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File: 1597190784820.gif (64.77 KB, 700x609, 1180553178237.gif)

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Let's have a thread for friendly ladying about life's little pains.
After 10 or so years of my right jaw clicking when opening and closing, I got a sudden pain and now my jaw doesn't click anymore. Thing is, I can only open my mouth about half of what I used to be able to. Seeing the dentist on Thursday but feeling some despair. Not in terrible pain though, just some soreness.

What's bothering you?


Great thread idea!
I have an open bite, which means that my front teeth don't touch together and I can't bite things properly. Noodles are particularly annoying.


that sucks
did you ever have braces as a kid?


I get a pain in my hip joint after walking for a long time. Once it starts it only gets worse and I have to stop. It used to take 20+ miles to get there, but lately it starts around mile 3. Kind of sucks knowing there are people in their 70s who regularly walk more than I can manage.


my ears have always been especially sensitive to popping. especially during the in between seasons when the air pressure changes. it's quite burdensome


I have a professor who's into mind games it's nothing crazy, but it's a "you have to read and watch everything I upload to the minute detail" to pass. He's had a quiz were you were only supposed to answer 2 questions, it was in the test description box most skip, and you'll only known the answers if you watch his videos short videos. Again nothing crazy, in fact it's the bare minimum you could do, but a change of pace.


File: 1597909287106.jpeg (141.11 KB, 1750x1750, Ee0fsRXUMAIj2S2.jpeg)

Oh dude I had the same exact thing. Went to the dentist and he said that it might be caused by my braces when I still had them. It's basically a misalignment of your jaw joints. To fix that you'll have to get a special plastic thingy shaped like your teeth to wear over night. Don't ignore that problem, sushi! Leaving this untreated can result in chronic headaches because it causes pressure on your temples.


My right foot's arch randomly pangs when I go walking. No warning at all just one sharp pang that appears as fast as it disappears. It kind of worries me because the pangs aren't after some crazy marathon. They're from walking around the neighborhood.

Another problem is I might be developing eczema on my face. A might because I develop small patches of eczema all the time. They either go away of grow into full blown visible eczema. Really hoping it goes away. Another problem is the only steroid creme I can use on my face has a slightly tingling/burning side effect.


you are right
I saw a specialist a week ago and he put in temporary caps that moved my bite forward. After a week my joint relocated and I can open and close without popping for the first time in a decade…I'll probably shell out the big $$$ to make the caps permanent.


File: 1598543111517.jpg (93.89 KB, 564x429, 6337b67f5c84cc6f9616014b81….jpg)

Never thought I'd be like this, but I truly don't know what I want to with my life. I have no passion and nothing pains me to the point I don't want to do it. I just have a neutral attitude to most things

My main problem is I don't know if I want to leave academia and start working once I graduate or pursue higher education. I want to be a Mech. eng. and I think I could use that degree to get a better paying Patent layer position or get a concentration in Biomedical and become a doctor. I should probably ghost people at their jobs before doing anything drastic.


> I truly don't know what I want to with my life. I have no passion and nothing pains me to the point I don't want to do it. I just have a neutral attitude to most things
I felt the same way as you, and largely still do, but I never made a decision and now I'm nearing 30 and still hopping from crummy job to crummy job. Of course I've had other issues as well, but my point is I think it's important to make a choice and stick to it, whether it's going for a degree or picking a job that you can actually advance in.


I'm in a similar position. I just finished a comp sci degree, now idk where to go.
The problem for me is that my depression is pretty bad rn, so I find myself taking the path of least resistance/work.


Nice! I'm glad that they found a solution for you!


You have no idea of the dread I got reading this, I'm sure I have the exact same click in my jaw when I open and close it. So, this is my fate?


I may have overstepped my bounds taking this course. It's already payed for and everything and its too late to drop out now


my back hurts but there's nothing I can do about it


I have arrythmia and I dunno if I can smoke cigarettes that often. I also have a chronic pressure in my head that sucks a lot.


low back pain? it's the worst


Same boat, might be depressed myself but I'm not sure. I wouldn't say that I have a neutral attitude, actually I think I care too much and that it hurts to care.


upper and neck mostly
from many years of bad posture


Any other tinnitus sushi rolls here? I've had it since I was in middle school without pause. Been noticing it more these days.


