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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1495693282800.jpg (100.27 KB, 855x720, 1491188687243.jpg)

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What other sushi rollymous imageboard sites do you frequent?


please don't link there, the site owner doesn't like it.


I've sadly found none that are particularly inspiring… I only check the webcomic thread on 4chan's /lgbt/, since it's kinda fun reading other people's opinions on the crappy comics I waste my time with.


Last time I went I asked them and they weren't against it. Didn't know about the site owner.
I'll delete the post then.


File: 1499898493505.jpg (67.05 KB, 600x641, 1448523244001.jpg)



i use kotchan dvachan and i suck my own dick


Dreamchan (dreamch.net) is a very quiet place worth looking at. I especially like their 'deeds' board.


>i suck my own dick


2chon and 8ch.


File: 1502044643601.jpg (360.68 KB, 2200x1000, __original_drawn_by_reki_i….jpg)

I like the nostalgia board, but it has practically no activity right now. 8chan's /late/ is a good place too but it's also very slow.

Any board that I would consider good is somewhere between slow and on life support. On the other hand you can't have too many people because then you get 4chan and mainline 8chan.


File: 1502254102688.png (216.68 KB, 700x335, 1472394742819.png)

I still use 4chan for the anime boards and /g/. Also use 8gag /a/ as well, it and the absolute tiniest boards (e.x., /svidya/, /senran/, /vr/) there make it worth it to use that cesspool. KC /int/ is still an interesting board even if content quality has markedly dropped over the years. Sometimes I'll go on that one timed imageboard and lurk, reminds me of old 4am threads back in the day. Such a nice place. I use Lainchan still, sorta: the only language I use that the site will tolerate is Python, and I sometimes wish I had a place to talk about mainstream langs with non-mongs.

I used to use Fighting Amphibians, just before That Guy ditched his admin position. That place was absolutely insane and the subgroups within it (inadvertently or otherwise) predicted/predated a lot of the current culture across the internet. I wouldn't like for it to come back, but I had a lot of good times and friends there. Definitely a place that kicked a chunk of the teenage garbage out of how I behaved before I was a member of that community, the people there taught me a lot of good life lessons, some inadvertently. I wouldn't want to be in contact with some of them again, since some were super bitter and others were nuts, but others I might.

By random chance, if anyone from FA happens to pass by here:
- Yes, Zobby is still the same person he was back when
- I still have Kalkin on my friends list but I haven't sent him a message in years. Wonder if anyone actually got a framed picture of him in the end
- I'll always remember the Mathackers
- I don't see many of those of them left on my friends list playing multiplayer games anymore
- FoF 4 lyfe


Anime communities have very low standards, and 8/a/ just might be the worst of them all. Their ignorance of and antipathy towards anime is extreme.


File: 1502412844458.jpg (237.05 KB, 1076x856, 1501726640758.jpg)

Wow hot opinions you got there buddy thanks for sharing without any anecdotal context.

Their /a/ is usually a nice place that reminds me of 2007-2009 4chan posting for the most part. There's a fair bit of discussion about past shows and generally decent/inquisitive posting alongside people trying to reinvigorate old "fun". The only times I've ever really seen a truly bad post/thread are when the Chanology 2.0 members leak out from their containment boards if something remotely political or WWII-themed is released (i.e., Duckface, the webtoon with Trump, that crappy Centaur show). If anything, current 4chan has more of general apathy for anime and pic related as its userbase than any of the other living imageboards I peruse.


8/a/ is an extremely negative board that hates anime and does not know anything about it. It is an anti-anime community.


File: 1502487833987.gif (7.34 KB, 300x100, tumblrchan.gif)

I thought that was banner-worthy.


You said this twice now but there's no meaning behind it. Are you one of those people who think every show should be LOGH? Or Lucky Star? Did someone bash your waifu? Did you get angry that people there aren't constantly making parallels to old literature, so you're calling it anti-anime?


You sound like the kind of person who makes the site bad in the first place.


