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File: 1636829108089.jpg (86.33 KB, 600x308, fall.jpg)

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Last thread (>>11500) hit bump limit, so I'm making a new one
General discussion thread. Talk about how your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently, what's on your or just to say hi!
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i don't like hurting people but i have to get back in some way
well i hope u don't have a reason to sushi roll :3


File: 1646599214667.png (109.63 KB, 370x350, d30b4c637a0e5b2aa9f84c5d46….png)

woke up today for work
stomach hurts, don't feel like eating
don't feel like doing anything at all
want to lie down and cry for no reason
i know i have to go to work to get my pay as im out of sick hours
try to suck it up and go to work but can't handle it as i get there
tell my supervisor about it and she lets me go back home
i feel worse because im not getting paid to stay home


I haven't checked this place in a while. I kind don't get the point since I usually only browse imageboards when I'm depressed, but then anything that I would want to post wouldn't be positive/comfy which would be against the spirit of this place. Still, I wanna type something I guess. So here it is.


Give happyposting a chance!


File: 1646728666467.jpg (197.42 KB, 600x847, 95624748_p0_master1200~2.jpg)

how do people enjoy things long-term? i feel like i get tired of everything i do within a month, and i don't have any comfy things i can return to.


I can't take most media made for an internet audience seriously because it was inspired by the worst of the internet. I've seen, popular mind you, short horror stories with the most juvenile takes on religion and atheism, stories based off of popular internet "fun facts" (Shut up about the demon core, basilisk, etc), and stories based off of weird internet hang ups (stories based off a specific view of trauma most popular on the internet, the infamous "School doesn't teach us real things", and the most touch grass political views).
The really niche pool of inspiration means that all internet stories sound the same and have the same "Plot twists", a creepypasta with a thinly veiled metaphor for chrsitinity will always end in the same way. I wouldn't say it's because the internet is a bad inspiration, tons of good media has been made using it as inspo, but instead because everyone uses the same inspiration online and, as hard as it is to get published, these people publish online because they aren't good enough for book deals. It's art for those who do nothing, but browse online made by those who do nothing but browse online. I would be more sympathetic to their work if a mediocre story wasn't over hyped every week.
This rant was inspired by a short story my friend said was really good that unironically had the line "I always considered myself more logical because I was an atheist"


Maybe you're doing sprint pace rather than marathon?
If you're doing several hours a day of the thing it's not weird to fry your circuits. You can binge watch a series even though it's unhealthy cause that's a very laid back activity. Doing the same with anything that actually needs your brain plugged in is bad voodoo.
Try limiting the actual sessions of doing the thing to something like 1h a day?


File: 1646774564157.png (210.01 KB, 342x373, ddhflxm-eb4dc741-eef4-4180….png)

yeah that's pretty fair advice. it'd be difficult to find enough things to cycle through my day with, though. and i'm terrible enough at keeping schedules as-is lol


File: 1646851371175.jpeg (248.01 KB, 540x399, 4cd44707fb73cf60da1d2bca1….jpeg)

Feeling more and more lonely as time goes on.
It seems most people on the internet are much more below my age gap and I can't sympathize with what they have to say, what they believe, and what they've done with life.
It's getting hard to believe I'll talk to someone I can truly relate to


I apologise for interjecting the conversation unwelcomed but I have seen this advice elsewhere as well and some things just made me confused.

If you can only do an activity 1h a day, what do you do with the rest of the time? If I attempted to find some more hobbies to do daily for an hour I might not get bored of a single activity but instead get burnt out of willpower to do anything at all. Is it acceptable for a hypothetical sushi to be lazy and not do anything more than sushi wants?


File: 1646939722553.jpg (131.67 KB, 850x578, temp.jpg)

It was not meant as a hard limit to never budge on, just as a test to see if the method itself would actually work. Maybe just adding "something like" was not enough to get that notion across. I could have said 2-3h, but then maybe that'd still be above what someone can keep up long term, so better to stray on too the side of too careful when testing your limits, then increase from there.
Maybe increasing session length doesnt work, but doing Xh sessions with at least an hour or so inbetween to refresh works. Just as long as you aren't batch-moding it. When I was NEET I did that alot, spend all day doing research and practice on subject something then burn out and enter energy-saver depression mode for way more days than I got stuff done.
>TL;DR above
Not trying to recommend a hard prescription, just an example entry point to start exploring what could work for sushi in question.

