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File: 1465358981157.jpg (2.58 MB, 3456x2304, IMG_3263.JPG)

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Lets have a tea thread! What are you guys drinking, whats you're favorite kind of tea?
Here is a nice cup of green tea.


File: 1465418364862.jpg (63.07 KB, 600x600, teats.jpg)

Well, you tell me. I drink only rooibos in the evening and "carpenter" black tea in the morning. I know nothing about tea but like the floral stuff, like jasmine and white tea. I'll get into it eventually. I know good chinese tea is expensive, but that's it. Also want to buy this


God damn those are some nice cups anon, how much are they??


Genmaicha is really nice. Taking it further, so is straight roast barely tea.
Also, one of my favorite meals is to have thai red curry, rice, and a cup of pu ehr.



I really like oolong and green tea. What should I try as alternatives to these? I've tried some teas with fruit in them and didn't like them at all, so I'm not sure what I can really try besides different regional types of oolong


File: 1466419436263.jpg (28.52 KB, 640x427, tea.JPG)

good taste sushi roll! I think you might like a few white teas like jasmine (my favorite)


How is your pic possible? There is no second hole to let air in the pot, so the tea would gurgle out of it, instead of running continuously like displayed.

I drink peppermint tea all the time in summer. It's just so refreshing!


shit, you're right, I just noticed that


I'm getting hyper. Drinking tea made with 3 teabags of black tea, and one of cherry tea.

I drink it with no sugar or milk, and would recommend it this way. When I first started it was so bitter that I would cringe, but now I love the bitter, and the sweet aftertastes.

Comfy thread op.


File: 1467088515121.jpg (54.87 KB, 540x360, tumblr_o8rixvVcEq1s4ks8ao1….jpg)

Thanks famo, I laugh when I remember how I hated the taste of bitter tea when I was young. Now I adore a well-brewed cup of black tea. There is no such thing as too much tea sushi roll :)


I think it's because there is being poured slowly so there's a gap for air in the same spout that the tea comes out of


So I finally bought them after seeing them in the shop. They are really like in the picture, I like blue layers in the glazing. It's supposed to be porcelain but it is really thick, I don't know if it still stand as porcelain when you can't see light through it;

Also bought some chai tea and berry infusion.

With my new bike on top of that I really spend a lot of bucks on cozyness today.


I should have bought more green tea this spring, and early summer.


post pics sushi roll!


File: 1468998968461.jpg (112.42 KB, 486x437, ArtisanYunnanGoldenNeedle_….jpg)

yunnan black needle. i find it mixes well with a bit of ceylon actually. and drunk with milk.

tea blends are pretty dank actually.


Right now I'm drinking Pu-erh, and I guess my favourite is Lapsang souchong.


File: 1469000906150.jpg (25.12 KB, 183x324, 1822_1025724565.jpg)

a hardened and shameless tea-drinker, who has, for twenty years, diluted his meals with only the infusion of this fascinating plant; whose kettle has scarcely time to cool; who with tea amuses the evening, with tea solaces the midnight, and, with tea, welcomes the morning.


File: 1469022670432.jpeg (40.37 KB, 430x430, kitty_tea_infuser.jpeg)


I <3 you for posting this with a link. I have a mighty need. Thank you!


Is there any advantage to using a kettle over say an ordinary pot for heating the water for tea?

I prefer green tea. It has a nice palate cleanse effect.


This is my go to kettle. https://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-40865-Electric-1-7-Liter/dp/B00CXMO01I/ref=sr_1_1
It's advantages over a pot:
- Easy; press a button and water boils. Shuts off when water is boiled. It may be better to just always use measured water and a timer, but it's more hassle.
- Pretty; It's this glowing blue glass chamber with boiling water in it. I like the aesthetic.
- Portable; Can be plugged in wherever. Bring it to your room and have a tea party.
Obviously these aren't super important advantages, but there they are.
This kettle looks like it has advanced features: http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/salton-vitapro-kettle-tea-steeper/6000187836877
I may, at some time, read about kettles with advanced features, but it seems overzealous.


File: 1469238956190.jpg (122.93 KB, 896x1195, 2016-07-23 09.38.35 1.jpg)

I use a French press to brew my tea. It works pretty well.

Steep for 5-6 minutes, pour, and enjoy.


That's a long time to brew tea. Do you use teabags, or loose leaf?


File: 1469301719380.jpg (1.29 MB, 1843x1229, fancyabrewlad2.jpg)


Here you go!


I use loose leaf. Not really a fan of teabags.


Then that really seems a long time, unless you're drinking white tea, or something else which needs a low brewing temperature.



it's reasonable. if you're used to strong black tea then steeping for a long time isn't an issue.


Sometimes I make some Chamomile tea before bed and it helps me sleep through the insomnia caused by my medication. I have a bag of dry chamomile flowers that I actually put in a teaball and steep. Chamomile has a nice fruity aroma and flavor. You can also smoke it, if you're so inclined.