I have it too.
One day when i went to sleep this ring started ringing and never stopped, it's not that loud and i mostly don't hear it anymmore but after leaving loud places it gets higher for some time.


Me too, had some nights where the ringing was too loud to even sleep.
I've stopped using headphones recently too since that made it worse.


If your ears are ringing, you should answer them.


I just get a dialtone when I answer.


i have a low grade high whine in both ears and then kind of an extra frequency on top of that in the right ear. It seems to get louder when the ear is irritated (like after swimming).


I had this terrible pain in my knees and feet for the longest time. It was painful just to get up and walk any distance. I saw a doctor about this and it turns out I had very little calcium in my diet which was causing problems with my nerves. I've been on supplements for a few months and the pain has almost completely gone away, thankfully.


This is the sushi post of the year.


File: 1600665032918.webm (1012.27 KB, 720x1280, 1592725728243.webm)

I keep getting heartburn in the mornings lately. Maybe I eat too much before I go to bed, or I don't eat at sufficiently regular times. Or maybe it's because of my messed up sleep cycle in general. I can get antacids to address the symptoms, but I'd rather treat the cause.


I was leaving my neighborhood and some dude got out his car, shot a round of bullets at everyone, and drove off. Not how I wanted to end my Friday

No one was hurt and I think all the bullets missed. I have no idea why they started shooting, but some people think it was some road rage shit.

The event is to fresh for any new stations or cops, saw them driving my way though, so I have no clue if any one was actually hurt or if the dudes still out there. Jesus Christ my neighborhood is considered pretty safe too. Kind of paranoid to drive back now


Holy crap, scary. Stay safe sushi.


File: 1602854553909.gif (339.96 KB, 200x200, 20201025.gif)

Will do.


File: 1602906482740.jpg (147.07 KB, 1000x1100, 1601670285982.jpg)

I have to program a Tic-Tac-Toe in python, but I can't grasp the ideas and ended up searching in google how to do it.
I'm a lie to myself


literally everyone does this, don't be too hard on your self


I waited a very long time to reunite with someone but they don't want anything to do with me anymore. Feels bad. I fell for the love thing. I want to die.


I developped Osgood-Schlatter disease in my youth from too much working out and since that I've stopped going out as much and am now a weaker shell of the person I used to be. I think what I really regret is that I let it dictate my life, because now it's incredibly hard to go back to my old habits.


But then don't just write the code and be done with it.
Instead consider what is the essence of the solution (say, a 3x3 array of 3-valued cells: {empty|X|O}) and then think of what you were missing in your initial attempt to solve it. So that next time you have an idea of what you could try to do.
If you want a couple tips that usually apply to programming: data structures at the foundation of your program. And take a hint from /sci/ memes: everything is an array of numbers.


File: 1602984832678.jpg (34.1 KB, 945x819, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

I installed a site blocker to concentrate more on work and it irritates me it works so good. I wanna slack off, but everything's blocked and I have no way of subverting the block.

The block has at least help me. I do my school work at at least something productive. I still run into the problem of avoiding some work because I have anxiety around task, but now my slacking off is just rewriting my notes and not watching youtube


File: 1603061266049.jpg (140.75 KB, 977x699, 1601454918756.jpg)

Nevermind sushis, I actually got to do it and I didn't end up just copypasting what I was doing only because the guy narrating was a massive california roll
I'm currently reviewing other's code, and it's enraging the audacity of some to just copypaste the same stuff from another site without even taking into account the task asks for a representation of the board in a different manner.
Also their code is filthy, a bunch of lines that repeat themselves and could've been coded dynamically. Will they do the same when they have a job?


File: 1603081053066.png (214.11 KB, 900x637, 844f62f381aedb275babb83118….png)

I can feel my legs and feet getting weaker. Walking around wears them out and they just feel flimsy and sore all the time. I need to dig up the rowing machine and start eating more.


good for you sushi roll
somehow i got through school and got a job yet i still get distracted every 5 minutes by another website


I had this for the longest time because I had a calcium deficiency. Especially the bottoms of my feet. I'd look into that, could at the very least be a contributing factor.


God that picture is sexy, but empathizing with the girl is so tiresome. I can feel her pain.