Also apology accepted but not necessary, I could have been clearer in my post, just beneficial that you pointed it out. (Also #2, you're not unwelcome, your input is as appreciated as anybody elses)

On the note of getting burnt out on too much stuff in a day, depends on what kind of activity we're talking? If you alternate between mental and physical stuff it tends to work out pretty good (e.g. a session programming or similar, then a session of some kind of body work, maybe juggling or taking a walk, lifting).
But also, sometimes one can get too fixated on being productive (I know I do sometimes at least). Just chilling is a valid activity. Listening some tunes splayed out on the floor. Put together some ginger ale, bake something delicious. Something non-taxing but chill and gentle, a feelgood bonus if you get a nice homemade reward for yourself at the end.
Time spent chilling is never wasted, it's recovery time.
>acceptable for a sushi to be lazy and not do anything more than sushi wants?
Most def. IMO. Better that than take on more than you can handle, crash and burn, which in the end will waste more time than taking it at your own pace.
I tend to find if I let myself get bored, ideas bubble up on their own. See above for some tips.
Too easy to kill time online and barely get above boredom-level without actually doing anything.


I can't give relationship advice online because I know how biased some people can tell their story. One guy who was venting to me about being "a funny, charismatic, and nice guy who just can't catch a break" was in complete delusion of his actual personality. No one laughed at his jokes because they were some of the creepiest shit ever, he was unaware he was socially awkward*, and he was one of the meanest people I knew. Like he would take out his stress by yelling personal insults at you never apologizing. I just think of him when someone posts about how someone doesn't know what they're doing wrong. I'm right because whenever I look at the post history of one of those "I'm a nice guy. Why don't woman like me?" you find some of the craziest shit, ranging from "can I move to japan even though I have low functioning autism" to "Whats wrong with working at mcdonalds at age 32?".
I guess on the funnier side my "friend", cut him off because he was becoming dangerously creepy, was a solid 3/10, but he only went for woman hot enough to be model. One time he went ugh when I showed him a woman who was 4/10 attractive
*In asterisk because this is his most debatable trait. I know socially anxious guys who have gf’s, but this is because they were aware of their flaws and worked around them or worked to eliminate them. My “nice guy” friend on the other hand was completely oblivious to how having stiff body language and stuttering every other word could make people uncomfortable.


Pretty epic how because you know one asshole IRL you think everyone who's lonely because they're awkward/unsuccessful/ugly somehow deserves it. I'm not defending this person being an asshole to others, but aside from that I'm shocked at your cruel attitude towards people with mental illness, low income jobs, or social anxiety in general. Especially because I fit into all three of those categories and you're basically telling me I deserve to be lonely/ignored even if I'm NOT a creep or an asshole. So what if someone has cringey aspirations of living in Japan or works at McDonalds? You don't see people out here saying women are un-date-able for not having good jobs or having weird hobbies/aspirations/mannerisms. It's also fucking sad how you seem to think socially anxious men shouldn't even be given the time of day unless they "work around or eliminate" that aspect of themselves. Have you considered that isn't possible for some people? Also giving people #/10 ratings is cringe. It's posts like this that make it even harder for me not to shut other people out of my life entirely, because if this is the attitude the general public has then I might as well give up on ever connecting with them and shut myself in my apartment until I die. I want to be clear here that I'm not defending this person you're using to make your argument; it sounds like they have some genuine issues and have done some shitty stuff. But the implications behind the rest of your post aren't much better than the actions you yourself are friendly ladying about imo.


my fren thinks you're a bad person with a limited capacity of understanding and sympathizing with people who have autism or are socially awkward or can't get another job.

i tried to explain that wasn't necessarily the case but he wouldn't accept it, but now he's upset with me. :<


tfw removed myself from the sedative of instant messaging; pure vortex of nothingness where people believe they're talking not to a caricature of someone but actually someone who can misrepresent themselves at any moment and ghost you at any day
it's one of the few things I'm proud about to be quite honest family


