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File: 1610643909083.jpg (1010.58 KB, 2048x1537, unknown.jpg)

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Last thread, >>9530, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making an even newer one.

General discussion thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!
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I remember a time like 5 years ago my area had a really brutal snowstorm. For some reason I decided to put on full snow gear and trek around town through multiple feet of snow for no reason. It was exhausting and freezing cold but it was interesting to see how normally busy areas were now completely dead, save for the occasional plow truck. People who saw me probly thought I was crazy though.


File: 1616417590931.jpg (137.51 KB, 1079x1055, 1614701947145.jpg)

I want to oyasumi…


This picture encapsulates a feeling very well


>>10721 returning, placed an order for some yarn and both knitting and crochet needles the other day. Hype to get busy with relearning. Got as low thickness as they had in cotton, to get more length for the same price and therefore cheaper practice material before tackling any actual pattern. Already have my aim set on a first real actual piece I want to do when I've gotten comfortably proficient enough. A crocheted witches hat


File: 1616563972190.gif (594.31 KB, 560x315, panic attack.gif)

I'm sorry if I offend anyone but I FUCKING HATE SOYBOYS!
Ended up having one as my programming teacher and it was a pain to endure the class.
>begins class with harry potter music
>struggles a snape funkopop in front of the camera
>uses gender neutral pronouns and vowels that go against the language giving gender to sustantives
>acts like a complete attention whore shilling his twitch channel
>goes on a rant about how we "can't say things in some ways that seem offensive" (wtf is this shit)
>most people eat it up
I don't really like ranting about this stuff here, but if I were to talk about this somewhere else some kid who discovered the redpill yesterday would go ">going to college". These are the kinds of people that make me feel disgusted at myself, at the end of the day, they're nerds in the same way as I am. But soyboys never go for something with a lot of rough edges, they go for the safest and most bland stuff possible, without any shred of personality.
I'm so goddamn pissed, but I need to do the career, I don't want to live doing my father's hard labour for pennies stuck in a shantytown, getting poorer and poorer every year. I need to buckle up and face the fact that this guy will be my teacher for the whole year, perhaps even the whole 2 years of the career.
Sorry if I piss someone off.


File: 1616564253608.gif (725.69 KB, 1200x1097, 1603692530627.gif)

I've never been to college so I probably have an idealistic view of it but I'm more shocked that a teacher would act that way than I am offended at anything you said.


File: 1616598334150.jpg (79.9 KB, 1024x987, sigh.jpg)

I think this is an issue mostly with the kind of career I'm taking. They take 2 years and programming is kind of a new thing so young people end up working as teachers. I also did expect something more professional, but then again maybe it was just the case of the first class not teaching anything but the organization of the classroom and the subject that pissed me off.
On the other hand, I should view it as a positive if someone like that can make a good living out of programming. Means I shouldn't really have many problems outside of dealing with people.


>I also did expect something more professional

I would too, but

>Means I shouldn't really have many problems outside of dealing with people.

Part of what you're supposed to pick up in college -is- how to deal with people, especially ones that are grating and some degree of insane, but ultimately have to be dealt with if you want to get paid.


I'm at the stage in my life where I have the time and money to start pursuing an artistic hobby. At the same time a little discouraged because I am already in my early 30s and never did this sort of thing before for no better reason than I never thought I could…anyone have any similar experiences?


No, but I do have some general advice for you!

Be okay with making ""bad art"". Let your art be messy, or unfinished. Take risks. Study the work of people you admire, try to incorporate elements of their art into yours, and eventually, a style of your own will emerge. The hardest part is actually doing the art. If you're creating, you've succeeded on the most basic level, and that in and of itself is an accomplishment!

If only professionally-trained people and prodigies took pictures, carved wood, painted, drew, or anything creative at all, the world would be pretty boring and one-sided, don't you think? Your unique perspective on life will shine through in the things you make, and that's something to look forward to. It's never too late!


It's worth noting that not all colleges are created equal, with some being vastly more professional than others.


I really dig MIO's singing. Her stuff is some of the few anime songs I wouldn't mind having on around people not familiar with anime.


thanks friend, this was encouraging


I think the term soyboy is really stupid but I get not liking the archetype. I don't know why that story rubs me the wrong way, when I was a kid I was really excited about harry potter too, and if he played anime music (even something like naruto) and showed off his naruto figures I'd think that was funny and based. Maybe harry potter is at the level of acceptability that his love for it doesn't seem entirely genuine, but then again moby dick is acceptable and starting a class with seafaring music and showing off your copy of moby dick that you love would be fine by me.

I'm the same way about sleep deprivation actually. It's like dark enthusiasm, the ability to thrive and make merry in your dark little hole.


File: 1616882784114.webm (818.28 KB, 480x360, my monitor after seeing y….webm)

My monitor is getting all icky and I can't wipe the stuff that ends up smearing it without ruining the screen even more.
Anyone here knows about CRT's? Would like to get one but I don't know the intricacies of it.


