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File: 1577177375920.png (403.5 KB, 803x655, 1556646143420.png)

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(Didn't see a particular thread for this topic so making one) Anyone here married/have a family or otherwise older than the average imageboard user?

I hit 31 this year, have had a family for several years. Grew up and still enjoy chan culture yet somehow I've become trapped in suburban normie hell. It's a weird sort of loneliness. Anyone else know this feel?


I'm only 20 so I'm probably (I think?) not older than the average user here. Sorry if this post is off topic. What do you find lonely? Growing up I always felt lonely not being able to talk to anyone IRL about my nerdy hobbies and stuff. But now that it's somewhat normal to talk about memes and anime and shitposting and stuff it feels really strange–it hasn't really made me feel any less isolated I guess. But maybe I'm just being a hipster contrarian.


File: 1577283000534.jpg (141.56 KB, 613x626, fapfapfap_biribiri.jpg)

Imageboards have had their zenith I think, so most posters should be beyond the age where these kind of platforms are most appealing. Especially altchans like this seem to attract more of the originalfags from the old days than buzzing cancer groves like 4chan do.

Anyway I'm 27, but my situation has barely changed since my late teenage years.


Don't you think having a family makes you a normie as well?


File: 1577308565902.jpg (28.25 KB, 611x381, bucock3.jpg)

>I always felt lonely not being able to talk to anyone IRL about my nerdy hobbies and stuff
Yeah, I think that's kind of it - you get to an older stage of your life and suddenly everyone around you is talking about mundane shit like cars and restaurants and health insurance, meanwhile I can't wait to get home to shitpost about anime or whatever. I guess it doesn't help that I got married relatively young and am thus quite a bit younger than other people with kids.

Yeah, i guess so. I was definitely far from being one when I was younger though, and I definitely don't have normie tastes even if everyone around me does. Forgive my boomer ramblings, I guess.

Merry Christmas, and remember to stop and enjoy where you are in life if you can.


makes me wonder if we'll still be shitposting on imageboards at 65+


>I was definitely far from being one when I was younger though
How did you transition from non-normie to family man?


long story short:
>be hardcore weeb in highschool and uni, study japanese and watch anime all day
>end up studying in a small town in japan
>realize that being in a foreign country away from my annoying family allowed me to open up more socially
>graduate but then spend a few more years in asia
>meet a qt, get married, have a kid
>oh shit, english teaching and translation won't pay the bills anymore
>move back to my home country with wife, grad school, job search, get good job
>still miss watching anime all afternoon then shitposting about it on /a/

that's the gist of it. just curious what other people's experiences were.


I’m can relate. I’m your age, unmarried but in a relationship for 10 years, living together etc. Kind of similar growing up, anime, gaming/computers, usual stuff. I came out of my shell in college a bit but always maintained kind of a more closeted interest in things relevant to here. Met a nice woman at work and…that was that. Pretty domesticated now but yeah there’s always a part of me that wants to sit on IRC all night and play some games.


Cool man, good to hear there are others in similar situations out there.


Someone should make an "Obāsan" board for the senior demographic. That would be just perfect, hehe.


File: 1578861502590.png (121.88 KB, 567x376, 82388992_2769689956425061_….png)

>10 years
Man, get her a ring already.



She's got a diamond already, we just see the marriage process as superfluous


yes, this needs to happen


Are you two satisfied with your lives? Did you get what you wanted or do you think you settled for less?


>we just see the marriage process as superfluous
I think it's beneficial to be legally married if nothing else. I wish I find a 3DPD I can settle down with when my instincts start screaming at me who'll be like that. Fat fucking chance though. From what I heard, most women love weddings and it's up there with having kids for them. I absolutely hate weddings and I can't see myself sitting through an entire one, especially when it's my own.



Yeah, can’t complain really (I’m 6667). We haven’t had any kind of fight in the decade we’ve been together, always tuned into the same wavelength, common goals, looking out for the same things. I’m able to be completely myself and live the life I want in terms of what I do with my time. It’s a bit of a big contrast to the relationships my friends have which have the more typical issues.