File: 1647072608194.png (537.47 KB, 720x720, 1464780378933.png)

Thank you, your post made me reconsider everything about myself. I was quite busy contemplating on my virtues and my faults, on whether I was on the right path or whether I had to change myself. I was actually considering that maybe society was right, maybe I should be the one to change to conform to other people's standards in order to fit in, but now I realize that I am on the right path. I realize how glad I am that I finally cut out all normie bullshit in my life. I realize that I hate most normie groupthink and all the shallow relationships that comes with the normie world. I'll forge ahead on the path of spending all my free time living in the world of dreams, playing games and watching shows with cute 2D girls in them.


File: 1647091709248.gif (1.02 MB, 900x426, d2ccff95af3696b13bf6afe50b….gif)

Down with false hedonism! Viva la kawaii! Viva la moe!


Funny how soft keyboards for android use "customizable" to mean you can change the colour.


happy st. pattys day




File: 1647892053269.jpg (2.55 MB, 2355x3095, FKxDRpFUUAgnwFw.jpg)

Take breaks from doing things you enjoy! That way you can savor them.


Wow, that sounds so sagely and wise! How do you turn away from things you like to focus on things you don't like as much though?


File: 1648078888369.png (691.37 KB, 945x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't mind me, just something that I thought it was funny because it did happen to me


where do I find a girl like this?


You don't find them they find you
But I wouldn't count on it, being a shut-in hikki absolutely screws up how you deal with people so do take that into account


guess I'll keep waiting then ;_;


File: 1648130894117.png (323.19 KB, 473x378, 2hu flan makes no scence.png)

It's ok
Sometimes you're better off alone.
But if you want an advice it would be out yourself out there. Posting ways to contact you goes a long way


*put yourself out there
I just woke up and I cannot type


File: 1648133508882.jpeg (261.51 KB, 2000x1952, dumb.jpeg)

>Posting ways to contact you goes a long way
Ah I'm way too scared to do that, what if I get catfished or bullied or something?!
Also I have my doubts that girls on the internet really exist lol


File: 1648133720115.jpg (1.91 MB, 3900x3000, 1645877582617.jpg)

Just don't expect girls to talk to you, and always be fairly skeptical of having your leg pulled. The only way you could get bullied is if you actively mention you want a gf. If you're fairly interesting they'll come to you


Of course I want a gf someday but I'd be happy proving to myself that I can even interact with the opposite sex because thus far I really haven't and being scared of girls probably isn't too healthy. Even saying as much out loud probably makes me look not worth spending any time getting to know lol

>If you're fairly interesting they'll come to you

Most of my hobbies are otaku focused which is not great but I have some other stuff I like.


>Of course I want a gf someday but I'd be happy proving to myself that I can even interact with the opposite sex because thus far I really haven't and being scared of girls probably isn't too healthy
I guess it wouldn't be too smart from you to try to talk to girls if you can't even fathom talking to one, I personally didn't knew the one I was talking to was a female until a week passed. No girls on the internet rule didn't apply there.
Ahh, who am I kidding, I can't give any advice when it comes to girls. Sorry to dissapoint you bud.
>Even saying as much out loud probably makes me look not worth spending any time getting to know
I'm sure there's someone out there who's really into that, but given the fact that you two may lurk completely different places the chances of it happening may be very slim. Either way, they won't be repelled by you until you act in a way they may not like (which is what I did).
>Most of my hobbies are otaku focused
You'd be surprised, but there are girls that are massive otaku out there, that's no reason to feel shameful about it. You have to take into account that males aren't the primary focus in Japan even if they bring the big bucks, there's a lot of variety to it.


File: 1648135804636.jpg (290.67 KB, 2037x2114, c15d622b1df38f085203dc7f3c….jpg)

>Ahh, who am I kidding, I can't give any advice when it comes to girls.
www it's okay, I appreciate it anyways. I'll just keep hoping I get lucky I suppose, and coping with it best I can until then.