Really? Because I have good discussions about anime there. Sorry you can't spend your time shitposting and checking digits.


agreed, post quality is miles better than what 4chan/a/ has become


I still browse 4/a/. 8/a/ is nice but almost all the threads are just seasonal shows generals.


There are entire threads filled to the brim with people repeating anti-anime memes and misinformation and generally being completely ignorant about anime and complaining that it's shit or has been shit for the past twenty years, without a single person calling them out on it.

Words have meanings and people who act this way can't call themselves fans any more than people who deny the scientific method can call themselves scientists.

8/a/ is anti-anime and so is anyone who defends the place. Which apparently means most of the Sushichan community, so I guess this turned out to be yet another shithole I can avoid from now on.


>without a single person calling them out on it.
There's an ability that the human brain developed over the years that allows it to filter out distasteful things, it's called ignoring idiots. Those people have been proven wrong time and time again for years, dating back to BBS/email chains about anime. There are imagecaps of people responding to people like that with essays about what it was like decades ago, most prominently during the time where people would have to get bootleg VCR tapes with dodgy subs. Why waste time and energy even responding to or worrying about them? They're not even a loud or substantial population except maybe on 4chan /a/, and that's mostly because of the size of the site nowadays.

>Words have meanings

Words have definitions. When words are put together into sentences they gain meaning, and when enough words and/or sentences come together, a statement is given context. You keep repeating "anti-anime", the anti prefix defining the phrase as "a group that is against anime". However, for someone who goes on to talk about denying the scientific method, you've chosen to ignore the crux of any discussion, leisurely or not: CCD - Claim, Cite, Discuss. I've seen no indication of ignorance in my time browsing the board barring aforementioned undesirables who only come for some meme or another to try to spread their plague, and you've provided no anecdote about your experience. In fact, right now, I see a lot of pretty enthusiastic discussion: Mosu Telepathy, Princess Principle, OP/ED sharing thread, Lain thread, even GAMERS is getting some, albeit discussion that's mostly about disappointment. Those are just a few examples where I went into a thread and saw friendly and enthusiastic discussion between users about the subject material and things related to it. I don't think I'd call being unwilling to write multi-page comments or constantly trying to prove that one is an anime encyclopedia "ignorance", but it's far and away from awful split-second soundbyte posting that's taken hold on places like 4chan.

You seem to have some sort of hidden holier-than-thou standard of how people should treat entertainment (probably not just anime) which you dance around actually giving meaning to in order to retain your lofty position of superiority above what you perceive as the uncultured masses. Learn to take it easy or make your own imageboard where you can reign supreme with your ultimate patrician taste and profound "pro-anime essays" about why the "Dogs eat dog food" line from LOGH is the best piece of scriptwriting ever produced by Man.


I love you


Oh no, whatever will Sushigirl do without an idiot like yourself?


File: 1502573981397.gif (2.54 MB, 320x214, spiderman-2-train-scene-o.gif)

calm your tits folks



ty seisatsu


dreamchan's my favorite i just wish it was a little faster

I miss old krautchan


File: 1506029049643.jpg (22.29 KB, 349x344, 1436516386339.jpg)

I still use 8chan even though everything is absolutely awful apart for their /a/ board, which is pretty ok.
It's not even habit at this point, I just type the address using muscle memory, it's an instinct now and this chan is part of my attempt to GTFO of there.


I've stayed away from anything lainchan related since mid 2015, but I was looking into a Mac mini today and thought of kalyx, so I go to lainchan.jo on the store demo model and see its arisichan now. Dunno what the community is like, but that homepage is the tits. I usually just use sushi and 4chan on occasion. I like the Fumo and elona generals on /jp/. I used to be a frequent on /toy/ back when I collected figma. The doll thread on /jp/ is also good, but I haven't worked up the nerve to buy one yet. It's not a judgment.


*Its not a judgement issue, but an investment issue(they're expensive).