So yeah, as far as a life companion goes I couldn’t be more content. But that’s only one aspect of life of course…



And to comment here…yeah, you’re not wrong that most women tend to love weddings. It’s another thing she and I can fully agree on disliking…whenever we get invites to weddings we’re immediately both like oh god, how do we politely get out of doing this? Lol.

There’s someone out there for you, no doubt.


File: 1579621729730.png (183.03 KB, 622x278, ef62d9cdf7d603f530cf278776….png)

>There’s someone out there for you
I wonder about that. Right now I'm smart enough to know that all 3D is PD and the worst I've had to suffer for rejecting them was getting mildly annoyed by friends and family for it. I fear there may come a time though when some deep instinct in the primal part of my brain will successfully convince me that "she's different". Is there someone out there for me or will my standards just lower until there's someone out there for a more desperate me?


>I'm smart enough to know that all 3D is PD

Sounds like you are a victim of chan culture.


It doesn't take much to figure it out in the real world.


should be "stupid enough" instead


It is your life, do whatever you want with it. But that doesn't mean you can't be gravely wrong. Real world is not even remotely similiar to the Internet and it is dumb to look at it and describe it through memes. I mean, you can always be butthurt about that one Stacey that rejected or hurted you and blame all the women or you can man up and start being honest on what you really want from life.


Watch those assumptions, you'll poke someone's eye out.



Ignoring the last bit he wrote, he makes a fair point.


Which is the fair point?
>It is your life, do whatever you want with it.
No shit.
>But that doesn't mean you can't be gravely wrong.
True, but it's hard to be wrong when you have piles of evidence in your favor.
>Real world is not even remotely similiar to the Internet
You can at least form a theory based on what the internet says, and verify it in real life. Turns out it's true.
>and describe it through memes
What memes?



I think he’s referring to the 3DPD part. I had to look up what that means and…I mean come on.


File: 1579799192436.png (769.05 KB, 657x491, 6e318b4b4d7320e1bc8d585902….png)

>I had to look up what that means
I see.



It's not unreasonable that one can enjoy anime without taking in the associated garbage.


Sounds like you're a victim of chan culture


File: 1579853029628.png (277.94 KB, 663x711, 349ddcdda767dc888317cf1346….png)

The more I hear the more sense it makes.


kind of relatable. i'm in a relationship for 7 years. im almost in my 30s and never had any other connections, friends, dont talk to family. its a different kind of loneliness/emptiness. since i cant relate or connect to normies nor outcasts usually. i spend my days at a computer playing singleplayer games mostly and browsing imageboards.


pretty much everyone on this site is


On this one? not really. If anything that is the reason this site is so painfully slow.

On mainstream chans? The moment you can strike an actual convo with anyone, you know you are not talking with a victim of chan culture


33 here, just ended with my girlfriend of 7 years. No more big chans. I'm not really into video games anymore. I used to love them. I wonder what I'll be like at 65.


if you're on an obscure, small imageboard like this, it's most likely are you suffer from some degree of chan/imageboard brain poisoning. Granted it's probably not severe enough that you can't communicate with anyone but it's still there.


OP here
Yeah and no
Yes in the sense that if I hadn't gotten married and started a family young I wouldn't have pushed myself academically and I wouldn't have the career I have now with its security and perks, and also yes in the sense that going through life experiences early like marriage and family raising gave me some old man self-confidence.

But no in the fact that responsiblity is a huge time suck, that I have little time for a social life beyond other young parents, and that I have less free time.

What's weird is that when you get older and start having responsibilities and experiences (and income) you realize all the fun things you can do - like who the fuck cares if I decide to pick up surfing now? Why the fuck not? But then you can't because you don't have time and you kick yourself for not being more adventurous when you were younger.


interesting concept, never thought of it that way before.