File: 1603848995182.jpg (125.26 KB, 850x478, __araragi_koyomi_and_oshin….jpg)

I just want my dad to know the reason I'm behind in some of my classes and staying up late isn't because I'm mismanaging my time, but because I took on a a stupidly large work load. I know I slacked off a bit, but can't he understand me having trouble balancing 6 classes isn't a problem of laziness? I feel like I have to work 24/7 to prove I'm not some lazy bum and I feel like a failure taking a break off around him.

I was up until 7:30 to 11:00 PM working and him just walking in and saying "You need to manage your self better next time and not waste it on entertainment" just put me in a bad mood the rest of the day. That bad mood caused me to randomly snap and cry over something stupid in front of him.


File: 1603860861606.jpg (31.06 KB, 480x282, 1434869391297.jpg)

Worried that my online friend is actually a pedo… We met through similar obscure music tastes on youtube before it went to shit. I think they have BPD or something, they seem obsessed with creating different internet personas with different names.

They're all pretty similar-looking anime pfps. I guess it's a bit creepy of me, but after doing some digging through these different profiles, I found some disturbing stuff.

At first it was just looking though playlists they had compiled on youtube. Some of these contained videos of little girls. Usually they're tiny channels, with <100 views, usually just silly/cute childish nonsense, so I can't really fathom why they'd be interested.

Later, I found more suspect shit on twitter. I'm not sure if it's the same person or not, but there were a lot of suspect accounts on twitter that openly like and retweet explicit loli shit. Even this wasn't particularly worrying to me, even if I found it distasteful.

But at one point in one of these twitter circles there was a big controversy after one anime pfp account (acc name Lucas, with a girls und panzer pfp), which a decent amount of followers for posting weird /trad/ or esoteric life advice. At one point, the owner of that account got outed for grooming kids on discord and it all got deleted.

I can't say for certain, but don't think it was the same person as my friend. But since they did seem to have a weird online association with my friend (same followers, etc). It's the combination of these factors that have made me more and more worried that my friend might have an interest that goes beyond 2d girls…


That's a tough situation for sure.
Have you talked to this person at all about it? If it's distressing to you and you value your friendship I would say it's worth it to bring up. As uncomfortable as the topic might be, there is a line to be drawn between having esoteric tastes and actually acting on them in unacceptable ways, and if you're worried your friend is engaged in the latter it's worth bringing up.


No I haven't, partly because I'm not sure if it's even them or not. And so I'm not sure if their interest is just a sort of platonic affection for cute things, some kind of weird self-insertion fetish or something, or something worse.

And I'm not sure how I would even bring it up tbh. The conversations are usually very ironic, so it's hard to tell what's really sincere. What if I'm wrong and I lose some of the only people I can discuss my niche hobbies with?


Man, I struggled to maintain my grades with just 4 or 5 classes. 6 is like 18-24 credit hours. Depending on the subjects that can be workload akin to two full-time jobs.
Did he go to college? If he did I'm sure he understands that. Does he usually struggle to empathize with you?


Well, I hate to say it, but I think it's best to either accept/forget about it if you aren't willing to confront them, or just cut off contact if the potential of it all upsets you enough to not want to be their friend. You might find it gross but plenty of people are a fan of "explicit loli shit" while being otherwise entirely fine human beings. As for everything else, if you aren't sure it's even them and aren't willing to actually bring it up with this person, you have to ask yourself why you dug for this info anyways.

Maybe you will call me out for being too sympathetic, but after a long time of interacting with strangers online it's best to remember that everyone has unsavory and potentially complicated aspects of themselves that they'd perhaps rather not share with others. Of course there should be a line drawn at illegal or unethical behavior, but it's up to you to find if that line is being crossed, and indeed where the line even is in the case of the latter.


I feel that, my mom tends to be the same way, doing things like screaming at me for long periods of time about how much of a terrible person I am for not having finished some essay since the last time she'd checked in on me five minutes before. I ended up taking 7 years to get my bachelor's because there were some semesters where I just gave up entirely. I even ended up in the psych ward once. I graduated eventually though, and even got a job recently, so hopefully I'll be able to move out soon. She keeps talking as if it's a given that I'll continue to live at home, but I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that's not the case.


I was in a similar situation, sushi. My mom was the same way, especially after I graduated and couldn't find a job right away. I eventually did, moved out and things have been going well for me. The best of luck to you.