File: 1506615195071.jpg (4.55 KB, 136x157, 1503972404440.jpg)

I missed the lainchan bus by 2 years ago, but I got really into 8ch during it's infancy.
Watching 8ch go from a unified community to slowly fragmenting itself over politics, or even
just what goes on what board was sad. I can only assume this is what people who were invested into 4chan
feel about the site now(Those who are discontent at least).

I still go, but I try to stay confined to select threads/boards, really just /agdg/. It's really become a cesspit.


I like this one a lot, 4taba, 4 and 8chan from time to time. I like lainchan.org, I'm not fond of .jp's administration and their following rp at tsuki/arisu-chan, too much drama for my taste.


>their following rp at tsuki/arisu-chan
after the sites design this the best thing about arisuchan because it was something beyond the usual handful of topics that dominate imageboards and a strange wee community had formed around it. lainchan's /layer/, postbox.garden (one day it will take off!), and to a lesser extent dreamchan's /deeds/ are other good examples of something outside of the norms.

I should get "lurker of 1chan" put on my business card because I'm there a lot, not posting of course.

used to float around various a/jp offshoots (kakashi nenpo, bunbunmaru, ota-ch, samachan, etc.) because I enjoyed the enthusiasm but I'm not much of a fan of anime and the few good manga recommendations I've found have come from here and post office lol.

visual novel generals in /vg/ are the only reason I'll go to 4chan now, never really got into 8ch.


I used to post on a board called ykkaria that discussed random things with a Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Aria-inspired theme. So everyone would pretend to be very calm, friendly, and always drinking tea. It helped me to forget everything in my life before it went down. It was my favorite chan. I don't remember how I found it. I miss it.

I used to frequent 711chan before it died (it might be back now, but not relevant), 7clams, and back in 2011-12, ponychan (probably still exists but not really relevant anymore).

I don't post on lainchan because too many /g/ refugees showed up there. There is very little good programming discussion.

I used to post on unichan, boxxy imageboard in 2009-2011.

I post on 7chan because of nostalgia still. I remember showing /eh/ to my friends in high school.

I post on 4chan because it's active, but I haven't really been satisfied with it for some years. My favorite board in the early 2010s was /jp/. I liked the desktop threads, OC threads, and fumo stuff. Fumo is probably the only one of those still there.

I wish I knew what you were talking about. I love finding new imageboards. If you could, please email me this board.


File: 1509066440420.jpg (102.05 KB, 1000x1000, a kemono happy kaban.jpg)

I've found it helps to go to your browser's history menu and click "forget about this site" or the equivalent, so that the address doesn't autocomplete. That's what I did for Reddit and 4chan and now it's much easier to stay off those sites.


ykkaria still exists in form of a textboard called the Post Office. The name and the format changed, but it's hosted by the same people. Same subdomain on dynu.com instead of heliohost. The ykkaria IRC channel still exists, too, but it's mostly silence in there.


File: 1509756249395.jpg (619.75 KB, 1054x1500, 1480194951568.jpg)

Thank you for the information, but it ykkaria dynu com does not appear to exist.


I occasionally check and sometimes post on like twelve sites.
honorable mentions of smol sites(this place too is smol)





File: 1509915220857.png (26.7 KB, 1070x868, 1441074515153.png)



File: 1510265783292.png (154.88 KB, 480x341, 1492707365286.png)

I use 4chan, but it's weird.

I'll use it for a few months, then I'll get fed up with something, usually /pol/ or touhou fans, and slowly start browsing fewer and fewer boards, until I've more or less stopped using it entirely

Then, about a month later, I start shitposting on [s4s], and I slowly start using more boards. Repeat ad infinitum


File: 1510366489904.gif (1.57 MB, 480x270, vg shrug.gif)

I'm in the same boat, more or less. At least [s4s] is nice.


Same, except there's usually not even a reason for me to cease activity.


Only you sushi, because you are the cutest.


shitaba and sushi are both nice, albeit slow.
I am not familiar with any other good chans.
I dislike a/jp inspired chans mostly because I dislike a/jp people.
They can't take it easy.


