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File: 1610643909083.jpg (1010.58 KB, 2048x1537, unknown.jpg)

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Last thread, >>9530, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making an even newer one.

General discussion thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!
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>I don't feel good sharing it now though…
Ah, sorry. No worries, you've been a great help. I just get nervous talking to people one-on-one. I would email about the /jp/ meaning, but I don't think I'm up for it.


What the hell is it with all the posts getting deleted?


File: 1620331059632.jpg (338.82 KB, 1200x1600, lilacs.jpg)

Lilacs are so pretty. I love this time of year.


File: 1620438039829.jpg (18.05 KB, 500x280, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Tried to start playing AI dungeon, to be quite blunt, for porn. The main thing blacking me right now is I feel stupidly ashamed of doing it. Something about talking to someone, even id it's an AI, about my secret kinks just makes me cringe.
Also the AI can be quite dumb at times. I asked for a knight to "Strip down and stick their sword in me" and they stabbed me to death. It was a mistake I could see an AI making. The more flagrant errors were when characters blatantly ignored what I said


y-you can try degrees of l*wdity instead if you'd like.


Wasn't there some leak recently of peoples story logs? Don't type anything too embarrassing roll. Although, it might've just been of people using the paid service.


I wanted to like that game but it was too rape focused
Maybe they've changed it


No, it's still pretty r*pe-focused. I guess it just depends on what you're into. If all else fails, you can always just erp with your sushifrens!!!


File: 1620473859150.jpg (57.39 KB, 300x283, 1558320202519.jpg)

>you can always just erp with your sushifrens!!!


I put on my robe and wizard hat…


*ahns at you*


Eh? What is ahn?


File: 1620517967794.jpg (166.42 KB, 768x1024, luis-von-ahn.jpg)

The guy who helped develop CAPTCHAs, apparently.


I might make newpipe my main music app. I've had problems with all my music being on 3 separate services, YT, soundcloud, and bandcamp, but newpipes recent updates has added them all to the newpipe app. Albiet though everything is still very buggy, bandcamp albums sometimes don't show up, no random button, weird UI, but I rather have an unrandom playlist than surf through 3 apps for 1 song


Never heard of this but checking it out now, thanks roll


Strange. Another sushi also mentioned something about "enterprise resource planning with sushifrens."


Surprised FNAF is still going on after all these years. Even more surprised is how complex it is. A game about dead kids haunting a pizzeria turned into 50 year saga, possession, evil AI, multiple relationships and a bunch of other stuff. Wont be surprised if this game adds multiple dimensions soon. FNAF has kind of lost it's charm over the ages though because it's main sell was it's esoteric nature you had to work to understand and as of now thats a popular theme when it comes to games. FNAF seems to be living off of momentum at this point. If it was released now I don't think it'd get as popular.

ARG's and esotercism is kind of trend in indie games right now because it's a really easy way to make people talk and obsess over your game. Early attempts at this were genuine, but now it feels like games will just add hidden lore for no reason. The more extreme version of this are some games exist right now that have no weight to stand on besides lore, onlycans is the most outrageous example.

The trend is growing so popular at this point I feel like an infamously bad example with pop up soon. Like how one really bad movie kills a way to popular genre? I feel this might happen for deep lore games


Huh, Seth McFarlin is pretty good at music. I guess this was foreshadowed by all the songs in family guy. Ironically being famous might have hurt his music career because he's just "the guy who made family guy" and not some artist to take seriously. To be fair at some points in his songs when hitting a weird note he accidentally pitch shifts to a family guy character and it's super uncanny.


File: 1620747618482.jpg (127.22 KB, 850x584, test.jpg)

Found my little brothers reddit account and decided to look through it out of curiosity. All he does is post on /r/memes and minecraft, with an occasional fortnite sub. It is pretty inline with his personality. The most amusing aspects was when he answered a "What object under 50$ improved your life" thread with "minecraft java edition".
The weirder aspect was when a meme resulted in a conversation, "why do people like writing long essays online, but not for school?", and he posted a 4 paragraph answer that sounded exactly like the average redditor. Not being able to tell a 13 year old's childs debate skills from the average redditor is one big reason I don't use the site much