File: 1604220602497.png (160.74 KB, 500x500, 1453234689469.png)

I'm craving some physical intimacy real bad lately, not even sex that much just cuddling and being close to someone in general, but I also don't have any motivation or desire to get to know someone new or to talk that much. When I was in school and stuff I ended up with long term partners several times somehow because I have a comfy presence or something, but it's not something you can use to get dates online, don't have enough flirt game text wise to actually get to meet.
At this point I feel like I'll be alone for the rest of things, such is life as a mostly non verbal ghoul person. I just want a real hug.


File: 1604451322967.jpg (150.28 KB, 960x960, IMG-20201016-WA0040.jpg)

I think things will change for the better when you move. Most friction comes from living together but when that's out of the way relationships tend to mellow. Also parents always feel proud of their children are independent. Good luck.


File: 1604541179264.jpg (71.77 KB, 1024x576, kaijitears.jpg)

I despise both US election candidates but I decided to wager some money on a handful of state races. Unfortunately it looks like I will lose money. I hate that I did this because instead of blissfully ignoring the news I am obsessively checking the results and suffering severe anxiety over the money I'll be out. Not a lifechanging amount, but enough to sting a little.

The love of money is the root of all evil, I guess.


File: 1604546680720.png (335.44 KB, 734x1087, 78331999_p0.png)

i'm experiencing the polar opposite issue of not craving human contact at all. given a couple of traumatizing events occurred this year that made me grow to be even more distrustful of others. but its been almost 10+ months since i've had an urge to hug someone or be intimate. it has completely degraded since then. i'm pretty worried about myself, no sex drive or desire to form connections. on the bright side it's one of a less distraction from self improvement, trying to become happy without validation or dependence. what's wrong with me though. end of rambling i guess.


File: 1604845592284.gif (7.23 KB, 47x116, commov.gif)

I'm coming to terms I might not have the full college experience next year. I'll start college next year and it looks like covid wont let up by then. My school has also been dealing with the crisis horribly, frats have caused breakouts and classes still cost the same online. Dunno man I felt like it would be over by now


Do you live down below or something? If there's still a year left until next academic year it's hard to say when it'll be over.


Oh hey, I know that intersection. I love how people just don't give a fuck in this city. I'm just back from Libertador Av. and a couple of kids had sofas and a small CRT right in the middle of the sidewalk. They were playing some Playstation 2 not two blocks away from the Japanese Garden. I should've taken a picture, but I'm far too autistic.


>what ails you
I want a holiday where I get pampered but I'm stuck. *sigh*


File: 1606272735831.png (2.44 KB, 268x27, grahhhh.PNG)

My schools spellcheck software. I don't know how something so bad can exist in this current age


Your school has its own spellcheck? Is it some kind of add on in word or whatever?


last week I had a small pimple in my armpit.
two days ago the pimple had grown into a ping-pong ball sized enflamed boil that felt like a hot knife
today I saw the doctor who cut it open immediately (damn, the lidocaine injection hurt like a friendly lady)
as of now it's still sore and leaking pus, but it doesn't hurt near as much as yesterday.
by next week I'll probably have forgotten about it.
Amazing how fast your bodily condition can change.


"midsized" should be hyphenated.


I thought I had an infection or eustachian tube malfunction or something but then I sneezed and a couple pencil erasers' worth of earwax fell out. It's been so long since that happened I'd forgotten how it felt. The soreness and crunchy feeling and sound is pretty scary.


get that shit washed out
this morning I woke up with pressure in the ear and every sound echoing with a ring
I think it might be allergies, hopefully it goes away


Don't worry, I cleaned it out with a toothpick and washed it in the shower.


File: 1606785323246.jpg (20.48 KB, 600x338, gottago.jpg)

Less than 11 days left in class and our teacher still hasn't graded our final exam. He has plenty of time, but I'm paranoid he's gonna put off grading until 2-3 days before closing period. He also has to grade our final project too which will take him more time. It takes him 1-2 weeks on average to put assignments in the gradebook.


He's probably procrastinating and could post in this thread about all the projects and exams he still needs to grade!


probably playing ps5


File: 1607476396875.jpg (6.5 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

My ability to pass depends fully on if I pass the final or not. It's truly up in the air if I pass or not.

