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File: 1601667344082.png (327.21 KB, 960x563, 1596103280778.png)


What are the little things that make you happy?


File: 1601672465336.jpg (65.4 KB, 1200x630, korv2.jpg)

Mom's oven baked falukorv with spaghetti.


When it rains
Late night walks, feeling like you have the whole world to yourself
Hot drinks
Home baked bread and cakes
Pipe tobacco
Frying stuff in cast iron
Going to bed when you've just changed the sheets and also showered the same evening, so soft and fluffy
Spotting a fellow countryman on the nets, hey sushirulle >>9040


File: 1601722407516.jpg (1.56 MB, 4281x1894, IMG_7245.jpg)

Fancy cheese
Good beer or liquor
Late night drives on empty roads with good music
The feeling of sitting down and looking around your apartment after cleaning it
Arranging all my figures and plush in a nice way
Cooking or baking something delicious
Hiking to the summit of a mountain
Seeing loved ones after a long trip


Nothing, I'm dead inside.


The beginning of cool weather.
The smell of autumn.
A fresh morning.
A clear night sky.
The night under the full moon.
A good midday nap.
Gentle rain.
Warm sun that does not burn.
A clear spot under a dense canopy.
A good rest after a hard day's work.
The sounds of birds in the day and of cicadas at night.
A cat purring on my chest.


Hot tea on a chilly day and the pitter-patter of rain


seeing my cat yawn :)


getting ready is a pain, and packing up is a pain, but it's nice to be out on my paddleboard on the local bay at sunrise, with nobody else around for a kilometer in any direction


- Old RPG Maker Games
- Progressive House music
- Having tea with cookies
- Taking a midday nap
- V-tubers


Which prompts the question. Where the hololive thread at?


File: 1602292486251.jpg (83.61 KB, 850x958, 20201011.jpg)

Over here >>9077


There's an actual hololive thread at >>>/otaku/142/


File: 1602296726666.png (41.01 KB, 600x800, 71497490_p0.png)

hot cup of tea with honey, sweets (freshly baked pastries), the smell of fresh bread out the oven, synthesizers/drum machines, collecting cute merchandise, clear skies, obscure media, listening to acid techno, being appreciated


File: 1602406606536.jpg (100.01 KB, 630x900, 20201018.jpg)



Overcast skies
Avant-garde or unconventional music
Cute little girls
Picking up distant AM radio stations after dark
Dreams about people I haven't seen in years


Meeting a cat on walks. I love cats :3
Most run away though


Dark chocolate.
Good coffee.
The warmth and weight of blanket every morning.
The scent of her hair.
Hugs and cuddles.
Paper books.
Ginger tea.
Old architecture.
Stepping on yellow leaves in autumn and hearing that crunch.
Sitting on a bench in a park and listening to the trees around getting fondled by light wind.
Sitting in a distant chair in a cafe, having a coffee and reading a book, when it's raining outside.
Toasting marshmallows together.
Holding her tiny hand fully inside mine when we're going somewhere.
When my close people like something I've prepared (food or drink).
When she stands on her tiptoes to kiss me.



File: 1602942900002.png (1.09 MB, 1161x939, Skärmbild (8296).png)

When my mom buys a surprise dessert I really like.
Patting my cat every day.
Sitting by my window watching the sky.
Finding a clean sock pair.
Reading manga in the subway when there aren't many people.
Stumbling on a manga I end up really enjoying by accident.
Homemade hot cocoa!


File: 1603136058094.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, alisu.png)

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