Mugwort tea is interesting if you want to have really strange dreams. I've also made teas with things like Mullein and Coltsfoot and Eucalyptus to clear the throat and chest. You can buy various dried herbs on the Internet for almost nothing and concoct homemade tea mixes with a variety of effects and flavors.



My personal favorite is Jasmine Green Tea, but it has to be loose leaf or it's no good.

Oolong and Earl Gray aren't bad choices either. While Rooibos doesn't have any caffeine, a Rooibos and Vanilla tea is amazing and perfect for those with a sweet tooth (just be careful not to drink too much or you'll get heartburn/headaches).

My fitness friends introduced me to Pu Erh. It's not my cup of tea, but it's definitely a bold and flavorful tea that would appeal to folks who want something inbetween black tea and white tea without the "grassyness" of green tea.


What green teas have you tried? I find the "grassyness" is more of a trait of Japanese teas (particularly sencha), and not really of Chinese teas.



Mostly chinese gunpowder varieties with either floral undertones or a bit of citrus. I have a friend who's training to be an interpreter so she travels to China semi-frequently and brings me back tea. I'm not a big fan of fruits added to tea with the exception of bergemot and lemon occasionally.

I had a really good loose leaf Japanese genmaicha tea at one time, but my imouto used it in one of her baths without realizing how expensive loose leaf tea is…

I've had a couple varieties of bag-based Japanese green teas, japanese jasmine is still one of my favorites as it has a sort of bittersweet taste to it that almost makes you question if there's sugar added to it even though there isn't.

Matcha goes really well with steamed milk, but otherwise it's a bit too strong on the palette and a bit too high in caffeine for a green tea. It's great for cooking though!

I'm working through what remains of my loose leaf collection (Pu Erh, Gunpowder, Chinese Earl Grey, and a mild white tea) so I can go get more. I'll probably end up picking up some more green teas next time I visit my local tea shop. Since I got ahold of a bulk box of military gum to satisfy my caffeine needs (it's cheaper and enters your body faster), I don't drink as much black tea/coffee these days.

Part of my issue is I like my green teas strong, so I try to find the balancing point between strongly steeped and oversteeped. I'm guessing that's why my green teas have a sort of grassy taste. I know Japanese green tea only needs to steep for times on par with white tea on average even though it's a green tea, so that might be contributing to the "grassy" flavor.


>I have a friend who's training to be an interpreter so she travels to China semi-frequently and brings me back tea.
Nice, the best stuff is never exported. I have a friend who is half-Taiwanese, so she brings back really good oolong teas. It's just in a totally different class.

I think my favourite green teas are Japanese sencha and Chinese longjing. I seem to mostly drink oolongs and dark teas though, I have a really nice Nepalese semi-ripe dark tea which is possibly my favourite out of my current stock. I had an interesting oolong recently which tasted quite like darjeeling.


File: 1469875398109.jpg (133.3 KB, 600x600, TB705[1].jpg)

Has anyone else tried this "Empereur Chen-nung" tea?
It tastes, quite literally, like smoke. Very interesting taste to start the day with.


I've not, although I do like a smokey tea. Have you had Lapsang Souchong? That's the most common smoked tea.


Following the recommendations in this thread, I bought some Genmaicha, some Lapsang Souchong and some Pu Erh today.
I've only had a cup of the Genmaicha so far. I've got to say, it's really good. I like it.


Genmaicha has toasted rice in it right? I like that one.
I want to try some Lapsang Souchong now.


File: 1470388753199.jpg (48.69 KB, 1084x610, _MG_2966.jpg)

I would highly recommend fresh fukamushi sencha tea. It has vibrant color and beautiful aroma. If you don't have dedicated teapot you could use big mesh strainer. The only source of fresh green tea i can come up with is o-cha, sometimes you can find great value tea in ebay but it's risky.


anyone here like ginger tea?


I like to add ginger to green tea.


I bought some matcha tea recently, but I don't have a whisk to mix it with. Any sushi with recommendations for something cheap?

I might just head over to some tea shops in the area and see what they have before going to Amazon or something, but I'm not sure what to look for.


File: 1471882068978.jpg (88.29 KB, 400x388, 1471688264716.jpg)

>I had a really good loose leaf Japanese genmaicha tea at one time, but my imouto used it in one of her baths without realizing how expensive loose leaf tea is…



Green (have loose leaf from a deli/market a while ago)
Coffee that I grind/express


File: 1473301649857.jpg (50.04 KB, 600x800, 1457869012496.jpg)

why can't i post on /tea ?? where is the reply button - i don't understand. it has been a while since i visited i guess





So, matcha mixed into cocoa butter(white chocolate), covering strawberries
that does sound really good


i really like to drink mate tea. it has a pretty good taste (goes well with brown suggar) and contains alot cofeine.


It's a different chan, which is only open at tea-times.
Sadly I don't have the link.


