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File: 1597190784820.gif (64.77 KB, 700x609, 1180553178237.gif)


Let's have a thread for friendly ladying about life's little pains.
After 10 or so years of my right jaw clicking when opening and closing, I got a sudden pain and now my jaw doesn't click anymore. Thing is, I can only open my mouth about half of what I used to be able to. Seeing the dentist on Thursday but feeling some despair. Not in terrible pain though, just some soreness.

What's bothering you?


Great thread idea!
I have an open bite, which means that my front teeth don't touch together and I can't bite things properly. Noodles are particularly annoying.


that sucks
did you ever have braces as a kid?


I get a pain in my hip joint after walking for a long time. Once it starts it only gets worse and I have to stop. It used to take 20+ miles to get there, but lately it starts around mile 3. Kind of sucks knowing there are people in their 70s who regularly walk more than I can manage.


my ears have always been especially sensitive to popping. especially during the in between seasons when the air pressure changes. it's quite burdensome


I have a professor who's into mind games it's nothing crazy, but it's a "you have to read and watch everything I upload to the minute detail" to pass. He's had a quiz were you were only supposed to answer 2 questions, it was in the test description box most skip, and you'll only known the answers if you watch his videos short videos. Again nothing crazy, in fact it's the bare minimum you could do, but a change of pace.


File: 1597909287106.jpeg (141.11 KB, 1750x1750, Ee0fsRXUMAIj2S2.jpeg)

Oh dude I had the same exact thing. Went to the dentist and he said that it might be caused by my braces when I still had them. It's basically a misalignment of your jaw joints. To fix that you'll have to get a special plastic thingy shaped like your teeth to wear over night. Don't ignore that problem, sushi! Leaving this untreated can result in chronic headaches because it causes pressure on your temples.


My right foot's arch randomly pangs when I go walking. No warning at all just one sharp pang that appears as fast as it disappears. It kind of worries me because the pangs aren't after some crazy marathon. They're from walking around the neighborhood.

Another problem is I might be developing eczema on my face. A might because I develop small patches of eczema all the time. They either go away of grow into full blown visible eczema. Really hoping it goes away. Another problem is the only steroid creme I can use on my face has a slightly tingling/burning side effect.


you are right
I saw a specialist a week ago and he put in temporary caps that moved my bite forward. After a week my joint relocated and I can open and close without popping for the first time in a decade…I'll probably shell out the big $$$ to make the caps permanent.


File: 1598543111517.jpg (93.89 KB, 564x429, 6337b67f5c84cc6f9616014b81….jpg)

Never thought I'd be like this, but I truly don't know what I want to with my life. I have no passion and nothing pains me to the point I don't want to do it. I just have a neutral attitude to most things

My main problem is I don't know if I want to leave academia and start working once I graduate or pursue higher education. I want to be a Mech. eng. and I think I could use that degree to get a better paying Patent layer position or get a concentration in Biomedical and become a doctor. I should probably ghost people at their jobs before doing anything drastic.


> I truly don't know what I want to with my life. I have no passion and nothing pains me to the point I don't want to do it. I just have a neutral attitude to most things
I felt the same way as you, and largely still do, but I never made a decision and now I'm nearing 30 and still hopping from crummy job to crummy job. Of course I've had other issues as well, but my point is I think it's important to make a choice and stick to it, whether it's going for a degree or picking a job that you can actually advance in.


I'm in a similar position. I just finished a comp sci degree, now idk where to go.
The problem for me is that my depression is pretty bad rn, so I find myself taking the path of least resistance/work.


Nice! I'm glad that they found a solution for you!


You have no idea of the dread I got reading this, I'm sure I have the exact same click in my jaw when I open and close it. So, this is my fate?


I may have overstepped my bounds taking this course. It's already payed for and everything and its too late to drop out now


my back hurts but there's nothing I can do about it


I have arrythmia and I dunno if I can smoke cigarettes that often. I also have a chronic pressure in my head that sucks a lot.


low back pain? it's the worst


Same boat, might be depressed myself but I'm not sure. I wouldn't say that I have a neutral attitude, actually I think I care too much and that it hurts to care.


upper and neck mostly
from many years of bad posture


Any other tinnitus sushi rolls here? I've had it since I was in middle school without pause. Been noticing it more these days.


I have it too.
One day when i went to sleep this ring started ringing and never stopped, it's not that loud and i mostly don't hear it anymmore but after leaving loud places it gets higher for some time.


Me too, had some nights where the ringing was too loud to even sleep.
I've stopped using headphones recently too since that made it worse.


If your ears are ringing, you should answer them.


I just get a dialtone when I answer.


i have a low grade high whine in both ears and then kind of an extra frequency on top of that in the right ear. It seems to get louder when the ear is irritated (like after swimming).


I had this terrible pain in my knees and feet for the longest time. It was painful just to get up and walk any distance. I saw a doctor about this and it turns out I had very little calcium in my diet which was causing problems with my nerves. I've been on supplements for a few months and the pain has almost completely gone away, thankfully.


This is the sushi post of the year.


File: 1600665032918.webm (1012.27 KB, 720x1280, 1592725728243.webm)

I keep getting heartburn in the mornings lately. Maybe I eat too much before I go to bed, or I don't eat at sufficiently regular times. Or maybe it's because of my messed up sleep cycle in general. I can get antacids to address the symptoms, but I'd rather treat the cause.


I was leaving my neighborhood and some dude got out his car, shot a round of bullets at everyone, and drove off. Not how I wanted to end my Friday

No one was hurt and I think all the bullets missed. I have no idea why they started shooting, but some people think it was some road rage shit.

The event is to fresh for any new stations or cops, saw them driving my way though, so I have no clue if any one was actually hurt or if the dudes still out there. Jesus Christ my neighborhood is considered pretty safe too. Kind of paranoid to drive back now


Holy crap, scary. Stay safe sushi.

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