File: 1582450112657.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, restage.png)

been using imageboards full time since 07
as in it's my only hobby
im fucked


File: 1582463104642.png (8.8 KB, 258x181, alicia.png)

Put it on your resumé. Using imageboards for so long shows dedication.


I'd hire someone like that, maybe thats why I'm a broke loser though


I’m hitting 30 later this year and it’s already giving me a crisis, looking back I can't help but wonder what the hell I did this decade. But alcohol helps.
In a relationship for 6 years now.

In other words, I'm living the normie dream.


OP here, I thought I was lonely 6 months ago when I started this thread, but thanks to recent world events I have not had a meaningful face to face conversation with anyone outside of my immediate family for god knows how long. Not even the other young parents in my social circles want to get together because everyone's deathly scared of the virus.

Can't try to reach out and reconnect with old friends because everything's closed. Can't try to go out and meet new people because everything's closed. Forget about the cesspool that is social media. This is my life for the foreseeable future.



I'm not old, but I have a brat born last Christmas (as in 2019). She's very nice and can sit up now.


Well I'm nearing my 30's myself, but I still spend much of my time online and don't feel as alienated from online culture as a lot of people seem to as they get older. Maybe I've just gotta give it more time and I'll be shaking my cane at "kids these days". Of course I'm also a permavirgin, so living alone with few friends and no family to worry about probably helps with that.


File: 1593935326070.jpg (339.17 KB, 800x555, 570143051.jpg)

I'm like your opposite. I'm 27, I've had a good job since I was 21, but no family. I consider myself normie-tier; I don't spend a ton of time on the internet or play many games, but somehow being alone doesn't bother me at all.

I had a lot of friends when I was younger, but when I moved far away for work I never really found new ones. At first I was desperately aware of how short youth is, and while my old friends were living it up at college, I was working full time, and the feeling that I was wasting my youth really terrified me. I wanted to do something about it, but I guess I just didn't know how, so instead I kind of just gave up.

I'm alone 99% of the time (that I'm not at work), and it's not the life I envisioned for myself, but I'm pretty happy 99% of the time as well.


>the feeling that I was wasting my youth really terrified me
You're only as young or old as you let yourself feel, roll. Only to a degree of course, but it's something I find helpful to remind myself of as I get older.


File: 1593981242298.jpg (168.95 KB, 1200x794, unix_developers_ken_thomps….jpg)

I'm 63. I started programming in the 1970s and consider the internet my territory. I was writing web browser stuff (in machine code, for custom hardware) in the days when almost nobody had a home computer. I find it strange that youngsters think I don't belong on the internet because I must be too old to understand it.


Don't think I've seen someone admit to being 50+ on an imageboard before. What interest you in imageboards, especially this one? Since you've been on for so long, what are the most surprising trends you noticed in the +30 years of the internet?


I'm late 20's with no job or children. I don't think 31 is old at all for imageboards. There are definitely a decent amount of 40ish people around too.
Honestly I find city people much easier to talk to. I don't really like the culture of most chans, but I like the sushi rollymity and hearing strange/different viewpoints that I would never see otherwise.


File: 1593994188158.jpg (114.15 KB, 614x466, Olive-oyl-lilsweetpea1936.jpg)

"Admit" to being over 50? Did you really mean that? You know that 'admitting' to something means accepting that it is wrong.
A bit like 'confessing'. You're trying to paint me as the villain.

It will not come as any surprise to you at all when I say that we had innocent hopes that the internet would lead to some sort of science fiction utopia where everybody was clever and good. In the early days, corporations and political pressure groups didn't know anything about our international, electronic communications. We thought, for a brief while, that we were the vanguard of a technologically sophisticated, dogmatically immune class of techies whose time to rule the world rationally had come. We were, of course, children of our time. And tragically mistaken.

I might address your more biographically nosy questions in my next, alcohol influenced essay. Or not; perhaps its your turn now.
Now you write something.