File: 1474516261043.jpg (73.03 KB, 700x458, kitkats.jpg)

>matcha mixed into cocoa butter(white chocolate)
I think that's what they do for those amazing green tea flavored Kit Kats.

Why does Japan get those good flavors, anyways? If Burgerbongistan made those, they would use those crappy artificial flavors and cheap sweeteners and it just wouldn't taste the same.


I've only been there once while it was open, but it was pretty slow.


File: 1474659414231.jpg (77.63 KB, 300x300, 0fad32d61d8436d7a58eed6794….jpg)

I don't think such small boards really benefit from a large userbase or publicity.
What I mean is, when the userbase is mostly a couple friends, please link to such sites with caution.


Besides teabag sencha/genmaicha for health, I have this caffeine-less pumpkin spice tea that's nice for drinking at night sometimes.

Was given to me by seemingly soon to be ex-girlfriendo ;o;


Green tea is lovely. I usually put a bit of honey in it.

I've been meaning to start drinking some tea before I go to bed, I think I might try chai.


Just ordered some of these https://www.amazon.ca/Kitkat-Matcha-Green-Nestle-Japan/dp/B00MNRV41C
Thanks famo. They should be here in time for chinese newyear.


Some interesting japanese tea philosophy.


Rikyu seems pretty cool. Wanted peeps to be chill and get along with one another, all wabisabi-like.


File: 1484904007282.png (1.76 MB, 1298x924, 1473001932643.png)

black tea, strong.
love it.

bought some top quality stuff, assam, yunnan and some Taiwan high mountain. so all black teas. all very nice.

then i bought some cheaper loose leaf blacks. assam ctc/java mix, ceylon bop, a couple of blends of fop types.

it's the the same as the top grade.

i might buy some more top graqde and then blend it with some of the lower grades to bulk it out a bit.

"he blends his own"


Which online shops do you like to order from?

Are there any books related to tea that you would recommend?


I order from yuuki-cha for really really nice green tea, also cool japanese teapots. I'm not sure what I'd do for black.



i order from a local guy (in my country) that is a tea enthusiast and travels to the gardens, meets the growers and also attends the trade fairs to secure orders. he guarantees pretty good stuff.

if you can find someone doing that then that's what i'd use.

for lower grades teas i'm not too fussed, i'll just buy what looks to be the best value. no chain stores or anything though.


I meant to post this a while ago but assuming most sushi rolls are in North America there is an abundance of "tea" growing everywhere around you.

In particular evergreen tree leaves. Unlike most tea which is dried and handled several times you can find one of these trees and pick some fresh tea leaves (needles) any time you want.

Cedar tea is a real treat.

Also picked up some mint green tea from the dollar store which is surprisingly good. I bought it because the container was cool. The tea inside is a nice bonus.


File: 1485684278704.jpg (261.56 KB, 674x720, 5ab2903a0ed99cf1cd53b5f03f….jpg)

there's a native tree where i live (new zealand) called Manuka. it's famous for the honey produced from it's flowers. it is also used to flavour some beers instead of hops.

but it can also be used to make tea. now i'm gonna be honest with you, it's pretty vile by itself. it contains terpenes like pinene so has quite a bitter taste kind of like gin if you have ever tried it. but there's also a floral and herbal component. i always pick fresh growth including the stalk and bash it up (it has a purple colour inside) so that's probably why it's such a strong taste.

apparently it has antiviral properties so i drink it if i feel something coming on, but i very rarely get sick.


File: 1489167253673.jpeg (20.85 KB, 300x300, sumire.jpeg)

I bought a bag of Sumire green tea a while ago. I don't drink it too often, I consume it mainly when I feel weak or sick by mixing it with some freshly cut ginger.
It works wonders.
loose leaves tea a best


Cannot agree more. After trying loose leaves tea, going back to teabags is impossible.
What surprised me is that it is actually several times cheaper, even if you buy higher-quality brands


File: 1489455123522.jpg (47.89 KB, 600x600, tea-strainer.jpg)

One of related pic is good for loose tea.

You could also rough it with a thin cloth or cheesecloth as a makeshift teabag.


File: 1489510080502.jpeg (14.44 KB, 300x300, teaball.jpeg)

I had one of those until I lost it in the garbage disposal. Now I use this one.


Manuka mead and manuka cider is delicious.


Tonight I'm enjoying a wonderful cup of green tea from a local shop down the road. I'll have to stop and pick up something new as I haven't been by there in a while.

I don't have a favorite, but I like anything floral.


File: 1490009434861.jpg (210.6 KB, 1280x718, tea_strainer.jpg)


you guise use some strange looking strainers


File: 1490473352531.jpg (232.79 KB, 1570x1105, JapaneseTeapot.jpg)

Is someone else using a kyuusu for brewing their sencha?