The old modes of learning are as of late not satisfying to me. The old pages of discussion even less so.
Idk what happen. I guess I realized how insubstantial these sites are for any form of meaningful discussion, or that it makes more sense to go and do the things, rather than look for people discussing them, and at a very primitive/shallow level at that.
Studying to pass an exam kind of makes me not want to do it, it turns a hobby into an awful chore. Or it is perhaps the material that is uninspiring. Anyway, a number of topics have taken precedence, and this monkey brain of mine helps absolute zero.
On the other hand, new interests show up on the horizon, I've been considering the idea of writing book reviews (on goodreads I suppose.)
But first I would need to finish those books (nonfiction btw.) But it seems that everything conspires against me doing so. I don't know if it's self-sabotage, or the universe testing me. For if I want to focus on a book I am constantly (and I mean non-stop) being distracted by the people around me to pay attention to other things. But in the rare chances that they are not, I myself can't read much through a book without getting myself distracted, and looking for something else to pay attention to. Slowly but surely, I'm managing to read through a few books.
I am aware of the atrophy to mental health that these little stupid internet-intensive handheld devices facilitate, and it is a double-edged knife that I can instantly look up bibliographic references on the books I am reading, and that I have almost instant access to all of them so that I have stacked a library of books that I do intend to read on a huge number of topics.
Currently one of my readings is Mortimer J Adler's How to Read a Book. Very Meta, but it has inspired me an approach to the stack of math books (on real analysis, linearalgebra, and down to algebraic geometry on one hand and physics on the other) that I intend to one day be able to read, books that demand a systematic reading as described in Adler's book. The rest of the stack, on ecology, economy, and sundry will have to do with a more loose approach.
Lastly, I remember once thinking that I could only hope to understand and perhaps (by a long shot, really) be competent at computer stuff. A sentiment I've seen echoed in some of these sites. Given the current state of all things computer and the whole ecosystem, such a horribly messy man-made system of faulty backward compatibility and crappy design, it would be a very sad life, indeed, if computers were the sole focus of my intellectual pursuits.


>Not being able to tell a 13 year old's childs debate skills from the average redditor is one big reason I don't use the site much
I used to be that 13 year old on reddit! I look back and think it's really funny. Your brother sounds like he'll turn out alright.


One weird side effect of online classes is that more professors are recording their lectures. Along with that most of them have used YT as the host for these recordings; this has lead to an increase in semester long lectures about random subjects on YT. Professors have always uploaded onto YT, but this year we've had a massive spike. Another difference is that it isn't just "big name college 2000 level course" posting these videos it's "random college 4000 level course"

Unrelated to covid, but I never notice YT update drama, ads, coppa, video formatting, etc, because I YT's frontends that deal with most of those problems. I was genuinely surprised by all the update drama I missed when I checked up on YT.


*because I use a YT frontend


If you want to read a book on linear algebra I would suggest reading the book of Hoffman and Kunze. It is an absolute banger.


I had an odd thought. What if I met another sushi in real life? I think it'd be like meeting a long-lost friend.

What would you do if you met another sushi in real life?


File: 1621119650684.jpg (70.97 KB, 768x387, Review-bribe.jpg)

Reading into the "corporation bribes reviewers" problem and tbf I'd do it. I'd give a 5/5 review for a 16gb card.


Sorry for party rocking


I hope I can meet all of my friends soon, some of them are sushis, some are gucas, some are jpsies, but all of them are my frens!


I would not mind meeting a 1337 sushi!


File: 1621379839357.jpg (80.38 KB, 680x832, 1544364471761.jpg)

I was wondering why my final exam was so buggy, would reload 1 second after you stopped typing forcing you to click the text box again. Turns out my internet shut off, I don't reconnect automatically, and that was its flawed way trying to "reconnect", the test is saved on my pc until being uploaded to a cloud. Somehow genius yet moronic. I'm still traumatized from the event because I'm still typing faster than average because I think the 'computer' will still try to unclick the textbox.

I also realized another problem. The thing was a CLEP like exam, so I get a good score I can skip a 1-2 college classes. problem is I don't get my score back until 1 month after course registration. I can't just not enroll and hope to take it latter because it's one of those "take this before this and this" classes. Missing it would cost me a year. I can either bet on me passing the exam, take the college class (meaning my hard work was pointless), or hope my school has a generous "hold on class until payed" thing.

