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File: 1653379745335.jpg (73.55 KB, 564x564, 0f615519711586f2241955d7a0….jpg)


is there a "ask the opposite gender stuff" thread? i have a question :(


Are you male or female? What's your question?


For what it's worth. I think a lot of things you might want to ask will be different for different people, and you'd be better looking for related statistics and studies than asking random internet friends. I don't know what you want to ask though.
Oh, I've got a question for the opposite sex: How do you have a comfy time?


Again, if you really want your question answered by the opposite sex you need to state your own


File: 1653491536324.jpg (52.15 KB, 564x644, 99cc093f0b83d21c988235d0df….jpg)

im female

my question is about body hair: do guys mind it?
ive dated a guy that said he wanted me to constantly be shaved, not just in my private parts. im a very hairy girl and if i shave everything grows back within a day or two, so its hard to keep everything neatly shaved. i know hair in private parts is personal preference but what about legs/tummy/butt/arm hair?

also while im at it: question for other girls

HOW ARE YOU ALWAYS SHAVED? even other hairy friends of mine are constantly shaved and i rarely catch a glimpse of hair on their legs. is there some secret tool that i dont know off? or do hairy girls just shave every single day? i gotta know


As a guy, I think pubic hair is attractive, but personally I think I prefer smooth armpits/legs etc. That said, it also wouldn't bother me to the point of being a dealbreaker for dating someone who I liked. It seems silly to me to expect someone to ALWAYS be completely clean shaven.

I've never been in a relationship but most everyone has body hair to some degree and if I were to be in one I wouldn't want to let something like that get in the way of it. I also think that, based on crushes I've had, when you really like someone your physical preferences often change to accommodate that person. Maybe that is just me though.


I don't very much like a thick bush, but I don't really care about a limp one either. I appreciate it if it's trimmed a bit.
Armpits for me are fine, I don't understand why some women shave them clean. Hairy arms are not much of a problem for me, unlesss they're unusually hairy (like a man's). I do like smooth legs though.


File: 1653521033263.gif (247.08 KB, 600x338, eed5362dcec753f395998adce5….gif)

I'm pretty much a recovering furry. I like hair grow it everywhere be the cute monkey that you are. I can respect other opinions though. Its basically fetishistic (aside from hygiene issues which should be non issues if you shower). So I feel it's a lot of work to ask someone to go to being hairless all the time for your fetish… and I kinda don't like that porn normalizes it. But I'm clearly biased. Cute monkey.


I’m also ‘a girl’ and relatively hairy. Honestly, the issue is more with pubic hair than other hair. It hit pretty soon after puberty. I try to shave because it gets super uncomfortable when it grows out, but shaving is uncomfortable and difficult. Maybe I’ll get it waxed someday… it isn’t really motivated by appearance for me, I always do my best to keep myself looking presentable, but I just really want to be comfortable.

I always shave my legs over the summer. It’s just nice.


There are more important things in a girl than body hair heh, but I do like girls to be shaved down there.


Some do, some don't. It is a fetish after all. I know some who hate it with a burning passion, while other love it above everything else.
Personally I like it hairy between the legs and all other places don't matter to me. As others already said though, there are more important things than that. If somebody takes this as a reason to make or break a relationship, then this person is not worth your affection anyway.


Not a woman, but to answer the 2nd question, I use an epilator. Even as hairy as I am naturally, I got over the pain (it does hurt) and it's really worth it for the super low maintenance. I easily cover 2 weeks super smooth.

Also pref no hair and encourage it with my partner, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker if that makes sense.


> do guys mind it
the answer to any "does X like this" is usually "it depends on their individual preference"

What do you mean "recovering furry"? Isn't that a for-life kind of thing?