File: 1490636903088-0.png (226.94 KB, 1140x879, tea.png)

File: 1490636903088-1.png (231.02 KB, 1140x879, tea2.png)

bad webcam pics but yes


File: 1492200317564.jpeg (418.49 KB, 2048x1079, My teacup.jpeg)


Recently tried Lapsang Suochong, I like it. I know alot of people dont, but I like its smoky flavour.

pic related - its my teacup ('o')


I have a great big mug that holds about 50% more than normal mugs. I like to put two teabags in it for extra so it's super strong


File: 1495840717943.jpg (71.74 KB, 540x540, NordQvist-English-Breakfas….jpg)

Drinking tea at the moment, so why not give this thread a bump while I'm at it.

I mostly drink black tea with milk. Usually I brew around a litre or so and quite often I manage to gulp it down before it gets too cold even with the added milk. I've tried some green and white teas, but they are a bit delicate for my taste.

At the moment I'm drinking some bulk english breakfast. It comes in a gigantic bag (800 g I think, pic related) and isn't too expensive. Getting a bit bored of it now that there's maybe 1/3 of the bag left, but money is tight and this will have to do for now. They also make similarly sized bags of ceylon and earl grey (I think), might try one of those next.


File: 1495863303456.jpg (321.1 KB, 1600x1122, b680a851-aad3-494c-833c-6c….jpg)

get some sun-moon lake wild mountain ruby and blend it with some sftgfop assam

it's next level shit man


File: 1495880218572.jpg (1.09 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20170527_031547.jpg)

Sick right now but this lemon tea feels pretty great on my throat. Normally I just drink green tea.


100/10 cup, comfy roll


File: 1496784774816-0.jpg (107.53 KB, 1280x720, dat_coffee.jpg)

File: 1496784774816-1.png (54 KB, 612x553, G7Su2Ss.png)

Even the names are next level. I'll have to consider trying them or at least something a bit more luxurious every once in a while.

Last time I went to the store where I buy these big bags of tea they were for some reason all out. They had a paper on the shelf explaining the situation (I would think), but curiously enough it was in russian, although I live in Finland. I guess it's to be expected, considering how close the border is and how popular tea seems to be in Russia. Finland is more of a coffee country after all.


> stfup assam
sounds calming


File: 1497296599911.jpg (242.84 KB, 515x403, o0515040312670728516.jpg)

Visited the shop again today. This time they at least had the 1kg bags of Earl Grey I was most curious about, so I ended up grabbing a bag. Translating the note revealed that they had no idea when more stock would arrive.

Judging by the smell I was afraid the citric taste would be too overpowering, but the taste is actually quite pleasant and a welcome change after months of English Breakfast. Goes well with biscuits too.

Days have also gotten relatively warm recently. So warm in fact that drinking hot tea is pretty much reserved for those rainy days. This of course means that it's the season of iced tea! I've tried making my own iced tea in the past from both green and black tea, and so far my most succesful batch was a pot of black tea brewed in the refrigerator. How do other sushi rolls like their tea during the summer heat? Any tips for homemade iced tea?


>poland borders


Something wrong with them? Or are you just pointing about the diversity surrounding Poland? Sorry, geography has never been my strong suit.


i like green tea (i like to use the leaves, not tea bags)


File: 1498165372055.png (76.01 KB, 600x400, 1432147629354.png)

Due to some less-than-fortunate circumstances I'm still living with my parents, and I just discovered that my mother threw away a half-kilogram of English Breakfast I was slowly but happily working my way through…


File: 1498168482586.jpg (606.23 KB, 1600x1066, XXX_2230_Josh_Kirby_Death_….jpg)

Aw, that sucks!
Why did she do that?
I hope you get more of it soon, so we can share a cup!
Have a pic that I like, it's all I have because I lost the flash drive where I stored all my nifty pics.


File: 1498177914452.png (873.64 KB, 743x1073, original-name-was-death-wi….png)

Neat picture.

My condolences. At least now you have a reason to try something else.

I'm not too heavily into green teas, but after having tried loose tea I just couldn't go back to using bags.


File: 1498179754839-0.jpg (113.77 KB, 700x757, MOR_14625405360.jpg)

File: 1498179754839-1.jpg (110.66 KB, 700x757, MOR_14623781550 (2).jpg)


File: 1498213231850-0.jpg (2.93 MB, 4320x3240, IMG_9130.JPG)

File: 1498213231850-1.jpg (4 MB, 4320x3240, IMG_8598.JPG)

File: 1498213231850-2.jpg (2.02 MB, 3264x2448, CAM01555.jpg)

She said it was because we'd had the tea for too long. I must admit she was right about that, since it'd been close to two years that I got it. But I don't like English Breakfast quite enough to have it every time I drink tea, and it was very well packaged, so it still retained its aroma, as far as I could tell. So it probably was because the box was taking up too much space in the cupboard. Oh well, such is life.
Wow, that's a really neat picture, thank you sushi roll~ In return, here's some of the nicer shots I got from my stay in Germany

Thank you sushi roll. I still have some sencha and a couple nice blends with spices I really like. And a weird herbal mix with saffron and orange leaves, which I'm not sure I like.