File: 1605911250979.jpeg (491.89 KB, 1800x1392, Br5Y0nICcAAIzKT.jpeg)

Well if you admit something it can be surprising thing. It is rather surprising to me that a man browses image boards and is 63. But wow, what an age. Life is wrapping up for you. I feel like I just finished the tutorial and you already beat the game. Do you have kids?



44 here. Lived less, still a similar experience.. OS wars against Microsoft for example.

When you go for a job, no matter your experience, the kids just tell you "oh hey, school is far away, can you even fathom the modern concepts?"


File: 1605931096532.jpg (223.79 KB, 800x600, 9302e950f329f4e6902f47dca2….jpg)

I don't consider myself old but I've been hanging out online since the 90s, and on image boards for most of that time now. Getting along in meatspace is fine but talking to people online is just less stressful and more enjoyable for me. Escaping to the internet might be what caused a lot of the expected life stuff like marriage and children and a decent career to evade me but I was never really interested in those things, nor do I expect to become so.
I think some people just have different kinds of social needs. It's only lonely if those aren't satisfied. I'm glad these sites and all their users are still around since I know now I'd be lonely without them.

I've met quite a few 60+ dudes on image boards. Age just isn't usually relevant unless the discussion veers into especial territory like VHS fansubs or something. The internet is a much bigger place than it used to be but people who got around back then still get around.


please please PLEASE get drunk again and write us another post, old man. How exactly did your utopian vision of the Internet go wrong? When did it happen? Is there any way to fix it? Do you wish the Internet (or Usenet or the Web specifically) had never been invented at all?


File: 1606160850094.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, Akudama_Drive_Hacker.png)

Im 26yo but I still remember the old times when internet and computer was just something for "Nerds". My father is a programmer so i had an own MSDOS-computer since I was 3 years old.
I think 4chan had its peak around 2006. It was still an underground website but was also very popular. I was only lurking around the time because I was to young to actually say something meaningful or intelligent. There were tutorials passed around on /b/ how to hack atm's, vending machines and IP-cameras. DDoSing the CIA-Servers and shit like that. There were also regulary whistleblowers who leaked government documents on /pol/. It really felt like a secret society and being part of a revolution. I always hoped that we would be able to smash the mainstream media, overthrow the government and fuck over rich corporations.

Nowadays it is full of disgusting dumb normies. The boomermeme isnt just a joke.
Most people on imageboards are really 30+ senile "boomers" who completly forgotten our roots and cause. Most of them are also newfags who never cared in the first place. 4cuck is absolutly unusable at this point.

I dont think that anyone on IBs is younger than 18. The younger people only use their dumbphones now and dance awkwardly on tiktok or younow. Most of them also dont have the computer skillz anymore.


>Nowadays it is full of disgusting dumb normies.
A bit OT, but I decided to check what /g/ was up to and I saw a thread that was a a tiktok webm, video comparing apple vs android phones. It wasn't a buried one either it was about to reach it's bump limit. Only one person called out the weirdness of seeing tiktok on an imagebaord.


File: 1606182288480.png (42.76 KB, 237x330, 1598909895301.png)

epic post /b/ro


27 here. Grew up on the internet but it turned into a crutch when the teenage depression hit. I grew out of imageboards by the time I hit my 20s but being chronically isolated kept me at bay. Sadly, it's the best alternative for a social life when I find myself without one. It's my fault and/or my brain's fault for not being able to go outside and interact with others effectively. I had a lucky break for a few years where I was able to get what I wanted in the real world so I was absent for that time. Came back when it fell apart again.

I don't think the culture is anything to be celebrated. Maybe it's because of my inherent personality but I get more mileage out of going on adventures in the real world. I don't even know if I get anything out of imageboards at all. They were fun at first because they were a novelty and I was a dumb kid in high school but it got old. As for the "normie" problem, I found that the real world has a much broader range of colorful characters and opinions than the predictable, one-dimensional channer rhetoric. And in 2020, it's really all the same thing online, the relevant platforms come together as an implied coalition whose users are superficially divided by which side someone was radicalized politically. Dunno, maybe if these were the Usenet days I'd feel differently about the internet now. But for today, I've passed judgement and the verdict is that it's extremely lame.