Spoiler for weird lewd discussion
I don't really know how sexual orientation be, but for me, a little after puberty I mostly was attracted to fur. Now I still like cat ears or whatever, but I'm mostly into humans. Oddly, my size fetish seems more like how I've heard other people describe things like being straight, gay, trans… Like, I mostly like girls but guys can be cute too and I don't really care that much about my own gender identity, but if there isn't a 50x size difference between ppl fucking I'm not really that interested. Even that I can budge sometimes, for certain situations or fantasies I've managed to get turned on imagining ppl that are similar size. Actually, because my orientation is already so non intersecting with reality, I've experimented with getting turned on by other random things. I've had some success getting aroused just by music which is a cool feeling.


serious question: is it true men are kinda peeing their pants a lot


wwwww what the heck
no? at least not for me???


idk based on what i know its like extra pee that leaks out when ya think ur good and you have a little wet spot


well when you go pee sometimes it doesn't all wanna come out and you have to do some, uh, extra work to get the last few drops. So it's not uncommon that a drop or two ends up in your pants, yeah.


The way you stated this makes it sound as though it were out of fashion and it is suddenly "in" again.


File: 1653704372985.jpg (221.79 KB, 768x768, 1631240548002.jpg)

question for girls
How do you define someone who is like a creep? I feel like this after talking to a girl from college, getting her phone number, and me wanting to continue the conversation through message apps but she didn't reply anything back to me
I just want some contact but my nature may be very creepy.


When I was in college I would give my number without wanting to because it felt rude not to. I also was a late bloomer who didn't realize it meant a guy was potentially interested in me. Either or both could be the same with yours. If she's not responding back, I'd say to cease messaging.

Things get creepy when someone is constantly contacting, demanding attention and flirting when im not reciprocating.


Q for girls/women (or I guess anyone who happens to have lots of female aquaintances):
How uncommon is it with ladies that don't use dating apps?
The way I hear them talk about men like items on a shop shelf comparing attributes in this detached analytical way always makes me feel kinda weird and uneasy.
But maybe it's something you have to just suck up and deal with if you don't want to be forever alone in this modern world.

I do not mind, wouldn't expect or require my partner to go through a bunch of effort I wouldn't myself. More of a plus if someone would be comfortable to be carefree and relaxed around me.


this might just be my personal experience and the people I talk to, but I'd guess about half of women, maybe more, don't use them? I really only know a couple of girls who do tbh.

I epilate, and the girls I know who shave tend to do it every couple of days or so. To be honest though, I think we tend to notice hair and blemishes and stuff on ourselves more easily than we see them on other people. there's a real tendency I think to see our perceived "beauty flaws" as more visible and worse than other people's even when they look pretty normal.

If she doesn't reply back, I think she's probably not interested. Sorry :c

To me a creep is people who are too forward asking questions that are waay to personal to ask someone they barely know, people who violate my privacy or try to touch me without consent, people who act possessive of me and try to boss me around, people who won't take no for an answer and keep pushing after I've tried to show I'm not interested.


>How uncommon is it with ladies that don't use dating apps?
Watch vid related. TL;DW: women and men do not use dating apps in equal numbers. In fact, the userbases of major dating apps are overwhelmingly male. This implies that women, more so than men, choose to stay off dating apps.

>The way I hear them talk about men like items on a shop shelf comparing attributes in this detached analytical way always makes me feel kinda weird and uneasy.

Just to say that men do this too. I remember being in school and hearing two more popular guys discussing a particular girl and what sex positions she was willing to do. They shared disappointment that she wouldn't do anal, as if she was a cheaper model with fewer perks than other girls. So fucking creepy.

>But maybe it's something you have to just suck up and deal with if you don't want to be forever alone in this modern world.

Nah, fuck that, roll. Sure, being on a dating app might let you meet people more quickly. But if it compromises your self-esteem, is it worth it?