File: 1500814768341.jpg (204.43 KB, 900x900, guweiz-d96to0s.jpg)

sushi rolls, I would like to buy some nice loose leaf tea online but I am only just getting into proper teas and I don't know where to get them

I'm in the UK, and I'd like get some black and oolong
I'd just like some "slightly above average not overly pricey" ones, I can't spend overly much money but I'd like to try some non-supermarket stuff you know?

Alternatively, should I instead be searching for tea-shops and stuff instead? I'm not very sure what's the best way to get tea


When I think of tea I instantly think of the UK. What kind of teas does a basic supermarket for example have around there? Mostly teabags or also a good selection of loose leaf stuff?

Sadly, I don't know where you would get more special flavors, nor if it is more cost effective to buy locally or order online.


Sadly the supermarkets close to me happen to be fairly barren, and, I'm in Cambridgeshire for a while

But also, I think found something nice, but I wouldn't know yet https://nbtea.co.uk/store/en/
I wonder if anyone has used them before, they seem rather promising

I'll apologize for making a post far too early, I should have searched a bit more first


Anyone have any recommendations for white teas? It's the only kind of tea I haven't tried yet, from descriptions it sounds like the perfect thing to sip on a warm evening.


I picked up some no brand Strawberry Pomegranate tea bags from the store a while ago. It is so nice and sweet. Does anyone have any recommendations for other sweet, fruity teas?


I just tried some valerian root tea for the first time and it was pretty good
I bought in on a whim because I remembered hearing online once that it was good for anxiety. I looked it up and found that it has something in it that works in the same way as benzos do in your brain, which is interesting. of course this effect is very weak but I do feel generally relaxed right now. I also hear it's good for sleep.
Warning if you're thinking of getting this stuff, it stinks really bad, smells like feet (unless you're into that kind of stuff I guess) but it tastes much better than it smells. I put a little bit of honey in mine too and it was great.


Black, with milk and honey.
Chai, when I can get my hands on it.
Sometimes I'll steal my sister's Green. She's got this Jade Dragon stuff that's a little fruity and its supreme.


File: 1505029055517.jpg (159.24 KB, 1920x1080, Logo_S005_AD_1920X1080.jpg)

been drinking a fair bit recently. i've been blending my own. black teas mostly.
i have middle grade loose ceylons and assams. some ctc tanzanian. and some very high grade formosa black tea, close to yunnan type.

on their own the taste ok but i like the different flavours together. the formosa is quite floral, the ceylon spicy and the ctc provides a good base.

I've also blended some dajeeling with formosa gaba oolong.

I brew them pretty strong, there's like 3/4-1 cup of expanded leaf in the teapot, for making one mu of tea. but you know, loose leaf swells up a lot.
all drunk with milk.

i'm sure if a tea master saw this he'd cry hehe. but tea is to be quaffed and enjoyed imo


Also managed to snag some ceylon a while back. I was quite surprised by how much taste it had, considering how light-colored the tea came out. This tea has the biggest loose leaves I've encountered so far too. Will have to try it with some fried fruit or spices too…

At least where I'm from the usual markets carry seasonal teas with added bits of fruit etc. Those are usually a good starting point in figuring out your own blends. One of my favorites is a black tea with quince, elderberry and bits of dried pineapple and orange. It has such a rich taste!


Some really nice cups and tea pots in there. I didn't have the opportunity to properly use my little blue cups. I only drink chai tea on the evening, but drinking some Chinese tea when I go to my friend place make me want to get into more "refined" tea and refrain from drinking cheap coffee all day long at work. I forgot the name again, but it's a red tea packed into a circle-shaped ball.


Oh dear guys, I haven't written in here before but I really gotta tell you I tasted an interesting tea the other day. Ordered some from a weird looking local website that had wrong info on some things and weirdly alien broken language.

It's like a huge fermented coin cake, with a dip in the middle on the back to hide away the paper knotting functionality. You rinse it first with as hot water as you will brew with, to rinse away some of the fermentation biproducts, and then you make the proper brew.

It has a really special taste, but what has surprised me the most has been it's sedative quality. It's almost weird how calm I become of it. It kinda tastes like something you would have found in soil. As if you took earth, and took away all that is solid about it.

I have another tea order coming soon, with some more common teas, like Lapsang, Assam, (some flavoured teas for friends who don't really like the tea flavour. The kind that tastes like candy.
Like an apricot fruit jelly.


Oh and I almost forgot, I got one of the ripe variety, and one of the raw kind. I tasted the ripe, but the raw kinds are the ones you're supposed to age, but how long do you actually age them for?
How will you know?

This particular one is from 2012, so it's already 5 years old. But how long is the minimum to wait?


