot of wild dogs, think dangerous pitbulls and the like, and some of the people are weird. I live in a southern hell hole so the gun laws are stupid easy, riffles no permit, handheld 8 hr permit, conceal and carry paper fill out.
The only backside to this my also has liberal a "gun noise complaints", aka none. Someone could be shooting blanks in the middle of midnight and you have no legal right to report them to the police.


File: 1609856896224.jpg (96.89 KB, 850x1133, __pepperoni_girls_und_panz….jpg)

Good morning sushi!
Today's thought is: girls in suits are nice
Exploding 2-liters of soda is a lot of fun. Remember to be safe around guns.


File: 1609861283117.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, very smoll yunocchi.png)

Even Sae's little sister is taller than Yuno, I can't handle this cuteness!
Miyako is great, I like her too but for me it's the Landlord or Yuno, hard to say which.


File: 1609874112451.jpg (410.11 KB, 858x623, reimu.jpg)

I've been doing effectively nothing except sleeping, eating, and looking at porn since my Winter Break started. There's alot I had planned, like trying to get ahead for Spring classes (by trying to self-study some of the material beforehand), getting back to studying Japanese, exercising, cooking more, applying for scholarships, but I feel such tremendous burnout from this Fall that I can't be assed to do pretty much any of it. I don't even want to think about school anymore.




hi there


File: 1610170702881.jpg (1.85 MB, 1447x2318, e680e705348cfda3c6b50ca736….jpg)

Sticking to my new years resolution is already getting tough, but I'm determined to do it!


File: 1610180566093.jpg (270.52 KB, 1280x827, boo.jpg)

Woke up, made some coffee and now I am munching on the almonds I forgot to take to the kitchen yesterday. This is a good morning.


What are you doing on the sushi, Kurisu?!


File: 1610193022919.jpg (70.6 KB, 735x900, 1595516588579.jpg)

hi some guy on biggest mogolian basket weaving website mention this site so I come to see what's it about


File: 1610199412649.png (221.02 KB, 295x475, rika.png)

Trying my hands at cooking so I don't just live off of instant meals forever as I've been doing. Also really into OMORI at the moment, it's so good.


Nice, I'm trying to cut takeout and frozen meals out of my diet myself. What are some favorite things you've cooked?


Currently I'm trying out some fried rice and noodle dishes. Very basic stuff. Buncha stuff on a pan in butter, really. It's good because it's very modular, you can improvise widely on these template foods, like fried rice or types of stir frys.

I'm going to look at soups next, because they're super cheap and also a bit lighter in calories. Biggest change here is that I'm actually buying vegetables, which is something I've never really done.

Really, anything's better than what I've been doing. Snacking through the day and all my foods requiring at most 5 minutes of prep. Plus I'm pretty sure I ate Burger King like 10 times last month.


How is life in Mongolia?


It's about comfy chatting and whatever you wanna discuss really


File: 1610236358372.jpg (159.7 KB, 1105x725, Hidamari Sketch x Hoshi Mi….jpg)

Yuno moment.


File: 1610249699729.jpg (19.5 KB, 474x315, arrow.jpg)

I misread the college app as "1,500 *word* limit" and not "*char*". Now my personal statements is twice as big as legally allowed.
On a positive note I know what my 'unique essay' will be. I'll do it on the the effective simplicity of ancient tribes. Like how the Bushman of africa use weak arrows coated in poison to kill game in one shot or how using sticks to record transactions was rather effective.


>Like how the Bushman of africa use weak arrows coated in poison to kill game in one shot
I think we've seen the same movie. It was fun.
>African history essay
Where do you get to know about african history? I used to be interested in it due to the sheer brutality surrounding africa, from Power figures of the kongo to necklacing to black magic involving animal sacrifices, but I don't think I know where to get the most out of it.


File: 1610326153285.jpg (50.18 KB, 442x456, tumblr_pdd6evvwOJ1xv4d87o3….jpg)

hello sushi, happy new year!
last year i passed all my college signatures, just 2 more year to become a phisiotherapist


I wonder how many more years it will be until I become something meaningful…


File: 1610338479496.png (532.27 KB, 752x1062, __wriggle_nightbug_touhou_….png)

I woke up today at around 5 o'clock, unsure of whether it was AM or PM. It's a strange feeling. (It was PM and now I feel bad for sleeping all day)


I am an accountant and can assure you that it does not get better simply because you have a degree and have suddently a lot of responsibility at work.


Oh yeah, if you study *math* at university and end up as an accountant, what a friggin' sledgehammer blow to the preconceived notions. "Where's all the cool stuff I studied in university? Where're my chain complexes?"

Life can be really boring, and it's sometimes really hard to 'grab it by the reigns'.


I love this picture so much…

Good luck sushi!


File: 1610383668807.png (2.09 MB, 1310x1786, 8-d2a2f54ea6ab8e4092db8610….png)

It's cold outside and I'm starting to feel lazy. Help me think of something sushis, I'm getting demotivated to do anything at all


File: 1610394456675.jpg (1.93 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_2243.JPG)

My cat, 'Lily', died today. She was fighting an aggressive colon cancer for 6 or so months that we discovered a week ago when it was already terminal. Please join me in saying farewell.

I'll always love you and remember the great times we had together. Bye kitty.


File: 1610399835240.jpg (200.54 KB, 1600x1200, IMG-20181204-WA0001.jpg)

I feel your loss, sushi. My cat died last June and I still think about her daily, she was sick too. Furthermore she was also black and white. Simply reading your post made my heart ache again.


That's a beautiful picture.
There's lots of things you can do, perhals make some hot chocolate and snug yourself up to play videagaem or read a bok.
Farewell Lily, may your soul rest in eternal bliss.


Farewell Lily. Rest in peace.


Sorry for your loss. Hope you're feeling alright and that Lily is at peace.


She sure was beautiful. See you space kitty, hope we can meet in the next life.





File: 1610860558272.jpg (166.58 KB, 1444x1444, f5gyz67w42741.jpg)

Just back home from a meet up with friends, I'm so happy to have a group of people to socialize with.

Tomorrow I'll study to my heart's content.


s o u l


Get to the chopper



Any cheap Sturmgewehr AUG 77 bullpups?


I prefer belt-fed RPD


Hello from 2022!



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