I have that goddamn Linkin park stuck in my head because of this

On the upside it's a CC transfer course and my state works under "CC credits transfer, but don't affect your gpa". I just need a C to get the credit


It doesn't matter if you pass or not, you're valid and all your frens love you!!


Have you tried gcc?


File: 1607559760564.gif (13.93 KB, 200x35, Tandog.gif)

Online school, coupled with the pandemic, is the most difficult thing I feel I've ever done, and I've had to overcome a lot.

It's less of a "wow everything sucks and I want to cry" pain and more of a slow burn every day that compounds. My schedule hasn't gotten any less busy staying inside – I'm on the computer around 12 hours every day in a structured sense doing homework, school, and extracurricular activities. My hobbies are almost all technology-oriented as well. It feels as if schools have scrambled so hard to try to implement "normal" curriculums that the wellbeing of students has been left entirely alone.

I feel so lucky that I haven't had to worry much about my family's finances, because I don't know where I'd be now if that was the case.

Keep pushing through, everyone. we'll overcome this.


File: 1607708159115.png (93.76 KB, 242x193, 1523478233256.png)

I only vaguely remember it but apparently I stepped on a toothpaste tube last night and just went to bed mostly ignoring the pain but it made this huge shallow cut and now my feet look like I've been walking through a slaughterhouse barefooted and my bed looks like I lost my maidenhood. I hope I can get the stains out…


My schools winter break starts December 23th. jesus christ is that late


I’m so fucking fat. Why was doing anorexia so much easier when you were 14….


File: 1607988226596.png (885.78 KB, 1315x851, Screenshot_20201215-002258.png)

Hey sushis. I just (kinda) cheated on my gf. I didn't meet anyone. I didn't touch anyone. I didn't send any pictures. I just sexted.
This sounds weird and juvenile I know.
I feel like shit now. Well, basically I know that this won't change anything about us. This whole thing was just like masturbating to porn for me. Totally removed from any personal feeling. But still… I've been kinda struggling with my weird, sexual feelings for a while now and it has reached it's peak in this. I need some deep breathers and… I'll have to reorganize my emotions… I'm a terrible human being, sushi. And all I can do is dabble in self-pity.


If your gf isn't satisfying you, there's something off. You should have a conversation with her.
She'll probably be mad if you tell her you don't find her hot, or that you need more sex, but then again if you don't say anything it'll become a communication issue. Unfortunately, relationships can't be good without proper communication.


It's not like she can't satisfy me. She does. But… I don't know… I'm at a weird point sexually. It's like I want to witness other peoples most intimate feelings. Not sure if there's a sense of voyeurim involved… Maybe I'm using it to escape something. Confrontation with myself.


I know you won’t but just break up. You are a terrible person not for the fact that you’re a coomer but for willingly continueing to violate the relationship contract. Cheaters are the true degenerates of civilization, more than whatever cuckoldery shit you’re into.


how helpful

(I'm not >>9869)
Not to endorse it or doing it again, definitely don't, but it's good that you're thinking about that kind of thing. Not enough or not the right intimacy is also a need that isn't being met in the relationship system you have. I'm not really comfortable with the way it's been phrased, since I don't want to make it sound like it's your gf's responsibility to set things up right, but while it's bad, it's almost certainly not a simple issue of you being terrible -> cheating (in fact guilt often is a big factor in cheating, so be careful there).


>>9874 was basically just saying saying what I was thinking…
I think I'll have to think about what it is that I'm missing. Maybe it's just my emotional immaturity or maybe there acrually is something missing in my life and this had to happen for me to figure out what it is. For now I'm just disappointed of myself. I love my gf. I'll be better.


File: 1608038391371.png (125.08 KB, 309x370, shot0005.png)

I put a new lightbulb in my bedside lamp and it's WAAAY brighter and now I can't sleep because it feels like it's already morning.

This is awful and I don't know what I should doushio.


sleep in the dark?


Buy one of those nifty led lightbulbs that can change colour. They come with a little shitty remote. Buying one of these changes my life and my overall comfyness level.


Brings back memory when my dad didn't tell anyone he replaced the 1 cruddy light bulb in our bathroom with 4 LED ones. That was an unforgettable midnight piss


I do sleep in the dark!
I like having a very dim light to help me relax and prepare me for sleep; helps the circadian rhythm. This one is just too bright for it though. I might wrap it in something to muffle the light.