File: 1511978476818.jpg (376.3 KB, 960x1166, cute_image_2752.jpg)

These days I rarely browse chans and rather stick with boorus. I love to dive through the pools at danbooru or enjoy some galleries at exhentai. The main difference there is that user comments are stuck to whole threads instead of shoved between the file posts, which makes it easier to ignore them entirely if necessary.


>instead of shoved between the file posts
That's what makes chans special though. Threads ebb and flow in the same way that actual conversations do. It makes you feel like a part of something bigger each time you read through one.
It does for me at least.


File: 1512305176069.jpg (219.74 KB, 1264x1584, image.jpg)

I frequent both sushichan and dreamchan fairly regularly.

Used to browse Lainchan.org before the split occurred, arisuchan feels very depressing when I visit it, so I don't go there much either.
4chan got way too crowded for me, so I only ever go there to /wsg when I'm really bored and need some cheap memes.


Nowadays I find it difficult to browse any image board at all. It increasingly annoys me to read about other peoples lifes, their problems, their successes.
I think the reason why I'm annoyed at this point is that I've kind of seen it all. The arguments always repeat, the topics barely vary and there are repeating attitudes towards the same controversial issues.
There is a never ending torrent of users and it is almost hopeless to come to a conclusion. More and more it seems to me that all the posters are really alone trying to express themselves while using the imageboard as a channel. And in reality all the collective similarities and the feeling of sharing certain emotions and lifestyles with others is purely accidental and a projection of ones mind. However I'm aware that this is my personal impression and it's relatively new to me as well.

Also I think I'm simply getting older and my need for direct and verbal affection is getting stronger. I have stopped searching for answers and overthinking everything. My time on the internet is shrinking and I like to be in nature or do something practical a lot more now.
Also I still like this board after all and /f/ from 4chan.


lainchan, arisuchan and wizchan.


File: 1519222291703.jpg (91.31 KB, 241x450, link-ana1.jpg)

Please excuse the thread cpr, but didn't think this deserved starting a new one.

I'm an artist/illustrator coming from 4chan's /ic/ and /i/, looking for somewhere a little quieter. Any good altchans for sharing & practising art? I see sushi has a little action on that front. Looking forward to lurking a bit, it seems nice here.


I'd suggest you find some kind of art group, imageboards are nice to post art on but you'll definitely improve more in an active group. Imageboards for that kind of thing are only really useful for getting resources.

I'm told that 8ch loomis is pretty good but I've never spent any real time there personally.


Thanks, I'll have a peek at 8ch loomis.

Yeah, I guess I am looking for an art group of some description. Thought I might be able to find something like that on an imageboard, something quite casual. I tried the artbuddy IRC, but there wasn't much drawing going on.


>but there wasn't much drawing going on
That's usually the case.
If you by some miracle find a group where there's a number of actually dedicated people then you've really struck gold.


File: 1519230057964.jpg (248.17 KB, 1372x1952, 1516135438756.jpg)

I use quite a lot of them.
my favorites (aside from sushi) are 4taba, samachan, crystalcafe, tohno-chan, lainchan and /what/.
I go to 4chan for /a/, /jp/, and [s4s]


File: 1519905600099-0.png (197.06 KB, 265x365, Not Bad.PNG)

File: 1519905600099-1.jpg (94.52 KB, 575x603, a bingo.JPG)

That site isn't very comfy, and has many mentally ill posters as current year Krautchan. It's interesting seeing posters from there, though.
I personally use Meguca and samachan these days, with a bit of fufufu.
My mood has notably improved after stopping 4chan use, it's pretty funny actually, regardless of my opinions it's very disheartening to have meta drama brought up in every thread and a bogeyman shoved in your face for every disagreement.


I'm also quite curious about the purported quality about 8/a/, since I hear mixed things about it.
I used to browse here, but I don't use drugs or watch wrestling so there was no point, really.