>I found that the real world has a much broader range of colorful characters and opinions than the predictable, one-dimensional channer rhetoric.
I've been starting to feel this about chans and online communication in general the last few years. I think the predictability comes from the fact the people most active on the internet already have a lot in common, finances to have a computer with wifi, not doing much productive so plenty of free time, personality that lends its self to talking online or introversion, and a site or subculture with it's own 'vibe' and attractions adds a whole new layer of commonality. Plenty of outliers exist, but most tend to fall into those categories. It's just a trend that I've noticed and their is nothing inherently wrong with it.

Kind of sad how samey the internet can be at times. Hobbyist groups took the biggest hit because of the "plenty of free time" trait. I swear 70% of the time a hobbyist group gets taken over by people who spend way to much time on the internet instead of on said hobby. If you go to non internet hobby groups in real life they tend to be a lot more productive


>how to hack
>whistleblowers on /pol/
>secret society and being part of a revolution
>smash the mainstream media, overthrow the government and fuck over rich corporations
>forgotten our roots and cause

Not only this post reeks of a very new user who doesn't know what he's talking about but also of the kind belonging to one of the many waves of users that destroyed the site to begin with. I'm just hoping I'm replying to pasta.

>I dont think that anyone on IBs is younger than 18

Wrong, in fact it's the opposite

>Nowadays it is full of disgusting dumb normies.

This is the only part I can agree with, I don't mind underages but I only care about the ones passionate about their stuff whatever it is, all others are just trend hoppers that aren't interesting on their own and don't have anything worthy of reading or watching besides spouting buzzwords and memes.


any discords out there for people in their late 20s or early 30s?


File: 1614765161632-0.jpg (372.21 KB, 1980x1080, 20210307.jpg)

File: 1614765161632-1.jpg (84.51 KB, 850x850, 20210314.jpg)

Marching on…


hello old sushi rolls

can u maybe be more comfy i mean that retard is trolling


let me formally ask how u r today of march 2021 - how is ur year going?


i mean you - ! !


File: 1614801751098.png (1.34 MB, 1000x1500, 76281659_p0.png)

Slowly but steadily, my objectives are marching towards completion. I am growing stronger. I feel content, yet cautious.


I wanted to tell you you were wrong but I think the reason the people I encountered were too uninteresting was because I went looking for like-minded people.

Actually I've met plenty of interesting people at my job, now that I think of it. I should throw myself into it more. Life begins at the end of the comfort zone, it seems.


very good


I spent a short period of time discord server surfing, all that did was make me feel old since the average age of those servers were usually 18 and under.


File: 1621159475305-0.jpg (161.72 KB, 1920x1080, amaze2.jpg)

File: 1621159475305-1.jpg (131.08 KB, 1689x584, amaze1.jpg)

Find happiness wherever you are.


I left discord because of memories id rather forget


I'm 25 and about to have 3 kids (have one, twins on the way). I suppose that makes me more ahead of the curve when it comes to kids compared to most imageboard users (or most people I guess, thinking about the modern day families) but I don't think I'm that much older than most imageboard users. Imageboards are aging, man.


>25 and about to have 3 kids
Congrats man. From a random sushi on the internet, here's to hoping they lead happy lives.

>Imageboards are aging, man.

I agree. I think most online spaces bar mainstream sites have aged. The 18 year olds in 2010 are almost in their thirties now. Also, most younger users that would have brought the average age down congregate in Twitter and Reddit instead.


>The 18 year olds in 2010 are almost in their thirties now.
t-thanks for reminding me…


haha, I’m trying to imagine my dad on imageboards and it’s making me chuckle a bit. that’s great, best of luck with everything :)

I’m a little surprised by the age of some of the users here, but I suppose it’s hard to “age out” out of communities like this. it’s always cool to see people from a wide variety of times interacting in one place (albeit sushi rollymously) with relatively little friction.