Some other things going are if I take the classes it'll be a breaze and GPA boost, but on the other side I wanted to classes gone so I could work on a minor or double major


File: 1621417980575.jpg (26.89 KB, 284x350, 1620576731742-a.jpg)

I was meant to post this on another imageboard, but they seem to have database errors so I'll put it here
I used to relate a lot to the normalfag hate that is fairly common on imageboards, but as of late, I think it's kind of stupid hating on those who aren't socially inept.
After all, those are the people who get the best jobs, live with less preoccupations, and don't seem to act so petty to people different than them (may be wrong).
I just think that hating people that act different than you could be redirected to something else, and that seems like one of those "luxury hates" that can only be done because you don't have much else to get mad at.
I don't know, since I've got a goal in my life my hatred for those people seems to have stopped existing. But then again, I don't interact physically with anyone except my family since I never leave my house thanks to lockdown, and I'm quite thankful for it.
I know this post doesn't really fit the aura of sushi, but I'd end up forgetting about it if I waited for the other site to work


File: 1621458411941.gif (356.36 KB, 500x281, dum dum.gif)

Hey sushi! Say something!


File: 1621459125763.jpg (121.57 KB, 554x439, 1611984076036.jpg)



File: 1621460549328.png (45.71 KB, 259x224, SLAM THE DESK.png)

Say more than that!


File: 1621461491493.jpg (139.44 KB, 554x439, 1621459125763.jpg)

"more than that"


File: 1621461808241.gif (775.72 KB, 442x396, hold me.gif)

Oh you think you're very funny, don't you? Following my instructions literally, huh?
How about this, Say "I'm a silly willy"!


File: 1621473188925.jpg (306.75 KB, 1324x2048, 6f204de97dbc4c540fa920d2d5….jpg)

I had a nice day today, great weather for a long drive with the windows down and I got some fancy beers. Here's a cute Iris to celebrate


RIP Kentaro Miura


File: 1621512794217-0.jpg (18.38 KB, 360x450, 20210520_015329.jpg)

File: 1621512794217-1.jpg (564.28 KB, 1159x1364, 20210520_023902.jpg)

Last night i saw the news of Kentaro Miura's passing.
Berserk has been my favorite manga since the first time i read it and the fact that i will never see its end makes me extremely sad.
R.I.P Kentaro Miura
Goodbye Guts


File: 1621519842386.jpg (97.57 KB, 1280x960, 9m4dln.jpg)

ur a silly willy


>Watch medical topics on youtube
>Turn off ad block to test something
>"DO YOU WANNA BE A GYNECOLOGIST?" ad blares up out of nowhere
It was so random


They're collecting your data.

I think technically by this notion, Netflix might be the one to decide how it ends.


That's very odd. Any idea what it was advertising?


Visit /sci/ to ask a quick question and jesus I forgot how bad that board was. By it's nature it attracts pesudoes who have no real understanding of science and just do it for "me smarter than (group I hate)". I know it was bad, but I didn't expect "half the users consistently score lower than a c- high schooler" bad.
I think the most amusing one was the dude who git a cs degree and deicded he wanted to go to med school. He took the mcat, med school prereq, and realized they needed the college courses, gpa, and volunteer experience afterwords. He just gave up nevermind med school masters and volunteering would fix his problem in 2-3 years
Med school admissions help. "do you wanna be a gynaecologist? Well sign up for out mcat training!"


Why even bother sageing when the thread is already past the bump limit?


File: 1621744730582.gif (1013.08 KB, 500x375, tears.gif)



File: 1622120239776.jpg (57.66 KB, 933x778, 15c116b55a11717da38e0eed28….jpg)

sushi roll btfo


Looking for a picture of a girl in an anime with pink hair and a rose in her mouth leaning on something and looking smug in a relatively flat style. I will post THREE nice images in return and mail you $100.


File: 1628031272022.jpg (73.83 KB, 1280x720, d22.jpg)


File: 1655872737290.jpg (112.86 KB, 640x640, jam.jpg)

new sushi here. this place is pretty comfy.

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