File: 1510992204597.png (256.36 KB, 512x398, ClipboardImage.png)

Gahhh you gotta try licorice tea!

It is the best!!!!


Hey guys, quick question: how do you drink your tea?

My brother was really sweet and got me some loose teas (I'm going to have to buy an infuser now lol). I assume this is the best way to drink tea? I've previously tried ginger, peppermint, green, pu'erh, mixed berry and chamomile and I didn't particularly like any of them, was it because I wasn't using the loose kind?

Also do you add anything to your tea? I never drink tea with anything in it unless it's a breakfast tea but recently I saw a few videos online from people who drink a lot of tea who take it with honey, sugar or agave which I thought defeated the purpose of drinking flavoured tea? Then I wondered if a lot of people do that and just like the sweetness, not the actual flavour?

Sorry that's a lot lol.


Loose leaf is indeed the best way to drink tea! Bagged tea tends to be poor in quality because they use fannings, which is essentially leftovers. The best bagged tea will be the kind that comes in fabric bags that allow the herbs to expand. In regards to green tea and puer, you could also be steeping those at the wrong temperatures – that's a quick fix, thankfully.

As to adding honey to tea – that's up to personal taste. For example, I like to add honey and soy milk to peppermint tea, because I feel like that compliments the peppermint flavor.


Thanks so much, that's a great response! I'll definately pay more attention to temperature now.

Honey and milk in peppermint tea is so unusual! I'll have to try it some time ;)


What even was that board called? I remember going on it for a while and loving it, but lost the link and never found it again. I loved the whole tea-time thing


File: 1516204997386.gif (2.52 MB, 276x240, stir.gif)

We don't like to link it directly, its community is small and easily overrun by newcomers. See >>>/yakuza/310

If you lurk on the some of sites posted in the community sharing thread, you might find it somewhere.


Devoted oolong drinker, really I don't drink nearly anything else. Besides strong Keemum black tea in the morning, I almost exclusively drink oolongs, preferably longer oxidations (not really into Ti Kuan Yin).

Right now I'm drinking Royal Red Robe Oolong from Mark T. Wendell. I'm sure it's not authentic, but I like that oxidation level and it's cheap. Once I run out, I'm thinking of doing a bulk order from What-cha; they have such a large selection, and it seems like really good prices!

As for favourite tea, it's probably got to be some "White Moon Pu-Er Loose Sheng". I got it from Tao Tea Leaf in Toronto, and it's absolutely amazing. It almost tastes like honey. I really recommend it if you are in Canada and can get Canadian shipping rates.


The owner of this site has asked us not to link it.


File: 1516619765196.png (1.55 MB, 830x1200, 1480785700634.png)

inb4 "they don't like being linked here"


Living in Taiwan currently and I live off these green tea kit kats


Just bought two kilos of mate.
Argies, how long can I expect this to last me?


Is it scary living in taiwan, what with all the tension between it and the CCP?


File: 1517798112754.jpg (224.83 KB, 1680x1050, tea.jpg)

I love drinking Miyazaki shincha, as well as Taylor's Goldtips black tea.
Here are my recommendations for cheap, but amazing teas:


I'm still very new to teas, but right now I'm drinking chamomile tea and really loving it. I now have drinking it and watching comfy slice of life anime as a near nightly ritual.


I love Lapsang Suochong, it's my favorite black tea, by far. It was the favored tea of winston churchill iirc, and in that memory I like to put a little whiskey in mine sometimes.
Chamomile is my favorite herbal, nice choice! I've always found it very nostalgic, especially with some honey.


It depends.
Between me and my boyfriend we destroy two kgs of yerba mate per week.
It really boils down to how much you dig it.
Mate brewed with boiling water in a cup is very nice with vanilla in it, but you should also try drinking it with a gourd. It's pretty relaxing.

Anyway, tiny note: mate isn't really tea, as it doesn't contain tea leaves. It's another infusion.


Also chamomile or mint are super good for when your stomach hurts. I am one of those people who can't eat fast food that much because my gut kills me afterwards, and chamomile helps A LOT. I recommend it.


I ordered a pound of peppermint leaves online. I'm pretty happy with it, especially since it was only about 15-20 bucks, but I don't really know how I'm going to store it longterm or how well it will keep.

I'm drinking probably 3+ mugs a day at this point. I really like mint tea.


Was this really necessary?


Many thanks to the sushi who recommended me Yuuki-cha a while ago.


I'm a huge fan of Assam black teas. Darjeeling is good as well. I have yet to try any Chinese black teas but maybe I'll do that for my next order.


Riding on genmaicha + powdered green tea mix and i love it. I just need a new tea strainer.
By the way, on the bag it says to soak it just 30 seconds.. But it feels so weak for me, i soak it for like good 5 minutes. Not sure what that's about.


If you like Assam and Darjeeling, you'll probably enjoy Keemun, too.


White tea is also super nice. I have always liked the lighter, not as strong teas. Darjeeling is delicious, though.