Gomen nasai oji-san/oba-san!!! (Hehe I'm pretty evil >:DD)

On a side note, 2010 feels not that long ago for me as well.

You'd be pretty surprised to know that on a few 4chan boards the majority are aged 30-59 with even a few 60+ posters. They don't reveal their age though because they get treated differently. Good thing we're all sushirollymous.


I'm 22 but I don't seem to be growing out of imageboards. I think I'll keep browsing even when I'm old, and I expect imageboards (except 4chan) to become an old people thing since we grew up with them and younger people have tiktok or whatever.


>I think I'll keep browsing even when I'm old, and I expect imageboards (except 4chan) to become an old people thing since we grew up with them and younger people have tiktok or whatever.
I frankly doubt it, unless something happens in 4chan that makes it go irrelevant imageboards will still be a nest for very young and stupid people. With very, very niche boards having people above 25.
And that's also the reason why the term "growing out of imageboards" is a thing. I'm 23 and I also feel like giving up on imageboards since the most one can find in those is horny and fights, the only boards I lurk are as small as sushi, sometimes even more.


There are, but they aren't public due to the infestation of underage which would join. We could always start a sushi one I suppose.


>I expect imageboards (except 4chan) to become an old people thing since we grew up with them and younger people have tiktok or whatever.
That's very odd logic. You're not that old and tiktok kids are not that young. Smartphones and social media were already well established as the way norms used the internet before you were even a teen.


OP here
congrats! you'll make it.


I'm 28 now and was married for 5 years before and got divorced ONE week before covid I NEETd through the whole relationship because partner wanted a stay-at-home style love life which I agreed with as I'm unironically autistic and can't really work.
I feel my life crumbling under my feet as the world burns around it and I'm stucking living in this awkward limbo feel so scared and insane I might just CRASH A PLANE


Are you really in limbo?

My relationship with my bf of 7 years is up in the air. I don't know what will come of it. I don't know a relationship outside of this one.

Your situation seems more certain though. I think you can take solace in that certainty. Do you wanna be friends?

(is CRASH A PLANE a wordfilter btw??)


I'm 30 with a decent(ish) job these days. When I started running imageboards ~10 years ago I was a NEET, and it took me 6 years of NEETdom before I went back to school out of sheer boredom. It's not until about 2 years ago that I was somewhat financially stable, and I am finally able to rent a room to myself in an apartment, without having to share it, as of about a week ago. It's my first time having a room entirely to myself in about a decade. I have been a little distant from my imageboards for the past several years while I focus on other stuff, but I still check the front pages every day and read or respond to threads sometimes, usually sushi rollymously. I do still spend a pretty decent amount of time online, I'm just running several other communities now and spending a lot less time online overall than I used to.


File: 1622827003945.png (1.01 MB, 703x1000, 76789147_p0.png)

I feel I am because though things are finalized I can't move on to see others because of this lockdown and to make matters worse my city is slowly going bankrupt - 60% of business here has now closed permanently. My cities population is small and now it will get smaller, its harder still to get into a relationship the older you get…it's like watching myself dig my own grave.
>I think you can take solace in that certainty.
I'm not strong enough to do that.
>Do you wanna be friends?
Yes that would be nice but I'm unsure how to go about it.
>(is CRASH A PLANE a wordfilter btw??)
Oh that was just me making a lame joke referencing Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's The Message song but I messed up the quote, it was "I swear I might hijack a plane."


I'm 29 and I just like the imageboard format, no addictive stuff like retweets, likes, endless scrolling,… (I do think some kind of image board but without the sushi roll aspect could be nice) I'm not married but I've lived together with my companion for more then 8 years now, we fled to the countryside that is completely empty, I like it although the local people can be a bit much sometimes.

I guess you win some and you lose some


>no addictive stuff
I wouldn't be so sure about that. Faster imageboards like 4chan can be insanely addictive.