I haven't actually went there in a while. I don't know why I listed it honestly


Why don't you go there anymore? Is it that you can't sit with them?




here's a bit of a derailer for the thread

is there a thread with a japanese chan aesthetic like this place but with a higher art scene that is accepting of anthro characters?

most of my characters i draw are distinctly non human and i never feel like i can share it on chans


Well we have an art thread which I think is probably the most posted in thread on the website by this point.
It obviously still has this aesthetic and I doubt anyone will care about anthro as long as you're not obnoxious about it.

I don't know of such a place on any other boards though, art threads usually die quickly elsewhere, if they ever even become active in the first place.

iirc it's on the /lounge/ board.


Art and creativity should never be extinguished on the off chance you feel you may offend someone. Don't hold back, you may even inspire someone to post their own work. Try here:


you might like /loomis/ on 8chan


Anthro is fine as long as it doesn’t degenerate into furshit. I think snouts are generally taken to be the cutoff (e.g. tail/ears are okay so long as the face is human).

Otherwise you could check out, like, ponychan or something.


I don't interact with people online anymore. On a rare month I'll come visit sushi and lain. I wish there were more hidden communities that are worth visiting. Imageboards are nice because of its stream of humanity. There is nothing quite like it. You can only wonder what it would mean to have that same stream happening around you, instead of through you and beyond you.


File: 1520542686722.jpg (37.09 KB, 400x447, 1519780783405.jpg)

4chan and I hate it! what the site has turned into depresses me, it depresses me to the point where it affect me in real life, so its obviously not good for my health. I wish I could stop going there, but saying that I'm addicted would be putting it simply. its like a bad crack addiction. I know its bad, I know its bad for me and I want to stop using it, but I can't. its just become such a big habit in my life and I've had so many good times there that its hard for me to let go. I keep coming back in hopes that those days from the past will come back, but they never do and they most likely never will.

sushichan and a few other small imageboards have helped me ease off my addiction to 4chan. maybe someday I'll stop using it completely and be I'll be happy again.

anyways, some of those small imageboards are: 4taba, tohno-chan and lainchan


File: 1520797089805.jpg (81.45 KB, 736x1104, 1504267957555.jpg)

Why do people still hate furries? I think that they're fucking adorable


And on that note, are there any furry imageboards out there that are also good? I understand and respect that sushichan isn't a furry imageboard, but I don't really have anywhere to go where I can talk about furry

Lulz is the most uncomfy site on the entire internet, 8ch a holier-than-thou attitude and a dying community, and u18chan doesn't really have a community

4chan's /trash/ is the closest thing to what I want, but it's not really a furry board

Can someone help me


File: 1520802555509.jpg (29.74 KB, 640x480, surprised_yui.jpg)


I left 4chan years ago and never regretted it.
Even tho it may have been easier for me because I joined the worst possible environment (post-2012 /b/) I think it's pretty easy to cut off 4chan just by visiting smaller imageboards more often.
You can do it!


File: 1520807209064.jpg (160.54 KB, 800x1182, aaa.jpg)

What's keeping you there?


Dig around on allchans/overchan, and maybe hit up ponychan and wizardchan (is it still up?), too. The trick is to find similar sites to what you want, and try to get them to lead you to it either through threads like this or just natural gossip.


File: 1520822774277.jpg (30.53 KB, 704x540, 1507883295949.jpg)

thanks. I'm doing that by the way. I saved a bunch of other imageboards on my bookmark and I'm giving them all a chance. I'm also limiting myself to only go to the hentai boards on 4chan, since those are still useful

>What's keeping you there?
I keep coming back in hopes that those days from the past will come back, but they never do and they most likely never will.

that picture is incredibly accurate by the way. its scary how someone somewhere got inside my head like that!


4chan's community has barely changed at its core. Things are superficially different, but ultimately most of the changes were to 4chan itself, particularly the user interface

Auto-noko and auto-updating, quick reply and backlinking all added an immediacy to 4chan that wasn't there before. Things became more like a chatroom simply because the new format of 4chan supported that style of content better


I look forward to checking up on dreamchan every couple of weeks


File: 1522290442432.png (162.59 KB, 404x445, 1522288924499.png)

It's horrible


Supposedly Krautchan is gone for good this time.