Actual question - how do you guys prepare matcha lattes? I tried one once at some cute café and I really liked it, but is there some secret to it? I already have the matcha itself.






I sometimes get that when I drink regular black/green tea. A bit of a pain when I play online games with friends due to "brb toilet" every 10 minutes.


I like english tea and spearmint the best. No milk or sugar ofc.


I've been drinking a lot of green tea lately. I don't like the taste but I'm trying to speed my metabolism because it basically doesn't work anymore. It's really depressing how little I eat and the weight still doesn't shift.

Has anyone had any success from doing this?


Tea made from dried mint is a killer.
Also, seeing the winter is near (at least here where I live) recommending The Winter Tea! Honey, ginger, cinnamon, lemon. Drinking this God's nectar in freezing winter evening is a bliss.


File: 1538768122744.jpg (54.25 KB, 450x450, 13967331[1].jpg)


File: 1538808207642.jpg (6.36 MB, 6016x4000, Kombunca.jpg)

Recently ran in to this stuff while doing some diet shopping. I hadn't heard of it prior, but bought some since I was on an experimentation kick anyway.

Later found out it was tea based. I usually don't drink tea, but this stuff is changing me mind.


Weird. Do the patterns on the bottle start to move around when you drink it?


Nope, they do look quite nice up front, especially since the bottle are glass.
Only big thing I noticed when I started drinking it is that I've been feeling more energetic than before, which is good since I have a night job.


I've been really into mint tea all summer, and I've stocked up on comfy warm chai for the coming winter.

Multiple people have recommended genmaicha, so I'm going downtown tomorrow to get a good pack.


The green one is my favorite. Just don't spill any of it on your pants. I dunno what it is about algae but it's hard to get out.


File: 1547178148389.png (377.63 KB, 572x638, 9082340982490.png)

Pure leaf used to sell 1-gallon bottles of unsweetened green tea, but they just up and disappeared with no trace. They only have the 16 ouncers now and I have to pay a big premium for packaging and I'm not a fan of hot-brewed.
Anyone know any brands for bulk unsweet green tea?


You can cold brew leaf tea. You won't be dependent on the store supply and it's gonna be cheaper.
Just sayin.


I have a custom mix that I usually use. Mostly Jasmine dragon pearls with a few pieces of dried fruit and a small bit sugar.


my favorite is a nice sencha. i don't think i've had a chinese green tea yet.
sounds yummy.


File: 1547854321671.jpg (44.71 KB, 367x550, pukkavanillachai.jpg)

I've been drinking this almost nonstop, though I was in England a short while ago and sort of want to pick up a box of pg tips even if its not all that great.


File: 1547927645724.png (1.84 MB, 1000x1333, book 2.png)

my parents got me this book for my birthday, i've been learning a lot from it. besides all the general stuff about the different types of tea, it goes into detail about how and when it's picked with all the special chinese names for it and stuff. it also has a bunch of descriptions of popular teas, what to look for when buying tea, how to prepare it, etc.
i'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a nice relaxing read.


File: 1547934681586.epub (54.85 KB, Okakura. The Book of Tea.epub)


File: 1548154412476.jpg (1.87 MB, 2448x3264, 065.JPG)

Vanilla rooibos for me this morning. I need to stock up my tea stash, but that'll be for when I have some money spare.


I love Lapsang Souchong too. I know the Chinese look down on it but I still love it. The best black tea I've ever had was flowery orange pekoe.


Just sitting down with some bag earl grey. Sometimes simple is best, and earl grey is what got me into tea to begin with.

Also the past year I tried Typhoo the first time, was kinda weird. First package was super good, very rich and malty. But then I got a second larger package, and instead of usual bags they were round, large and without any thread/labelthingy. And those just tasted like rich cardboard.
Just in case it's not intentional / knowingly,
FOP (flowery orange pekoe) is a quality grade of tea,
i.e. there's FOP grade assam, FOP grade ceylon, FOP grade darjeeling, so on.


i like your cup and saucer, very fancy


I went to the japanese market in downtown and bought some oi-ocha green tea bags.
Easily some of the best tea I've ever had. So unbelievably delicious and hardly bitter at all.


Post your gaiwan.


That sounds pretty fun. I'll have to give it a shot.


I had Reishi tea and it tasted ok, but messed up my guts.


File: 1574879558911.png (1.62 MB, 720x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

I had black tea with honey today, thinking of getting a russian style samovar because I drink a lot of tea


File: 1575596293854.jpg (96.28 KB, 564x690, c8457a009b6c646d172e7ede64….jpg)

i made some shincha with ginger. I let it cool off and ended up freezing it with orange and clove. The chopping board had onion oil on it, so the ginger tasted pretty funky.

So i got some robusto brew coffee from mid-morning mixed it with water, ginger, and sugar. It tasted like zinger tea.