Weather making me lethargic…


File: 1684416353549.png (109.23 KB, 500x283, CONGRATURAISINS.png)

>It's not until about 2 years ago that I was somewhat financially stable, and I am finally able to rent a room to myself in an apartment, without having to share it, as of about a week ago.
these. these are the kind of stories that i like. where the main character is in a pit and gets out of it.
my wish is to be just like you. I'm crawling out of it, but surely if I play everything right, things will come into play. Just got to not give into the worst.


This is my situation, I just woke up one day and felt like my old stomping grounds were suddenly reddit 2.0

I feel like more oldfags use twitter than actual chans lel


Have you met Kleinrock? Or Cerf? Or Baran? Or Taylor? Or Nelson? Licklider? Could you please tell us amusing stories about them, if you have any?


File: 1689952562599.jpg (191.77 KB, 623x900, christmas-gnomes-english-s….jpg)

They would be if the average post quality was not so soykaf


I'm 30 but my life hasn't really changed at all since I was 20 except there are much fewer places on the internet I'm comfortable in. I still watch tons of anime and generally have the same otaku hobbies, except there aren't as many video games I care about anymore. I have a pretty easy remote job so that doesn't occupy much of my mental space.
Socially I feel pretty stuck. I'm not autistic or anything but my friendships in college were all anime-related and I never really developed a life outside of otaku interests so going to social meetups or whatever now even if I get along well enough with people it's hard to form much of a connection, we just make general small talk and then there's nothing to follow up on. At this point it's becoming difficult to envision a life outside of the one I've been living for the past decade.


>I'm not autistic or anything

You sure about that?


A fair question given where we are, but yes I'm pretty sure.


expand your more active interests like computers or exercise ot food. Give anime a break; it's still be there when you come back.


I'm not sure if I would qualify as an older poster with my 27 years, but I'm married.

As a teen I used 4chan and later on 8chan every day for several hours, but nowadays I only check in on altchans maybe 10-15 minutes a day.


Great for you!
I'm 25, not married yet but glad I switched to slowchans when I was 19.
Time has flown, but I'm going to stay optimistic.

Have a great life!


File: 1691235241997.png (10.46 KB, 600x600, 3 Big Songs.png)

Personally the biggest issue of growing up on the internet is that, it eventually changes as much as someone does as a person and all the things you used to be accustomed either disappear, or become unbearable.


File: 1691628064531.jpg (41.33 KB, 325x504, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d….jpg)

31 here. Dated and was in relationships throughout my 20's but currently single. I've unfortunately realized that I can't be happy while also compromising my hobbies and interests for someone else.

The bad: Internet and imageboard culture have corrupted me so much that I'm not truly happy unless I can unveil my full power level. My home is full of anime figures, plushies, and I even have a few dakimakura covers. To make myself appealing to even 10% of the dating pool, I would have to give these things up, which I've done for prior relationships and it was never worth it.

The good: I've accepted who I am, what I like, and refuse to compromise my weeb ass for anybody else. If I do manage to find someone, it will by definition HAVE to someone who is ok with me staying with 100% of my interests.

I just hope I'm not too weird to ever find someone to share my life with.


File: 1691720312549.jpg (1.97 MB, 2880x4608, dunce_hat_trans_NvBQzQNjv4….jpg)

Genuinely feel you, OP. I'm 35 with a wife and kid, but most of my coworkers are much older than me. So it's a weird combination of my equally too boring and too weird to ever talk about anything with them that's not work related.

>Oh, sushi roll! What did you do over the weekend?

Oh, you know. Just relaxed (Read: Swam through a ton of shitposting to download cool fanart of SF6 characters, stumbled around on 2ch, and watched an old VHS I recorded of Kids WB in 1999 with my kid because shitposting has burnt me out on modern cartoons).

I let it slip once that I was working on a model kit and now my coworkers assume I have a big backlog of model cars and airplanes because it would have been too much work to explain Gunpla to a group of 50 year olds.