I like the idea of an adjustable RGB light, but it seems like it's more hassle and probably wouldn't last as long and it's just more things to break. Maybe when I move somewhere nice and I can have my comfyroom all tricked out with many of them. Would be very relaxing and ii ne then.


Akari, how about candles?

t. Alicia


Can't wait to hear about a burnt down house in the news.


Put them in a lantern or something like that. My mother does that every evening and then falls asleep while reading or watching tv.


god why do I just leave things on the ground after using them
this is the fourth time I've stubbed my left toe today


Next time you use something, be sure to place it somewhere where you'll stub your right toe instead. Then your pain will at least be symmetrical.


sleep mask
you won't regret it


The one time I tried a sleep mask I woke up confused and panicked that I couldn't see before becoming cognizant enough to remember why


File: 1608489903429.jpeg (43.61 KB, 680x684, 9e3.jpeg)

For some reason the stores in my area have really big clothes. Adult extra small is to big for me and I often have to go to child large.

I'm not even a dude. I'm a 5'2 woman which isn't even that rare when it comes to fashion. Do I live near giants or something?


Kids tend to get cuter styles anyway~!


Sorry sushi but this sounds very cute to me. It immediately gave me the urge to hug you. Just the thought of it made me somehow smile.


Im a 5'6 dude and I'm dangerously close to shopping in the H&M teens section. All pants for adult guys are way to long and look shitty on me. It hurts man. I feel you - not being able to find fitting clothing in regular stores sucks…


That seems to be a pretty common experience for short people. It can't be helped with mass-produced clothes. I can only comfortably wear large and extra large jackets but I've never found one with sleeves that don't make me look like I've got no hands.


I have a similar problem, I'm average height for a dude but shirts (especially button downs) that are properly sized for my midriff are too tight around the shoulders and chest, and shirts that fit my shoulders are too baggy around the tummy. And on top of that my torso is longer than normal so many shirts are uncomfortably short. They really just don't mass manufacture clothes for people with unusual body shapes.


Other than the couple pairs of jeans I have that are all shredded at the bottom I've been just wearing the same half dozen tailored pants I got stitched for cheap in Asia for like 15 years. And when I walk around without shoes in pants that are too long it irritates my heels and makes them crack and eventually bleed. Pants are the worst. We should all just switch to wearing cute skirts and hosiery regardless of gender.


File: 1609054744688.png (99.37 KB, 396x353, 1600451241336.png)

a toothpaste tube cut your foot open? What kind of toothpaste tubes do you have?


woke up and my wife still isn't real
it hurts bros…


File: 1609066041126.png (3.01 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

This thing at the tail can have pointy corners.


i too have cut myself on those sharp edges before


File: 1609090712222.jpg (155 KB, 728x546, too much beers.jpg)

How? I've tried 4 different tubes now and I can't get a single one to breach the skin no matter how hard I stomp. They keep folding. How was it position?


It was almost empty and all curled up and I just stumbled out of the bath so maybe the skin was extra soft or something. I don't know dude it was a freak accident.


This sushi is really preforming toothpaste science in the name of the thread, god bless.


Quality oc sushi, proud of you.


It uhh "works best" with the older-style metal tubes which still make an appearance every now and then, at least in my area. I think they're made of tin or Al. I've still cut myself on plastic ones but only if they're kinda rough with pointy edges/seams.


Nobody is asking why sushi roll leaves toothpaste tubes lying on the floor


rough up the corner a little bit then run your foot/hand across in a slicing motion
that's how i did it


Alright, this works but you need to fold it like 1000 times and each time to re-enforce the point. Even then I need to hold it together. Besides this, we're gonna have to trust >>10048 and assume there's military grade toothpaste tubes out there somewhere.


Superior Nippon toothpaste tubes folded over 1000 times!


Gonna talk to my gf about this now. I'd get through with it but I feel morally obligated to do so. I drank two beer. I feel ready. Let's go sushs.


might be too late, but you don't need to spill every secret
think about it, are you confessing your sins just to make yourself feel better? or can you forgive yourself and move past your sins on your own?