File: 1648136735639.gif (497.49 KB, 540x338, headpats.gif)

It's ok, I only wish my fellow sushis to do best in life. You still have us so you're not alone in this world. And who knows, maybe this board is responsible for that which you crave to happen. Wouldn't that be too silly?
Hihi, have a good one sushi roll, we all love you here


File: 1648187287468.jpg (152.19 KB, 1080x1446, 173836581.jpg)

Love thread is at bump limit, thinking of creating next one if nobody does since my emotions are kinda overflowing and it was a great place for sushi to vent.


I find the relationship talk a little much so maybe consider making it on /hell/? just my 2 cents though.


File: 1648484305254.png (1.36 MB, 1200x720, ClipboardImage.png)

fear of dying alone is creeping in again


File: 1648519900379.jpg (895.08 KB, 2592x1944, IMG_20220328_193650.jpg)

I carved a little pumpkin




I met a very nice girl online who thinks I’m cute. There’s a few reasons why it’s not going to become a relationship, but I’m still tickled by the positive attention (っ´ω`c).


where did you two meet, roll?


I wonder if anyone else experiences this, sometimes I feel like I time traveled from like 2013 to now because the years in between feel unreal. I'm usually sitting in my room listening to music and all of a sudden I get this weird feeling that it was 2013 just a second ago and now I'm here in 2022 and nothing really happened in between. I don't know what to make of this.


Sounds like a cool feeling but probs comes with sadness or nostalgia eh?.. I've come to the view that the past only exists in memories (data) that we created so we could have them in the future. The memories we have, like the files we open on computers have no priority. Maybe you visit a memory from 2013 frequently but haven't really done much processing on memories since then. Maybe you created an ego based on 2013 and have just been coasting on it. Idk but I'm glad you said this cause thinking about memory and time is pretty neat even though I'd rather not get old. Its gonna happen so Id rather become an old man worth being than one in denial. Oh! Keep a journal. Remember to write what year it is in your journal, I have a few old ones I cant place cause I never actually wrote the year and now I cant remember lol.


File: 1655345274118-0.jpg (6.05 MB, 4080x3072, IMG_20220615_132433212.jpg)

File: 1655345274119-1.jpg (2.09 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20220615_133013049_HDR.jpg)

File: 1655345274119-2.jpg (1.81 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20220615_133511979_HDR.jpg)

File: 1655345274119-3.jpg (2.63 MB, 4080x3072, IMG_20220615_133617572.jpg)

It was beautiful out today so I took a very nice drive and hiked up to an abandoned military radar base in the mountains. It was really cool!

I'm super out of shape though, my legs feel like jelly now that I'm finally home lol


Very cool!


I've never documented my progress like I've seen some sushi rolls on other imageboards make a thread about their learning experience, with stuff like toki pona or C programming.
I wonder if it'd be a good idea. I don't want to make this site my personal blog, I know that's not good etiquette, but I do sometimes long for someone to talk about what I'm doing. What's more, maybe I could inspire some sushi roll, I know I've been inspired by others sharing their learning experiences.
But I don't really feel confident about doing this. What if I drop it? I also feel uneasy making a personal process open to public because I feel I'll end up thinking more about the audience than the thing I'm actually doing.
Most of my being says no but part of me says "hey let's share this" and it seems like something new to try….
Well idk, I'm sure nobody cares anyway.


Wow, that's awesome. How did you find this?


Imo the way to approach this is to imagine a thread you would want to contribute to like "programming language learning general" or something. Then check if a thread close to what you want to be posting in exists, if it does, just post there, if not, create it. This avoids the blogging issue because if you're the only one bumping the thread you know to let it die, and if you lose interest but other ppl keep bumping it you've still done a good thing by creating a thread ppl like.


A friend told me about it and then I was able to find the latitude and longitude by looking it up and I put that into google maps. It was kind of a long drive to get out there and a very long walk up the mountain, but very worth it. If I had a bigger car or an ATV or something it might be possible to drive all the way up but the road was extremely damaged and not maintained at all.


Thank you so much, sushi! I didn't watch this movie but I watched the creator's previous movie Nova Seed and my friend and I loved it! I'm trying to find a way to watch Empress of Darkness without streaming it amazon video.

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