It was fun while it lasted.


I "cultivate" my own vichan board with one regular poster. I visit wirechan, 4taba, arisuchan, 4kev, and lizchan.


kohlchan exists now, the true successor to kc.


>I "cultivate" my own vichan board with one regular poster.
I like this. Best of luck to you.


Best I've seen so far. Plus, it already has 3 namefags. Celebrity endorsement. .hk only has 1.


do you by any chance know why its been down for a few weeks now? is it officially over?


Admin got arrested for the death of his grandmother (negligence).


actually, I just figured out I'm dumb. not4jp.ml went down but what-ch.mooo.com/what/ still works


I mistook /what/ for /hima/,sorry. Been pretty tired recently.


>Online communities have very low standards


I enjoy 8chan boards, as a general rule the smaller and more right wing the board the better. Will second the 8/loomis/ recommendation.


Pretty much just sushi and TC. Haven't used 4 in ages and 8 is cancer. I wont even touch a site with captcha.


That is an excellent rule to follow, sushi.


File: 1527414021821.png (70.17 KB, 360x200, TakeItEasy.png)

Liked it so much I did it myself.


File: 1527795836972.jpg (37.94 KB, 320x320, 1525464919195.jpg)

I used to go on /what/ a lot but I'm finding myself using it less and less due to poor management by the Admin..like jizz in the drain I guess.
I might check out tohno-chan since it's been so long, my old post might even still be there.

Oh man, it still hurts..that was my first home I had after leaving 4/jp/. Why are we here? Just to suffer?
RIP wakachan.


This one is soooo comfy and cool


File: 1529975795495.png (182.41 KB, 760x427, sleepy hisone.png)

Besides here, 8ch for /a/, /k/, and /tg/ and lainchan for technology. I'll occasionally browse bbs boards like einchan@einchan.lain.city or bit@whisper.onthewifi.com


>I'm curious about the purported quality of 8/a
It depends on what you want in an anime board. The mod is an absolute Hotpocket who is seemingly obsessed with deliting all shitposting he can find. He runs a modbot that will ban you if you use any word that he has listed in the sticky. It stays on-topic but it depends on your opiions on funposting.


>Everything is absolutely awful apart for the /a/ board on 8chan.
How? I like it.
I use a website blocker called Leechblock because of my self-control problems. It's pretty effective though the ultimate goal is too not use it and train the force of will necessary too not use websites that waste time when I'm actually doing something important.
>Watching 8ch go from a unified community to slowly fragmenting itself over politics
I didn't see that at all. Outside of /leftypol/ the entire website is essentially /pol/ property.
>It's really become a cesspit.
Do what you need too do for your soul, sushi roll.
Use a website blocker(see above)/"forget about this site".
>8ch's holier-than-thou attitude
>furry imageboard
I just found one: http://fchan.us/ I'm unsure about it' quality though.
>but ultimately most of the changes were to 4chan itself, particularly the user interface
>Auto-noko and auto-updating, quick reply and backlinking all added an immediacy to 4chan that wasn't there before. Things became more like a chatroom simply because the new format of 4chan supported that style of content better
Interesting, it's like how Reddit's bumping system created a system for the lowest common denominator. Or How Tumblr's tagging system allowed one too see only the content they want too see creating a near-perfect echo-chamber.
>8 is cancer
Also, TC?


File: 1536601025923.jpg (46.66 KB, 1178x718, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned uboachan. I go there from time to time.

I used to visit 7chan, I haven't been there for ages though. They seem pretty chill.

My main is 8chan, I've been there since it opened. It's shit, but there are some decent smaller boards. I post on 8/agdg/ sometimes. 8/v/ just makes me angry, everyone has to be contrarian in every single thread. Annoys the hell out of me. I don't even bother trying to argue with anyone on 8chan, they feed off that shit. People say 8chan is dying but there sure is a lot of activity on there. It's a cesspit but at least there's stuff to talk about on there.

I visit Lainchan and Arisuchan. I wasn't there for the drama but it sounds pretty bad. I kinda prefer Arisuchan but they're both decent.