I mainly talked to her out of respect for her and based on what I would expect others to do in a similar situation. It wasn't that bad. She was mad but said that she's proud of me for taking responsibility for doing it and said she respects my honesty. Feels okay~
((I also did it because the feeling of guilt was intense and I felt that I couldn't enjoy happy moments with her until I came clean. That being said: If I had pulled through a week or so the feeling would have vanished.))


File: 1609636382383.jpg (108.68 KB, 1024x972, cviper.jpg)

Whether really cold this time of year, also extra precipitation. Climate Change?


File: 1609809806479.jpg (178.85 KB, 1440x900, reeeeeee.jpg)

E-ink/E-readers are to expensive. Most of the files I want only come and PDF and convert shit to epub. The only e tablets good for pdfs are the supper big, the big screen imitates how the pdf would be when printed which means you don't have to zoom in super close, and ulta expensive ones. You're looking at 500 minimum if you want an optimal 10" screen. The 7" and 8" versions have 100 dollar price differences. No extra features just a hundred for an inch.

And no I can't get a big tablet.


This is the best thread I've seen in a while. You made my night, and you deserve warm cozy feelings for the forthcoming years.


File: 1610123399525.jpg (100.67 KB, 957x1300, yeehaw.jpg)

I know no one will really care, but a county music channel I like got removed from youtube, copyright strikes probably. The dude behind the channel was super dedicated to it and it showed. He had over 3,000 songs all ranging from 1900's obscure to modern day pop, these probably got the copyright strikes. I liked going through his playlists because they were so big and full of interesting music.
I'm pretty sure he died of heart attack because he stopped uploading out of the blue and some commenters mentioned an obituary in his area had his name, heart attack at age 40 (fuck that was young). I was sad, but the thought of his country channel living on made me happy. But now it's gone. 3,000 songs just gone.
I had so many songs on there I liked that are just lost, they're to niche to simply google without spending half a hour.
> What's this country boy to do?
> what's this world a comin' to?
> Oh they say that country music's gone to town


damn, that sucks, friend.
that is why if I find a song I like on youtube or streaming, I start looking for an mp3 right away. You just can't guarantee stuff will remain on the internet anymore.


Have you considered just reading them on a laptop


You should look up how e-ink works, reading from an e-ink device is very different from a regular LCD screen.
A laptop is complete overkill if all you want is to read books, and you wouldn't even get as good of a reading experience.


I dunno about the reading quality thing; if I was truly focused on reading quality I'd just get a paper book. The only thing that matters to me reading a book digitally is getting as much text on the screen as possible while the text size remains readable, so a desktop is better than a laptop is better than a tablet is better than a phone. I just binged Wheel of Time as an ebook, so it clearly doesn't matter that much whether or not I'm paying 500 bucks for an e-reader.


Not feeling well lately. Headache, stomachaches, backpains, tons of coughing and fevers night after night. Taking a break from college doesn't seem reasonable since it's online class and all I have to do is sit in front of a laptop; it's not like I have to go to classes physically.
I have a seminar to host next week and honestly I don't have the energy to even work out on my assignments. My head's too tired to think about it. No energy to even watch youtube.

Is it covid? Your answer is yes. It feels funny to take a break off college if all I need to do to go to class is open a link then sit in front of my laptop with camera on for a few hours…


File: 1610344573830.png (720.87 KB, 657x657, kobolibra.png)

I have a Kobo Libra H2O for reading. I was about 160 bucks, and I love it for reading fiction. It's a completely different experience from reading with an lcd (or similar) screen, and reasonably affordable. I have a couple hundred books on it atm.

Not so good for reading pdfs due to the slow refresh rate of eink displays, but for regular books, it's great. Definitely replaces printed fiction for me. Stock pic related.


My sleep schedule got screwed over again. It's 5:30 am and can't go to sleep.
Also I feel lonely again


File: 1610360573113.jpg (863.11 KB, 2430x1620, sata.jpg)

grrr!! ( ̄ヘ ̄メ)


Cancer and reproductive harm huh. Building computers in California sounds scary.


That's awful! Stop having covid sushi!
I hope you get over it soon, and get back to college.


I have this disease for about 10-12 years and it is the first time that I learned its name. I don't feel any pain because I don't move much in my daily life but when I start working in a gym, pain increases. is there a cure for this disease?


I've always found it funny that these warnings are only directed at Californians
Like the materials in the product just change properties when crossing the state line

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