The real world still exists, chances do happen, serendipity still plays a role in our lives. I'm still figuring out how to live without social media, but my tentative advice is: just do things offline. Sit in a cafe at a regular time each week. Join a club. Go see a band live. Be friendly at work/school and figure out who shares your interests. Furthermore, try to notice what goes on around you: eavesdrop on other people's conversations, look at the cover of the book they're reading, notice what's on their T-shirt, how they styled their hair, piercings, jewellery, tattoos. If you're in enough places at enough times, there will come a time when you will catch someone's eye and be in a position to strike up a conversation. And who knows where that could lead?


oops I meant to embed this


I have never used a dating app but I'm so lonely that I might be distraught enough to try soon. I've always believed meeting people through a hobby is the best way, and my relationships were at least 1-2 years long. I want to get married though.


File: 1655678063107.jpg (2.77 MB, 2191x2933, 1344f27a57364f397a259025dd….jpg)

Are female neets a thing? Seems more of a men dominated environment.


File: 1655678728880.jpg (113 KB, 700x850, illust_80894463_20220606_0….jpg)

I'm a NEET but it wasn't intentional. I have a job I'd like to do when I'm better.


I wonder if female neets are treated better than the male counterpart.
That being said, most NEETS tends to be a bit dickish to their parents.


File: 1655680684264.jpg (2.08 MB, 1668x2388, illust_94338572_20220413_1….jpg)

My mum has some kind of mental disorder and was always very abusive to me, but she also understands my life has been screwed by things out of my control so she does try these days to be more understanding. I don't know if you also mean by society, but generally people understand when I explain I'm on disability, not just some "lazy person" like most expect. I think most NEETs I've interacted with were a bit split. Those mostly people from a strong family culture their fathers would usually disapprove while their mothers didn't mind, and generally the NEETs loved their mothers very much. I haven't met many western country NEETs yet.


Obligatory not a female, but yes. I've had/have? (its complicated) female NEET friends and my sister is somewhat of a NEET too. They're all happy enough and parents are supportive.


Male here.
So its my understanding where there are hairs, there are spots. Like i get tiny little white heads on my ball sack and there real satisfying to squeeze. Is this the same for women, do you get any spots in your lady areas? asking for a friends obviously.


I think I know the spots you mean and it depends on skin type. I have little hair follicle bumps on my vulva sometimes, but that's gotten less after laser hair removal. tldr normal don't worry about it, unless they're full of pus or something in which case no not normal.


Yeah, but they tend to congregate on different places online than male NEETs do.


Speaking of this I'm curious what femrolls opinions are on those spaces because in my experience lurking them they're frightfully misandrist and kinda reinforced a lot of anxieties I already have about women


I personally find nothing in common with those places or people which is why I go here, 4ch and some smaller boards which are more aligned with my personality.


Not a fan tbh
like I'm sure some of the people on there are nice, but they mostly seem to be very miserable and pessimistic.


I used to hang out on some of the popular ‘girl NEET’ sites and was around early enough for some of them to be founded. I never really identified super strongly with feminine stereotypes in the first place but appreciated some of those places at first as a space online to explore femininity on my own terms, and sushi rollymously. But inevitably yeah the misandrism, constant trolling and raiding, questionable politics, gatekeeping, etc takes over. I think the kinds of women that interact on imageboards are overwhelmingly from a few very specific niches and these communities are not really representative of womanhood in general.

It all got to be too much and I haven’t been on in several years now. But it was nice while it lasted.


Guy here.
These answer are kinda about going from "undesirable" to "undesirable and creepy". I'm betting the spirit of the question is more what makes someone undesirable in the first place.
I know for me I'm pretty protective of my time, so almost everyone is undesirable to me all the time. But depth of conversation or an interesting approach to life will gain my attention which may become friendship. But mostly I like to let friendships die down after a while to messaging once every few months.
I usually let other people pursue me rather than the other way round since other people have higher socialization need than me, but this means I'm choosing my relationships through filtering which is kinda a sucky feeling. Also it means almost all of my friends have been other guys, which I'd kinda like to change since I would like to date, but it's really difficult.

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