I used to visit Wizardchan but I'm not really part of that community anymore. I also visited hikkichan before it abruptly closed.

4chan is just same old crap. I go there to see if anything has improved, and the answer is usually no.

In conclusion I spend too much time on the internet.


>I'm surprised nobody has mentioned uboachan.
There's literally a link too it at the bottom of this thread. I think this site shares a admin with it.
> I don't even bother trying to argue with anyone on 8chan, they feed off that shit. People say 8chan is dying but there sure is a lot of activity on there. It's a cesspit but at least there's stuff to talk about on there.
How is it a cesspit? Elaborate.


Well it's clear that 8chan attracts the people who got kicked off 4chan. Granted, some people get unfairly banned from 4chan, but 8chan also attracts the people who got banned from 4chan for good reasons. The majority of threads on 8chan eventually devolve into people arguing with each other. Hey, I have no problem with that, people can say what they want, but it does get tiresome.

If you are alt-right or a neo-nazi or whatever, I'm sure 8chan is a wonderful place. I am not one of those people though, so the constant talk of conspiracy and hatred drains me. But at the same time, I have some problems with how 4chan is run, and I identify strongly with the idea of just letting people say what they want, no matter how offensive, so I endure 8chan.


4chan might be the worst community in existence, because I know of no other community where the staff have the objective of making the place worse. On 4chan they aren't merely apathetic, they actively want to ruin the site. They are in fact so rotten that they deserve to die for it. It really is that bad. 8chan is not far behind.


File: 1536824491089.jpg (72.36 KB, 1200x900, fairytern.JPG)

still doing it. bit ridiculous how much i'm getting into it.

I find myself reading posts here a lot, same with uboachan.

I always hoped that the 8ch model might spring up something I could get into but it hasn't (yet!)

I spend most of my "posting" time on twitter. It's a broken ass cesspit but it's been good for finding people who share my interests.


>I spend most of my "posting" time on twitter. It's a broken ass cesspit but it's been good for finding people who share my interests.
I always wondered why hate against twitter is so popular. I feel you kinda have to go out of your way to leave the comfort zone of your timeline to see samurai platter and alt-right crap. When I use twitter, I see nothing but dorky complaining about grumpy bus drivers and the lame jokes that I find funny. Met a lot of normies too that insists that Twitter is nothing but porn. I think Twitter is what you make of it. I only stalk the people I like.


yeah its literally the people you follow thats showing you "alt-right crap" or all that porn, follow some different people


I want to again stress that 4chan's staff should all be murdered. They are extremely bad people whose very existence is a stain on this planet. moot's greatest mistake was not shutting down the site when he still could.


They weren't always evil but reining in the Asshole of the Internet will change a person. Don't forget that the userbase is made up of Nazis, pedophiles, feds, other assorted fetishists, shills, zoosadists, edgelords, stalkers, samurai platters, etc.

Deal with folks like that literally every day and your heart will blacken up, too. It doesn't excuse the fucked up botnet-y shit they do but we need to remind ourselves of how things like this happen.


>samurai platters
Yay I found a new catplanet but damn now I'm hungry.


This post is old as hell but recently there was some serious furry drama about some idiot who talked about fucking dead puppies. And because this furry was also a Youtuber, all of the drama channels as well as regular furry channels hopped on that really fast. And I think these more unhinged people are part of why people hate furries. Not saying it's right because that's painting people with too broad a brush but that seems to be a big driving force behind the hate.

I'm with you, though, it's a bit irrational especially when almost every other adult online has some weird fetish or interest of some sort. But I also think it's just part of that imageboard culture of hating everything.

It would be interesting to see how different people would be if they never got on imageboards like 4chan.


4chan is over


lol this. A botnet ghost of its former self.



File: 1542573583908.jpg (218.2 KB, 1242x2208, 4chan over time.jpg)

Hot take: it's not just 4chan, but western society as a whole. Lots of issues now, like increased income inequality, mass immigration and culture wars, social media astroturfing, increased political tension, political correctness and the backlash against it, etc.