File: 1692092783534.jpg (45.4 KB, 694x846, 20230820.jpg)

You will find someone…

I hide my modelling power level like this


File: 1692093638249.jpg (104.09 KB, 380x369, 1365463364707.jpg)

Almost 30, still no desire to start a relationship, let alone a family. No real life friends either, just online.

Feeling reasonably comfortable however, I have quite a lot of cash to spend on myself, and never seem to have enough hours in a day to do everything I want to. Currently taking a break from working so I can travel for a couple months.
Not sure if I'll ever change on this regard, but no reason to worry about that.


Soujds like you got a nice situation, hope you get to travel a lot and have lots of nice exopriences!


Turned 30 this year. Over the past 2 or so years my urge to get married and start a family has skyrocketed. The problem is I'm not in a financial nor emotional position to start one and I doubt I ever will be, even the prospect of dating and seeing where that leads just seems pointless.


I've been in a similar boat myself, and had a pretty shit go of it the past few years. That said I think it's worth swinging the bat even if you don't know if you're totally ready. You might as well, for me it's like, what do I even have left to lose anyways, I gave my pride away already.


File: 1693411049597.jpg (88.11 KB, 640x980, 63f854c9f1844fe26171217437….jpg)

OP here. No one can really be "ready" for marriage and kids. The key is being open to change and being willing to take on new challenges (or being forced to lol).
Plenty of well-educated people with stable incomes whose lives fall apart because they take on a major life event like having a kid and then freak out because their life actually changed.
So basically, it's about being willing to go through with it, regardless of whether it looks like you're ready.


I once mentioned to my coworker "I would like to have kids, but I'm not ready yet."

She said "if you wait until you're ready, you will never have kids."

And she's absolutely right. No one can be ready for kids. You just have to do your best or not do it at all. My parents weren't financially ready for me, and even my richer friends still had financial scrapes growing up. Kids will test your finances and spiritual maturity no matter what, but for some people, they are absolutely worth it.


Suburbs are terrible non-places.

I’m 27 and unmarried so I feel old ;_;




File: 1693972964493.gif (819.24 KB, 300x224, sad.gif)

Not that sushi roll, but good to see you still coming back after all these years OP, hope you and your family are well.


Not being 100% ready is one thing, but my fear is it's just too late for me, as a 31-year old with no gf, no kids, and not even any IRL friends anymore, to start from literally zero percent.

I decided the internet was my "home" in my mid-20's and just gave up pursuing any social life IRL. Now I'm starting to regret that choice but realistically, I need a good IRL friend group so that any potential gf doesn't think I'm a creep. So that's 1-2 years minimum to build up the group.

Once I have a gf, we ideally should date another 2-3 years minimum before marriage, with another 1-2 years to see how the marriage holds before having a child.

By that point, I'm anywhere from 35 to my early 40's, assuming everything goes to plan which they never do in the world of social relationships. So much needs to go right that's out of my control, which makes me wonder if it's worth trying, or I just accept my fate and be an elder internet goblin til I drop dead unloved in a state nursing home.


I'm 30 and basically in the same boat. Emotionally I haven't given up but "logistically" speaking marrying and having a family just seems impossibly out of reach at this point.


File: 1694282649103.jpg (161.83 KB, 848x1199, DdJKXKjWkAAEIIE.jpg)

I turned 30 recently myself. I'm not too bothered about being older than the average poster since it's an sushi rollymous forum, and I don't think I'll ever grow out of imageboards. I've taken longer breaks before and I've tried everything from traditional forums to discord, but I always feel like I've come home when I go on imageboards. I find it very difficult to talk to people, even online, so this is one of the few environments where I feel comfortable enough to express myself. The feeling many of us have that imageboards are in decline has actually been good for me, since it's spurred me on to be a more active poster, even making OC and organising community events for another board.

I can't relate to the being married part, but it is what it is.


Cycling time for the oldies

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