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4chan is boring, 8chan…well who really knows about that. Smaller indy-chans seem to come and go. I think comfy chan is still online, but julay world and my favorite; late city is gone.

I am a nomad, I roam the digital wasteland, from chan to chan.


Hi OP. I'm also a cyber nomad. I can relate to your woes. These places are fleeting but it's nice to enjoy them while they're here.

late.city? I think there is a board similar to that on sushi roll.cafe, or I thought it just was that board? Try /late/ and /comfy/ on there.


I like this chan. I don't visit often, but it feels like a home to me. Not toxic, fun atmosphere, and not too serious.


Thanks, I'm glad some people still care. :)


Yeah, getting called 'fag' every other post doesn't even offend me anymore, it's just annoying, lol.


hello, weary traveller.
stay awhile and listen.


I feel you OP, the Internet is far too vast while being far too empty… Keep roaming!




you guys seem to forget the internet is fairly new in terms of bein a platform for socialization. it hasnt even been half a century or even a quarter of that until internet became normalized. its more of a trend now. sooner or later we'll resort to our farmer gatherer ways


It's been a little over a quarter of a century now.
I wonder what it'll be like in another 25 years.


There are adults who have grown up with the web their entire lives. Some people who were into Usenet and BBSes back in the day have been online for nearly 40 years. I'm in my late 20s and I've been online since a little after Y2K, and while I sometimes feel ancient compared to the average e-kid these days I still feel like a latecomer to the internet, since I know plenty of people who have been online for decades longer than I have.


Yeah man ive been online for about 25 years. I miss what the web was like in 07. I feel like I havent had a conversation with anyone online in 5 years.


I know the feeling I've been online for 28 years myself. I do get on IRC but most of the channels throughout the servers I get on from time to time are pretty much wastelands with nobody having any conversations. Not to mention how dead the forums I get on are. Imageboards have been my main source of socializing online for at least a solid two years now. It's been much longer since I had any conversations with people I knew online locally let alone having an IRL conversation. 2007 wasn't a bad spot but it was definitely starting the trends that would ultimately make things online much worse in the long run. Most people define that to be the year of the turning point to everything going wrong in the world. My favorite time online would have had to been the range between 2000-2005. In 2000 I was finally able to drop dial-up for broadband, not too long after that I also started getting into torrenting, and the internet still at that point felt like a magical adventure every time I'd get on my computer. Don't get me wrong, the 90s weren't terrible even with dial-up as that "magical" feeling was the main reason why it was so great. Experiencing personal pages that I'd come across was very cool and designs were innovative and not even close to being full of diarrhea bloat that the soulless modern web suffers from. A lot of the time I'll just hop on neocities and just check out some of the pages on there loving what the next generation are doing with it. I'm currently working on something myself to put on there soon once I'm finished writing out the code for it. Might just host it myself depending on how much content I decide to put on it. Wanting to keep it stylish but minimal without the problems of bloat that I mentioned before. I used to have a few other pages a few years ago that I ended up just taking down. I'm more or less wanting to rework it all into managing only one website.


What's the appeal of imageboards? Don't people want to be a person and make connections with other persons instead of sushi rollymous text?



Not the Original Poster - I've denifitely been coming to imageboards less and less after enrolling in a university. What have been an hourly participation in the discussions have turned to the habitual drop-in once a month - if not less frequent. Still though, what I like about imageboards is that there is a refreshing change in the mode of discussion. I can definitely talk about all the unhinged stuff you'd normally see on the bad board on the bad imageboard with my friends, or the good and blissful things that are definitely rare in the chanospehre but still exist. I can speak my mind and my thoughts here freely in a way that is simply not possible in spoken language - imageboards are void of inherent and sometimes even habitual self-regulation of speech that degrades the meaning of things I want to express. This is not necessarily restricted to politics, I also mean things of sentimental value and sometimes even personal thoughts. As soon as you put something in words, you lose some of that meaning. Speak of it, you lose even further - you're need to express your thoughts restricted to social norms and commonly accepted etiquette in that specific context. Body language, intonation and facial expressions is often not adequate to make up for that.



I think that image boards, like all forms of social media, operate as an artificial simulacrum - a supplement for real life social interaction. So I think once you have a robust social network there's not a real need for online social life and that osimulacrum becomes a complement to that social network or becomes redundant. The lack of third spaces IRL is probably one of the reasons so many have turned to online social networks as a substitute. But there's already too much negativity and misguided nostalgia in this thread so I'd rather not continue on that. "Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism leads to power". I think that the appeal of these virtual social networks is that they can compelement and extend existing physical social networks, and that in the absence of physical social networks they can offer a supplement that can potentially blossom into a physical one as well. We have a thread actually where sushis connect and meet up in person! I think that only really applies to social media websites with a positive atmosphere though, so even with virtual social networks you should be careful to choose your friends wisely.

I like the comfy culture of sushigirl and I like supporting and being a part of the positivity because I know it is helping other people. Also because I know that everyone in here has a unique and interesting life, and I like being involved in the tangle of people's lives. That's my reason to come here on occasion.


Choose three things and do them all well!


Why three?


cos you need a bit of variety, dude.


Feel the same way about 4chan. /pol/ is watered down and overrun with slide threads, /b/ is just straight up porn.
I was late to 8chan, so all that's left there is spam. I like this place though. Lainchan is pretty good too. I'm just trying to find as many different websites to frequent to make up for the lack of good stuff on 4chan.


Take a vacation; we're at the half-way point of the year.


It's been a while since I posted this thread, I appreciate the feedback both pro and somewhat con. Yeah, meet ups in meatspace are underrated, might do it.

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