You can blame 4chan, but I see 4chan's declining state as merely a symptom of greater societal issues. If people were happier, they wouldn't be so dark online. But 4chan, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are all getting more negative as time goes on. It's just the modern political and social climate.


This man speaks sense.
4chan is a sort of canary in the coal mine, what becomes significant in size there can be seen to become more prevalent in the real world over the coming years. I imagine government agencies are all over the thing trying to spot trends in behaviour. Almost definitely trying to actively influence it too.


Good. That site is poison.


>the scientific method


The old times are gone and you'll never get them back. You need to accept this to properly move on, friend.


I like 4taba, 3chan, and am actively looking at other sites to see what is good.
I got worried today when I checked on 4taba, it seems to be down and the contact page isn't archived so I can't ask their admins how long the downtime will be.

for some reason furries avoid imageboards and prefer to shelter themselves in telegrams and discords. u-18 and trash are the closest you'll get and even then trash is only good for a few generals that are slowly poisoning themselves. lulz would be great if not for the more unsavory users


Would also recommend 8chan's /artass/ for art asset dump.
Any more great art boards?
I only frequent /loomis/ and halfchan's /ic/





I used to like crystal cafe but I'm trans and, even though I personally would never make a point of mentioning it, whenever other transgirls would mention it (which is admittedly stupid on a girls only site) and get shat on or banned it started to make me feel unwelcome.
It's a shame because there's a lot of good conversation there.


>I personally would never make a point of mentioning it
[on that site]


Wizardchan went down in 2014, it was replaced by Wizchan. Its basically a den for incels now, I can't use it now.

Goodbye MagicChan, thanks for the fun times.


You probably already know this but 8ch.net/tower/ is the replacement for MagicChan and there's also lizchan.org which carries the same vibe


/tower/ is great but I don't really like lizchan. It's too like /r9k/ for me personally.


Do you know the password for whisper?


TC for hikki talk, Samachan for anime, and here for general.
I like TC probably the most of the three, though the community can occasionally put me in a bad mood. Samachan seems to be pretty good, the discussion and posts are entertaining for an anime imageboard, not sure how I feel about a female admin though.
Sushi is great and I've been using it since itamae was the admin, but I rarely post.


What's TC? Tinychan?




Went to the first and the fact that it had a whole board dedicated to "waifus" was off-putting and the first image I saw on the second was an amputated woman being raped, plus this user has a problem with a woman being an admin. Don't think either of these are for me.


Their anime board is anti-anime. That's really all you need to know about them.


Women are more likely to let emotion govern their actions so I can unddrstand their hesitation.


>>1870 Even assuming that was true, haven't we seen how well robot mods work?


File: 1547871023311.gif (4.36 MB, 203x360, Autism Speaks.gif)

Who let you out of Wizardchan?


Robot mods have a bad reputation for holding power just as much as female mods.
Finding good mods is tricky business. The mod they mentioned has always seemed pretty good, albeit somewhat light handed. I'm just saying their opinion isn't madness.
It's just the way things are. We should try to evaluate a mod individualy but people naturally revert to past experience.


No, that is not just the way things are. That's you trying to prop up your preconceived notions with further preconceived notions of what the general population thinks.

Beyond that, you shouldn't be attempting to justify your behavior by comparing it to popular opinion, much less your uninformed idea of popular opinion. Even if everyone in the world was stacking the same totems about women as you, they'd still be just as wrong.


You're talking as though everything you don't like the notion of is just a rampant misunderstanding. Sometimes it's nature and you'll be faced with it every time you leave the door. I get the impression that you're somehow invested on this matter anyway so I don't have any interest in you getting all mad at me over it.


Bento Box Club: A diverse group of individuals opening their finished home to newcomers. Come on in, take a seat and join this adorable club. Movie nights, listening parties, and gaming here, we try to create a cozy haven for everyone.



Look at this california roll posting Discord links that end up dying and being of use to no one.


Except for the lox bagels harvesting their data.

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