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File: 1498659067491.jpg (207.47 KB, 1280x720, randomdudu1.jpg)

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Post your mugshot here sushi.
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Yea, except for the non-white ones that get no replies


>mfw I have no face
FUCK I'm hilarious and original.


File: 1598302264407-0.jpg (307.09 KB, 1401x939, PB11.jpg)

File: 1598302264407-1.jpg (272.71 KB, 1402x938, PB10.jpg)

Been a few years, here's a couple new photos! A friend took them with some special distorting film during a visit.


Oh how much you've grown


k-kikiyama is that you?




File: 1599435031490.jpg (391.71 KB, 1200x1600, 1599434892915159639338.jpg)

Hello NSA
What a qt
Buelbe ;_;


File: 1604061178591.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 2448x3264, 20201009_162803.jpg)

does anyone else feel like they can't tell what they look like anymore? like I stress way too much over how I appear to everyone else, I just can't be what I want to be outside of my room/online


You both look good, rocking totally opposite textures


File: 1604864199251-0.jpg (789.28 KB, 2048x1536, 20201013_113724.jpg)

File: 1604864199251-1.jpg (961.8 KB, 2048x1536, 20201023_193507.jpg)

File: 1604864199251-2.jpg (813.39 KB, 2048x1536, 20201108_181024.jpg)

File: 1604864199251-3.jpg (697.55 KB, 1536x2048, 20200916_041407.jpg)

Figure I count as a sushi now that I've been hanging around 2y+, scandinavian hair monster sushi reporting in, along with bonus first silly mustache I've tried growing out (keep or reap?)
>can't tell what they look like
Definitely, though it's not anything recent for me, just how it always was, some kind of meat & skin blob
Caught some of that anorexia from it in my teens cause as soon as teenage hormones hit I always thought I looked fat and ugly regardless of how skinny I got
I don't worry about it anymore though, I just exist and chill, focus rather on how I feel in the bod physically
Hope you find your way of dealing with it, at least IMO you a cute


I'm sorry to ask, but are you a boinor a girl?
Doesn't really matter, I'd do you either way.


File: 1604871673373.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.3 KB, 480x360, dog.jpg)

It took a lot of courage for me to do this
Please be gentle and don't spread this around


Take a bath ugly


Keep I'd say, long hair for manly men works better with a moustache imo

I think discussing who to fuck in the face thread is a bad idea, could make people uncomfortable.


Then why ask?
And seconding above.
Go to horny jail.


You look like a good boy


File: 1627418184393-0.jpg (47.1 KB, 571x391, HairScushi_Wave.jpg)

File: 1627418184393-1.jpg (210.29 KB, 1131x1005, HairScushi_1.jpg)

File: 1627418184393-2.jpg (203.85 KB, 1143x963, HairScushi_2.jpg)

This hair scandi hair monster sushi returns!
Have since shaved off the moustache, but then let it all grow out again instead. So this is actually my first real beard, that you get to see.
(the hair is still there in all its glory, not been cut at all, it's just tied up)


File: 1633300358461.jpg (5.14 MB, 4608x3456, hmmmm.jpg)

Cut my hair and grew my beard instead. I'm >>779 Oh, how time flies.
Nice beard


File: 1633474175717.png (2.02 MB, 960x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

Here's an updated Sei with clear lens glasses for flair.

Nice beard.


nice hair!


>>779 >>788 >>818 >>1072 >>1079 >>1087 >>1264 >>1518 >>2200

You are certified cuties!
It's been so long since these were posted, I wonder what they're doing now…


cute sweater, looks very cozy!
also looks like you forgot to scrub the exif data from your picture, miiight wanna delete this and then reupload once you've removed your location


they never reposted it…..


File: 1635141915243.jpg (1.65 MB, 2417x3832, 520.jpg)

I was lazy. :/


Also, thanks! I just assumed that stuff gets scrubbed by the imageboard.


File: 1635368449964.jpg (38.48 KB, 480x640, mersad4.jpg)


I am browsing with female friend. She says without beard is better, and that with the beard, you looked like a redditor.
I completely agree.


Yeah, the beard uh.. didn't work out, you could say. I haven't worn one in at least a year now.


You really think he looks better without it? He looks like a failed tranny without it.


that was 4 years ago… anyway looks pretty cute to me.


you look like a 00's emo band guitarist or something (in a good way)


It's probably just the headset but I can't get the image of this guy calling me gay in Halo 3 online out of my head wwwwww


File: 1639677317984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.51 KB, 608x1280, sushicat.jpg)

> He looks like a failed tranny without it.
Seisatsu has many forms. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Congratulations, you are cute.

