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File: 1605212026100.png (2.45 MB, 1156x1960, 29857c44-7246-4e62-92c8-aa….png)


I realized that I have no friends irl and like two online. I really can't fit in any discord server or anything, I don't know why. It feels weird and it makes me feel miserable, how do I make friends online?

Also today it's my wife Ann's bday, pic related


Feel exactly the same about discords, feels like being back in school with no way of getting into closed social circles. Sadly don't really have any tips. The friends I have I made by chance during social events and stuff, and even then I can trace back every single friend I have to meeting my ex GF in school. Just had luck being in the right place at the right time.

You could always try making a post in https://sushigirl.us/lounge/res/9187.html though


I feel very similarly. I have a few IRL friends but we rarely do anything, even less so with the virus. I've tried joining some discord servers but I could never 'join' them if you know what I mean. There aren't even really any websites I like anymore, all either died off/are slow or got unusable.

I recommend we do this and post contact info in this >>9187 thread. I posted mine there.


File: 1605286004606.png (282.14 KB, 872x632, Ann_Wink_Cut-in.png)

Thank you, I'll do that right now


The transition from being in school with the same people all day every day to being an adult and not having any IRL social interaction unless I seek it out gave me some serious whiplash. I also do most of my work alone or with minimal human contact so even if I was into workplace fraternization like some folks are that wouldn't work either. The idea of actively going and seek out friends through hobbies and gatherings and things still feels kind of alien, though it might have to do with being more used to talking to people sushi rollymously online, where through sheer numbers there're always compartmentalized swarms to interact with, whether or not that kind of thing is conducive to forming lasting friendships.


File: 1619765898862.jpg (107.41 KB, 504x504, alcohol.jpg)

hi op did you ever find friends?
i am in the same situation except i have 0 online friends too
i do have a family, but that's different


I wonder if you guys know that friends shape you. It can be like being in a relationship, and choosing the wrong partner can be hell.

I'm just pointing this out because I used to feel like this and then I realized, after trying to befriend people, that the majority of people aren't worth the time.


Furthermore, many are concerned more about how well the relationship is, what the relationship is, where the relationship is, where they each are, how each are, how many relationships one has, how alone but plenty their contacts are, how many people value you, how to make these people value you more, why don't I click as we-

But never is there a question on where you are going, why you need to be friends, what is bad about being alone, what interests me.

Most people aren't worth the time. Often they'll depress you.
I will concede that having a group that encourages each other and creates an interesting world together is valuable, but unlikely to find by posting your contact on some forum or sending status updates through IM.


File: 1706774755720.jpg (63.34 KB, 864x750, 20240207.jpg)

Meeting friends after a long day at work is always worth it!


File: 1707119444311-0.jpg (48.47 KB, 850x357, 20240204.jpg)

File: 1707119444311-1.jpg (91.57 KB, 695x956, 20240205.jpg)

Thank you for being a friend…


ok, schizo. Take your pills and post street fighter again.

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