I got a tea advent calendar this year, which has been pretty interesting. You get a sachet of leaves each day, enough to make a couple decent cups; It's been mostly herbal teas and blacks, but there have been a couple of stand-outs like a green tea that tasted of strawberries and cream.


File: 1576629809808.jpg (42.89 KB, 1024x683, serveimage(2).jpg)

I've been drinking a lot of chamomile tea lately, to help me calm down, since the black tea I usually drink makes me a bit restless sometimes. I'm not sure if it actually has this effect, of if it's just placebo, but it seems to do the trick.


How do you guys treat your water and teapots? What keeps me away from enjoying a good tea is definitely bad quality of water and dirty vessels.


File: 1605565460592.jpg (564.23 KB, 1280x1920, egentid.jpg)

Today's tea isn't that fancy. Something I found at Ikea.


I love a bit of chamomile before bed, my grandma used to make it for me when I couldn't sleep as a kid


File: 1606487944810.jpg (122.9 KB, 833x734, celia.jpg)

I drink a lot of green tea. I do not add anything to my tea since I've been cutting off sweets for quite some time now


What is it?


It's Kombucha, tea fermented with bacteria and yeast. It has a strange sour and sweet taste and is a bit fizzy. It's interesting and I'd recommend at least trying it. To be honest I avoided it for a long time just because it's one of those things that crazy people and sketchy magazines my grandma reads ascribe ridiculous and nonsensical health benefits to, but it actually tastes good so who cares.


I need to thank the sushi that recommended yuuki-cha a while back. I'm going to buy some stuff there soon.


Lucky post! You win!


>le mass replier arrive

Sipping on some oolong loose leaf right now, kind of fruity + nutty flavour, like apricots and almonds. Really nice stuff, I wish I saved the packaging so I knew what it was and I could rebuy, pretty sure it's from Taiwan though. I always brew grandpa style nowadays because I broke my favourite teapot. I really need to invest in a new one, I miss the ritual of it all.

Unless tea is high in tannins (these will make you nauseous and feel sickly), you might as well brew it until it's strong enough to be to your taste. Worth noting that if you brew a lot of tea for long enough, it does turn into a moderate stimulant, they used to drink it in the gulags. I used to use it during university for studying, after a glass of it you won't sleep for a minimum of two days, and surprisingly it doesn't seem to hit hard, at least for me, at all. It's quite smooth, and the only side effect I've felt were mild hallucinations after the first couple of minutes of drinking. If you have a weak heart though it'll probably be pretty dangerous.

On my list now, sounds really novel. I've never had a very smoky tea before.

If you ever decide you want a couple new members I'd love to get an invite, but I won't hold my breath. Sounds comfy though.

Kombucha is really lovely, it's a pity it's quite hard to get some around here. It's a great treat once in a while.

In case any other UK rolls come into this thread looking for a good place to buy tea, I've never had anything less than a perfect experience buying online from what-cha. They really go the extra mile.

Have a lovely day, tea sushi rolls.


File: 1631553349283.jpg (79.65 KB, 800x800, genmaicha.jpg)

I got loose leaf tea for the first time the other day, pretty fun. I have a black tea with clove, ginger, and orange peel, and then I got something called Genmaicha which is like green tea with little popped rice kernels in it. It's really good and smells especially amazing, very toasty.


Currently I'm drinking a cold brew green tea from Korea whose name I've already forgotten. It is quite tasty though, I like to add a drop of maple syrup to give it a light sweetness


In the early to late afternoons bancha tea, matcha in evenings or fruity teas i get at DM with dinner, i dont usually drink tea in the morning, thats reserved for coffee.


reading through this thread got me wanting some tea at 1am so i made some chamomile tea on this chilly september night


I just got a proper full tea cake of puerh. I hear this is a really good way to get it, especially cause it ages well. Though I haven't tried any yet. I think I may buy a better teapot beforehand.


I drink all kinds of herbals, but rarely any actual tea. I find it hard to do any kind of drugs at all, including caffeine. If I am drinking tea, it's black tea, 3 minutes. My favorites being Earl Grey and Lady Grey. I also have a "Darjeeling", that I bought, but I doubt it's truly that. It tastes like a regular black tea to me. I've also had Silver Needle white tea and Jasmine (green) tea, but I really just stick to black teas. I went black, and never went back. I also have three different kettles. One of which actually is able to keep the temperature down for green teas. Otherwise, I just use my dumber kettle that boils it to boiling point.

Some herbals I like are peppermint, mint (especially with black tea), sage (also good with black tea), and Rooibos. I have other herbals I want to try like Rose and stuff, but I haven't tried them yet. Of course, I add things to my black tea like mint, sage, cinnamon, etc. I'm more interested in Russian, Azerbaijani, and Armenian tea than Chinese and Japanese teas, but I mostly stick to herbals. I've also read two different books on teas as well. I might continue reading more one day. I probably won't drink these teas, but reading about them would be nice.

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