They're not really that complicated, if your video card has a VGA output you should be able to connect to one easily. They make signal converters if you only have digital output, but this creates some extra delay and you'd probably have to set the resolution manually.


File: 1616970942123.jpg (18.28 KB, 361x300, 1377573547790.jpg)

I have an 8 hours long flight tomorrow
Travel stress is setting in big time, especially since I'm traveling alone
Wish I could just stay indoors but it must be done


8 hours is comfy flight, not too bad. Make sure you packed everything you need!


File: 1616976496054.gif (4.69 KB, 500x169, fug.gif)

A band I followed just posted "7 day count down" on all their social media. I'm gonna be stuck thinking about what happens when the timer hits zero all week


As soon as I saw your image, I instinctively started whistling the song.


First day of week four of uni done, finished an assignment that's due on Friday.


File: 1617052518279.jpg (13.21 KB, 550x413, 1616099236505.jpg)

Got 6 scholarships due April 1st. Gotta go fast fast!


go go go Sushi! I got so burned out from the applications process that scholarships have been an entirely different kind of slog. we got this


Went out for a walk… Yesternight? I guess that is what you'd call the night that has just passed?
Was a really nice just warm enough spring night, was so refreshing that I ditched my goto usual routes I usually take and went exploring for an hour instead.
Also got my yarn today, might have been a slight mistake to go for the thinnest yarn they had, sure I got twice the length but maybe knitting with yarn this thin might be a more finicky affair. No matter, I'll still go ahead and try to learn with these ones. Got needles in both wood and metal too to compare and see which I prefer.
Made some rooibos tea, now just to find some fitting music for the occasion.


>Yesternight? I guess that is what you'd call the night that has just passed?
"Last night" is usually the term people use. Good luck with your knitting, sushi!


Oh lol, slipped my mind completely. I still like yesternight though, nice symmetry with yesterday.
And I think the thin yarn might actually be a good thing after all, since the stitches are that much smaller faulty movement and such actually shows up much more since the faults are bigger in relation to the work, so it's easier to notice and make corrections to technique.
Also wood knitting needles are so much comfier than metal.


File: 1617268322040.gif (102.8 KB, 617x529, slow news day.gif)

Waiting for April Fool's to be over soon, this day brings the worst out of people apparently.


File: 1617281082071.jpeg (16.64 KB, 450x343, igotricked.jpeg)

I got rickrolled already


That's pretty tame considered to what other people do


What happened sushi?


Haven't been here in a while (2 weeks?). Freak accident incapacitated some of my fingers but that's not really the reason, just been too lazy to write "sushigirl.us/kaitensushi"…


Hope it wasn't anything too major and that you're getting better.


File: 1617322771826.png (493.66 KB, 824x568, ClipboardImage.png)

>Freak accident incapacitated some of my fingers
Did you call 1-900-490-FREAK ?


I'd rather save it to myself


Bookmark it, then you only need to type *ka. Or make a homepage with a link to sushigirl on it.


Updated my webpage.


Share it sushi


File: 1617405300040.gif (616.82 KB, 498x498, a-revolution-in-thinking.gif)

In my mind, these posts are connected.


They did ;)


Your blog post about waiting for fate on a smartphone screen was very insightful and intriguing. Well done sushi.


Crap what the heck is this thread this dead
Also is it just me or did the sushichan homepage get music in it?


It's not that dead, the last post was less than a week ago.
Also, the index page has always had music on it. It's possible you never noticed it because your browser disables autoplaying media by default, or maybe you just usually click past that page before the music finishes loading.


I find myself very hot headed today


File: 1617933026524-0.png (44.9 KB, 545x785, 1yahoo.png)

File: 1617933026525-1.jpg (6.94 KB, 550x109, 606032_v2.jpg)

File: 1617933026525-2.jpg (8.61 KB, 550x123, 606020_v2.jpg)

Dawww, I learned yahoo questions is shutting down may 1st. It's not just you can't post on it any more, but they'll be deleting the the yahoo answers site too. Anyone who wants to visit them after may 1st will have to archive the site.
Kind of sad because yahoo had a bunch of funny interactions, even when most people know it as the "how to I gregnant" site. The more serous implication is that yahoo reflects the views of it's period and the posts serve as firsthand evidence of the 2000's period


File: 1617941782725.gif (606.02 KB, 680x703, 1591259519521-pol.gif)

I hate it, the internet I grew up with is dying.
Soon all internet sites will just redirect to an app you have to use to get most of its content.


File: 1617955324942.jpg (91.21 KB, 1080x1046, 1583970089802.jpg)

The world is transient sushi roll. You were around to see it, that's what matters.


I mean, if we're relating our childhood internet experiences with yahoo, then um… I'm from the yahooligan era…. (am i too old?)


when you think about it
robocop was basically a battle royale



It's pretty much already dead, sorry to say. But >>10909 has the right idea!


Can't remember the last time I took a nap. Felt nice.

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