I concur with >>3655 and >>3656.


admire you lots you know, braver than me…


File: 1654297534928-0.jpg (283.13 KB, 1529x1877, 272006900_788422168695844_….jpg)

File: 1654297534928-1.jpg (484.3 KB, 1600x1200, DSC_0039.JPG)

File: 1654297534928-2.jpg (771.27 KB, 1200x1600, crop.jpg)

Bloody hell i made this post 5 years ago it was all down hill from there

thank you very much! I like your face your eyes nose and ear are all in proportion. You look like the type that could hold down a few hour conversation.

You look very shy, you shouldn't be u cutie :)

cheer up mr miserable

corrrrrr big strong boi

Thats the most pissed off pout iv ever seen, and your pulling of the cutie mode very well :)

first impressions you seem like a well rounded indvidual, no ideal how i can tell from jsut a photo but hay ho. Handsome fella

10/10 would slit my wrist on your jawline. You do look stressed tho, smile :)

You look sooo genuinely happy in that second photo, v cute

Mr ninja, very sneaky

Im blue daba deeee dabba die

And another photo of someone that looks like they are genuinely enjoying life, proper real smile :)

I hope what ever was about to fall on your head didnt kill ya lol. I like your big wispy moostash tho.

I get ya, often how i look in my head is completely different to reality. I know 'ugly' people that have 10/10 partners just cus they dont really look in the mirror. Attractiveness is alot to do with how you act, not just how you look. If you feel confident it comes across in how you act in little sub conscious ways. Needless to say you dont have to worry, you a cutie :)

Your long hair makes you look wise and knowledgeable!

the goodest of all the bois

I shaved my head recently and regretted it instantly, I hope you didn't feel the same because you look real handsome now!

iv been debating getting a septum piercing for a lil while but i really dont like needles. Cutie!

same thing really had a couple different jobs, just become unemployed again and indulging in the internet once more. Thats why im back here lol. And thank u very much !

you could kill a man with that piercing gaze. Your hair looks nice and silky smooth tho. nice !

like the other guy said, getting serious halo 3 vibes looks like you be surrounded by 4 cases of mountain dew. i do like the hair tho, 10/10 would cuddle on sofa while you abuse people on MW2

Not much to go on here but im sure you really pretty under all them face accessorys!

The last pic is the most recent like i said i shaved my head and its only jsut started to grow back.


File: 1654298145822.jpg (771.27 KB, 1735x1600, crop.jpg)

ooops wrong photo


>first pic
Okay I am 99% sure that's not a real gun but regardless: trigger discipline pls!


>first impressions you seem like a well rounded indvidual
That's the man himself. Wonder if he's still around.
Nice to see you're still around with ut.
No photo of me I'm s3krit


>That's the man himself. Wonder if he's still around.


Lol OP is top cool. Same with all u all with the confidence to post your pic on a sushi rollymous image board.


File: 1655505643937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1016.65 KB, 1528x3216, 20220610_101035.jpg)

Since you kind of asked. Also you are cute.

You too.

This is your admin.


damn seisatsu based? cool???


File: 1655783886185.png (135.18 KB, 299x328, ClipboardImage.png)

im >>1079 im trans now


Awesome, me too. Congrats!



swag yea life is good wishin u well




I don't mean to be mean, but I literally can't tell what to what


thank u!!
being perceived as androgynous makes me more powerful. im transfem tho


both of u should drink some hot tea and gaze out a window for like an hour


I don't have the self-confidence to post face here but all of you are very cool and brave
You look like a nice dude, very friendly vibes
sick two-tone glasses
You're very cute! great smile


Admin Note: Unhappened a few posts where a misunderstanding turned into a fight and it seemed like people wished they could backtrack on it. Hope everyone is okay, I don't think anyone meant harm.

You are all very cute and comfy and I love this imageboard a lot. <3 Thank you sincerely for doing your best to be kind to each other in this rare comfy space at the edge of the Internet.

I am transfem nonbinary so being perceived as androgynous makes me more powerful too. ^^ Being nonbinary, anyone who finds me attractive is automatically gay. It's the perfect crime!

Thanks I like to wear these glasses everywhere even to work.

Also yikes I noticed when I viewed from a desktop that my photo is so high res that I can even see the pores on my nose. I might go on the backend and resize that. ><;

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